Beginner Road-map to Makes $100, 000 per Year with Affiliate Marketing


Hey guys! Mark is here, the affiliate marketing dude. I’m at the video World Conference Summit thing. It’s been great. I met my buddy Jeff here.


Now, Jeff’s friend Justin wants to ask a question about affiliate marketing that I think you guys would like to.

Justin is a real estate agent and he wanted to know the first steps to get to a hundred thousand in affiliate marketing in a year separate from real estate. So he’s like, how do I get started with this?

 He’s been watching my videos forever. So we have those and he wants to get out there and do this stuff.

In this video, I’m going to show you what I would do if I was brand new in affiliate marketing. I didn’t have any money or maybe like a hundred bucks or something and I wanted to start doing affiliate marketing.

So we’re gonna take you step-by-step how to start, what to do, what to invest in, what you would need to do to get to a hundred thousand dollars a year because it sounds like a big goal!

But in actuality it’s only $274 a day. If you break that down into 24 hour days, that’s like what 10 bucks an hour. We’re gonna teach you how to do that and we’re starting right now.

When I first started my business, my first goal was to make six figures online. I wanted to make $100,000, a year from the internet, from the comfort of my own home. I knew there was a way to do it but I felt really stuck because no one really showed me the way and there wasn’t like a roadmap.

So what I’d like to do today is give you the roadmap that took me to my first $67,000 year, my first hundred-thousand-dollar year and even my first million-dollar year.

We’re gonna break it down and show you exactly what you need to do. If you like this kind of stuff and you want to learn more about making money with affiliate marketing and other online methods, I urge you to click the subscribe button then click the little bell notification icon because we got lots of videos here to show you exactly what you need to do! We even have a live stream every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time right here on the channel. 

Let’s go ahead and dive right in and show you exactly what you need to do to hit that six-figure mark with affiliate marketing!

I gotta tell you, I got a disclaimer in this. The results are not typical. I don’t know what you’re gonna make. Nothing in life in business or anything like that is guaranteed. All I’m gonna do is show you what’s worked for me and what’s worked for countless other people as well.

The average person who tries affiliate marketing, unfortunately never gets any results usually because they don’t try but even when they do try there are some variables. If that sounds good to you and you’re not expecting $100,000, to fly out of your computer the minute this video is over then I think you’re gonna like this video.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in and get started.

The first thing that you need to do when starting your affiliate marketing business is you need to find a refined audience.

You got to find a group of people who’s interested in something. The more you know about this group of people, the better. It could be anything. It could be people looking for how to save money. It could be people looking for ways to make recipes or Indian cooking recipe.

We’re gonna show how this works and we got to find that group. The best place to find this group is by using the Google Adwords Keyword tool.

I can go through and I can type something in like, “puppy won’t stop biting” and I can see like that term that almost 10 000 people a month are searching for puppy won’t stop biting. That is what we call a niche market. That’s your group of people. Now your niche markets gonna start with a keyword like that but it’s gonna branch out and it’s gonna be broad.

You might find out that as you’re going through, the niche is going to sub as that your niche is going to segment into several different little niches.

You might have something like puppy won’t stop biting, puppy biting too much, puppy you know won’t sleep, puppy won’t eat, different things like that. That’s related to your main niche of puppy won’t stop biting or whatever. Now you want to keep it kind of tighten it but you want to be broad enough to where the money’s there.

Obviously with ten thousand searches a month, you’re probably not gonna make ten thousand dollars in this market right off the bat. That would be your six figure mark. So we got to refine it and we got to look at other keywords and other avenues as well.

So let’s say we go through and we’re like, okay we find this stuff out and we’re like okay, keyword number one is puppy won’t stop biting.

Good and then we’re like okay cool so people are looking that up now. We got to look at the intent why would they search for this. If you’re in a market where it’s like live cryptocurrency prices or live cost of gold or something like that, or mortgage refinance rates or how do I know if I’m getting a divorce or something like that, you want to look at the intent. The intent of someone looking at puppy won’t stop biting is they got a puppy and they really need to train their puppy because it’s biting them and it’s driving him nuts.

You might also have like puppy biting something like that and then you might also have like puppy training. So you’re gonna go through. You’re gonna see that big list of keywords that you have in the Google planner. Again, I urge you to check out the video. We’ll put it in the description below about the Google AdWords planner and how to use it.

So you’re gonna get your list of keywords.  

You can be like, here’s my group of people, I know what they want, they want a well-behaved puppy. That’s what they want. They want to have people over. They don’t want the puppy to jump up which could be another keyword by the way and they have all these things that the puppy is doing. They want to train it so that it’s happy and they can have people over and have a peaceful life with a wonderful little dog that sits in the corner and only plays when you ask it to.

That’s the goal. That’s the intent. 

So we got to look at this. Once you have that intent, once you have that goal and if you don’t have that goal, I would urge you to check out my videos on trigger words. I’ll put the link in the description below as well. This is where we go through and we find a niche.

If you need help finding a niche, we have a service where we actually find you a niche and set up your site and help you with everything over at HighTicketNiches.com.

So first step is to refine your niche.

When I first started almost 20 years ago, my first niche was going after reports that people wanted on how to save money, how to deal with credit card debt, all kinds of things like that. I built a site about that noticing what these people wanted. I wasn’t as good as I am now back then but it worked and I made my first $27, 000 dollars, had my first $67, 000 a year and the idea was to have that site to cater to these people.

So now the next step after you get your group of people and you find a niche that will work is to go ahead and buy a domain name. So you’re gonna buy a domain name.

Let’s see if we can find something fancy for a domain name here. We’ll use this little icon here so the next thing you want to do is get a domain name. A lot of people are like, “Marcus can I do this with free hosting, with a free domain name, with free. I just want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year and I don’t even want to get a quarter out and invest it.” That’s not the kind of people I talked to. This is gonna take some money. You could do these steps for about a hundred dollars maybe less. We have some options as well and we even have free options but you know what, do it right!  I’d hate to see you do it wrong and lose out on the money you could make and again if your goal is $100,000, a year you got to look at this like a business for some reason.

When people try affiliate marketing and internet marketing, their business sense just goes out the window and they’re like, well where’s the money come out of my computer and that doesn’t work! Let’s look at this. We got to get a domain name.

The reason I tell you to get hosting through me is one, because I’m an affiliate and I get paid when you sign up for hosting. The second reason is because I do this with my sites. So I use the same hosting. All the training videos I put out are based on that hosting platform, so you’re not going to be like, “Marcus said there’s a green button and there’s no green button.” Do everything the way I teach you and you’ll see a green button. Pretty easy.

So you’re gonna go there and you’re gonna get your domain. It’s very important that when you get your domain and hosting over at GoHubSite.com that you get a domain that fits your niche.

I don’t want something like Marcus’s fun site for everything.com because nobody cares about Marcus no cares about his fun site. We got to get something. We’re refine so I would want to get something like “puppy won’t stop biting.com or puppy biting stop.com or something like that. I want something very refined, something very based on my keywords and I want to do this for every niche I’m in.

I also want something that’s easy to remember so that they can come back to me or go to me from a video or something like that. Notice how in this video I use something like NGO hub site. That’s easy. It’s like you’re gonna type it in. It’s not hard to spell.

If I had something like Timbuktu hallelujah website, you’re gonna be like, whoa how do I spell that? Or even something like Marcus’s site, you’re gonna get confused of Marcus’s doesn’t have to s or does it have one s AND WHEN PEOPLE GET CONFUSED THEY DON’T GO TO YOUR SITE. They don’t buy anything. So make it easy. Make it based on the keywords and make it very very specific. This is what we’re doing here if you want to get to the goal. This is the roadmap to do it. So you find your niche. You get your domain name. You get your hosting.

The next thing you want to do is if I can find my icon here. Set up a website.

When I set up a website, I use WordPress. I use WordPress for everything. Only times I don’t use WordPress is if I want to make like a little order form or something. Just because I’ve been doing it for so long and you know it’s easier that way but use WordPress. WordPress is super easy you’ll have it installed in like 45 seconds. Maybe like 10 minutes if you’re slow. Very easy to do. Very easy platform and all the tools that I’ve designed for you in my courses and everything work on WordPress. You just click install and boom you’re off to the races.

So the next step you want to do, first get your niche. Get it refined. Make sure there’s money in the niche.

So if you find a niche like how to peel a banana and there’s no affiliate offers and you can’t really find a way to make money, that’s probably not gonna work. However, puppy won’t stop biting. I know I can sell pet insurance that pays pretty well. I know I can sell ebooks on puppy training and things like that. I know I can sell courses on puppy training. I know I can do gift card type offers for like pet companies and things like that. I know I can generate leads for like local pet hospitals or whatever. All kinds of things or vets, whatever it is. So there’s a lot of money. We know people spend a lot of money on vets and we know or not vets on pets and we know there’s a lot of money there. So this has a potential.


We want to go through say, do I have the niche? Is there money in the niche?


Those are the two questions you get an answer.

 If the answer is yes, you go to step two, buy your domain name. Get your web-hosting.


Step three, set up your WordPress.

 Doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to spend a thousand dollars on a theme. Just set something up simple. We got free themes for you. I’ll put some links in the description as well so you can get those free themes. They’re basic. They’re based on what I’ve used to make millions of dollars with WordPress websites. They work. Don’t deviate.

Sometimes when people deviate and they try their own thing, it doesn’t work that well. Sometimes it does but it’s pretty rare. If you follow a proven formula, you’ll get pretty good results. That’s kind of how it works. So the next thing is to set up your site. You’re gonna go on Go hub site. You’ll follow the directions. Set up your site. Set up your domain. Within a couple minutes you’ll have WordPress.

So I got my niche. I got my ways to make money. I got my domain. I got my website.

Next, you want to go through your keywords.

You’re gonna find there’s a lot of them. Let me pull open the Google AdWords tools so you can see how this works. In the Google AdWords tool, we can actually go through and we can look up keywords. Again, it’s like the back door.

So we could do puppy biting okay and you’re gonna see lots of keywords that people look up related to puppy biting. Don’t be kind of broad at first but we’re gonna narrow it down.

So we got puppy biting. Remember how I said there’s like 10 000, people a month and there is it’s like almost 10 000, I think I was off by a hundred right so there you go. Now we also have stuff like how to potty train a puppy and on and on we go. Look there’s like a lot of searches for puppy training and puppies and whatever so we got like potty train crate trained how to train a dog stop a puppy from biting. Like this is your golden key word, check it out low competition, 30 cents on the low end, not a lot of advertisers.

We’re gonna take a look here. We’ll go to google and we’re just gonna search for the keyword. We got YouTube. We got WebMD. We got all kinds of stuff. Not a whole lot of advertisements so there’s no paid ads here. If there was paid ads, it’d be like pet insurance. See how there’s ads here. That means people are paying. On the puppy biting no one’s paying cheap traffic.

Here’s the thing. People don’t understand this and if you get this, you’ll be on your way to six figures. Disclaimer, probably not. Nothing ever works but I think it might. 

So we’re gonna go through and we’ll be like, hey check this out if I can understand that the same people who look up puppy biting are the same people who buy pet insurance, then watch what happens. Stop a puppy from biting- low competitionThere’s no advertisers if I go to pet insurance. If I go to pet insurance, we’ll just isolate this. I’m gonna add a filter and use a pet. Look at that seventeen dollars a click. So what that’s essentially saying is like the same people are interested in puppy biting are probably interested in pet insurance. It’s just a little bit different way to get there.

Not everyone will be interested but a lot will or some or whatever. Even if one percent is, you’re still doing good. What that’s basically saying is I can buy traffic in a market really cheap in a market where people are spending a lot of money. We know there’s market. We know there’s stuff there.

We can also go to like a OfferVault.com which is where I go to find my affiliate offers.

I could go to OfferVault.com and I can type in like puppy training. By the way, people are making like 7 figures in this market so it’s a huge market. You can use it if you want.

Let’s do pet training, dog training maybe. Sometimes you got to do a little poking around and a little bit of manipulating of your search ideas to see what’s going on. I know there was one for dog training. So secrets to dog training, brain training for dogs. Let’s take a look at these. This is Clickbank. It pays 30 dollars a sale. Eliminate bad behavior in your puppy.

Here’s another one. Secrets to dog training day course for free and it gets them 30 dollars a sale. We can also go through and we can do stuff like pet. I can actually type it in. We’ll go pet like this and we’ll search for it and see what comes up. Now you’re gonna scroll past all these sponsored listing. The sponsored ones are in blue so we’re gonna go down to the grey ones.

We’re gonna look at like what’s out there for pets and we can find what’s out there. Sometimes they’re a little bit difficult to find. That’s if there’s like pet insurance. It’s not like that. Now this is UK and it pays low but there’s usually really good ones you can find as well. Here we got pet food samples kind of thing. We got carpets and flooring. That’d be good for like the people who want to pet trained or what’s it called like potty trained their dog. There we go. That’s the word! They’re probably gonna want like carpet cleaning. Then you get 23 dollars when they get on the phone. They just call a phone number, custom phone number and I think they only stay on for like 90 seconds or something and you get bucks. There’s also other offers like that so there’s a lot of offers. Lots of ways to make money.

What we want to do is to take a look at this. We want to go back to our root word and we’re gonna do puppy biting. We’re gonna go get results. We want to get rid of the filter. We’re gonna do puppy, how to potty train a puppy, how to stop a puppy from biting. Your goal here to make a hundred thousand dollars a year, is to serve this market really well. What you want to do is you want to start to make content based on how to stop a puppy from biting.

“Marcus I don’t know how to make content. I’m not a writer. I can’t get on video.” That’s fine! You can outsource it. If you want to make a hundred grand a year, you’re gonna have to get some skin in the game. You can do it yourself and make it free but you can also outsource it for like bucks an article or six bucks an article or something like that. Then you can take your six dollar article and you can go to Fiverr and you have someone make a video about it. I mean come on it’s not that hard to do if you like dogs. Get in this market and do it if you like! Like our buddy Justin who this videos for is a Cajun dude from Louisiana. He probably likes Cajun cooking like me. I love Cajun cooking. You can go in and do Cajun food.  He could make a whole site about Cajun cooking and he can cook Cajun food and stuff like that. He can get people to all kinds of stuff. Look at that! You got like three hundred thousand people a month searching for jambalaya. Two hundred thousand for gumbo creole, Cajun gumbo recipe, Cajun.

I mean come on! There’s a lot of stuff and again you go to your offer vault. I could do like easy recipes or something like that. I could do that. I can give it away and make money. I might also be able to do like pots and pans. I know the green pan was a big one that was out. I used to promote where you get $ and all they had to do is buy a $90 pan which is cool. You could be like I make all my Cajun food and the green pan because it doesn’t stick or whatever. Do your imagination here. Maybe the insta pot. You can use the insta pot for your gumbo. The insta pot is over on Amazon. You can find it and Amazon has an affiliate network. You can do a whole thing about Cajuns cooking and insta pots. Super easy! How to make Louisiana food in an instant so you don’t got to wait all day, sells for 99 bucks and you know you can get a commission. I don’t know what Amazon pays. It’s usually pretty low but you can go other places like go direct to the into the pot and sell it. You can sell them on your own. You could drop ship them whatever. There’s lots of ways to make money.

Let’s see if I have a little money icon we can put in here. I hope you like this video so far and if you do, make sure you subscribe because we’re just gonna give you this roadmap so that you know what’s going on. So we’ll use this guy. He’s got like money eyes and he’s like super huge so we use him.

So you got to have your market and you got to have your way to make money. There you go. In case you got to have your market, you got to have your way to make money. We’re gonna do the same kind of thing. We’re gonna do puppy biting. We’re gonna get all our keywords lined up. We’re gonna get our domain. We’re gonna set up our site and then we’re gonna start plucking away at all of the keywords. We’re gonna pluck away.

If you’re in the Cajun market, it’d be like Jambalaya in the insta pot. You know whatever right. If we’re in the puppy training or puppy biting, we’re gonna go down the line biting and we’re gonna help people out. This is really easy. You just got to keep at it. It’s not gonna come overnight but if you do paid traffic you will get some results pretty fast. So we’re gonna do like how to stop a puppy from biting. We’re gonna tackle that word. We’re gonna get some content. We’re gonna do really good.

So I’m gonna set up a blog post for how to stop a puppy from biting. I’m gonna write about it. I’m gonna get a video made about it or whatever and we’re gonna start to pluck away every single keyword we can get. I’ll just isolate it.

Let’s say we’re just going for the puppy biting. Here we go! Stop puppy biting. Get us. This is my list. This is your gold list. There you go! You just start plucking down the list. You will get some rankings. You can buy some traffic. You put your offers on the site. You build a mailing list and you start to build and you start to grow.

The way that I set up my sites is very simple. We go through like on affiliate marketing dude. It’s like, hey you’re gonna get your affiliate marketing tools. Put your name and email in the box. Now on my content stuff like where and I said go to go hub site okay on those I have a little tutorial. Hey here’s a video. Here’s how to set up your site.

Here’s a little breakdown of how to do it right. It’s not that hard to do and you’re just gonna go through and you’re gonna be like, boom I’m gonna do one for puppy stop fighting. I’m gonna do one for when puppies stop biting and do one for aggressive puppy biting. I’m going to build up a niche. Mini Authority site in the puppy stop biting thing because that’s a deal. You know their pain point right? They want their puppy to stop biting. You got a solution. You got all your courses and your stuff and other things. You build a mailing list for people that have puppies and boom you mail that list. You give them your new content you get them back to your affiliate offers and you start to make money.

It’s not that hard to do. People overcomplicate it. So you build your website.

You start to put content on it for all your stuff.

Now on your sites on the side, you’re gonna have a little thing that says put your name and put your email and hit submit so that I can give you my puppies stop biting guide okay. Tell a little story if you’ve had a puppy before. Then mention that I used this course or this little guide and he stopped hiding. You want the book, put your name and email in the box!

Now they’re part of your list. You’re gonna put your other content whether it’s video, whether it’s whatever over here. So boom here’s your stuff. This would be your text content or your video content.  You structure it this way. You’re like okay here’s my title boom. My titles over here, it’s like how to stop puppy biting. Your title’s gonna change and it’ll obviously fit on your site but your title’s going to change based on every different thing that they come.

So your title is going to be after all of this, if you make videos, the videos are gonna be after all of this. If you want to get this going because some niches will be kind of competitive, they’ll be kind of tough to break into which is why I like paid traffic, but if you want to go the free traffic route, all you have to do is find forums in your market.

You could literally go over to Google like this. Okay, here’s all these forums. Now you could go to these forums and you can learn about puppy biting and you can help people out. Super easy! You help them out and then you lead them back to your site. You’re like, I hope you thought that was helpful. If you did, I got a little PDF you can download on how to stop your puppy from biting and ten other annoying puppy behaviors or whatever.

Super easy and you’re built and you grow and you keep at it!

The problem is people set up one blog post and they expect to get rich overnight. It doesn’t happen. You’ve got to build and you got to grow. You got a test and you got to refine and you got to say, hey do they respond to the pet insurance offer? If they do, great! I’m gonna keep it. I’m gonna make it more prominent. If they don’t, I’m gonna get rid of it and you get something else. If you follow this plan which obviously there’s a lot more to it and will teach you some more about it in other videos, but I wanted to give you a quick video on what would I do if I needed to make $100,000, a year. This is what I do. I’d pick my niche. I’d go down the list. I’d start making content.

If you want to get content, you can go to my site. Again, I’m gonna affiliate. You can go to GetWebsiteContent.com. You can hire articles for as little as like four dollars for a good article and just start putting them on your site, make good stuff, get it out there, put some images, make some videos, start to rank it, test some paid traffic. The more you test, the more data you’re gonna get. The more data you get, that’s when you win the internet. And affiliate marketing is driven by data.

I was just talking to a client about this. The data doesn’t care how you feel. It doesn’t care how much money you want to make. Doesn’t care who you are. It’s just data. If you go through and you’re like, hey check it out, I sent an email about pet insurance to my list and no one clicked, well they don’t care about you. They’re not like oh well you know what Marcus is a terrible puppy owner because I didn’t want that. No it’s just data. Now you know what to send next time if people don’t go to your blog poster. It doesn’t rank data. Figure out why. Figure out what to do. Go to a forum. Post a link. Follow this path. Keep at it for like six months to a year. Do some paid traffic. If you need to make money right now, test it out again. Be careful with paid traffic because you could lose money. This is a business. You could lose money in anything but I gotta tell you, if you do it right, it’s pretty darn cool! I’ve lost a little bit of money but I’ve made way more!

If you have a mentor, I would suggest getting me as your mentor. If you like my stuff get a Markus mentor MA. Get started with it. Go through. Get a bunch of stuff. You read all about it at MarcusMentor.Me and you can learn about how to get me as your mentor. 

We’ll teach you how to do it but go down the list. That’s it! This is your roadmap. Go down the list. Make content. Give good stuff. Lead to affiliate offers. Rinse, repeat, build list, email list, focus laser, focus on your keywords. Laser focus on your market. Put good offers in front of them network and my friends you should get some results!

Thanks again for watching the roadmap to a hundred thousand dollars a year and again if you look at this the Clickbank book pays $32. All I got to do is sell like eight of them a day and I make a hundred thousand dollars a year. Do you think eight people out of all these people like that’s a thousand people a day looking up how to stop a puddy puppy from biting? Do you think you can find eight people to buy your book? Do you think you can find a few people to get pet insurance? Do you think you can find a few people to click on some meds? Of course you can! And that my friends is how it’s done.

I would do a mic drop but the mic is attached to me so I’ll just bid you farewell and tell you to subscribe and watch the next video. Thanks again I’m affiliate marketing dude and I’ll see you in the next video.



How Much Money Will An Affiliate Niche Sites Earn – Estimate Average Niche Site Earnings…

Hey guys, Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com.


You might be asking “Marcus, how do I know what a site’s gonna make?”

Disclaimer: You’ll only know how your site works when you start testing it!

I’ll be teaching you on how to narrow in on your niche!

EPC – It’s an abbreviation for Earnings Per Click. YOU NEED TO BE OBSESSED WITH THIS.  

Essentially, what EPC means is how much you can expect based on each click. With the EPC, you can foresee how many clicks that you would need to get in order to pay for your month expenditure.

For example:

For your monthly bills you’ll need $1000 a month.  If each click will earn you at least 0.30$, then you’ll need 3000 clicks in order to pay for that $1000 monthly payment.

Pretty simple and easy!

Next, we’re going to determine what’s the value of your niche!

You have you ask yourself: Who do you want to learn from?

Here’s some tips on what you can do to understand your niche:

  1. POTENTIAL– You want to focus on how much you will be able to earn in the niche. If you know if that niche has a good potential on earning more than a different niche. Then you should take that!
  2. FIND OR MAKE YOUR RESOURCES – Once you have found a certain niche, you need to reel traffic in through a series of products and as well as different resources. Ask yourself if there are videos, PDFs, applications, toolbars, photos, and other products and resources that are related to your niche.
  3. SEARCH FOR CONNECTIONS – With that niche that you’re striving for, you can search the web if there are people who have been selling or advertising these products in the websites. Generate your leads! 

What if you’re getting traffic but you’re not getting any sales?

No worries! We’ll hash that out for you.

We’re going to make you a map that you can use that will guide you the process of gaining sales.

I made an excel calculator that you can download that will help you when it comes to knowing how much you’ll earn from a certain product.

  1. Let’s say that you’re selling a product (for this part, we’re selling a 100$ drone). For each drone that you sold, you actually get 50$ for it.
  2. If you’re going to sell a 63$ product, on the high end, you’re going to earn 2$ a click. On the low end, you’ll earn 0.63$ a click.

If you’re really good, you can sell an item for 1 out of 30 clicks. If you’re new to the industry, you could get a purchase for 1 out of 100 clicks.

Sometimes, you can get around 10,000 clicks in a month, that means that you’re earning a potential of $6300

The best way to know the cost per click would be should be on your Google Ads.

We have to understand the value of traffic:

  1. Direct Hit Offer– If the individual offers a product for free and he gets paid for it. The direct hit offer is very accurate to the keywords.

Use buyer keywords!

Examples: “buy a cheap drone for under $100”

Note – A buyer keyword is going to convert higher the price.

However, there are some downsides to buyer keywords. EVERYONE buys buyer keywords. Because of this, the price goes sky-high. The conversion then starts to DROP.

REMEMBER – If something is easy, it gravitate towards break-even

2.) Pretty Damn Close Offer – The barrier of entry is low. Something like fill-out a form, put your zip code on the box.  

3.) Off The Beaten Path – An example of this would be if you are selling click funnels or a website-building software


Another way of value-ing your traffic is by simply looking at what people are paying for. Basically, what the price of the word is should tell you what their worth is!  

That’s all there is to it!

Narrow down your niche and make sure that you have an idea on what profits!


Got a lot of cool videos and everything else for you! 

Check it out and I’ll see you on the inside



Boost Your Affiliate Traffic FREE With Youtube Videos – With Sean Cannell Affiliate Marketing Tips

Hey guys, it’s Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com

We have a guest speaker today, his name is Sean Cannell and he’s the author of Youtube Secrets!

Sean Cannell has had a lot of milestones when it comes to online marketing. He’s making 100,000$ a year from Amazon! For affiliate marketers, this means that Sean knows how to bring in lots of traffic.

Sean Cannell is also going to share to us tips and his experience with his journey in earning money online – specifically with a platform like Youtube. Cannell started out editting videos during the hardest season in his life. Since he wanted to start getting passive income, that’s when he started videos on youtube.

“I used Amazon because it’s the everything store.” – Cannell

Cannell started doing videos on different trends and niches – one of these strends was ‘giving gifts to friends’. In most cases, there are actually a lot of people who would search that up on Youtube. So he started reviewing and showcasing a lot of products in his room.

  He also did commissions for a variety of different products which range from health drinks, gold coins and just plethora of different products and he would get around 15 – 20% commission for this.

 Sean would earn at least a 200 – 300$ a month from one video that he made a few years ago!


Affiliate Marketing makes you a earn a lot more per view – There are a lot of Youtubers out there who have thousands of subscribers that can easily make them 6-figures of views a day. If you can make 2 cents for every 10 views then you can definitely earn a lot with all of those views.

BUT you can definitely earn more if you’re also reviewing products and you’re earning a commission of 20% – 30% for each product that you’ve sold!

It’s a win-win situation!

You have to think about the intent of the viewer –  One of the reasons why people search for reviews for products is because they want to know if that product meets their expectations or their needs.

This is actually a good opportunity to show them the pros and cons of the product as well as showcasing them the product!

Keep track of what’s trending and people will definitely flock to your videos! BUT REMEMBER – Make sure what you’re making a video of is also a part of your niche!


Start narrow then go broad – The best way to know your audience is to know what they’re clicking on.

  • In most cases, these people are looking for solutions to their problems – which could be technical in nature or It’s something really specific that they’ll stumble into your video.
  • Once you gain momentum, you can start having a more broader audience who can definitely relate to your videos.

Know your audience – This is actually really self-explanatory. One of the best strategies when it comes to reeling in views is to know who your market is!

You have to constantly be on the watch for the latest trends and you have to keep evolving so that you can compete with other Youtubers and online marketers

Want to unlock your full potential when it comes to being a successful Youtuber? Be sure to buy Sean Cannell’s book – Youtube Secrets! On amazon!

Sean Cannell’s Youtube Secrets is your go-to map and guide when it comes to creating videos for Youtube!

  • It helps you understand the concept of completion with the 7 C’s of Youtube success!
  • It’ll hold your hand through the different strategies when it comes to a plethora of different things that’s related to youtube
    • Ranking
    • What you should do in linked in
    • WordPress

There’s also more advanced tactics and strategies that should help you out

  • Mastering searchability
  • Levelling trends
  • Any many more!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the book through amazon now!

We’ll be giving you some bonuses!

Download Notes from this video PLUS A 45 minute In Depth Training @ videohacks.com/book


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Passive Income Is Easy???

Marcus’ Passive Income Rant:

Hey guys, Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com.

For today, we’ll be discussing if you could earn a lot from passive income or not?

Doing a full-time job is well and good – but don’t you think you could actually earn more WHILE also saving up energy by letting the internet reel in all the cash for you?

But before anything else, let’s define what passive income is!

There’s three really obvious sources of passive income:

  • REAL ESTATE– Once you have the real estate, people pay their monthly rent. Sometimes there could be some problems (like overdue pay or issues with the read estate). But overall, it’s a good way of making a passive income!

DOWNSIDE – You’ll need to dish in TONS of money for this kind of business to work.

  • STOCKS AND INVESTING– Basically, you pay and invest money to a company and as the company grows, you get paid based on the company’s growth.

DOWNSIDE – Once you invest on a company, there are times that the company will be doing well. There are also times that the company won’t be doing well and this can be a detriment to you and the company.

BUT DON’T WORRY – In most cases, when you invest in stocks, you can easily foresee what you’re going to profit on in the next month!

  • STATE AN AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS – The third and the best way to earn money is through the internet.
    • You can set up little businesses that you can set up every month and you can gain momentum and grow easily!
    • If you get views every day and if someone buys your products, then you’ll be getting money on top of the amount that you’re making from the views.

It’s simple and fun!

Let’s say that you’re reviewing products online through videos since you’re an enthusiast to this particular product. Once you get publicity, you’re going to eventually get reached out by someone who does sell that particular product who also has an affiliate program

  • When you’re advertising that product through your video and if someone clicks your link and buys that product, you are going to get a percentage of that.

It’s a win-win 

Think about it:

It only takes a couple of hours to make a video and as long as that video is up and people are watching it, you’re going to constantly keep on earning!

As long as you keep on making videos, you’re going to be gaining a lot of momentum and what you’ll be earning

REMEMBER: If you really want to make this passive income thing work, you have to stick with

There are a lot of people who give-up moments before success. These people think that they can get everything in just a blink of an eye. In reality, almost every business takes time and patience for it to grow and flourish. If you’re going to make a video and a blog post and make money from it, you need to be 

You have to do it systematically

The internet is a big place, there might be competition since there are obviously large companies that are based on the internet – but they’re usually competing on the general and obvious things.

There’s always gaps in the market place and that’s where you come in!


Passive income CAN be a reality, but desire is not enough. Feelings are not enough. You HAVE to do the work! Be sure to check out affiliatedude.com/passive to build a passive income stream!



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How I Make Up to $15,000 or More Each Month Selling and Giving Away Simple PDF Files

Can you make up to $15,000 a month or more selling and giving away free PDFs on the internet?

Disclaimer, we don’t know if you’ll make $15 000 a month. You might make nothing. Most affiliate marketers make nothing but some of them do really well.

In this video, we’re gonna show you exactly

what to do if you want to do really well.

If you don’t know how to make a PDF, let me show you.

  • You simply go to Microsoft Word.
  • Hit file save as.
  • Choose PDF.

It’s really that easy!

  • If you don’t know how to put a PDF on your site, you simply drag that PDF you just saved onto your WordPress site. Hit save and boom there it is!

We’re gonna talk about exactly what kind of PDFs you need;

how to make money with them;

how to get them out there

and all kinds of stuff to help you make money with PDFs!

Hello and welcome! I’m Marcus aka the affiliate marketing dude.

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Now let’s dive in to PDF profits. First and foremost, you want to realize that making money with PDFs can in fact happen even if you don’t have a website. Although I don’t recommend this method, you could simply put your affiliate links in the PDF, distribute them and make money.

I highly recommend that you have a website for list building and link tracking which I’ll teach you how to do over at GoHubSite.com. It’ll take you about 15 minutes, cost you about $70 or $90 for the entire year of web hosting and you can have as many sites and PDFs as you want on one account.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in and talk about what kind of PDFs you’ll want.

First and foremost, what you want is a PDF with a good title.

You want something that’s going to attract visitors. If you’re in the weight loss market and you want to do a PDF about weight loss, it’d be something like the 7 tips that help you lose weight, number 3 is really good or something like that.

If you’re in the make money market, maybe it’s gonna be how to make money with PDFs in as little as 15 minutes a day or something like that.

Also, one of the things you want to realize is that people are searching for PDFs each and every day.

The third thing you want to realize is that people love PDFs!

I don’t know why the same content that’s on your blog could be turned into a PDF and all of a sudden everyone flips out and says, yeah I want the PDF! It happens all the time. You guys see me do it all the time here on the channel where I say if you want notes, downloadable PDF notes of any of my videos, go to downloadmynotes.com and people go there every day by the droves and get PDFs of the same content that they just watched.

The first thing you need to know is you need to have a good title.

It’s gotta be something that’s gonna grab people in. Something people are gonna want to look at, download and consume.

Next, what you want to do is choose your distribution method.

You could distribute these on your blogs. You could send people to them from your videos. You could do a press release. You could put them on Facebook. You can put little links on Instagram, Pinterest, anywhere that people are at that want the kind of info that you have to offer. Hint, it’s pretty much damn near everywhere if you have the right title and the right hook.

The second thing you need when doing your PDF business is you’re going to need good content.

You gotta have something good that they’re gonna consume. This doesn’t mean it has to be 500 pages long. It could be like a three to seven-page book or PDF or whatever it is, just as long as it gives the good information. It’s very important that you want your information to lead to the next step.

At the end of this video I’m gonna say, hey if you want to learn more, go check out simple sites big profits my training course at simplesitesbonus.com!

If you’re doing an affiliate link, you would say I hope you enjoyed these workout tips, by the way check out this book on workout tips or by the way I use the Ab Roller for big buff abs.

We got to look at that, good content that leads to the offer.

Let’s put good content leads to offer. Whatever you’re offering is very important. To show you how simple this could be, you could simply make a PDF about how to create PDFs and distribute it and get people to download a PDF downloader.

Really cool and it’s easy!

The company pays you two dollars and fifty cents or more when they download it for free! They don’t have to opt-in or anything, you simply give away your book, give away the tools, you make money!

You could do this with expensive products. You can do it with cheap products and these will get distributed. Hint, PDFs actually show up in the search results of Google, MSN, Yahoo or any favorite search engine you have. So these are gonna rank.

Next, we got to have good offers.

You got to have a good offer to make in your PDF. If you’re using an affiliate program, make sure that the way you lead them into the affiliate offer is very seamless and very easy.

Just like when I go, hey go to simplesitesbonus.com. If you want me to teach you everything about how to make money online, get the course! Very simple! Segues in a really easy way and you could plug these on your PDFs. The cool thing is, the more PDFs you have out there, the more people consuming your content, the more people that are going to click your affiliate links or your product links, and the more money you’re going to make!

Bonus tip number four is that you can use your PDFs to build a huge mailing list.

That’s right! PDFs are like a hook if you’re going fishing, and you are going to lure the fish in saying come get my PDF. They put the name and email on your website. You build a mailing list. You can market to them over and over. Send them other PDFs and videos or whatever it is you want to send. Get people back to your offer and you can make money!

Lastly, number five, this is why I recommend a website among other things), is you could use these PDFs to send people back to your website.

You can build a following simply by getting these PDFs, getting people to opt-in for the information, sending them affiliate offers and following up with them in a really easy way. You could simply follow up with them since you already know they want PDFs with PDFs every day or every other day or whatever. It’s all automated and easy to do. So we go through and we look at this. We’ve got to have a PDF with a good title. We have to have good content and offers.

Now you can learn about how to find offers over on my offer finding video which we’re going to show you at the end of this. Just click it! It’ll go right over there. We’ll show you how we find offers.

You got to have a good offer.

You gotta have a good content that leads to the offer.  

You got to have a good offer.

You gotta build a mailing list.

You gotta send people back to your website.

If you do this in the right way, people will consume your PDFs. They’ll come back to you for more content. They’ll appreciate the work that you’ve done compiling the information and boom there you go! Now let’s get into some other stealth tips.

Let’s say you don’t want to write your own PDF. You’re lazy. You want to sit around and do nothing. You could actually go over to a content writing service and have them write your PDF for you for about 25 to 50 dollars. Very Inexpensive!

Again, remember when this is written, if you’ve spent twenty-five dollars you’ll probably get like a 10 to 20-page report and when it’s written, it’s your job to plug the affiliate offers and make it fancy and put a logo and everything like that.

It’s very very easy to do!

The last tip I’m gonna give you is that when you put these on your website, they will start to get indexed in the search engines.

You can use this index on social media, you can use this on your videos, you could use this anywhere you want to drive people back to your PDF. You can use that to get people to buy things. I’ve used PDFs to get people to buy three thousand dollar products and they sign up like that. I don’t know how easy it’ll be in your market but hey it works if you do it!

So focus! Look at it like a very simple process. Make PDFs based on what people are searching for. Get the offers! I teach you that in the video that’s going to come up next.

Lastly, distribute your PDF in a very simple way so that people can find it!

If you look around go to the MSN homepage. These kind of things are over there all the time or the Bing homepage or whatever it’s called now. These kind of things are there all the time and you can use that to make this stuff work.

Again, Remember, your title, your headline is everything!

Look at news headlines. Focus on studying how headlines work and make something juicy that people are going to want to read and want to consume.

If you like this kind of stuff, again subscribe to my channel.  

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You can ask questions and learn about how to make money online. Learn all about how to find niches for your PDFs and offers that’ll make you money. Thanks again for watching! I’m Marcus and I’ll see you in the next video.


Getting Hosting on Your Domain… Step One

Hey guys! It’s Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com

Today, what I’m about to do is walk you through several steps to making your money online.

Even if you’ve never tried this, what I want you to do is just follow along and do what I say. Not going to ask you for any money, although there might be things you need to buy like web hosting and stuff like that. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to walk you through everything step-by-step. If you can follow these simple instructions I will take you to the path of making money online.

First and foremost, we need to get you a starting point. In this video I’m going to do three things.

  • I’m going to show you how to get a hosting account and what it’s for.
  • I’m going to show you how to get a domain name and one that unique.

If you’ve gotten through all this before, don’t worry just do it again exactly like I say here. Again, the idea is to shut up and listen. Don’t question it. Just do what is outlined in each video. Each video will be less than five minutes, so you can follow along do something, and get the results that you want.

I’m going to have a link below this video. I want you to click this link because it’s going to take you to a special page on the Hostgator website where you can get the plan that I recommend.

That is a shared plan it’s going to look like this.

What I want you to do is I want you to take a look at the different ones. We’re going to go with the second one which is the baby plan. It’s about six bucks a month.

It gives you unlimited domains. A hosting is a server that actually holds your files and everything like that. We’re going to go into that in the next video but for right now, follow along.

We’re going to click the order now button just like this. Now, I want you to pick a random domain name with something that you’ll remember. For me, Marcus’s new site or something like that. It could be anything with your name. We could do Marcuswebtools. Just make sure it’s available and it looks like .com is available.

  • We’re going to get this domain name.
  • We’re going to register it at Hostgator. Makes it nice and easy.
  • We’re going to scroll down.
  • Get the baby plan.
  • Choose how you want to pay. If you want to pay through three years in advance, it’s going to cost more. So we’re just going to do monthly. That means we’re going to get started for $7 plus the cost of the domain name. So for like less than 20 bucks, you’re in business.
  • We’re going to choose a username. I’ll do Marcus11.
  • We’ll choose a security pin.
  • Then, we’re going to put in our billing info. You could pay with PayPal, credit card, whatever.
  • So fill in all this info.   

Below, you’re going to get all this junk here. If it says current billing, just use a different address or something like that. We don’t want any of this other stuff. We don’t need any of it. So we’re just getting the baby plan and our new .com name.


Don’t spend too much time. The domain doesn’t matter. Just something easy to remember like Frank’s web tools, Marcus’s web tools, John’s web tools whatever. Something that’s available, something that’s easy, .com, .net or .org. Don’t get anything else. Unless they have like your name.me, maybe you could do that.

  • So there we go. We’re going to go ahead and fill this out. Again, we don’t need any of the add-ons or anything like that.
  • We’re going to read and it’s about $20.91 to get started.
  • We’re going to read the terms and conditions.
  • Click the button and hit create account.
  • Once you create this account, it’s going to take a couple of hours, sometimes sooner. Then they are going to give you your logins.
  • After you get your logins, for those of you who are ready to shut up, listen and make money, after you get your logins, what I want you to do is go below this video on my forum. So you’re going to see the video like this. This is the video you are watching.
  • Then down below, you’re going to see post reply.

  • Make sure you’re logged into the forum, if you don’t have an account, it’s free. I want you to post a reply and say, “Marcus, I am ready. Here is my domain name.” Then I would put Marcus’s webtips.org or whatever the domain I chose. Now put a smiley face, let me know you’re ready.
  • Hit submit and I will send you the next video.

Follow along. Trust me, you’ll be making money in no time.

 Now the hosting link below is an affiliate link and I am compensated that is your way of saying thanks to me by going through the link and buying things that you need to buy anyway and let me help you out. So click that link, follow the directions, post your reply and I’ll see you in the next video!





Hi guys, it’s Marcus here from Affiliatemarketingdude.com

You know, when I was a kid I always spent a lot of time in places like this in the dugout or the bench as it were always waiting for my big chance always waiting for someone to believe in me just enough to let me play but you know being as short as I was and not that good at sports no one ever gave me the chance I was always the last to be picked for the team.

I was always waiting, for my chance – and it never came!  

Fast forward in my life about 15 years to the age of about 24 that was the age that I purchased my first house here in California which is pretty expensive.  I remember thinking “oh wow now maybe people will look at me and say hey he’s got something to offer, maybe they’d they give me a chance maybe I’d start to get out of the dugout maybe they’d let me play”

I remember making lots and lots of money in 2006 was the first year that I cracked a million dollars in one year.

All the while I was struggling with a drinking problem and it was kind of small in the beginning you really wouldn’t notice how bad it was but I was trying to hide something I was trying to hide the feeling of caged up potential. You see because in life I wanted to be something that I wasn’t being I wasn’t living up to what I really wanted to do and this was a problem for me.

My alcoholism crept up and crept up in 2012 it started to get really bad.

All the while this thought kept creeping up in my mind about is there more is there something more out there for me is there something I’m supposed to do and this really ate at me and started to fuel my alcoholism.

I mean sure I had made a bunch of money over five million dollars online but here I was 34 years old in trouble in need of help which was one of the most difficult things that I ever had to admit.

I got to the point where I had to make a certain amount of money to control things and it got extremely stressful and extremely overwhelming to where I was drinking around the clock while waiting for an opportunity to actually get out of this cycle.

I found myself lost I was lost in the sea of insanity of my own mind trapped in the dugout only I could dig myself out or so I thought and I slowly went insane and I started to contemplate taking my own life.

That’s when I ended up in a hospital and mental institute and it was there that I realized that I didn’t care because I didn’t care about my own life. The irony there was that I was willing to help people but I wasn’t able to help myself.

I decided to place my work aside since I wanted to focus on my own sanity and getting my values back.

Now here I am! Sober for about five months and trying to piece together everything that I had broken in my life, my business, and my family.

One of the other confessions that I wanted to make is that all the money that I had earned all of that five million dollars that I had earned online of course it wasn’t all profit but it’s all pretty much gone now.

I know I can get all that money back if I want to and then some and I want to take care of my students and I want to do something good online to help people that are struggling.

I want you to really dwell on that for a minute and I want you to think to yourself:  

Well one of the things I realized is that if I want a chance in life there’s only one person who gives it to me and that person is God and He gave us all a chance by saying:

You know, we have to take what we’re born with and the struggles that we’ve had in life and we have to use them for the greater good.”

I know this video is supposed to be about making money and everything like that. But I really wanted to share this inspirational story were I started from ground zero and I worked myself to the top. If I can do it – I’m sure you can as well!

We all have a purpose in this life and it’s our job to help those who are in need. Reach out to those who need you and teach them, tell them “You know what? Let me show you how I did it! Let me show you what I did. Let me help you!”

I’m going to show you how I build sites in the addiction and recovery niche I’m going to show you how I build sites in the real estate niche and in the financial niche and I’m going to show you exactly how to build yourself up from where you’re at right now maybe you’re like me and maybe you feel like I do like you’re in the dugout of life and you’re trying to dig yourself out whether it’s financially or emotionally.

I’ve had lots of money. It’s not all about status or who you are. It’s about starting where you’re at right now and realizing that today is a gift.

“You can have anything in life that you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Friends I’m here to help you now that doesn’t mean that I’m going to take on all your stress and make you rich overnight – because that’s your job.

I’m going to share some tips on you when it comes to money, family, and life, in general!

I’ve placed a box in the page that I’ve linked on the description below the video. Simply fill out your name and e-mail on the bottom and I’ll share to you all the things that I’ve done!

I’m going to take you with me as I rebuild my money empire, my family, my life, and everything because I did it once against all the odds and about to do it again!

Maybe you want to come with me and you say Marcus “I saw you do it once and everything was against you all the odds were against you but you made it and I’d like to know how you did it” so friends I hope that you enjoyed this video.


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Two Stupidly Simple Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – FAST

Which Program Is Right For You?

Marcus Mentor Me ($77 Per Month Cancel Anytime)

Marcus mentor me is a place where you can get updated access to all his custom wordpress plugins ($700 value) notes from his videos, tools, videos, and training on how to get started with affiliate marketing.  every student of marcus’ who is serious about making this business work should be in the mentor class… its affordable and has the tools you need to make this work… this works great along side our other in depth training courses or even as a stand alone for those on a budget who want to get started fast.

Simple Sites Big Profits ($297 One Time)

THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD START… this course has all you need to start making a living with affiliate marketing… it includes a custom training software that walks you thru everything step by step, tools that do the hard work for you. It also comes with personal support, niche market ideas, sample profit sites, and guaranteed acceptance to some of marcus favorite affiliate netowrks. Signup now and come say hi 🙂


High Ticket Niches ($997 One Time)

This is where marcus (me) goes thru and hand selects a niche for you based on a non competitive keyword and some super profitable offers… we then get you a domain name geared towards the niche (these are super valuable) and set up the site with you… we hook you up with some plugins… tools, and even some content… and of course… we give you a copy of the simple sites 2017/2018 program so you can follow along and profit with your new niche.
My Most Successful Students Choose The High Ticket Niches.

Real Talk: Can You Make $10,000 A Month Online? Passive Income – Is It Real?

Hello guys! Marcus here. From Affiliatemarketingdude.com


We just did an interactive live webinar on Youtube that asks the question “Can you make $10,000 a month online as passive income – can you achieve it?”

Let’s start with this question here I want to ask right now:

How many of you guys want to make $100,000 a year or actually 120,000?

Having a good full-time job is well and good, but why work when you can bring in money through passive income?

An average American earns around $3,714 a month through hard work and dedication. Let’s face it – if people could earn money while they’re sleeping or saving their energy for other things, they would! I’m going to teach you how to earn that $10,000 a month that you’ve been craving for!

“Marcus I want to do affiliate marketing but I don’t know how to build a website! I can’t build a website” You have two choice:

    1. You could say “I can’t do it – it’s too hard.”
    2. Or you can look at it differently – you can look at it as an opportunity and as a way to learn while at the same time being able to profit.

When you start thinking in a negative manner and when you start to doubt your opportunities to succeed, then you’re closing those opportunities for you!

a genius here we go scientist man in the making and I was curious and I looked at it I said I’m gonna think outside the I’m gonna try things and I’m gonna learn I guess see what happens.



Focus on the means before the ends – People’s minds are too wrapped around the idea that they want to earn more – these people keep saying “I want to get the $10,000”. Because of that, they’re not prepared with facing the realities of the business world.

Instead of focusing on the money, focus on the ways to get there!  

Instead of saying “I need to get this $10,000”focus more on “What are the ways to get to that $10,000?”

Find a high-ticket niche or trend that people love to search for – If something is trending at this moment, people are bound to search it up online. If there’s  a product that the media is giving a lot of attention to, it’s best that you take get into that trend as well!

You have to think about the intent of the costumer – You have to know what your audience and customers are looking for in your site or on search engines! What’s the best way to do this? You have to look at the keywords!


  • If they use the word buy or buying – they’re probably looking for something to purchase
  • If they’re looking for fix or repair, they’re probably looking to fix something
  • If they’re looking to remove or get rid, they want to remove something or they want to delete a virus
  • If they’re looking for tips or statistics, they are researching
  • If they’re looking for recipes, they want to cook
  • If they are looking for documents or PDF files, they’re looking for something to print or download
  • If they’re looking for fun, they’re looking to entertain themselves


This is actually a good opportunity to prove to your costumers that you have the expertise and the know-how that they can depend on!

Keep track of what’s trending and people will definitely flock to your sites and videos! BUT REMEMBER – Make sure what you’re making a video or site that is also a part of your niche!

People stop when they’re close to succeeding a big goal –

Know you audience – This is actually really self-explanatory. One of the best strategies when it comes to reeling in views is to know who your market is!

You have to constantly be on the watch for the latest trends and you have to keep evolving so that you can compete with other Youtubers and online marketers

Find the right media platformKnowing what’s in and out won’t really cut it when it comes to marketing, you need real and actual numbers to back up your research!

  • If you think that Youtube is the right platform to be talking about devices, then use Youtube!
  • If you think WordPress is the best way to talk about travelling, then use WordPress!

Choose the right offers – Make sure that you have the right products that will fit your niche and theme! If you’re selling flowers and it’s Valentine’s day – of course you’d place a percentage off on your products.

Create your own resources – Every kind of business has to be resourceful in some way. Whether you’re an online business or not, you need to have a product and you need the ways to sell your product!

Here’s a few things that can significantly help you when it comes to your products:


  • Videos
  • PDF files / Documents
  • Webinars


Be confident and put yourself out there – Basically, you need to put yourself out there so that people will be aware of what you’re doing! Make friends and be confident while you’re doing it!

Businesses always thrive because of connections

Lastly, make sure that you are confident. If you aren’t confident, then how will your customers look up to you and your business?


  1. State what you want and what you’re committing to.
  2. Ask yourself “What am I doing now that is KEEPING me from realizing my dream?”
  3. Ask yourself “What am I afraid will happen if I change my current behavior?”
  4. State what you currently want more than this business?
  5. Finally, ask yourself:

“Is it really that bad?”

You don’t have to worry about anything!


  • Most people stop halfway through setting up their business model since they expect that they won’t run into any problems. What people don’t realize is that running into problems is part of the process.



  • Business is a trial and error process! Successful individuals didn’t really get famous overnight or over one day, they had to experiment on what’s good and what’s not. You need to get into the mindset that you are going bound to run into some problems, but for every problem, there is ALWAYS a solution!  

Lastly, I really hope that you learned a lot from my live webinar!



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