Hey! were you paying attention because if you were you could have made some money really fast!  I’ll show you how to make money with holiday sites and big box affiliate offers like Amazon, Best Buy and more!

Right here, I have printed out the major holidays for 2019:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King
  • Valentine’s Day

and tons of other holidays that you could be raking it in on!

NOW HERE’S HOW IT WORKS! The fact of the matter is that people are going to be buying stuff anyway,

  • Regardless of what you do!
  • Regardless of whether you have a site!
  • Regardless of you!

If you even have an affiliate account, Amazon and other companies are gonna be raking it in on these holidays! Just a few days ago, on Black Friday they raked in billions and billions and billions of dollars!


So now let’s talk about how this works, you have major holidays here and you have your holidays…

Your holidays are where people are going to come in and buy stuff. On Valentine’s Day, lots of candy sold lots of flowers sold. Lots of things sold on Valentine’s Day. Rings and all kinds of stuff! We want to get ourselves positioned in the right way because here’s what’s gonna happen on the holidays:  You are going to see a May Breezer TRAFFIC INCREASEThe traffic for these things gets really really high.  You may have noticed on Black Friday, a lot of people are looking at Black Friday ads!

They’re looking up different products, different things to buy! Different sales! All kinds of stuff! And the traffic goes through the roof! In addition to the traffic going through the roof, what also happens is the sales conversion rate goes through the roof as well! People are buying stuff! They’re in a BUYING MODE! They’re not just researching things, they’re actually out there looking to buy stuff!  YOUR CONVERSION RATES GONNA BE A LOT HIGHER!

What do you want to do??

First of all, you want to FIND YOUR MAJOR TRAFFIC SOURCE

Your major traffic source could be several different things

  • A well-timed press release in these times can get you lots of traffic!

For example, if you were to do a Black Friday ads press release and you targeted all the different products people are going to be buying and you made a different site. If you made a little site about it you would actually be able to time that press release!

Get it out there!

And get a lot of views!

Extremely inexpensive!

  • You can also do Banner Ads
  • You can also Do Things Following Up To The Holiday Where People Are Looking At Unrelated Topics

and then do a mailing list drop or something like that!

Once you find your major traffic source, you want to set up a simple blog!  A SIMPLE BLOG ABOUT THE OFFERS

It would be something like… “Valentine’s Day Gifts”or “Top Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019!”

In 2020, you get another domain and you start over again!


You could get a generic domain like TOPVALENTINESGIFTSFORHIM.COM and use it in a really cool way!

You set up a simple little theme…

We have lots of themes on my website over at SIMPLEBLOGTHEME.COM

You can go download those themes. They’re made by me. Custom so that they convert!

So you set up your blog, you set up your theme about the topic. It would be something related to the holiday or the sale…

  • Best Black Friday TV deals
  • Best Black Friday cooking supplies
  • Top Valentine’s gifts for him


You set up your blog and you anticipate – What’s Gonna Happen? What’s gonna happen is…


I told you before that if you look it up, you can actually see what was sold last year.  I actually told you the products! I told you that the insta Pot and things like the echo and Google home… These were big sellers for 2017!

And guess what?   As I predicted they were big sellers for 2018 as well!  And they cleaned house! People made a lot of money! The manufacturers made a lot of money! Amazon made a lot of money! And some affiliates that followed my example and my teaching  actually made a lot of money too!

So the question is…

Are you going to pay attention?

Are you gonna do what you need to do to make this happen?



Where are you going to get your traffic from?


You want to have your major traffic source and then you want to anticipate what’s going to happen anticipate – what’s gonna go on, right? What are they gonna buy?

You know for a fact that on Valentine’s Day, people are gonna buy certain things.

  • They’re gonna SEND FLOWERS!

You want to be an affiliate of like 1-800 flowers!

  • They’re gonna BUY RINGS!

Go be an affiliate of one of the ring places!

  • They’re gonna BUY THINGS ON AMAZON!

Go be an affiliate of Amazon!

Whatever it is, you want to make sure that you are positioned properly!


The blog does not need to be anything crazy, complicated, or ridiculous! All it needs to do is have a list of the top things! You can also give them tips! If it’s for Valentine ’s Day, maybe give them tips on what to give them or where to go or date ideas or something like that. That way, they have some content to look at because the more they look at your content, THE MORE THEY’RE GONNA CLICK YOUR LINKS! The more they click your links, THE MORE MONEY YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE!


So you want to make this very structured, very simple. YOU WANT TO FOCUS ON THOSE HOLIDAYS


You want to sit down now and say…  What are the holidays in 2019? For a New Year’s Day Site… What kind of things sell on New Year’s?  You’re gonna have things like resolutions. You’re gonna have things like diets. Diets are huge on New Year’s!

You’re gonna have things like… How to make money!  People buy how to make money stuff on New Year’s Day like crazy!

You’re gonna have things like hangover remedies! A lot of people are gonna drink on New Year’s!

You’re gonna have all kinds of things and you can look these up! Because here is the big peak!  This is a secret not a lot of people tell you about! The secret is… THE RESEARCH IS ALREADY DONE!

Your research is already done for you!

All you got to do is go in over to Google…

Type in something like…

  • Valentine’s Day Top-Sellers 2017
  • Black Friday Top Sellers 2017


Go look at the search trends! Look at the search history! And see exactly what’s going on! What people are looking at! You can find things and you can jump on them!

  • You can get expensive traffic!
  • You can get free traffic!
  • You can do press releases!
  • You could set up little videos reviewing the various products!
  • It could make a video channel just about Valentine’s!!



As you guys know, there’s people who make an entire living off of these things right here!

We’re gonna try to draw one….

Christmas trees! There are people that work 2 months a year and they sell Christmas trees and they make enough money to sustain them all year!

Now, imagine what would happen if you set up different holiday sites for each of the holidays? and boom! Every holiday that comes around, YOU’RE GONNA BE MAKING MONEY! There was like 30 different holidays that you can capitalize on!

Here’s another really cool tip: There’s other things you can offer!

A lot of people think you only have to do Amazon. You got to get people to buy stuff which really isn’t that hard! You shouldn’t be complaining! BUT YOU CAN ALSO DO GIVEAWAYS! Did you know that?

Right now, as of me creating this video, there’s actually tool bars that give people the top news! You make a news site, you start ranking for stuff, and boom! You can give away that tool bar! Get $3 or $2 Every Time Someone Downloads It!

There’s also Recipe Tool Bars And Coupon Tool Bars And Different Giveaways for gift cards and things like that! YOU CAN USE BIG TIME TO RAKE IT IN ON THESE HOLIDAYS!

Amazon Is Going To Be A Huge Major Player because they are like half of all internet sales…

Downside? They pay very very little!

Upside? Conversions are crazy!

Everyone and their brother has an Amazon account! When they buy stuff you’re gonna get paid! The cookie lasts like 24 hours, which means you have 24 hours to close the deal!  That doesn’t mean you have to call people up  or do anything crazy or whatever… That just means that within 24 hours of them clicking your link, they make a purchase you get paid!

It doesn’t matter what they buy, they don’t even need to buy the product that you’re pitching! They just need to buy something! This is the key to making it work on Black Friday and Valentine’s and stuff like that!

 It is the fact that you know they’re gonna be raking in the money and you know they’re gonna be buying stuff! It doesn’t really matter as long as you get them to click the link! YOU’RE GONNA GET PAID! Which is absolutely awesome!


Start looking at this like a business and start looking at what you need to do!


It’s not that difficult! You can set up a site in about 45 minutes! You can go to the traffic areas, look at your major traffic and see what’s out there!

  • If there’s Youtube in the top searchers… USE YOUTUBE!
  • If there’s a press release or some kind of news in the top search results… USE NEWS!
  • If it’s really easy to rank for on SEO or search engine optimization,


  • If there’s a forum about people talking about gifts, GO THERE!

Start providing value!  You’re gonna get traffic to your site!

This is not that hard to do!


You just need to build your site.


Get in before the holiday timing!

This is everything if you time it right!




Be sure to check out our Black Friday sale,

You can go over to PCMONEYMAKING.COM

It’s a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale!!

Where you can go there and you can actually submit an offer on one of our products!

If you want to get


Or you want to get a


Or you want us to build a software company for you or something like that…



Put your name and email in

Then go ahead and tell us what product you want! Make an offer!

If you have a good reasonable offer, I’ll accept it on the spot give you a link!

You go there, you sign up at the link You’re gonna save a bunch of money!

If your offer is too low then I’ll come back and be like…

“Hey! You know what? I can’t do this but I can do this…”

and we’ll send you a link and you can get there too!

Last year we did this, people saved thousands and thousands of dollars and they got the products they loved! A lot of them are still using their sites and products and everything. Today! Some people are actually making money with this stuff which is awesome! I believe if you actually do this like the students that I’ve had that have taken action and follow my precise plan, you should get some results!  AND I THINK YOU WILL!


Thanks again for watching!

If you’re new here, make sure you subscribe!

And click the little bell and check out this video

That shows you exactly how to do this


This is the same exact video that Tina followed and Tina was on our live stream 10 hours after the video went live and she’s like

“Dude, I made money within 10 hours which is awesome!”


I don’t think that’s unheard of!

Right now, my sites usually make money pretty fast…

But to have a student make money that fast is pretty awesome!




I’m Marcus

Check out that next video

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Google Keyword Planner Niche Finding Tips And Added Keyword Research Feature For 2019


To most people trying to get started with affiliate marketing,

this page right here is one of the most difficult pages on the internet…

It’s The Keyword Tool

it stares back at you and says nothing

It just looks and looks, as you try to think of a niche that may be profitable


In this video I’m gonna show you my secret method for finding untapped niche markets in seconds + I’m going to show you something brand new that they added to the Google Keyword Tool for 2019 which goes back to an old thing that we used years ago called keyword clusters

We’re gonna go ahead and dive right in!!

  • Show you how to find niches
  • Show you that secret hidden new tool in the Google Adwords Tool
  • Show you how to make money with affiliate marketing

We’re starting right now!

Here we are on the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Most people come to this tool with an idea of what they want to do…

They say “Maybe I’m gonna go for weight loss”. They type something in here like WEIGHT LOSS. They HIT ENTER to do a search or get started…. 

Then it’s gonna come up with various different keywords that are out there and they’re gonna see for stuff like weight loss. It’s gonna be anywhere from a $1.84 per click to $5 per click. VERY VERY EXPENSIVE! This is something that we really can’t get into unless we have a product that’s paying us like $300 or more.  It’s easy to see why people get frustrated, especially when you look at the fact that most products on  Clickbank and affiliate offers only pay $27 to $24 even $35 for tea at the highest per sale.

That means that you would have to get a sale at $5 a click, every 8 clicks.

That’s like a 15% conversion rate which is DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! I can see why you’d be frustrated trying to make money online. If you’re gonna try to go the Free Traffic Route, You’re gonna see that for weight loss, there’s a lot of competition.

You can see here that we have over 2.5 billion web pages competing. There’s no real way to compete for something like this. Internet marketing is a little too complicated… It’s too crowded… How do we get involved in this?

Now, you could go for long tail keywords. That would be something like “The Best Way To Lose Weight” but you can see this:

on the low side – a dollar to a click,           on the high side – $5 a click

When you search for Google again, you’re gonna see a lot of competition! THERE’S STILL ALMOST A BILLION WEBSITES COMPETING! which means that you with Your New Little Website are OUT OF LUCK


What’s The Secret To Making This Work? Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Use A List Of Trigger Words

One thing you need to remember is that, as a marketer, my job, first and foremost, is to market things that make me money; not things that I think are cute or fun. I will sell good things that the market says they want! If your market doesn’t say they want them then you’re not gonna make any money because they don’t want it but a lot of people miss out on this fact.

I use this trigger word list:

Now, I want you to notice that this trigger word list has nothing to do with any market. We don’t know if they have a leaking faucet, or a leaking air conditioner or if their radiator is leaking. We have no idea.

So we type this into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool like this and then we get our results.

There’s a lot of stuff here.

Now, notice how compared with the weight loss stuff,  there’s actually a lot more words here with low competitionWe can actually go here and look at something like a leaking roof  which might look like it’s pretty competitive but it’s actually not!

We could look at something like a leaking showerhead – low competition; It’s $4 per click! But we’re actually gonna go to google and we’re gonna see if there’s any advertisers there. If there’s no advertisers, it’s probably gonna be a lot cheaper.

Not a whole lot of competition here!

This is something that we could probably get into relatively inexpensively. If you need a way to make money teaching people how to fix their leaky shower heads, YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET REFERRALS TO PLUMBERS.


If you were to go here on offer vault and look for plumbers, you can see that these guys are paying by the phone call and by the lead! That means that this guy is gonna pay you $28, not for a sale, not for someone to whip out the credit card and buy something, but for a phone call! That’s right! All they have to do is call a phone number for a specified amount of time, usually between 90 and 180 seconds and BOOM! You get $25! Just like that!

Just think of how easy it would be to set up a site about all the things that could be leaking in your house. You setup the site – You get some cheap traffic – and BOOM!! You Sell Leads To The Plumbers. Through the affiliate networks, it’s actually pretty easy and it’s all automatic! All I do is advertise the phone number that the affiliate network gives me and I get paid every time someone calls!

Let’s go ahead and dive into the new addition to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

…which i think they added for 2019

When we type in the word “LEAKING”, it gives us related terms to try.

This shows us various terms that are related to the term we typed in. For leaking, it says plumber, roof, water heater, water, roof repair, toilet, hot water, heater. This is important because these are Showing Us What Google Thinks Is Relevant Based On Other Searches. You can see a lot of them are Based On The Stuff People Are Searching For.

Now this is based on a concept that used to be in google called the Key Word Cluster Tool/Google Wonder Wheel.

It would show you related words related to the term you’re looking at. This gets really good when you need to find affiliate offers and subcategory keywords.

As you’re going through here, you can see exactly what’s going on

You Can Even Isolate These By Competition!

If i want to isolate these by competition, I can just go over here to competition. Type in LOW, HIT APPLY and BOOM! I’m only gonna get words that have low competition! This is your Golden Ticket into cheap easy-to-tap niche markets. You always want to focus on giving the customer good value so if you have a site about leaking showerheads,  make sure you give them a good value and then tell them why they would need a plumber.

If you have a site about leaking shower heads….

Tell them why they would need a plumber

Do the research!

Figure Out What These People Want.

Make A Site!

Drive People To Those Offers on The Affiliate Networks

And Start Making Money!

Let me show you some more of these trigger words to show you how this works…


Let’s use something like “during…”

You could see right at a glance that you got a lot of pregnancy words. This would be perfect for pregnancy books, courses on parenting, all kinds of stuff like that because if you know someone’s gonna have a baby, you know that babies are kind of expensive.

So we can actually see that we can get involved in this and we can help people get the answers they need and lead them to stuff that’s going to make us money.

For example, we could get them over into health insurance, you can see health insurance is paying a lot of money and, obviously, with a baby you need health insurance. It’s a good idea, right? You can see these guys are paying per sale, per lead…

A lot of stuff going on, you can get paid big time! Just For Generating Leads For Health Insurance which is crazy!

Let’s go over the word “printable”

You’ll notice that if we use the word printable here like this, sometimes the results are gonna be kind of limited. There’s not a whole lot here. What I like to do in this case is that I like to use the tool on the Free Toolbar.  If you were to go to the free toolbar that we have over at AffiliateMarketingDude.comYou’re gonna get the keyword research tool and you can put the word “printable” in. This is going to give you a little bit more data about your keywords so that you can use them to find other niche markets.

Let’s Go Ahead And Research

As you can see, we have a lot more data to choose from:

  • Printable coupons
  • Free coupons
  • Grocery printable coupons
  • and different things like that.

When you find something that looks good, it’s best to take this and put it over into your Google Keyword Planner. If we find something like “printable coupons” and we go to our google keyword planner like this and isolate the word “printable coupons” and Hit GetResults.

You’re gonna see that we have lots of words like “printable coupons” and things like that…

They’re still pretty Low On The Competition so we can use a lot of these different words that wouldn’t come up normally just by typing in “printable”

I want you guys to get used to how to use this tool and what these different things mean

What I like about this new “Related terms to try” is the fact that we can actually click on these terms!

I can click on coupons and it’s going to do a research just for the word coupons! Now we can see the different coupons or we could go through and use the word “voucher”. That’s not a word I would have thought of! It’s going to give us other words that are available that people are searching for! Isolate that word and see what’s related to it. What Google Thinks Is Related

This is known as Related Search or Latent Semantic Indexing to what you have. It’ll pair in all together and will be good for SEO. It’ll be good for pay-per-click … And good for spotting really, really untapped niche markets…

For example, I can use those words and type something in like “promo”.  We can see what people want. There’s also different things like coupon toolbars, money saving toolbars, So we could see that this stuff works really well!

Getting Used To The Google Keyword Tool,



So that you can see how to use this!

The main things you want to look at is:

  1. Your Location

You want to choose where you want to be. If you’re only advertising in the United States, then you’ll want to type in USA. It’s gonna isolate the results just for the USA. It should drop the numbers a little bit, then we can go in and see what’s going on there.

  1. Your Language

If you’re doing English or a different language, then we go through Google And Search Partners or just Google

  1. Google and Search Partners is going to be every search engine that uses Google
  2. Just Google is gonna be just on Google

I usually turn on Google And Search Partners because I do a lot of related search


Next: We Have Our Plan Overview

This is all for stuff that’s in your account

Related Terms To Try is very good to use to find different related keywords

Keyword By Relevance is the actual keyword that people are searching in Google

Average Monthly Searches is how many times a month the term is searched. This gives you an overview.

Competition is just for paid search. This has nothing to do with organic free search engine rankings or SEO.

Ad Impression Share shows how much of the share you’re getting once you start running an ad

Top Of Page Bid means that to be on the top of everyone that’s usually what it’s gonna be.


I like to start on the low range. I always like to start low to see what’s out there and to see if i can get traffic because 9 times out of 10, I usually can.

That’s basically how it works! THAT’S THE GOOGLE ADWORDS TOOL!!

That is the new thing you want to take a look at…

  • Use the related terms
  • Use your keywords here


Use your Trigger Words over at aAffiliateDude.com/trigger

Find Yourself Some Niches! I got some cool stuff here that you can use. 

You can DOWNLOAD THE TOOLBAR to get the other search tools

stay tuned for videos!



Hey you there! You’re gonna learn the fastest way possible to make money with clickbank. We’re gonna dive right in and show you exactly how to get started from nothing. If you’re a beginner and make money, which is cool. That way you don’t have to be like other people where they start off real happy and excited but they end up having made nothing…

Here’s what we’re gonna do. Take a look at PCmoneymaking.com

which is the first site I ever made a Clickbank sale on.


As you could see I have lots of reports here I get like resell rights reports and stuff like that and I had an order form. This is how it looked back in the year 2000, when I made my first Clickbank sale. That took a while I had to wait for search engine rankings and traffic.

We’re gonna show you how to do it a lot quicker. Here’s what you want to do.


Watch the video.

Click the button right and see if the domain is available.

We could do something like anxietyfreeguide.com and see if it is available.

It looks like it is available. Then we complete this form to get web hosting. That way I have my site at  anxietyfreeguide.com.

What I need to do is create something of value known as a lead magnet or bait. Like this now, we want to create a free anxiety guide. You can create by compiling from online, writing your own or you can actually go to getwebsitecontent.com  and order someone to write an article for you.

Now you want to make it really juicy. You want to do is search and find out what these people are struggling with. The way you can do this is simply by going to google and searching for anxiety forum. You can look at anxiety forums and you could see what people are struggling with. Physical symptoms, we got panic attack and anxiety ruining my life, health, anxiety, severe anxiety.

So we could write a guide on how to deal with all this stuff. If you’re in a medical type market make sure you get a good disclaimer. If you don’t know how to get a good disclaimer do something else, don’t mess around with this stuff.

What you want to do is you want to get an overview of what these people are struggling with. You make your guide. The guide is what’s known as your hook or lead magnet.

why do we call it a lead magnet?

I’m glad you asked the reason we call it a lead magnet it’s because I want to drive people back to my site, That are struggling with anxiety to a page like this a very simple  WordPress.  A page that’s hosted on my site.

Look at the search volume and the forums; find out what your markets interested in. SUPER EASY!

Make your page get a picture of a guy freaking out about anxiety. Give them the free book, put your name and email for the free book. This isn’t using some crazy lead pages or click funnels. This is a basic WordPress site using one of my plugins that you can use to create as many landing pages, squeeze pages, funnel pages as you want.

What you want to do next is important. First of all, you get them in there, you create your bait.

Your opt-in page is like a brick wall.   These people are going to come in here they’re going to be like, “Man, I sure do want that anxiety book.” because you baited them, the fish is here. But they hit the brick wall which means they have to put their name and email. Go to the next step now, once they give the name in the email in the box they go on to your database which means you got all these people down here. You can follow up with them. You could get them into all kinds of different things. You can email them, you could put them on an automatic drip feed of emails to help them with anxiety.

Magic happens after they put their name and email in the box.

What you’re going to do is..

You’re going to say thank you. Thanks for signing up

You’re going to get some emails, check your email.

You just got the book delivered to you but for right now check out these top three anxiety guides that I have found for you. That’s where you put your affiliate links for the Clickbank guides.

You’re going to make a little page, hit promote, get the link.  you just put in your code and this is your link. You are going to have this link on there and when they click the link to get one of these three guides you’re going to get paid.

This is actually how I did this with alcohol anxiety video. I went to anxiety forums and I answered questions on anxiety and on the forum they allowed me to put a little link at the bottom of the post

So it says here’s… Hey do you like my tips? Get my free anxiety guide here.

So every time I’m answering a question, helping people out, they’re going back to my page. To get the bait, to fill out the form, to go on my list to see those three things, that’s going to make me money.

You could do this right now because on forums people are searching, waiting for your information, waiting for your help. You can get in front of them. Another thing you can do, Is you could check out Facebook groups, you can be helpful in Facebook groups, whether they’re talking about marketing, talking about anxiety, relationships and dating. The sky is the limit.

There are Forums and Facebook groups on these you can get involved in instagram,

Create helpful content. The cool thing is once you have your guide written or your helpful lead magnet bait written, you can actually use this anywhere.

Because people are going to like what you have to say and they’re going to come back to you for more info and all you got to do is post little answers and questions and make money.

You’re going to do this and it’s going to work like a charm. Just like it did for a student of mine he’s been watching my videos he loved my stuff he wanted a way to make money fast. He already ordered my stuff and he’s like,

If you don’t try, you’re not going to get any results.

So you might as well follow what’s been working for me for the last 19 years.

I know what works from the very first day and this is something that can happen quickly. If you want a bonus tip you can also send pay-per-click traffic to your lead magnet bait page and get people that way.

You want to make money fast then follow this guide subscribe at  MARCUSMENTOR.ME, Where I have all the tools for you, Including the plugins that make this work. Tools on how to get started, Tips on how to set up your page. Everything you need to get started.

It’s super cheap and we send you an affiliate dude t-shirt and a copy of my brand new book, Affiliate Marketing Is Not That Big A Deal I Sit At Home And Drive Ads To Little Sites That I Built.

check it out over at


Cyber Monday Affiliate Training & Cyber Monday Sale

So today we’re going to be hanging out and any questions you have about affiliate marketing so that you guys get an overview of how all this stuff works


So today I am going to show you how this stuff works we’re going to take some questions and some answers and give you some answers, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you How To Get Involved In Our Cyber Monday Sale!


You could go over to PCMONEYMAKING.COM. At PCMONEYMAKING.COM you could go there and you could submit an offer on one of our products for Black Friday


Let’s say you want a High-Ticket Niche (HTN) from Marcus. You just go to PCMONEYMAKING.COM

then click submit a ticket then go through and click on the

Black Friday Sale 

choose the product

you want and then you could put an offer.



So, if you’re like,

Marcus! I want to save a bunch of money!

I will offer you 996! put Something in there that you think is fair and good and if it’s a good offer if it’s fair I’ll take it on the spot. 


I’ll be like here’s a link go and sign up. If it’s too low, I’ll be like,

Hey. you know what? How about this?

…And we’ll send you a link as well. So, it’s a Great Way to Save lots of money on the products that you want and good stuff like that.

So, if you want to do that, what I ask that you do is you get your Black Friday offers in while we are on.

Again, the way to do it is to visit PCMONEYMAKING.COM


Click on submit a ticket all right so,

First submit ticket,

then it’s going to ask you for your name and email. After you submit a ticket you go in and say “I want the Black Friday Cyber Monday offer” Then it’s going to prompt you for the product you want and then you put your offer in and we’ll get that going on.


So, we’re going to go to the Q&A, in just a little bit. I want to make sure that you guys are able to submit your Black Friday offers as well because we got LOTS AND LOTS of GOOD STUFF for you that I don’t want you to miss out on and you can take advantage of some killer prices some people are saving THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on stuff.



Wix Website Hosting And Affiliate Marketing? Make Money With A Wixsite???

“Hey Marcus, I don’t want to pay for that Web Hosting. Can I just use a free service like Wix and make $100 a day with affiliate marketing?”

We’re gonna answer that question and we’re starting right now!

Now this is a big question I’ve been asked a lot recently about how to get started with web marketing on a budget.

If you’re new to my channel and you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing

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that way you get all the new videos every time I come out with them

Let’s talk about the differences about getting started with:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Free web platforms
  • WordPress

What’s the difference and everything like that?

WIXWeebly/Blogger/Wordpress.orgSelf-hosted Site

What’s the difference here?

The most important thing as an affiliate marketer is the ability to do what I want to do at the drop of a hat. When I get into affiliate marketing and I’m running thousands of visitors to my site every day or even hundreds of visitors to my site every day, I want to be able to change things so that I can make money. For example, back in the day when I had a site about gas prices. We had this site about gas and on that site I had a little affiliate link. We got several thousand people a day to that site and I noticed I was making some money. Then I went through and I said…

It makes sense in that example because of the fact that I put this zip code box on my site,

At the drop of a hat, I went from making $50 a day up to making about $700 a day overnight!

Same traffic and everything!

The only thing that changed was a little zip code box!

What does this have to do with all these free platforms and everything?

With the Wix platform, it might be free but it’s also extremely limited!

They limit you to what you can do and if you get a template, you’re stuck to that template. You’re limited to the coding they have. You’re limited to the way that they have everything set up. You don’t have the tracking. You don’t have anything! 

Who is Wix good for?

It’s good for the guy who owns a pizza restaurant and doesn’t want to go through setting up a website but he knows he has to have a website.

It’s good for the guy who just wants something quick!

This is like 1999 websites where it was nothing more than a digital business card!

As an affiliate marketer, we got to have a lot more than a digital business card and the good news is that you don’t have to do coding or anything like that!

Platforms like Weebly and Wix, i think it’s free to start. When you start it has that banner on the bottom that says this guy got a free website because he’s a cheapskate!

It doesn’t really say that I’m just paraphrasing

It says: This Guy Made This Free Website With Wix. That’s on the bottom. It looks terrible and It Kills Conversion.


Their other plans are like $8.99 a month up to $25 a month…

They’re very select about what you can do with each belt, with each whistle

We got Weebly; we got Blogger; we got WordPress.Org…

All of these allow you the ability to Have Your Own Domain

We can point our own domain but for search engine preferences, you’re definitely going to want to have your own domain that’s not using a subdomain.

Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Wix…

With all of these types of setups you are at the mercy of the company

If Wix comes out and they’re like..

“Look dude, l know you’re making a bunch of money but we don’t like what you’re doing. You’re sending too many emails. We don’t like this thing on your site.”


And because you are on Wix, you’re hosed!  Your entire business is shut down overnight!  Believe me! I’ve seen this happen! Same thing with Weebly! Same thing with Blogger!


If you’re gonna go free drilling…

USE WORDPRESS.ORG! Use that if you have to do free!

However, let’s talk about the cost of free because Free Has A Big Cost!

Instead of going to the Mcdonald’s and spending your $6 tomorrow,

why don’t you keep your health?


Don’t go to the Mcdonald’s and Get $6 A Month In Web Hosting!  Why?  Because what we want to do is…

We Want To Get Self-Hosted Websites!

With Wix, it’s like $25 a month, I don’t even know how many sites you get. They got upgraded plans. Again, you’re totally dead in the water. You’re stuck to their software.

It’s terrible! If I want to put a zip code page, I can’t do it. Boom! Goodbye $650! Goodbye $1600 that I was getting with my lottery site! Goodbye thousands of dollars every single day! that I get by Having The Flexibility to Do What I Want!

Let’s talk about this…

What does it cost? What’s the alternative?

because everyone’s hyped up about Wix…


We’re talking about $6 a month! Do the math! It’s like 20 cents a day!

For less than a quarter a day you can have a SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS!

The stuff that we teach you to do, they actually give you a free domain!

So you get free domain name, where you’re gonna be paying $15 for your domain. You get it for free. Here’s the other catch, you can have as many sites or blogs as you want on a shared hosting plan! You can have as many sites as you want and they can all be your domain!


Because right now, if I wanted to come out with a product right here… If I was like…

“Hey! We’re gonna teach you about this product!

Why don’t you go to gohubsite.com and get hosting right now!”


I could send you the GOHUBSITE.COM… I could buy that domain name!

I could take that and instantly… the second I buy the domain name, I could put it on one of the sites that I’m allowed and BOOM! It’s like a folder, I put it up – DONE DEAL!

Here’s where it gets even better:

When you have your own web hosting; Go To GOHUBSITE.COM We’ve got some instructions on how to set this up for $6 a month. Not only do you get these, but you get free one-click install!

Why is this important?

This is important because if I got GOHUBSITE and I want to put a WordPress Blog on, I literally click 3 buttons and BOOM! I GOT WORDPRESS!


Why is this important and how is it different from this wordpress market? 

You’re getting your own domain! You’re also hosting your own files you also have the ability to add whatever plugins you want because you can upload them regularly!


Why is that important?

That’s important because when you’re following my products, if you’re a member of simple sites big profits, we give you plugins that are custom to what I have done to make millions of dollars in marketing! Wix doesn’t allow this!


We have custom programmed one click!  So You Put It On There, One Click!

Then you say “Marcus, I want the drop-down box.” Boom! Done Deal! It tracks! It does everything!


You just enter in your little affiliate code off to the races.  Later down the road, if the drop box isn’t working, try the zip code!  Boom! You click a button… Done Deal!  We also have things that turn it into a squeeze page!



The Name Of The Game Is Being Able To Convert Your Visitors Conversion! Conversion!

If you get down the line here and you start getting traffic and you say… “Well, I just want to get started a little bit. I don’t want to go all out and spend all that $6 a month.”


You’re being stupid! You are being absolutely obtuse!

You’re letting $6 per month stand in the way $650 profit!

What’s this $1600 a day profit?!


Are you gonna make these monies?! I don’t know! I don’t know what you’re gonna do! But you could lose them by not setting it up on the right platform!

Believe me. I remember years ago, I tried to cut corners on one of my sites that was getting 20,000 visitors a day. Putting $5,000 a day in my pocket, I cut the corners and it just started shutting off! I’m paying $1,500 a day for traffic and if my site is down 12 hours out of the day…

Then what happens if it’s down?! I just wasted $750 sending people to nothing!

You want to do this stuff very objectively. If you’re gonna cut corners, cut corners elsewhere. Don’t cut corners on what runs the business!

For me, specifically, I have lots of solid hosts that I use all the time. You got to diversify this. You’ve got to Treat It Like A Business. I don’t care if you’re just getting started out and you don’t want to spend the money. You’re going to anyway! It’s $895 for their little plan!

You’re going to anyway because you’re gonna buy the domain. You might as well do it the right way and set it up now.

By self hosting, I mean going to a hosting company. I’m talking about putting it on a host site, like one of the big hosting outfits. What we’re talking about is doing it really easy! It’s not 1999 anymore!  You don’t have to hand program anything! Just like Wix is easy to use, This Is Totally Easy!

It’s Plug and Play! Done deal! You just got to get in and do it!

I hope this helped you understand the risks and rewards of each platform

  • Wix is good but it’s good for what it’s good for

which is like a digital business card, maybe selling one product or a t-shirt. Not that great for what we’re looking to do as affiliate marketers

  • Weebly – you’re limited. You’re limited by what you can do. In affiliate marketing, it’s hard enough to get in there and make it work. It’s even harder if you put a wrench in the transmission by saying “I can’t do this or I can’t do that. This won’t load or that won’t do this.” I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making these plugins for you.
    • I had my programmer make them for me because when I wanted to do this stuff with WordPress.  I Wanted to Click A Button, Make It Easy! I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these! what we’re doing in the simple sites courses, We Give Them To You For Free!

All of them work to my specifications in a really, really EASY CUSTOM WAY!

In addition to that, We Give You Themes And Templates so that you can use themes and templates not to look pretty. Wix’s templates are a lot prettier than mine but They Don’t Make Money!

  • It’s not about being pretty! It’s not about looking nice!
  • It’s not about a fun background or scrolling whatever…

If you get hung up on that stuff you’re not going to make money You need to get hung up on this stuff that works! The Stuff That Converts!

  • The stuff that gets people on your mailing lists!
  • The stuff that gets people to fill out the gas card form!
  • The stuff that gets people to download the lottery tool bar!

THE STUFF THAT MAKES THIS STUFF WORK And if you put a wrench in the transmission by trying to cut a corner and save a happy meal, then I can’t help you make money online! Go find some other channel that’s going to entertain you more than I entertain Because It’s Not Going To Work. MAN UP! Spend the money! Get it done!

If you’ve got the extra money and you say “Marcus, I want to join your course and get all these plugins” GO DO IT!

You can do that at SimpleSitesBonus.com


We’re giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars that I’ve spent on programming that you can use right now on your blogs! We’re going to give you Tutorials! We’re going to help you make it work! Do it the right way! Make it work! Have the flexibility to set something right now!  

Don’t delay! Don’t mess it up! Do it the right way! the links I mentioned is on GETGOHUBSITE.COM to set up your hub site. Once you get that thing going, you’re off to the races! You could put more sites on your account and everything like that.

Then go over to…


Get signed up!

Moral of the story:

Don’t cut corners!


Whether you get it at gohubsite.com

Or somewhere else… doesn’t really matter!

Do it the right way!

so you can make money now!


Another added bonus of going through the stuff that I teach is all the tutorials are in line with what you are going to use. If you use the hosts that I use, when I say click the green button you’re gonna go see the green button and you’re gonna click it. If you use this other stuff, you’ll go…

“Well, I’m supposed to click something but it doesn’t look like it does on Marcus’s screen and I really love making things hard on myself.”

Don’t make it over complicated!

That’s the #1 thing that’s gonna kill you in this business.

Don’t over complicate it over a few bucks.

Do what you got to do!

Make it work!


I hope this answered your question about how to make $100 a day on Wix.

The answer is…

YES! You Can Make $100 A Day On Wix

but why would you want to? if you can make A THOUSAND DOLLARS a day over here!

Again the Results Are Not Typical, I’m using hypothetical examples. The stuff that I’ve done to make money is not the stuff that you’re gonna do to make money. I don’t know what your results are gonna be. You could make nothing, You could make more than me! Some of my students actually have!


If you’re into this stuff, subscribe!



and pick up my course right now!


And then go over to GOHUBSITE.COM

Get some hosting and start your business the right way!


Go over there!

Check out my free tool bar!

Let’s make some money!

Let’s stop messing around with all this stuff!

Let’s get to what really works!



I went and devoured all the information that I could find. I started with books, ebooks and courses that show me how to rank on the search engines called Nothing but Net by Michael Campbell.  I went on and I found that there were certain ways that you could make money online fast.

What I learned is that I had a skill that other people wanted. I had something that people desired

What I did is I went out there and I broke my business into different categories.


I broke it up into various little pieces. This is the key of figuring out who else wants what you have to offer. You can do this with affiliate marketing, dropshipping, shopify literally anything by dividing it into who your target market is. Then dividing that even more based on what their wants, needs, desires and what they’re looking for.

Let me give you an example of how this works.

When I started doing my search engine ranking business I was not the greatest search engine ranker but I was able to get people results and so I went out there. Instead of marketing myself as the SEO guy.

 I went for Herbalife people and printed up this flyer and I sent it out to them and said you want some search engine rankings to come on over to me.

I went over to various other people that were in prepaid legal or other network marketing companies. I went and said “Hey, this is what we’re going to do for you.” What we had back then was this little table, we go to the table and we charge people money. When an order would come, we would go through it, ring it up, staple it and it would make this loud noise and I’d get all excited because that noise meant money was going into my bank account tomorrow morning.

This one here for 500 bucks, this guy went on to be one of the biggest cellphone dealers on the internet at that time. He did it all with affiliate marketing.

A guy from cool tech went and he was going for the si silver type words which were a network marketing vitamin company.

A friend of mine he was a dropshipper of tonneau covers which were like covers for your truck bed we helped him out. Got him some search engine rankings and he sold a lot of those from the website that was very simple.

John he was a big-time network marketer you can see his videos on YouTube

So you can see that the name of the game here was to ring people up for stuff.

So what I did is I found this way of marketing called PROACTIVE MARKETING.

We’re going to talk about the difference between PRO ACTIVE MARKETING and HALF-COCKED MARKETING. In the beginning what happened was I had something that..

  • I wanted to sell
  • Something of value
  • Was in a competitive field


  • The SEO market was huge
  • Lots of people that was better than me
  • Lots of people who had more marketing      budgets
  • There were huge companies
  • There was software 

What I did is I found a little edge on what I could do. I paired my keyword selecting methods with the SEO and was able to offer a lower price service for people that were kind of run-of-the-mill not like a huge company.

This is the deal! You got to look at this and say this is where we get money.


The half-cocked marketers..

They write articles and hope that it ranks in Google. They put a banner ad up maybe do something and hope that it works right. Put up a video and hope it works. What  they’re doing is a half-cocked marketing plan

Proactive marketing.

Is like what I did back in 2002 and what I do today. We go and look for the customer who wants what we have.

Go out there and put yourself in front of them.

“When I had my search engine ranking business, I would say, I think this will work for local limousine companies. What I did is I went through the phonebook and started mailing letters to each and every person who had a limousine company ,Aardvark limo, A1 limo, Bob limo.  I’d write them. This is proactive. I go out there to get the customer.”

Now in 2019, as an affiliate marketer if you are proactive and you do it right you will make money.

If you’re out there getting the stuff, if you’re out there saying the right message to the right people, you’re going to get some kind of result.

First of all. Where are they? Where are they online?

That’s a way of proactively going out.

 And it worked like a charm.

So, look where they are hanging out right now. Because if you have a product,  there are people that are willing to buy it right now.

Not wait for your half-cock plan to work, not wait for the search engine gods to rain upon you and hopefully you get a ranking.

I guarantee there are rankings, there are people out there with traffic that you want and they’re getting it right now and they don’t even know how to monetize.

How can you be proactive?

First of all where are they? Where are they at?

Second how can you get in front of them?

These are the questions you have. If you ask these questions these are going to be the key to making this stuff work.

I get paid as an affiliate for it.

Where are they at?

Where are people hanging out? Maybe they’re over on WordPress  forums , or in forums about how to build landing pages or maybe in a weber auto responder forums or maybe they’re watching videos on YouTube. Where are they? Get where they’re at and you’ll get traffic. If you do it right.

How can I get in front of them?

How can I get out there? I’m  not going to be able to go on some kind of trademarked forum, probably not going to work because they don’t want me to advertise on it. But I can go to second-tier ones, where people have the same problem but don’t know what they’re looking for.

Whatever it is you’re doing..

  • You got to close the deal.
  • You got to make it happen.
  • You can’t just rely on content.

Here I am kind of not with that much traffic making good money.  If you do it right, this is what’s going to happen, because you have to ask and answer these questions. Where are they? How do I reach them? What do they want?

  • You’re an affiliate marketer,
  • You’re a dropshipper.

Whatever you’re doing no one handcuffed you and said you must sell this product. No one did.

“I could go out there. I could be in the market of people who want website builders. I want people who want website builders. They say I’m going to promote this one thing.”

As an affiliate marketer you want to say what you want doesn’t matter to me what you want what matters to me is that you go through my link so I get paid.

You sa , you know what?! I’m going to go out there. I’m going to be a proactive marketer. I’m going to reach the people that I want because I know a lot of people out there, are getting the traffic. Making pennies on the dollar and they’ll sell it to me dirt cheap.

You go out there and be direct.  You got to be deliberate. You got to say how do I get in front of my audience right now. Not in ten years, not in five years, not in a month.  NOW..

 I want to get right now in front of them because if you can get in front of them right now you could make money.

I was proactive. I went out there and I found people I know I can help.

  • Who can you help?
  • Who are you holding your knowledge from?  
  • Who are you not finding knowledge for?

You might be sitting there. You might have a great way to save money on credit-card bills or buy a house. If you have no money or a way to change your finances for student loans or

Maybe you have some knowledge in your brain. You don’t know what to do with it. You just got to position it correctly, you got to get it in front of people who you can help. If you’re not doing that.. you’re doing a disservice to the community because your knowledge can be helpful now.

Then what you want to do is you want to become a good researcher, figure out how to learn and compile information. In a way people will read and buy the things that you have to offer. Think about this people have made millions of dollars who wrote a report on something that leads to something else.

Here’s a way to get out of debt.  You write that report and on the bottom, it says hey ..

  • Click here for a mortgage affiliate.
  • Click here for this affiliate link.

half-cock marketers gonna be like…

Go out there!!

Proactively go for the people who want what you have to offer. So that, You can go to the money table and make some money.  I want you look at this. I’m going to make a list over my website at affiliatedude.com/PRO. I’m going make a list of all the proactive things that I do in my business and give them to you. Just put your name and email, so that I can give you other cool stuff and you know maybe you could buy some stuff if you like


We’re going to give you the list and help you out.

Show you exactly how this works because I know..

if you can be proactive then you can make money.

Adsense Profit Secrets – How To Make Money With Adsense 2019


What if you could get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on your website?

What if you could get like 10 cents, 30 cents, $1, $3, or even more?

Hi I’m Marcus and today we’re going to be talking about:

How to make lots of money with the Google Adsense Program

I decided to put out a new updated video about the Google Adsense ProgramHow it works and how you can start making money really fast with that program

How Adsense Works

Adsense works by taking all the ads that are on Google and funneling them into a system. When you’re an advertiser on Google, you show up on the Google Search as Ads By Google. You have an option to choose a little checkbox. If you check that box it means that you are going to be on the content network.

The content network is a network of a bunch of sites who are using the Google Adsense Program. It shows these ads on those site. You get a little code. You put it on your site. Google runs ads from their database of content network advertisers and put them on your site. You get paid when people click!

Who would like to get paid just when people click on ads? WE ALL WOULD. This is a program that I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars with! It is by no means my top income source or even my top 5 income source or even a top 10 income source! But it is a very good supplement to my income!

First off, what we want to do is understand the way it works:

By putting a code on your site – RUNNING ADS; And when people click the ad, you get a check in the mail! or you get an amount. The amount is based on the search term

Now you’ll notice that there are some search terms like…

  • “funny cat” Funny cats has very little advertisers which means the amount you’re going to get per click on the word “funny cat” is very little. 
  • words like “mortgage refinance” are very expensive. If you get traffic for “mortgage refinance” you could get as much as $10 a click or more.

It’s very important to look at this because Google bases the amount you get on the content on your site and pulls it against the advertisers and what they’re willing to pay. This is all done automatically through a code.

We want to take a look at 3 things that are going to Increase The Amount Of Revenue you make on Google Adsense:

  1. You Have To Get The People To Click The Ad

It is against the Google Adsense Rules to say “Hey Click These Ads!” We don’t want to do that. We want the people to naturally click the edge. What we want to do is just PUT IT IN OUR CONTENT and MAKE IT LOOK LIKE CONTENT!

Tip: Make The Title Blue! Make the link blue, that way people will click on them

You always want to Use Text Ads! Because text ads 9/10 are going to out pull image ads! Text ads are big so we’re going to put a text ad!

  1. Multiplying Traffic

You see those sites out there like

  • Funny cats
  • I have a cheeseburger
  • Cat has a cheeseburger

These sites make a lot of money but they also get a lot of traffic. If you don’t have a lot of traffic, you’re not going to make a lot of money! The key is making as much as you can off of each individual visitor!

One of the ways to do that is to multiply your traffic! You want to take someone and you want to get them to click multiple pages on your site. The more pages they view, the more pages they visit, the more time they cvs, the more times they see the edge, the More Chances You Have To Make Money

There’s also very important factor. You’ll notice that if you go to the MSN homepage. They have lots of different little boxes of content like teasers. What they’re doing is: They’re Getting You To Click. They’re getting you to click on the content! That’s the same thing you want to do. You want to get them to click on the content! Here’s the caveat; the capture; THE THING THAT’S GOING TO MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

On MSN, people go to the MSN homepage to see and search for things. They want to search for things. Maybe, they want to look at news or maybe it’s just their default search engine. When they go to MSN homepage, they’re not that valuable. They’re not that valuable because we haven’t gotten them to be interested in something yet. Now, when they go and they click on like the “Donald Trump Mortgage” thing. They have expressed interest!

Once they express interest, the value of the click goes through the roof! All you have to do is get people to express interest in other things that are worth more money!

If they click on the mortgage thing, they’re going to go to your mortgage site, read some mortgage content and hopefully click on the ads about mortgages! They’re going to go to the car insurance site and click on ads about car insurance!

You can do this internally by leading them through your different pages. Lead them through the pages – they’re going to see more ads! They’re going to look at a lot of things!

This is exactly what I did in the mortgage market where I went to a programmer. I bought $150 worth of mortgage calculators. I put them on my site. They came to the home page for the word mortgage calculator, that cost me 30 cents per click or less. Once they were on my site, I had a list of mortgage calculator, refinance calculator… “How Much Can You Afford?”  “Loan To Value”

All these different calculators the people wanted to learn because they were looking for mortgage calculators!

The average person visited 8 PAGES ON MY SITE! If i paid for 100 people to visit my site, that would have been $30! I spend $30 getting in my site! This works with free traffic if you’re getting free traffic as well.

100 people x 8 times = 800 page reviews!

Out of those 800 page views, we got 10%-20% or sometimes even 30% to Click On Google Ads!

Which meant I made a lot of money! Some days we were making as much as $1400 in profit!

Now this is the way it worked, We Gotta Make It Look Like Links! MAKE IT LOOK LIKE CONTENT!

The worst thing you could do is have a banner that looks like a banner because… No One Wants To Click A Banner! If it looks like content and it looks good and it’s a good ad! BOOM! They’re going to collect!

The key is: RELEVANT – It’s got to be relevant to multiply the traffic. Get those people to click more pagesGet them to engage in more things. The more time they spend on your site, the more money you’re going to make!

  1. Flip The Click

You got to take whatever traffic you have and you got to assume that these people are interested in lots of other things.

  • If they’re looking at cat stuff, maybe you could get them to a site about pet insurance!
  • If they’re looking at mortgage to refi, maybe you can get them to look at other different things about mortgages as well.





My other videos on this channel are going to teach you what I call the “Flip The Market Method”

It takes people from something that is very inexpensive, to something expensive!

You take someone from Form 1099 – for those American Citizens, it is a Tax form. They look for it to calculate their taxes. Now, that’s cheap! People looking up the form – 5 cents a click!

You put that on your site and you get 100 clicks!

You’re not going to make anything…

But if I take people from Form 1099 and then put them through Tax Preparers in their area…  now, I have a lot more expensive click!

Same kind of thing if we have a hardship letter…

People are looking for sample hardship letters,

We Could Lead Them To Financial Advisors That Are Going To Help Them!

Same thing with people looking up a certain form about how to do an IRS payment plan. We can send them to tax lawyers; we can send them to tax advisors! Tax payment plan!

ALL KINDS OF STUFF BASED ON WHAT THEY’RE SEARCHING FOR. The key is to realize that these people are going to eventually want something else based on the intent of the keyword.

The Intent Of The Keyword Is Everything!!

If they’re looking to “remove exe”

The only reason someone would want to remove an exe is because they think they have a bad file or a virus. You can send them to virus stuff!! People looking for how to start a blog. They’re interested in hosting! Hosting is a $10 click!

People looking for all kinds of stuff!

There is literally everything!



I hope you enjoyed this!

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To join that, go ahead and subscribe to my Youtube Channel

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So that you can join in!

What we’re going to do is…

We’re going to talk about how to make all this work and we’re going to go into some Stealth Tactics!

Remember at the beginning of this? I said that Adsense is only like 5% of my income. We’re not only going to teach you how to do adsense – the ethical and right way that makes money! We’re also going to teach you how to make a lot of money with affiliate offers!


I hope you enjoyed this!

A lot of good takeaways

  • #1 Make It Look Like A Link
  • #2 Multiply Your Traffic
  • #3 Flip A Click

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12 Easy, Low Cost, Internet Business Models To Start In 2019 Make Money Online

We’re gonna talk about 12 Online Profitable Business Models

We got to figure out… How do you want to make money online?

I know there’s a lot of different ways that people can make money online.


We want to talk to you about the main ones that are happening online

What do you want to get into?


You might be wondering… “Which direction do I want to take…” How many know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can make money online but you don’t really know how to do it?

“Okay, well I got the idea. I got the gist of it. But I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know where to go. I don’t know what I should do!”

Should I do…

  • drop shipping?
  • e-commerce?
  • software business?
  • affiliate marketing?

Should I be an influencer?

Should I go to social media?

Should I do paid search or free search?

What do we want to do?


We’re gonna break down all of that and show you exactly what you need to do to make this business work for you. Which ever method you take!


We’re gonna talk about 12 different business models

  • What I think is the best one
  • What are the pitfalls?
  • What are the struggles?
  • What are the things that we want to look at?


We really want to focus in because you might choose one of these.

If you decide to choose influencer or affiliate marketing or something that I can help you quite a bit. Ecommerce? I can help you with that as well!

We have 1-2 spots left in the simple sites boot camp!!

If you want to join me for 16 weeks and have me teach you everything, where you’re looking over my shoulder – you come here live for a meeting. If you want to come here to Florida live, we have a meeting planned in April which you get a free ticket to as part of Simple Sites Bootcamp! In addition, we give you a site! We give you 16 weeks of hands-on training and at the end of 16 weeks, you’re gonna know what you need to know to be able to make money online.


That’s a guarantee! We’re gonna show you exactly how to do it!

If you’re interested in working with me side-by-side,

Go sign up at SimpleSitesBootCamp.com as soon as you can

The 12 online profitable business models that you can start now!


Freelancing is a great way to start a business. This is how I started my business when I had a little SEO business. What I would do is – I would trade my time for money. The benefits of freelance is that it’s extremely easy to start. All you have to do is learn or know a skill and you can go to Fiverr.

For example, there are a lot of different types of freelancers:

  • Freelance writers – where people write articles and search engines stuff or maybe they write pdfs
  • Freelancers that do seo work
  • Freelancers that do software coding
  • Freelancers that do   consulting

Now, you’re gonna see freelance is a major player!

You can go to Fiverr and you can see all kinds of different things that people are doing. You just pick what you want! And you can find various different people here that are doing their services. Freelancing is a very good way to go. It’s easy to start okay that’s the PRO.

The downside is that you have to trade time for money. It’s not scalable.

But it is a business model. It’s something you guys can do if you want to make money online, you can learn freelancing. You’re gonna notice that on Fiverr and stuff, there’s lots of different things that you can look at where people are just doing a simple service.

Back in 2001 to 2004, I found a little software that created pages for search engines and I would freelance that. I’d go to different companies and say “Hey, you want some doorway pages made for your search engine?” I have a little software that I input some stuff, it took me 5 minutes and I was able to charge $150-$500 or more for the creation of these pages based on keywords.

It’s a great way to get started!

I was able to start and sometimes I do $7000  in a month on this one little thing.

Now again, is it scalable? Well, it can be!

If I’m able to teach outsourcers how to do it, I can be the broker…


The second biggest business model is setting up a membership site. A membership site is great. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year off of membership sites!

What is a membership site?

It is something where you have content, you can go and you can broker content. You can get content from other people or you can create your own content. This is a business that’s growing extremely fast!

They’re predicting it’s gonna be hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars a year, if not more in the next few years because of the fact that there’s a lot of training going on.

You might have seen sites where everyone’s getting into coaching! I have found one the other day where you could get videos from Chef Ramsay on how to cook. You can get videos from famous directors on how to direct movies and various things. A membership site sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

You could set up the shell of a membership site in probably 4 hours or you could pay someone to do it for a couple hundred dollars. And you could be in business!

A lot of people do this with paypal! They do it with stripe! They do it with various other merchant accounts, clickbank!

They have a members area content and you might think that you have to update it all the time but you really don’t!

I had a buddy years ago who was making $50,000 – $70,000 a month on a resell rights membership site. All he did was go purchase the rights to products, which is pretty cheap. He purchased thousands of rights to thousands of products. It probably cost him a couple thousand bucks and he put all those in a membership site, where they could go and they could download all the resell rights that they want. Then, they could sell the stuff themselves! He had a software that did it. He bought the courses and it put him in there and he was making $70,000 a month off of it

If you think about it… If it cost me $20,000 to get everything set up… and I’m making $70,000 a month, That’s a pretty good Return On Investment! You have to go out and advertise it! You would have to get more creative with it. If it’s a weight loss membership site, you could go to Google and you can buy some ads! You can make Youtube videos! You could drive them all to your membership site!

The biggest pro is that it is extremely scalable!

Like today, it was a busy day yesterday and I’d gotten to bed late, I woke up around 8:00am and I’d already made 2,000 bucks in recurring revenue from my membership site! If I was to look at what I spent to build the membership site versus what I make? VERY VERY GOOD ROI!

It’s very scalable and you can make money when you’re not working!

One of the things that’s really good about membership sites is the fact that it builds. If I make 10 sales this month, I’m gonna automatically make 10 sales next month but if I make an additional 10 in the next month and the next month and the next month. If I do that every month, at the end of the year, I’m gonna have 120 people.

If I got 120 people paying me… 120 people x $97 a month = $12,000 a month! Just by focusing on getting 10 customers and 10 new people a month!

It’s not that hard to do, right? That’s a really good way!


The cons of a membership site is that sometimes they’re tedious to set up. But get out there and bust your butt if you want to make the money, How many of you guys have ever made $12,000 a month at your job?!

It’s gonna take some work in the beginning – got to set it up, you got to get it rolling! But once you have it rolling, these are the kind of things that can go from $10,000 a month to a million dollars a year or more! Lots of people making lots of money with it and the model works!

I guarantee that if I was to work a regular job and go to work and get paid $12,000 a month, it’d be a lot harder.

Luckily, my membership site makes a hell of a lot more than that and I work a lot less now that I have it set up. Once you have these set up, it’s ready to go!

Like a gym, right? You build a gym, people come in and they pay their monthly fee. It’s very low maintenance because most people don’t come.

You got to look at that! You got to focus!

Ask yourself…

  • “What am I willing to do to get where I want to go?”
  • “Am I willing to really make this work?”

If you want to start a membership site, Contact us over at PCMONEYMAKING.COM

Say “Marcus, I want to start a membership site”

You can do that! Really easy! We have services where we could set it up for you and you’ll be ready! You’ll be in business! You’ll be ready to take orders in very fast! And then you just populate it with content and stuff

And You’re Ready To Go!


You hear about drop shipping and Shopify and all these things. Everyone flips out about drop shipping because Shopify is around and the only benefit to Shopify is it makes it a little bit easier to do the drop shipping. But you still got to get your traffic! You still got to do all kinds of stuff!

Drop shipping is where you have a product…

For example, I would have a product – I manufacture pipe cleaners. You want to sell these pipe cleaners but you don’t want to make them so you come to me and you tell me that you want to sell these pipe cleaners and I would say okay. When you get a sale – you send me $5. You might sell up for $20 and you give me $5. I actually put this in a box and I ship it to the customer. You never touch it.

This is the business model that I used. I had a website about gas powered scooters and electric scooters. I never had these things. I’ve never ridden one and I found this guy who would dropship them and I would pay him $200 when I got a sale. I’d get a sale and I get $370 – I’d Paypal him $200 and he would ship the scooter to the customer and I pocket the rest!

The pro is  you can make a lot of money! There’s a lot of money in drop shipping. That is a definite.

You could sell pretty much whatever you want. You could put it on a Shopify store or you could put it on your own store. For me, I used a basic HTML website that took me an hour to build. I put little buttons on there for paypal and I sold the scooters.

The con is that you are in charge of customer service. When I was doing the gas-powered scooter sites, we literally got calls on Christmas eve, Christmas day, and the day after! people who are complaining. It was kind of a pain in the ass but I was making $16,000! I didn’t mind taking a few calls because that’s good money!

You also have to deal with refunds and you’re on the hook because you took the most money from the customer.

The investment for dropshipping is going to be the set up of your site and your traffic. Gotta get ready for orders! You could do this with blogs!

We teach you how to do it with simple sites big profits at


You’ll learn how to set up all that. Learn how to get your order buttons and everything. And then you have to invest in traffic to get people to buy. There’s a little bit of an investment – maybe a thousand dollars to start.

I think that the pros outweigh the downsides.

Now, you got to find a good niche. You got to get good traffic and it’s got to make sense.


Ecommerce is pretty much the same as drop shipping, only you’re housing all the stuff.

For example:

  • You’d come to me and you’d want to sell these pipe cleaners.
  • You can order a 1,000 of these for $2,000 – $3,000

On e-commerce, your profit margins are gonna be a lot higher but the amount you make or the amount you have to come out with upfront – your investment is gonna be a lot higher. You’ll make more but the investment and the risk is a lot higher because you got to buy these things in bulk.

Pro: Amount you make is really high. High earnings. In most cases, you could blow the competitors that are doing dropshipping out of the water

Cons: You are everything. You have to control this. You got to do inventory. You got to do shipping, inventory, and lots of stuff. You are in charge of the entire business. It might outweigh the pros.

But, hey, if I could make $500,000 a month with e-commerce then hey it might be worth doing all that stuff! You have to make sure your numbers work. In  everything you do, you got to make sure the numbers work because if the numbers don’t work then you’re not gonna be profitable.

Make sure you go to


Sign up!!


Get a high-ticket niche at



or join our bootcamp!

We have one seat left at


We’re gonna teach all this stuff!!

If we do gas powered scooters… I am going to get my gas-powered scooter for $270 and it’s gonna cost the customer $390 that means I have a profit margin of $120 – usually it’ll be less. Could this work?  If I’m getting traffic for 85 cents a click – $160/85cents = 188 clicks

That means I can afford to get a 188 clicks  and get one sale to break even.

I think this would work.

I think gas powered scooters is still a business model that would definitely work if I could get traffic at that price.

If we got a sale, let’s say we got a sale every 50 clicks. If we did a good job and we got a sale every 50 clicks… 50 clicks x 85cents = $42. That would be a cost of $42. If we’re making $160 each – That would be $320 – $42 – $78 (adspend profit)

If I could do that every day, that’s $278 profit every day: $278 x 365 = boom!! That’s $101,000 a year!! $9,000 a month 

That’s how you got a look at the numbers. Would that work?

These are hypothetical; you might do better, you might do worse. We don’t know.

You gotta sell really good. You got to have a good product. Everything!

Ecommerce would be the other side of drop shipping. Where, I was getting this from the drop shipper and I was paying; Ecommerce would be…

“Okay, I get these from china and I buy them in bulk, maybe $20,000 a container or something and I would sell them for a lot more.”

If I buy them for a $80 – $100 and I sell them for $370, I’m making a lot more money! That’s $500 – $600 a day versus the amount I would make drop shipping. But again, there’s a bigger risk…


What I would do, if I were you is…

  • I would start with drop shipping, see how it sells and then go get it yourself.

I would always, always start with drop shipping and then see if I can graduate into buying them myself. Use the money you make from drop shipping to buy them yourself.

This works for anything.   

You just want to look at your margin and see what you can do.   

You could sell the stuff on amazon and you could sell them all the time!

You could do whatever you wanted!!

All of these things, with the exception of freelance and drop shipping, you do want your own website. Even if you’re dropshipping, I would have my own website because you got to do it really good! And it’s got to be fast!

The guy that I went through, he shipped them same-day which is great and he actually sent us the tracking code within minutes of buying it.


This is where you learn a skill.

If you’re good at…

  • Getting instagram followers
  • Knowing how business works
  • Setting up a website
  • Streamlining stuff on click funnels or wordpress

You can actually do that!

Coaching and consulting are very good because it’s high, high earnings! You can make a lot!

I could literally go charge $500 for consulting and I can coach people on stuff. There’s people who need coaching on everything. There’s actually people who pay people online to help their kids with homework. If you were an a student, that could work for you!

  • You can coach people on business stuff!
  • You can coach them on working out!

The pro is high earnings!

The con is you’ve got to do the work! 

You got to do the work. It’s fun to collect the money but you got to do the work! It’s a great margin and if you can figure out a good niche to go into where you’re coaching people on stuff you can do really well.


Let’s take a look at the adwords tool and see what kind of stuff people are looking up; they could be searching “consulting” or “learn”…

  • You could be a blog coach

There’s lots of blog coaches that are making between a hundred to three hundred thousand dollars a year just helping people learn to blog, which isn’t that difficult to do but again it’s a personal time kind of thing when you do coaching but it can work!

There’s some people making millions with consulting businesses!!


This is the passive stuff that takes very very little risk and it’s really really easy to set up. A content publisher is a guy who makes content. He goes out there and they focus on delivering good content to the marketplace

For example, you might go out there and you’re gonna go make a site about how to set up a blog

  1. Make a site – here’s “how to set up a blog”
  2. Here’s how to do with wordpress
  3. Here’s how to do this

And they make content Or maybe they make a content about something…

We can focus on that and make it work which is great!

The pro is low cost. You literally could be in business for a hundred bucks, maybe less! It’s easy to start!

The con is sometimes it’s difficult to get traffic – its gonna be your margin because most content publishers rely on stuff – adsense, content networks, banner ads. Things where they’re getting their money. A lot of times that is gonna be a very low amount. However if we’re to look at our adwords tool, since you’re an adsense publisher you’re gonna get a portion of what they make.


The key is not to focus your site on signs of divorce but to focus on something else. You would focus it on divorce attorney and you would want to trigger ads that are more expensive for divorce attorneys! Instead of getting a portion of 10 cents a click, now you’re gonna get a portion of 41 cents or $41 a click.


If you guys want notes from this.

Detailed about how all these works,

Check out DownloadMyNotes.com

If you’re new make sure that you subscribe to my channel


If you’re interested in simple sites boot camp

Where we’re gonna go through all this in detail

Go over to SimpleSitesBootCamp.com


This is where you create content. You can outsource the content and everything. I was thinking about the other day – a lot of people are saying…

“Hey if you have 200 articles on your site and you’d rip them over the six-month period…”

If I could get 200 articles and if I can get them written for $7 dollars each, that would be $1400 invested and now, I have 200 really good pages on my site. That’s not expensive. A lot of people spend $1,400 on training materials but they freak out when they actually have to spend on stuff that is gonna get them traffic! So easy to set up! Low cost! Traffic’s the hard part. You get paid by ads.

Content publisher is good.  You can make a content site and then you can do drop shipping or affiliate marketing

How long should the articles be?

Should be the 1,000-3,000 word mark and make sure they’re loaded on your keywords so I would go through and I would make content based on the keywords. You can get traffic really really quick  and then as a content publisher you’re creating the content. You put the ads on your site and you can also do affiliate ads.

  • You just gotta focus.
  • You got to get out there finding what makes money.

Very low-cost, really easy and simple business model.

Be a content publisher – Make good content – Put it out there – Put it in front of people – And then you take your content and you turn it into Youtube videos.


You’re gonna have a higher cost. You could get a software developed for $1,000 – $500. Making a good one might be $10,000. 

The con is higher cost. 

The pro is you own it.

Once you own a software – let’s say you make a software tool, a blog plug-in or maybe something that helps people. Software business is good – you own it. Higher cost to start but, that’s how old Bill Gates got rich! It works really well! It’s a great niche!  You go into it. You make it work!

Software business is good. I personally have a software business where I sell plugins and tools as part of our courses and it’s extremely profitable. One of the most profitable things I’ve ever done is owning a software business.

You see people here on youtube and they’re boasting about how much money they make; a lot of them do it with a software business!

  • Clickfunnels guys got rich with a software business!
  • Alex becker, he’s got a software business!

Lots of people making a lot of money because the margins are so great; once the stuff is done, you’re done!  

The people who made Quicken, I’d paid $99 for Quicken because I got to do some accounting and I pay $99 a year for it. He built it once and he gets paid over and over and over just by having that. You could literally do this with anything!

If you make an accounting software or a blog plug-in. You could look at how many people are looking up blog plugins! WordPress plug-in! You can make a phone app and it works really cool!

You can start a software business which is great and all of these. If you want to make money online, this is the ticket. You’re gonna do one of these and you might as well do it right!


The closer is the guy who they bring in to close the deal. He’s the best actor in the business area. He goes out there and he’s the close. They bring him in when they need to sell stuff.When they got a big deal on the line, they’ll send the closer. What does the closer do?  Closes the deal.

He comes up and shows up with his briefcase and he closes the deal. A closer is someone who goes out there and you find a product – you’d find an affiliate product.

I have a buddy who does this with click funnels. The dude made a million dollars in commissions and all! He is the closer. People come to him and they look for click funnels.

You can see how expensive this stuff is. It’s crazy!

  • But you can get it a lot cheaper through the ways I’m gonna show you…
  • They go out there and they rank for something, maybe through a video…
  • Maybe they pay for an ad…
  • They’re out there and they’re looking for the cost of click funnels.
  • They make these videos and they talk about pricing of click funnels and pricing of different products. All they’re doing is closing the deal!

The pro is it is freaking easy. You go out there and you make a site about a product and close the deal. “Here’s all the questions people ask about the product…” This is so easy to do, you can actually go to amazon and you can look at the questions.  You can make a site about a product. You can put the top questions you find from amazon and you can close the deal. You get paid for a sale!  This is the kind of stuff that works great.

Do this right. Do it good. You’re gonna actually do reviews the good way where you’re actually providing good information and you’re not doing junk.

One thing you want to be careful with is trademark stuff.

You might want to stick to free traffic like youtube stuff…

This guy at pillows.com, he’s got an affiliate thing and he pays for sales as well. You can also do drop shipping of the my pillow but if you do reviews and be the closer – a review site would be an example of the closer, very easy to do! You’re just literally putting content together.

Do you need to own the product to be a closer?

It’s a good idea. Buy the product. If i’m gonna review the pillow, i’m gonna get it and I’m gonna test it out. It’s gonna cost you $50 to actually review the product and take a picture with the product with you with it – it’s a great idea!

If you’re worried about having to buy a bunch of products – just go look around your house. I guarantee there’s stuff in there!  I could do reviews on anything! Review anything that you have in your house, If you’re buying you can review easy. You just go do it!

You can also borrow reviews from other people and look at what else is out there. I say borrow, I don’t say plagiarize.

One thing you can do is – if you have a site and you want to make money and you want to learn about your market, you commit live-chat on your site. You see that on our sites, we have live chat.


If you go to our support site PCMONEYMAKING.COM

And you look at the site…  Boom! We got live chat there!

We also have live chat on affiliate marketing dude.

We have live chat and people can talk to us and I can talk to them


People have questions! Do clickfunnels work with stripe?

Yeah it does! Click here to sign up for a free trial! Boom! You get $30 – $40 a month

It’s not that hard!  You just get in there and you close the deal!

That’s what they are. They’re like the affiliate closers.

The closer is a great one. Very very easy to do and you go do it


What is a broker? A broker is someone who brokers between two people.

For example, you go to offer vault and you search for an affiliate network. That’s a broker. I got friends who broker affiliate networks. One buddy of mine sold his for a lot of money – $80 million!!

All they did is broker. They went out and find companies that wanted to sell products, they found affiliates and boom! They matched them together. They were the broker.

You can broker ads!  There’s people who broker between affiliate marketing and between influencers!

The pro to being a broker is that you can make a lot of money! You can make a lot of money as a broker!

The cons are that it’s a lot of work!

Right now, there’s an opportunity. There’s a lot of people on instagram who have a lot of people on their instagram – they have a lot of followers and they don’t know how to make money. A lot of people on youtube and there’s a lot of people with blogs. It’s a lot of people who don’t know how to make money and you can broker it.

You could say

“Hey! You know what? We will set up your ads. We’ll run them and we’ll find the thing that makes the most money. All I ask is that we take 10%”


You could broker stuff in a really easy way. You can broker behind the scenes by running banner ads and you can sell the traffic you get.


Years ago, I had a pay-per-click search engine company where we had lots of traffic. The traffic came, I directed it to the pay-per-click search engine and I would charge people who wanted that traffic. If someone searched for mortgages or refinance, it would go directly to the guy and I would make the money. That was an example of being a broker. Very easy to do! You could be a joint venture broker.

I have people that I pay to go find other marketers that I could do webinars with and I pay them a commission and sometimes it’s a hundred thousand dollars on one webinar!

That’s a pretty good payday for the broker! And all they did was be the handshake guy! Being a broker can work really well!

The con is it’s a lot of work. You got to go out. You got find stuff. You got to deal with rejection. There is a lot of work involved


If you need to talk to me, go to


Put in a ticket

Alyssa will listen to your ticket!


A lot of people want to talk to me and they want to talk to me about…

“How do I set up my blog”

I made a hundred videos on how to set up a blog.

Go watch the video! Set up your blog!


If you get me on the line, ask good questions. Don’t ask “What is the affiliate marketing” Go watch my video!

But if you do have something, You need to talk to someone about submit a ticket here

This ticket will go straight to Alyssa. She is gonna look at the ticket and she would either tell you:

 “Go over here and watch this video”


“Yeah, I’ll forward this to Marcus”


If it’s important, she’ll forward it to me.

If you are a customer, she’ll answer you.

The best you can do, if you need help

she’ll direct you to get in contact with me as well.


What’s an influencer? An influencer is someone on Instagram or someone on Youtube and they have a following. Maybe it’s an influencer like that what’s up guys named Joel Osteen – he’s an influencer. He’s out there and he teaches bible stuff.

A lot of people follow him and when he comes out with a new book, it’s a best-seller because he influenced you to buy it. He influences you to give money and all kinds of stuff. He’s an example of an influencer.

My favorite politician Bernie Sanders has a following. He’s an influencer.

He’s influencing people’s decisions on different policies. That’s an example of an influencer. He’s out there and he’s teaching things. He gets a following and he gets people to do stuff whether it’s to donate to a campaign, or to vote for someone.

Look at how Trump got in office, he built an influencing media empire around himself. That’s how it worked. He built the buzz – things are happening online and influencers get a lot of attention!

There can be influencers from…

  • A lady talking about makeup
  • Someone talking about politics
  • Someone talking about products

You find a group of people and you make it work! You want to focus on it.

How do we go through that? How do we make it work?

The pro is that you make money on demand. Being an influencer, you can make money on demand. You literally set it up and you make money on demand and boom! It works!

  • I can make a postand I can get paid.
  • I can make a postand I can make a couple thousand bucks.
  • I can make a post on facebookand I can make some money.
  • I can make a new youtube videoand I can make some money.

That’s how influencer marketing works!

The downside is that you got to get momentum.

All of these have a downside. We teach you the way to get around that!  

There’s a way to hijack the algorithms in a way to hijack the stuff and make it work for you! By hijack I don’t mean doing unethical weird stuff – Just watching what’s going on and going where your markets are at. Very simple. You go where your market is at. You make it work.

Influencer marketing is good. It’s a great way to go! You can make money on demand but the con is that it takes a while to set up and it takes a while to build momentum.

Also, you kind of have to watch it. You got to post content out there. People are waiting and people get pissed off if I don’t do a Wednesday morning webinar because they’re expecting it. I do them because you guys like it and they make me a lot of money by doing them right. That’s an example of being an influencer!


Arbitrage is a really cool business model.

Often times, you’ll see an ad on Yahoo or MSN and the ad will say “Top Ten SUVs of 2019” and you’ll click the ad and it’ll go to a list of more ads. That’s arbitrage. They’re buying traffic really cheap and they’re selling it really high

Some examples where I go and I do this is with mortgages.

I know that refinance is expensive, people are bidding on that but I know that mortgage calculator is cheap so I pair those together and I put a calculator and put some ads for mortgage refinance. Boom! That would be arbitrage!

 It’s very easy to set up and it’s extremely easy. You could set up an arbitrage site or click flopping – click flop site!

You’re not collecting any data, you’re not building a list. You’re not building any influence. If traffic runs out today then tomorrow, you’re out of a job but I’ve made millions of dollars with arbitrage, mostly with toolbar offers and things where I’m just taking some one from one keyword – one search putting them to a pillow or whatever.

  • The Top 10 Top Ten Reviews Site!

That would be an example of arbitrage because you’re taking it and you’re buying it at a low selling, they’re doing it a little bit more detailed but it’s still click flopping – buying traffic cheap or generating traffic cheap and you’re trying to get them into something high.

The con is its finicky. That means your income can drop at the drop of a hat and you’re out.

That’s how arbitrage works. It’s great, you can take and start in arbitrage site and then later build it into something bigger if you want to affiliate or influence – it’s a great way to test a market through arbitrage


An affiliate marketing business model actually takes over several of these. Affiliate marketing can be combined with arbitrage, influencer, broker, coaching and consulting, content publisher, software businesses, as a closer, and a membership site!

There’s a lot of these that go into affiliate marketing. This is where you get paid to sell something that someone else is selling. You can go out there, you don’t have to own the product. You don’t have to ship the product and you don’t even need to take orders for the product. I just get paid on sales!

The pro is super inexpensive! I could go out there and I can go to offer vault right now and I’d sell this snoreless pillow and I’m gonna set up my site.

Set up a site about snoring and we talk about snoring. Go to the adwords tool and check how many people are looking up snoring. Snoring can get results! And bada-bing bada boom! There is lots of traffic so I can make a site about snoring and I could just flip them over to this pillow. When they buy it, I get $33! If sell 10 pillows a day, you’re making over a hundred thousand a year!

You can be a affiliate of anything!

The cool thing is that all I have to do is put a link on my site and I get paid! Affiliate marketer’s are also closing the deal! It’s super inexpensive, that’s a definite plus.

The only con would be if the affiliate program disappears which sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. The only con would be that you’re not in control of the sale so if their sales page sucks it’s not gonna work.

But for the most part affiliate marketing is by and large, the best and easiest way to get started because I can start affiliate marketing! I could sell gas powered scooters as an affiliate and when it sells really good, I could do drop shipping. If it sells really good I could do e-commerce! And boom!  Now I built a business! 

I could do affiliate marketing for a software company and then I could build my own software around that and boom! I have my own business!

I can do content publishing and lead them to affiliate marketing! I can be an influencer and lead them to affiliate marketing! No matter what you do, you need to learn affiliate marketing.

We’re gonna teach all of this stuff in my course!

We’re gonna talk about all these.


You can sign up there!


We’re gonna go through 16 weeks of full training

You can come here live and learn from me directly!

If you’re on a budget, you can learn about these in


That’s my software tool that teaches you everything!

Comes with support and everything!

Walks you through everything!


I think that’s about it for now.

Those Are The 12 Top Businesses To Start In 2019

If you want to make money in 2019

That is where you want to go!


Sign up at





Do it now! Let’s get you the software!

Let’s make it work!

Thanks for visiting!

Have fun and let’s make some money!



10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In 2019 With 3 Passive Income Methods You Can Set Up Fast

What’s up!  It’s Marcus

“I’ve been making a living online for the last 19 years from the comfort of my backyard office. I’m going to show you 10 Completely Legit Ways To Start Making Money On The Internet Fast.”


The top 5 are going to be pertaining to things that you have to do every day.

  • I have to do something every day in order to get a check.

The next three are things that will build you an income over time or create passive income.

The last ones are the hit the ball out of the park ways to make a full-time living and sustain it for a long time.

#1 is the GRUNT WORK.

This is where you go out there you get paid to view ads.

  • You can go to sites and get paid to view ads on a per ad basis.
  • You can go to rewards sites.
  • You can go to different giveaway sites and things like that.
  • You could look at ads check out the ads view them and you get paid.

Now the downside is you’re only gonna make a penny or two pennies per view, which means you would have to work 8000 hours a day in order to make anything worth writing home about.

#2 is TO BUY AND SELL THINGS ON EBAY OR AMAZON. (This would also include Dropshipping)

Where people buy different products at garage sales or on Craigslist and they sell it on eBay or Amazon for a profit.  They even go and buy what’s known as a haul that’s where you buy a bulk of returns from Amazon or something like that and you part it out and sell  each individual item at a profit.

Sometimes you can buy an entire hull for a couple hundred bucks and sell it for a couple thousand, but that’s kind of rareAnd of course you got to have the money to buy the stuff in the first place.


 Now you can go on sites like hire writers, Fiverr and various other content sites. You can write reports write content for other people’s websites.

Now, I buy content for my websites all the time…

and I  pay somewhere between five to thirty dollars for an article. The five dollar article is going to be like 500 words and the thirty dollar article is going to be like a couple thousand words.

But that’s a great way to get started if you want to make like three to ten dollars an hour depending on which site you’re using.

 #4 You can be a BROKER

Be a middleman between a website owner or an influencer and an advertiser. You can actually go find influencers who don’t know how to make money you can contact them and then have a database of advertisers to go to and sell ads at a profit. This is a very easy thing to do because a lot of influencers and  a lot of site owners don’t know the value of their traffic, so oftentimes you can broker a deal they think they’re getting paid a ton and you shave off a little bit for yourself.

Very great way to make income!


There are people right now selling gigs on Fiverr. Fiverr is a site where you go and you pay five bucks hence the name Fiverr. You pay five bucks for a skill.

Put a skill let’s say design a logo. You can sell logos for $5 $10 $20. Just imagine if you’re able to sell 10,15, 20 logos a day.

The list goes on from people making little videos to taking pictures. Doing various website work on all kinds of things are listed on Fiverr.

You could even do voice recordings, I got a voice recording a couple  of weeks ago for 300 bucks and it only took the lady a couple hours to set up so imagine how much she can make selling these gigs

Fiverr is a great way to make money. Build a database of customers who are interested in a certain thing. You can sell them other gigs, same gig for different things and build a great income.

#6  You build an asset once and you leverage it over to make money.


Some have Facebook groups and they make thousands of  dollars every week just sending different offers.

  • Listening to the questions they have.
  • Commenting
  • Providing answers
  • Providing help.
  • You could build these groups by answering things and other groups.

Advertising your group, putting it on the search engines or writing a press release.

Get it out there and start providing value by answering people’s questions.

You can have a group from anything from video cameras, to how to build websites, to how to put ads on the internet, to ways to make money on the internet. The sky is the limit here. You can make a group about anything you want and send them to things that make you money.

#7 START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL with a specific focused audience.

Just pick a topic and you stick with it.

“Too many people make YouTube channels about everything or YouTube channels about jokes or gags, that’s all fine and good.”

The closer knit your audience is, the more specific, the more you’re gonna make on the ads.

If you have a general audience that just come in to you to watch  everything and be entertained it’s gonna be a lot smaller of an income you make.


Marketing tips for doctors then that’s gonna make a lot more per view, not to mention it’s a lot easier to get involved in that market.


There are tons of people that do not have websites.

You can learn how to set up a website using WordPress.

You can actually go and give these websites away.

The web hosting affiliate companies pay anywhere from 65 to $300 when someone signs up for hosting.

This is a great way to make money. Just imagine if you can give away two sites a day. You’re gonna be making yourself around fifty thousand dollars a year with very little work.


You make a little review show whether it’s video based or audio based. Post that show on either YouTube or Facebook. Make that show about certain things in your market.

Anyone can do this you go into your niche, you talk about the topic and you drive people to things that pay you money.

For example..

  • If you’re talking about various different website tasks you could lead them all to web hosting.
  • If you’re talking about how to build logos for your business you could lead them to Fiverr gigs.

As of the time, Fiverr actually pays $100 for a new customer to sign up and buy a gig for just 5 bucks. You could literally host a weekly show about different things that people can buy on Fiverr to help their business grow or whatever they need on the internet and you can get paid every time they sign up.


Affiliate marketing is where I set up a website or an ad or go on forums and help people and drive people to an affiliate link. All I have to do is drive people to a custom affiliate link whether it’s Amazon, Best Buy, CPA affiliate marketing or whatever it is.

I can drive people to that affiliate link and get paid every time they

  • Buy something.
  • Fill out a form.
  • Download.
  • Click on an ad.
  • Call a phone number and more.

There’s lots of ways that I can get paid as an affiliate marketer. It really is as simple as GETTING PEOPLE TO CLICK ON A LINK. 

You’d like to learn more about any of these 10 legit ways to make money online


I have a custom report written for you. About how to do each of these things.

You just go to the page, follow the instructions and hopefully you’ll make a little money.

Just like our friend did a couple weeks ago when she watched a video about how to set up a site for Black Friday she set up a site in about 45 minutes and by the time she woke up in the morning she had made money.

So you can see that this stuff works like a charm and if you want to learn more about that make sure you subscribe


5 Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales Almost Instantly

What if you could start making more money from your affiliate offers?

That’s right! if you’re doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank or any other affiliate program like a CPA Network or a hosting company. We’re going to show you 5 ways that you can start making money with no extra traffic.

Now, this is just on one affiliate offer. It’s not just from one day; this is from the sales that I made in September. So it took a while to get paid.

We’re going to show you how to get results.  

You’re going to learn what it takes to make money online with affiliate marketing and we’re going to start with those five tips on how to improve your conversions and make more money.

We’re going to show you how to make more money in five easy little tips.



Tip #1 Get a domain name.

What do I mean by this?  Get a domain name for the niche you are going after. So if you’re going for something like a weight loss program, you would want to do like weight loss tips

Marcus’s weight loss tips or how to lose 10 pounds in a week. You want to be as close to the keyword, you’re going after.

So, like a domain I got was learnPPConline.com for learn pay per click marketing online or

If you’re going for affiliate marketing you would get like affiliatemarketingdude.com

  • Something easy to remember.
  • Something that says your title in it.
  • Something that has to do with your niche.

You don’t want to go for trademark stuff if you are doing something like a click funnels you don’t want to use the word click funnels, clickbank or the word Facebook in your domain.

Don’t use trademarks, use your keywords,

Use your niche. Get a domain people

 Will remember that’s easy to type.

The reason you want to have your own domain name is

You want to send people back to you.


You never ever want to promote a raw affiliate link on your page. If you promote an affiliate link raw, you are promoting that link and that link will actually get picked up in the search engines.

Have your own domain and put my affiliate link tracker on your domain that way you could put whatever you want and it tracks it all. At the end of the day you own the links, you can change them whenever you want.


Tip #2 Have a landing page.

  • A landing page is a page that people land on.

This could be a presales page where

You say…

A landing page could be very simple. It tells

What they’re going to get when they sign up.

Our landing page is going to increase conversions, because this is your chance to pre-sell the offer. You could pre sell it and say this is what you’re going to get.

Tip #3 Add a bonus or a giveaway.

Visitors are coming to you because

  • They like your content,
  • They like your page,
  • They like what you said.

Now they’re on your landing page. And says,

and you might say 

You can give them something of value that is going to complement the affiliate offer.

So if you’re doing like a weight loss thing,

You could say well get my guide on how I use their book to lose weight or get my cheat sheet of the notes that I took while I was reading the book.

Or if you’re selling a course that has lots and lots of videos

Hey get my guide on what to go through first and how to get the most out of the course.

That’s going to add value and get you more sales. You’re going to spread goodwill in the marketplace by doing that. You can purchase bonuses, you can find bonuses; get the resell rights of whatever you want to make a bonus. If you make it yourself you’re going to convert a lot better.

Tip#4 Build a mailing list.

So when you make your landing page instead of just saying go to this offer you buy the thing, you

Say, “put your name and email” in so I can send you the bonus.  They put their name and emails then you get a mailing list whether they buy or not. You can send those messages and say,

Check this out

I got this new thing for you

I got this for you

We’re going to give you tips on how to use this.

You can actually add value with your mailing list and get more traffic.

Make more sales and at the end of the day you’re going to have a list of people that you can mail stuff and by having that little landing page with the opt-in to intersect between your link and offer. You’re going to do really well.

Tip #5 Show them how to Order.

This is very important when you get people to your page. Make sure you tell them how to sign up. This is simple but it works. Oftentimes on my webinars I will say,

Hey welcome to my page, make sure that you sign up on this page.

Here’s what the order form is going to look like.

Put your name where it say name, put your email.


I do this, so that in their mind they’re preconditioned to see it and when they get to the page it’s going to be a lot easier.

You can tell them what’s going to happen after they order.

You can say after you order you’re going to get this.

Make sure you choose your logins or download or purchase the product


So that they’re ready to go and buy the thing that you are recommending.


These are five easy tips that you can use right away to start getting more results.