Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Funnels

Affiliate Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, And Marketing Funnels For Profit — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com 

Today, we’re going to be talking about landing pages, squeeze pages, and funnels. What are they? What’s the difference? And which one do you need to use to make the most money with your website?

Landing Pages
First and foremost, let’s talk about landing pages. A landing page is quite simply the page that someone lands on. If you’re taking people from Instagram, or you’re taking people from paid traffic, or you’re doing banner traffic, or you’re sending an email, or whatever, the landing page is simply the page you send them to. It’s usually the first interaction that you have with your audience.

The landing page for Google is Google.com. You go to Google and that’s their landing page. They have a search box on there, because they want you to search. With YouTube, you go to YouTube.com and they have videos on the page. That’s their landing page.

If you go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com, you could see the landing page for my site. On my landing page, I want people to put their name and email in, so I have a squeeze page as a landing page. (More on that in a moment.)

Now, you can use this landing page in many different ways. For example, I’ve made millions of dollars with simple one-to-five page landing pages or page sites, where I simply promote affiliate offers. One of my more famous ones was a website for the lottery. The whole idea was to get people to download a toolbar that showed them all the different lottery numbers. I didn’t have to have a mailing list or anything, I simply promoted the product on the page.

Squeeze Pages
So in order to get all the confusion out of the way, a squeeze page could be a landing page. The idea of a squeeze page is to “squeeze” your traffic and get the people that are really interested to put their name and email in the box. Another example of a squeeze page could be asking for more information–maybe a free shipping address or something like that. But basically, what you’re doing with your squeeze page is getting people to fill out the form and generate a lead.

You see this a lot with Clickbank, with various CPA affiliate offers where the advertiser is simply going through you to make a landing page. The whole idea of the landing page is to kind of pre-sell whatever the offer is. You can also have a landing page which says, “Hey, put your name and email in the box, and you’ll get XYZ.” This would be considered a squeeze page. Again, remember that a landing page and squeeze page are the same thing. A squeeze page can be a landing page, and a landing page could be a squeeze page.

The idea is to get as many people on your mailing list as possible, because then you can follow up, market with them, and make a lot of money. I’ve done this in some markets where I’ve generated as many as 500,000 people on my mailing list in about 90 days. I did that with paid traffic, but it was actually kind of cheap because of the fact that I was buying traffic for about two cents a click.

You can do this really easily. All you have to do is funnel them over. Right now, we’re running ads on Instagram, and sending people to lead pages, and making all kinds of money. We’re doing pay-per-click ads, Facebook ads, doing all kinds of stuff to our squeeze pages. Because once we get this mailing list, then I could email these people and make a lot of money.


Now, let’s go on to the marketing funnel. The funnel is designed to get people to funnel through your marketing system. It’s more of a sales process in an integrated way to graduate people through the things that they’re buying. Marketing funnels are extremely powerful when it comes to taking visitors from just cold traffic (like pay-per-click traffic, or video traffic, or something like that) and getting them into your list. You learn what they want, and you bring them into different levels of your paid products and paid services. You graduate them, and you can make a lot of money.

Let’s say that your end goal is to sell something that’s like $1,200. In your funnel, you would have stages. You’d start with a landing and squeeze page, and you’d get your traffic to come in at the top of the funnel. You’d have people put their name and email in the box. They would be your leads. Then you would take people from that and go and sell them something cheap, or give them something for free, such as a free E-book with $5 shipping or something.

Then you’d get a bunch of people that would get the book, and they would be on your mailing list. After they get the book, you could offer them something for $50 that they would be interested in. A lot of people would take you up on the $50 offer. They would consume the content, and then hopefully later buy your product that is $1,200.

For another example, on my site, I have an entire funnel on the back end, designed to get customers to buy different things as they go along in the buying process. I could get people to come to my offer and say, “Hey, check this out. Put your name and email name email, and you’ll get XYZ.” Right now, you could go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com, you can put your name and email in the box, and you can get my free internet marketing affiliate toolbar. It’s really cool—5,000 people a month are actively using it.

So people will put their name and email in there, then I’ll say, “Hey, by the way, if you like this toolbar, why don’t you buy this thing? And
the thing could be just $47 or $297,” or something like that. Of course, the goal is to say, “Well, if you like that, we’re also going to give you a site. Do you want us to build your site for you? That’s $1,200,” or whatever it may be.

Right now, we’re testing this on one of my addiction websites, where we talk about alcohol addiction. We want to get visitors to opt-in, then we want them to join a monthly thing, and then of course we want them to graduate through things like personal coaching and other things like that. You see this everywhere, and it’s used everywhere.

Everything is Connected
Remember that all of these things can be kind of the same thing. They’re all examples of landing pages, and they’re all examples of squeeze pages. And if you build them correctly, they can be a marketing funnel for you. You can use all kinds of these things, and you can use variations of them. You have to find out what works for your market.

For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

How to Find Affiliate Programs on OfferVault


In today’s webinar with Marcus, learn step by step how to get started, how to find the best low competition profitable niches, and how to find the best affiliate offers to send traffic to. Topics discussed in today’s lesson include:


The Four Main Problems People Face when Starting with Affiliate Marketing:

  • Don’t know where to start – start with finding a niche FIRST, not finding an affiliate offer first.
  • Can’t find profitable niche – many people can’t find profitable niches with little competition, Marcus shows you how in today’s lesson using the Trigger Word method.
  • Have trouble “seeing” the money – learn the ways you get paid to better understand how your site earns you money
  • Don’t have a profitable mailing list – by setting up a mailing list you can draw in more leads and sales


Goals that you should Write Down when Getting Started:

Be realistic. What would you like to earn yearly from one blog? Monthly? Daily?


Thinking in Terms of “What Do I Need to Do to Meet My Goals”:

When getting started, think “What product am I going to sell? How much of this product do I need to sell daily to meet my daily goal?”



Different Ways You Can Make Money on Your Blog:

Marcus discusses how to use a combination of  AdSense, affiliate offers, and CPA to make profit from your blog.




Marcus’s Guide to Setting Up a Profitable Blog Step-by-Step


Step One: Find your Niche Market

       Watch live as Marcus uses his Trigger Word method to find low-competition profitable niches. When finding a niche be sure to check for competition, cost per click, and monthly searches for your keywords.



Step Two: Get your Domain Name

       Find a domain that closely matches your main keyword for your niche.



Step Three: Design Your Site

     Using WordPress, set up a blog with direct, targeted content about your chosen niche.



Step Four: Get Paid

     Add in your affiliate offer(s) and AdSense to start making money on your site.



Step Five: Get Traffic

     Using your main set of keywords, find the best traffic method for your targeted niche.




Marcus’s Blog Conversion Checklist

  1. Who are you trying to reach?
  2. What do you want them to do most on your site?
  3. What does your ad/site promise?



How to Make Your Blog Convert – in 3 Seconds or Less

  1. Does your site cater to the type of visitor you are trying to reach?


  1. Can your visitor find the promise in less than 3 seconds?


  1. Is your site focused on what you want your visitor to do most?


  1. Do your colors and themes compliment or distract from your message?

How to Find $1000 – $10,000 Niches for Affiliate Marketing/Niche Marketing Explained

In this week’s webinar, learn live with Marcus the best way to find an $1000 – $10,000 niche and valuable tips on how to get started and make money. Topics in this week’s webinar include:




How to Battle the #1 Reason Most Don’t Succeed:

One of the top reasons that people do not succeed in affiliate marketing is an inability to get started and find the right niche. Live with Marcus, discuss the best ways to find a profitable niche.



The Benefits of Paid Traffic and Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Use it:

Paid traffic is a great way to generate leads and sales on your blog. With methods discussed in today’s webinar like monitoring competition, testing, and adjusting, it’s simple to drive traffic and profit while using paid methods.


Understanding How a Niche Market Works:

Optimize your blog profit by learning the best techniques to set up your site with a specific group of people in mind.

Set a Goal and Purpose for Your Site Before You Create it:

Before you create your blog or website, there are several questions to ask yourself. What is my niche? What kind of people will be searching for this? What kind of offers could I pair with this niche? What do I want people to do on my site?




Ten Commandments of Blog Making:


  1. Thou Shall Not Beat Around the Bush

Be direct. When a visitor comes to your site, it should be simple to navigate and understand the purpose for your site.


  1. Thou Shall Not Confuse Thy Visitor with Useless Information

Your visitors time is valuable to them. Keep it short and relevant. Avoid including unnecessary information.


  1. Thou Shall Not Bore Thy Visitor with Boring Information

Keep it interesting. Boring content will cause your visitors to leave your site.


  1. Thou Shall Not Go Too Broad with Your Topic – Stay Focused

Create content and optimize your blog to keep your niche and your target audience in mind.  


  1. Thou Shall Not Sacrifice Your Message for Design

You want the visitor to complete the action(s) you had in mind when creating your site. Keep your blog design simple in order to keep the visitors’ eyes and attention on the important information.


  1. Thou Shall Help Your Visitors in a Direct Way by Using their Favorite Medium

Be personal. If your visitor prefers videos, send them valuable videos. If your visitor prefers PDF files, use PDF’s. Keep the experience personal and provide value.


  1. Thou Shall Always Direct Visitors Where You Want Them to Go

Walk your visitors through the steps you want them to accomplish on your site. Keep the process simple and easily understandable.


  1. Thou Shall Always Find Ways To Interact with Your Visitors

A good way to interact with visitors is to set up a mailing list and sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter.


  1. Thou Shall Always Use Your Content to Lead People to What Makes You Money

Be deliberate. Create content with a specific goal in mind and lead visitors to what makes you money.


  1. Thou Shall Always Use Your Design to Guide Your Visitors Eyes Where You Want Them

Learn to design your site to make important areas more visually appealing.


Simple Productivity Hack

How to Motivate Yourself to Get Stuff Done: Simple Productivity Hack — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com


Sometimes, I don’t feel like doing a damn thing. Do you ever feel like that?

You know you need to get stuff done, but you just don’t feel like it. That’s exactly the problem.

We’re always waiting to feel something before we act, when in reality, the exact opposite occurs. When we act, we start to feel different. That’s why people get in traps of depression and lack productivity—because they’re waiting for a feeling to overtake them before they start doing something.

But if you’re in a rut and you don’t feel like doing anything, or you don’t know what to do, the best thing to do is get started on something. Whether it’s taking a walk, making a video, creating some content, or building a new website, or whatever it is, getting started on something. Because what’s going to happen is this: it’s going to start to change the way your brain reacts. Once we start motion, it creates chemicals in our brain that inspire us to do more things.

That’s why I could go weeks without doing anything, but then when I finally do one video, or one piece of content, or one webinar, or one piece of work, then I do more that day than I’ve ever done in the last month. And that’s how it works. You’ve got to get started on something now. You don’t need to jump the whole staircase in one leap and bound like Superman. You just need to get started on one thing and do it now.

So you have to ask yourself: what can I get started on right now that will not only change my mindset, but also get me in the direction that I want to go?

So stop waiting for a feeling to overtake you before you take action. Take action and the feeling will come.

For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

The Perpetual Struggle… A Handwritten Letter From Marcus…

this is a letter i wrote about 9 years ago… one of the gals this letter was inspired by is now a full time internet entreprenuer and was able to see past the clutter and quit her job… the other… i haven’t heard from in a long time so i am not sure…

it was inspired by talking with many people late into the early hours at the bar (back before i got sober) with some people struggling to make it in this internet marketing business… some were in tears over the money and time they spent to get almost no where…

this was my letter to them… i thought you might like it as well…


Click Here To Download Marcus’ Letter In PDF Form

Click Here To Download Marcus’ Letter In PDF Form

Marcus’ Old Personal Letter

this is a letter i wrote about 9 years ago… one of the gals this letter was inspired by is now a full time internet entreprenuer and was able to see past the clutter and quit her job… the other… i haven’t heard from in a long time so i am not sure…

it was inspired by talking with many people late into the early hours at the bar (back before i got sober) with some people struggling to make it in this internet marketing business… some were in tears over the money and time they spent to get almost no where…

this was my letter to them… i thought you might like it as well…



Five Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing, Even If You’re Broke 

5 Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free Even If You Are BROKE!!! – affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com


The first thing you need to do is refine your market. If you want to do reviews on products, decide if you’ll review cooking things, or web hosting companies, or headphones, or computers, or laptops, or tablets, or whatever it may be. You have to refine your niche and base it on something people are actively interested in.   

If you use something that no one’s interested in, then you’re not gonna make any money. But here’s the cool thing: with the internet, people are interested in nearly everything. You can find all kinds of weird stuff that people are interested in that you can make money on.  

People have made lots of money with free blogs, Facebook groups, Instagrams, Twitters, all kinds of things like that. Now, the question is, how do we do it with no money, and how do we do it the right way?


1. Become an Affiliate

An affiliate is someone who makes money for selling a product. There are also CPA affiliates, which get paid for an action, such as when someone downloads a free toolbar, or fills out a form, or clicks a free link, call in, or something like that.  

Right now, it’s free to become an affiliate of most companies. You can go to a CPA network and get started with them for literally nothing. If any affiliate company ever charges you to become an affiliate, that’s not a good way to go. Sometimes they do require you to buy their product, but that’s for obvious reasons. Most of the time, you don’t have to pay anything. There are millions on companies out there that you can become an affiliate with. 

You’ll get paid for linking people when they go and do an action, and everything happens through the link. You get these links for free, because these companies want sales, right? They’re not going to charge you a lot of money to be an affiliate. They want you to drive good quality traffic to their offers, so that you make sales. Because when you make sales, they make money, at it’s very little risk to them. You sign up, you make sales, and then get paid.  


2. Use Social Media

Create a Facebook group or page. You can make a Facebook page for free. You can also make a Facebook group. You can go find people that are interested in your niche, whether that’s website building, or people who are interested in making money, or romantic ideas, or quotes, or whatever.  

Use Instagram. You can get a whole following on Instagram, and then you can set up a free blog to send them to so they can buy stuff, or you can send them your affiliate links or something like that.  

Post in forums. You can go out and post in forums. Someone might post with a problem, and you might have a link to a solution. The cool thing about forums is that you can get paid instantly. Be careful with the away you approach your traffic sources. Don’t go on forums and say, “Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. Here, click this ugly affiliate link.” No one responds to that, and you won’t make any money. Do this the right way. 

Use Pinterest. If you’re on Pinterest, maybe you’re posting pictures of dresses, or inspirational quotes, or recipes. If you post a recipe on Pinterest, you can drive people a recipe toolbar.  


3. Set Up a Free Blog

You can do this on places like Weebly, or Blogspot, or Blogger, or use the free WordPress version. The downside is that you’ll have a domain that’s not really yours. It will say something like AffiliateMarketingDude.weebly or AffiliateMarketingDude.facebook or something. So, it won’t really be something that you own, and that’s important. Because if you do all this work and the company changes something,  you’re out of luck.


4. Use a Free Auto-Responder

You might also want to look into an auto-responder. There are free auto-responders out there. There are auto-responders that you can get started with for like a dollar a month, or $17 a month. There are also free trials or low-cost trials. Once you get an auto-responder, you can get free traffic all day long. Or you can buy it—but you should only do that if it’s profitable.


5. Get My Affiliate Toolbar

If you really have no money, go over to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com and get my affiliate toolbar. This is like a cheat sheet for affiliate marketing. If you want to do this stuff and start free, go there and I’ve got some tools for you. We have some things that you can start with for free, obviously, in the hopes that later, once you make some money, you’ll join us in some other stuff so that we can help you make even more.  

If you do a video, do a good video. If you do an article, write a good article. If you go on forums, answer the questions well. Be a helpful person. If you go on Facebook groups and spam people, you’ll probably get kicked out. But if you answer a question well, you’ll make some money. This stuff works if you work it the right way.  

Now, the question is this: Do you want to own your own business or do you want someone else to own it? The last thing you want to do is be making money, and then suddenly everything’s gone because someone else decided to shut it down.  


Bonus: If You Have a Little Bit of Money  

  1. Get a Website

I recommend that when you start out with the bare minimum, you make a website with a domain name that is your name. Something like BobsWebTips.com or BobsWoodworking.com or something like that, depending on your name and what market you go into.  

I teach you how to do this at www.GoHubSite.com. You get your domain name, which right now they give you for free when you sign up for hosting. You do have to sign up for web hosting, and if you sign up for three years in advance, it’s around $4 a month. So, it will be around $70 total. Why is this $70 important?  

With this $70, you get your domain. This allows you to host all your stuff on your own. You can put files up, start a mailing list, start different pages on your blog to send people to. You can make redirects. You can host links. You even get an unlimited amount of domains. You can have different blogs. All these tools we provide for you in the Simple Sites course.  

All of this stuff will help you build a following. You could do this without a website, but the best way to start is to get a website. It’s easy for your traffic to get to. The more barriers you have for them to get to what you have to offer, the less money you’ll make in the long run, and the more you’ll hinder yourself.  


  1. Get Mentoring and Tools

The second thing is to get yourself a mentor and tools. We actually offer mentoring as well. You can go to SimpleSitesBonus.com, sign up for our mentoring, and it comes with a bunch of tools. Definitely save up some money for mentoring if you have it.  

If you want to get our mentoring and tools, right now the Simple Sites course is $297. It’s actually going to go up once the 2018 course comes out. It will be $797. 

If you don’t have money to start, then do what I’m teaching you for now. There is a gap between people searching and what they want. These vendors want people with influence. They want people with traffic. So, start to build up and save some money.  

 For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

Youtube Traffic Secrets For Affiliate Marketers GET More Views And Subscribers With Nick Nimmin

Youtube Traffic Secrets

with Marcus Campbell And Nick Nimmin

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is being able to drive traffic and knowing how to drive the traffic where you want it. This week on Friday’s webinar, we invited guest Nick Nimmin, who focuses on affiliate marketing through YouTube, live to share secrets with you on:

Finding a Good Niche

It’s important to be deliberate when picking a niche. Always try to go for the less obvious, more targeted niches.

How You can Make Money with YouTube

AdSense and views are not the only way to make money on YouTube. Not only is YouTube the 2nd largest search engine, it is owned by Google, the leading search engine. Even without millions of views, with the right targeting and application, it is simple to make money from YouTube.

Power of Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important parts of targeting the correct audience.  Skip the bigger keywords and choose more targeted, direct keywords.

Figuring Out What You Want to Accomplish

Before getting started there’s a list of things that it’s good to ask yourself:

  • What am I promoting?
  • What kind of website would I need to make?
  • What is my goal? How much do I want to make daily?
  • How much of my product do I need to sell daily to meet my goal?
  • How much traffic do I need to get that amount of sales?

How to provide value to drive traffic

Providing the audience with valuable information or the solution to one of their problems is a good way to drive traffic

How to choose a Niche that You can Rank

Picking a niche that you can get ranked onto the front page of Google or YouTube will do much better than making a video on a high-competition niche that won’t be seen.

And More…

Not only did the webinar provide valuable tips for free on affiliate marketing using YouTube videos, a new course all about how to make money using Youtube is now available called Video Hacks.

What You Will Learn with Video Hacks:

Session 1: Getting Started on Youtube Finding and Defining Your “Niche”

One of the most valuable steps will be learning how to find a profitable, low-competition niche and the many ways that finding the proper niche can help you make more money.

Session 2: How to Start and Grow Your Channel For MASSIVE Views, Subscribers, and Traffic

This lesson will help you learn to optimize your channel to benefit your niche and the in’s and out’s of growing your channel on YouTube, as well as  how to bring in more traffic, more subscribers, and more views.

Session 3: How to NEVER Run out of Content Ideas or Traffic

This lesson shows you how to use keywords and valuable information to keep your audience and to never run out of idea or content for your audience.

Session 4:  How to Drive Your Viewers to Stuff that Gets You PAID

This lesson will include the best ways to optimize your channel, your videos, and how to find the best offers to drive your viewers to doing the tasks that make you money.

Bonus Session: How to Use Simple Persuasion to Get People to Buy Your Stuff

By showing you the very subtle techniques and how to providie valuable information and content to your audience, you will learn to persuade your viewers to buy your products.

Bonus Session: How to Set Up Your Blog to Capture Visitors, Leads, and Make Sales

It’s important to have your own site or blog in order to track your viewers interaction. In this lesson, you’ll learn the best ways to optimize your site in order to get more visitors to your site, capture leads, and make sales.

Bonus Three: Get Marcus’s WordPress Plugins For Your Blog {$297 Value}

Receive valuable plugins to help you set up your blog and to optimize your site to get the most sales.