How Affiliate Marketing Works

Hey guys, Marcus here from

What we’re going to do is give you a short overview of how affiliate marketing works. Basically here’s how it works.

These companies want one thing.

These companies can be big, they could be small just any companies right that are willing to pay to get customers.

What they’re going to do is they’re going to pay you several different ways;

  • Pay per sale. That means you drive someone to a site they get a sale or they buy something. You get credit for that sale the company pays the affiliate for the sale.
  • Pay per lead. This is when someone fills out a form on a website; it could be big like a mortgage application or small like just a zip code. 
  • Pay per download. This is one of my favorites because lots of people out there will pay for just the download.  I drive someone to a site, they download free recipes and I get like a dollar sometimes even as much as five dollars for getting them to download.
  • Pay per click. Lots of other ways that you can get paid now.
  • Pay per call. Where a company will pay each time someone calls on a number from the site. That you sent them, it’s all tracked through the phone numbers. So there’s very little that you have to do in terms of traffic.

Basically, the companies want these customers and they know the affiliate has the ability to drive traffic. The only way they’re going to get these customers is by putting their stuff in front of them. So this company comes to you.

You’re getting paid on an action done.

  1. They buy something.
  2. They fill out the form.
  3. They download.
  4. They click on something.
  5. They call a number.

You are producing an action from your traffic and that is what the company is willing to pay.

You might say;

What we do is we have something that kind of bridges the gap for us right.


In this affiliate house you have places like the Click bank, Commission Junction, and link share. For paid for clicks, you could use something like AdSense, Google AdSense or you go to cpa marketing if you want to get paid a lot and have a rep that helps you out. What you would do is you would go to a cpa network.

What these people do is they go to companies and they work out these deals.

“Just the other day I was looking at something for my omelet website, I teach people how to make omelets and I found that there was that offer you see on TV where they get those two really cool frying pans for $20.”

This is what we call an As Seen on TV offer.

I can’t really go to that company and say

But this affiliate house has the ability to go to that company because they have thousands of affiliates. When they go to these companies they say

The affiliate house takes a zero margin to as high as a 20% margin. This only comes out if you do the action.

The cool thing is this network handles everything. All i do is i log in one time I look at my account and see how much I make and get one wire or a check every week. Some of them pay daily but I wouldn’t go with those unless it’s a really trustworthy. So you get one check at the end of the day. You get one place to log in and see your stats.

The key is if you’re going to be an effective affiliate, learn to drive traffic, it’s not that hard to do you could buy traffic, you can generate it free, and you can make little videos

This is how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell. What happens is the company uses what’s called a cookieThe cookie tracks everything, so this affiliate network is going to give you an individual link for each offer. Very easy…

This cookie now fires, it says to check it out, Marcus got a sale.

This is how affiliate marketing works.

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17 SEO Hacks For Affiliate Marketers – Get Free Traffic Fast

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17 Seo Hacks

1. Keyword Research is Key

2. Create A List Of All Possible Related Topics And Sub Category Keywords

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4. Do Your First Page Research

5. Make An Seo Plan BASED On What Is Already Ranking

6. Create Your Content For What Is Already Ranking

7. Push Content In Front Of Channels Already Out There

8. Get Involved In Your Market

9. List On Other Sites As Helpful Info (forums, quora, comments, facebook)

10. Produce Your Content For Multiple Types Of Media

11. Become A Guest Blogger

12. Use Marcus’ Search Glossary Method For Writing Topics And Keywords

13. Add “Bonus” Words To Titles And Content

14. Look At Your Stats And Go For Rankings You Can Improve

15. Have A Good Link Structure

16. Permalinks On Your Blog

17. Get A Good Keyword Domain Name

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Earn $2 Over and Over Again with Affiliate Marketing + Easy Converting Offers


Today I’m gonna show you how to make $2 on the Internet.

Learn to make 2 BUCKS ALL DAY EVERY DAY even when I’m sleeping!

Hey guys it’s Marcus here and welcome back!

Today I’m going to show you how to make $2 all day every day.

That’s like $50 a day.

If you did that twice an hour that’s like $100 a day.

If you did that like, times an hour, that’s just one every minute, that’s like a lot of money!

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That way you get the latest videos that I come out with when I release them and you can join our live trainings every Wednesday at 10 am!

Let’s dive right in and talk about how you can make your 2 bucks!

First of all, let’s go over to a little site called OFFER VAULT.

Offer Vault is like a search engine for affiliate offers.

Here I could see all the offers that the affiliate networks have which is pretty cool!

I could see here there’s an Android one which pays 72 cents.

Here’s some kind of fitness one that pays $2.80 and on and on we go.

You can see there’s over 64, 000 different affiliate offers which is crazy!

There’s got to be a way for you to make $2 in here somewhere.

Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna isolate this and try to find offers that pay in the $2 range.

Why choose an offer that pays only $2?

How does that make any sense?

Why wouldn’t I choose an offer that pays a thousand dollars?

What we’re doing is we’re looking for something with a low barrier of entry.

Something that’s REALLY EASY TO CONVERT.

Something that like takes NOTHING ON THE CONSUMER END


I want to see some examples on how this really works to make a living on the Internet.

Let’s go through that and I’ll show you some examples of how this works.

Here’s a screenshot from one of my affiliate accounts.

You could see that it’s adding up really, really quickly.

We’re making a lot of money here giving away these little things and doing this little stuff with low barrier of entry.

Here’s another one over here where you could see the actual offers.

Here’s another one. I did on my tattoo site now on the tattoo site.

I actually had a zip submit offer and an email submit offer and then I give them different downloads for toolbar and then I offered the option for them to download printable tattoo designs from an affiliate company that I was affiliated with and they paid like 20 or 30% per download.

The tattoos cost like nine dollars. My average earnings were like I think 3 to 7 dollars per tattoo that they downloaded. You can see that added up to over $8000, in addition to the hundred thousand I made on the email zip submit offers.

Here’s another little one I tested out recently that is doing like 295 per download and we got a 6% conversion on that. Not a whole lot of money but we’re just testing it out.

A lot of people ask me “Why download this stuff? Why download toolbars if you can get all the stuff on the internet free anyway? 

Well just to give you an example this is a CNET screenshot of some of the downloads for just like in one-week period.

You could see like a million people downloaded an anti-virus.

Some people downloaded other stuff and on and on we go.

Lots of stuff being downloaded and if you were only making like $2 on like a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent of all those downloads, you’d still be making pretty good money!

We can do this several ways.

One we can look up email submit.

An email submit offer is where I get paid when someone puts their email address in a box.


We got to scroll past all these sponsored listings because they’re not that targeted.

We’re gonna scroll past this and we’re gonna go to the ones around the $2 range.

So if we can get to the $2 range, we’re just gonna keep skipping back here.

I got my affiliate dude hat and if you want affiliate dude shirts and stuff like that check us out and our new Marcus Mentor Program at We’ll give you a free shirt in that program!

Here in the $2 range, you’re gonna notice that you’re gonna see stuff like this, “Start a career today at Mcdonald’s US” submit.

Email submit basically means that they put their email in the box you get paid.

Let’s take a look at this; Samples and Savings, One for the Bath and Body works.

Look at the landing page preview and all they have to do for you to get $2.40 is put their email in the box and hit choose samples.

Literally that’s it! All they have to do is put a good email in and you get paid which is cool!

That’s why I like these kind of offers.

Email submit is one of the types of offers you can do. You can see there’s tons of them like Amazon giftcard flight voucher.

You have to do your research and make sure they’re legitimate good offers which I’ll show you how to do in a different video but for the most part a lot of them are pretty good.

So we have offers like opinion, we have offers for like let’ see here Walmart gift card, so like this one here the Walmart gift card. It’s like hey check this out, here’s how to get $1000, Walmart gift card or whatever and I think just go through offers.

It’s like an incentive type of deal which is cool but we get paid just when they put their email in the box.

  • There’s other ones if you want to make it even easier which is called zip submit.

 These are the ones where you get paid when they just put their zip code in a box and hit go. They’re not even putting like email or anything it’s just a zip code in the box and you get paid.

To see how this works, it’s basically just like the email submit but it’s for a zip code so let’s see if we can get back here to the ones that are like 2 bucks. The ones that are expensive are more than a zip submit. That’s why they’re paying a lot okay and this is what we’re getting paid.

So on this one if I got this person to do the action I would get 4 dollars and 50 cents.

Here okay gift card let’s see if this is a zip submit, first page submit let’s see if it’s a zip code. “Do they shop at Walmart?” okay so you got to do that stuff and then email address.

Usually the zip submit ones are little bit less of a payout because they’re not actually getting the email address which obviously is valuable to a marketer so we’ll keep going here.

Here’s one some kind of dish hopper thing. This is like from the DISH Network which is kind of cool. So DISH is saying that they will pay, what is it? They’re gonna pay 2 dollars for someone to put their zip code in.

So on that one satellite someone puts their zip code in, let’s do 90210 Beverly Hills.

There we go, I just got two dollars!

If that was through my affiliate link I would have just gotten two dollars for that customer doing it.

So you could see that the barrier of entry is really low.

Let’s see if this diapers one has it. That looks like an email as well which email ones are good too. I’ve made a lot of money with the email ones so as you can see there’s tons and tons of offers for this type of stuff really good.

Now let’s get into my favorite category.

They’ve got the email submits, we got the zip submits

and my favorite category is toolbars.

Toolbars are awesome because you can get someone to download a toolbar or an extension on their computer and you get paid.

If you were to use my affiliate marketing dude extension over at, that’s a little toolbar here that I have that helps you look for these things.

So if you want to look for offers, I could just go in and put toolbar or Chrome add-on and it’s gonna do all the searching for you. It’ll find the offers and it makes it super easy so boom you just click offer vault.

You can also see the value in that toolbar. How cool it is and how easy it is to get someone download it. It’s like “hey you want to make money online go to get the toolbar.

You’re gonna get the power search.

You’re gonna get the members stuff.

You’re gonna get my latest videos.


So obviously watching this video you probably want that but wait till the end to go to and get your copy of it. It is free and the reason I give it away free is because I know that the average person who uses it really enjoys my stuff and eventually ends up signing up for something and paying money for course or whatever it is so it works really well and that’s the same exact reasoning behind these offers.

The Dish Network knows that if you put your zip code in and click one of those icons you’re probably more interested in than someone just searching the web. You actually took an action very cool!

I know that if someone downloads my toolbar they’re more interested than someone just watching a video or something so I would pay people to download my toolbar and you know you’d give it away it’d make you money which is cool.

  • So you could see here if we do like Chrome you can go down and they’re usually in like the $3 range or whatnot so we go here and we’re gonna look for them.

So right here we have like bringing me sports which is really cool. I had a student of mine and he was making a killing with the bring me Sports toolbar I did at live training here on my channel a couple years ago where we did like the football games and we brought the bring me Sports toolbar in there and we made good money with it.

We actually made it live on that video.

So you could see here this one pays $2.45 for Internet Explorer;

$2.45 for Firefox and all they have to do is go there and download it.

So this one’s for Internet Explorer so if we want to preview it like watch live soccer or whatnot so it’s got that there.

We’ll try this in Internet Explorer see what it looks like. Here’s the one for firefox and then there should be a chrome one as well. Here’s a chrome one for Adobe Chrome flash one.

Here’s one for flights.

If people want to search flights, this is really cool because like just yesterday I was buying a flight to a video conference I’m going to and my wife was looking at flights and I was looking up flights and we couldn’t find a direct flight and it was a pain in the butt had we had this toolbar right it’s got flight information and they just download it for Chrome and you could see what it looks like.

When they add it they’re gonna add the extension and it’s gonna add right here just like my little toolbar and then we’re gonna go through and boom there we go!

So now I could go through and look up the flight stuff pretty cool. It’s like hey fine flights, flight updates, flight search. It’s really cool because it’s valuable to the user and I get paid. I think on that one it’s like $2.40 when they add it to their Chrome and it’s free!

So we got that there. We got bring me Sports for Mac Chrome. We got anti-virus, flights, movies. If they want to watch movies on their computer there’s a lot of one.

The lottery one is back ladies and gentlemen which is great news because we got to run that one. This is one that I went through and I built a site that local lotto site. It’s a simple site.

Here’s what it looked like back in 2013, 2014.

 Now the offer went away for a little bit but you could bet I’m gonna run this again because it’s a great offer I think this one we actually set up live on a webinar back in 2012 and we watch live as I built the site I got the domain. I built the site we did it live and the same day I put it up we had made like 1200 or 1600 dollars in commissions on this one. Just giving away little lottery tool bars where I got paid like two bucks or something like that.

It was crazy and it went on for a long time but the offer got cancelled and it’s back now so I’m gonna run it again and make even more money!

You could see the site’s really simple. This thing took me like minutes to build!

Super crazy, super easy!

Seeing that one totally excites me we’ve got a movie goat. To watch movies we got maps, utility tools shopping, 365 stream video game searchers PDFs I mean come on there’s tons of cool stuff that you can use!

Now in my course and my free tool bar I teach you how to run these offers and make lots of money with them because if you don’t do it the right way your conversions gonna be low. There’s the weather one I’ve made lots with that one tons and tons. I mean come on there’s lots of stuff so if you want to make $2 all day every day with lots of cool offers this is the way to go!

If you want to learn more about this go get my toolbar at Download it free!

If you’re super interested in doing this, what I would do is check out my high ticket niche program over at

This is where we find your niche, build your site, set it up and get you ready to go,

After you sign up at go ahead and submit your order for your niche and say hey I

Want a toolbar niche or an email submit niche and we’ll give you one.

We also teach this stuff in the simple sites tool.

We also teach this in the simple sites program over at

I hope you enjoyed this little video about how to make two dollars over and over and over again with cool little offers like this there’s tons of them lots of good stuff it really helps out the visitors of your site gives them something cool and it gives you a way to make lots of money. I’ve used these to make as much as   cents per click on what other people consider to be junk traffic.

So enjoy, subscribe, have fun!

Go over get the free toolbar if you’re in it to win it get a high ticket niche at If you want to do it yourself go over to Get signed up!

Let’s make money with little cool offers like this and I got to tell you I’ve made over a million dollars with these types of offers and it’s no stopping now. I still do every single day.

Thanks again for watching!

I’m Marcus, subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video and what I’ll do is I’ll put a video over that way this way over there right over there in that box and the next video is gonna be all about the tool bar stuff and I’ll try to find you the lotto video as well.

Thanks again for watching see you soon!

CPA Affiliate Marketing Simple Blog Makes $69.88 in One Day

Hey guys it’s Marcus here with a little update!

I just want to refresh this for you and show you since we submitted our ad about a little less than a half hour ago. It did go live just a couple minutes ago on Bing and in those couple of minutes.

Watch what happens here.

We’re just going to reload this page and show you how much it makes and let’s just keep this thing going.


So there you go! We got 12 bucks in revenue in just a couple of minutes!

We’re going to watch this throughout the day and check it out!

  • We’ll show you what’s going on.
  • We’ll show you how much it’s making.
  • We’ll also show you how much we’re spending.

Hey guys! Here we are again about 38 minutes after the ad went live.

You can see that we are now at $25.88.

It looks like we got 6 downloads for United States ones and 1 download for Canada.

I’ll keep you updated and we’ll follow along the site to show you how much money it’s making throughout the day.


Okay guys here we are 10 minutes later.

I wanted to give you a little update because I wanted to show you something really cool!

So right now, we’re gonna go to sort because right now the Niners are going to be playing in about 40 minutes and right now we have the Raiders playing so we can just drag them up here.

For people who want to watch the Raiders we just go ahead and drag them up there, hit update.

Now on our site, we will go to football games online, will reload it.

I know Chrome’s kind of weird but we’ll have the Raiders move up and these guys here are playing so you can kind of drag them around and play with them there and see which one gets clicked on most and you could see through the manage tab. 

Let’s go ahead and click the manage tab there!

Here we have:  215 IMPRESSIONS, 67 CLICKS, and you can see who’s getting the most clicks! You could track it like right now the Dolphins have 8, the Saints have 8, Steelers 6, Seahawks and on and on we go. You can monitor this live and make even more money by just keeping on track of what people are doing and everything like that.

So we’ll come back with an update! Check on the money and check on how much we’re actually spending to get this because we want to be transparent with you and show you that here we are 13 years after starting this business and the stuff still works live so you could see it working. Here we are back with you.

The site slowed a little bit. We had a little bit of delay in our affiliate reporting. I was expecting a little bit more income on this one but I’ll show you why it was a little bit less but still nevertheless here we are at close to five o’clock.

We set this site up I think at noon or 12:30 I think it went live. Just about five hours or so something like that.

You can see here on our stats, let’s go ahead and go to reporting, and this is an account that I use just for this stuff here.

We can see we’re at $69.88 on this particular offer.  And if we go to MSN ad center we can see that for this particular one we paid $36 to get it. Not too bad.

If we do 69.88- 36.68, we have a NET PROFIT OF 33 BUCKS.  Not too bad.

 I mean if this keeps up all the time, which I know we can improve on it, THAT’S A THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH INCOME  which isn’t bad and that’s for five hours. So obviously tomorrow we’re gonna do probably more than that.

I want you to take a look at your stats because YOUR STATS ARE WHERE THE GOLD IS.

So we could see 161 clicks. We can see the impressions are 17,000 so all we got to do is INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CLICKS. We’re paying 23 cents a click which isn’t bad and we can see here all the keywords that are getting us traffic.

What you want to look at is what’s getting traffic.

  • So NFLis our King.
  • We could see that our average position is 1.84.
  • So like if I took this NFL word and I was to change my ad around, that would work better.
  • You can see everything else pretty much drops off there but the NFL one is big.

Now if you go to our grid tracker you can see that our impressions on the ad, once this thing refreshes, IMPRESSIONS ON THE AD ARE 410. Now you’ll notice 410 is a lot bigger number than we have on this one, we have like less than 200 clicks, 161 clicks here which means that basically more people were clicking on our ads here.  More people would come to this page than actually click.

I want you to look at this number specifically because we have 132 people who clicked the offer.  Because they’re clicking the grid, they’re clicking the offer and you can see in our never blue stats 220 clicks, so we’re getting a great great great wonderful amount of people clicking the ads.

That’s what this grid tracker does, it gets people to click because most people would see 220 or most people would see the 161 clicks to the site but then their site would see maybe 50 clicks go to the offer.

If we only had 50 clicks to the offer at 31 cents a click we would be losing money and we wouldn’t be making money.

Very important. So you want to look at that.

What we’re gonna do in our next video is we are going to take a look at these, see where the impressions are coming from, like Steelers is definitely one we can use you know NFL we can we can improve on this make it its own ad group different things like that.

  • So we want to improve on this.
  • We want to make it better.
  • The key is get more traffic and then make that traffic convert.

If we get more traffic like if I double my traffic, tomorrow I have doubled my earnings!

Now if I double my earnings on the offer, like if I double my conversion, now I’ve quadrupled the money I made!


Alright so have fun with this!

I’m going to keep you updated on this site

and if you’re interested in bootcamp, hit me up on live chat.

Get in that guys.


I just talked to my buddy Jim who is our bootcamp junkie. He’s in every bootcamp and he made like 300 bucks or 270 bucks on his sports site today and his was all free traffic.


So check it out!

We’ll have some videos from him obviously those stats are not typical of what everyone gets but my students get results so if you want results become one of my students,

go to 

Check out the rest of these videos and I’ll see you on the inside!



Clickbank WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Links – How to Put Clickbank Links On Your Blog

Hey, guys its Marcus!


We are going to talk about how to put Clickbank ads on your WordPress blog. There are four main ways to add Clickbank links to your blog.

Now this links to our Clickbank link. That’s a very good way to do it because in content ads get a lot more clicks than just regular ads.

You can see now that it looks like a normal banner.

Another thing you can do is actually use the vendor username and it’ll show you no ads from that vendor.

We’re going to choose our size



If you’re using a sidebar, you definitely want to use a long one maybe like a 120 x 600 or 200 x 600, if you’re using in content ads, we’re going to use a large rectangle.




When you use AdSense and use Clickbank hop feeds you get no data from your visitor. The most important thing you can do online is learn about your market while getting them to click because no one knows your traffic like you do.

You know where your people are coming from… You know what they’re interested in.

You got to use that to your advantage.

I know now what my market wants and I can make more stuff about Clickbank. We don’t want to leave things to chance, we want to set  up that  automatically tells us what our market wants while we’re making money.

If you’re interested in this plugin

Go to


Enjoy making Clickbank

Links on your WordPress blog

Affiliate Marketing with PC- Fast Results 300 Click Testing and Tracking


 Hey guys! It’s Marcus here with AffiliateMarketingDude.Com

Today we’re going to talk about Data Driven Results.

  • Far too many people that want to be affiliate marketers, marketers, and successful,
      They look at success.
    They look at failure.
    They look at how they feel.
    They look at how they think about something.
    They look at what they think is going to happen.

You look at some of the most valuable priced property in corporations in America and across the world. What do they have in common? THEY HAVE DATA.

  • They know what’s going to happen
  • They know what their customers want.
  • They know what response to expect.

And you can get better results just by testing 300 clicks to a brand new website, then you can all-day-long go to every marketing conference, reading every marketing book, listening to every YouTube video on marketing!

If you throw 300 clicks on something, you’re going to be lightyears ahead of where you are right now.


Sure it might not work; it might fall flat on its face. You might not get any views on your videos. You might not make any money.
  But the fact of the matter is that THE DATA GIVES YOU RESULTS THAT     YOU CAN LEARN FROM!

For example, if I set up a page, and I drive 300 people to it, then I can gauge what’s going on. I can gauge…
What did they click on?
  What didn’t they click on?
  When did they leave?
  Why did they leave?
  How many opted it?
  How many clicked on the link?
  What link did they clicked on?
   Do they scroll down to the bottom of the page or do they look at the top of the page?

These are the kinds of things that you need to know to be successful online.


In this video, we’re going to talk about testing results so that you can get
the RESULTS you want,
build the BUSINESS that you want,
because nothing is faster than testing your market in the internet marketing world and we’re starting right now!

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Let’s talk about how this works and test your sites, test your videos, test anything online   because testing and tracking and data is the name of the game!

We’re gonna show you how testing works.
We’re gonna show some tools that we use for testing.
We’re gonna show you some of the things that you want to look for.
Some of the things that you don’t want to look for.
What to cut out of your marketing.
What to put into your marketing.
How to build a page that actually works and
How to use your data to actually drive the results to the next level.

When I was a kid, I was really into science. One of the things that I like about science is that there was no success, there was no failure, there was only the idea of results. Thus something worked the way you expected it to work and if not why?

This is one of the things that’s lost in our culture and lost in internet marketing and business.


You see, so many people want to set up just one site and just be rich overnight. That’s cool and that can happen. But the fact is, MOST OF YOU IS THAT YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO TEST YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.

What do I mean by that?

As Thomas Edison have said, “I haven’t failed a thousand times, I only found 999 ways not to build a light bulb.” And you look at it and say, if I built 990 different versions of my website or 999, and I didn’t get the result I wanted, most of us would quit, and I probably would to.

But the fact of the matter is, we need to be testing everything.

For example, if you set up one website, you have to LOOK AT WHAT THE VARIABLES ARE. 

What is it that’s getting the results?

If you’re going for free search engine traffic and your site doesn’t get any traffic, you have to look at it and say:

  1. Is the keyword good?

If the keyword gets no traffic, it doesn’t matter if you ranked for it.

  1. Did I rank for the keyword?
    If you’re not ranking for it then obviously you’re not going to get the traffic.

Or for example, you run paid traffic at it. Let’s say you take 300 clicks. And what I like to do when I test a new site, is I like to start with about 300 clicks. I like to do these clicks with paid traffic.

You have to look at this subjectively.

Let’s say I’m spending anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar per click. If I take 300 clicks, that means that’s gonna cost me anywhere from $30 to $300. I’d like to take 300 visitors and drive them to my landing page.

When these 300 visitors come to our site, if we’re going for an opt-in box which is collecting name and email, I want to take a look at this and say,

  • “Did they opt-in?” and if they did opt-in,
    (2) “How many?”

Throughout this week, I’ve been testing an opt-in page. We tested a new version of a page which was very straightforward. We did a 300-click test on it. It’s actually getting a 60- 65% opt-in. That means 65% of the people who come to the page are putting their name and email.  If you add it up, I got 195 people to opt-in or 195 leads.

If I have this data and I don’t make any money, I have something to work with.

Let’s say you’re doing affiliate marketing. Same kind of thing. You take your page the way you think it’s going to work. You focus on why did the people come to you in the first place you make your page. 

You know I got an affiliate offer, and I would want to download a tool bar, for example, a Bible toolbar. If I drive 300 people to the site, “how many are going to click on the download button or the bible?” That’s variable number 1.

In my testing, I have seen that I have been able to get 90-95% of the people who come to my page to actually click to download it. They don’t necessarily download it but they click it.

So if I take those 95%, and let’s say that’s 280 people.

Out of those 280 people, how many downloaded it?

If 10% download, that means I get 28 downloads.

Take the 28 and multiply it by 3 dollars, I made $84.

If I’m spending less than that for the traffic, otherwise something’s wrong, then I know it works.

You got to look at the variables. This is crucial to get in the results that you want.

In this example, let’s say only 10% clicked on the bible tool bar download instead of 95%, that means I got 30 people (10% of 300), only got 3 downloads, instead of $84, I am now making only $9. That means it wouldn’t work. So you have to know why only 10% clicked and how do I get more to click?

If they’re watching a video, how can I get more people to the video?

For example, I did a YouTube video collaboration which didn’t cost me anything. It got 4200 views. Out of those 4200 views, we had approximately 420 people that actually went to my site. That’s 420 clicks. Out of those 420, we’re getting roughly 50-60% opt-in rate, which means I got about 200-220 leads.


Know your stats!

This is why affiliate companies are able to pay us so much money.

Why am I paid 3 bucks to get a free bible toolbar?
This works because for every toolbar user, it’s gonna make $10 or $20 a year.

You should know the value. The only way to know is by testing. Do not test blind.   Know what you expect and why.  What does the people want to see after clicking? For example, pictures are to use instead of paragraphs.

You have to look at the way people search and you have to test it and see what works best.

Did you know that changing a simple button, could mean a difference between making lots of money and little money?

Did you also know that when I do webinars and I show you what the order form looks like that you’re gonna fill out, like on, when I show you how to fill that format, my convergence skyrocket? And NOTHING COST ME TO TEST IT.

Most people in internet marketing would rather buy courses than actually test them out. They would rather learn about stuff than actually testing.

 I gotta tell you, you gotta GET OUT THERE AND TEST! 



“From this office, I can reach the world.”

Even the biggest companies in the world are constantly testing at lightning speed.

I’m gonna have some other videos as part of this playlist.

We’re gonna talk about…

Some of the tools you can use to test
How to read the data
How to look at things and make it work better.

This works whether you’re paying for traffic, whether you’re making YouTube videos to get people to your site, whether you’re doing search traffic.

Everything comes down to data.
You say,
  What worked, why?
What didn’t work, why?
Do more of what works, do less of what doesn’t!

Do not cry that you have failed, because you have only failed when you give up. 

This can happen extremely fast!

You can test the site just like the lottery website that I put up one morning and by the end of the day we have made over $1600 from downloads of toolbar for the lottery. It worked because I tested it.

If I was there and no one downloaded it for the first hundred clicks, I’d be worried.
If they didn’t download by the first 200 clicks, I’d be worried.
If they didn’t download by the first 300 clicks, I’d stop running the ad.

We got to look at this subjectively and we have to test things and we have to look at it through the eyes of your visitors because remember, you’re testing to find out what people do.

There’s people behind your website looking at it saying, why should I click, what should I do, how is it going to work.

The key here is knowing what’s going to work.

Knowing what people click on.
Knowing what people respond to.
Knowing what buttons get more click.
Knowing what downloads people like.
Knowing what words people are looking for on the site.

This is explained extensively in your course at

The beauty of internet marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and everything online is that THE MARKET TELLS YOU WHAT THEY WANT.

If you can learn to read what people tell you through the form of stats on your website, then YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY ONLINE. 

But do not ignore this!

So many of my students get stuck on building websites and everything that’s not making money. What’s making money is testing the market, knowing what they want, doing better next time you test it, and making even more money. If you can do this, you’ll be on the path to making lots of money.


I hope enjoyed this!

Click the bell notification.
Go to and we’ll help you how to make money online, easy!


2016 UPDATE Using the Google Planner Keyword Tool to Find Niches

Hey guys, its Marcus here!

Welcome back to your Simple Sites Big Profits 2016 desktop software. Go to and get this software because you’re going get access to all the cool videos, bonuses.

I want you to get familiar with this desktop because this is your niche finding hub, whenever you want to go through and find a niche according to the way that I teach.

I’m going to show you exactly how to use my trigger word list to find niche markets literally in

seconds, run affiliate offers and make some profit.  It’s a lot easier than most people think and most people just struggle because they over complicate it.

So what I’m going to do is, I’m going to give you a little overview;

Once we have the Google Keyword planner open, you’re going to want to go ahead and sign up for an account or sign in, if you already have a Google account, it’s free to be able to use this and it’s going to allow us to see exactly what people search for on Google, so that we could use that to get traffic to our pages and ultimately make revenue with affiliate offers and products.

it’s very important that you know what’s going on behind the scenes. This means that Google is looking at all the searches that are done on its search engine and tallying them up as an inventory.

for example;

if I type something like, “hi my name is Marcus” and I type that in the Google search, it logs it as a search so if I was to go to the Google Keyword planner it would say one person searches for this keyword.

What we’re going to talk about is how to get into the Nitty Gritty, the good niches that actually make you money. obviously the word weight loss is a good word but you’re also going to see that it’s pretty competitive at a $1.68 per click

That means today in January, there’s an average for this word of 550,000. February drops a little bit and in March it drops drastically goes back up during the close to summer months and then drops back down. you can see how that works, if you run your ad in July you’re not going to have as much inventory to get the traffic from.165,000 searches is still a lot of people that’s over 5,000 people every single day.

That’s what this is doing; it’s just looking at the inventory. I want you to really get in your mind that these are inventories, every single line is a value that Google is placing on the searches based on the number of searches and the competition. so if you were to look at the hypothetical value of the traffic you could simply take;


823,000 x $1.68


you’re going to get the value of that word per month.

now because you’re in the simplesites program I’m going to show you how to make more than that!

The competition and the suggested bid is relating to what is called pay-per-click search engine marketing

If your ad was up here you would pay Google for the click this is called pay-per-click marketing

Now don’t get scared there’s ways to do this very conservatively and make a lot of money which I’m going to show you.

For the most part the term mortgage is really expensive and difficult to rank for because you got 450,000,000 people.


What we want to do is, we want to find words with like 50,000 or 100,000 competing and I’ll show you how to do that as well. so when you’re looking at this again remember your tabs, your keywords, search term. the monthly search is paid and free search.

The suggested bid, we’re going to learn that this number means absolutely zilch under most categories, for the word weight loss because of the amount of ads here; you could probably get this for less than a dollar a click.

That’s the basic overview of how the Google Keyword planner works.

Let’s get into our trigger word method and show you how to get away from these expensive and competitive markets like mortgage and weight loss and stuff.

Find a market that you can get into and make a couple of bucks or a couple hundred thousand bucks as if it were under a market that the big guys aren’t fighting for it and you can just skate in and rake in some profits in a really easy way.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my overview of the Google Adwords Keyword planner and how to use

it to find niche markets

I’m going to show you next how to use this list of words in your simple sites desktop to trigger word list to find niche markets in seconds.  Now these aren’t just any niche markets because what these words do is, allow us to go through and actually find out what people search for, without a preconceived idea and you’re going to be blown away when I show you all the profitable niches that you can find in seconds, using this method.

Go to 

You’re going to get this software.

You’re going to get the toolbar.

You’re going to get everything.