Direct Response Marketing Video Tutorial With Glossary

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AD: anything designed at getting people to your offer or website

– facebook post / adwords ad / banner ad / solo email ad / text ad

Dont Try To Blaintantly Sell In Your Ads

AFFILIATE: someone selling on behalf of another company

AFFILIATE LINK – tracks clicks and sales


paid per click, per lead, per sale, per trial, per call, per download

ACQUISITION COST: how much does it cost to get a (lead) customer

CLICK FLOP: direct to offers no lead capture

ADVERTORIAL: advertisement that is designed to look like content

ADVOCATE: / Reporter / Reviewer: your writing or content style

goal of your sites and ads – is to get read!

AVATAR: a snapshot of your visitors or ideal customers

SRDS – buy lists of people who _________________

(40-60 looking to supplement income) 3rd world

reverse mortgage (60+) own thier house

DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING – cutting out the waste

BACK-END: how much do you make off the lead or sale

100 email optins $4,000 per year ($40 per year per subcriber)

FRONT END PROFITS (1,000 * 39 = $39,000) $3.33

$8.75 Lead – $300 40-70 KNOW YOUR BREAK EVEN POINT


car goes 0-60 in 5 seconds

outrun any car on the road… look good while doing it

500 hp

FLAT BENEFIT: benefit with no emotional appeal

EMOTIONAL BENEFIT: appeals to emotions

PRACTICAL BENEFIT: never buy gas again

buy a cure but not a prevention

sell them what they want give them what they need

COPY / COPYWRITING: the copy your visitors will read

– know your avatar / know thier hot buttons

SPECIFIC (How I Paid $51,321 In Visa Debt In 3 Years)

HEADLINE – get people to read your next sentence

SUBHEAD – GET people into the body

BODY – bulk of your copy (skim rather than read)

BREAK-EVEN: the poing where you get your money back

CTO: contribution to overhead

CALL TO ACTION: asking for the sale, lead, action

AD call to action (click here)

SALE call to action (buy this thing because)

CLOSE: closing the sale

COLD VS WARM: cold traffic who doesnt know you warm traffic is traffic who knows you

CONTROL: your starting point ad or content

download free bible verses (1% ctr)
free bible study tools (3% ctr) control

landing page squeeze page (10% opt in)
free report and video (30% opt in rate)

CONVERSION: someone doing the action

DEMOGRAPHIC: who ya got

E-MAIL LIST: list of people who want to hear more

you can follow up with them with other ads and offers

GUARANTEE: i guarantee after going thru my Direct Response trainings for just $97 you will learn exactly what you need so you can write ads that make money starting today… yes this skill can be used the same day you learn it to profit bigtime (by record was $3,000 in 13 minutes)


biased – what pays me (affiliate disclaimer)

INTEGRATED MARKETING: where you are piggybacking on other marketing

LANDING PAGE: the page your visitor lands on

LIMITED TIME OFFER: this is only availible on this call or in this report or for the next 48 hours

SOCIAL PROOF: the last people who were on my webinar loved it

MARKET: demographic (weight loss)

NICHE MARKET: (lose 20 pounds in a week)

OFFER: give us 11 minutes and we give you the world

pizza in 30 minutes or its free

your first $100 is on me

buy my Direct Response Marketing Training and ill give you everything you need to start writing ads and making sites that pay

buy a preius and never pay for gas again

OPT-IN: when someone enters theier name and email for more info


separate links (10 100 20 50)

pre-populate (carry something to the next page automatically)

boost conversion

PERSUASION: the art of getting people to take action

POSITIONING: selling in a different way (how are you going to position your product)

PROFITS: all the money left after advertising

QUALIFIED PROSPECTS: someone who has the desire and means to buy your stuff

REASON-WHY COPY: get my direct response training BECAUSE you will learn the same skill responsible for making me over $10MM on the internet

SQUEEZE PAGE: opt in page (page designed to get subscribers from your traffic)

SHORT COPY / LONG COPY: whatver gets the point across

RESPONSE RATE: number of people responded / total reach

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: amount made from an investment ($100 – $1000)

SPECIAL REPORT / FREEBIE / INFO GIVEAWAY: get people to subscribe

SWIPE FILE: collection of good ads

USP: unique selling proposition

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