How I Made $167,431 My Second Year As An Affiliate Marketer Aggressive Marketing Strategies

Aggressive Marketing Strategies

in this video marcus talks about how to take massive aggressive action to build your business.

he goes thru the story of how he started back in 2001-2002 and built a business from $0 to $167,000 in just 2 short years… and even more after that.

The major key to making this work is by focusing on your product or offer and breaking it up in to who else would want what you have.

For example if you were going for something like “vitamins”

instead of trying to get traffic directly for the word vitamins… break it up and focus on what the special vitamins will DO.

This is how the 5 hour energy drinks became a huge thing and make tons of money.

They said… hmmm I wonder if people are losing energy each day (which is pretty obvious just by looking around at people.

and now that same ole vitamin that would be on the shelf in the back of the store collecting dust because of all the competition…

Has been moved to the front counter and is now even at the front counter in gas stations and convenience stores.

All because they asked one question… who else would this benefit.

Let’s take a look at another example.

Right now on offervault there are credit repair type offers and affiliate programs that pay anywhere from $15 – $100 for a lead.

That means all you have to do is get someone to fill out a form requesting information on credit repair and BAM there you go you get paid.

NOW…if you were to look on the google adwords tool… you would quickly find that this is a very competitive keyword with a lot of competition.

Even if you worked your ass clean off… you still would not be able to get traffic… and if you paid for it you would lose so much money your head would spin… right now on google that keyword is going for $27 per click!

So how do we market and focus on our aggressive marketing strategies.

Well lets first go back to our big question:

Who Else Needs Credit Repair But May Not Know It.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 1: find people who want your offer that may not yet know they want it.

You see I can go to my keyword tools and do a little research on who would need credit repair.

Well how bout people looking up “remove ____ from credit report”

Using this I can find lots of keywords like:

when do accounts fall off credit report

when do late payments fall off credit report

how to remove late payments

remove negative credit

ect… these are much less competition and much cheaper if we want to pay for traffic.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 2: search your keywords in google and see what comes up.

If I search for when do accounts fall off credit report I see that the main sites are BIG sites like credit karma bankrate, ect… huge competition… no way I can compete.

however I can see that in the paid ads… there are NONE!

So my strategy here would be to pay for traffic (my goal would be to get traffic for 30 cents per click or less… which should not be hard considering there are very few advertisers on that one)

Now if I look for this one “remove late payments from credit report”

I can see that there are smaller sites, blogs, and even some youtube videos.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 3: focus on where the traffic is right now and go get it.

Now what I want to do is see what kind of leverage I have.

If I am an affiliate… then my leverage is stuck to what I can make on affiliate offers.

If I have my own product I will have a lot more leverage.

But if you do not have your own product – do not worry this can still be done you just don’t have as much control as if you would with your own product.

So what I would do is set out a plan to get some GOOD content written or write it myself on the keyword topics.

I would put that content into a little guide about how to remove negative items from your credit report.  Then I would make that into a little PDF guide.

This is your traffic magnet and list building magnet.

Now that you have this you can go put ads wherever people are that would be interested… you could even target low income areas on facebook and run a little ad for your free book… pretty simple right?

You can also take the articles and pages from the book and break them up as content on your site… its ok that they are in the giveaway… no one will notice or care… its all free so if they do care – well they can just shut up and leave my site lol

We want the people who are going to take part in our offers anyway… and if they are complaining about free info… that isn’t them 😊

So… we got our little pdf, we got our articles, now its time to directly target our visitors.

We need to make a plan.

The plan will be based on what you learned in step 3.

Where are the people, what is showing up in google already, where can I leverage.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 4: know your leverage and exploit it.

Now here is where having my own product comes in handy… I can actually go to people on youtube with videos or people with blogs and sites ranking and I can offer them commission to sell my book or product on credit repair.

And since its almost ALL profit to sell a digital book or course… I can offer them 50% or more… because all I am paying for is a GUARANTEED SALE!

And I get to keep whatever I make on the backend 😊 pretty slick yea?

If I do not have my own product I rely on the leverage that is the money I will get for an affiliate promotion and what I will want to do is go out there and find places to put my links back to my book.

I can go to forums about credit repair and answer all the questions about removing items from credit reports and lead them back to my little pdf… this shit works… people don’t do it… but it freakin works!

One guy I told to do this years ago didn’t believe me… but he did it anyway and make $60 within minutes and was blown away at how east it was.

And remember… those answers will live on the internet forever and could bring you traffic for years to come.

Another thing you can do is comment on blog posts.  Super easy and make sure you link back to your little pdf to collect leads.

You can also make youtube videos about your report (using my traffic methods for youtube) and drive them back to your site to get the pdf.

You can run paid ads if the margins make sense, you can run broad reaching ads like the ones on msn RIGHT NOW on msn there are 10 different ads related to information about credit.

But see this is where people get this wrong.

They think that information is information and sales is sales.

WRONG… information is sales.

You are selling people on a point of view or a recipe or a helpful tip, or to be afraid of something, or fix something…

People are interested.

This is why my time tested ad works so well… “Simple Site Profits $137 Daily” it appeals to a broad audience and when you get them in you already have them presold out of curiosity.

Curiosity is the king here.

When you want to be aggressive and make money fast you need to get attention.

Remember that old marketing adage


It stands for:


You have to get their attention first… without attention no sale will be made… no click will happen, and you will be forever in the land of no money on the internet.

So focus on getting their attention in an aggressive manner.

“ the banks laughed at my credit score till I read this report… now they roll out the red carpet”

Or something like that.

Then on your page… you already have their interest and you get them to desire your pdf report

Then ask them to take action by putting their name and email in to get it.

Then on the thank you page you pitch your best offer.

Then when they open the email send them another good report with more good offers.

You have to be aggressive with this.

If one of your marketing plans does not work as planned, be ready to adapt, be ready to change, be ready to try something else.

The problem is that we are so focused on the first thing working perfectly the first time with no extra work.

I cannot tell you how many people come to me and want to buy a site that is already making $10,000 a month.

And when I tell them its $200,000 for that they flip out and think it should be like $1,000 but life does not work that way.

If you want something that is almost guaranteed to give you money well then you need to be ready to pay the piper… because in the business world we are looking at 36X monthly profits.

Meaning if you buy a franchise or business or website that earns $10,000 per month… its gonna be like $300-360,000 to buy it… and people are lining up to do that all day long and twice on Sunday.

But not me… I started my business with $100 in the bank and no guarantees that I would be able to afford my next meal

But I knew it would work because I knew people were out there and they were buying stuff on the internet.

So I went and I was aggressive… I called people I emailed people I wrote articles and pdfs and websites, and I worked at it… why because I wanted it and I knew it was out there.

Had I waited for a guaranteed business that made me $167,000 like this one did its second year… I would have never made it.

There are two kinds of assets in this business world.

The easy one is money… but lots of people have money so don’t get your hopes up thinking you can buy yourself rich.

Because unless you have an extra $500K or $1M laying around… you are out… and even if you do have that much sitting around… you are not going to see one dime of profit for 3 years.

BUT with my aggressive marketing strategies for 2019 you can see results today!

That’s right today.

Its like this… if I was a Kirby vacuum dealer… and you came up to me and wanted to sell my vacuums I would give you a commission when they sold.

And that is the fact you know… I GET $600 or whatever on a sale.

Sell a Kirby get $600!

Simple right.

Now I can go to the ad part of town and try to sell $2000 vacuums to people who can barely make rent… or I can go to the nice part of town and sell them there.

Its my call… and I know… $600 when I sell one.

So how many do I want to sell today.

Am I gonna sit on my ass and wait for people to come look at my dumbass sitting with my vacuum or am I gonna knock doors.

Im gonna knock doors… cause I want to sell the damn things

And I meet a girl years ago who sold kirbys and made like 20k a month.

Pretty bad ass… but she wasn’t lazy and she wasn’t full of excuses.

NOW… you don’t have to go door to door… because the internet makes all this shit easy.

You can put up a website, and write some emails, and get some results.

And you can sell whatever you want to sell and get paid commissions.

So if you KNEW that you would get $15-100 or more when someone requests info on a credit repair site…

You gonna sit on your ass… write 19 words of crappy website content and complain when google doesn’t rank you.

Or are you gonna be aggressive and go out there and get this stuff done.

Because if you want to be aggressive… then you should join simple sites bootcamp and lets be aggressive together this year and make some money.

Ive been at this for 19 years and I know what works.

And after bootcamp… you will too.

Here is my big fancy order link http://www.simplesitesbootcamp.com

And I don’t need fancy sales pitches and all that because I just told you some stuff that if you just it you can start getting results like NOW!

Aggressive Marketing Strategies

WordPress 5 Gutenberg Demo, How To Use And Remove The Gutenberg Plugin  – Easy Tutorial

Hey guys, it’s Marcus here and welcome inside the brand new WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor tutorial.

Today what we are going to do is to show you how to create your website with the new WordPress 5, what’s different, what stays the same, how can you go back to the old tools if you want to use the old tools, are themes and plugins affected? What do you need to know? And we are talking about that right here and right now. We are going to show you how it works and hash it out loud on the table so that you can see how everything works.

Now, if you like this kind of stuffs and want to learn how to make a site with WordPress that makes money, then i’d really advise that you click the subscribe button and hit the bell notification icon. That way, you’ll get my latest videos and my live trainings every Wednesday, 10am, right here on the channel where we hop on live and show you how everything works and we actually take questions from there. Now let’s go ahead and dive right in.
We are using the website anxietyfreeguide.com. This is a website that i set up to test this plugin and theme with WordPress version 5.

Now you can see here we are running the WordPress 5.0 and i also have a site that is running the version 4.9 so you can see the difference. Notice, there are not a whole lot off difference.

You’ll notice that the main difference here is the Gutenberg. The major thing here is the Gutenberg. That’s what WordPress 5 is all about. Now Gutenberg says it’s going to change the way the internet works, change the way contents are created. I don’t think it’s going to be that drastic but I think there are some good things and some bad things when it comes to the Gutenberg editor. Now, what we are going to do first and foremost is go to this page at anxietyfreeguide.com.

If I want to go through and edit this page, what you’re going to notice is that the first big change is the way that there editor works. You’re going to see something like this.

Before we used to go to post and we will click “edit” and it would look like this.

Now, you’ll notice that the major difference with the Gutenberg and the WordPress 4.9 is the editor. So, what we want to do is to look at the difference between the two and see where everything is located. So, let’s go ahead and navigate and see what’s going on.

Ad block

Now, one of the big things that is added in the WordPress 5 is the ability to add what they call “blocks”. A block is like “a little block of something”. For example, these things below are blocks.

You can see the different things that you can add.


If I want to add a paragraph, I’ll just click on the “paragraph” and it will just add a paragraph that I can type down here and boom that’s my paragraph.

Now if I want to add another block, I can add an “image” or a “Gallery” of several images. If I want to add bunch of images, i’d just go to where I have my images and upload them and we are going to have that on our page. That part is kind of cool( adding an image or image slideshow). So that’s how that works.

There are other blocks you can add as well such as ‘heading, list, quote, audio, e.t.c. For the audio, you can probably make this file play in the background. Or if you want them to play on your website. I wouldn’t recommend auto play audio.


Some other blocks that we have are cover(which is an image cover).

The reason we are doing this is to let you see the different blocks and how they are arranged.


Another type of block you can add is the file. If you want to do like a PDF. That makes it easy if you’re doing like opt-in pages. It makes it really easy to add files. For example, if I want to add a PDF, then all i’d have to do is to go to my folder, find the PDF, and put it in there.

Comment And Videos

Another block we can put in there is the comment box, videos. Now the downside of using video is that this is going to be a self-hosted video. If i place the video here, it’s going to run on my server which is probably going to be pretty slow.

So I would recommend using something like our video voodoo plugin which is good. It allows you to run them on the Amazon x3 server which is lightning fast.
You can use the Gutenberg video if you’re doing a short video. All you’ll have to do is pick your video and add a little caption.

So far, the Gutenberg is looking pretty cool.
We also have the formatting blocks. This is cool with the table.

Now, table is something that I wanted to have in the original WordPress but it wasn’t there. It just made it look really funny.
If you wanted to put an autoresponder code, you’ll use the custom HTML. The custom HTML could be anything. It could be a banner ad code,
Opt-in code or whatever you want. I’d just put it in the HTML editor.

So, let’s take a look at some other ones here. We have buttons, column, page break and so on. You can also do some layout stuff like media or column.


You can also check out the widget. Now this allows you the ability to actually put the widget in the page or post. That’s cool, but it is also annoying because it can get too much. I like to control those with what is known as a short code.


We can also look at embed. Embeds are really cool if you want to get into social stuff. You can embed YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,and lot more. You can embed all kinds of things. This is what WordPress is doing. They are trying to get up-to-date and make it really easy for mainstream people.

So lets see how it looks:

So, we got our preview, slideshow, audio file, download your guide, cover picture. So it’s actually a lot like Facebook editor. I want you to notice the formatting of this so play around with it and get what you want. That’s basically the way that the Gutenberg is working for you.


Let’s take a look at what the downside would be to the Gutenberg editor. That would be when you’re creating something new. When we add a new page.
i’m not seeing where it allows the permalink name because we want to make sure these are named properly.
Also, let’s see how this works in terms of sizes. You can edit it as well, which is cool.

It also allow drop cap which increases reading. This is an example of a drop cap.

We can play around with it to look the way that we want. The Gutenberg and the new WordPress is not affecting my custom theme. These custom themes that we build for you are designed to get conversion.

You may actually be asking how this is controlled? . This is actually a plugin that is controlled by the funnel Voodoo plugin. The funnel voodoo plugin allows you to have lots of different side bars and control them which makes it really easy.

If you don’t have a blog yet, go to gohubsite.com, follow the instructions and start your first blog. They’ll give you a free domain name. When you start off, what i will recommend you to do is to use one of our themes and plugins that we have for you. We have a free version of the voodoo plugin which you can get(which is pretty similar, it just doesn’t have all the options).

Now, if you want all of my plugins and tools to help you make money with WordPress, go to marcusmentor.me and sign up for a mentor course. You’re going to get up to 12 awesome plugins. My main worry with the New WordPress and Gutenberg was that they are going to take a way some of the stuffs that helps us make this work.

If you haven’t been using there standard WordPress for years, you might just want to start with the new Gutenberg. It’s kind of cool.

How To Revert Back to Old Version

Now, if you do want to revert back, let me show you how to do that.
Just go to Plugin>installed plugins and you’re going to notice the Gutenberg plugin .if I want to get rid of the Gutenberg plugin, I’ll just click “Deactivate”. Now let deactivate and see if it screws with the look of that page.

It didn’t, which is good. Once we deactivate that, you just have to install the original classic editor. So, we just click ” activate” on the classic editor.
. Now if you don’t have classic editor, all you had to do is to go to plugins>add new., and just search for classic editor. You can just go ahead and activate that. What it would do is take your page and revert the editor back to the old way.

You can play around with the new Gutenberg but on a different site. I’m not going to put it on my old one yet. So don’t update your old site yet. If you got a site that is old and making money, don’t mess with it. If you’ve got a new site and you want to update it, then the Gutenberg is going to be a great way to go. So, the main thing with WordPress 5 is the Gutenberg. That is what this update is all about. There are a little bit more options with the new plugin.

I think the Gutenberg is good. Play around with it, test it. Also, another thing that I will really recommend is that you start learning a little bit of HTML. I know the sounds scary and complicated, but it’s actually not.

Also, get a new site with WordPress 5 and test it out to see how it works. With the plugins that we have, it would just be an enhancement. If you want to learn more about this, check out this link. We have some themes and plugins you can use to test as well. And also, check out affiliatedude.com/5 to learn about WordPress and making money. Thanks again for reading, I’m Marcus.

Google Keyword Planner Niche Finding Tips And Added Keyword Research Feature For 2019

To most people trying to get started with affiliate marketing, the keyword tool is one of the most difficult page on the internet. It stares back at you and says nothing. It just looks as you try to think of a niche that may be profitable. Maybe you’ll go for a weight loss or mortgage, or something like that. But time and time again, you find everything way too competitive.

In this training, I’m going to show you my secret method for finding an untapped niche market in seconds. Plus I’m going to show you something brand new that I think they added to the Google keyword tool for 2019 which goes back to an old thing we used a few years ago, called keyword clusters.

So we are going to go ahead and dive right to show you how to find niches, show you that secret hidden in the Google Adwords tool and show you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Now here we are on the Google Adword keyword tool. Most people come to this tool with an idea of what they want to do. They say, “maybe I’m going to go for weight loss” and they type in weight loss and then they hit enter to do a search.

And then it’s going to come up with various different keyword. And then they see that “weight loss” is anywhere from $1.84/click to $5/click. This is very expensive and something we can’t get into unless we have a product that is paying us $300 or more.

So, it’s easy to see why people get frustrated especially when we look at the fact that most products on Clickbank and affiliate offer only pays anywhere from $27, $35 to $40 at the highest per sale.

That means you have to get a sale at $5/click for every 8 clicks. That’s like a 15% conversion rate which is damn impossible. So I can see why you’ve been frustrated trying to make money online.

Free Traffic

And then if you try to go through free traffic, you are going to see that when you search Google for weight loss, there are a lot of competition there.
There are over 2.5 billion web pages competing. So there is no real way to compete for something like this.

So the average affiliate marketer would say “well, internet marketing is a little too complicated and too crowded, how do I get involved in that?”.

Let’s Try Long Tail keyword

Now you can go for something called ” the long tail keyword”. For example, “the best way to lose weight”.

As you can see, on the low side, it is $1.8/click and on the high side $5/click. Then when you search for Google again, you’re going to see a lot of competition.

There is still almost a billion website competing, which means you and your little website are out of luck.

Secret To Making It Work

So what’s the secret to making this work?
What I’d do is to go to the Google AdWords keyword tool and use what I call a list of trigger words. One thing you need to remember is that as a marketer, my job first and foremost is to market things that make me money. If your market doesn’t say they want them, then you’re not going to make any money. So what I do is I use this trigger word list.

What I want you to notice is that these trigger word lists have nothing to do with any market. So what we’ll do is to type our trigger word into the Google Adword keyword tool. And then we get our result.

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff here. Now, compare it with the weight loss stuff, there is actually a lot more word here with low competition, which is pretty cool.
We can actually go here and look at something like” leaking roof, leaking shower head”.
Now, let’s go to Google and see if there is any advertiser there.
There are only 3 advertisers. So not a whole lot of competition here. This is something that we can probably get into relatively inexpensively. And of course, if you need a way to make money teaching people how to fix leaking shower head, you can actually refer them to plumbers.
You can go to offervault and type in plumbers.

These guys are paying by phone calls and by the lead.
Now let’s go ahead and dive into the new edition of the Google Adword keyword tool which I think they added for 2019.

When we type in the word called “related terms to try” . These shows us various terms that are related to the word we type in. So for “leaking”, we have ” plumber, roof, water heater, water, repair, toilet, water heater, e.t.c”.

This is important because they are showing us what Google thinks is relevant based on other searches. As you can see, it is kind of inherent. This is based on the concept of Google called the keyword cluster tool. It will show you the keywords related to the term you were looking at. This is really good when you are looking to find affiliate offers and sub-category keyword.

So even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can actually go to the related terms and get ideas. You don’t have to be that smart to figure it out. Google is actually doing the work for you (yay).
You can also isolate your search by competition. This is your golden ticket into cheap, easy-to-tap golden market.

Now you should always focus on giving your customer good value. So if you have a site about “leaking shower head”, make sure you give them good value and tell them why they will need a plumber. Do the research, figure out what these people want, make a site, drive people to these offers on affiliate networks and start making money.

More Trigger Words

Let me show you some more of these trigger words to show you how these works.
We can go in and type in the word “during”.

On the result, we’ve got a lot of pregnancy word. These would be perfect for pregnancy books, courses on parenting and all kinds of stuff like that. Because if you know someone is going to have a baby, we can actually lead them to something that’s going to help them. We can lead them to stuff that is going to make us money.

For example, we can get them over to health insurance. We can see health insurance offers on offervault.
You can see health insurance is paying a lot of money. They are paying per lead, per call, per sale. A lot of stuff is going on there. You can get paid just for generating leads for health insurance.

Let’s go over and try another word ” printable”.

Now, sometimes the results can be limited. So what I like to do in this case is to use the tool on the free toolbar.
So if you want to use the free toolbar that we have over at affiliatemarketingdude.com, you’re going to get the keyword research tool and you’re going to put the word “printable”.

Now, this is going to give you a little bit more data about your keyword and you can use them to find another search market. So let’s go ahead and research this one here.

As you can see, we have a lot more data to choose from. Now, when you find something that looks good, it is best to take it out into your Google keyword planner. So if we find something like “printable coupons” and go into our Google keyword planner, and isolate the word “printable coupons” and hit “get results”, you’re going to see that we have lots of words like ” printable coupons”.

And they are still pretty low on the competition so we can use a lot of these different words that wouldn’t have come up normally just by typing in the word “printable”. So I want you to get used to how to use this tool and what this different thing means.

Now what I like about this “new related terms to try” is the fact that we can actually click on the terms and it’s going to do a research just on the term. So it’s going to give us other available words people are searching for.

As you can see, this little tool is good for deep keyword research. We can actually go through and use the word “promo code”, isolate that word and see what Google thinks is related to it. This is known as ” related search” or “latent semantic index”. There are different words which are similar to what you have and good for SEO, pay per click, and for spoting a really untapped market.
So for example, if I want to go to offervault and look for what to promote, I can actually use those words and type in words like ” promo”.

Now getting used to the keyword tool, I want to give you an overview before you go to affiliatedude.com/trigger so that you can see how to use this.


Now, the main thing you want to look out is your location. You’ll want to choose where you want to be. So if you’re only advertising in the United State, then you’ll want to type in the “USA”. We can put that in, then it’s going to isolate the results just for the USA.


The next is your language which is English if you’re doing English( or a different language if you’re doing a different country).

Google and search partners

Turn on Google and search partner when you want to do a lot of what’s known as related search.

Plan overview

This is all for stuff that is in your account.

A related term to use

This is also good to find related keywords.

Keyword by relevance

These are the actual keywords people are searching on Google.

Average monthly searches

This is how many times the terms are searched for.


Now, the competition is just for paid search. This has nothing to do with organic free search engine ranking or SEO. So that’s basically how the Google Adwords tool works.

Use your related terms, use your keywords, use your trigger words over at affiliatedude.com/trigger and find yourself some niches with offervault. I’ve got some cool stuff over at affiliatedude.com/trigger that you can use. You can download the toolbar to get the other search tools. So thanks again for reading, I’m Marcus.

Make $120 A Day Typing Emails On The Internet

Today, I’m going to show you a really cool way to make up to $120 a day or more answering emails on the internet. This is a tactic that I started using back in 2007 with a brand new business. Back in 2007 when I started it, I made $200 and then, I wrapped that business up to $70,000 a month, which is crazy. And the method is actually quite simple.

Now if you like these trainings and tutorials that I’m giving you, make sure you subscribe and click the bell notification. That way you get all of my new videos and you can join us live every Wednesday morning at 10 am right here on the channel to ask your questions about how to make money. Now, let’s get into what that method is.

My $120/day Strategy

I created a regular form

What i did is that I had a regular form on my site. So when people went to the website, (it was simpelsitebigprofits.com).

and fill in the name and email box, they were taken to a very simple form that looked like this.

So it said, “hey thank you for subscribing, what’s your biggest question about making money online“. Back then, I did it with a regular form that emailed the report to me then I can reply to them. They put their name and email and their top question about making money online.

Now, the cool thing about this is that not only am I going to get data about my market, but I can actually respond to these emails and make money. Because if someone comes to me and say, ” hey, my number one struggle is I don’t know how to do the tech stuff, ” I can send them a video to sign up for a web hosting to get a commission. I can send them an email about info overload and any email about what product to sign up for.

You can do this as an affiliate and write emails all day long and pocket cash big time. It only takes a couple of seconds to reply to an email but you can actually make big bucks. Just imagine if you are getting paid $50, $100, or even a thousand dollars to sell a product. And you can write an email and get it sold.
Now let me show you how I do this in today’s world.

I Used A Killer Plugin

Now, what I have done today is that I have actually developed a simple plugin. This is a revised version of a plugin that I developed back in 2012 and its working like crazy. All it does is to have a little image here and says, “what is your biggest question with making money with affiliate marketing?” And yes, this is a WordPress page.

I tell them a bit of benefit to asking the question, then I say “put your name and email, select your biggest struggle” and then type their story or message below. Now, what happens here is very important because I can take them to a sales page after they fill this form. And then the magic happens on the back end. When you go into the plugin, you’re actually going to see at a glance what most people chose as the subject or their number one struggle.

You’re going to see that most of the people that are coming on and watching my videos are having trouble with info overload and getting started. That’s important to know as a marketer. Next, we have conversion and sales, getting website traffic and finding the right niche, technical stuff and finding the right guru.

Now, even deeper than this is what this plugin does. You can actually go in and click on “manage ticket” and see each and everyone who responded and what they want.

I can go in here and check out this one here by “Tony”. Tony says her biggest issue is info overload and getting started and she actually has a little overview of what she’s looking for.

I can actually go in right in this plugin and respond. I can say something like, ” Hi Tony, I noticed your biggest question was x, y, and z, check out and in this product here(this is where you put your affiliate link), you will find the answer that you are looking for. I started out with this in the beginning and it worked well for me.”

Your conversion rate is going to go through the roof while you learn about your market. The cool thing is that all I have to do is to hit submit and it sends it to Tony and she gets a reply personally. She orders the product, I get paid and i learn about my market. This is a really cool way to go into any market and learn about your market while making sales.

You can do this and answer emails all day long and close the deal in a really cool way. The secret here is that people actually want to buy your stuff, they just don’t know it yet. And they want something personal to help them.

So, let’s say they are looking for something like, on my alcohol channel where they are struggling and don’t know what to do, I actually use this method on my alcohol site.
As you can see, I got over 2460 results. That means 2460 people filled out a detailed report and questionnaire about alcohol.
They go in and they answer the questions here. Based on the answer to the question and what they put in the box, I can refer them to a rehab affiliate program, a book, a course or a guide based on how they get sober. So we can see the results that they are looking at.

We can see that the majority of people say they have tried to quit before, some say they suffer from anxiety and all that. Again, the key is to be able to reply to these people directly using the plugin.

As you can see, I started using this just last night and we have over 320 different responses that I can reply to. I’m guessing that if i reply to all 320 of these(which will probably take me maybe 3 hours total or more), and I’m able to close the deal on one-third of them, that means I’m going to get 100 sales.
Disclaimer- Results are not typical, implied or guaranteed, it depends on your traffic, offers and how well you can sell. But i tell you what, I’m going to teach you how to sell in a really easy way in our up and coming training.

If i get 100 sales and I’m getting $80 commission, that means I’m going to bank a cool $8000 for 10 hours of work while learning about my market which is going to help me sell better in the long run, automatically.

What Can You Go Into?

You might be saying, “Marcus, what do i go into, I don’t know about addiction, or anything.”
What you’re actually going to do is to start with the Google AdWords keyword tool.
In the Google AdWords keyword tool, you can type in keywords like “get rid of acne” (People want to get rid of acne). That’s a very inexpensive traffic in there.
Now, i can go into offervault and find products that pay me when people sign up.
So i can go on offervault and type in “acne”

These acne products pays a good amount and i can recommend these based on what the page says. For example, if they say, “hey, i can’t get rid of acne, “, i’d just say ” hey, the best product that i found on acne based on my result is this(affiliate product), go ahead and sign up here, I’m an affiliate, bla bla bla “.

Now, it is very important not to make any guarantees or implication of things that you don’t know about. So stick to stuffs that you know about. For example, if you want to go for something like refinance, you can set up a site about how much money could you save and follow our steps.

You can do this literally with anything from $40 mortgage loans, to toolbars and other products. The cool thing about this is that it works really good with expensive products. So if you’re selling like a course, or you’re going to clickbank to sell something that has a good commission on it, you’re going to rake it in big time.

So you can do this all day long, you can answer emails , put the personal touch on stuffs, make sales and no longer will you have an excuse to say, “I can’t make money online” because you can. You just have to get out there and do it. You got to hustle, learn about your market, write to people and work harder.

As a recap, here is an overview of how this works:

Find Cheap Keyword

First of all what you’re going to do is to find a cheap or easy keyword.
It could be something like, “how to get a rid of, ways to install or what to do when your computer is broken”.
You advertise on this words. You can get free or cheap traffic the way that I teach you.

Drive Them To A Page

What you are going to do is you are going to drive them to a page. This page is going to be your mailing list page. You can say ” get rid of virus, put your name and email in the box”. They are going to put their name and email in the box.

Send Them To A Question Page

Then you’re going to send them to the question page. The question page is going to say, “what issue are you having”. Then you’re going to have your subject. Your subject they can choose from can be ” computer won’t start, computer won’t load, computer runs slow, computer gives a blue screen “. It is very easy and that’s your subject line.

Then you’re going to have a little box to help them put the issue they are having. They hit ” submit”, you reply to them and say “hey, I just happened to know about this and I think your computer is infected with spyware, click my affiliate link to get the spyware software” and you get paid when they buy it. You can also market with your website.

This is just a cool way to make sales on the fly by typing emails.
I hope you like this training on how to make up to $120 a day or more responding to simple little emails. And guys, this works like a charm if you listen to your people and really give them what they want.

So go ahead and check this out. I have some details over at affiliatedude.com/question. Check that out. We have some free plugins you can use, I have my plugin over there as well and some other tools to help you make this method work. I have been using this for a long time and it works like a charm. Thanks again for reading, I’m Marcus.

Make $120 A Day Typing Emails Online Super Easy Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

So you want to learn how to make money on the internet? Today, I’m going to show you how to make $120 or more in a day typing emails on the internet.

This is a tactics I started using back in 2007. I made $200 at a start, and now I wrapped it up to $70,000 in a month(yay). Now, let’s dive right in to the method.

Find Cheap And Easy keyword

Start with the Google Adwords tool
Go to your Google Adword keyword tool and type in something like, “get rid of mice” ( of course, people want to get rid of mice)

Make sure you go for one with cheap traffic

Go To Offervault

Go to offervault and find products that pays when people sign up(based on your keyword). Become an affiliate of the product and recommend to people. Make sure you stick to product that you know about and what works.

Drive Your Audience To A Mailing List Page

It looks actually like this:

When they went to the website, they’ll fill out their name and email.

Send Them To A Question Page

Take them to a simple question page that looks like this.

Create a subject line that describes what issues they are having. Then add the question box. You can ask questions like, “Hey, thanks for subscribing, what is your biggest question about making money online”.

Use My Plugin

With this plugin, you are actually going to see what most people chose as the subject or their number one struggle.

For example, most of the people that watched my videos are having trouble with info overload and getting started. That’s a very important thing a marketer must know.

The cool thing about this is that you’re not only going to get data about your market, but also you can also respond to these emails and make money.

For example, if one of the issue from your audience is” i don’t know how to do the tech stuff”, you can just send them a video and tell them to sign up for web hosting through your affiliate link and get a commission.

You can do this as an affiliate and write emails all day long and pocket cash. It only take a couple of seconds to reply to an email.
Now, here is how you can do this in today’s world.

What Other Thing Does This Plugin Do?

Go to manage ticket and you’ll see each and every person who responded and what they want.

Respond To Their Mails

For example, let’s assume one of the emails says “info overload”. Here would be your response on the plugin,
I noticed your biggest question was Xyz, check out this product and you will find the answer you’re looking for. I started out with this in the beginning and it worked well for me.

With this, your conversion rate is going to shoot through the roof. This is a great way to make money while learning about your market. The secret here is people actually want to buy from you, but they don’t know it yet. The key is being able to reply to these people directly using the plugin.

The cool thing about this method is that it works with expensive products. There is no more excuse to say you can’t make money online. This works like a charm if you listen to your people and give them what they want.

I hope you enjoy this training on how to make $120 or more responding to simple little emails. Go over to affiliatedude.com/questions for more details, plugins, and some other tools to help you make this method work. Thanks for reading.

New WordPress 5 Gutenberg Demo, How To Use And Remove The Gutenberg Plugin – Easy Tutorial

Today, we are going to be talking about WordPress version 5 and if it’s the right tool to be used by affiliate marketers to make money on the internet.

It is called the WordPress 5 Gutenberg Demo and it is the new plugin editor in the WordPress/internet market. In this Gutenberg editor tutorial, we are going to show you how to create your WordPress website with the new WordPress 5 Gutenberg Demo.

We’re also going to discuss what is different, What stays the same, and how you can go back to the old tools.

What is Gutenberg Editor?

Gutenberg is the newly-developed editor for WordPress 5. It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the creator of a movable type of printing press, about 500 years ago..

The previous WordPress version 4.9 requires users to make use of HTML and short codes. The goal behind WordPress 5 is to simplify the whole thing, especially for beginners.

They are making use of “little blocks”(maybe they can add layout options later).

However, developers and team behind this project said it is currently in its beta phase and will be officially launched on the 5th of December.
We’ll sure keep you updated in the event of changes or improvements.

How To Install Gutenberg

Download the latest WordPress version. Alternatively, you can search it within your Dashboard( click on “add new” plugin).

Let’s Explore Gutenberg

Now that we’ve installed Gutenberg, you’ll notice a link on your dashboard that allows you to open the Gutenberg editor.

They don’t take over the previous/default editor, which in our opinion, is excellent as you can decide to dive in right back into the default WordPress editor.
We will be using the website, Anxietyfreeguide.com as our case study. This is a website I set up to test this plugin out.
This is how the WordPress 5 theme actually looks like right here.

As you can see, there is not a lot of difference with the previous version 4.9. The main difference is the Gutenberg. That’s what WordPress 5 is all about.
Gutenberg is going to change the way the internet works and how content is created.

Now, let’s get back to our anxietyfreeguide page. If I want to edit this page, you’re going to notice that the first big change is the way that the editor works.
Now, click on Post>new>, and this is what you’ll see.

What’s New With Gutenberg WordPress 5

Virtual-text switch

Switching from visual to text editor mode is now easy. We now have a drop down located in the left corner at the top. One more thing: can you now see the HTML comments at the start and end of the blocks.

Excellent mobile optimization

We were amazed at how well it supported mobile so easily. Love to quickly insert an image or add a nice paragraph before publishing your first mobile post on the go? Gutenberg may be your go-to- mobile option.

One of the big thing that is added in WordPress 5 is the ability to add what is called “blocks”. Now, a block is something like this:

It contains different things that you can add, such as a paragraph, image, Gallery of images, quote, audio. Now, lets cover a few of them.


You can use the file option to make pages for giveaways and even download pages after someone orders. That makes it easy if you’re doing a PDF or opt-in pages.


It is also good if you want to use video. Now, the downside of the video is that it is going to be a self-hosted video. It is probably going to be slower. This will be fine if your videos are less than 5 minutes.

Custom HTML

this is good if you want to put an autoresponder code, banner ad code, opt-in code, and lots more.


it allows you to put a widget in the page and that’s cool.


This is cool if you’re getting into social stuff. You can embed Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and lots more.
Now, let do a preview to see how friendly this is:

Okay, so, we’ve got our preview, slideshow, audio file, download button, opt-in box. It’s actually a lot like a Facebook editor. That’s actually the way Gutenberg is working for you.
Pros of Gutenberg WordPress Editor
Let’s see a few pros of the Gutenberg editor

  • Publishers that love the medium style editing process would certainly prefer the WordPress Gutenberg editor.
  • Experience with Gutenberg is less distracting and enlarged screen space.
  • ” Little blocks” are usually fun to use and highly responsive
  • Works excellently on mobile, and with time, we will see more and more people embracing it.
  • Easy to use/navigate for beginners

Cons of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Let’s see a few cons of the New WordPress Gutenberg editor
Don’t forget, it is still undergoing various tests processes, so a ton of these cons will be fixed.

  • No markdown support
  • Though it sounds easier for a beginner, some may still find it hard to learn.

How Do I Revert Back To The Old Version?

If we want to get rid of the Gutenberg plugin, just click on plugin> installed plugin>deactivate.

Then, you’ll go ahead and install the original classic editor.

It then reverts you back into the old way. If you’ve got a site that is old and making money, don’t update it with Gutenberg yet. You should only do that to your new site.


Above all, we were blown away with the new Gutenberg WordPress editor. It is definitely worth the hype. Play around with it, test it, and learn new stuff. Another thing we’d advise you to do is to learn HTML.

We advise everyone to go get a copy of it and install in their new site. This may actually be the dream editor we have been waiting for. To learn more about WordPress and making money, go to afiliatedude.com/5.

How To Create And Sell Digital Products And Online Courses With Kartra And WordPress


Are you ready to learn how to make a business that’s going to pay you over and over from something you do? Just one time (Or maybe it’d take a week, a month), but you can set it up and actually get paid, over and over again If you do it right! In this article, I’m going to show you how to do it right. So let’s get started!

What we’re going to be doing in this article is to talk about something very important, and something I haven’t really discussed with you before, which is how to create your own business based around something that you own.

Now, something you own could be anything from a software product to a book to an article/content, or whatever it is. We’re going to talk about how that works and show you how to map everything out.

What I want to do is to get you in the act of realizing that your business could be like an interesting person or group that supports your lifestyle.

You’re going to learn exactly how to take care of your market, and how to use them to promote a whole lot of things. For example, over the last couple of weeks, you can notice that I’ve been promoting a certain software product which, by the way, is an awesome product.

That product actually made me a quite a bit of money promoting it because of the fact that you guys like my stuff, training and everything like that. But none of that could have been possible had I not set out, about 10 years ago. And I’ll tell you that story in just a minute about how I started 10 years ago by going into my garage and setting up a product.

My Little Humble Story

I started doing affiliate marketing in 1999 and I got really good results. Then, I was just 20 years old kid. I had a baby on the way, and then I had my second baby in a year and a half later.

I and my wife started hard. I started this business because I really didn’t know how to do anything else. I never really went to college, I barely graduated high school. Society told me that I’d never make it and everyone was like, “you should be an accountant, be this and that.” (But I wanted to be a magician at that time though).

So I started affiliate marketing and made some decent money doing search engine optimization. I started doing affiliate marketing in 2002/2003 and made a bunch of money. Here I was, I was making sometimes as much as a million dollars in a year on a simple little one-page website. And I love it.

Sometimes, I remember the summer of 2006; I’d wake up and be already like $2000 in profit. One of my friends was like, “Hey dude, I know you’re doing a really good stuff on affiliate marketing, can you come on a “teleseminar” and teach what you’re doing with affiliate marketing”, and I’m like, “Yeah, I’d love to”. And so I did this teleseminar. I started talking about affiliate marketing, how the stuff works, and how I made money with it.

At the end of the teleseminar, everyone was like “hey dude, Marcus is awesome”. Now, where do we go to buy your stuff? What I’d do is, I’m going to go in my garage and fill a DVD And That DVD Became The Pinnacle Of The Simple Site Course. I was in my garage for like 4 days and I wrote this. I probably could have done it in one day but I had the stigma that it has to be fancy.

So, what I do is that I actually created this DVD. Now, we have this DVD that is our profit seller. What I realize is that by having a product (whatever it is, From a DVD to a resale right product, to a software product, to whatever) allowed me the freedom to be able to buy traffic and break even. So it looks like is “Okay I’ve got this DVD”, and I can go over to Google Adword, Bing, and Yahoo search. I can buy banner ads and everything like that.

I can buy these banner ads, and I can pay like $1-$3 per click because I knew my numbers. If I sell one out of every hundred visitors, then I’ll break even and build a mailing list.

Let’s say I get a hundred people to my site, and it cost me $200 to get them into my site. Out of that $200, I get one person to buy and I get $297(my actual price). And this was happening on a daily basis. When we look at it on a daily basis, I’d be like “okay, now I’m making a profit of $97 on every hundred visitors to my site with a 50+ people to join my mailing lists”.

So I get paid $97 for every 100 visitors to get 50 people on my mailing list. basically, I was being paid $2 every time someone joins my mailing list. And I got to tell you, I still make money from these ads that I run back in 2009. I still get people who are buying my stuff back from 2008 and 2009. I did this approximately three to four times per day.

So, I was purchasing 300-400 clicks a day. Basically, I was tripling my money and I was doing it four times a day. Isn’t that insane? So you’re getting paid like $1200 to $2400 a day to build a mailing list to sell more stuff to more people.
This works in any industry that has people that are willing to buy something.

For example, maybe there is a guy that knows how to fix a computer or knows how to start a blog, it just works anywhere. So having your own product is the way to go. You can spend a couple of weeks diving into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word or any other software for that matter. You can make your own product about that and now you’re in the race.

What Do We Need To Make This Work?

Maybe you’re out there (like so many customers I have) and you’re like, “Marcus, you know I read a book but I don’t know what to do with it, I created this thing but I don’t know what to do with it.” Now, we’re going to talk about that because if you’re able to create (that’s what marketing is), then you should be able to sell them.

Internet/Affiliate marketing is all about creating something of value so you can sell other things. Now, when you create content for your website, that content can be turned into a product as well. One of my sites (talksober.com), I basically created a series of 30 letters that I also turn into products and things like that. Same thing on simplesites.com.

I want to ask this question, the last time you got a product (hopefully it’s not mine, if it is, go to pcmoneymaking.com, you’ll get support), got a service, and something went wrong. And for some reasons, you were not able to get the help and support that you needed. How did you feel? If you feel left out, guess what? Millions of people do as well.

Millions of people buy a lot of services, and they don’t get the help they need. They don’t know how to use them. As painful as the experiences are, they are what I call gaps in the marketplace. Here is the deal; we need to bridge the gap.

How Do We Bridge Those Gaps?

Well, some people buy franchise. For example, let’s say your phone company doesn’t care about you and a guy who buys your franchise to bridges the gap. And he’s like, “we’re going to advocate for you, we’re going to show you how to use your phone.”All they do is getting the product and earning the commission.

Did you get that? There is a guy I know that makes entire living creating/building videos about video software.
First and foremost, the most powerful thing in marketing is marketing to Feelings. A lot of people (including myself) like to feel like we are very logical people but we’re not.

Now, the goal and idea here are to have something of value. We can call it a product; we can call it content or whatever you want. I want you to realize this: organized content is a product. Like what is my course? My course is organized content. I have videos, tutorials, training and I organize it in a way that, “if you follow this steps; you’re going to get this result.” So you can do the same thing in any market.

Products and contents are together, it just depends on how you decide to distribute it. So you can be a product creator if you’re a content creator. And if you’re not a content creator you can outsource it. And if you’re not a product creator, you can outsource it. So we’re going to show you how this works, and how it makes sense and the things that you need to make this work. So, first of all, we have our content and products. You can use your content to sell affiliate stuff. You can turn your contents into a product to build a mailing list and sell a lot of stuffs. It’s really cool and it worked extremely well. You can get paid over and over again.

So we’re going to look at, how do we roll, how do we set it up, and how do we turn this into business? If you knew how to make a product and turn it into a business, you’ll do it. You’ll be like, “If I have a product even if it’s like a $9 product, $50 or a $900 product if I could sell one of them a day, then that’s pretty cool.”

The cool thing about this is once you make it, then it’s done. So what we want to look at is we want to focus and we want to make it work. So here are so many things that you’re going to need to make this work.

Finding a Niche Market

First and foremost, you’ll need a NICHE MARKET. So, I’ll go into the computer and show you a screenshot of what the niche is going to look like:

So here we are, we’re in the Google keyword planner. So let’s find a niche. Okay, so let’s say excel tutorial.

People want excel tutorials for Microsoft Excel. Approximately 50,000 people every month look up excel tutorial. On top of that, 14000 looks up excels training. 2700 look up to learn Excel. Do you now get the idea that people want t to learn Microsoft excel and are willing to pay for it?

If you want to get a bit lazy, you can literarily go and do Microsoft excel PLR product.

There are probably some other products you can check out there as well.(see screenshot)

So we look at that and we’re like “a lot of people are actually looking at that product, great!”. So we create a product to whatever that would work. Now, there are lots of other stuff as well, like excel tutorial too like Camtasia tutorial.

Camtasia tutorial is pretty cool; you can buy the software cheap and sell together with your training.
You can also look at WordPress plug-in because people are really crazy about it (I’ve made a lot of money with that).

We look at this and we say there are a lot of people looking up WordPress plug-in and we can put in “Wordpress plugin and we can see what people are searching for. (See screenshot below)

For example, Membership calendar, Menu, directory, Gallery, comment, hosting CMS, plugin, and other tons of stuff. I can sell it, a giveaway as a gift; I can give the small version and sell the big version. Did you get the idea?

You can also look up, like tutorials. You can look at the course (what kind, of course, do people want?)

Buying A Domain

For example, if your product is the WordPress plugin. Let’s say you made the WordPress plugin and let’s say you sell it for $27. And you sell 10 of them a day (that’s $270 a day, and $100000 a year), you’re going to need some traffic and the traffic will come from a part of your mailing list. You’ll have to get them to buy all those stuff and focus on other things they need as well.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to look at that and say “okay, how do we use that to our advantage to turn a profit?” What is it going to look like? As said earlier, first of all, we’re going to have a niche market. Niche market could be a word press calendar plugin.

Now what? Now we’re going to get a domain. WordPress doesn’t like you to use the word “Wordpress” in your domain for obvious reasons. So you just do something like Calendarplugin.com and get your domain. Then you get you and you get the products created and you’re ready, go! Now, what do you need?

Now that you’ve got your domain, you’re going to need a website or a blog. Then you’re set up and ready to go.
Now, we have a blog/website; let’s make a blog about the calendar plugin, maybe teach them about some other plugins and tell them to put a name and email, some of them are going to buy this plugin.

Great, so we set up this blog, get the name and email box which sends people to our auto responder or database. So to get your domain, it’s going to be like $8 (You’ll get a free one if you go to gohubsite.com. )And your website or blog which is going to cost us about $6.And that’s necessary, you’ve got to have that.

Installing The WordPress On Your blog

Next, we install the WordPress on our blog, Now we have our autoresponder, and that’s going to cost us anywhere from $17 to $150 a month. We’ll have a list of these tools at the end of the article, and we’ll show you a tool that does everything for you.

We Have To Have A Way To Sell It

What’s next is that we have to have a way to sell it. We’re going to have the way to get the money from the customer, deliver the product and the money goes to our bank. Now, this is done with a merchant account. You can do a stripe, you can do PayPal, you can do a traditional merchant account, and then it’s going to link to your stuff.

There are membership plugins, and they’re going to cost anywhere (I paid $179 for one and $400 for another). We’ve got to have a way to have the autoresponder on our blog; we’ve got to have a way to have another page on our blog with the buy button or the order page. Then the money goes into your account from here and then boom! They get the product delivered. So, you got money, you got the database, and they got their products.

Now you can email people about the other products. The reason I like this is that it grows. Let’s say you sell excel tutorials, you teach people how to use excel or whatever. It’s going to grow because now you have a lot of keywords, a lot of things that are all following people to your blog which has your order links, optin page, and everything and boom, you are now after the races. These people will be over it, and they’ll be like, “dude this is awesome, I want more of this, I want to buy more stuffs from you”.

As a recap, you find your niche, get your domain, and your traffic method can be a pay per click, youtube traffic, traffic from Facebook and Instagram, and if you do it right, you can do really cool.
And if you don’t have a product, don’t worry. We’re going to show you how to set this up and how it works and it’s really not that hard. The problem is people look at this as if it is like a giant milestone to get to. But, really it’s nothing more than 10 years ago when I went into my garage and I took a camera( it cost me $699) and I filmed myself talking about a subject matter.

Then I put it on DVD, and I sent it out and sold thousands of DVDs over the years. To me, I got tired of doing DVDs so I went to the Digital Lab and create a membership site because I wanted to be automated. I wanted to be like, ‘Hey you sign up, you’ll get access.” So, let’s get into the computers and show you how these things work. Now you’re going to need the stuff that makes all this works.

So, I’ll show you the easy method on how it can work and we’re also going to talk about some other stuff as well.
So here is your screen, I’m going to show you exactly how this works. An example of how this work will be with my affiliatemarketingdude.com website.

Now, this is a website I have that does exactly what we’re talking about. What I do is that I offer a toolbar ad on. Let me show you what it looks like.

I give it away free for your emails. This is a good stuff but it’s also designed to sell things.
And what I do is to say, “Hey, welcome, you’re going to get this free toolbar ad on.” It costs me $200 to outsource the toolbar. And we have about 5000 people every month that uses the tool bar. They go to my page and download the tool bar.

They can also go to other pages to buy my stuff. And it’s like I’m sitting here, and I’m like, “hey, you know what? Do you Guys want to get my course that teaches affiliate marketing? You go to simplesitebonus.com.” And it goes to my order form .

In the order form, you fill it out, you pay and it’s going to send you some logins automatically. I could be sleeping at 2am, you can come on here, buy, and I’ll get paid $297 and you get your access.

I remembered what I really had to go through to make this order form (it was really a pain in the bud). But now, what I found out is that there is a tool that can do this for you. But for the price of the auto responder that use, you’ll get a tool that works for everything. If you want to get the tool, go over to kartsprofits.com.

You’ll get the bonuses if you stay past the trial. We want you to use this because it is something valuable. Let me show you a screenshot of what it looks lik.

So, it’s like if I have a product and I want to sell that product, all I’ll need to do is to go to my products and create a new product and name your product.

For example, the product name is “WP calendar plugin”, description “calendar plugin. And next, we’re going to choose “credit card here”, then you put the details and click on confirm/next.

Here you can set up a stripe account, Paypal- It’s simple; you can set it up within 20 minutes. It could be a page on a WordPress and it could be a page on the kartra system. Follow the instruction as stated here.

You can also send them a downloadable file, securely, automatically. Like, I can just upload my plugin right in here and kartra would be like, “Thank you for ordering, here is your product”.

Also, we can make our membership site here.

Can you now see how this tool can set up your entire business? So, literally in a matter of minutes, I created a product, I created a way to deliver the product and the membership area and I’m done.

Katra has worked for me because I like to embed things on my blog rather than just having one funnel. I like to have it on my blog. The katra payment plans is actually cheap. It can start from $80 a month. I have one of the most expensive plans involving two to three domains. But you’re not going to actually use domains in Katra.

That’s because, now I don’t need a domain, I made this product, I got the code. I can put this code on 150,000 different domains if I want. That recommended, keep it to the ones you’re using. I can go on and like “okay, check out this plugin”.
And I can show you like, let’s make this really work. What I’m going to do is to do this for a different product that I set up. And we’re going to use the social profit tools plugin for WordPress and input “make money on Instagram” and follow the instructions.

In addition to that, it also has an inbuilt list builder and it goes through all the people on your list. You can see what they bought, you can see what they opened, and you can see what they clicked. You can be like, “hey, check this out, so today people clicked on my stuff”. It’s pretty new. For example, here.

Now if you want to build a mailing list, it is pretty easy create a new form and call it “opt-in social profit”. Then you follow the instructions.
This software does everything for you; there is a free trial that goes for $1 in a month. Now you have to get past the free trial to get my bonuses. The smallest plan goes for $89/month. Now, you have to make you go through my link so that you get the bonuses. Here are the bonuses, you’re going to get:

  • Full training on How to start your online business ($127)
  • We’d do a niche market research live class ($127)
  • I’ll show you how to make your own info-profit business
  • 3 ways I’ve made a ton of site with membership sites ($1,997)
  • I buy a domain for your niche (up to $1000 value)
  • Special interaction welcome call, pay per click class ($1277 value)

Here is what you’re going to do. Go to www. Kartprofits.com. Watch this video, or skip down and click on “Request Invite”.

This will pop up. You’ll put your name, email and an invite message will be sent to your email. And you go sign up.
Now let me tell you why this is not just another tool. It’s something with marketing-embedded and unlike other tools this allows you to embed it on your site. The email in this software that you’re going to get has an email sequence that is preloaded with the forms to get people to open, click, and buy.

All the templates are in there. It also has an order form templates.
This is a step you need, take a step and you’re very much closer to setting up your business. And when you get in there, you’re going to be blown away by how easy it is. And when you get my training, you’re going to be like, “this is like a match made in heaven and I think I can go out there and make it work”. You can integrate it with your blog, payment system, and so on.

Another incredible thing is that kartra is that it has all the marketing in it. You don’t have to be a marketing genius.
How do we link it to Bluehost email?
You don’t actually need it. You can actually use direct email server, they already have it here. It’ so simple! You just go to “campaigns”, as shown here
Where can I go to get a list of the trigger words for a search engine?

That is in the simple site course. If you’re interested in that, you can just go to simplesitebonus.com and sign up there.
For the plugin partnership products, what I’m doing is I’m giving people the chance to develop in the Affiliate marketing niche.

I want to set up a membership site, any ideas?
You can either do the plug-in partnership deal or you can ether talk to me about that on live chat or you can use that as your niche. When you sign up for kartprofits.com and you can find your niche.

When you get to kartprofits site, there’ll be a video. Click on Request invite, put your info, and request invite. They’d actually send you an email for you to sign up. Again, remember you’ll be enjoying our bonuses when you sign up through me:

  • Full training on How to start your online business ($127)
  • We’d do a niche market research live class ($127)
  • 3 ways I’ve made a ton of site with membership sites ($1,997)
  • I buy a domain for your niche (up to $1000 value)
  • Special interaction welcome call, pay per click class ($1277 value).

If you have any question, feel free to check me on live chat. Do have a lovely day!

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

NOTE: We are finishing up the full report. Please watch Your Email For Details Over The Next Few Days.

1. Grunt Work. Paid Surveys, Paid To View Ads, Rewards Sites, ect.

2. Buy And Sell For Profit Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist

3. Write Content For Other People (fiverr, hirewriters, ect)

4. Be A Middleman Between Influencers And Advertisers (broker)

5. Fiverr Gigs… Focus On Stuff That Has Lots Of Buys And Reviews

6. Start A Facebook Group Around A Specific Topic

7. Start A Youtube Channel With A Specific Focus

8. Set Up WordPress Websites For Free

9. Host A Review / Update Type Show In A Specified Niche

10. Become An Affiliate Marketer