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marcus will be doing a full out training on how to write GOOD ai content that helps people find what they want, get information, and helps you get traffic and money.

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Below Is Your Search Intent Table:

# Intent Type Description Examples
1 Informational Seeks general knowledge or answers to a specific question “How many planets in the solar system?”, “History of jazz music”
2 Navigational Wants to find a specific website or web page “Facebook login”, “NASA website”, “Wikipedia dinosaurs”
3 Commercial Investigation Researching products or services before a potential purchase “Best wireless headphones 2024”, “Laptop reviews”, “Car insurance comparison”
4 Transactional Ready to perform an action like a purchase, download, or booking “Buy Adele concert tickets”, “Download free photo editor”, “Book flight to Miami”
5 Local Seeks information or businesses related to a specific geographic location “Coffee shops near me”, “Best Italian restaurants Orlando”, “Movie times Winter Springs”
6 Visual Wants to find images, videos, or other visual content “Sunset photos”, “Golden retriever puppies videos”, “Map of Italy”
7 News/Current Events Looking for updates on recent news or happenings “Latest Ukraine news”, “Stock market today”, “Election results”
8 Comparative Seeks to compare options or features of products, services, etc. “iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy”, “Best TV deals”, “Cheapest gas prices”
9 Question-Based Expressed directly as a question “What is the meaning of life?”, “How to fix a leaky faucet?”
10 Download/File-Specific Wants to find a particular file type for download “Resume templates PDF”, “Free stock music MP3”, “Funny meme images”
11 Educational Seeks knowledge or resources to learn a skill or topic “Guitar lessons for beginners”, “French language course”, “Khan Academy math”
12 Social Looking to connect with others on social media or forums “Best Twitter memes”, “Travel groups Facebook”, “Reddit car enthusiasts”
13 Health Researching symptoms, conditions, or seeking medical advice “Symptoms of migraine”, “Healthy meal prep ideas”, “Yoga for stress relief”
14 Financial Seeking information on financial topics like investing, banking, or taxes “How to open a savings account”, “Best credit cards 2024”, “Tax filing tips”
15 Travel Planning a trip, seeking destinations, activities, or booking “Best beaches in Florida”, “Cheap flights to Europe”, “Hotel deals in Orlando”
16 Recipe Finding instructions for cooking or baking “Easy chicken recipes”, “Vegan chocolate cake”, “Healthy smoothie ideas”
17 Academic Research for school projects, essays, or scholarly information “Peer-reviewed articles on climate change”, “Causes of the Civil War”, “Physics formulas”
18 Job Search Finding job openings, company information, or career advice “Software engineer jobs remote”, “Best resume tips”, “LinkedIn interview prep”
19 Branded Looking for information about a specific company or product “Nike shoe sales”, “Apple customer support”, “Tesla Model 3 reviews”
20 Event Finding information about upcoming concerts, festivals, or local happenings “Music festivals near me”, “Orlando farmers market”, “Broadway show dates”

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