Adwords vs Adsense – How Does Adsense Work

Making Money With Adsense – How Adsense Works

Part 1: What Is Google Adsense?

First… Understand Adwords VS Adsense

adsense vs adwords

Google Adwords: Business’ Buy Clicks On Keywords… AD-WORDS

how adsense works

The Ad Shows For The Words Selected And Business’ Pay “Per Click…” When The Ad Is Clicked.

Its Like A Bidding War, Auction Based, AI Quality Score Generated, Price Per Click…


These Are Google Adsense Ads… Website Owners Can Place Them On Their Site / Blog To Earn Money.

how adsense works

MOST Advertisers Pay Less For Content Network Ads VS Search Ads… So You Will Most Likely Not See The “BIG” BUCKS…


NOTICE: Be Sure To Follow All Rules, Terms, And Guidelines


adsense setup

Most Of The Time We Will Use Display Ads

best adsense sizes

Create Your Ad Block… Generate The Code

adsense earnings code

Copy Code Into CODE Section Of Your Blog

(sidebars, in content, plugins)

adsense ad block

BOOM – Now You Have Ads… When
They Are Clicked You Get Paid…

Part 3: How Much Can You Earn?

$204,178 – My Earnings
Less Than 5% Of My Total Earnings

NOTICE: Adsense Is Best As A SUPPLEMENTAL Revenue Source
Not The Main Attraction!

$0.01 Per PPV

BEST $0.03 PPV


NOTICE: Adsense Is Best As A SUPPLEMENTAL Revenue Source
Not The Main Attraction!

RPM = Earnings Per 1,000

Page View RPM = Page View

Impression RPM = Ad View (multi ads on pages)

Ways to Make Money With Adsense:

– Blogging

– Websites

– Youtube

– Affiliate Marketing Sites / Flipper Sites

BOOST Your Income Tips

– Your Content Matter / Flipping

– Ad Placements

– The Way Your Ads Look

– Frequency Of Ads

The FULL Rundown On Adwords And Adsense:

Hey, guys, it is Marcus here and welcome to this training about how to make money with Google adsense.

How does one go about making money with adsense?

How does it work?

How do we get in there and actually get the dollars from the ad sense into our pocket?

Well, this is the training you’ve been waiting for. We’re going to talk everything about adsense now. I’ve made multiple six figures with adsense, although I will say it’s less than about 5 percent of my total income that I have earned on the interweb. So it’s not like a huge amount. Now, the reason it’s not a huge amount is because I find that if I have ads on my site that are placed there automatically by a machine based on what other people think they want to advertise on for my site traffic, they’re not going to be as good as knowing what my visitors want. As I am.

So I find that adsense is best used as a supplementary income stream.

However, with that said, there are many multiple seven figure earners with the adsense program and we’re going to talk about how that works.

And it all kind of boils down to what you’re content’s about.

You can see here, this is my adsense earnings.

So you can see I’ve made over two hundred four thousand dollars with adsense. Again, not my main income stream by any means, but it is definitely an income stream. And I think that some people can use this to their advantage to start to make money and learn about their traffic and building grow, which is really cool because sometimes we aren’t able to get affiliate programs for some of our traffic or we might not know what to do right off the bat.

What is Google AdWords?

Now, ad sense, ad AdWords are like two sides of the same coin. AD sense is where I get paid for traffic. AD words is where I pay for traffic. OK. Now they’re the same platform. They’re the same thing. If I buy an ad on ad words, I can click a little button and say, yeah, I want to show up on other people’s Web sites. Or I could say, no, I don’t. OK. So that is what we’re looking at here.

Now, AdWords is obviously that thing where if you go to Google and you type in a word, you’re going to see some ads right now and pretty simple. Right. How many guys have seen Google ads, type Google ads in the box? Right. You’ll notice a Google ad because it’ll have a little green thing that says ads, buy it, ads and things like that. OK. Now, what these are, is they are known as paid ads. These advertisers are paying to show up at the top of the search engines. And when their ad is clicked on, they pay money. Now, Google AdWords is where businesses buy clicks on keywords. Hence the name AdWords.

You’re running an ad on the keywords. And when you get clicks, you pay. Now, if you go into the Google AdWords keyword planner tool, you can get an idea of what the average is that people are paying for certain keywords. Now, obviously the word funny cat video is not going to be as expensive as like how to refinance a mortgage. OK. So we’ve got to look at that. So if your site content is about funny cats, you’re not going to make the big dollars like the mortgage ones. Right. So you’ve got to look at that. Now, you can use the Google AdWords keyword planner tool to kind of find out what is going on for various niches. So we could see year that for the word penny stocks, which I put stocks in here. So we’re trying to be, you know, kind of focus on the right thing here. So you guys can see how this works linearly or vertically or whatever it is. Right. And you can see that penny stocks, the top of paid page bid is like a dollar to nine dollars. So the advertisers are paying like a dollar to nine dollars per click on their Web sites. Now, that means that if you generate the click, you’ll get a portion of that. Now, I got to tell you that advertisers know the difference between search traffic on Google and ads and traffic on your site. So now I going to pay the nine dollars a click for traffic from your site. Most of the time some of them will. Some won’t. I think the most I’ve ever made on a click was like six bucks or something like that. And it wasn’t like a bunch of clicks I got. It was like a one off kind of deal. OK. I’ve had several hundred like that, but it was more or less a one off kind of thing.

It wasn’t sustainable. All right. So we look at the top of bid page rain for the low range and the high range. OK. So they’re bidding anywhere from a dollar or two dollars to fourteen dollars for stocks to buy. All right. Now, when you go to Web sites, they have the option to make less or spend less money. On site traffic. So we got to look at that. OK. So that’s how that works. These ads are powered by people bidding on the terms and they only pay when the ad is clicked. OK. Now let’s talk about how this works. The ad shows for the word selected and the businesses pay per click when the ad is clicked. So the click has to happen for the person to pay. Now, much like ad words, same kind of deal, the click has to happen for you get paid unless you’re doing an impression based kind of deal. OK. So they pay when the ad is correct. Now it’s kind of like a bidding war. OK. So I start out and I’m like, Hey, you know what? I’ll bid a dollar and I don’t show up. And I try to box and maybe I’ll show up higher or whatever.

So it’s like a bidding war and it’s an auction based a high quality score generated price per click. So it’s like this big crazy algorithm that goes into what, a collection cost. OK. And it also obviously because it’s a business, it depends on supply and demand. Are there people that want clicks for this stuff right now for the word funny cat videos? Not a lot of advertisers. So the demand is low, but the supply is really I. Right. So very, very little amount of money going to be made in that now refinance. All right. There’s some decent amount of traffic for that. So the demand is really high. They want those words and the supplies, you know.

So it just depends on what you’re going after. Now, this is what a site looks like with ad sense on it. OK. Hospital scam site that I built years ago. And you can see these are the ads. Now, it usually says like ad choices or ads by Google. This is what’s known as an adsense blog or ad sense. BLOCK OK. These are Google ad sense ads. Website owners can place them on their site and their blogs to earn money. Right. So it’s very simple. It’s like, OK, these are the Google ads. The website owners can put them on their site and they can earn money. Now, again, remember, the amounts that are shown in the Google AdWords keyword tool are not the same. Most advertisers pay less for content network ads versus search ads. OK. So they’re gonna pay less for content network ads. So you’re most likely not going to see the big bucks. So if you go out there and set up a site about like, you know, how to donate a car to charity, which is one of the top money words, then, you know, you can’t expect to get like one hundred fifty dollars a click because they’re not paying that much for content network traffic. OK. Now, we don’t really know what they’re paying and it’s all algorithm based and we don’t even know what keywords are going to trigger on our site because it’s automated. OK. So we’ve got to look at that. So you will most likely not see the big bucks. Now, how does this work? Super easy. It’s extremely easy. This is why people love Google ad sense. Now, before we get into how it works, I want you to follow the notice. And be sure to follow all the rules, terms and guidelines. OK, make sure you read them, make sure you understand them. If a company is going to pay you like they paid me two hundred thousand dollars, you need to follow the rules. Like you can’t go to a job and be like, give me two hundred grand and I’m going to go, you know, sleep in the bushes. It’s not going to work. You follow the rules if you want the paycheck. So you’ve got to treat this like a business, not like a hobby. Don’t mess around. Really focus on what’s going on. Don’t try to buck the system. If you buck the system, you won’t get paid. Kate, and we’d like to get paid. That’s kind of the whole reason we’re doing this. OK, so here’s how it works. Make sure you follow the rules. Next, you’re going to go into your Google ad sense account. You go over to Google ad sense or you just type ad sense in the box and you apply for an ad send to count Alaska for information about your Web site. Things like that.

And then they’ll come back and approve you or not approve you or whatever. If you don’t get approved, just, you know, build your website up a little bit and then try again. It’s not that hard to get approved. You just got to go out there and do it. They’ve got to make sure that you’re not going to do anything shady or weird or that your content isn’t like harmful to anyone or something like that.


  1. So once you have your ad since account, you’re going to go into ads, you’re going to click on overview. You’re going to click on buy site. And then you could click on Buy Unit. OK. Then you’re gonna get a page. It looks like this. Create a new ad unit. Very simple. OK, you’re going to choose display ads. OK. Now you can use an article or native, but I really like the display ads because they’re there based on what works because obviously Google wants to make a lot of money and they have more data on what people click than we do. And they’re gonna make it the best way possible to get you as much click to rate as you can. Okay. Now, most of the time we are going to be using display ads. OK. Now you can customize your display ad. We’re going to talk to you about some of the best ad blocks, the sizes, everything like that. OK. Most of time we’re going to use display ads. What we’re gonna do is it’s just going to ask you to name your ad unit.


  1. I usually name it like if I have a Web site about elephants, I’d call it like elephant site or maybe use my domain name as the ad unit. And then it’s going to show you a preview of the ad and then they’re going to go ahead and click create.


Now, once you create your ad block, it’s going to generate a code. It’ll generate a code that looks like this. You simply copy this code and put it in your site. Then the site’s going to show ads much like that. Yeah. I have another one. Good. I thought this through. Right. Then you’re going to copy the code into the code section of your blog. You can put it in your sidebars, in your content, either certain plugins, you can use different things like that. Once you paste that code on, that’s going to put the ads on your site when the ads are clicked. You’re gonna make money. Now you’ve got to follow the rules again. Don’t do anything shady. Now, once you do this, you have ads and when they’re clicked, you get paid pretty good. Right. I mean, you guys are like, yeah, I get this. OK. Type ad sense if you get it. OK.


And then we’ll continue on. I want to make sure that you guys are following along here.


And right now, we’re going to get into part three and then we’ll take some Q and A and stuff like that, okay. Part three is how much can you earn? Now I’ve earned two hundred four thousand one hundred and seventy eight dollars with my ad since. Again, not one of my biggest income earners. It’s less than 5 percent of my total online earnings so far. I think it’s actually less than 2 percent. I don’t know. My math brain is still asleep, but I’ve made a lot right now. You can’t expect to make that or more or less. We don’t know what you’re gonna make a business as a business. And I think by now you guys understand that, right? We’ve got to focus on that and be like, okay, yeah, this is a business. I’m not gonna expect to watch one YouTube video and get rich overnight. It’s gonna take some work. And even if you do the work, there’s a lot of variables involved. You know, maybe it won’t get clicks or maybe you won’t get traffic or maybe the ads will work out or whatever it is. OK. So there’s you can’t look at it and be like, yeah, I’m guaranteed to make money.


It’s not guaranteed.


You’re gonna set this up. And again, you got to build it. Now notice.

Important notice ad sense is best as a supplemental revenue source. OK, I’m going to read that again. AD sense is best as a supplemental revenue source, not the main attraction. So where I made a lot of my money with ad sense was with my refinance website. I had a Web site with mortgage calculators and I had ad sense on it and I also had refile offers. Now, the amount of money I made on the refile offers was way higher than the amount of money I made on ad sense. But it was good to get two checks, right? Who doesn’t want two checks as long as one check doesn’t make the other lower? OK, so we’ve got to look at that. We’ve got to focus. OK, so we’re going to take a look at that ad sense as best as a supplemental revenue source, not the main attraction. Now, what we’re seeing on average average across the board, I actually looked at some statistics and I found that the average is about a point two percent or two point two cents per view. What does that mean? If you get you know, let’s let’s get the old calculator out here, calc you later. Right. So what that’s going to mean is that if I drive so point two cents. So if I drive one hundred thousand visitors to my Web site and I get zero point zero, zero two cents per visitor, let’s make the sales molars going here.


There you go. Point 0 0 2 cents per visitor. That means I’m going to make an average of two hundred dollars for my hundred thousand views. That’s insanely low. I would be put out of business years ago if I just relied on that. So we’re going to talk to you about ways to make more than that. We’re gonna talk to you about some of the examples that I have. Like my average was about 1 cent per view. My best was about 3 cents per view. And again, remember, I’m also making money on other things. So that’s not my only income source. So we’ve got to focus on that. We’ve got to look at it. I even put it again at Sensis best as a supplemental revenue source, not the main attraction. Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that you’re going to notice. OK. When you go into your ad sense account, you are going to see several things. You’re going to see this number. Here are P. M.. What does that mean? That means earnings per 1000. Right.


So if I’m making point two cents a collect zero point zero zero two times 1000 visitors, my PM would be 20 cents. OK, if I make a dollar. I think it is. Or let’s say I make let’s say I make zero point zero three cents like my top one times 1000.


Clicks That would mean my RPA would be 30. So following along type RPI, I’m in the box if you get that. Now there’s two important PMS to look at. Okay. The one I’m going to look at mostly is the page view RPA. Why? Because you can have more than one ad adblock on a site.


I think they allow you three. Make sure you check the terms and conditions. Make sure you know that is up to date when you’re running yours. But I think they allow you three ad blocks per page. OK. What does that mean? That means that each page is going to result in more than one impression. Okay, so we want the page V1 because we want to know how much am I making on the people? I’m getting to my Web site and Leeds is saying, here’s our PMS around two to three dollars, which we see is usually like the average.


So we’ve got to kind of look at that and leads. If you if you want type in what market you’re in, like where’s your traffic? Is like mortgage or cats or, you know, what is it? OK, so APM, that is what we’re looking at. And Page View, our APM is for your page views. How many page views are looking now? Impression our PM is ad view multiple ads on pages so could trigger multiple page views with that. Okay. So very, very, very important. Okay. Now here are the ways to make money with ads since how do you make money with ads? So while there’s several different ways to make money with the old ads. OK. One is blogging. You could set up a blog. You can get some traffic. You could put ads on it and boom, there you go. Pretty cool, right?


Not that hard to do. We’re doing a traffic test. You guys might have heard about where we are, about a thousand dollars worth of articles and putting them on my Web site. We’re only like three days into it and I’m already getting traffic. Five days, I think. But most of the days I don’t even do anything right. We’re already starting to get traffic. So blogging and getting traffic is not that difficult to do.


But again, you’ve got to look at it and say, OK, well, how much am I going to make on these things and leave? Stick around. We’ll give you a cool tip at the end to show you how to make money with your sports football site. He’s got sports sites, though, so we’ll look at that. If you’re getting a lot of traffic for that, let me know. And is it YouTube or is it a blog? So blogging is a big one. A lot of marketers make a lot of money with ad sense, with blogging. They simply put the ad blocks on their site and they get paid when people click. Now, I can tell you, most people that are just doing this method are leaving a lot of money on the table like leads. I know he’s leaving a lot of money on the table because he’s not really making that much. So we’ve got to look at that. Next, we have websites, blogging and Web sites are pretty much the same thing, just a different platform. Web site is like a hard to make blog. A blog is a little bit easier to make. So that’s the difference between those now. I’ve made money with both blogs and websites. I’ve made money with free traffic and paid traffic.


And you really, really got to focus on this. Okay. The next way. One of the more popular ways to make money with ads since recently is using the YouTube partner program. Now, the YouTube partner program allows you to put those ads on your video. You just click a button. It’ll automatically run the ads on the video and you get paid per view, per impression, per click. Different things like that. Right. So very simple.


Very easy. A lot of YouTube viewers are making a lot of money. Some are making like, I think eight figures or something insane with ads on their video. Now, I got to tell you, also, a lot of YouTube ads are making a lot more with sponsored stuff. So YouTube ads are a very small portion of the income versus actually running your own business. OK, next, you can have affiliate marketing sites or flipper sites, which we’re going to talk about in a little bit as well. That’s going to come into the boosting your income part. So Google AdWords, a Google ad sense, is a good way to make money.


But again, you have to look at what is it that I’m getting from this? What is it like? Can I make more? And you have to ask yourself if the averages are like two cents or whatever. Or point two cents per view again, because remember in marketing and I’ll pull up a notepads, you guys can see this.


You’ve got to look at two numbers. OK, two numbers here.


Are your earnings. Per view, an earnings.


Per click and effective APC. OK, so this is how it works, you got out, you’ve got to really, really focus. OK, so we go here and we’re like, okay, earnings per view. What am I making per view?


Well, if the example is zero point zero three cents a click, let’s just say that it’s hypothetical. I have hit that. But you know, again, hypothetical. So let’s say we’re doing like point three cents per click or pay per view.


OK, let’s say let’s say we have an ad and we’re getting an average of I don’t know, maybe it’s in a good market and we’re getting a dollar per click, OK? What it’s going to look like is this. All right. I get 1000 visitors to my Web site out of those.


One hundred one thousand visitors, maybe. I don’t know. Let’s say 50 click. And again, these numbers are hypothetical. Sometimes you can do a lot better than that, which I’m going to show you in just a little bit. But let’s say I get 1000 views. And then I get 50 to click, which would be 50 dollars to me right now.


I got to look at that and I’ll be like, Oh man, I’m getting a dollar a click. That’s pretty cool. But you’re only getting a dollar a click for the amount of people that click on the ad. You’re not getting a dollar a click for everyone, otherwise you’d be making a thousand bucks. Right. So you got to look at that. Now you’re effective. APEC is going to be total impressions.


  1. You’re going to do earnings.


Over total impressions. OK, so total impressions, what are your impressions on your site or total page views? If you want to do it that way. Okay. So now if I go out there and I’m like, OK, well, let’s say I earned three hundred bucks or whatever rights I earned three hundred dollars and I got a thousand impressions total. Well, let’s say I got 10000 presence, that would be a three cent per click. OK. So you can kind of look at that and kind of gage it when you do affiliate marketing. The same thing’s gonna happen because the temptation is going to be, hey, let’s look at the offer. OK. And you’re going to look at the offer and you can be like, OK, well, this offer is making eight dollars a Clegg or a dollar a click or whatever it is. But you have to factor in how many visitors it takes to get that click.

Because not everyone is going to click. Now, I’ve got some methods I teach you here on the channel where I’ve gotten upwards of 99 percent of the visitors to click on an affiliate offer, not ad sense. That’s pretty much impossible to do, but an affiliate offer, OK. And we’re going to show you those tactics to make sure you subscribe and click the bell and check out those videos. All right. You got to factor in how many visitors it takes or how many visits it takes to get that click, because that’s going to determine how much you’re going to be able to make because you’re effective. CPC is the number you use to say, how much is my traffic worth? This is important when you’re going after free traffic, paid traffic, any traffic, because you’ve got to know your metrics. OK. Very important. Now here are ways to boost your ad since income again. Make sure you follow all terms and conditions. Don’t do anything shady. Don’t do anything they don’t like. Focus and do what they want. OK. Now, the first way to boost your income tips is content.


  1. What is your content about if you’re content’s about, you know, I don’t know, spreadsheets. Right. Maybe you’re out there and you’re going to go for like budgeting spreadsheets or something. And you got all these spreadsheets on your site and all these people are coming in for budgeting spreadsheets. And what’s gonna happen is Google ad sense is going to trigger ads for budgeting spreadsheets, which don’t pay that much. Right. Maybe you’ll get like 11 cents a click or something like that or less than that. Probably.


  1. So what’s going to happen is they’re going to trigger ads based on the content. Now, what you can do is you can either change your content altogether and build a new site. Not the best thing to do if you have traffic. Find a way to monetize it. Like anyone out there. If you have Web site traffic, you need to figure out how to monetize it because you got the traffic and there are ways, even like cat. Funny cat videos.


There’s ways to monetize it. You just have to think outside the box and you have to do it the right way because Advent isn’t going to work very well in those markets unless you have a gazillion visitors a month. Then you’ll just be playing the numbers.


But again, if you have a zillion visitors a month, do you want to make that point 0 0 2 cents a click or do you want to make like a penny a click?


That could be the difference between, you know, a thousand bucks and like seven figures. So we got to really look at it. We’ve got to focus. Now, what I like to do is elect to take my content and I like to think about what they want. If someone is looking for budget spreadsheets, maybe I could have a little list on my site where it says.


What do you want to budget most? And you’ll say, like mortgage. And then I’ll say car. And then I’ll say debt.


Right. And then I could take them to other sites, which are about more expensive topics. And I could say, oh, hey, check out my debt consolidation site for tips on debt consolidation. Boom. Now it’s going to trigger debt consolidation ads and I will make more money right now. Again, do this in an ethical cool way by providing content and you could lead people down whatever rabbit hole you want to lead them down as long as you think it’s something that they’re going to be into. Don’t do click bait. Don’t do junk. Focus on good content. But that’s an example of how you can do it. That’s an example of how you could take budget spreadsheets and maybe to get them to an affiliate offer about Philly, about credit or credit repair or mortgages or whatever. Did that make sense to everyone? Because we got that. That’s like a big aha moment.


If you didn’t get it, then I don’t know if you’re gonna get that aha.


Moment or not. But how did you guys got that type. Got it in the box and let me know.


All right, cool. So content matter is the big one.

And then flipping the content is the example I used where you flip them into something more expensive, something that pays more based on the content. So I get a guy looking for a budget spreadsheet and I take him to, you know, maybe refinance or credit cards or whatever it is. Okay. Or I take some I’m looking for a hardship letter sample for mortgages and I take him to like re fi or when I write. Did that make sense to everyone? Everyone got it. I want to see a bunch of got it’s in the box. Give us a thumbs up and. A comment, if you like this video. All right. So pretty cool.


All right. The next thing.


Next way to increase your earnings is with ad placements. OK.


What are the ad placements or where are the ad placements now?


A lot of people are going to tell you all, you know, put the ad scents in the footer of your blog in the sidebar of your blog and blah, blah, blah.


That doesn’t work as good as putting it in the content. OK. You always want to put a article or a ad block in the content, your article or whatever it is on your site and make it look like part of the content. Right. That’s the key to making it work. Like when you do this, you got to make sure that your ad groups are white background if you’re sites white. If not, you know, match it to your site or whatever. Make sure the links are blue because people are used to clicking on blue links. Make sure the text is black and make sure that you l is either black or green. What this going to do is it’s gonna be like I had here where it’s like, yeah, obviously I want to click one of these things because it looks like content on the site. It doesn’t look like ads and looks like content. And that’s what really makes these work is making it look like content. Now, there are some people that go and do like gray hat, black hat methods of like putting arrows and stuff. Don’t do that because that’s against the T U.S. and like you don’t want to. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Right. So you got to look at that. You got to focus. All right. But that’s this is the best format right here. I use a green link. I are a green your L blue link and black text. Very simple right now. Usually the best ad block size that works for me is the 336 wide by I think it’s like three hundred thirty six by two hundred or whatever. And it’s very, very easy to do. OK. So yes, in article ads are the best. Now you don’t have to use in article ads. You try both and see which looks better. You want to get it to look as close as this as possible. OK. And when you have this in your content, it’ll work really, really well. OK. That’s going to get you more clicks, which is cool. OK. The name of the game is like the more people that click, the more money you’re going to make. Right. So if I get 1 percent to click, I’m not going to make as much as if I get 10 percent a click or 30 percent or whatever it is. OK. So the second tip to boosting your income is your ad placements. Where are they? I usually find that in your content. Let’s let’s give you guys an example here.


Let’s see.


And I’ll show an example, because what I do is I have my own internal ad server and what I’ll do is I’ll have that internal ad server. Let me see a page that has it. OK, so I have my little internal ad servers of like right here I have a page that I built for free classified ads for affiliate marketing. And it’s a little content article. And notice how like these links stand out and give people options. OK. That’s that’s why this stuff works. They stand out and they’re like, OK. Yeah. This is what I want. Now I like to put them within the content, which is pretty cool. And you guys could see that at the drop of a hat. I can change these and I can see what’s getting more clicks. So like what I’ll do here is I’ll just change these. You can see the other view of ad that’s very similar to AD since as well.


And so I’ll go in here and let’s see. Bear with me a second, I got to edit the group, but I think this is it.


Yeah. So like I could go in and do. Like this. And just kind of changed the way they look and you guys can see it changes the way everything looks, OK? Now, these would be better if you had a description on him. I don’t because I’m using the other version, but that’s kind of how they look. And you guys could see like see how this looks like part of the content. It doesn’t look like ads. These look a little bit more like ads. But, you know, you really can’t control that in any sense. OK. So that’s kind of how it works. Like left justified if your text is left, blue links. Very, very easy. And then, you know, you can kind of see how things are gonna look. Now, if you have like a banner kind of deal, right, where you allow in Google ad sense, you can either allow to have banners or image ads or just text. I find that text is very, very good. So you can do like little icons like this. But that’s kind of the deal. That’s the idea is to get that click through rate as high as you can. That’s the important thing, because the more people that click, the better. And I find that using the example I had here with I believe it was image ads, two columns. This example is getting me about 5 percent click through rate. So 5 percent are clicking on these, which is pretty cool, right. Compared to like a lot of other stuff. They’re not really clicking that much. I also find that some get like six. And I’ve had up to like 30 percent. So just depending on what you’re going for, that’s kind of how you want to put your content in cane. That’s how you want to put your ad. So make it look like part of the content. Which brings us to the way the ads look. How do they look? Right. Are they are they looking like this or it looks like part of the content? Do you have them in your article where it makes sense or does it stand out and be like, oh, yeah, hey, here’s a bunch of ads, you know, scroll down below. It’s like those sites where, you know, they have a big ad and it’s obvious that it’s an ad. OK. So we’ve gotta pay attention to the way that our ads look. The last way to boost your income is by the frequency of the ads. How many ads are you going to put on your site? Now, as far as I know, you might want to check the new terms and conditions. But as far as I know, you are allowed to have up to three ad blocks per page or post or whatever. And you don’t want to overdo it. You don’t want like a hundred of them, because obviously that’s going to work. And it’s against the TRW. So you probably won’t get paid, but the frequency is important and where you put them is important. Like, I find that putting one up front in the content and then in the middle and then at the end works really well. And you know, hey, that works. I think upfront, like, don’t put it as the very front thing. Like, I wouldn’t put it above this stuff, but I put it like here or something that way. If they get bored with the article, though, they’ll see something that they want and probably click on it. And obviously, if that’s using ads since that’s going to get them paid. OK, so any questions on what we went over so far? Let me know. Leeds says so in article. Ads are the best. It is one of the best. He says he’s currently running responsive ads, 300 by 250. If you change that to the one that’s a little bit bigger, it’ll probably get you more clicks. I’m thinking about changing the whole look at my Web site and ads units. Well, we’d have to look at your numbers to decide that. Can you have a look at my site and tell me where I’m wrong? Well, leads what I would do is I would recommend joining our mentor program and our mentor program. We have a call every Tuesday where you could go on and you can be like, here’s my site. Here’s how much traffic I’m getting. What would you do to make more money? And I’ll actually tell you, for those that have been on our Tuesday calls, you guys like love it. And people can’t get enough of them because we just are there to help, which is really cool. So I would recommend that what I’ll do is I’ll I’ll show you a little snippet about what that’s about and we’ll come back and do some more. Q and A.

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All right. So that is the Marcus Mentor Me program.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, you want to get started. That’s a great place to start where you can ask questions, get videos, get, you know, different things that we’ve made notes of our videos and different things like that. You can get that over. Marcus mentor Scott M E. Now, if you are serious about making this business work and we’ll go ahead and take some Q and A at the end. There are several programs we have. If you’re like Marcus, I want to get started with affiliate marketing ads and marketing and all that.


One of the best places to start is through the High Ticket Niches program. This is where I go through and I hand select a niche for you based on excuse me, a noncompetitive keyword and some super profitable offers.


So this is where I go through and I give you the starting point, which is where the value is because a lot of people don’t know where to start. And this gives them the starting place. So you go there, you get your content, you get some site, you get starter content, you get your domain name, which is usually valued really, really high. You can see the values over. I took it and it just dot com and we help you get started with it. We give you the affiliate offers, we give you the traffic method and everything. Next up is the Marcus mentor Dot M E. That’s the one I just showed you, where it’s like basic coaching. You get the Tuesday calls, you get some of my plugins and tools and you can go through and get signed up there, which is really cool. And then, of course, you have the simple sights course, which is like a do it yourself kind of training program. Now, if you are serious about this, I would highly recommend a high ticket niche if you don’t know where to start. If you can do this a while and you just need some help, maybe check out the mentor program and if you want to learn this stuff on your own.


Check out the simple sites program. So let’s go ahead and take some Q and A. Are you guys having trouble getting that link?


Someone said that Marcus Mentor Link Marcus mentor. The M E should be working.


That’s working up at the direct link in the chat box so you guys can get that. That’s the direct link in the chat box. But yeah, I should go to this page here. You can just fill it out. But your first name, last name, best e-mail. Put all your info here. Choose the plan. It is nonrefundable because we’re giving you like trade secrets and help and everything like that. But you can cancel whenever you want. OK. So very cool. Very easy. If you ever need help, you just go to P.S. money making dot com and we can answer your questions and then you’ll get the links for the Tuesday calls where you can hop on. You could even be on muted and ask about your site and everything like that. Now, for someone like Leeds who has a site about sports, there are tips with affiliate programs that I can give you that will literally like make your head spin. Well, figuratively, I think would be the right way to say that, because there’s a lot of programs out there that a lot of people don’t know about where I can help you make money with your traffic. And one of the things that I’ve been really good at is making money in niches where other people don’t think there’s money. For example, one of the niches where I was averaging 20 to 36 cents per click per visitor was in a market where like you would literally make nothing with automated ads, like literally nothing. So it was the difference between a niche that I took to multiple seven figures and making maybe a couple thousand bucks. And you got to ask yourself, you know, what am I willing to do to make the most possible off my traffic? And if someone out there that has some traffic, you know, you just go in and you start using it. OK. Sign up and we’ll take a look at your site. Like I would have to look at your site. What I do is I look at where your traffic is coming from and then we do a little review and say, OK, this is where traffic is coming from. What’s going to fit best and where? And we’ll place it on there. And, you know, usually the results are pretty quick if you are getting traffic. That’s not completely junk traffic. Which sports usually is not. If you think about it. Right. Because I’ve got to think about it. Like everyone who watches sports, spends lots of money on things, just might not be your site.



So that is the overview of how ad sense works. Are there any questions you have about what we went over? Also, if you want to get the notes from this video, I always put the notes of my videos over it. Download my notes dot com. We have blog posts so you can go through the blog. You can check them out and find the notes you want, but you can find that at download my notes dot com. You’ll also get a little free affiliate started course and stuff like that, which is really cool leads if it’s not junk traffic. Yeah, you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. So I would say sign up for the mentor program and then get it. Get a get on the next Tuesday call next week. In the meantime, if you want to send over the stats of your site via support over at P.S. money making dot com, you can do that as well. And also for everyone that’s new, make sure you subscribe and click the bell because we have lots of videos that come out that teach you all kinds of ways to make money online. And as you guys see, this is not junk. This is not stupid stuff. I’ve been doing this 20 years. I know what’s going on. I know what works. I know how to get you where you need to go if you’re willing to do the work right. If you’re willing to do it, we will help you. Which is really cool.


So any other questions? We’ll take like two minutes for questions and then we’ll call it a day. But I think this was pretty good on a scale of 1 to 100. How much did you guys enjoy this?


Get any aha moments. Let us know.


All right, cool deal, so it doesn’t look like too many other questions. If you are interested in getting started, I would definitely recommend getting a high ticket niche, high ticket niches, dot com.


That’s all we’re going to go through and give you everything. We’re also going to give you access to the simple sights course so that you can follow that with your high ticket niche. And I mean, that is the program where if you just follow along, we’ll help you get some results. Again, results not typical, implied or guaranteed. We don’t know what you’re going to make. This is a business. Anyone who guarantees you an income, you should run away from home. But we’re going to really, really help you make it work. We don’t do PayPal on there.


But, you know, just use you could use your PayPal debit card if you want.


So cool. All right, guys. So thanks for hanging out with me for the last forty five minutes. I hope you learned a lot about ad sense and I hope you subscribe and check out our programs over it. Marcus Mentor M E or high ticket niches. Dot com. Thanks again for watching. Brian says, Can we create our own display ads for our affiliate? Yes, you can. Mary, just go on on our live chat and we’ll give you the status of your hide to get in touch and help you out with it. And we’ll take it from there. So thanks for joining. Get yourself signed up. See you in the next video.

35 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming Affiliate Programs

The video game market will be worth $152 billion by the turn of 2020. It is one of the fastest-growing digital industries in the world. You can be part of the success by promoting gaming products from various brands in return for commissions.

What are the best gaming affiliate programs for beginners?

Here is the comprehensive list:


Razer affiliate program takes advantage of Razer’s reputation as a maker of quality gaming accessories for PCs and console s. You stand to benefit by signing up with the affiliate program and promoting their items on your blog in exchange for good commissions.


Pay: 1 – 20 percent commission per sale depending on the item you’re promoting

How to promote: Post Razer affiliate program’s links on your website or blog


Alienware is one of the top makers of gaming PCs, portable gaming devices, and accessories. Most of their PCs are high-end, so they don’t come cheap.


Pay: 3 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Put Dell banners (Alienware operates as a subsidiary Dell, so their affiliate program is run by the Dell brand) or affiliate links on your website or blog.


If you are you are looking for an affiliate program that offers impressive digital codes, CDKeys would be the best option for you.


Pay: 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: banners and widgets

Epic Games

Epic Games are the makers of the popular Fortnite game. Other equally astounding games in their stable are Unreal, Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade, and Gears of War.


Pay: Up to 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Sharing Epic Games’ links and tags


Fanatical is one of the most popular gaming dens on the internet, with over 50 million licensed game keys sourced from over 800 publishers. There is a new game deal every day.


Pay: Up to 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Use banners and tracking links (via CJ dashboard)


G2A is a diverse gaming marketplace that deals in everything from games, electronics, merchandise, accessories, online courses, and software.


Pay: 3 commission percent per sale

How to Promote: Adding their links on your website and YouTube channel, if you have one


G2deal deals in an array of gaming products, including Xbox live cards, game activation codes, and PSN codes.


Pay: Up to 10 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Use your account referral links


If you are looking for a generous video game rental service on the internet that caters specifically for American gamers, GameFly could be the best option for you. With a commission of 10 percent, it is one of the best rewarding affiliate programs out there.


Pay: 10 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Posting GameFly affiliate links on your website or blog


GamersGate has a collection from over 4,000 games Mac and PC game publishers. It caters to gamers worldwide regardless of jurisdictions.


Pay: 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Posting GamersGate affiliate links on your website or blog


GamesDeal, in partnership with GameLaden, offers a range of gaming products, including Xbox Live Cards, time cards, Software, PSN codes, and game activation codes. With a commission of 30 percent, GamersDeal is one of the most generous affiliate programs out there.


Pay: 30 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Posting GamersDeal affiliate links on your website or blog


GameStop deals in both pre-owned and new gaming products, making it one of the biggest game retailers on the internet.


Pay: 4 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Through banners and posting GamersStop affiliate links on your website or blog

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming has a collection of over 1000 games PC, Console, and Mac games sourced directly from over 700 publishers.


Pay: Up to 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Use banners or post affiliate links on your website, blog, or Twitch or YouTube channel


JJGmaes deals in used consoles, accessories, and video games. They run an inventory of over 30,000 retro games for almost every mentionable console.


Pay: 8 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Post JJGames affiliate links on your website or blog


SCDKey deals in an array of video games, cards, keys, and other gaming accessories. With a commission of 20 percent, it is one of the best rewarding affiliate programs on the internet.


Pay: Up to 20 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Post SCDKey affiliate links on your website or blog


Worldwinner deals in gaming rather than games. They collaborate with gaming platforms to run competitive cash gaming tournaments both for mobile and web-based platforms. For this reason, they pay their affiliate marketers based on successful signups, not sales.


Pay: US$25 commission per signup

How to promote: Post the WorldWinner affiliate links on your website, blog, app, or promote them on your social media accounts

Zygor Guides

Zygor guides deals in in-game guides for WoW Classic and World of Warcraft game franchises. They also work for existing classes and races. Zygor Guides’ affiliate program is one of the best rewarding programs on this list with a commission as high as 50 percent on every sale.


Pay: 50 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Add Zygor Guides banners and affiliate links on your site or blog


Nvidia affiliate program allows you to promote Nvidia’s famous GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) and streaming media players for a reasonable commission.


Pay: 2 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Add Nvidia’s affiliate links and banners on your website or blog

Final Mouse

Final Mouse is an exclusive maker of quality gaming mice. Each mouse in their inventory is marketed as limited edition, and it actually is. That’s good news for an affiliate marketer, especially if you consider the fact that gamers tend to be so particular about the kind of mouse they use.


Pay: 25 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Add FinalMouse’s affiliate links and banners on your website or blog


Acer affiliate program allows you to market Acer’s gaming laptops, monitors, and accessories. Acer is currently the sixth-largest PC vendor in the world.


Pay: 4 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Adding Acer affiliate links and banners on your website or blog


Amazon is the largest ecommerce brand in the world. They run an affiliate program for every segment of products they sell. One of those segments is the gaming segment, which you can join to promote and sell their products for a commission.


Pay: up to 10 percent commission per sale (avg)

How to promote: You can use Amazon affiliate links on your website, blog, or social media accounts. You can opt for Amazon banners if the affiliate links don’t work for you, or In case you want higher effectiveness by combining both.


Banggood is a Chinese retailer dealing in more than 70,000 items. You can promote the gaming items in its inventory for commissions.


Pay: 12 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Add their banners and affiliate links on your website

Best Buy

Best Buy deals in gaming products as well as general technology items such as computers and their accessories, consumer electronics, and technology-based services.


Pay: Up to 6 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Add Best Buy banners and affiliate links on your website or blog


Bose is a renowned maker of gaming and general-purpose headphones, as well as consumer entertainment systems.


Pay: 3 percent commission per sale

How to promote: While you can promote the referrals anywhere you please, this affiliate program prefers them to be on your website, blog, or your social media accounts.

Modded Zone Gaming

ModdedZone turns boring game controllers into more exciting thrills by adding some bling and other modifications. Better yet, the buyer can order a mod that meets specific features.


Pay: 2 – 3 percent commission per sale depending on the type of items you’re selling

How to promote: Add the program’s affiliate links on your site or blog

Daily Game Sale lets you earn money by telling your friends about their sales. You can earn a commission on every purchase your friends make.


Pay: Different games have different commissions. For instance, selling Fallout 4, which costs US$11.17, earns you US$0.72 while DOOM, which seems a little cheaper with a price tag of US$10.12, earns you US$1.32.

How to promote: You can place the referral links anywhere on the internet where you think the rules and the audience are favorable.

Mac Gamestore

Mac Gamestore is a perfect option for any affiliate marketer who likes gaming or running a blog on MacBook or mac computer. This affiliate program runs in tandem with WinGameStore, the sister store which deals in Linux and Windows games.


Pay: 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Add Mac Gamestore affiliate links on your website or blog


MMOGA is a professional mediator of game services and the only mediator in Europe. They source a variety of gaming items, gamecards, and virtual currencies from over 1000 sellers.


Pay: A 10 percent commission on digital goods and 15 percent on virtual goods apply

How to promote: Add MMOGA banners and affiliate links on your website or blog. You can also share the links on your social media accounts.


Wargaming specializes in developing and publishing the free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) oriented games. Their games run on PCs, console, and mobile phones.


Pay: N/A

How to promote: Adding Wargaming banners and affiliate links on your website or blog


OZgameshop is an online games shop with over 40,000 games in its inventory. All orders worth $50 benefit from free delivery worldwide.


Pay: 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Market via images and OZgameshop’s affiliate links and banners by adding them on your website or blog.

Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft burst on the home gaming scene in a way most of us don’t understand. But the fact that they made their famous OS available to everyone, not just the nerds, from the earliest of the days gave them an unfair advantage over others. You can earn money by promoting and selling their Xbox consoles and other gaming accessories.


Pay: 2 percent on every Xbox console or accessory sold

How to promote: Adding Microsoft affiliate links or banners on your site or blog


Maingear deals in high-performance custom PCs with reliable support and supreme build quality. If your audience is into custom PCs, this is one of the best affiliate programs you could ever try.


Pay: N/A

How to promote: Adding Maingear banners and affiliate links on your site or blog


Logitech affiliate program allows you to market Logitech’s gaming accessories in return for a commission. Logitech’s gaming mice and keyboards are some of the highest-rated in the video gaming industry.


Pay: 4 – 8 percent commission per sale depending on the accessory you’re selling

How to promote: Adding Logitech’s affiliate links on your website, blog, or social media account’s posts

GT Omega Racing

GT Omega is famous for producing cutting-edge gaming chairs and Sim Racing Cockpits. It is also popular among Esports Sim Racing enthusiasts.


Pays: Up to 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Placing GT Omega Racing affiliate links on your site or blog


DXRacer is a pioneers maker of modern gaming chairs. Besides ergonomic gaming chairs, they make refined chairs as well. Their affiliate program only affiliates from Canada and the United States.


Pay: 5 percent commission per sale

How to promote: Adding DXRacer affiliate links to your website or blog or sharing them in your posts on social media.


Twitch allows gamers to stream live gameplay to their audiences. As such, the site has an affiliate program that rewards its partners a little differently compared to regular affiliate programs. For partners to get awards, the partners need to achieve a given number of views consistently or stream a given number of times in a week.


Pay: 50 percent of the US$4.99 sub fee per month

How to promote: Just stream frequently and attain higher views regularly

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program

Shopify Affiliate Program Overview

  • $58 Per Sale Average
  • Up To $2,000 Commission On Some Products
  • Tons Of Affiliate Resources
  • Easy To Navigate
  • PRIVATE Affiliate Program (run thru shopify rather than affiliate networks)

shopify affiliate

Shopify is rated as one of the top affiliate programs you may consider to earn a significant amount of money from the monthly commissions and other content based earnings. Shopify has been rated to be the best paying affiliate paying program for many years, and it is currently reported as the most profitable affiliate program in the market.

If you are thinking of applying for an appropriate affiliate program to make a good earning from, then you should think of the Shopify affiliate program. If you do not have sufficient knowledge on how this program runs, then this article is worth reading as it provides a comprehensive guide on how the program works, how you can successfully apply for an opportunity in the program, and the estimated earnings you could expect once approved.

What is Shopify affiliate program?

This is not only a free but an open affiliate program that you can quickly subscribe to earn commissions on all merchants you have successfully referred to Shopify. You have to convince as many merchants as possible to subscribe to the paid affiliate plan.

This program is usually based on referrals, and you can earn as more money as you want based on the number of merchants you referred to the program. The Shopify affiliate tracking devices make it easy to identify all clicks made on all links you shared every month. If you succeed convincing other merchants to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program, then your commission can be approved and paid as well.

Shopify affiliate program has a range of affiliate plans, and you can easily choose the most appropriate affiliate plan that works best for you. The commission rates, therefore, differs from one payment plan to the other with the basic Shopify pricing plan paying the least commissions. Usually, the formula 2× price of the subscribed plan is used to compute the total commission earned. If the merchants subscribe to the Shopify plus, then this could boost your sales by $2000.

Parties involved in the Shopify affiliate marketing

Three major parties are usually included in the Shopify affiliate program, namely the merchant who is usually the entrepreneur who agrees to subscribe to the affiliate channel, the Shopify software that offers the service, the affiliate program, and the audience involved.

√Merchant- These are usually the new business people that you target to subscribe to the Shopify platform to increase your commission earnings. Attracting more merchants to the program increases your profits, as well.
√Affiliate- if you apply to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program, you will be an affiliate to the program. This, therefore, makes you a store owner to promote the Shopify affiliate platform. You should help as many merchants as you can reach to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate plans that suit them.

√Software- the software is the online platform where you engage new business people and convince them to subscribe to the channel. The software is free for all people and allows you to freely interact with all potential merchants willing to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program.

√Audience- the audience is the developers with full experience in effectively running the program. They ensure that all interactions between the merchants and the affiliates a rerunning smoothly. They provide that the software works effectively to r all partners.

How does Shopify’s affiliate program work?

The significant idea is all about promoting Shopify plans and ensuring that store owners grow their businesses for more profits. The Shopify affiliate is thus a process that integrates three parties to ensure that the program works effectively. Below are the three major partners who are involved in the day to day Shopify affiliate program.

1. Product creator
The Shopify platform is the central partner engaged in the development of the affiliate Shopify plans. Therefore the major tasks involve developing and ensuring that the affiliate marketing program runs effectively. The product creators are, therefore, not involved in the marketing activities but only ensuring that all affiliate programs run smoothly.

2. The affiliate
The affiliate, also referred to as the Shopify partners are involved in creating referral links to attract as more business people into the Shopify affiliate platform. The affiliates are engaged in the active marketing of these links. They are allowed to share the Shopify affiliate links through their social media platforms to influence more entrepreneurs into Shopify. Immediately after a visitor clicks on the Shopify link, they are directed to the Shopify plan, and they can, therefore, decide on whether to subscribe to the plan. The Shopify affiliate tracking software monitors the visitors withing 30 days if they successfully subscribed to any of the four Shopify plans. If the visitors subscribe to the program, then the affiliate gets their monthly commission through their Paypal accounts.

3. Merchant
Merchants are the primary targets in this program. All promotion programs are run to influence the merchants to subscribe to any of the four Shopify affiliate plans. Once they click on the referral link, your commission increases significantly. This commission is thus credited to your account every month through your PayPal account.

How to successfully apply for the Shopify affiliate program

The application process is straightforward, as there are no complicated procedures required. The application is open and free for all, and you can follow a few steps to complete the application process. Below are some of the few critical things you need to do to apply for the affiliate program successfully.

• Create a blog
You will need to have an active blog to share the Shopify referral links. Therefore before you can think of applying for the Shopify affiliate program, you need to create a blog and create quality content to attract more traffic on your blog. You will only be able to influence more entrepreneurs in your blog if you have quality content that will keep them in your blog. Very long and poorly structured content would only discourage visitors from your blog, and it would make it difficult convincing them to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program.

You should also have a more extensive audience network, including more followers in your social media channels to reach as many potential entrepreneurs as possible. The idea here is to maintain quality content to influence more visitors to read your content and successfully subscribed to the Shopify affiliate platform.

• Add social media channels to the Shopify theme
Social media platforms are proved to be the most effective marketing channels that any company could opt for. Potential entrepreneurs spent most of the time browsing through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to get updates on various matters in the globe. Therefore ensuring that you have many followers on your social media channels increases your chances of influencing more people in the Shopify affiliate.

Therefore, you need to include the social media channels in the Shopify theme during your affiliate application. However, you need to ensure that all the social media platforms included in the Shopify theme are running effectively.

If you have successfully created an active blog and included your social media platforms in the Shopify theme, then you can follow these simple steps to apply for the Shopify affiliate program successfully.

1. Visit the Shopify website

You can quickly open the Shopify website and browse to click on the Shopify affiliate program at the bottom of the website page. Immediately after clicking to the Shopify affiliate program, the page directs you to the Shopify affiliate application page

2. Click the apply button

You can now click on the apply button at the bottom of the website page. This directs you to create an affiliate account.

3. Create an account

At this step, you need to fill in some personal details to create the Shopify affiliate account. This includes your name, your email addresses, and as well as feeding in your preferred password for the affiliate account.

4. Filling all details in the Shopify partners column

This is also part of the account creation process where you are required to fill in the Shopify partners’ details in the spaces provided. This includes your business name, the primary address of the business, if you have any website, your current city, country of residence, identifying the Shopify affiliate program you prefer to run, and finally confirming if you agree to the terms of the Shopify partner program agreement.
If you have successfully filled all the details, then you can click on the view tour dashboard button to be directed to the account details you entered in the application process.

5. Click the apply button

You need to ensure that all your affiliate details are correct and complete before you can click on the become a Shopify affiliate and apply button. Therefore take time to reread all information entered in the account creation process.

6. Describe your intended marketing strategies

You need to write a brief description of how you intend to promote the Shopify affiliate links. This could be through your blog, your social media platforms, and the consistency in posting quality content in your blogs to attract more traffic. You should also include any previous experience in similar tasks of affiliate programs with digital marketing. This helps to ensure that you are sufficiently fit for the task, and you can successfully convince more subscribers to the Shopify affiliate program. After committing the descriptions, you can click on the “apply” button to become a Shopify affiliate partner.

7. Get started

The Shopify affiliate developers will receive your application and begin the approval process to determine if you are fit to become a Shopify affiliate. It may take about two business days to get your account approved, and this signifies that you can get started with your marketing strategies to persuade more merchants to the Shopify affiliate program. You, therefore, need to promote your Shopify affiliate links to get more subscribers.

Below are simple ways to promote your Shopify Affiliate Links.

In-depth tutorial videos
Think about creating quality, in-depth videos informing more followers on the benefit of the Shopify affiliate program and why they should join it. You should also make brief illustrations explaining how the program works and how your audience can subscribe to the program. However, you need to ensure that the videos are eye-catching and are entertaining as well to attract more traffic in your blog. You, therefore, need to include the Shopify affiliate links in the content atleast three times. Also, ensure that they are bold for easy identification.

Share on social media channels
Many potential subscribers spent time on various social media platforms. Therefore, including your referral links in your social media posts reach many potential merchants. You can consider joining more e-commerce groups on the various social media channels to get more subscribers.

Webinars are also better strategies for running successful marketing programs. This strategy can help you attract more subscribers in the shortest period as compared to other platforms. However, you need to advertise your webinars some days before the day you will be marketing the Shopify affiliate links. You could use an email campaign to inform more people about your webinar to reach more audiences. Take time to teach your audience how the affiliate works and how they are likely to benefit from it. You also need to ensure that they understand how to access the referral links and convince them to click on them to get directed to the various Shopify affiliate programs.

Automated emails
You could also consider sending personalized email messages to different visitors to persuade them to click on your referral links. Refer to them by their names. This makes them feel honored, and they are likely to respond positively to your emails. You could as well include the Shopify referral links in the email messages to direct them to the Shopify platform and also earn you more commission as well.

The Shopify affiliate program is indeed among the top-rated affiliate programs with the best paying plans. The application process is simple, and you only need to run through a few steps as you fill in the required details and get your account approved. The approval process takes about two working days, and you can immediately begin your marketing as soon as the account is approved.

Free Classified Ad Sites For Affiliate Marketing

Free classified ad sites like thefreeadforum and freeadforum area good way to increase publicity for your service, product, and website.



It is a good advertising method to reach more persons, potential customers, useful backlinks, and many cites. Thanks to many free ads sites that are in the market to help you in this venture.

These websites can help you achieve the following:

When selling products on auction sites or eBay, free classified ads can provide a great platform to get your content in the eyes of many potential customers. Based on your target, the ads can be focused on various categories that feature your listings. It also features the best avenue to expose your services, and the ads can be uniquely made to target different states and cities in which you provide the services.

Free classified ads can also help you with search engine optimization by adding to backlinking campaigns. Many merchants use article marketing and other ways for SEO but fail to understand that classified ads are the best option too.

If interested to learn and use free ad services or make a try, then here is a list of the best popular websites for free classified ads.


Craigslist was started in 1995. It is the most popular free classified ads website. Most people are aware of the site, and this provides them with more traffic. This is the leading classified ads site. Craigslist features many working sections such as personals, housing, for sale, services, gigs, most wanted, community, discussion forums, and resumes. Most craigslist customers are ordinary people who are searching for services and goods. An ad posted at craigslist will last for seven to forty-five days, depending on the place it is posted. Craigslist allows its customers to post two free ads each day with one email account. Many entrepreneurs use this site to market various goods and services for different categories, such as medical services, and many of them can cause spammy. Looking with a critic’s lens, Craigslist has, on various occasions, been used by unscrupulous individuals and criminals who ruin their reputation; it has also had a bad reputation from frequent psychopaths and dirtballs. However, this is a small backslide compared with the many advantages it has to offer.

eBay classifieds

With this free classified ads site, you can sell and buy all the products in the USA. The website functionality has majored for business persons and buyers who deal with U.S. local products only. This allows you to place free ads posting for U.S. services and local goods for marketing if you are dealing with local products. The site does not require you to register to post ads. In short, the site lists sell and buy properties, electronics items, jobs, offer services, and can also allow you to adopt pets, among others.

Free Ad Forum

Free Ad Forum is an excellent marketing website for sellers and a right place for consumers to find goods and services. The site features a highly flexible and easy to navigate platform for a newbie. It also provides you with the chance to post your first ad without registration, and also, an opportunity to create an account for ads follow up. All the services are free with the ability to display eye-catching content to entice potential customers.


The Oodle website is hosted in San Mateo, California. It was started by Faith Sedlin, Scott Kister, and Craig Donato. It features a very simple to use platform integrated with USA Today, and this allows your ads to appear in them additionally. All you need is to sign up for an account, and become a powerful marketer, with a broad platform to reach your audience, due to the appearance of your ads on USA Today classified section. Oodle does not provide the opportunity to use HTML linking, meaning you cannot give a backlink to your site. It offers an opportunity to login with social media accounts. However, you must ensure consistent data between your social media profile and user account information, if you plan to log in to the account with social media. Otherwise, your account will be blocked.


Locanto is among the best free sites for both consumer and seller needs. It is the best website choice to find pets, employment, services, classes, real estate, community, and personal events with millions of adds. As a seller, you can post ads of the same categories indicated. The website also provides babysitting and dating services. If you post an ad on this site, it will last for sixty days, allowing the content to reach a broad target audience. It also features an easy website to navigate and signup. You can also post ads with enhanced photos, website links, and even HTML codes. Choose the city you are working from and begin marketing.

Free Ads Time

Free Ads time is another place to post-marketing ads free. The site is straightforward to navigate, and all categories are self-explanatory. They do not provide automatic HTML codes linking, but if you know how to use them, you can add the codes by hand and put backlinking. You can place your ads with an account or without an account. If you post an ad with an account, then you will have an excellent opportunity to keep track of your ads or posts, but if you post an ad without an account, the administrators will notify you with an email and provide you a link to edit it. There is no massive traffic within site, probably because of location and manual HTML links.


Kugli is not only a free classified ads website, but it is also an international business marketing platform. It features both global classified networks and free classified ads on one site. Therefore, if you are a merchant looking to sell products, a service provider, an employer looking for employees, or consumers of various services, kungli is the right place for you. It features ads for many products from different traders, candidates for jobs, many service providers, among others. They accept marketing for all sectors such as pets, automotive, jobs, real estate, serves, among others.


Thefreeadforum website features around two million visitors every month; it is among the popular free ads marketing sites in the market. This site has no bad reputation among the users or the public, and this makes it suitable for use. It has a good traffic rank but with few social media ratings. The website allows you to post free marketing ads just like other free ads site, and it has an easy navigation platform with a division for various sections. You can post your content without or with an account. It does not provide automatic HTML linking, but you can manually backlink to your site. A simple to use website where you can track your ads if you have an account, but if you post with no account, there will notify you by email and send you a link to sign up.


This site provides you with the chance to sell or buy anything you wish from anywhere in the USA, and you could sell personal items you own, find an asset or service, and put an ad for your company or business free. The site is intended for the USA audience. Therefore, you can view services provided across the states. It features products of all categories such as real estate, manufacturing, jobs, among others. With Classifiedsforfree, you can search and find anything, everything you can think about in the industry.


It has a recent modern website appearance and unique, attractive features provided by FinderMaster, which makes it the ideal marketing ads site. The site can automatically know your location with your first visit, with straightforward navigation tools, yet complex formation is what you should expect when going to this site. You can post ads with or without an account or for free. As a serious marketing affiliate or merchant, Findermaster is one of the places you should never miss. It has functional divisions for various sections that cover all your needs. With this site, there is more traffic from individual countries/states, while others post very few ads.


Adpost is another right place for free classified ads. It covers most areas worldwide, including the USA. This site accepts ads for many sectors, such as employment, vehicles, homes and offices, business opportunities, consumer sections, and personals. It further divides these sectors to small subsections such as arts and crafts, clothing, health and beauty, furniture, business products and services, and many more. Your ads will be visible in more than a thousand cities and five hundred regions internationally, and this gives you a broader audience. All the services provided to you for free.


Wall classified site has set its self apart from the rest, with a beautiful, user-friendly interface design to ensure you enjoy the best user design. Moving through the site is very easy. We can say it is the best place to post ads for almost all services and products. WallClassifieds is made for local marketing; anything you need locally may be present. It also saves time for customers, most of the free ads sites will navigate you to many places before you get to what you are looking for, but this is usually different from WallClassifieds. It helps you to avoid such navigations, and you can select your desired category or city from its homepage. The only weakness is that it’s impossible to choose different sub-branches, such as the number of car doors within its search engine.

Domestic sale

A free ads website which allows you to post-marketing ads for free. It accepts many categories of ads that are relevant in the industry, such as sale services, jobs and resumes, garage sales, events, and real estate, among others. They also feature a unique service called the easy store, which will give you the chance to upload pictures for a car sticker, desktop wallpapers, board ad, sales sign, etc. All of these services for free.

Classified Ads

The classified ads site is a free website and easy to use. You can post an ad before creating an account, or post the ad and create the account later. All you have to do is visit the site and see what an enjoyable experience it has to offer. The site has well-defined categories and easy for a layperson to navigate. The website is also very active, with very many subscribers to interact. Classified ads allow you to use HTML codes and backlink the ads back to your site. It also provides straightforward and direct steps to create an account at no cost. We can say it has a weak search engine facility; it does not give specific answers to your search, for example, the city. But with the unlimited requirement to the number of HTML you can post, Classified ads can help you develop a wide follow up on your site through backlinks.


It is one of the popular marketing sites in the U.S. It connects local sellers and buyers for business in the online environment. You can sell or buy assets such as electronics, cars, furniture, real estate, and even pets. That’s not all; at Recycler, you can access more services like sports items, land, jobs, and many more. Also, you can post ads to market your business and personal sales. The website allows you to post content as well as pictures to drive more traffic to your site.

Final thoughts

It is effortless to sign up for accounts on free ad websites. These sites will give you the chance to build high traffic on your site through HTML backlinks, and you can also sign up for many free ads websites as possible, this will give you an added advantage over your competitors. After posting your ad on these free sites, the traffic attracted will depend on the traffic attracted by the website. You can also submit descriptions of the services and products you want to offer.
Moreover, hyperlinks are provided by most of these sites directing more visibility of your ads in leading search engines. Customers can also find the best and quality assets, services, and persons for jobs using these free ad services. By use of great content, descriptions, pictures, videos, and attractive customer feedback. Expect to get the best with free classified ad sites for affiliate marketing.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review – How I Made $158,310 With Blue Host Affiliate Marketing


Bluehost Affiliate Program How I Make Thousands Every Month…


(these are the earnings from one of my sites for the bluehost affiliate program (results not typical implied or guaranteed… the average affiliate marketer never earns anything… this takes hard work and persistence)

i started promoting hosting offers as one of the first affiliate programs i ever made money with back in 1999!

NOTE: web hosting traffic is extremely competetive so you will want to find a back door method to promoting any hosting affiliate offer.

i find these backdoors by thinking “who wants web hosting but doesn’t know they need it yet”

then you can go for all kinds of keywords like:

how to set up a blog

set up a website for my ______________

how to buy a domain name

website checklist

start a blog

ect… for more info on this check out my video and pdf report on finding backdoor niches here

bluehost has a great affiliate program and pays well and on time via paypal or check.

How to become a Bluehost affiliate

Every kind of affiliate marketing will need a website or a blog; that is why you will need to either have an affiliate blog or even website. So if you are looking to become a Bluehost affiliate, you should first choose your preferred web hosting package and register with your preferred domain name. When done with all the signup processes, make sure that you have made the payments and read and agreed to their terms of services.

If You Have Not Yet Started Your First Website – Click Here And Do That Now

If you want to join the affiliate program, you have to go through another signup process. This will require you to visit Bluehost. Com then visit the affiliate page, which then you will have to click the signup button. By doing this, you will be directed to the signup form where you will have to include your password, name, company name, user name, web link, phone number as well as your payola information. Once your application is approved, the Bluehost team will let you know as soon as possible. However, you should laps understand that the commission from Bluehost is also subject to tax, it doesn’t matter which state you are in.

Payment and commission details of blue host affiliate

You don’t need to have big jobs and proper education to earn big money; you can as well get that through joining the online world. Here is how you can make money with a Bluehost affiliate program.

A Bluehost affiliate program is one of the best because it provides its affiliate marketers with the highest commission. If you are looking to be an affiliate for a particular company, then Bluehost is what you should consider. This is because it is famous, as well as a reputable web hosting company.

Even though other companies may be providing their affiliates with high commission rates, none of these providers can beat Bluehost when it comes to impact on the internet marketers, bloggers as well as webmasters.

In addition to that, they provide their customers with a variety of hosting services at a reasonable price. This is the main reason why it is trendy among many people.

If you want to make your site to be affiliate ready, you will not need to make any payments. However, if you are a beginner in this, you may feel discouraged because you may only sell two products in a whole month. But this is not supposed to discourage you because as you progress, your sales will increase and you will be able to make more money. Therefore, instead of giving up, you should look for strategies that can help you grow with every failure.

This is the company that provides its affiliate marketers with the highest commission of $65 for every sale made by their affiliates. This means that if you happen to make 10nsales in your account, then you will be able to get $650. So if you are looking to make money with a Bluehost affiliate program, then this company provides you with an excellent opportunity to make as much money as possible.

Tips to promote bluehost as an affiliate

Once one has built an excellent blog and written high quality articles or content that is attractive and joined the affiliate program for bluehost, the next thing that comes to your mind is how you are going to increase your income by using useful affiliate marketing tricks.

Put the product links in your blog posts, videos, and emails… but make sure you use a redirect from your website and always have a good affiliate disclaimer.

Even though this is a straightforward technique, but it is one of the best when it comes to earning you a conversation. With this technique, you don’t have to do a lot of work. You can use the product link as an anchor within your context. This is one of the most potent ways to increase visitor clicks. It is therefore advisable that you try as much as possible to mention these links smartly; in addition to that, you also have to make sure that they are put naturally. This is because your main goal is to offer value to all your users rather than agitating them.

Make sure you only promote the high converting products

When it comes to earning money with hosting affiliate programs there are a lot of things you have to do, and driving traffic alone is not enough to make you money. That is you must put most of your focus on high converting products. This way, you will be sure that you will earn some money. While choosing products to promote, always consider products with high quality images, in addition to that, you can also go for products that have many positive reviews.

You should also consider writing articles about product review

Before customers decide to buy a product, they will first want to know about its qualities, features, benefits as well as its drawbacks. You should, therefore, make sure to make a high quality review of whatever product you choose. It is only by doing this that you will be me to get high conversation rates. You should then help your readers choose a product to buy by providing them with a product link within the text or at the end of the article.

You can also choose to use the affiliate management tools

Affiliate marketing has a lot of competition, so it only fares for you always to try as much as possible always to stay ahead of the game. But how can you do it? This can be done by making sure that you accomplish a lot of things in a short time. To make sure that this is done effectively, you can make use of WordPress and azonprrss.

There will always be deals on various products; it is your responsibility to find deals that go in line with your industry and then place them in different posts, either weekly or monthly. You will then be able to earn the reputation of your customers visit your website and find the 0ffers; this will also help in making you more traffic.

Creating native ads is another excellent way

With these ads, readers will be able to see the suggestions for your products. It doesn’t matter where these ads are placed; Bluehost will be able to show your users relevant products.

Buying keywords

You can clearly understand the needs of clients from the words they are searching for online. It is your effort to look averts this user and brings them to your website. It not an impossibility but requires some deep understanding of quick action you have to take. You can do this by buying target keywords for your bluehost affiliate project and build your content with those keywords.

Connect with emails

You can send emails about building and maintaining websites or buying domains and things like that to keep your content and affiliate links top of mind for your subscribers.

Improve the layout of your website

The other way to promote your bluehost affiliate links is by having an excellent website that is user-friendly and attractive. Improve your user experience and website design. It is always good for your users to have a different interaction with your website than away earlier. If your site is not user-friendly, your clients might all leave at once. Take care of every small detail of your website as it counts most; your users need to feel comfortable anytime they are using your site.

Email list building

Building your email is another promotional tool that you have to utilize to you wanted to have an excellent marketing experience with affiliate marketing. Don’t overlook this simple but still great tool. Anytime people want to buy a product, they usually have to search for some information about it online, and you can do this by offering a user guide to them. You can also provide a promotional deal from time to time.

Including affiliate links on your product review pages and educational content

Anytime you are discussing any product, it is essential for you to include an image of your product.

When thinking of launching a new website or your first website, the first thing you will think of is a web hosting company, as well as a hosting plan that is very secure. And with a stable hosting plan, you will be me to get a fast site speed as well as a secure WordPress installation. And when we look at all other affiliates, a blue host affiliate is one leading web hosting programs when it comes to payment.

Even though there are several web hosting companies you can choose to work with, the bluehost is one of the most popular services. This is the reason why many people would prefer it to other services. This also means that the blue host truly has some features that make it be the best web hosting services. Now let’s look at some of the benefits of bluehost.


Bluehost provides its customers with basic web hosting packages that come along with the high value. This means that they don’t have to give expensive payments to get the best services. It provides its customers with some of the best shared hosting packages, which does nothing less than creating value for them.

When talking about the success of Bluehost in the market, some may think that it’s because of its low price. However, if you choose to compare it with other big brands, you will find out that it is expensive in a way. However, when you look at its performance, it is incredibly unbeatable, and this is why it is topping the market.

In addition to that, it also brags of a faster server speed as well as website loading. The good thing about it is that you can also access their web servers from wherever you are in the world, and while doing this, you also don’t have to worry about speed.



When selecting a web hosting company, it is essential that you also consider tech support, and this is where Bluehost comes in. This is one of the best servers you can ever find when talking about tech support. From its control Panel to hosting control, they all have a stable performance. In addition to that, it also offers the best customer support services.


When it comes to resources, it has all the ones you may need for your business. They have the best beginners, the best executive team, as well as the best customer support personnel. They have almost everything that customer needs for all his needs. Bluehost is mainly focused on making their customers happy; this is because they know that when their customers are satisfied, then they are very likely to refer them to their friends or relatives.

They are reliable; it is a big company, you can, therefore, rely on it to be there for the longest time possible. With critical things like website data, security is very vital, and that is why you should not just go for any company. Bluehost is a brand, and this means that it is a company that is not going to disappear anytime soon.

Search Engine Rankings Update

Here is where we will update you on the $1,000 content outsource challenge…


Watch This Video First To See What I Did


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Ranking Updare 1.5.2020

Ranking Update 12.27.19 LOTS Of Movement Happening… and some rankings getting new traffic 🙂

The highlighted ones are the new articles… one of my favorite that is getting traffic is the one for my wealthy affiliate scam review.


Update 12.15.2019: first page bing for “wix affiliate program review” 

Also picking up some more terms in google… not high rankings but its still early and i expect them to grow.

UPDATE 12.14.2019 : First Sign Of My Outsourced Article Getting Picked Up In Google…

search engine ranking serp

#78 for amazon affiliate program…

search engine ranking

so far #44 on the first sign of indexing… keep in mind this is the first article i put up on 12.6.19… so 9 days to get indexed… kinda slow but still lets see how it does.  i expect the ranking to rise as time passes and the others start getting picked up as well…

Also some action on bing with my latest post…

i just loaded this one on the site 9 hours ago… so bing is picking stuff up pretty fast.



bing picks up and ranks number one for

google is starting to notice the pages from links on my sidebar posts…

Keep In Mind The “affiliate” market is super competitive and this is not a major seo site… so this will be a lot easier in many non competitive niches.

added “free classified ads for affiliate marketing

Dec 8, 2019

now moved up to 38 in bing for bluehost affiliate marketing

dropped in bing to #106 on amazon affiliate marketing review (fluctuations are normal with new rankings)

ill be loading another article tomorrow.

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Dec 7. 2019 still not picked up in googe but my bluehost one is #79 for bluehost affiliate program in msn

and #21 for How to become a Bluehost affiliate

and #84 for amazon affiliate program review

LOL this page is even ranking on bing/msn for “search engine rankings update” didn’t even try for that one.


bing has picked up the article (no good rankings yet)

google has not picked it up yet


so far i put one article on my website for “amazon affiliate program reviews”

I Spent $1,000 Outsourcing Articles For My Website

I Spent $1,000 Outsourcing Articles For My Website

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To Outsource Content For Your Website Use

For Your Free Keyword Tools Check Out

Check Out The Rankings Here (we are only 10 days in and already getting noticed)

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Here Are Some Of The Articles We Put Up So Far

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – The Shocking TRUTH!

Wix Affiliate Program Review

high ticket affiliate programs

Fiverr Affiliate Program – How To Make Money!

Adwords vs Adsense – How Does Adsense Work

35 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program

Free Classified Ad Sites For Affiliate Marketing

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

Amazon Affiliate Program Review

So I just got done spending a thousand dollars in articles for one of my Web sites to try to get search engine rankings now to outsource these articles was actually pretty easy. It only took a little bit for the people to finish the articles. And here’s what the content experiment looks like. We are spending a thousand dollars on content and it’s an experiment. Now, the way that it worked is very simple.

What I did is I spent on 34 articles that have a word count of about two thousand words each. It’s two thousand or more, up to three thousand, something like that. Those articles cost me twenty eight dollars and twenty cents each. And there’s some of the keywords abused. So I got these articles here so that I can get ranked on the search engines and get lots of free traffic. Now you can outsource articles a little bit cheaper.

There was an option to get these for 14 dollars, which would have been half price. And I want to gotten double the content, but I wanted him to do a good job. Now, in a later video, I’m going to show you the difference between a 14 dollar article and a 28 dollar article so you can understand the difference there and make your decision based on what you want to get done. Now, before we dove in and I show you the actual articles that I got for all this money, I want to take a minute to show you why I came up with the keywords and which keywords I selected and how it’s going to work out for me in the long run. Now, about a year ago, I noticed that one of the blog posts that I made without

any purpose or anything, I just throw it up on my blog, started ranking for the word Wicks affiliate program and I was like, wait a minute, this keyword is now bringing me traffic every single day for a very targeted keyword. And I like that. I thought it was really cool. Now, I had been doing search engine marketing since 1999 when the Internet was just a wee lad. And I learned a lot of things, but I kind of ignored it for a while. On one of my main sites, because it was so much easier to get paid traffic and to get free traffic from like YouTube and stuff like that. So recently I started diving in and saying, what would this look like? And the content search engine bug hit. And I kind of went crazy. And so what I did is I printed out a

bunch of keywords and different rankings for my competitors sites to look at what their ranking for and look at what’s easy. And you’ll notice that this has like the volume, it’s got the keyword difficulty. And so I was looking at the keyword difficulty for this one gaming affiliate programs. The keyword difficulty is only a one says like, okay, cool, I could probably write for stuff like that with a site that I haven’t done much SEO on. So let’s get started with that and see how it works out. And so I decided, hey, you know what, let’s do a test. And you could tell that I’ve been working way too much because my hair kind of is taken on a life of its own. So let’s talk about how these keywords worked and how we did all that, how we did the keyword research and kind

of what’s going on now. I noticed that with my Web site, I have several different rankings for some terms that are pretty good, but I’m not getting that much traffic. So I wanted to dove in deeper and see what I could get more traffic for. For example, take a look at this one that I recently started ranking for just this month. That is about free classified ad sites. And I’ve never even tried to rank for this word. It just happen as a byproduct. And now I’m getting traffic from that word, which is pretty cool because my site hasn’t had much SEO on it ever. So what I decided to do is go out there, spend the thousand dollars, get the 34 articles and see what happens. Now, it’s very important that I focus on the right keywords, which we’re going to show you in just

a second and we focus on the sweet spot. So we want sweet spot keywords that we know we can get. This is especially important if you have a new Web site. A lot of people are out there going for the wrong keywords and that’s why they fail. If you go for the right keywords that have the right amount of traffic that are focused on things that, you know, people will want to check out more of your site for, then you’re golden. And these words are not that hard to rank for at all. So we’ve got to have the sweet spot and we’ve got to have one that’s like less than 10 on the keyword difficulty scale. Now you can find this keyword difficulty scale in several keyword tools. Some are free, some are paid. And I have a list of those keyword tools over at

keyword sniffer dot com. You can get those tools. You can use them and find the competition for any keyword you want. So I set out and I dove into 34 different keywords that I really wanted to rank for that I thought weren’t too competitive that I could get traffic on. Now, in order to make this happen, I was listening to a lot of the people out there that are talking about SEO and things like that. And again, remember, I’ve done SEO for a long time. I’m not a super expert, but I’ve gotten several hundred million visitors for free from the search engines. And I noticed that a lot of people were saying and I’ve learned, too, that fifteen hundred words or more is a good size for an article. Now, you can’t just put junk articles up there and you can’t just focus on any

keywords. So you’ve got to have easy to write keywords. It could put you in the sweet spot. Next, you have to have good relevant content. Some of the articles that we had written we had to send back and I had to say, you know what? Redo this article or you’re not going to get paid in nicer terms. Right. So I’ve got to have good relevant content. It can’t just be about some kind of junk. Next, the word has to have lots of subcategory words. So, for example, the free ad Web site, free classified keyword I was going for. There’s lots of subcategory words. There’s different variations of the word. There’s different things added on to the word. For example, if we look at some of the keywords that I went for here, I have a little snapshot of six of the articles. I got some of them we’re still waiting on. One of them was the Amazon affiliate program. Now, this has lots of subcategory words. Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Associate Program, How to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. How much does the Amazon affiliate program pay? And on and on we go with tons and tons and tons of keywords that we can write for with just one article if we do it right. I also went for the next keyword, which was Shopify affiliate program. I noticed that one of my articles had the word Shopify affiliate program from way back when we didn’t even try to rank 4 in it. Right click number ninety for it. And I was like, hey, if I write number 90, not even trying, I should be able get a top 10 if I actually try. Right. You would think. And this test is goin to show it.

And by the way, if you like this content experiment and you want to see what happens over the next few months, make sure you subscribe and click the bell and we’re gonna walk you through everything. Nothing held back. Show you exactly what happens when it happens so that you can duplicate this and make some money for. Yourself. The next one I went for was Blue host affiliate program, I noticed a lot of people were searching for these. Again, you got to look at the amount of searches that are out there to make sure it’s going to make sense. Now, I like to do this using several different tools that will show you who’s ranking number one and how much traffic they think they’re getting, which is pretty cool because then you can use that to figure out where you’re going to be.

So you don’t do all this work and spend all this money on articles that get you a visitor every seven months. We don’t want to do that. So Blue host affiliate program was a good one with over 400 searches a month on the main term and lots of subcategory terms as well. And it’s one that I’ve used and I think is pretty good. So we could use that as well. Next, I’m going all in on the free classified ad site since I ranked number two without even trying. I figure if I go for a lot of the subcategory words, we’re going to do pretty good as well. Especially when you look at the fact that free classified ads has about 40 900 searches a month free classified personals. Twenty nine hundred and post free classified ads in USA a thousand. So there’s lots of subcategory

words here that we can choose from, including stuff like Free AD Forum, which is the one that I currently rank for, free ad forum all like that, which gets two hundred and fifty searches a month. And I’m showing that I’m getting an average of about 38 visitors a month. As it is right now, without even trying. So I think we could do a lot better on that one as well. Next up, I went for high ticket affiliate programs because I noticed this one has quite a bit of searches as well. So we got some articles written about that. And lastly, the one I got to show you today is pay per lead affiliate programs. So these are the main keywords. And I know if I can rank for these and some subcategory words as well as for the other 34 articles we’re going to go

through, then I could get some traffic. So let’s dove in. Let’s see what I got for my thousand bucks. OK.

So now here’s the article Web site that we use that you can find at get Web site content dot com over there. You can get all these articles written. And these are the prices on the site. OK. So we are looking at beginner, general skilled expert. I usually use skilled, which is why you could see my 2000 3000 word article was 28 20. Now you can also use beginner level. We’re going to be testing this out and show you the difference between beginner and skilled, an expert. So we’ll try them all out on the same article and we’ll make another video where you guys could see the difference and decide for yourself, which is best. Now, no matter which one you get, you’re also going to need to remember that you’re going to have to do some revising. OK, so this is what it looks

like. These are the prices. You would just go in here and put your project description, your keywords and the instructions for your article. So project description would be your keyword. Then you put your keywords in here. I usually just put one main keyword, your sweet spot keyword and then put some instructions. So if I’m going for something like Wix affiliate program, I would put Wix affiliate program up here. Wix affiliate a program down here. I’d choose skilled writers because that’s the one I like. I’d choose one day because I want him to do it in one day. And then I would go through and I’d put a description of what I want. Please write a report talking about the way affiliate program, what they pay, how to promote them and how people can make money with the Wix affiliate program. And then I give them

some links to help him out of other Web sites that I found that I like that rank for that keyword. Very important because they’re going to use those links and they’ll be able to see what you’re after instead of just writing a bunch of junk. Now, once you submit your job, a writer will pick it up, usually within an hour or so, he’ll pick it up and start on the job. And then once he’s done the job, it will actually go into your projects and then they’ll be like a little time thing here. And that’s the time that you have and that’s the time that they have left to create the article. Very simple. Once the articles done, it’ll go into your download area and you can actually go in and see the details and download the article. Very simple. So what I’ve done is

I went ahead and did all this for us. And I have about a thousand dollars worth of these articles that I’ve started on. We have seven of them in here. There’s about 30 or 27 laughter or something like that that we’re going to go through as well. So you could see the articles here. And what I’m going to do is going to show you how they work. Right. So here’s what I did for pay per lead affiliate program. This one’s very easy. It talks about paper lead talks about how they can get paid. So they did a really, really good job. Now, if a writer comes back and does not do a good job, you can click request to revision and tell him what you want him to change. It’ll give him another 24 hours or so to make it up to par. And then

again, you have another chance to approve it or not. Now, don’t get too crazy with it. Like obviously you’re going to have to do some editing. So as long as he’s got the bulk of it in there, I think we’re gonna do OK. OK. And these ones I have approved, they’re doing pretty good. He’s got some different programs on there. We can use different stuff like that. We also have the Amazon affiliate program one, which is the one I’m going to be working with today. OK. So this one’s here. Pretty decent. Pretty good article there. We have the Costco on the Costco one. I had to have him rewrite it because the original it was all about Costco as a company, which I don’t want that. I want Costco affiliate marketing. Then we have an article for. Our affiliate program, which is another key word

I’m going through, he did a very good job on this one, talking about fiber, how to get paid, where to sign up, different things like that. And then, of course, we have the free classified ads, one where he talks about the free classified ad sites and he lists the various sites, which is good because we want to get ranked on those as well. OK. And we’ll show you also, like I would go in and I would put variations of free ad forum and then I put like the free ad forum dot com.

Since those are keywords that I want as well. OK, so very simple. Very easy. We also have high ticket affiliate programs where you went through and did various high ticket programs and you guys could see there’s some format and you need to do on here and, you know, check for little errors and things like that. But it’s a hell of a lot easier than having to come up with this content on your own. Right. So very, very simple. OK. So that’s basically what we’re looking at for that one. And then our last one was for the Shopify affiliate program. He did a good job on that one as well. Now, what we’re going to want to do is we’re gonna want to take this content and put it on our blog. Now, we don’t want to put all 35 articles like right away on the

blog. Right, because that’s going to be too much content. We want to drip them out maybe one per day over the next month and see how they start to rank. See how they start to do so. When I do this, I’m going to go into my blog dashboard here like this, and then I’m going to take the article I want. Okay. So I got Amazon affiliate program. I’m going to open that up and just kind of slide it over here in the other screen for now. That way we’re working on this now. What I did beforehand is I used one of the keyword tools that we’re talking about over on keywords sniffer dot com. I ran a report for the top people that are ranking for the words that I want that are related to the Amazon affiliate program. OK, so we got him here.

We’ve got him here and we got him here. Now, one of the ones that I found, which is a sweet spot keyword for me, was Amazon affiliate program review. Right. If I can get a good ranking on this, I can bag some good traffic. You can see that this guy is getting like one hundred and eighty five searches a month just from this one. Now, again, remember all these rankings and more and more. There’s four pages of them are just one blog post. OK. So pretty easy. Like I can get all these traffic from one blog post. Now we’re going to try to go for some of the bigger words also. But we want to focus on the sweet spot keywords. So we’re going to get that sweet spot keyword here. We’re gonna go to our blog post. We’re going to post ad New York.

Now, I don’t mess with FCO plugins or anything too much. They kind of slow down my site and I haven’t seen that great of a response from them. You could try em out if you want, but we’re not going to in this example. OK, so we’re gonna go through we’re going to start with our main keyword, Amazon affiliate program review. I’m just gonna capitalize those. And then I put something else like maybe Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates. What did we have? A program? How to get started?

OK, so we got Amazon affiliates, programs review, Amazon Associates, how to get started. The next thing we’re gonna do now. I found a really good keyword in the when I was shooting the video earlier, which was Amazon affiliate disclosure. So I’m just gonna type that here.

Amazon affiliate disclosure and I can put disclaimer, too, OK?

That way I remember that. That’s a keyword that I want saying to put that in here. OK. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go get my article here to get the article body and copy everything from the article body like this. Think this one was about twenty two hundred words and I’m going to put that in the blog post now I could go through and I could do like all kinds of cool things like I can bold this, I can go through and add things in there. I can do like if I want this to show up on the top, I could do something like a note. Be sure when working with the Amazon affiliate program. OK. And we’re gonna have like a little little checkbox kind of thing over here. So note be sure when working with the Amazon

affiliate program. First off, we’ll say I have a Amazon affiliate disclosure disclaimer. Put some other tips here. Like never cloak your links, always use raw links and I’ll put another tip like always use a direct to product. Product link can’t spell today, OK, now we’ll put that in there and then we’ll go ahead and just kind of clear this up. According to Business Insider, Amazon valuation bubble, blah. OK. Good, good, good. Looks pretty good. Getting started with Amazon’s affiliate program will build this. There you go. You need to sign up. OK. So we could just. We can make this easier for him. We’ll just do I’ll just scroll down and get their affiliate sign up page. So let’s see where that’s at. Work with Amazon.

OK. We’ll have to Google it. They don’t want to make it easy for us. Amazon affiliate program.

Sign up. OK. So we’ll just get the Amazon affiliate program sign up here and then we’ll put theirs. Now, if this was an affiliate link, I would definitely want to use that. But they don’t they don’t offer that on Amazon.

So we’ll just have to put this here. OK. So what do Amazon affiliate link sign up? OK. Boom. There we go.

And always when you do links that are off of your site, make sure. Let’s see. I always make sure that you open them in a new window by clicking this tab here. OK. Very simple. Now, you can also go through and put images in if you got screenshots or whatever that fit, you can do that as well. So we’re gonna go ahead and just kind of finish formatting. How do I get started with the Amazon affiliate program? OK, we’ll do that. Like a big one. What is the Amazon affiliate program will do that big as well. And we can make these read if we want or whatever color you like. Becoming an Amazon affiliate. Create a blog or Web site. OK. So we can make these headlines. Big whoop.

Make this one big dude like that. Like this. OK. Looks good.

It’s got all the contact info stuff here and it will do to negotiate, to navigate your account.

We’ll do this bold, OK?

And then you can put in like screenshots and things like that. Good, good, good. OK. Then we can do like pros and cons of the affiliate program. Cons. OK, and then we’ll go through how to promote your links. Blogging media. Boom, like that. And then now we have our page pretty much set up right now. Once we have it set up, we’ve got all our keywords, we’ve got everything set up here, we can go ahead and save a copy. OK, so we’ll save it here by clicking publish. OK. And then once that’s published, it’ll go live on our blog and then we’ll have a link here and we could see what it looks like now. I’m going to go through afterwards and put some links in to like get people to buy stuff, because obviously the key here is getting them to buy things. So

I would put some links in there, some affiliate offers you some of the plugins that I have. I have a plug in that creates ads and create ads like this within the content. So like, if I want to put ads within the content, I can just go in the content wherever I want those ads. And I would just put like this all code down here. All right. Like this voodoo ads could do like I think it’s called in content. And then we can choose how many ads we want. And then I could just put this wherever I want within the content. So like, if I want, I’m right up front. I can just put that right in there. And I think it might have to be in text. And then we’re gonna put it right in there and text, update. And then what that’s going

to do is it will put the ads in there. Right. You got to have the ads in there, because the whole point isn’t just to get search engine rankings. It’s to make money. So you can see how it puts the ads in there. Very simple. Very easy. And it looks like part of the content, which is pretty cool. And you can put them as many times as you want. And then once this is done, you’re ready to go. We’re just going to wait for the search engines to pick this up, which usually takes a couple of days or so. If you have a blog that the search engines know about, it doesn’t take too long for them to pick it up. And we’ll see how it ranks, which is pretty cool. And if you keep doing this over and over, you’ll start to rank for

your terms and you’ll start to get a lot of traffic. I was just reading an example of someone that I was looking to interview on my site. And this guy started back in 2019. He did guest blogging. He did posts like this. And he’s got like a ton of traffic for words that I never even thought I could go for. So this challenge is kind of to challenge myself, get some really good rankings and show you guys the process every step of the way. So if you like this kind of stuff, make sure you subscribe and click the bell. We’re going to be doing all kinds of videos about how this goes. We’re going to show you how we post the other articles. We’re going to show you when they get ranked, what we do with the rankings, how much traffic they get and everything

like that. So you can kind of see like a bird’s eye view of how this business works and how content marketing works. We’re gonna do this with a thousand dollars to start. See how much traffic we get and then we’ll come back and do some more. If it does really well, because, you know, hey, that’s pretty cool. I could make that back and like one sale, which is cool. Now, depending on what you’re offering, might need a little bit more than one sale, but you get the idea. So thanks again for watching. Make sure you subscribe and click the bell and go over to keyword sniffer dot com for the keyword report so that you can do these reports on all kinds of different blogs and sites to see what you can rank for and find those sweet spot keywords. Thanks again for watching. I’m

Marcus. Check out the next video that’s going to talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know. Coming up.

Get A High Ticket Niche And Marcus Will GIVE YOU A List Of Easy Rank Keywords 🙂

Amazon Affiliate Program Review – Amazon Associates How To Get Started

Amazon Affiliate Program is a fast-rising affiliate program that enables site and blog owners to monetize their blogs. With Amazon Associates Program, online marketers can also earn a commission by promoting Amazon products.

NOTE Be Sure When Working With The Amazon Affiliate Program:

  • Have A Amazon Affiliate Disclosure / Disclaimer
  • Never Cloak Your Links / Always Use Raw Links
  • Always Use A Direct To Product Link

According to Business Insider, Amazon has a valuation of $365 billion; the valuation is higher than that of Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Best Buy, JCPenney, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Sears combined. In 2017, Amazon generated a revenue of $177.9 billion, which makes its affiliate program attractive to many small businesses. It also experienced a growth of 27.8%, making it one of the top growing companies globally.

Getting started with Amazon Affiliate Program is easier as you only need to amazon affiliate link sign up and receive approval from the corporation. After getting approval, you’ll be able to create Amazon affiliate links for your site. Now, if a customer purchases a product via your link, you’ll get a commission- it’s effortless.

But how do I get started with the Amazon Affiliate Program?

It’s the question in the minds of many blog and site owners and online marketers who want to earn income online by advertising Amazon products. Our guide gives you a step by step on becoming an Amazon affiliate?

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon associates, is an affiliate marketing concept that lets bloggers and business owners earn from marketing Amazon products. It is free and requires only one to create links to Amazon products on their sites. When a customer clicks the link and buys a product from Amazon, the blogger will earn some commission from the sale. The commission is known as referral fees, and Amazon pays these bloggers.

Amazon Affiliate Program is global, and any blogger or site owner can join. Besides, it grants access to a myriad of useful tools such as analytics and marketing that enables you to increase the chances of earning higher.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

1. Create a blog or website

Before joining the Amazon affiliate program, you must have a functional blog, site, app, or YouTube channel. If your site is active with huge loads of traffic, then you’ll have an easier time marketing Amazon products. It’s also good to have a website that is pre-populated with content as Amazon and other users will see it easier and authentic.
If you have a website, you’re good to proceed to the next step, but if you don’t have one, then you’ll easily create a free one from WordPress or get a third-party website builder. Also, remember to have a purpose, niche, and audience as Amazon requires you to fill it during the application. You should also have a plan of getting followers in your site as well as any other advertisements and affiliate listings in your website.

2. Visit Amazon’s Affiliate Program Site to Create Your Affiliate Account

Visit Amazon’s affiliate program site to get started. Click the “Join Free” tab that is on the upper right of your screen. After clicking the key, Amazon will prompt you to log in to your Amazon account. If you have an existing Amazon account, proceed to log in, but if you don’t have one, then continue to create before proceeding.

With Amazon login, you can use an existing Amazon account or create one. Especially if you are going to use the Amazon account primarily for the associate’s program, then create a new account.

If you don’t have an Amazon account or want to create one, then click the “am a new customer,” then enter your details to proceed. These include your name, email address, and password that are prerequisites for creating an Amazon account. After indicating your details, click the “sign in using our secure server” and proceed to Amazon.

3. Proceed to the Amazon associates profile

After signing up for your account, click the “New customer” tab and begin to build your account portfolio.
i. Enter your account information
Enter your account information that includes the name, phone number, and address of the payee.
ii. Enter your website address
Enter the address of your website or YouTube channel
iii. Enter your store ID
Your store ID is primarily the same as the website name. Choose your preferred ID. Next, explain in detail to Amazon the mission and vision of your site (what your site hopes to achieve). Also, select the Amazon topics or niches that your website will likely cover.

While describing your site, its best that you fill as much information as possible for your site; much-detailed and accurate information increases your chances of being accepted to the Amazon affiliate program. Also, remember that Amazon will reject your application if your site doesn’t have at least 50% original content. So you should have a unique aspect that you are offering to your readers. Finally, indicate the products that you want to advertise on your site. It’s best to go for the expensive items in product categories that easily fits your site. For instance, if you are running a health and fitness blog, then it’s best to go for the workout equipment such as cable rows, rowing machines, and treadmills.

iv. Enter Your Contact Information
After filling in the details, your next task is to input your phone number and press “Call Me Now.” Amazon will call you immediately and ask you to put a four-digit code to a code bar on your screen. Once you input the right code, you’ll complete the steps, and Amazon will approve your account.
v. Select A Payment Method
After verifying your phone number, the screen will redirect you to a newer page where you’ll select a payment method, choose between a bank transfer, gift cards, or checks. You can enter your credit card information and tax ID on the page right there or later.
vi. Start creating Amazon Affiliate Links
Once you create an Amazon associates account, you’ll be redirected to your Associate homepage account. In the account, there is a myriad of tools such as the dashboard tab (where you can view your earnings, overview, monthly summary, and number of clicks).

The associate account is also where you’ll create Amazon links. To create an Amazon affiliate link:

1. Navigate to “Quick Links” in your homepage. Select either “Search for Product” or “Browse for a product.”
2. The “Search for product” option allows you to search for a product by using a product keyword
3. The “Browse for product” option allows you to look for a product using the product categories such as “Health and fitness,” “Books,” and “Health and beauty.”
4. After getting a relevant product, click the “Get Link” tab to generate its link
5. You can customize your link with texts, images, and widgets.
6. Depending on the link you can customize the image size, title color, and background color
7. Preview the link to ensure it’s flawless and attractive before posting to your site
8. Copy the link and place it on your site.

vii. Share Your Links On Your Website and Social Media
Once you generate your Amazon referral links, share it on your site posts on social media. Look for products that you know your friends and family may be interested in then share their links in the platforms. Ensure your affiliate link is in every post so that you’ll earn a referral bonus for every purchase via your link.
viii. Improve Your Application Plan and Re-Submit
Study your notification to read and understand why Amazon rejected your application. You can then make improvements to your website so that your request to join Amazon’s associated program will be approved.
After completing the steps, Amazon will activate your account for 180 days in which you’ll be required to at least make one sale. If you fail to make a single sale during the 180 days, then Amazon will close your account.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

1. Amazon is the most popular and highly-visited marketplace that people shop every day
2. It’s free to join the program
3. There are thousands of products you can market in your site
4. The program has no traffic thresholds that are prerequisites for joining
5. The program has an excellent reporting system that tracks the number of clicks and sells you make per link
6. Even if your visitors do not buy the item that linked them to Amazon, you’ll still earn a commission if they purchase something from the visit
7. The program also facilitates direct bank deposits
8. Amazon has a good and reliable customer care service, so you don’t have to worry about losing your customers when they get low-quality damaged items
9. Amazon has a myriad of useful tools that enable you to market products from a certain category


1. Amazon Affiliate Program offers low commission rates when compared to a bounty of other affiliate programs. It offers a 6-10% commission compared to other sites that offer up to 15% commission.
2. Their cookies last for 24 hours. Therefore, if your referral doesn’t buy the product within 24 hours, you’ll not get the commission. However, if a customer adds the item to the cart then the cookies last for 90 days, so if the customer buys within 90 days, then you’ll get a referral.
3. The affiliate link does not allow you to send email messages with Amazon referral links. Emails are a great way to interact with your readers, and therefore, the restriction is a great disappointment to many.
4. It supports only three payment methods; Direct deposits, checks, and Amazon Gift cards. It does not support PayPal
5. In case you own a US site that promotes Amazon products, then if your referrals buy the item via Amazon UK, you’ll not receive a commission.
6. Its minimum withdrawal amount is $100 which is a huge milestone for sites making a few dollars each month

How to Promote your Amazon Links?
There are numerous ways in which you can promote your affiliate links to earn more commissions. These include:

1. Blogging

Blogging is the most popular way in which Amazon’s affiliates attract potential customers. Some bloggers write about general topics, while others have a specific niche they cover.
To start with blogging, you’ll need to have a topic and write about a topic. Whether its providing advice for your readers on how to get some products or directly reviewing products, blogging remains effective in the Amazon affiliate program. For instance, if you are a food blogger, then you’ll link your readers to the best cooking tools. On the other hand, if you are a photography blogger, then you’ll link your readers to the best cameras and their accessories. You can also write product reviews directly and link them to Amazon.

2. Social Media

Social media is one of the most important tools for promoting your Amazon affiliate links. With social media networks, you can reach a larger audience. Besides, most social media platforms are free, and a simple tweet or post could earn you the next referral. But when you post in these platforms, ensure you tell your readers they are affiliate links as they can be annoyed when you are not transparent.

3. YouTube Videos

With YouTube, you can offer the same content as on blogs. The advantage of YouTube videos is you can give your viewers tours, tutorials, and interesting visual content that will make your video promotions more effective.

4. Lead Magnet and Email

The majority of the successful affiliate marketers have an email marketing system and a site that works as a pair. They send promotional emails to their potential customers with links that redirect them to the sites that contain Amazon links. The promotional technique is quite effective. The emails, in this case, act as the lead magnet, contains a series of useful tips and guides that attract the customers.

5. Integrating Amazon with Your Existing Business

You can also integrate Amazon with your business to attract more customers to click your referral links. For instance, if you are a healthcare expert, you can recommend your customers to Amazon products that have beneficial effects. You’ll only need to give them the affiliate links, and you’ll be good to go.
Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the great ways to make money with your site or YouTube channel. It’s a great platform and also gives you many advantages including being able to offer real solutions to your readers. It takes time to establish yourself in the niche, but as long as you offer valid solutions, then earning big from the program will not take long.


Amazon Affiliate Disclosure / Disclaimer

Affiliate Marketing – Best Ways To Start 2020

Affiliate Marketing: Best Ways To Start In 2020

$485 Daily = $20.21 Per Hour

($177,025 Per Year)

Basic – How Affiliate Marketing Works

How Cookies And Affiliate Programs Work

Your Affiliate Links Look Like This

Clickbank Links Look Like This

Affiliate Networks

Sample Max Bounty Affiliate Link

Your Job Is To Drive Traffic To The Links


Per Sale… when someone buys something
Per Click… when an ad or link is clicked

Per Download… when someone downloads a free software

Per Lead… when someone fills out a form

Per Phone Call… when someone calls a number
Per Trial… when someone buys a trial product


1. Conversation Model
2. Video Content Model
3. Social Media Model
4. Deliberate Targeted Content Machine
– super simple free traffic strategy
– focus on a super targeted group looking for a solution to a problem


– get a targeted domain name and set up wordpress
– major in the minors – create content for multiple easy rank keywords (answer questions, guest blog, youtube, images, low hanging fruit keywords, repurpose content.


2,000+ Word Article For As Little As $15!

Or Make The Content Yourself In A Few Hours

BONUS TIP: Repurpose Content To A Video



– Focused and Refined Offer Placement
Max bounty, high paying direct offers, cb, jvzoo, cj, amazon, adsense
– Targeted List Building
build a mailing list for follow up and even more profits.
send them helpful stuff that has offers on it
– Repurpose And Grow Your Content
– FB Groups And Communities
– Direct Targeted PPC Ads

Most Important Define Your Niche Market

Serious About Making This Business Work:

Which Program Is Right For You?


High Ticket Niches ($1277 One Time)

This is where marcus (me) goes thru and hand selects a niche for you based on a non competitive keyword and some super profitable offers… we then get you a domain name geared towards the niche (these are super valuable) and set up the site with you… we hook you up with some plugins… tools, and even some content… and of course… we give you a copy of the simple sites 2017/2018 program so you can follow along and profit with your new niche.
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My Most Successful Students Choose The High Ticket Niches.

Marcus Mentor Me ($77 Per Month Cancel Anytime)

Marcus mentor me is a place where you can get updated access to all his custom wordpress plugins ($700 value) notes from his videos, tools, videos, and training on how to get started with affiliate marketing. every student of marcus’ who is serious about making this business work should be in the mentor class… its affordable and has the tools you need to make this work… this works great along side our other in depth training courses or even as a stand alone for those on a budget who want to get started fast.

Simple Sites Big Profits ($297 One Time)

THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD START… this course has all you need to start making a living with affiliate marketing… it includes a custom training software that walks you thru everything step by step, tools that do the hard work for you. It also comes with personal support, niche market ideas, sample profit sites, and guaranteed acceptance to some of marcus favorite affiliate netowrks. Signup now and come say hi 🙂


Hey, guys, it’s Marcus here on this special Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully you guys are all nice and full of Turkey and everything like that. And today, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to talk about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness that is going on right now. And we’ll be going on throughout the holiday season. Now, during this time, some affiliate marketers and some companies are poised to make lots and lots of money. So if you’re interested in learning how to make lots and lots of money with affiliate marketing, with Black Friday and everything like that, give us a thumbs up in the box. Give us a little money, something or other. Type it in the box. Let us know. And we’re going to dove in and we’re going to show you exactly how this whole thing works. We’re gonna break it down. We’re going to show you where the money is at, where the money is coming from and how to set these things up so you can actually turn a profit. Now, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. The results you’re going to see and hear on this call are not typical, implied or guaranteed. We don’t know what you’re going to make. You could make a bunch. You could make nothing. You could lose money. We don’t know. But what I’m going to do today is show you inside this industry so you understand exactly what is going on. Very, very important that you guys see this, because I think if you get it, you’ll start to see how simple this stuff can be, including an example that I’m going to reveal where a dude literally got ranked in less than 19 hours for a top search term.

That is going crazy on the Internet right now. And guess what? He did it without even having his own Web site listed, which is crazy. You could do this with a brand new site. You could do this anywhere, everywhere. And you could see where the money is. Which is really, really, really cool. So we’ve got to look at it. We got to focus and we’ve got to see exactly where the money is coming from, because Amazon is making millions, billions of dollars. Best Buy. Other companies are making billions of dollars. And when you look at affiliate marketers or affiliate marketers, some friends of mine I know that make at six figures a month during the holiday season just with Amazon alone. Some of them making like mid to high six figures a month. Just with Amazon alone. So this is something that can work.

If you do it right. So let’s talk about this. Let’s see what’s happening here. Just as I woke up this morning, I saw a news headline that said four billion dollars on the Thanksgiving haul.

What does that mean? That means it wasn’t even Black Friday yet. It was still like Turkey Thursday or whatever they call it. Right. And on Turkey Thursday, the Thanksgiving hall to kick start the record holiday spending was at four billion dollars. That means while you were like falling asleep or if you’re like me, we went to the movie. That means that other companies were making billions and billions of dollars on the Internet. Things were being sold. Money was being spent and a lot was going on there. Right. So we got to look at that and we got to focus and we got to take a look at where this money is coming from, where it’s going, and how you can start funneling some of it to you by being the middleman. Right. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about. And I think if you get it and start to understand it, you could start to make money. How many guys are excited about learning this stuff? You’re excited about seeing how all this works? Another headline that I read today was that Black Friday 2019, they are expecting six point to two billion in online sales alone. Right. That’s six point two billion dollars in online sales, not including all the people that are beating down the doors of the Wal Marts and things like that to get TV’s. These are like just online sales. Now, when it comes to affiliate marketing, obviously it’s gonna to be like an online sale. You can’t do an offline sale with affiliate marketing. Right. So you got it. You’ve got to look at that. Now, you can do offline advertising, but you’ve got to sell it online for things to work for you. All right. Another thing, another statistic we look at is that the average person in the United States spends about a thousand dollars on holiday shopping. That’s quite a bit of money for the average person. Now, it’s funny because no one bitches about buying stuff for the holidays. But, you know, when it comes to getting courses and learning how to make money. Everyone starts to complain. But at any rate, we’re not those kind of people. We want to focus on what’s going on. We want to focus on what really works. So we can get out there and find out what’s going on. Now, other expectations are saying that Americans are going to drop roughly 87 billion dollars on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. That’s like two days of sales and eighty seven billion. That’s a lot of money. I don’t care who you are. Right. That’s like it’s own little economy, which is absolutely crazy. And people go nuts and conversion rates are through the roof. Now, let’s talk about how this works and talk about how to get involved in it. Now, before I did this livestream, what I did is I took a look at some of the top Black Friday people. Right. I did some research. I dug deep, looked at the analytics, look at the stats of some of the top Black Friday people that are touting, hey, I made some good money on Black Friday. This is one guy. It’s just one dude with one Web site.

He’s not even a top guy. He’s just a guy. Right. He’s Black Friday affiliate sales with Amazon alone with eleven thousand dollars. Another guy? Six thousand. Another guy just started out and he was like shocked that he made nine hundred bucks. Right. Which was pretty cool. So we look at that and we’re like, how do we make this work? And we’re going to show you how to make this work and how to start right away. But you have to understand exactly what’s going on. You need to see the big picture, right. Because right now you’re probably trained to be in the consumer mindset. Right. How many guys on this call? But something for Black Friday already? Right. You’re like, yeah, I bought a gift. You know, Amazon had a sale or Best Buy had a sale. And I bought something type. Bought something in the box, if that’s you. And we’re going to show you guys how this works so you can get a bird’s eye view of exactly what’s going on. And then once you get that bird’s eye view, I think things are gonna make a lot more sense for you. Okay. We’re gonna talk to you about my personal Black Friday sale at the end of this call. I want to give you guys tons of value and show you that I know what I’m talking about and show you that you can actually get results and show you how it works. Now, again, these guys, I don’t know them personally. I just did a little bit of research. Again, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Some people make way more than this. Some people make less. Some people don’t do anything right. So we got to look at that as a business. All right. If you start to look at this as like, oh, I’m gonna buy a course and I’m going to get rich tomorrow. Well, then, you know.

That’s not really how it works. You’ve got to look at it as a business. Now, can you make money tomorrow? Yeah, possibly. But how can you make money today? Yeah. People are looking for stuff and we’re gonna show you examples about works. But I don’t want you to expect you’re gonna buy a course and make a bazillion dollars overnight just because you’ve got. Of course. Right now we’ve got a good mix of people who said they bought stuff and didn’t buy stuff.

But I want you to look at these numbers, because I actually when I look at stats. Right. I don’t just look at the amount made. I look at the amount of clicks they got. That’s very important. A lot of people just look at like, oh, look, I made eleven thousand dollars. Yeah. Wonderful. Great. I don’t. I look at how much traffic he got and what he was averaging. Now we’re going to base the first part of this on Amazon. We’re going to talk about some other stuff as well.

Historically, what I’ve found with these Amazon affiliate program is that the average person is going to get anywhere from two to three cents a visitor. That means if you drive a million visitors. Right. What’s that going to be like? Three thousand bucks or something? Let’s do the math. Just because I want to make sure I get this right, because my brain is kind of out of it. All right. We’re getting to that at a million visitors at two cents a click. That’s two thousand dollars. Now, a lot of you guys know that, you know, a million visitors as a lot of work. It’s a lot to get those million visitors and to only make two grand. Yeah, I would be out of business if I only got two cents a visitor, two cents a view. I’d be out of business. Now, this guy is saying that right here he made eleven thousand dollars and he got I think it was like fifty five thousand clicks or something like that. Any average 20 cents a click. All right. So now the same traffic. Right. If you were getting 20 cents a click, is now going to be worth twenty thousand dollars. Now, that might be a little bit more worth it to you. You’re like, OK. Yeah. Now I get a million clicks, make 20 grand. That’s a little bit more doable. But again, it’s still kind of low. We want to do a little bit better. OK. Now, this guy here he was. He said he made six thousand dollars on Black Friday as an affiliate of Amazon again. These three examples are Amazon alone. And I haven’t made a lot with Amazon. I have friends that do. I don’t use Amazon because their pay outs low. However, during Black Friday and holidays, you can make a lot of money with it. OK. So Black Friday. This dude made six thousand dollars and with his traffic he was making about eleven cents per click. Here’s another guy, the new guy who came on the scene and made 900 bucks was excited about it. He went through and his stats showed that he made about forty five cents a click. So if he took that’s a million clicks and you’re like, well, you know, if I can get forty five cents a click, well then now making forty five thousand dollars again if you could do better. All right. Did we do a million here.

And that a million I can’t tell.

My eyes are deceiving me. I think that’s one hundred thousand. Yes, a million. Let’s say. We do it a million, right? Yeah, that’s a million.

Let’s put some commas in there just to make it right. I told you, my math brain is is convoluted by Turkey, but at any rate, yes. So the numbers are just add another zero to the numbers. If you’re making forty five cents a click, that’s four hundred fifty grand. If you’re making twenty cents like the guy in the beginning that’s two hundred thousand. And if you are making eleven cents like the other guy that’s one hundred and ten thousand. Right. So we look at that and it’s like OK. That’s pretty cool. That’s good. Right. So I had my math off. But you guys can see the idea here and my math was off in your favor. Right. Because it’s more money, which is pretty good. So those are kind of what we’re looking at there. Obviously, these guys did not get a million visitors, otherwise their paychecks would be through the roof instead of, you know, just smaller ones. But however, eleven thousand dollars in one day isn’t that bad. Six thousand and one day even nine hundred dollars in one day is not that bad. OK. So we got to look at this. We’ve got to take a look at the averages again. If we’re at the average Amazon pay out two cents a click means we’re gonna be making about twenty thousand dollars for those million clicks. OK. So we’ve got to look at that. We’ve got to focus now. How does this all work? Well, this all works based on an affiliate link. Right. How many guys know what an affiliate link is? Right. You go out there, you put a link on the Internet. When someone clicks it and they buy, you get paid. Now, the Amazon affiliate Link looks something like this. This is an Amazon affiliate link. I think it was one of mine that I generated for the audible affiliate program. Right. That’s one that I have promoted in the past. And so this is what your Amazon affiliate link looks like. Now, the cool thing about a lot of these, like Best Buy, Amazon, any store type place is you could generate a link for a specific product. Right. So if you’re like, I just want to sell a bunch of in-store pots. Right. Which, by the way, Insta Pop was a top seller last year. If you want to sell a bunch of those, you could actually link directly to the in-store pot sale page and boom. There you go. You’re ready to go now with Amazon. You wanna make sure that you do not close your affiliate links. However, with other affiliate programs, you can. Now, there’s people doing this all over the place. You could literally go on Facebook and put a little ad and get cheap traffic for the top 10 Black Friday deals. Right. Literally, you can do that today. You could be up and running right now. You could literally go put an ad up right now on Google and get traffic instantly. Now, is it going to make sense? We got to make that. We got to make that work right now. Another way you could do this is utilizing free traffic. That’s right. You can actually get free traffic to your affiliate links and get a ton of people. There are companies out there. One company I was doing research on has a network of Web sites, one of which was a major Black Friday Web site. And this company is pulling in like two hundred and ten million a year. And based on their traffic, which we’re gonna get into, you could see that those numbers, a lot of them are coming from the Black Friday type stuff. This is not hard to do. They didn’t do anything special or unique that you can’t do. You could go out there and you can find a niche and you could focus on one specific product. You can get traffic all year long and then come Black Friday, you’re going to make even more money. OK. Is everyone understanding so far? Type 100 in the box if you understand, 1 in the box if you’re lost.

And while you guys are typing that in, I made a cool little chart thingy. That’s the official.

The official name of it. Right. A chart thingy. The chart thingy shows you how affiliate programs work. OK, we’re gonna break it down. We’re gonna show you how this works. Because, I mean, if you could get a piece of the billions of dollars that’s being spent, I think you could do pretty well. Right. How many of you guys are like, yeah. The money is out there anyway. The people are search in any way. All I got to do is put two and two together, get in front of them and I make money. It’s not that hard to do. I see who’s paying me. Amazon is going to pay me. Best goodbye is going to pay me. Whatever is going to pay me, right? Whatever affiliate program you’re using is going to pay you. Now this is how it works. You have a big store, right? There’s our big store. A big store could be something like Amazon. It could be something like Best Buy.

It could be something like Sears, anything like that big store comes on the Internet and they say, well, you know, we want people to sell shit for us. Yeah, that’s what we want to do. And they’re like, we’d like people to sell shit. And Best Buy goes out there and they’re like, OK, well, you know, maybe we’ll give them like two percent on a computer and 10 percent on a camera or whatever, and they make what’s called an affiliate agreement. Right. And you could go to Google or whatever search engine you fancy. Google is the one most people fancy. And you could do Amazon affiliate commissions, OK?

And you could take a look at what their agreements are. So like affiliate program Amazon, you could see 10 percent for luxury beauty and Amazon coins, furniture, you get 8 percent headphones, you get 6 and all the way down to like 4 percent. So 4 is the lowest. And then like all this other stuff is like zero percent physical video games and consoles. So like if you sell an X box for 300 bucks, you get three bucks. Okay. That’s pretty low. I don’t like that. So I if I was going to do that, I’d try to find a different link. Maybe I’d go to like Best Buy or something.

Best Buy affiliate. Percentage.

OK. And we can go to Best Buy affiliate percentage here and we could see exactly what they pay on their stuff here.

Let’s see. Probably should click the other one. Let’s click. Concurrent window.

There we go. We’re gonna go here and we’re going to look at Best Buy and we could see what they pay. Right. And we can see they’ll have like a little guide on what they pay. And what you would want to do is obviously find the one that pays the most, because if I get 30 dollars to sell an X box versus three dollars, obviously gonna make a lot more money. Right. Does everyone get that like, okay, I’m going to make a lot more money if I do the right kind of stuff. Okay. So we could see how that works. And obviously we’re there to make the most money possible. I don’t want to dick around and make a dollar when I can make a lot more. I don’t want to dick around and make two cents when I can make forty five cents. Right. I want to go in and I want to focus. So the big store comes out with their affiliate agreement and they’re like, this is what we’re willing to pay if your traffic buys stuff. OK. You sign the affiliate agreement saying, yes, all abide by your terms and conditions and everything. Make sure you do read them because you want to get paid. This is a business. It’s not something where we’re horsing around somewhere. It’s a business. Right. We’re talking big numbers. You want big numbers. Do the big work. Do the big work. Do the stuff and make it happen. Now, once you sign that affiliate agreement, you are now a virtual salesman. That’s what you are, right? You’re a virtual salesman. Now, you could take that Amazon affiliate link or whatever affiliate link up here, and you could put that everywhere and you could start to make money and you could make money instantly. As soon as someone clicks it and buy something, you get paid. Right now, Amazon, I think they take like a month or two to pay you. Some others pay you a lot faster. Some PayPal affiliate programs pay you the same day or instant, but to each his own. Right. So you’re gonna get that. You’re gonna be the virtual salesman. Now you’re in business. You’re like, I got my big stores. I got my affiliate agreements, and now I’m a virtual salesman of these companies. Next, what you’re going to do is the company is going to give you an affiliate link. Your affiliate link looks like this. All you’ve got to do with that affiliate link is get targeted traffic.

So you go out there, you get some targeted traffic, maybe you got a Facebook group about discounts, or maybe you have a Facebook group about, you know, having a new baby. Right. There’s lots of Facebook groups out there. Some are about having a baby or losing weight or whatever. And you got this Facebook group about having a baby or taking care of one year olds or whatever it is. Right. And maybe in that group, you just post the thing and you’re like, hey, here’s a top 10. The Black Friday deals for parents. Boom. People click on it. They buy things. And there you go. So you get your affiliate link. You get your traffic. You get traffic on Facebook. You get to traffic on YouTube. You can get your traffic on Google. You can get your traffic through press releases, through blog posts. All kinds of ways to get traffic right. But you want to get the traffic based on how people are searching for the various things that you want. Very simple. OK. Don’t overcomplicate it. Make it easy once you get your traffic. You send them through that affiliate link and they go back to the big store. Right. Very simple. It’s like, OK, now, I clicked the link on Marcus’s site. Now I’m on Amazon and I’m looking at the insta pot. Yay! OK. Now, what happens when you when they click your affiliate link is a cookie is dropped on their computer, not a physical cookie. So don’t go looking for it. Right? Don’t get the milk out just yet. All right. It’s a digital cookie. And what the digital cookie does is it leaves a little breadcrumb trail and says, hey, the last and the last guy who clicked on this came from Marcus. OK. Then they have a action timeframe. So some sites like Amazon has a cookie that last 24 hours. Meaning if the person doesn’t buy within 24 hours, you’re shit out of luck, you aren’t going to make anything. But if they do buy within 24 hours, which is good for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can make a lot of money. OK, now here’s the cool thing. The downside of Amazon is they pay out low and they have the crappy cookie. That cookie sucks, right? It’s one of the worst in the industry, but they pay you on everything that’s in the cart. So for guys like me and he’s got like two grand worth of crap in his Amazon cart and he just hasn’t hit the button yet. And then he sees your ad for the insta pop and he clicks it and buys it with all the other two grand. You get hate on all of it, which is pretty cool, right? That’s like that’s pretty bad ass. It’s like, OK. I’ll take that. OK. Once the action is taken, someone buys something, fills out a form, calls the phone number, downloads a product, whatever it is. Once the action is taken by being about a boom, you get paid. Pretty cool. Has everyone got it so far? Type affiliate marketing, if you got it. And we’re gonna go ahead and dove into the rest of this and show you how this all ties together. OK, now your job is what your job is to drive traffic to the affiliate links. That’s what your job is like. If you’re an affiliate marketer, your job isn’t like, you know, some fancy thing. Like I do a lot of marketing on YouTube. My job is not video creator. My job is drive traffic to stuff that makes me money.

That’s what my job is. Now, I might use video creating, I might use blogging, I might use press releases, I might use Instagram, I might use Facebook or Facebook groups.

But when push comes to shove, my job is to drive traffic to the links because again, remember, I’m a digital virtual salesman. That’s what I am. So I gotta get people to the link so that I can get paid. Now, with a lot of these programs, the more clicks you get, the more money you’re going to make. Obviously, it’s got to be traffic like good traffic. You can’t go out there and, you know, get a bunch of junk traffic, send them to the offer and hope they buy. It’s got to be people that are interested in what it is. And we’re going to show you how that works. Very easy to do. OK. So again, I want you to write it down. If you taking notes, write down. My job is to drive traffic to the links. That’s all my job is. That’s it. OK. It’s not being a fancy site designer. It’s just driving traffic to the links. I want everyone right now to type in the box, drive traffic to the links. Then if you like this, click the like button. And if you’re not yet subscribed, make sure you subscribe. OK. So there we are. That’s our that’s our job. Now, here’s some other affiliate offers that work really well for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. OK. Best Buy, they have a good affiliate program, Target, Walmart, Beach Photo. Home Depot. Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, GameStop, Sears, Macy’s, Kmart, HP Packard, J.C. Penney, Toys R US and Commission Junction. Gate Commission. Junction is an affiliate network where you can find all kinds of different things. But for the most part, you can look at these other things. So again, if you get traffic, like if you go out there and you’re like, OK, I’m going to rank for, you know, this certain digital camera or whatever you rank for this certain item, maybe you’re ranking for these batteries. You’re going to rank for these batteries. Right. What’s in batteries? All right. Now, if you start getting traffic for what’s in batteries, your job is to drive traffic to the link and then also find who pays you the most because it’s my traffic. I want to get five bucks to sell the battery, not two cents. Very important. So many people. For two cents, and that’s why so many people think affiliate marketing doesn’t work because they’re not treating it like a business, they’re treating it like I don’t know nothing. Right. So we got to treat it like a business. Now, here are some screenshots from some top Black Friday sites. Here is one. And you can see either traffic spike up around the holidays. This guy got one point ninety eight million visitors. In one month. Here’s another one, one point to nine million five hundred and eighty one thousand. So let’s take a look at those numbers again. Right. Even if the guy is like whatever, I just send people to Amazon one point nine, we’re gonna do commas this time, one point nine million visitors times two cents a click average for Amazon. Right. That would be thirty eight thousand dollars. Now, if he was doing like the other guy averaging 20 cents, three hundred eighty thousand. If he was averaging 11 cents, he’d be looking at two hundred nine thousand. Or if he’s like the guy that’s getting forty five cents, which is pretty damn near impossible on Amazon with generic traffic, with focused traffic. You can do this. But would generic traffic, that’s pretty difficult. That would be eight hundred fifty five thousand dollars in one freakin month. How many guys are like yeah I’d work one month and then I’d probably retire. Right to be pretty cool, right? I’d like to retire in one month.

But again, results not typical, implied or guaranteed. Some people make way less than this. Some people make a lot more than this. Some people make nothing. Most people don’t do anything. So they don’t make anything because they don’t treat this like a business. I get them all the time. They come to me and they’re like, Marcus.

I’m not greedy, I just want to make a hundred thousand a year. Oh, good, what are you willing to do to get that? Well, I got about 15 minutes and I’ll invest ten dollars and I’m like, you won’t make one hundred grand a year and you’re only going to give it 15 minutes and you’re only going to risk a whopping 15 dollars. Yeah. Go buy a few Happy Meals and do something else because this business isn’t for you. If you’re willing to do the work, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get in the trenches and go where this is at, you can do stuff like this. There’s people all the time that are getting traffic. They’re driving it to links and they’re making money. And it’s not that difficult to do. Sometimes it might take some time. Sometimes it might take some work. Sometimes you might go a month and you might not see a result. Or sometimes maybe you’ll see a result instantly. But again, it’s like a business. Now, luckily, unlike other businesses that take hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars to start, these could be started relatively inexpensively. OK, so these are some of the results people are getting now. These are big players in the market. But again, remember, imagine if you were like, OK, well, maybe I’m run of the mill getting 20 cents a click on the holiday times. And maybe I only get twenty five thousand visitors a month. Five grand a month. Right. Still not too bad. And twenty five thousand clicks a month is is not that difficult to do. So we’ve got to look at that. All right. So there’s some stats. There is what we’re looking at. We can take a look and say, hey, it’s not that hard to do all these. These guys are all just making sites about Black Friday keywords. That’s what they’re doing. Now, let’s take a look at some of the searches because you want to know what’s going on right now. Right now, while you’re watching this, there are people making money right now while you’re watching this. Stores are making billions. Affiliates are making millions. People are making lots and lots and lots of money. And the cool thing about the Internet is it tells you what people want. Unlike if I was going to start a restaurant, I don’t know if people in my area would like a certain type of food. I have no idea. So I got started. I got to see if they’re interested. Now, on the Internet, it tells you what people are looking at. Here is a screenshot from this morning on Yahoo! Looking at the trending searches. We got those headphones, a certain type of Dell Computer, some kind of shoes, jackets, barbecues, more jackets, Christmas lights, Hawaii vacations and Black Friday deals. Those are some of the top ones. Now let’s take a look at Google. Christmas trees now. Believe it or not, actually made thousands of dollars on a Christmas tree site back when I was about 23 years old. I set it up. I wasn’t making a whole lot per click, but I got some traffic for people looking up Christmas trees. And I was able to make I think our best month was like 900 bucks or something. And I was happy. I was like, that’s pretty cool. My nine hundred dollars, it took me a couple hours to set up the site. And, you know, I sold some Christmas trees, which is cool as like I sold Christmas trees online. Another holiday site I had. You guys might have heard about was my holiday site where I sold gas powered scooters, 100 percent free traffic sold. Sixteen thousand dollars worth of scooters. Think my profit margin was about half, maybe 30 percent again. Twenty five year old kid selling a bunch of stuff. I was pretty happy. So we got Christmas trees. Now, one of the top searches that’s looked up right now as we are watching this, people are searching for this right now. Eggs, Black Friday sale for people looking up the UGG boots. Bath and body works, Lou, them on Home Depot, Yankee Candles. Now, Lululemon is an interesting one. A couple I think it was a year ago I met someone at the video marketing world in Texas. Nice gal. Talked about her niche. She was getting niche in traffic in the loom on niche like you go and she’d work out and she that show these pants. And I didn’t even know what a Lululemon was and probably not even saying it right. But there she was. She was getting traffic. And if she came out with a video on her Lululemon YouTube channel, it was like, hey, check this out. They’re having a sale. Click my link to get the sale. She would make some money. Right. Because she’s got the traffic. Home Depot. Black Friday. Yankee Candle. Black Friday. Target. Guitar Center. Black Friday. Are you Black Friday X? Box One s.

Dyson Black Friday and on on, on, on, sorry, on and on we go.

Lots of people looking for lots of stuff right now while you’re watching it. They are looking this up for Black Friday. OK. Very, very cool. All right. Lululemon is someone corrected my pronounce and Asian of that, right? So there we have it. This is just a small, small, small, small, small fraction of search terms getting a lot of traffic. Now, I got to tell you, when you get traffic for a word that gets these kind of search volumes, you’re doing pretty well. I know I’ve had a lot of them. And it’s amazing when these things take off and you start making money. But the fact of the matter is, is people are making this work. So how do you make it work? How do you go out there and how you tackle Cyber Monday or the rest of Black Friday or whatever? Well, what you do is this. You target specific keyword focused content. Pretty simple, right? You’re like instead of going for the word Black Friday. Maybe I’ll go for like Guitar Center, Black Friday or something like that. Or maybe I’ll go for a long keyword. Let’s find a long one. Target Black Friday phone deals or maybe old time pottery. Black Friday ad, right? Maybe I’ll go for a specific keyword or maybe I’ll make a site about the Lululemon pants, or maybe I’ll make a site about, you know, guitar center stuff or certain guitars. Right. There’s lots of people with guitar channels and they can rake it in on Black Friday. Very, very cool. So you find a specific keyword focused niche and you make specific, focused content. Next you find type. You create tight knit niche deal Web sites in case you’re gonna make a tight niche Web site about a niche. Now, another thing you can do is you could do YouTube reviews and Black Friday announcements. Another thing you could do is content aggregation. What’s a content aggregator? A content aggregator is someone who forms things into a cluster. Right. So you would go and you’d be like, OK, I’m the camera guy. I’m going to find deals on the top 100 cameras. And you go out there and you find them and you link to him and you talk about him. Right. Very simple. Very easy. Another thing you can do is Facebook ads leading to things people buy. This is playing the numbers game. If you could get traffic for less than you make, right. If you get traffic for two cents and make five cents. Yay! I’m in business. If I can get trafficker 10 cents and make 20. Yeah, I’m in business. All right. Another thing you could do is super long tail SEO keywords for Black Friday keywords. OK. So long tail SEO is where you’re gonna go for a keyword like GoPro hero session, Black Friday or maybe something even more refined that people are looking up. OK. Very, very simple. And I’m trying to find some other good ones for you. So like for UGG boots, there are literally. I have a list right here of six seven hundred and twenty eight UGG boots related to Black Friday. Right. There you go. There’s a lot of keywords out there. You could start setting up an UGG boots site and chances are eggs are going to be popular next year too. They always are.

I remember seeing people wear women in high school and I went to high school like 20 some odd years ago. So, I mean, there you go.

Cameras are not go anywhere. Taj and I go anywhere. These things aren’t going anywhere. So you could start making a site and you can make money throughout the year. And then come Black Friday, you’ll do really, really well. Next, you could do list building for deal seekers. You can make a simple site saying put your name and email, I’ll find you the best Black Friday offers. OK. And then you send him an email. Hey, here. Best Buy has this sale. This guy has a say on again. All you got do is get him to click your link. That’s it. They click your Lincoln and more people that click. The more we buy, the more money you make. Yay! Wonderful. You can also do paper click ads on Google AdWords or on Facebook or anywhere that offers paper click ads that gives decent traffic. And then on this one, as long as you’re paying less than 10 cents a click, I think in some markets it can work. Now, that’s not a guarantee. It did not guarantee that if you pay less than 10 cents, you will make money. It’s got to be the right niche. But I think you can do it. And the key to doing paper click is to have multiple options. Don’t just rely on Amazon or one affiliate company. Again, you’re the boss. This is your business. You want to make sure it makes as much as possible. You don’t want to just be out there like what I was doing, the gas powered scooters. I could have been an affiliate and I could have made like 5 percent per sale. So on a three hundred dollar scooter I would have made. What would that be? Three hundred bucks. Times 5 percent, I would’ve been making 15 dollars now. Instead, I was like, well, I think I’m going to dropship these stuff on a drop shipper. And I was making anywhere from like 30 to 60 percent. So let’s say 40 percent.

So instead of 15 bucks, I was now making a hundred and twenty. Right. That’s a lot better. Right. So you know, one hundred of these and you’re gonna do a lot better. You’ve got to buy the traffic, you’re gonna do a lot better. And it’s your job to find what does better for you. OK. Another thing you can do is set up a specific deal site and drive traffic to your deals right now. Here’s some examples of things that are going on. There is a guy I watched earlier on YouTube. The deal guy. And he had a live training. He had like 700 people watching his live training. And all he’s doing is showing you deals on Web sites. And he’s like, make sure you click my link in the description so that you can get paid. Or however, he did the links, I didn’t watch it that long, but six hundred and seventy seven people watching his Black Friday show so he could show them how to get sales.

I mean, you think the guy’s making money? I think so. You can also take a look at some other stuff like Black Friday camera deals. Right. These people are getting a lot of traffic. Actually, this guy is a friend of mine. He’s the guy that I talked about that makes six figures or more per month during the holiday season with Amazon alone, which is crazy right now. I didn’t verify those numbers with him. It’s just a friend of mine. And that’s when I heard him say and you know, there you go. So what’s the deal here? How do we make it work? Well, if you want to build an audience, that’s the key. Right. You are an audience builder. How are you going to get people to click your link, which is your job? Well, you’re gonna build an audience. You can build it through paid traffic, free traffic, YouTube, traffic, whatever. Blogging. Okay. Now, one other example I want to talk to you about was the example of the Black Friday UGG boots. Now, I’m going to scroll down this page and I want you guys to chime in in the chat box when you see what I see. Right. Like a little Christmas song. Do you see what I see? Let’s take a look here.

What stood out to me on this page.

What is it that stands out that I’m Mike? Boom, Golden.

Why do I like this? Right. What stands out here? OK. Got some paid ads. Got some pictures, you got some stories, you got some other stuff here. But what stands out to me, right? Why? Why was I excited about this? So anyone get it and give you a second. To take a look and see if you get it, OK.

Mary says no ad, no Mary, there actually is ads. There’s one, two, three, four. And then some of these are ads as well. OK. The questions. No, that’s not it either. Let’s see if anyone can get it. No, that’s not it. That’s too easy.

People ask, I know something very, very specific.

Let’s see who gets it.

A K R T search? No. No ads, no. Okay. The word egg? No. Out searches, no blog? Nope. Something very specific when you get it, you’ll be like, oh shit, I get it. What it is and I’ll give you guys a couple of minutes more to try to think it up. All right. Carol, you are the winner press releases. Check this out. This guy made a press release right here 13 hours ago. Put it on PR Newswire, which is the same place I used to do my press releases and he ranked for the word UGG boots Black Friday in 13 hours. Think about that guy didn’t even have his own Web site. You could literally make a PR newswire and you get a link to an Amazon affiliate link, I think. Check their terms and conditions, but you could certainly link to your own. Web site. Okay. Think about that for a minute. Guy sets us up and boom, there it is. And again, look at how much traffic this is getting. UGG boots, Black Friday sale, two hundred thousand searches or more per day right now. Earlier it was like five hundred thousand. Or later, I don’t remember when I looked at that. I took these screenshots pretty early, right. So think about that. How many you guys are like, holy crap. Like, are you telling me I could literally go to, like, PR Newswire? And I could get a press release, right. And again, it’s not guaranteed to work, but you’re probably right for something, right? If you do it right. If you follow my instructions, you should rank for something. And if I can get some of the keywords, there we go. But this guy, like, hit the nail on the head and he’s like Black Friday UGG boots are like, let’s let’s take a look for the exact word. I think the exact word is OG. Eggs. Black Friday sale eggs.

Black Friday sale. OK, let’s see if there’s any press releases here. CNN. Let’s see.

Business Insider, Passion, Black Friday. You see it today. Right. So he’s getting quite a bit of traffic to his press release. And I’ve done this method and I’ve gotten there. He is there. I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of visitors like super fast using this method. Right. How many guys are like, holy shit, that was totally worth like way more than it costs to join this free webinar. That was worth it. Right. And that’s how the game is played. Now, you could do this with paid ads. You could do it with press releases. You could do it in niche sites. And if you get the traffic and you put them to the things that make you money, guess what? You’re going to make some money. Not that hard to do.

Now, you could do this on your own. I learned affiliate marketing without a mentor. I’ve been doing this 20 years. I haven’t had a mentor yet. I probably could have made a lot more. If I had a mentor, I probably could have made a lot more if I did other things. Now, I did invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own education in learning, but I only did that as I was profitable. Right. I about something in the beginning, kind of learn the ropes, learn how this works. And I kind of went along as I grew. And you guys could see that this stuff worked. It’s cut and dry. That’s how it works. So now I want to talk to you about how to get started and how to learn this stuff with me. Right. Because if you guys think that that press release thing is worth its weight in gold, just imagine the little nuances I’m going to teach you in my paid courses, because I’ve been doing this 20 years. I’ve known about press releases since like 2004. I think it was maybe even earlier. But 2004 is when I did my first one. The first press release got over three hundred and sixty thousand views did really well. I think it still ranks on some stuff for Google still today, but it was a fad niche, so it kind of died out. But hey, I made a lot of money on the fad, which was pretty cool. And if you can go out there and you can do these the right way and structure your keywords and drive people to your sites and drive people to the things that make you money. And the cool thing about it is when you do a press release. Right, you get instant back links. There you go. Done deal. Right. So if you guys are like, dude, Mark, is this stuff rocks? I want to learn more from you. What I want you to do is I want you to learn about our products and our special Black Friday deal. Okay. Black Friday deal is fun. And it’s interesting. And I get to hear from you guys. I don’t want to just put something out there and be like save nine million percent. Yay! I want you guys to do some work and I want you to learn something along the way. And I want you guys to get some good deals. So here’s how it works.

What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna choose which program is right for you. Now, we have three major programs. We have some other programs available as well. But these are the three main ones. OK, the first one is a high ticket niche. Now a high ticket niche is where you could go. And I actually select your niche for you. So if you’re like Marcus, I want a product centered niche that will work for Black Friday. I will go in and I’ll find you one. Not only will I find you on or if you want one for mortgages or any other niche. Right. We’ll go in and we’ll find you something that you can get in on. I’m going to do the research. I’m going to find you keywords that work. So if you came to me and you’re like, I want to sell UGG boots next year, I’d get you a domain. I’d find the keywords that I think you can rank for on a boots. We’re not just going to say, hey, go right for UGG boots because I know you can’t do that. OK. So we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna make it work. Now with the high ticket niche, I’m gonna buy you a valuable domain name. The domains are valued at anywhere from like I think the low end is like seven hundred dollars to you know, I think our highest one was twenty eight hundred dollars according to go daddy. So you’re gonna get that domain. And then again, that’s go daddy’s appraisal tool. I don’t know what you’ll be able to sell them for. Obviously a domain is only sellable for what someone’s willing to pay. So an automated tools and I can tell you exactly what they’ll pay. Sometimes I’ve had people pay a lot more. Sometimes I haven’t told him. So it’s just, you know, to each his own. So we’ve got to look at that. But you’re going to get that domain. We’re going to give you a keyword report. We’re going to give you some super profitable offers. We’re going to give you a domain geared towards it. We’re gonna set up the site. We’re gonna give you a custom theme, custom logos, custom plugins that you can use and make everything work for you. Okay. So really, really cool. That is the best place to start if you can afford it. Okay.

Now don’t go sign up yet. We’re gonna give you the link for the Black Friday deal and show you how it works with this course. You also get my simple site’s course. So with your niche. And again, that’s not like a product or program or a training thing. This is you’re actually walking away with a site that you own, a domain you own, a niche you own. And if you don’t do the work, that’s kind of on you because it’s all set up and ready to go. OK. Next, we have our Marcus mentor me, which is our monthly coaching program where you get plug ins, you get notes from my videos and you get to join our live Tuesday calls, which is pretty cool.

And then, of course, our main flagship product is the simple site’s big profit software that literally walks you hand in hand, step by step through what I’ve used to make over to make money over the last 20 years. So very, very cool, this course. So it shows you everything, all the ins and outs about making money online and affiliate marketing. You’re going to learn it here and everything like that. So very, very good. It is on sale as well. So what do you want to do is you want to find the product that’s right for you. If you’re like, Marcus, I’m all in. I want to hide to get an edge.

You’re gonna go over to P.S. money making K right here. P.S., money making You’re gonna go here and you’re going to see our support site. OK, then you’re gonna go click on submit a ticket. You’re going to go to Black Friday sale. Then you’re gonna go and put your first name, your last name and your email address. Okay.

Really cool, really easy. You put that stuff in there. Then what you’re gonna do is you’re going to see that the department’s Black Friday sale, you’re going to choose the product you want. Well, Marcus, I want to hide tech an rich. Then you’re gonna put your subject line, which would be high ticket niche offer and then you put your offer in here. Now, if you’ve got a story to tell me, you can tell me your story. If you want to say hi, you could say hi. If you’ve got a question, you could say a question, then what you’re going to do at the end of your story or whatever you want to tell me, you’re gonna say, I would like a high ticket niche and then you’re gonna put your offer.

All right. So let’s say your offer is twelve ninety six or whatever. Right. Now if I take your offer. Okay. If you give me a good offer and I’m I get it, I’ll take that offer. I’ll send you a link. You can sign up right away. Okay. If I think your offer is too low I will counter it and I’ll say yeah. Yeah that’s kind of low.

How about this and I’ll send you a link. You can sign up right away when you get the links. Make sure you sign up right away because we do need to change the links and use them for some other things. But very, very cool. A lot of people save a lot of money. A lot of people get a chance to talk to me and I get to learn about your guys lives and everything like that, which is pretty cool. And you’ll learn how our support ticket system works, which is pretty cool. So you just go in there and choose your product. If you want the plug in partner program, you can make an offer on that if you want, you know, a budget niche or the simple sites, you can make an offer on that. And we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna give you guys the go ahead, which is really, really, really cool. So choose your product and then put in your ticket over at P.S. making dot com. I personally read all the tickets that come in for this and I approve the offer. So I’m gonna look forward to a chance to meet you. And a chance that you can learn like negotiation skills, right? Because it’ll be like your first sale online as a I ask for a deal and I got it. Which is pretty cool. Edis says does a mentor program include tips for being accepted to places like Max Bound? Yes, it does.

There’s actually a video that is from the Max bouncy person, the approval person where we where we make it work, right. So really cool.

All guys, so P.S., money making dot com is where you can go to get in on those offers. Now, is there anyone that has any questions about what we went over today?

A questions on what we know where will go for about another 10 minutes with Q and A. And. Yeah. We’ll get you guys squared away, but I think he learned a lot of good stuff.

All right. So any questions?

And again, that’s at P.S. moneymaking dot com, I’ll put that link in the chat box for you so you could go there and submit your offer.

Q says he wants to be like me when I grew up. Well, I’m still not grown up. I’m only five feet tall, so. I still got some ground to do.

All right. So any other questions, let me know. And if you guys like this trading, make sure you give us a thumbs up and a like and make sure you subscribe. If you are new.

All right, says the press release info was great. Awesome, glad you liked it.

Ali says, hey, man can please give me two to three product to create FP ads right now. You could create an FBI ad on whatever you want. Doesn’t really matter. Are there any free offers out there? MJ What do you mean? And Ali, if you want, get yourself a high tech, a niche will help you with that. And let me know after you put in an offer. Let me know your off your let me know you put it in and I’ll be checking those in just a little bit.

Is Korra getting any Black Friday traffic? I’m sure they are.

Yeah. Depends on the different core questions. But I’m sure they’re. All right. Any other questions will go for a couple of minutes more.

All right, cool. So get your tickets in so we can get your offers. P.S., moneymaking again, if you’re new, make sure you subscribe and click the bell and listen to this again, because I think you guys will get a lot of good tidbits about how this works. And there’s lots of money being made. And I think what we do here on this channel is we really break it down for you. So you guys see what actually works. I know there’s a lot of other people that are teaching a lot of things that may or may not work as well as the stuff that we teach you. A lot of people are teaching just outright junk methods that don’t work and can actually get you in some hot water. One of the things also you want to notice is that always would make an affiliate site, make sure that you have a affiliate disclosure that says you are an affiliate and you know, you kind of go from there. Pokey. That would be a question for our Tuesday calls. So really, really cool. All right, guys. So thanks for being here. Check out the products. Go to P.S. money making dot com. Submit your offer. I’ll be taking a look at those and hopefully we’ll save you a lot of money and get you started with the whole journey of making money with affiliate marketing. Remember, I’ve been at this for 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of things and I’ve been through the ropes and I know exactly what it takes to get you from point A to point making money with affiliate marketing. And that is what I promise to show you. All you got to do is join and let’s make some money. Thanks again for watching. See you next time.