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Think And Grow Rich PDF And Book Summary

In today’s episode, we are going to be going over the book. Think and Grow Rich, which has been hailed throughout history as the best book for generating a fortune.

Even the title says this could be worth a million dollars to you and read yourself into a fortune. Now, out of this book, this was written in the thirties and a lot of things have changed since then. Out of this book, you’ve had lots of things come of age or come to popularity. One of those was the secret or the law of attraction. You see in this book, they talk about some metaphysical things, about how the fact that your thoughts are actually things and what you think about is going to change what your reality is.

Now, a lot of people agree with this. What you think about changes your reality, your perception. Of course, that’s real. That makes sense.

But is it going to change the world? Can I think and make a tree grow?

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Can I think myself into a fortune? And we look at this and a lot of people say that in order to get money, which is pretty much what this book is about, it’s about money and positive thinking.

They say in order to positive. Right. That says positive money and positive thinking. And they say in order to get this money, you need to attract it to you. But the fact of the matter is they’re ignoring the basic idea that money is not a thing. Money is money is not an entity. Money is not something living. It’s just an inanimate object. It’s something that we use as a form of measurement. It’s something we use to determine how much you owe the community and how much the community owes you. Now, with that in mind and with the quote that I brought up at the beginning of this, I want to dive right in and talk about this, because in chapter one, page one, he goes on right in the first sentence. He says, truly, thoughts are things and powerful things at that.

And he’s talking about this idea that thoughts are things, that thoughts are something bigger than us. Thoughts are something that are out there. Right. And he goes on and he says on page three, he talks about opportunity. So he’s talking about thoughts. He’s talking about changing your thought pattern. And then he dives right into opportunity and he says that is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping by the bin, by the back door, and often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.

Perhaps this is why so many people fail to recognize opportunity. So many people are failing to recognize opportunity because it doesn’t look like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They’re not seeing it for what it is, the hard work and everything like that. And he goes on and talks about this and he talks about how the common cause of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Now, right away, we’ve gone into like three pages here and we could see that all this mumbo jumbo about our thoughts creating everything isn’t really what this book’s talking about. That’s not really what it’s going into. The people who created the secret and the law of attraction are extracting something that’s not really there. Sure, he hints at the fact that, you know, these thoughts are going to change your life, but only with practical application. Very important because a lot of people say, hey, there’s a secret to success. Here it is. Right. And it usually sounds something like this.

Go to work, do a lot of work. Do a really good job. Provide value. And you’re gonna get money, right? That’s like the crux of it.

So when people say, hey, you can make money easy. Yes, this stuff is easy. But you have to do it right. You have to apply it. And he goes on and he says, one of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Right. Are we quitting before the magic happens? After quitting when we get temporary defeat? Now, I believe that in our society and our culture, we are plagued by the fear of failure. We’re taught in school to fear failure. Our teachers are crazy. Just last week I was hearing about my daughter has this class.

And whenever anyone gets a wrong answer, according to the teacher, it’s a Bible class. So it’s like totally subjective, right? It’s totally opinion based. There are no real facts there. And she says, hey, whenever one whenever someone disagrees with me, she hits a little balance. She rings a bell. And, you know, my daughter’s getting kind of angry at it and rightly so. But it’s teaching them the fear of failure. And throughout school, we teach the fear of failure. It’s not try math and try this and do your best and see how you do.

It’s ABC d e there’s no ABC d f right. You get f, you’re going to fail. You get a D, you suck. You get a C your average. You get an A. Yeah, you win. Now life is different. Life is different than that. And we look at this and we take a look at what he says here in this example, he talks about a guy who buys a field and buys all this stuff to mine for gold. And he digs and digs and digs and gives up. And the guy who comes along and buys the field and all the equipment after him at a bargain price because the guy gave up. Three feet and finds gold. Are you three feet from your gold, are you three feet from your breakthrough? Now, the cool thing is, is that in life, in today’s day and age, we don’t have to guess that the gold is there.

We don’t have to guess that the money’s there. We can see it and we can go after it. Right. It’s kind of like fishing in the old days, you know, the people or we’re out there fishing and Jesus like, hey. Cast your nets over there because he knew where the fish were, but he was the only one because he couldn’t see under the water. Now, today, we have these little finders that find the fish. And, you know, my uncle goes out there, he finds a fish. He’s like, oh, there they are. Throw your thing there. Whoo! We get fish, right? Very cool. So today’s day and age is a lot different. Now he goes on in page seven to say, the better portion of all sales I have made were made after people say no. So this is where we look at this and we’re like, OK, well, is this book like the magic bullet? No, but there are a lot of practical things, like the better portion of all sales I made were after people said no. That’s a key to life. That’s a key to sales. And we look at that and we’re like, okay, cool. So we got this key. We got this stuff going on. And now I know that after someone says, no, I can keep going right after I dig for gold. And I say, hey, you know what you want to buy now? It doesn’t mean no. It means maybe they have more questions or something like that. Right. So he’s talking about a lot of practical things. He says when you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin with a state of mind. Now, this is very important, he says, a state of mind with definiteness, a purpose with little or no hard work. You and every person ought to be interested in knowing how to acquire the state of mind. I was talking about this state of mind. Right. Are you poverty conscious or are you wealth conscious now? A lot of people look at this and they put meaning to it like, oh, this means something different if you’re poverty conscious and you’re broke.

This means something different. If you’re wealth conscious. Now, another reason I put the quote up before this book review is because of the fact that I want you to know that states of mind, beliefs about money and success and everything was given to you by culture. OK. We put meaning on this stuff and we say, well, that guy’s worth this or that guy has this or money is hard to get or life is hard. Things are difficult. But these were all things that were inherited by society. Right. Society has taught you to believe these things. And when we look at this, we say, well, can I take the fluff away and can I apply a practical set of systems and solutions to get where I want to go? And that’s what I believe this book is telling us. He says success comes to those who have become success conscious. Okay, good. That makes sense, right? If you’re not success conscious, you’re probably just gonna spend all your money and you’re not going to care about it anyway because you’re not conscious of it. He also says on page nine, we foolishly believe that our own limitations are the proper measure of limitations. Here’s another thing. Right. Our limitations in life. We have limitations that we set on ourselves. I could never be Steve Jobs. I could never be Bill Gates. I could never make a million dollars. I’m never gonna do this. I’m never going to do that. And we have these limitations and these limitations, again, are put on us by society. Right. We look at these things thing. I could never amount to that. I could never achieve that. And these limitations are just figments of our imagination. Right. He’s going on to say something very important. And he’s saying that most of your struggles, most of the things that happen in your life are a problem of thinking. Right. It’s a problem of your belief set. It’s a problem of what you think, what you feel and the meaning you give it.

I dug for gold. I gave up. I failed. OK. Interesting. Now, this guy who who dug for golden failed could also look at the next guy and be like that lazy S.O.P. He dug three feet with my equipment, my stuff, my hard work. I did everything for him. He got rich. You could actually live your life as a victim if you were that person or you go on and do something else. It all is in your mind. It’s all in your thoughts. He goes on and says on page 10. One of these is desire. Right. This is a principle of success. So he goes into these principles now. OK. He says we’ve got to get rid of these limitations. They’re only in your mind. What we need here is we need desire. OK, we need desire. What do you want? Desire is a huge motivation.

It’s like, you know, a guy going after a girl. It’s a base of desire. Someone going for food, someone going for something. You tap into the power of a desire. And things start to change. And he says, desire. OK. Then he puts a little quote, Things are little Kolan things. And he says, knowing what you want, OK?

Desire co and knowing what you want. Why is this important? Well, one to desire. This money is fine. That’s great. Whatever. You know, you desire success. That’s good. Don’t make it too big of a thing. But you don’t put your desire in perspective. And he says, OK, good. Now you could. Say, well, you know, I just want money. A lot of people come to me, they’re like, Marcus, I want to make money online. Great. Fine. How much do you want to make? As much as I can. OK, great. Can you put a dollar amount? Because when you put the dollar amount or you say what you want. Or more importantly, you describe what you want. So instead of I want to make one hundred thousand dollars a year or one million dollars a year or whatever. What if I said here is what I want my life to look like?

Would you want it to look like years ago when I was about 20 years old. I met my girlfriend and we got pregnant and I said, here’s what I want my life to look like. I want to stay home. I want to hang out with you. I want to have a pool. I want to have a house. And I want to play with the kids all the time. Don’t want to go to work 17 years later. I played with the kids, have gone in the pool. We’ve had some hard times, of course, because of my bad thinking, which we’re going to talk about. But all in all, it’s been pretty good. I’ve gotten pretty much what I’ve wanted. Right. So put in terms not just the money, but what it’s going to do for you, because a lot of people just want money for money’s sake. And that’s that’s absurd to me. It doesn’t make any sense. Right. What good does it do if it’s not giving you the life you want? So many people that have lots of money are absolutely miserable because they haven’t taken the time to say, what do I want my life to look like? He goes on here on page eleven to say that we have the power to control our thoughts. Now, this this thinking to me is dangerous, right? He’s talking about the idea of controlling one’s mind, controlling the mind.

Right. And this is kind of ludicrous because it’s like, OK, controlling your mind. Can you control your mind? Right. Can you really control your mind? I don’t think so. You can direct your mind and direct your thoughts. And the way that I look at it is there’s a big stream of thoughts going along. There’s thoughts going along and you choose and pick what you pick up. This is where he’s talking about wealth, consciousness. You see, there’s a stream of thoughts going along. Some of them have wealth ideas. Some of them have good ideas. Some of them say, you can’t. You won’t. You’re not good enough. Your this. Your that. You don’t have enough money. And what happens is you’re going to tune your mind to see what’s in that river and you’re gonna pick it up automatically. Now, when you go to buy a new car. Right, let’s say you’re going to buy a red Toyota truck. Okay. You’re gonna buy a red Toyota truck. Now, all of a sudden, when you decide to get this right, when you have the desire for it, what happens is your brain now tunes in to all the trucks on the road that are red Toyota and you like. There it is. There it is. There it is. And you start to see them everywhere. And it’s almost like they manufactured more just because you started thinking about it.

But that’s not the case. The cases is you’ve trained your mind to pick up those thoughts and to pick up what it sees. Same kind of thing here. We don’t control our mind or our thoughts. We just choose where we want to direct it. Now he goes on in Chapter two after the chapter on Desire. He talks about the chapter on faith. Now, faith is a very difficult subject to talk about in a video about money, because when you put faith with money and health, OK, people are going to have results.

So say I had faith. I got rich. I had faith. I got healed. Can you duplicate the result? I don’t know. I don’t know if it was a product of your thoughts. I don’t know if it’s a product of this. I don’t know whatever. But what we do know is that faith comes from belief. Right. Do you believe you can get what you want? Do you believe you can do this now? Sometimes this gets dangerous because people talk about belief and they’re like, well, I believed it enough.

I sat there and I thought about it enough, but it didn’t happen. That’s where the practicality comes in. Right. The practicality comes in where it’s like we can do the stuff right. I believe I can get healed. It’s like the old story of the guy who is lost at sea. And he’s treading water. He’s treading water. He’s treading water. And he’s like, God, rescue me from the sea. And a boat comes by and they’re like, Hey, man, you want a lift? We’re here. And he’s like, No, man. I just prayed that God would rescue me. He’s going to rescue me. And you do do do do do. A helicopter comes down. And they’re like, here’s the guy who comes down. He’s like, hey, dude, we’re here to rescue you. He’s like, oh, we’re about it. God’s got it covered, old buddy. Right. The guy ends up dying and he goes to heaven. And God’s like, Well, I tried to rescue you. I said to helicopter in a boat which didn’t get in. Same kind of thing here. It’s like, hey, the secret to success is there. But you got to get on the boat and go do it. You have to have the practical plan. And he talks about faith being the head chemist of the mind. This is interesting. I like this, right? Because now we have desire. We have faith and belief.

Faith and belief not only is difficult for me to spell, but it also changes your mindset. Right. A guy who believes he can do something is a lot. More able to get it than someone who doesn’t believe someone who believes they can be healed. You know, stuff like that is going to change the way you are. But he says it’s a chief chemist to the mine. Now, here’s something interesting. OK, we have controlling mine. We have chemist mined. Now, this is interesting because if the mind is based on chemistry and chemistry changes, your mind could. Things that you’re thinking about change your chemistry.

Could things you eat change your chemistry, which in turn is changing your mind? Have you ever noticed how if you drink too much sugar, you have too much alcohol or something like that? Your mind is going to change for me. When I was an alcoholic, my mind went to depression.

Right? Automatically, boom. The chemistry changed it. So he’s saying Faith is the head chemist of the mind. So if you have this faith, this belief, it’s going to change the chemistry in your body. Very important. Very interesting and very practical. All right. He goes on to say how to develop faith. Well, affirmation repeated instructions to the subconscious mind through the principle of auto suggestion. So it goes on to say this principle of auto suggestion. OK. Now, this is a proven known fact. It’s something that I’ve learned numerous times throughout my life when I wanted to change my situation. And that is that repetitive affirmations work. Right? It’s like the old adage, if you can tell a lie long enough, people will believe it as truth, including yourself. Right. You tell yourself these stories. I’m not good enough. I’m not strong enough. I’m not whatever. No one’s going to like me. Boom. You’re not going to get where you want to go because the affirmation is there fighting against you. Right. You ever feel like you’re fighting a huge uphill battle to get where you want to go? We’re going to tell you that uphill battle. It’s because you’re trying to control your mind. You can’t control your mind. All you can do is relax. It’s kind of like the old adage of the only way to catch your breath is to lose your breath. The only way to find your mind is to lose your mind in a sense. And we look at this and we’re like, wow, wait a minute. This is starting to make sense to me because now we have this idea of faith and belief as a practical solution that can be put through without a suggestion. Right. That’s why the majority of the people who grew up in churches end up believing the same stuff later. Whether it’s right, wrong or indifferent doesn’t matter. What matters is the auto suggestion. The same thing happens with the stories you tell yourself. Let’s take a look again over here on page 32. He talks about thoughts which have been emotionalized.

I like this. Thoughts that are emotionalize right there, certain thoughts that are emotionalize.

Just last night, I was reading the comments on YouTube. If you’ve never been a YouTube publisher, for some reason, there’s some of the meanest people in the world on YouTube, and they are not grateful that people put out good videos and videos at all. They act like you forced them to sit there and watch a video and then they’re like, hey, you’re terrible. One guy said I should be shot by, which is stupid, but, you know, to each his own, I don’t think anything like that.

But again, that goes to show the thought of the person. Right. They have the thought they have this thought in life that this person owes me something. Therefore, he didn’t give it to me. Therefore, he is at fault. No. We need to start taking responsibility.

It’s not the guru. I don’t teach you anything. I am incapable of teaching you anything you learn. Learning is an active process. And he goes on to talk about emotionalized. And I was going with that because my thoughts about this guy made me sad. I was emotional about it and my thought was emotional, saying, wow, is the world really this bad that people sit around and comment on things where people are trying to help and say these terrible things? Right. What’s the deal? And my thought was emotionalize. Now, I could take that emotionalize thought and I can run with it and I could say, well, this is bad. I shouldn’t put out more videos. I shouldn’t put out more content. What the hell am I doing? I don’t have a real job. I’m a failure. OK, because it’s emotionalize. Or I could take the emotion out of it and say what? He’s one of eight billion people I got other people to reach. That’s cool. Now he goes on to say that the emotions or the feeling portions of thoughts are what gives your life vitality. Pretty cool, right? The emotional part is what gives you the vitality to go on. He also goes on to say that perfection will come through practice. Good. So you want perfection? OK, practice.

Excellent practice. That’s how you get perfection. Pretty simple. Can’t come by merely reading instructions, reading this book. So he says, think and grow rich. Read to self. Read yourself into a fortune. Perfection is not going to come by reading a book. OK. So like perfection. If you define perfection as your life or your money or happiness or whatever. Right. We look at that.

And he says to himself, perfection comes through practice, it cannot come by reading. So we’ve got to practice. I’ve got to do this stuff. He goes on to say, Faith is the only known antidote for failure. You want to feel better about failure. Have faith and do something different next time. Faith is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought created by the finite mind of man into the spiritual equivalent. This is where it starts to get a little weird. Does that happen? I don’t know. I don’t live in like ghost land. Apparently he did. But, you know, to each his own. It goes on again. Page thirty five, talking about auto suggestion. He says it’s a well-known fact that one comes finally to believe whatever one repeats to oneself whether the statement is true or false. Right.

If you say something to yourself over and over or you hear something over and over, you will be indoctrinated to believe that it is so, whether it is so or not. And what we want to do is we want to stop being a victim of life, having life come at us and taking these things and saying, well, this is what it is and we want to start analyzing it and make a plan to change it through desire. Faith, auto suggestion and all these other things he talks about. He says, let’s see here, two, to do thoughts which are mixed with any of the feelings and emotions constitute a magnetic force which attracts other or assimilated relate similar related thoughts. Now, this is important because it’s like the car thing we talked about earlier. Right. Your thoughts that are mixed with emotion are going to start to attract like thoughts. Have you ever noticed how? Like, for me. I had a weird childhood, had some abuse, and automatically because of that, my mind has preconditioned to watch out for certain things. Watch for people that look like this. Watch for people that feel like this. Watch out for it. Right. I had a magnetic force in my mind that says, watch for this. People who are conscious of money, people are into money are conscious about that. People are into weightlifting. They’re conscious about that. It’s kind of like what you decide to focus your energy on is what it’s going to get. Now, personally, I believe that everyone in life is given the same amount of intelligence. Right. Very important, you might say. Well, are there dumb people and smart people?

No, there’s people with intelligence. Just matters what they choose to use the intelligence on. For example, my brother is an expert on drums and music. He will tell you that riff right off the bat. He’ll listen to something on the radio. He’ll be able to play it. He picks up a guitar. Boom. He’s. He’s on, right. He’s good at that. Me? Not so much. I don’t know the difference between, like, a Stratocaster and a bass guitar or whatever. I probably know that one. But the drums, I don’t know so much like we look at that and it’s because he trained his brain to look for it. Remember, practice is what makes perfection very important. You practice money stuff. Get good at it. Be perfect at it. Right. He goes on on page 37 to say, I will. I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity. Because I know that a negative attitude towards others can never bring me success. This needs to be taped to the world. I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity. Everyone, even the people who hate you. Even the guy on YouTube who said I’m terrible. Right. I said terrible things, but I care about him too. He’s totally entitled to watch my video. He’s totally entitled to everything I’m entitled to. Right. When we look at everything as equal playing field and we start to look at people differently, things start to change. Right. You can have everything you want in life.

If you help enough other people get what they want in life. Quote by I believe that was Jim Rohner, Zig Ziglar. He also says on page 47 that riches begin in the form of thought. Right. You can’t have something you don’t think about. You can think about it. Kate goes on the in the auto suggestion chapter to talk about how that works, how the mental power works, everything like that. Then he goes on in Chapter five to talk about specialized knowledge. OK. So here’s the plan, right?

We got desire, belief, and now we have specialize. Knowledge. OK. My brother wanted to make a fortune. He could go use his specialized knowledge of drums and guitars and go make a fortune. OK. It’s just what we choose to use. Remember, we all have the same intelligence. It’s just what we choose to use it on. Unfortunately, some people like to use it on TV and they know every person on the TV show, unlike me, who I drive my wife nuts because we’ll watch a show for five seasons and I’ll be like the guy with the hat. And she’s like, That’s the main character, John. And I’m like, Why? Didn’t know that. Right. A lot of people choose to use that. So what are you choosing to use your knowledge on? What are you choosing? Right. So he says lots of people specialize on teaching knowledge, like in schools and things, but they do not specialize on the organization or use of the knowledge.

What if you had specialized knowledge and the ability to use it? What if you knew how the Internet worked? What if you knew how advertising work? What if you knew how to get these companies to buy things or how to get paid or whatever? And he says that this missing link on page fifty six in all systems of education maybe found in the failure of educational institutions to teach their students how to organize and use knowledge after they acquire it.

Do you know how to use knowledge after you acquire it? If I tell you how to do something, do you know how to apply it?

Wisdom is applied knowledge and experience.

Right. Wisdom is applied. Knowledge and experience. Do you know how to use the knowledge? If I teach you to build a Web site, go build a Web site a day for people, or you can teach people about a Web site or you can do whatever you want. Right. If I teach you how to make applications, it takes you like a year to learn it. Maybe maybe six months, maybe three months. I don’t know how fast you are. Right. But once you do it, what do you do with it? You can go get a job with it and that’s fine. But getting a job will make you a living. Working for yourself can make you a fortune. And of course, the lifestyle I want requires me to work for myself. So we look at this and we’re like, okay, cool, now we’re getting the plan. Okay. So, one, we got to know how to apply the knowledge. Also, we got to know how to get knowledge in this day and age. I’m kind of torn with the idea of free college. I like the idea. I think college should be free. I like that idea. OK. But I also don’t like the idea because free college is kind of available now. You could learn anything you want on YouTube, on Google with PDAF. You could learn anything you want. Anything you could learn. Any trade. All right. Well, you know how to do like test tubes and science. Probably not go to school for that. But if you want to learn, like websites or whatever gardening, you can learn that. And it’s available everywhere. So the fact of the matter is, is if you feel like you should get a hand out of information or a mentor should come and shake your hand and say, come on, buddy, I’m going to teach you everything, you are sadly mistaken because this is about you and no one cares about your success as much as you do or don’t. Very important. So we look at this and we’re like, oh, cool knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy. Yet knowing all these things about drums doesn’t mean anything unless you can use it for an end, knowing all the stuff that I know on the Internet. There are people in Internet marketing that know far more than me, and they’re broke. There are people that know far less than me. And they make 50 times what I do. What’s the difference?

The difference is in applied knowledge, how are you applying it? How are you using it? He says going on to that college example and all this other stuff. Anything acquired without effort and without cost is generally unappreciated. How many people watch videos? How many people consume knowledge and they’re unappreciative. They’re like, hey, did you know? I know you taught me some cool stuff, but dude, like, can’t you just teach me how to push a five and make money fly out of my computer? No, F5 five doesn’t make money. Fly out of your computer. Printing money is actually illegal and shouldn’t be done. But I can show you something pretty cool. Like right here we are showing you the principles of success. Some of you guys will watch this and you’ll be like, this is a bunch of horseshit. And you know what? You’re right. It’s total horseshit if you don’t use it. But to the person who uses it, it’s going to be some good shit. Right. So we go on and we look at that. Anything acquired without effort and without cost is generally unappreciated. It goes on to say, one of the strange things about human beings is that they only value that which has a price. Interesting. So this idea of price tags.

Right. Make a little price tag here.

This idea of price tags and putting numbers and figures to something is what triggers your brain to value it. And the flipside also works to. Triggers other people’s brains to value it. How do you charge a thousand dollars for a one hour coaching session, Marcus? Well, I ask for it. And then I darn well make sure that that call will make you at least ten times as much. OK, we look at it, we’re like, what value can I provide? OK. Now, again, what’s the value? What I choose it to be. So it says in this book, do we go on?

He says they have learned from experience that any person who has the ambition to give up part of his spare time studying at home has an M the qualities which make for leadership. Are you taking the time to learn and organize what you learn for a reason, for an end, for a goal? Right. We look at this and we’re like, OK, what is the goal? If you do, you already have some of the makings for success, he says on page 62. OK. He goes on to say, in page sixty three, he took inventory of himself. It pays to know how to purchase knowledge. Very important. Do you know how to purchase knowledge when you go to school, or are you just hoping the degree gets you a job, or do you know how to purchase it with the intent of using it? Do you know how to purchase courses about making money online or off line or building a business? And do you know what you’re looking for? Most people don’t.

And that’s a sad fact. And people look at my YouTube videos and they’ll say that is the worst video in the world. And I just gave them a secret that can make them hundreds of thousands a year or possibly a month. And they missed it because they don’t know what they’re looking for. Very, very important. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it very, very interesting. We go on in page seventy five. He talks about the example of Coca-Cola and imagination, which is his next part. Right. Imagination.

Do you have an imagination? If not, train yourself to have one. Right.

I used to think I wasn’t creative because I worked for this guy who came up with ideas all the time and he acted on his ideas back when I was a kid and I was like, why can’t I be creative like that? And I learned I can be. All I need to do is train myself. And I’ve actually, in my opinion, far exceeded that creativity. And we go on and we’re like, okay, cool. That’s how it works. Gotta have imagination. Oh, master salesman. No. On page 79, that ideas can be sold everywhere. Merchandise cannot. This is where we talk about getting butt ass rich, selling ideas. Right. You can go import a bunch of stuff from China. You can sell it. That’s good. You can make money on it. Great. Sometime or another it’ll probably dry up, but you can never run out of ideas. Ideas are only stored in my head and if I can sell them, we’re merchandise cannot be sold a.k.a. the internet, which merchandise can be sold online, but not instant deliverable usually. And so we have that. And then he says there is no standard price on ideas. What’s it worth? What’s an idea? What is it worth to you? If I tell you that this niche with this Web site and this affiliate offer, like my high ticket neches program, it’s going to make money. What is that worth, 1000 bucks? Well, I don’t know. What if it makes you a hundred thousand a year for the next seven years? Right. Well, then it was worth like almost a million bucks. So there’s no standard price on ideas. The creator of ideas makes his own price. And if he’s smart, he gets it right. And you say, well, Marcus, you know, there’s a lot of people that have no money and it’s very difficult in this economy. Well, if you think that way. Yeah. But there’s also a lot of rich people that have money just sitting around. Right. Like the example I used in my last video. We’re talking about people buying Ferraris versus buying Toyotas. The guy buying the Ferrari doesn’t give a rip about saving a thousand bucks. He just wants his Ferrari. The guy on the Toyota, he’s Grindin and Grine, and he’s got to get payment plans. He’s got to get this on the Ferrari. You’re making like 30 grand commission on the Ford or whatever Toyota. You’re making, you know, a couple hundred bucks or couple of thousand.

He goes on and page eighty three to say if the first plan which you adopt does not work successfully replace it with a new plan. And he goes on to say, the next one here under imagination, hopefully we can embrace this under imagination.

OK. Next one under imagination is organized planning.

OK, cool. Organize planning. So we got desire. We got faith. We got imagination. We got organized planning. And he says the first is the first plan doesn’t work. Replace it with a new plan. OK. So many people try their first plan and they expect it to work. Very few of my first ideas work right out of the bat until I got good at it and really knew what I was doing right. But oftentimes, if it fails, do a different one, similar, and then on and on until you find one that works. That’s what that’s what this is about. Right. If you are going to work for yourself, whether it’s an online business or whatever, you don’t have a boss telling you what to do. This is the problem. So many people need to be told what to do because they’ve been trained, that they need to be told what to do. They aren’t able to go out and plan and say, this is what I’m going to do. Here’s how I’m going to do it. And he says, right here is a point where a majority of men meet with failure. They meet with failure because they don’t have the plan. And if the plan. Fails, they they say, oh, well, you know, I built a Web site, only got a couple of clicks, but a YouTube video up, nine people saw it. One guy didn’t like it. He got thumbs down. Right. And it’s like, whatever we look at it, we’re like, OK, well, let’s make stuff that they do like. Let’s try another one.

Let’s try a different angle, because their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.

You got to persist, persist, persist.

OK, do you want something in life? You’ve got to persist to get it right. Very, very, very important. So many people work harder on, like, getting tickets for a concert than they do, like on their Internet marketing, which is silly. Right. And that goes on to say this whole price thing. Most people would do more work to save ten thousand bucks than to make ten thousand bucks. Right. So they’re like, okay, well, I’m going to work harder. I’m not losing ten thousand. Then I am going to make I’m the opposite. I’m like, whatever, whatever I lose is gone. I’m going to make some more. Because that’s what I know how to do. And I know how to protect it that well. Right. I know how to make it. And that’s what I do. Millions of men go through life in misery and poverty because they lack a sound plan. Very good stuff there. No man is ever whipped until he quits in his own mind. And he goes on to talk about this idea of temporary defeat and how it’s only temporary. We look at defeat as if it’s like the end of the world, right? Oh, man. I only got, you know, five people to the site. No one ordered. No one did this. No one collect. Google wants too much money for clicks. Yeah. The affiliate company won’t accept me. Get over it. Right. You want to make it work. The best things in life are worth working for. And the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t take that long. Right. I could outpace someone who goes and says, I’m going to spend eight hours today doing this and gives up by just focusing for 15 minutes a day on one simple task. Focus on one thing. Specialized knowledge, one thing. Do it really good and do it over and over and make a bunch of money as an efficient. Any efficient meter. You can’t talk today. Any efficient leader may, through his knowledge of his job and the magnetism of his personality, greatly increased the efficiency of others and induced them to render more service and better service than they could render without his aid. Right. It talks about inspiring others. And he says in selfishness because he knows that most men will work harder for recommendation and commendation than they will for money. Right. That’s interesting. Most people would work harder for a pat on the back than they would an extra thousand dollars on their check. Can’t spend a pat on the back, but it sure does feel good. Find ways and means of teaching people how to apply the knowledge they read and they receive in school. If you could teach people how to apply knowledge, which is what I’m trying to do for you now, you can make a fortune because people don’t know how to do that. And the economy is changing. The world is changing. The way business is conducted is changing and either get on board or you don’t. Right. Very important. Remember, this is it’s not the lawyer who knows the most law, but the one who best prepares his case, who wins. If your case is properly prepared and presented, your victory will have been won. You your victory will have been more than half won at the beginning or the outset or whatever. All right. Page one to one. He says men are paid not merely for what they know, but more particularly for what they do with what they know. Very practical stuff. It’s like, OK, we’re gonna do something with this. We just can’t sit around and think and grow rich. We have to, like, work and grow rich. We have to do and grow rich. But it’s not that hard. And here’s a plan before you can start to negotiate for a readjustment of your salary and your present position on page one O six or to seek employment elsewhere. Be sure that you are worth more than you now receive. This idea of worth worth. What are you worth? You want a raise.

Be worth more. Do more. Sell more. Be better. Learn. Make yourself more valuable to the marketplace. It’s one thing to want money. Everyone wants more. But it’s something entirely different to be worth more. Right.

Are you worth more in terms of what you’re providing to the marketplace that you can be worth a little bit to a lot of people or a lot to a little people? It’s up to you. And we look at this and he says, most of us have never taken inventory of the advantages of this freedom. We’ve never compared our unlimited freedom with the curtailed freedom in other countries. He goes on to talk about what it means to be an American. And he says America provides the freedom and all the opportunity to accumulate riches that any honest person may require. Right. If you’re born in America and you’re not getting this is because you’re not doing it.

Plain and simple. It’s like, OK, well, here’s a plan. You’ve got to do it. Well, Marcus, I don’t know this. I don’t know that will then go figure it out. It’s all out there for you. And we got the Internet. OK, very cool. So after organize planning, he goes on to say Decision.


Decision is the big thing that kills many people, the inability to decide. Sometimes in business you got to decide. Am I going to use this? Am I going to use that? Am I going to buy this? Am I going to do that? Am I going to start a restaurant or am I going to teach recipes online? What am I going to do? He talks about decision. He talked about on page one, 19, lack of decision, procrastination and talking about quick and definite decisions.

Right. You need to be able to make decisions because at the end of the day, it’s up to you. And that’s what comes up with responsibility. That’s what people don’t want to fail because they’re like, well, I’m responsible for failing. I’m going to look like an idiot. Well, no one cares, right? No one cares.

Very few people care about what you do. Good. And what you do bad. Very few. Like, I got millions of people who watched my videos and very few people care. Some of them say bad things and terrible things. And it’s like whatever. That’s their problem. That’s that’s their deal, not mine. Reaching decisions promptly. Can you reach a decision promptly? Let’s see here. Talks about being easily influenced by the opinions of others. Are you easily influenced by the opinions of others? Do you give a rip? I myself am guilty of that. Sometimes I hate when people say bad things. But you know what? To each his own, I got to learn to live with it and can’t be influenced by it because, as he says, opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. You don’t believe me? Look at the Internet. Everyone’s got an opinion about something. You know what? I don’t give a shit about your opinion. I give a shit about my results and my life. I don’t care about your opinion. Now, with that said, there’s another side of the coin. Can you be willing to listen to the opinions of others without taking offense? I can listen to those guys and say, well, they didn’t like my video. Maybe I did talk too long. Maybe it wasn’t engaging enough. Maybe I should study more. Right. Can I was into it and take feedback because that’s the essence of how marketing works. Talks about people with inferiority complexes, OK, which really easy to get over that. If you have lack of self-esteem, a lack of self value, then be worth more. Very simple, right? You want to be someone of more value. You want to be someone who has more self esteem. Do esteemable acts the best way to get more theme is to help others, right. Find something you’re good at. Everyone has something they’re good at and they can help people with. And you could do that and you could feel better about yourself because you’re going to be more esteemable, right? If you want more self esteem, be more esteemable. Do things that people will hold in high regard and value more in your search for the secret method. Do not look for a miracle because you won’t find it. Well, it kind of goes against what it said on the back of the book. But hey, this is practical. Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what they want and generally get it. Do you know what you want and can you get it? If you know what you want, write it down. That is what I want. I wanna live here. I want to do this. I’m going to go get it right after my big downfall, after I was an alcoholic for many years and had a very bad time, almost ended up taking my own life. I look at this and I was like, OK, well, you know, I could have lost everything, literally everything I did nothing else to lose if you lose your own life. And I went on and I said, well, now that I’m sober, whatever I want my life to look like. And within two years, I got most of it back. It’s like, OK, well, this is what I want my life to look like. Let’s do it right. Let’s make it happen.

Because I knew what I wanted and I was able to make those decisions and I had specialized knowledge that I gain. And that’s a thing is learning this stuff is more than just making a few hundred bucks a month or a thousand bucks a month or a million dollars a year. It’s more than that. It’s being able to live how you want. It’s been able to do what you want and get what you desire and help other people and do all kinds of cool stuff. That’s the real value here. Lack of persistence on page one. Thirty four is the major. It’s one of the major causes of failure. The starting point of all achievement is desire. Talks about this idea of habit and ingraining things in your brain through habit. Right. What do you do as a habit?

If you’re habitually looking at Facebook and getting down and commenting and being asked for lack of a better word, that’s what you’re gonna get right? If you’re sitting around talking about how much Hillary sucked or Donald Trump soxer taxes suck or whatever, your life’s gonna suck because you’re focused on suck. But if you’re focused on the good, if you say, hey, you know what, there’s a lot of good going on in the world to focus on that, even though they don’t put it on the news. Let’s focus on that. Let’s do good. He says truly, if one has persistence, he can get along very well without many other qualities. Right. If you have persistence alone, whatever you do, if you persist in it, it’s gonna work, right. If you do it the right way and you learn from mistakes and you look at what didn’t work. Organize planning and you say, I’m going to do something different next time, you’re gonna get. Success. Right. Success will be inevitable. Success is going to be inevitable for you, right? Make success an inevitable by. By doing this stuff, men take on the nature and habits and the power of those of the thought of those with whom they associate with. He goes on with this idea of your group. He talks about the mastermind group mastermind. OK. Now, a mastermind could be a group of physical people that you meet. It could be an online group. It could be a forum. It could be whatever. OK, but where are you hanging out? What are you listening to? You know, people like my dad. He surrounds himself with these Bible people who are depressing. Right. And he’s always depressed. He’s like, I don’t know why I’m not that funny anymore. Sometimes he’s funny, but he always seems to be depressed. And it’s like, well, why? What’s because you’re associating with depressed people? Of course it’s going to happen. Right? It’s like those people who watch movies that are late at night and they’re all about killing and stuff. And it’s like, why do I feel sad? Because you just watch hours and people go themselves. I you can be sad. So your mastermind could also be TV, right? What are you masterminding? So he says get a good mastermind. But I also say don’t have a bad mastermind. That’s an important thing. Just as important. All right. He goes on into and we’ll try to wrap this up. It’s getting kind of long. It goes on on page one. Sixty one 160.

It becomes receptive. He’s talking about your mind and the sixth sense. And this is what is known as unconscious competence, being able to do something like driving without really thinking about it, OK? Unconscious competence. He says your mind becomes receptive to ideas which it could not reach the individual under any circumstances. So under any circumstances, these thoughts wouldn’t reach you. But when you tune into him, it does. Right. This is where the law of attraction stuff came from. Although they took it a little bit too far and a little too mushy for me. He says one of America’s most successful and best known financiers followed the habit of closing their eyes for two or three minutes before making a decision. Right. This is like the book we went through the five second rule. Only the five second rule was kind of a little fluffy for me. I would have liked some more substance. But the idea of, hey, close my eyes, make a decision, close my eyes, do what I gotta do. That way you train yourself to forget about other stuff and just do what you got to do. The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts, feeding it right. If you feed yourself junk food, you’re going to get fat. If you feed your mind garbage, you’re going to get garbage, right? The dominating thoughts are going to happen if you watch Fox News all day. I’m sorry, guys, but Fox News is Newt is just opinionated and terrible. So is CNN right? All of them are pretty bad stuff. Right. Read the news. That’s the best thing to do. Read the headlines. But if you watch your stuff all day, it’s going to change the way you are. There are articles and videos written of families who their loved ones have gone down into this hole of watching news and being depressed and all these theories and stuff. And it’s a wasted life. And the marketers are getting rich on it. Don’t don’t get me wrong there, but it’s a wasted life. OK. As easy as it is to think about crap, don’t do it. It’s just as easy as going to the drive thru and getting a greasy burger.

Right. Same thing. It’s crap. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s most mentally stimulating. The chemicals in the fat burgers are going to make you feel good. Just like when I was an alcoholic. Right. Instant gratification. Have a beer. I didn’t even have to drink it and sit on the table. I felt better instantly. Right. It wasn’t even my body yet. I shook when I didn’t have it. Why? Because I was feeding my mind and my body poison.

Are you deliberately taking poison by what you put in your mind? Are you deliberately taking poison by what’s going on? And he says control comes from persistence and habit. This makes sense. We’re talking about controlling the mind. The way you control your mind isn’t trying to control it. It’s changing what you pick up from the sea of thoughts. Very important. All right. Couple more here and then we’ll let you go. Fears are nothing more than state of mind. Your fear of failure, your fear of everything. It’s a state of mind. There’s some fear. That’s good. Don’t touch the hot stove. Don’t get too close to the old Grand Canyon. Those things are good to fear. It’s teaching you. But some things are irrational and silly. He says thoughts which have been released by other minds. OK, interesting. So there’s thoughts that can be released by other minds. And he goes on, goes to fear and he says kill the habit of worry in all its forms by reaching a general blanket decision that nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry.

Nothing that life has to offer is worth the price of worry. You can’t worry yourself, Rich, but you might be able to think and act yourself rich through a systemized plan. One desire and know what you want to believe. You can get it and show yourself that you can get it. Three. Imagine. Get an imagination. Think. What can I do better? How can I help more people? How can I change this? How can I make a better mousetrap? How can I teach people better? What can I do? Imagine it for like Walt Disney. A mad. And instead of filming things like this, I can film a flipbook and kids will watch it. And I just went to Disneyland. And I think he got pretty successful off of his imaginations for organized planning.

You got to plan. Then you got to work your plan. And if your plan doesn’t work. Find out why. Learn from it. A smart person learns from his mistakes. But a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Very important. Organized planning decision. Be able to make decisions. Put yourself in the situation where you can make a decision and you can live with the consequences because they’re usually not that bad. Unless you’re doing something silly or illegal, which you shouldn’t be doing. You’re on the wrong video for that. Number six, get a group a mastermind. And number seven was in here. It was getting rid of the ghosts of fear, subconscious mind. So seven x out. Ghosts of fear.

Right. Focus on your subconscious mind. Train it through auto suggestion. OK.

And who is hot? That is your plan. Can you follow that simple plan? Easier than you think. All it has to do is taking specialized knowledge, applying that knowledge, saying no to the stuff that comes in bad, feeding yourself good, persisting and taking responsibility. It’s very simple. You’re not going to sit and think and count your lucky stars to get rich, right. Reminds me of that movie, the Disney movie Princess and the Frog, where you have the girl that spoiled and rich. Right. And she’s there. She’s like, please, please help me marry a prince or whatever. And the other friend that she has grew up poor. She was actually, you know, for more or less words. She was kind of like a slave, although she was paid back when the things were changing. And she went through and she said, I’m going to do this by hard work. I’m going to do it by that. And that was good. But she didn’t focus on what she really wanted. What she focused on, what she really wanted in life. Things started to change and she got everything she wanted. Very good movie to watch. I know it’s a cartoon and some people don’t like cartoons. If you don’t like cartoons, start liking cartoons because life needs to be fun. But anyway. Right. This is how you do it, right. You start to work your plan. I hope you enjoyed this book review. It was really fun to make it something that’s really, really important to look at. And your mind is the number one block to making everything happen. Start to feed your mind good things, start to change your mind, start to make a plan, work your plan, follow the others who have done this before you and look at the results and your life will start to change. This has changed my life numerous times and there’s a lot more so they can grow rich, get it right. It gets free online through PDAF.

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It takes a little bit longer because obviously, you’ve got to make a catchy video. You can make a video, or you can do a live stream on YouTube. Turn on the camera, go live; it gets traffic all the time. You need to ensure that YouTube videos focus on specific topics, and you do a good job. You can get lots of views to your video and make money with YouTube ads.

You can make money with affiliate links or your products to add in the description on every video. It is simple, and there are people out there who make videos unboxing stuff. Someone who will have a video saying, here’s the unboxing of the money button. Here is the sound that it makes when you press it. You can look up a video to see what it sounded like before you make a purchase.

You can add an Amazon affiliate link in the description of your videos. You can promote links from click bank, CJ, Vault offers or any other site with an affiliate program. You can make YouTube videos and get traffic fast to your affiliate links. You can put a video up about a smaller topic that has traffic. Don’t expect to make a video about how to play basketball and rank number one. There will be big players who will rank for topics with high traffic.

If you do a video on how to do a hook shot from the 30-yard line or the three-pointer line, you have a higher chance of ranking during YouTube searches. You will have enough traffic to do conversions using YouTube videos. You make a video about how to shoot hoops and add your keywords to the video title. For example, the title can be ‘how to make a hook shot three-point line’ or any relevant title. Ensure that the title is catchy, and it can get traffic or views. If the video doesn’t get views, then you won’t be making money.

You have to make a clear description stating what you will show your viewers in the video. For example, in the video on ‘how to make a hook shot three-point line,’ you can share your website with the audience. Ensure you add relevant affiliate links to the website so that you can get commissions from your traffic. It is simple to do, and you will see results when you do it right. It will take some time to make the best videos for your channel and start getting conversions. Some of your videos will not gain any traffic or get any substantial views, and others will do good. You need the right keywords, focus and timing to get people to watch your videos on YouTube. People need to watch the videos and hit that like button for you to rank on the platform. You can do YouTube videos without a website and just put your affiliate links in the description.

However, it is highly recommended you cloak your affiliate links and place them on a website. A good website will set you back $6 if you plan on getting any kind of money online. You can be worried about spending $6 a month on a website. You have to be in it to win, and a website will guarantee that you get enough traffic to make substantial commissions.

Many people want to make money with no investment or any work and watch the money rolling into their accounts. That’s not how it works. That’s why people fall for the get rich fast online scams in the hopes of making millions without any investment. Some people will tell you that you can make eight hundred thousand cash in just two months. They will ask you to send money and won’t give a definite formula for making money.

You can to, start your first hub site with a free domain name. It will cost roughly $100 for the year. You will hide the affiliate links with a blog or website content. You can have as many blogs as you want when you set up a website on There aren’t many websites that will let you start a website for $6 per month. You need to set up your affiliate business, make it look legit, and then scale your site.

It is simpler to tell people about a website when you have your domain name. You can create a memorable website name that won’t be a mouthful. You can build the site up once you start getting traffic to the website and affiliate links. That’s the right way to do it. In summary, you make videos on topics that people are looking up using keywords that are easy to rank. Do not go for keywords that are saturated when you are beginning. You can do big keywords once you have a significant number of subscribers.

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You can interview people about their product and sell it as an affiliate. You can use social media to live stream the interview directly to your followers. There is an authenticity that comes with live stream videos on social media. People tend to believe in videos that are not highly polished. You need to tell your followers in advance whenever you have a guest interview and state what they will learn from the interview. Interviews about affiliate marketing can also attract traffic to your social media.

You can sell stuff using affiliate links, and you make money online fast. What you need to do is create a following on social media before you start doing live videos. Just turn on your webcam and your microphone and talk about the topic you prepared for the day. Find the guest right for the live videos, and you can have a higher conversion rate on your links. Doing interviews is free of charge because most people who will accept doing the interviews want to get exposure to the right audience.

Software like OBM Studio allows you to do interviews from anywhere, and it is what Marcus uses to train people. It is free and provides amazing performance for live videos. You can do interviews with people in the relationship market, basketball, web marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Choose the niche you want to focus on and stay on course with that niche.

There is this guy who does live streams about the weather in Florida. They get hurricanes. Marcus didn’t know how serious the hurricanes are before moving from California. The guy does lives on Facebook, and sometimes he has like 30,000 people watching him live. All he does is go to the weather site and point out various hurricanes happening at any given time. He shares stuff with the audience and makes a good living from following hurricanes online. He could make more if he followed the old Affiliate Marketing Dude channel.

You also go to social media groups and start live videos about a topic you think people have an interest in. At the end of the video, offer value to your viewers like free notes. Once they get the value, you can sell other stuff to them using affiliate links. Marcus tries the method for the Affiliate Marketing Dude channel, and it works all the time. He gives out free notes and other stuff to provide value to the viewers.

You can only attempt to sell something to a potential customer after you’ve already offered value to them. It is much easier to make a sale to a person that you gave something of value for free. There was a girl that worked with Marcus in 2018. She started doing affiliate marketing around the same time Marcus started. He went on an interview for her audience, and she made $500 from three affiliate sales in connection to the interview.

After one year, she’s making a fortune, and she does interviews with people all the time. Then she had like 12 people watching whatever, but she has a bunch of people watching, and she’s making multiple six figures. Interviews do work as a source of traffic in affiliate marketing. It takes a few simple steps to do it. You go out there, get your affiliate link, set up an interview and share the affiliate link. Most people are glad to take an interview online when you ask.

You could do your live show on Facebook or YouTube if you lack the confidence to interview you. Remember to focus on one thing. Don’t focus on doing basketball today and taxes tomorrow. You either need to be the basketball guy or the taxes guy, but you cannot do that on the same page, group, or channel. You have to separate the niches if you have an interest in doing them both. People will ask questions in the comments you can sell the products there. You can tell them that this is the best product for solving problem XYZ.


Most people overlook the tactic of using press releases in affiliate marketing, and it makes a crap ton of money. You need to submit a press release, not because you want to be on the news. The point of a press release is to use the power of a big site on a topic that you can’t get traffic to your site. It’s kind of like Medium and stuff like that. Go out and submit a press release to drive t SEO traffic to your site and links.

You need to make your press release like you do for content on your blog. Choose a suitable keyword and make it the title of your news press release. For example, you can use a keyword like the weather channel on Direct TV for your press release. You can use a title like ‘where did the Weather Channel go on direct TV?’ to get organic traffic. You may wonder how you can make money with people searching for the Direct TV Weather Channel. It doesn’t make any sense for an affiliate marketer. It will make a lot of sense in the course of this article.

You need to use a keyword that that’s less competitive. You’re not going to go and make money. You’re going for something less competitive like something happening in the affiliate marketing industry. Something that the big companies are not using to promote their affiliate offers. For example, a couple of months ago, Amazon slashed their affiliate commissions and pissed everyone off. They lowered their affiliate commissions, and some affiliates did not know lucrative alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program.

It would have been wise to make a press release about how Amazon screwed the commission down or how they jacked people out of commission. You could have put a press release on Amazon’s ten alternatives, and it would have ranked on search engines. Some other suitable topics for the press release would have been a free affiliate course or a guide teaching you how to make money without Amazon.

A press release’s goal is to rank for the words you can’t rank for on your site. News press releases show up right away, unlike traditional magazines or newspapers. They show up within 24 hours, and it’ll cost you, but it is worth the effort. You can find some free press release sites, but they are not as good as the paid sites.

You can pay $60-$600 to do your press release, so make sure you’re going for the right keyword and picture before you start that. Focus on the right one keyword, and you will get traffic if you do it right. You can learn all about this from a course at There is a section about press releases. It is another proven way to make money fast online using affiliate marketing.


Content syndication is a simple method of getting your content distributed in multiple different places. It makes sense because you will have multiple traffic sources that can view your content or products. You need to learn the keyword methods and do it right if you want to see results fast. Sites like Medium are excellent for content syndication. You can go to a medium post and use the right keywords to it work well fast.

For example, some guy did have success with doing affiliate marketing with the Avast, the virus software. He has thousands and thousands of visitors a day, and they are looking to buy the Avast software. He has affiliate links for virus stuff and bottom, and he gets traffic by syndicating his content. He did content syndication right by using the correct keywords and focusing on the anti-virus software.

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Landing pages, also known as interactive information arbitrage, are the best way money online is to drive paid traffic to affiliate sites. Why is paid traffic the best methods for making money with affiliate sites? The results are instant. You can put up an ad right now and get traffic within five minutes.

You only need about five bucks to start getting paid traffic and monitor the results to get traffic. After that, you’d add another five bucks and then you do more. Paid traffic is not an expense because advertising should never be an expense. Advertising should be an investment. And you should get money back right away, unlike the old days when you had to run ads in the old magazines, and we then wait for them to come out.

It costs a lot of money, but with the internet, you can create an ad instantly and get people to your site instantly. Use affiliate tracking to see if you make sales instantly. You can compare your ROI to find out the performance of your ad when you spend $5. You can decide the ads to keep running, which ones to cancel, and which ones need improvements. Paid traffic is a cost-efficient way to test the market and see what works for your niche before investing heavily. Also, you learn something new every time you fail at ads.

You shouldn’t be paying 50 cents a click, $1 per click, or 25 cents a click if you are getting $2 as commission. You should be paying around 5-7 cents a click for that level of returns. Keep an eye on your conversion rate and the cost of your paid traffic. You can use to check out your conversion rate against the cost per click of your keywords.

The calculator based on 20 years of experience, and it’ll do the math for you. You will get a good idea of the amount that you should pay for your paid traffic. It’s not guaranteed. However, you can make millions of dollars sending paid traffic to affiliate landing pages. The idea is to find keywords about your niche market that are non-competitive like FHA refinance qualifications or how do I get a lower loan rate.

Find products that are non-competitive like mortgage financing, take your keywords, send them to a simple blog with information about mortgages and some affiliate links at the bottom, set it up, and you are ready to go. Place the links on your blog where it makes sense and does not use the mill affiliate banners provided by businesses. Use a targeted link. The run of mill stuff doesn’t know your target keywords you’re going for, and you need to tailor it for the market. Now, when you do this, it works well, and it’s very simple. Again, be targeted, and you could get traffic to your website. Most affiliate marketers that try to get into the industry never make anything.

Understand what’s going on, do the right stuff, and make a living out of affiliate marketing. Years back, a friend in affiliate marketing called Missy instead that Marcus runs an offer under a specific keyword. The keyword made $500 in a couple of hours. A different ad under a different keyword probably wouldn’t have worked or made a lot of money. You have to learn to put the right things in front of the right people. You need to focus 100% of your effort on doing things that will get you paid. Stop playing around with blog themes, funnel builders and focus on what makes money. When you focus on what makes money, you’re not going to get distracted.


Let’s take a look at Marcus’s profit sites.


A couple of years ago, Marcus made a site. He went to Google Trends noticed everyone’s looking up lottery numbers. He realized that nobody bids on lottery numbers and saw an opportunity to make money. He put up an ad, and the cost was two cents a click. The ad got traffic for 2-7 cents a click for a lottery toolbar. Put a disclaimer and make sure any toolbars that you promote are on the up and up.

Ensure they’re free of viruses, spyware or junk using another computer or software that checks whether apps are clean. The offer paid $2.85 every time someone downloaded the toolbar free. The ad made my first sale within a few minutes. The ad had 600-700 making a bunch of money, and it worked extremely well because it was targeted. Take a look at the site. It’s simple, didn’t use click funnels else, and it uses a WordPress blog.

It is included in the Simple Site’s course, and you can have it. 99% of the people who came to this site clicked on the dropdown because they looked for lotto numbers. They had to choose the date for their lottery numbers. For example, people wanted to know lottery numbers for September 5th. They entered their numbers and downloaded the toolbar, and Marcus got the commission. The website only had three pages, and it had a high conversion rate. It took Marcus fifteen minutes to build the website. There is no guarantee that you’re going to build a site in fifteen minutes to make money. However, the method works, and it has been working for the last couple of years.


Another site he did was Love Handles. The keyword was love handles, and the offer got three conversions on the first day. The offer was paying $80 per sale. Another offer was paying $120, while the cost of the ad was $30 per conversion. The result was reasonable and lucrative. It’s all about the numbers. A current ad on how to use Khadra is ranking in the search engines. It made more than 22K from the offer through paid traffic.


Remember the story about Weather Channel on Direct TV? Marcus and his wife were up trying to follow the storm going to Louisiana and the other storms coming towards Florida. The channel disappeared as they were following the storms. A lot of other people online were searching for it to Weather Channel Direct TV. On Google Trends, people are looking for the hurricanes by names like Hurricane Bob, Hurricane Frank, or Hurricane Sally.

You can promote offers from weather toolbar or weather apps from the Weather Channel. A hurricane is a serious thing, and you need to do a good job about the disclaimer you place on the website. The apps and toolbars will pay you money when you get people to download them through an affiliate link. You can have multiple niches so that when there is a big lottery, you make conversions when there is a hurricane in Florida. You can find all kinds of offers on affiliate network sites like Offer Vault.

There are many apps that people can download for free, like the ones for recipes, watching TV on mobile devices or weather toolbar. Users are likely to download an app because they are not paying anything to get the app. Every time someone downloads the app, you get your commission. Don’t mess around with the disclaimers when it comes to your affiliate links. Also, be direct with your offers and your landing pages. There’s probably even forums out there of people looking for where the Weather Channel went on direct TV?

That seems a little too simple, but that how it works—also, that why it works because people respond to simple things. People want things fast, right now, and they don’t want to wait. They don’t have time to read through your life story or hear about the trip you took and what you learned. They just want what they want right now. Go directly to the point. Say, this is my travel site, and we’re going to teach you to save money on travel. Don’t be around Bush.


If you’re serious about doing affiliate marketing, go to Sign up for a measly $297 and get my entire course that walked you through everything to do with affiliate marketing. There are a video archive, tools, training materials, and it walks you through affiliate marketing. There is a section on how to make money fast, with sections on everything. The video archive has stuff you’re going to pay around $2,000 for one of the videos in other sites. The site will teach you how affiliate marketing works.

Then if you want to spend a lot of money later, you can do that while you learn anything and everything about the industry. Click on this little paid traffic icon if you want to do what the video taught you with paid traffic. The videos will walk you through the paid traffic class that shows you exactly how to do it. All that content is available at You can sign up there, or subscribe to the Affiliate Marketing Dude channel and watch the weekly live streams on affiliate marketing.

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Superpayme – is it legit – can you make money?

If you are looking for a good website where you can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, making referrals, and many more, you have come to the right spot. SuperPay.Me is one of the best GPT (get paid to) website that helps you earn money by completing simple tasks, like watching videos.

SuperPayMe is an amazing website that pays its user really well. They even allow their users to withdraw money with a low amount. Also, the site pays you when you make good use of their referral system. Hence, the site has its own multi-level marketing from where you can earn money, too.

The registration process is fast and easy. And, there are new opportunities for making money that appears on the site every now and then. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you belong, you can register and open an account with ease.

But, what about its authenticity? Is the site legal, and not a scam? This elaborate guide on helps you learn everything you need to know about this site and decide for yourself whether it is the right place for you to make money, or not.


A website that pays you money on completing simple tasks is what SuperPay.Me is all about. It is a website that provides earning opportunities for people. The website was founded way back in 2012 in the US. It partners with plenty of companies and helps them to get an insight into what consumers think about their specific services and products.

This platform is open to people across the world who have the desire to earn extra money by completing simple tasks. Users don’t have to pay anything for the registration process and they can start earning money after creating the account.

All you need to have is a great internet connection and over 18 years of age to get started on this amazing platform, regardless of where you live. Some of the basic information needs to be disclosed while creating an account. This includes the name of the applicant, email address, country, state, etc. Also, you have to provide information for transferring money.


A major portion of users is the people who want to make some easy extra money online by completing small tasks. The company comprises of 885,000 plus members and they have paid over $2,600,000 to their valuable users. Most of the GPT websites you find around is only for people residing in the US. But, SuperPay.Me is available worldwide. Now, that’s something different from the others.

Apart from this, the number of surveys or opportunities you are eligible for depends on the country you live in. There are surveys that focus on people living in the US. Hence, this leads to frustration and irritation for people living in the UK and other countries.


To start earning from this wonderful platform, you need to create an account first. The signup process is very simple, where you would be asked about your name, address, and many more things. It is very important to fill up the application with all the right information, especially your preferred mode of payment.

As aforementioned, the surveys and opportunities depend largely on the place you reside in. Because there are lots of US companies who want feedback from their consumers, a major portion of the surveys comes from the US.

Many people living outside the US try to hide their original address during the registration process to get the highest number of surveys. Although it is an effort to earn extra money, it won’t bring you success. That’s because of SuperPay.Me finds out the exact location from your IP and discard those surveys you have made earlier through fake identity.


In 2019, SuperPayMe introduced the mobile version of its website and it was made available for Android users. Now, users are allowed to make money through their smart mobile devices. This shows how the company is eager to give its users the best of experience when it comes to earning extra money.

With the mobile version, people can perform all the activities on SuperPay.Me on the go. However, it appears that the mobile version would take some time to get popular. The app is so new that very few people are using it. Also, there are very few reviews about the app.


After you are done with the registration process, sign in to your account, and start earning money. However, there is nothing to get excited about the entire process. Keep in mind that the amount of money you are about to generate from this platform depends on certain tasks. And, sometimes you may get disappointed through the process.

When it comes to making money with SuperPay.Me, you need to accomplish some tasks so that you can earn points. Each point equals to $0.01. Hence, when you have accumulated 500 points, it equals to $5. You have to collect those points by completing different types of tasks such as filling out forms, doing surveys, or watching videos.

For every task, there would be certain points associated with it. All these would be credited to your account after you have successfully completed the tasks. When you have reached the minimum threshold in the platform, you can exchange your accumulated points for real money, or different types of gift cards.

The minimum threshold in SuperPay.Me is 100 points or $1. Now, here is something that is quite unique to this website. Not many GPTs sites provide their users with such a low threshold. This means, you can cash out in lesser time compared to other popular GPT websites, which is a major plus for this online platform.


As aforementioned, a major portion of your time would be spent on completing various tasks. But, there is another great of earning from this platform, which is by referring people to SuperPayMe. For every person you refer to this online earning platform, you would be entitled to earn about 25% of whatever they earn in the future.

Now, that’s another interesting aspect of this website. This is probably one of the best ways to earn from a GPT website, and it is highly recommended. You might be wondering what is so special about that. This process helps you earn more money passively. That means, you don’t have to work, but you would get a very small portion of money your referrals are making.

However, to accomplish such a feat, you need to possess the art of referring people into a common platform. Referring people to a certain website is something that many people will have a hard time fetching them. Also, you get $0.20 as a signup bonus.

It may not be the best of signing up bonuses you may have seen, but the fact that the website has a low threshold cash withdrawal justifies the fact. This bonus indicates that you have already earned a one-fifth portion of the threshold money even before starting the work.


SuperPayMe has been in this arena since 2012. And, so the website has been around for some time. The website has become quite popular among people. There is no question about the authenticity of the platform because it is a legit one.

Lots of people have given positive reviews about the company, as well. The website provides you with different ways of earning money. If done correctly, there is a potential to earn more extra money. However, all these things may not necessarily mean that it is the right website for you.

So, here is a detailed outline of the different types of services that SuperPay.Me provides. This way, you can find out for yourself whether the website is perfect for your needs, or not.

1. PAID SURVEYS – The website provides you with lots of daily opportunities like taking part in online surveys, which are paid. It is one of the best survey websites that collect plenty of surveys from different sources and hosts them on their page. Because of this, users can have easy access to all the kind of surveys in a single place.

However, there is something you should be aware of. Because SuperPayMe provides you several ways to earn money online with different surveys, you can find it clumsy to go through the website and find your desired task.

After spending some time on the website, you can find it easy to navigate through the pages and find what you are looking for. Still, if you are finding it hard to grasp the idea, there are lots of tutorial videos you can find on the internet. Take help from them on how the platform works.

Keep in mind that it takes a bit of patience while you are finding the right survey on this website, and you need to have a cool head. Sometimes, this kind of thing happens depending on your current location.

After a few moments, you can figure out the kind of surveys you are eligible for. From then on, you can focus on that. In a nutshell, you can have a lot of surveys on this online platform. SuperPay.Me is one of the best online earning techniques you need to join.

2. OFFER WALLS – Apart from the paid surveys provided by the website, you can become part of the so-called aid offers’. These may include signing up for a website, click on ads, watch videos, download an app, and so on.

Some of these opportunities even have high rewards, and this online earning platform has lots of them. SuperPayMe provides access to many offer walls in comparison to other websites in its class. New offer walls are regularly added to this site.

On certain walls, you can find more paid surveys. Now, this feature becomes quite handy when you are running short of the usually paid surveys. However, there is one thing you need to remember before choosing any of the offers. Always check if there is any kind of condition associated with the survey.

3. CONTESTS – SuperPayMe has a cash contest held every four months in a year, where prices of $1000 are distributed to the winners. To make yourself eligible for this contest, you need to complete surveys spread across a few days.

Twenty people who earn the maximum number of surveys during this period would receive a prize. The third prize is $100, the second is $250, and the first prize is $350. This continues until the last person, the 20th one receives $10.

An extra reward goes in your name if you manage to remain in the top 20. You don’t have to do something special to become a part of this contest. All you need to do is remain active by doing the surveys.

When you stay active on this platform, you tend to participate automatically. And, it is free to become a part of it. Compared to other similar websites, you won’t find such high prizes anywhere.

4. WATCH VIDEOS – After you have logged in to your account, locate the arn money’ option on the website. There you can find some subsections loaded with videos. Now, that means, you can get paid to watch all the videos that have been listed on the section.

Those videos could be entertaining, and informative sometimes. However, on GPT sites, watching the videos won’t help you to make more money because they have little rewards. Hence, it is recommended not to watch them frequently.

Rather, you should invest your time wisely in other ways of earning money on this platform. As entertainment, these videos are fun and you can earn a bit from them at the same time.

5. EARN EXTRA WHEN YOU POST PAYMENT PROOF – When you post your payment proof to a certain online forum of your choice, you can earn around $1 from the activity. After you have been paid by the Company, you can go ahead and share your email copy of the payment on your desired forum and earn $1.

This activity can be done once in a lifetime. Also, do check out the rules and regulations on the forum where you are about to publish it because you may get banned if the admins of the forum consider it as spam.

6. JOIN THE WHATSAPP GROUP OF SUPERPAY.ME – The Company has created a private WhatsApp group. When you become a member, you would get direct messages about different ways of earning on this platform. This includes all the exclusive details of promo codes, contests, promotions, etc.

Remember that the exclusive feature is only available for the members residing in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. When you join the group, you will have $0.25 for joining. This option can be found in the worldwide offers under the paid surveys options. If you are unable to find the option, the feature is not available to you.

7. CASHBACK FROM SHOPPING ONLINE – The website has a section where you can earn cashback direct to your SuperPayMe account. This facility is available when you shop at stores like Walmart, Macy’s, and many more. Check out the details of the stores from the website.

New stores are added from time to time. As of now, this unique feature is made available only to the citizens of the US. And, it might be added later to other countries as well. Hence, if you are residing in the United States and like to shop online, this could be a great way of having some discounts.

8. REFERRALS – You can make a decent amount of money by introducing your friends to this network. For every joining, you would get about 25% of their earnings. Your referrals will earn the same reward by joining the platform. The 25% is paid by the company as a token of love for your efforts of referring someone to this amazing online platform.

9. PROMO CODES – Extra bonus in the form of promo codes are often provided by the company. These codes are published on their Twitter and Facebook pages. If you are a member of the group, you can take this code, put it in the required field, and you receive a cash bonus.

The cash bonus is about $0.20, and so it is not a big one. However, it takes a mere few seconds to do the trick. And, being a member there is no harm in taking full advantage of a bonus. The company doesn’t promote these codes every now and then. So, you need to have some patience and wait for them to surface.


Whenever you take any kind of survey or accept other opportunities on this online money-making platform, you are basically earning dollars. So, it is quite easy to find out what you are earning in comparison to other sites that use reward points as earnings.

With that being said, not all the types of surveys pay you in dollars. Some of them pay in points, which can later be converted into cash. The calculation is pretty easy, and everyone can find out their earnings. Remember that 1 point equivalents to 1 cent.

Then comes the payment options you have with the website. The company pays you in several ways. This includes Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, and Amazon gift cards. Many people love to have PayPal as one of the payout methods on survey websites. So, they would be happy to learn that.

When you have accumulated about $1, you are ready to get a payout. This is one of the survey sites that has a minimum payment threshold. This implies you can be paid more quickly. The threshold, however, much higher when you are opting for Bitcoin payment mode, which is $50.

Also, keep in mind that the website will deduct an administration fee of 2% when the transaction is made through Skrill or PayPal, and 3% when conducted through Payza. When you have requested a payout, the money would be in your bank account in less than 24 hours. According to many users, they have got the money within a few hours after requesting a payout.

Now you have got an idea of how this website works when it comes to payout. Before the payout is about to get processed, the company may verify your phone number or address. This way, it helps to minimize fraudulent activities.

All these procedures are necessary only for the first time. You may even have to confirm your identity by answering to an automated phone call. There is nothing to worry about the process because it is easy and won’t take much time.


The website has tons of opportunities, and it is better if you spend most of your time on the website. Also, you have the liberty to stay on the site for 10 minutes. It all depends on your personal preference. Most importantly, whatever time you spend on this website, it will reflect through the earnings.

The amount of money in relation to the portion of time spent varies, and it greatly depends on the type of surveys and other promotions. But, compared to other websites, these are just fine. The rewards lie anywhere between $0.50 and $2 per survey. Sometimes, you can have bigger amounts, too.

Before starting a survey you can always see the amount and time taken to complete the task. Hence, you get the liberty of choosing the surveys you want to do. Because the website has lots of earning options, it has got the potentials of big earnings.

Compared to other survey websites, it is confusing to navigate in the initial stage. But, you tend to get accustomed to the interface after you work on a few tasks. Also, remember that you won’t be qualified for all the surveys listed on the site. Hence, practice patience in the beginning. It has potential in the long run.

Last but not the least, you should be aware of the fact that don’t expect the website to make your fairly rich. Making a decent amount of money on this site requires constant work and patience. If you get into the top 20 positions, you can earn a nice amount of money. But, never think that the site would make you enough rich.


Some feedbacks suggest that a major portion of people are extremely happy with the services provided by SuperPay.Me. People think that it is a great platform where they can earn some extra cash by doing simple tasks like watching videos and completing surveys.

Many people liked the concept of having a low payout threshold and truly delighted by the fact that they can cash out much sooner compared to other popular GPT sites. The different ways of getting paid is another aspect that is favored by almost every user.

As aforementioned, SuperPayMe provides you with several ways of earning money. Users are thrilled that they can even earn money while watching videos. They are pretty happy to see those entertaining videos and developed a liking for them.

Also, people loved the fact that they can earn in cents while performing the tasks. As such, the website gained immense popularity than other GPT websites, where people earned a fraction of a cent while completing a task.

Despite all these advantages, there are certain things that the users didn’t like much. The fact that the company deducts a small portion of the money as administrative fees aren’t liked by many people. The amount gets deducted when you request for payment.

While the online platform allows people to register from any countries, the number of surveys or other promotions are very much limited to specific countries. Now that’s an issue particularly with the people residing in countries outside the US.

But, if the matter is seen from another angle, it is pretty obvious that more surveys would be available to people residing in the US. That’s because most companies who tend to pay for these surveys are from the United States.


You can have a good idea about the reliability of a certain survey website when you get the best service from the support team. As for SuperPay.Me, it has been found out that the support system is very responsive and active.

Many people have shared their positive experiences with the support system on various forums and review websites. And, going through their Facebook page, it is clear that they are quite responsive in helping people with their issues.


To begin with, SuperPayMe is legit. It is a great place for people who want to earn extra money while completing different kinds of tasks. These include completing surveys, watching videos, and so on. With worldwide availability and plenty of opportunities to earn money, SuperPay.Me is a good way of earning extra money while sitting at home.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Stupid Simple

There is a lot of information out there that is misleading when it comes to affiliate marketing. The data can be an overload or a distraction from your mission to make money online. Luckily for you, the video provides the exact steps you need to take to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The training is useful for beginners looking for a comprehensive guide for affiliate marketing. It can also be a refresher course for seasoned affiliate marketers. You can always pick up a few new strategies to boost your income. Learn how to find the right niche and offers for your affiliate business for sustainable income.

Follow the tips and strategies to see results to avoid clicking the “fail button.” You can get notes, lists, and links from DownloadMyNotes.Com for future references or use. You can buy Marcus’s affiliate marketing course and learn more from You can get his help every Tuesday on the member call when you buy the course.


Affiliate marketing is a thriving industry because business owners opt to pay for each sale instead of traffic. Most business owners prefer to pay per sale because it is sustainable for them. Paying commissions per purchase is cheaper than paying for traffic or leads without assurance for sales.

For example, a business owner sells the Chi Ching button for $12 but doesn’t want to pay 50 cents per click. Therefore, the business owner can opt to hire an affiliate marketer and give them a portion of their sales. He can pay $3 or $6 per sale, and he’s happy because he only makes a payout when the marketer sells the button. The business owner is happy, and the affiliate marketer simply makes money.

Businesses that use affiliate marketers have affiliate programs on their websites that generate affiliate links for the marketer. Affiliate links have custom codes known as cookies. Cookies make it possible for the system to identify the affiliate marketer referred to as a client. The affiliate gets money when the order goes through. The best way to refer clients through affiliate links is through websites. There are several types of networks that you can tap into and make money.


MAKE A SALE The easiest way to make money as an affiliate is to make a sale. Every time someone buys the product you are promoting, you get paid. When someone uses your link to buy something on Amazon, you get paid. Making a sale is the most common way to make money through affiliate marketing.


CPA affiliate marketing is another avenue that you can explore to make money online as an affiliate marketer. CPA stands for Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition. So how does CPA affiliate marketing work? The method generates viable leads for businesses that have a high cost per click rate. For example, a mortgage lender can opt to ask an affiliate lender to get potential customers to fill out a contact form. The cost per lead is affordable for the business, especially when it has a high closing rate.

Getting paid per lead is profitable, but the pay varies depending on the task that a business owner gives the affiliate. A company can pay $2 for every email address or zip code submission, $50-$100 for a big application, or $40 for someone to check their credit score. Lead generation is an excellent way to make money as an affiliate marketer.


Pay per Click is another method to make money as an affiliate. You just need to get someone to click a link, and you get paid. There is a catch, which is known as a scrub factor. It means that a client may specify the source of traffic for the click. Therefore, if clients ask for traffic from the U.S. and get traffic from India, you won’t get paid. You need to note the scrub factor before you start marketing the links.


Another method is through the use of paper downloads. There are business owners who pay affiliates to get leads for paper downloads. It is a simple way to make money through affiliate marketing. You get paid every time someone downloads a PDF, toolbar, software trial, or whatever download you are marketing.


You can create an affiliate income by getting paid per call. Businesses like mortgage or pest control companies pay affiliates to generate leads through calls. You get a custom phone number for potential customers to call. The payment rates can vary from $8 per phone call to over $1,000 per call. The business owner may specify a duration that they want the customer to stay on the phone. You can keep a client on the line for 30 seconds, one minute, or two minutes for the phone call, and you get paid.


The last avenue for affiliate marketers is Paid per Trial. A company can run an offer for people to try a new product. You can generate leads for people to pay $1 for the trial and make around $30 for providing leads. You can make a decent income when you combine leads, downloads, and clicks combined. Affiliate marketing isn’t a pie in the sky but a lucrative business. Keep in mind that the 12 billion from affiliate marketing is the amount the industry can track. There are many affiliate sources that no one follows annually.



Most people in affiliate marketing go about the process of finding the right offers backward. What happens in most cases is that an affiliate sees someone on YouTube or social media, and they decide to promote the product. That isn’t the appropriate way to find the right niche or offer for you to promote.

Most affiliate marketers tend to promote things in an oversaturated market that they don’t stand a chance to beat the competition. For example, the keyword efinance’ has a lot of competition because big companies like Lending Tree who have deep pockets. You won’t be able to beat the competition with your laptop and a limited budget. You and I can’t afford to lose money on paid affiliate marketing.


A niche is anywhere on the internet, where people are discussing a specific topic. A niche is a group of people hanging together, talking about a particular topic, or searching for something. Marcus talks about finding the right keywords using his favorite keyword tool, AH Refs when figuring out the right niche. A keyword explorer lets you see how competitive a keyword is on the internet.

You can find a niche anywhere, including on YouTube, keywords, Facebook, Twitter, and any other place. You need to decide the niche that you can work with first, as the Reddit budget spreadsheet. Once you decide on a niche, you can work on how you are going to get paid.


When you type the word efinancing’ in a keywords explorer, you will realize that it is pretty competitive. It will be a tough market to break into with that keyword. The best way to find an ideal niche is to search first before choosing the offers to promote. You can opt to search for ualification’ and find keywords searches that relate to refinancing.

The keyword exploration helps you find niches that are less competitive but have a decent amount in your niche. You can find your niche anywhere, and that’s why a keyword explorer is an excellent tool to find the ideal niche. Your niche can be people looking for qualifications or budget spreadsheets. You will see less competition with less in-demand keywords, and you can choose the level of competition you prefer.

For example, when you search ‘budget spreadsheets,’ you will find different keywords like Reddit budget spreadsheets, printable spreadsheets, or loan spreadsheets. For example, when you choose the Reddit Spreadsheet as your keyword, you can post a budget spreadsheet with Reddit links without a website.

However, in 2020 you need a website, and you can learn how to get one at The website will cost $6 per month, which is affordable. You can opt for a free website, but anyone who can afford to watch this video can afford to pay $6 per month. You can check the number of people looking for a Reddit spreadsheet and post a budget spreadsheet to tap into the traffic. You can also create a video if you are looking to double your traffic. Be sure to tell people to click on the affiliate links so that you can make some money.


The first place to look for affiliate programs is through Private Affiliate Programs. You can go to Google and looks for specific affiliate programs. You can search for a credit check affiliate program or budgeting course affiliate program. The second option is digital affiliate programs like Clickbank, Digistore, and JvZoo. The digital affiliate programs use a paper sale method. You sell software, and then you get a commission.

A third option is CPA Affiliate Networks lists, and you can find a big list on DownloadMyNote.Com, which has an exhaustive list of networks. CPA affiliate networks have because you are not selling anything. You can visit sites that give offers like Offer Vault or another search engine and search for anything in your niche. You can search for budget or related topics like loans and credit score. Most of the offers state the payout that you get per lead on the search engine.

You can tell potential clients that you can check out your credit score when you want to refinance your loan. Once you see an offer you like, you need to visit the website and sign up for it. You can find offers from Linkshare, Shareasale, Amazon, CJ, or Maxbounty. Some sites like Amazon allow you to sell anything while other sites may use the paper sale method. The rates on Amazon are pretty low, between 1-3% of the price of the item you are selling. However, sometimes you have to use the opportunities available to you to make some money.


Once you find the right niche, it is time to find the right sources for traffic. The niche you select plays a significant role in the income you make as an affiliate. There are a lot of people who make a lot of money through affiliate marketing as a business. The ideal approach for finding traffic is by choosing the right method for your niche. The niche you choose will determine the best way that will drive traffic to your links.

For example, Reddit can be a good source of traffic for the Reddit Budget Spreadsheet niche. You can use SEO because it simple to rank for on search engines. You can make a couple of videos about budget spreadsheets to increase the traffic you get to your affiliate links.

The competition in your niche will also determine the amount of effort you need to apply to get good traffic to your links. You can visit Google and search for your niche to see whether there are any adverts. Google usually has ads at the top and bottom of each page. Low competition keywords tend to have fewer ads on the first page and no ads on the second page. Also, look at the brands that have placed the ads on Google. Ads from big brands mean that you will be facing a lot of competition because big brands have a significant advertisement budget.

You can use paid traffic if you are looking for fast traffic. You can use social sites like Pinterest to generate leads for your affiliate links. You have several options when it comes to developing traffic. The following options will help you generate good traffic for your affiliate links to generate enough income per month.


Paid traffic advertising online is different from traditional advertising. You can test a market using $50 with online paid ads, while you needed almost $50,000 with conventional advertising. You can spend a little and know whether your paid ads are working to generate traffic to your affiliate links. Paid ads target specific people depending on the keywords that they are looking for on search engines.

For example, you can have paid ads for people who are looking for a refinancing checklist only. It is a simple way to conserve your limited budgets since you can set a limit of as little as 10 cents per click to keep the budget under control. You can target keywords in a specific target location and weed out all the other sites you don’t need. People tend to view paid advertising as worthless invests. However, you can afford to spend some money on paid ads and gather some valuable information. Compare the results you get to the amount you spend to ensure that you are running a lucrative business.

The site or landing page should give people what they are looking for and make it stand out. You can do a trigger word check to ensure that you use the right keywords. Paid traffic includes banner ads and pays per click advertisements.


You can use trigger words to generate organic traffic to your links. Other activities include posting on relevant sites or making a video on YouTube. Trigger words were appropriate 20 years ago, and they are still relevant right now. You need to do SEO to rank on search engines and generate organic traffic. You can rank for the right keywords when they have low traffic and create a lot of organic traffic.

You can use Google to determine whether a keyword is competitive. The number of results found on Google will tell you how many other websites you have to compete for the keywords. For example, it is better to use a keyword with 300K results on Google than 7M results. It is easy for your site to rank against 300K websites than to rank on the first page against 7m sites.

It is simple to find the right keywords with low competition and a reasonable amount of traffic per month. Avoid using generic keywords because they are hard to rank, and there is a lot of competition. There is valid traffic from the little keywords that people tend to overlook. You can find specific keywords that have 1-2K organic traffic per month.

The simplest way is to find relevant keywords that can rank. It makes it easier for you to earn through affiliate marketing when a person using competitive keywords is struggling. Look for specific keywords like the exact credit score for someone looking for a credit repair service. You need to get creative with the search like ‘credit repairs for 600 credit score’, or you can do a review on different credit unions. Be careful with the trademark stuff when it comes to reviews.

For example, many people type in their exact credit score, looking for ways to improve it. You can look at the credit score searches with fewer competitions and use that to promote credit repair services. Another way you can generate organic traffic to your affiliate links is through Facebook groups. Keep the content relevant to the target audience and ensure the group members are interested in your niche. You can also get traffic by making relevant YouTube videos, Twitter, and other forums. Find the traffic sources and send them to your affiliate links.


How do you use the content from the video and make it work? It is standard to hear affiliate marketers say that you need to add value to your promotions. The thing is, most affiliates do not understand what dd value’ means. The majority of affiliates do not know what the heck to do to add value. Do you make a video, do you dance a jig, or what do you do to add value? Here are some of the ways to add value to your customers.


The fastest way to add value is by offering a free download. People love free downloads. You can offer a download for your traffic methods or trigger words and provide a website for people to download. People always tend to follow through and do the download.

You need to take a look at your keywords for your niches or offers and ask yourself how you can add value to that keyword. For example, you can make a guide for the loans an individual with a 722 credit score can access. Do your research and find similar searches that relate to your keywords and create useful content. The value should relate to your offers, and you should find a way to lead traffic back to the links on your website or PDF.

It is recommendable to have an affiliate website, and you can learn how to create one at It will cost your $6 per month, and you can get an annual offer and pay less for the website. It takes roughly 15 minutes to make it, and you get a free domain name. It is fast and easy, even for beginners.


Another way to get super-fast results is to use paid traffic. If you can get reasonable paid traffic for 10-30 cents per click and make $40 or $100 per conversion, it is reasonable to increase results. For example, you can request people to fill out names and emails to get a free budget spreadsheet. You can put the emails on an emailing list and send them affiliate links to other cool stuff they may be interested in checking out.

Ensure that the value you are providing is related to your niche. Keep in mind that the traffic you have comes from a specific niche interested in that niche. Making a YouTube video that doesn’t relate to the niche can cost you valuable traffic and slows down your results. The right content to the right target audience will provide value, which needs to be your priority.

Therefore, value is subjective. Do your research and compile relevant content to your target audience that will add value. Monitor the cost of your paid traffic to ensure that you are making money and not losing money. A high cost per click can cost you a lot more and reduce the amount of money you make.

Doing it the right way will help you find the right traffic for your niche fast. There are people doing something online all the time. It is your job to focus and find ways to put offers before people without spamming them. Check your numbers to see how much you made and revamp your strategies to make more. Don’t over-complicate the process or get into information load and focus on what you want to do.


There are different landing pages that you can create if you do not want to use mailing lists and other affiliate marketing tools. Here are some of the landing pages you can do.

AFFILIATE REDIRECT: You can set up a website and create a few affiliate redirects to send your traffic. It is a better option than sending traffic directly to your affiliate link. You can use the landing pages for you, which will cost you little to create it.

AFFILIATE LINKS: You can create a simple site with the affiliate value and add your affiliate links that suit the market. You can welcome the potential customers, offer them value, and then tell them to click your affiliate link.

A SPLASH PAGE: You need to create a page that focuses on what people are looking for and then introduces them to the offer. If you target people with a 722 credit score, you can create a splash page for people with a 722 credit score. The page will include several offers that are beneficial for the niche. For example, you can use a headline line like ‘Here are all the things you can save on with a credit score of 722.’

SALES PAGE: A sales page is a page selling the offer. The page involves the value you offer and promote a relevant link or links. It is simple and effective.

ADVERTORIAL: The landing pages teach people something new. You can create a headline that reads, ‘Here are the ten things you need to know if you have a 722 credit score’ to attract traffic. The headline should be simple, educate, inform, and sell more to the visitor.

LIST PAGE: A list page provides a list of items that is related to a certain link. The titles on the begin with ’13 ways to do.’ or ’15 mistakes you are doing..’ and much more. The lists should be simple and target a specific niche.

SQUEEZE PAGE: A squeeze page has a teaser copy of a video, and you can tell people to submit emails to get the full version or whatever value you are giving the visitor. It is a fantastic landing page for generating an email list. You can use the mailing list to generate the traffic for your landing pages.

There are many other landing pages that you can use for affiliate marketing. You can access courses on how to build them and the best way to position them. provides courses on how to set the landing pages up for the best conversions.


Here are some of the questions frequently asked by prospective, beginner, and experienced affiliate marketers;


Yes. Paid ads generate conversions faster than free traffic.


The kind of volume you need depends on the niche that you are promoting offers. Low traffic for credit score offers okay because they pay a lot. However, niches like recipes don’t pay much, so you need more volume if you are going to make a decent income. It comes down to what you are looking for in terms of traffic.


You need to compare the volume versus the amount you make per conversion to know which kind of volume is worth it per keyword. You will have to decide how much each offer is worth to you. SimpleSite 2020 course offers a calculator that does the math for you. The ROI calculator compares your expenditure on ads to the returns that you get. The tool isn’t 100% accurate, but it will give you an idea of how much you can earn under the circumstances.


Yes, you can. Ensure the keywords are relevant to the target audience to optimize the website.


It means buying traffic at a low price and selling it at a higher price. You can get paid traffic for a niche at a low cost and direct it to offers with high payouts. You can do it on sites like Facebook, Google, MSN, and many more. It is an awesome way to make money. Some arbitrages make up to $100,000 per day, which is impressive. The highest return arbitrages are from companies and not individuals. There are a lot of people who tap into arbitrage traffic. You can visit the ad libraries of big advertising arbitrage houses and learn from the advertisements. Don’t copy what companies are doing, but just learn and do better.


Yes. You need content to get traffic. You can learn about various kinds of content an how to create content from the SimpleSites lesson plan. You can watch videos and access tools that enable you to create appropriate content for your site.


It is a page that makes it possible for you to sell an offer. You can tell visitors about the products that you tried and the ones that you recommend. You can also give reasons as to why the offer is the best in the market. It can be due to cash savings or that it works efficiently.


It can be a bad thing, but you can do a revamp when you lose organic traffic. Stuff happens in the business environment, and businesses doing great can see a drop in their sales. You need to adapt your strategies for the business to survive. There are tough times, where you have o focus and do what you’ve got to do. Take time to grieve the loss and rebuild your organic traffic.


Synthesis offers have different tools. According to Marcus, he would search for text-to-speech tools on Google and find the best text-to-speech tools. Put the names into the keyword tool to find non-competitive keywords that you can use to review the programs and add the affiliate offers. You can state that your favorite tool is the synthesis and generate income. It is a simple way to rank on Google because the competition is low. You can get lots and lots of traffic when you do it right. If you do it wrong, you will end up with highly competitive keywords that will cost a lot. A text-to-speech search in a keyword explorer will prove to be super competitive.


You need to go to and watch a video that has instructions on building a site. You see how an affiliate pre-sale page works, visit the website.


It depends on your niche and how old your site is. Some websites can rank faster with a YouTube video or medium article in comparison to a new website. It can take a month or more when you are new to the game. Do the work and focus on producing quality work. Set up several leads to make, and you will rank for a few things simultaneously.

You can watch the video entitled I Spend $1000 on Articles on Marcus’s website that shows that he bought articles for his website. It took about three weeks for him to get traffic to his offers. The wait is worth it for people to wait and set up your website to generate reasonable traffic. You have to work hard and be ready to do what it takes to generate traffic organic traffic and start making a lot of money through affiliate offers.


Yes. Go to if you have questions about a course or your site to get a ticket. Course members have a call every Tuesdays where questions get answers, and people dive into everything. You can talk about your traffic, websites, Facebook groups, and so much more.


No. That is not ethical. There is a video on How to Make Articles Watching Videos. You can take notes and come up with terrific content without copying the original content. You will risk getting busted for duplicate content when you copy.


It depends on the type you set up. A simple paper click one-page site can run it for a year without touching it for years. Some keywords will be set and forget, while others will be competitive. Need to have a mixture of sites you need to update and others that you can set and forget for the best results.


Start with one niche until you get steady momentum and then move to the next niche.


Check the member area in the SimpleSites 2020 for the buttons for the plug-ins. You will find the Voodoo plug-in.

WHERE CAN I GET GOOD AFFILIATE TOOLS? has a variety of courses and tools for affiliates. Video achieves various aspects of affiliate marketing like Clickbank, Facebook groups, authority sites, and other demand software for affiliates. You watch videos that walk you through the stuff you want to learn how to do.


You need landing pages to sell stuff. You need to sell stuff, and if you cannot create a landing page, you shouldn’t be an affiliate. Copying and pasting a link won’t give you a lot of results. Only a few people have ever made a lot of money by copying and pasting affiliate links. You have to put in the work to get the results. You need to take the business seriously and do the job every day. A landing page can make a significant difference in terms of conversions and income.


You don’t have to use a second landing page if a Clickbank or other website has an amazing landing page. Use one page and make everything else part of a sales funnel. You can create several landing pages to test the performance.


You can get a CPA glossary at You can download the glossaries and print them for your personal use. There are a lot of free resources on the website that is useful and helpful. The content gives you the right mindset for affiliate marketing from the word go. You will need to do some heavy lifting if you want to see results.


You can, but you need to use neutral language for the ad to get approval. Facebook is sticky when it comes to weight loss ads. Be chill and avoid selling too hard to get clients.


You can, but it is not advisable. Take time and create effective landing pages for your affiliate links.


No, they are not. Some are on doe members.


You need to do the work in the following order; find your niche first, find your offers, then find your traffic methods. When you find your niche first, you know what you need to say when doing promotions. When you find the right offers, you know the amount you can make. The amount of money you get paid will determine the method of traffic you will use. You can opt to look for free traffic because people enjoy free traffic every second of the day. You can set up a website or use other methods like send out a tweet to get traffic.

Many people are working from home and realizing that they work for roughly two hours a day. Affiliate marketing requires you to work roughly work for 4hrs a day. The focus should be on what you do in the free time that you have. You have to focus on what you want and put in the work to see results. Follow the strategies to get results and use the stupid simple flow chart for your affiliate marketing.

You can make a living using affiliate marketing when you use the right strategies. It is not that hard when you put in the work. Figure out why your landing pages and try to create a landing page that works. The first site won’t have many results, but those who persevere are the ones who make it. Follow the road map, and you will see results in the long run.

Make Money Watching Videos – $72 An Hour?

Make Money Watching Videos – $72 An Hour?

You’ve seen the ads. You’ve seen the video earn twenty four dollars and seventy nine cents every 10 minutes. Just watching videos online get paid to watch video. Three dollars per video earn seventy one dollars every 20 minutes. Just watching videos online.

Seventy five dollars per hour. Watching. They’re boasting that you can earn as much as two hundred seventeen hundred dollars a day simply watching videos online. But does this tactic really work? Is it worth your time and effort?

And can you make a sustainable income simply sitting back and watching videos online? Today, we uncover the truth about what these make money watching videos schemes are really about.

Plus, a real way to make a real living watching videos online that you can start today even if you’re broke.

Today, we got a good topic for you.

We’re gonna be diving deep into how to get paid to watch videos online.

Where do we get paid to watch videos online?

Part One: Where To Get Paid To Watch Videos Online






First of all, you simply want to go to one of these sites.

Click on join, fill out the information.

And then when you log in, you’re going to see different jobs that you can complete for money.

These could be jobs such as filling out a survey, checking out an offer, watching a video and more.

And yes, these sites seem to be pretty legit. And yes, you can actually get paid for completing the task.

But there’s a small little catch and that’s in how much you can earn. And you might have seen other people out there talking about how you can earn seventy five dollars an hour, three hundred dollars an hour. Twenty five dollars every couple minutes and more.

But you never really see the proof other than a screenshot with a couple of people making a couple bucks. And it looks something like this.

And on one of the videos I saw, they actually posted a big screenshot saying this Web site paid out three million dollars to its members.

But if you dig a little bit deeper, you’re going to find something a little less than appealing.

First of all, that site has over five hundred and seventy three thousand members. And if you divide three million by five hundred thousand, the number is actually pretty small.

And after you log into your accounts, you’re going to see a series of tasks and jobs that you can complete,

like this one that says you get two thousand two hundred and seventy five points. That seems like a lot, but each point is worth like 10 cents or less. So that’s like two dollars. And in order to get that two dollars, it says, I have to submit my email address, create an account, link, my bank account. That’s not even safe.

Here’s another one that pays for dollars that says I have to sign up. Click the link in the email they send you install the app and then use the app for a long time to get a measly four bucks.

And if you were to break it down and look at the average earnings from all these five hundred and seventy three thousand members, it works out to only five dollars and eighty six cents for each member. Over all time, that’s not just in a day, that’s over the lifetime of their account.

Well, you might be saying Marcus. Yeah, okay. But, you know, I doubt everyone’s doing the work. So let’s say that only one out of every hundred members is actually watching videos and doing the work. That still comes out to only five hundred and eighty six dollars and fifty six cents for the lifetime of the member. And according to swagbucks, you get an average of 40 swagged bucks per video or swag bucks points, which equals me.

Let Me Get my calculator. Forty cents.

I don’t know where those other guys are getting their seventy five dollar an hour numbers, but in order to make seventy five dollars an hour, you’d have to watch 168 videos each and every hour, all day, every day to make the kind of income they’re talking about.

It just simply isn’t possible.

Then we have inboxdollars, which pays a paltry one copper cent per video viewed.

It’s kind of depressing.

But wait. We got some good news at the end.

People on earnably state that they make about two dollars an hour or an average of five dollars a day.

The Penny Hoarder Blog  said she made about $7.63 cents in 24 hours, including the one time five dollar sign up bonus, which means she basically worked for 10 cents an hour.

Now, on the upside, the average Rev transcriptionist who watches videos and transcribes them completes 15 jobs and earns about $156 a month. Some of the bigger players earn up to fifteen hundred dollars a month. But again, there’s a lot of work involved, hourly – It doesn’t work out to very much.

Another site we found pays twenty five cents to share a link on social media.

So what’s the truth?

Why are people making videos saying that you can make all this money just watching videos?

Well, basically, it’s glorified click bait to get you to watch something so they can sell you on some overpriced offer of some sort.

But here on affiliate marketing dude, we always show you the real way for free.

And if you want to join something later, you’re more than welcome to.

So when they say you can make all this money, just simply sitting back and watching videos, I think we need to click the B.S. button.

So now that I’ve showed you what doesn’t work. Well, let’s talk about what actually does work. So we can push the cash button and make some money.

Here is part three, how to make big money watching videos online.

Disclaimer no, you don’t just watch videos and get paid in this method.

There is a little bit of work involved, but what I think you’ll find is it pays far more than all the other junk.

That is the shortcut to riches. As Zig Ziglar always says, the elevator to success is out of order. You need to take the stairs.

And here are the steps you need to take.

Step number one is to pick a topic that you’re going to watch videos about. This could be something that you personally want to learn. Maybe it’s how to train a dog, how to make money, how to set up a website, how to learn Excel. Motivational quotes or literally anything.

You’re going to go out there and you’re going to pick a good niche topic. Then you are going to choose a domain name or a Web site for that topic. I could get something like Marcus’ success tips, dot com or Marcus’ dog tips, dot com or something like that.

Or if you want to do this free, you could go to a free platform such as Wick’s We Blee or even a free blogging platform. However, I highly recommend that you get your own Web site.

There’s a lot of reasons to do this. We’ll cover them in a later video.

If you want to do that, you can go to Start your first blog in literally like 30 minutes.

The next thing we’re gonna want to do is we’re going to do some research on our topic. You can use some free keyword tools out there or some paid keyword tools. Doesn’t really matter. All we need to do is find keywords in our market.

So if I choose. Dog barking I’m going to type. Dog barking.

I’m going to look for the ones with the lowest score so that I have a better chance of getting traffic from Google. Yahoo! And the other search engines.

Then I’m going to take this list, write it down or copy it to a notepad, because this is going to be where I start to find the videos to watch.

Next, what I’m gonna do is watch the videos. Yep, that’s right. Grab some popcorn. Sit back, relax. Watch the videos and take some notes.

You want to watch very targeted videos based on your keyword.

Take some notes and compile the notes. Very simple.

You’re watching the videos anyway. It’s not that hard to do.

Step number three, you’re going to turn those notes into a little keyword specific report for your blog.

You can go out there and say, well, I watched the top 10 videos on how to stop your dog from barking at night.

Here’s what I found out.

And then you just posted on your blog and get some traffic. Pretty easy, right? But, Marcus, where does the money come in?

Well, let’s talk about that on your blog, what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to add affiliate links, ad sense and other profit methods. For example, if I have a report for how to stop a dog barking at night. This keyword gets two thousand searches a month.

If I get some of those visitors to come to my site, I could simply put an affiliate offer for this bark stop and I get paid forty two dollars every time they buy this thing.

It had only cost the customer thirty nine dollars.

So effectively, I’m getting like one hundred and two percent commission. Pretty cool, right?

I can also promote all kinds of clickbank offers that have to do with dog training and dog barking and all kinds of things of that nature.

I can also put ad sense on my site and make money every time people click on the ads. It’s actually very simple.

And this is how you’re gonna get paid. And many people are doing this and making thousands of dollars a month. Some big players actually make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month doing this exact same method.

But wait, there’s more in our bonus step.

You can actually make videos about what you learned from the videos you watched.

Now, very important. We’re not copying the videos. We’re simply sharing what we learned after watching five or 10 different videos.

Case in point, this video here. I actually made after watching five or six different videos on how to make money watching videos. Now, most those videos were junk, but I was able to compile what I learned and actually turn it into a video that gets me visitors.

That gets me people to click. And makes me money, which is pretty cool. And it’s not that hard to do.

You simply take the report that you wrote, either record the audio yourself, outsource it to someone on fiver, or even use an automated software to generate a voice based on the text. Then you put a little clip art, some text, and bam, you have a video that is based on a very popular topic that can get you lots of views.

Now, the key here is to go through and line this up the right way. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna watch a video, you’re gonna make notes on the video, then you’re gonna put those video notes on your blog. You’re going to put your affiliate offers on the blog as well. That way, when people come, they click the offer and you get paid.

Now, each time you do this for each video you watch, your blog is now going to compound and get more and more and more and more traffic from the search engines that’s building your income over time. Because remember, once you have this report done, once you can put it on your blog and make money over and over and over again.

So instead of settling for ten cents to watch a video, what if you could make ten cents a dollar, ten dollars, fifty dollars or more every day from watching that same exact video just by putting a little bit of effort. And again, if you follow the bonus step, not only will you have blog posts out there driving people to your affiliate links which put money in your pocket, you will also have videos driving views which will drive people back to your blog and back to your affiliate links.

And you, my friend, can stop messing around with the videos that teach you the junky ways that don’t work. And you can actually start going out there to make money.

And actually, a friend of mine, Evan Carmichael, does this exact same thing.

He simply finds people and watches videos on those people. For example, what is Bill Gates say? What is Warren Buffett say? What are the Dalai Lama’s secret to success? What are the best stories? What are the best books? How to train your mind. And on and on we go.

This guy has built a multi-million dollar business simply compiling information that he learns from multiple video sources. He puts them together in his own little video and in his actual books he publishes. And boom, he’s off to the races, getting lots of traffic, making lots of money in a very simple way. Watching videos, taking notes and laughing all the way to the bank.


google make money from home $4,000 a month?

Can you really make four thousand dollars a month online from Google using a simple, easy underground strategy?

Ready To Get Started With Marcus’ Coaching… Use These Links

Are the marketing gurus telling you the truth about what it really takes to profit online?

After making money online for over 20 years, I decided to dove deep into the world of online so-called gurus that promise you huge money with little or no work. And what I found was shocking.

We followed up on one easy money method and found ample proof that it does not work and wasted the time of hundreds of thousands of would be moneymakers.

Another so-called secret was nothing more than a pathetic con job to get you to spam your affiliate links for his product.

Countless others are teaching methods that will get you banned by the search engines and even in legal trouble.

So today we will be revealing the scams, shady tactics and downright con jobs. Plus, we’ll be showing you a real world solid method for earning as much as four thousand dollars a month or more ethically online.

Now, in preparation for this training, I actually went through and I watched a bunch of videos that promise you’re going to make a bunch of money. And I looked at him with my 20 year experience of affiliate marketing.

And what I saw was quite shocking.

So in this training, what we’re gonna show you is part one, the bad advice videos, why it doesn’t work, why it’s going to waste your time at best and at worst, it could get you in some legal hot water.

Part two, we’re gonna show you what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Part three, we’re gonna show you a super legit way to make this work in real world without worrying about all the other junk.

Let’s go ahead and dive in to the bad advice videos.

This is one of the bad advice videos that showed you a hack that’s gonna get you four thousand dollars a month.

Now, this video had over three hundred and seventeen thousand views and lots of engagement. That means three hundred and seventeen thousand people watched this and said, hey, this looks pretty good, but we’re gonna have to see if we need to click the B.S. button. So if we do, let me know and we’ll push it.

Part number one, you look at it and you’re like, I watch the video and you say, hey, this seems like a good way to make money online. Seems like a good way to profit. After all the guy’s videos actually ranking for the keyword, he tells us. And he says, this is all you got to do. You make a simple video about a university name, says nothing about the university, says nothing about anything. It’s basically a one minute piece of junk and spam. But he says, hey, that’s pretty easy. You can make these and all you gotta do is link them to an affiliate offer. And he tells you to link him to his affiliate offer. So the idea is, let’s take these people looking up this university. What spam with a junkie video. Send him over to my affiliate offer. And when they buy, I get paid. I mean, you get paid. Right. So you get paid. Not just me. That’s what he tells you. And he says when people buy, you’re going to do it. Now you look it up and you say, well, if I look up Bowling Green State University review, check it out. Like the top result is one of these spam videos. So, Marcus, this has to work, right? I mean, this is pretty good, but.

We got to push the B.S. button, so we got to look at this because it’s total B.S. Now, when we look at it, we see that there are actually two results ranking for Bowling Green State University review. So there’s a spam video. Don’t make spam videos. Spam videos are bad. And they say, hey, watch this. You shouldn’t go to the university. You should buy this affiliate course. All right. So first of all, we’re going to talk about the problems here.

But you might say, Marcus, dude, these guys are on the first page and it literally takes three minutes to make these videos. And you might feel like a kid at a fair. Right. Remember, when you go to the fair and you throw the dart at the balloon and the balloon pops and you hold your hands out to get the big giant grand prize teddy bear, and you’re like, I pop the damn balloon, give me my prize. But the problem is later they pull out like a kazoo. Right? You’re like, I’m going to get the giant teddy bear for my girlfriend. And they give you a kazoo and you’re like, what the hell, a frickin kazoo. And that’s kind of what this is like. You feel like you got the grand prize, but all they gave you, as Tommy Boy says, is a guaranteed piece of shit. So you don’t any one of these videos, you don’t even get the kazoo.

You get nothing.

Because here’s how it works.

First of all, people that are looking for university reviews and putting them to make money online, that’s not a targeted offer.


Ready To Get Started With Marcus’ Coaching… Use These Links

That’s like throwing darts at a dog dartboard and you’re missing every single time. You don’t even get the kazoo. You don’t even get the crap. You get nothing. So it’s not a good fit.

Now, here’s the problem. And this is something I have a huge problem with. When people tell you advice to send the stuff to their product so that they can make money without a regard for you. Because here’s a deal. I don’t know if you’ve checked recently, but college is kind of expensive. My oldest daughter just started college. And I got to tell you what, the first thing they ask you is, where’s your frickin wallet? That’s it. I said, where’s your wallet? Get it out and get out the wallet and the wallet and the wallet after that, because college is expensive.

So by telling someone to make videos in this niche spammy videos that strike one, strike two, you’re not even going to make the amount of money you should be making.

I’m going to show you how instead of making a three minute spammy video, you could take an hour and make a good video and actually get lots of rankings and lots of traffic.

So second of all, it’s not a good fit, right. These people are like looking up university reviews because they want university reviews. They want to learn about the college that they’re planning on going to planning on spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars for. And by sending them some crappy click bank course. Not that I’ll click bank courses are crappy, but by sending them some quick clickbank course, it’s not a good fit.

You might as well send them something that’s going to make money and we’ll show you how that works. We’re going to map the process out and show you how the whole thing works, which is why you need to smash that like button, subscribe, click the bell and follow my stuff, because I guarantee this is probably the most valuable affiliate marketing channel on the Internet. Guaranteed, in my opinion.

Thirdly, let’s take a look at how many people actually search for Bowling Green State University review.

Well. I might need my glasses here, but I think that’s a big fat goose egg. Which is why you’re going to see these guys get no traffic. So check it out. Third, it’s basically a big ploy to get you to promote his course. Now, I don’t know if his course is good or bad. It’s probably pretty good. He’s been doing it a while. I have no idea. Haven’t checked it out. But this method alone does not work.

Number four, the videos are not getting traffic.

Look at this guy. He put his video up nine months ago. He got four views. Four. You think you’re gonna make money with four views of this guy? You know, this guy did a little bit better. He got 14. Here’s a guy with 13. Here’s a guy with 17. Eleven. Three hundred and twenty two. Zero views. Hundred and sixty six. Wow. He’s he’s crushing at their right. And we look at this and it’s like, how does this even work? Now, part number three. I’ve been doing this 20 years.

Even when I watch videos that make us push the B.S. button, I still find good ideas because there’s a good idea here. But it’s not executed properly. First of all, he tells you to spam. Second of all, he tells you to go for keywords that are junk. And third of all, he tells you to send them to an affiliate offer that’s not related. Well, let me show you how to do this the right way. How many you guys are excited type excited in the box. If you are ready to learn the right way to do this, because check it out.

These universities get hundreds of thousands of searches a month, hundreds of thousands. That’s a lot of traffic. That’s a lot of money. Even if you narrow it down and go for ones with low competition. This number, the lower the better. Lower competition, easier traffic.

They still get lots and lots and lots of traffic. If you had a site, if you had videos in this market and you were getting traffic and you put them to the right offer, you could make a lot of money. Hopefully, you guys can hear my cool little buttons that I spent a small fortune on.

You can make a lot of money with this. Here’s how it works. Right. Lots of traffic, lots of low competition.

Now, some people in these markets are making videos that do really well. This guy’s got ninety eight thousand visitors or views. Hundred and seventy five thousand. Hundred and thirty five thousand. Seventy eight thousand. Twenty three thousand. Seventy seven thousand. These guys are doing it the right way. Check it out. Here’s what you want to do.

You want to make good quality videos about each school, provide financial information, how much it costs, what to expect, how to sign up. What kind of scholarships they take. All that info. If you don’t want to do the work, you can outsource the work. But if you do the work, it’ll literally take you like an hour at the most. So there you go. That’s number one.

Make good quality videos. Hey, we’re going to talk about this university. Here’s how to get accepted. Here’s what they specialize in. Here’s what the people have to say about them. For more information, go to my blog. That’s part number two. You’re going to create a blog or Web site with helpful affiliate links. Now, instead of sending them to some crappy clickbank course that doesn’t fit what they want.

Why not make real money?

You guys want to make real money or do guys want to mess around?

I think we want to make some real money.

Here’s how you do it.

What offers work best? Well, you got to think about it. These guys are going to get student loans. They’re going to get scholarships. They’re going to get applications. They’re going to have fees. They’re going to get dorms. They’re going to get couches and things. Whatever you get. I don’t know. I didn’t go to college. I’m not smart enough to go to college. But at any rate, I make a pretty good living doing what I do. Take a look at this scholarship. Owl pays 28 dollars a lead degrees for careers.

Twenty dollars for a little phone call scholarship offer.

These guys are promoting things that fit. They help people get scholarships. They help people get the degrees. They help people find schools.

Are you starting to get the picture yet? A

nd if you do this, this is a direct target fit offer. Here’s another one. College info email only Leonski student loans, degrees for careers. On and on we go match schools to find the right school for you. Two degree college bagger. All of these are paying lots of money. Some of them like this one is fifty five cents a click like a dude. Seriously, you click, get a hundred clicks, you get fifty five bucks, get a thousand clicks, you get five hundred and fifty bucks. Really cool. Now check out the terms and conditions on the offer.

Make sure it fits what you’re trying to do. But you guys can see this stuff works. There is no sense in me telling you to promote something that’s self-serving for me so I can get money to at the detriment of you. I want you guys to go out there and get money and figure out how to find things that fit what they’re doing. And we’re going to map this out and show you how it works. This is the basics of my market flipper trigger word method. I teach us in my simple sights 2020 course.

The idea is to find traffic that you can get inexpensively or free. A lot of times you could get it free. I get tons of free traffic right now. I’m getting free traffic right now on this here video.

You get the cheap traffic. You flip them to things that are expensive.

You get a guy looking for how do I apply for this college?

Ready To Get Started With Marcus’ Coaching… Use These Links

You flip them to things that pay big money.

And we look at this and it works really good. Take a look. It doesn’t just work in the college market. If you learn the flipper method, the trigger word method, you could do this anywhere. Check out credit score. What’s the highest credit score you can have? I mean, seriously, how hard would it be to make a video on this literally like. Well, I think it’s an eight 20. I don’t know. I don’t study credit scores, but I think it’s an eight twenty. Or you can make a video on a six 19 credit score, six 17. What are these guys looking for?

Well, you can make money by getting them over into a credit check. Credit score. All right. Check it out. They check their credit for free and you get like 50 bucks, 40 bucks, 30 bucks. They just check the credit free and you get paid. Or you could do credit repair, credit repair if a guy’s got a 620. You know, he should probably repair his credit. And here’s an offer. Hundred and forty dollars a call. Are you starting to get it yet? Start to make sense. Very simple.

You got to focus on the things that work. Look at all this non-competition traffic. Right. The highest number is one hundred. These are zeros. You can get this traffic super easy. Or maybe you go into a market like air fryer’s like, hey, man, I want to do air. Fryer’s can make videos on all the different types of air fryers. Super, super simple. Now, here’s a deal. Don’t make a crappy video. Spend a couple more minutes. He says it takes three minutes to make his video. Spend 20 minutes.

Spend an hour.

Why? Let’s say I spend all day making a video about six seventy one credit score. All right. That gets six hundred searches a month. All right. If I could get 200, 300 people to view my video a month, right. That’s only half if I can get that many people to view my video each month.

That’s 10 people a day. I’m sure maybe one or two will probably get an offer or go to my site. I mean, pretty simple. It’s pretty direct targeted. So we’ve got to look at it and say, well, is it worth it? Let’s say you got 10 sign ups a month from it. Right. One every three days. That’s not that hard to do.

You get one sign up every three days. That’s forty dollars. That’s four hundred dollars a month. How many of you guys would spend a day making a video that would generate 400 bucks a month? Right now, obviously results not typical, implied or guaranteed. We teach you the real deal stuff. Most people make nothing because most people do nothing.

But I think you get how many guys you do that, like 400 in the box type 400 in the comments. If you’re like, hell, yeah, I would do that. I’d spend a whole day if I could make four hundred a month because that’s four grand a year. If I spend the next day. That’s eight grand a year. Spend the next day. And I build this giant business out of it. And this is how it workes.

So you got to stop messing around with the ideas and the shady junky tactics that other guys show you and do the real world stuff. If you like this smash out like button, cause we’re gonna dove into it. Air fryers. Tons of traffic. Minimum wage. You want to get people like say you’re dead set on it and you’re like, I want to promote a click bank, make money course.

Well, you could go for minimum wage and say, are you tired of making minimum wage? Well, here’s the minimum wage in California. I think it’s like 15 bucks an hour now. Here’s the minimum wage in New York. Here’s the minimum wage in Florida. And there’s lots of weird laws like I actually found out in Florida. It’s not mandatory to get a break, but you could work eight hours with no break. I don’t know why whoever whatever politician decided that needs like a little wakeup call.

But at any rate, that’s kind of weird. Right? And we look at it and it’s like we can make videos on this stuff. It ain’t that hard to do. And we don’t need to spam. We could make good stuff go through minimum wage. Look at all this traffic application. People looking to fill out applications. There’s fast for application. Right. You go to YouTube, look at fast for application. There’s tons of videos. Teaching you how to apply for fast for loans is not that hard. You just got to do the research. You can’t be lazy. You can’t sit out there and spam stuff. I get it all the time. People spam my Facebook group. They spam my comments. And they’re like, hey, go check out this quick bank course so I can get 30 bucks. And they don’t even write ads. Right. They’re not providing any value and they never build anything worthwhile. If you build something worthwhile, you can make it deliberately to get the traffic to make you lots of money. If you do it right now, here’s a deal. There are tons of things like this. You can get the simple site software. You can learn all about trigger words. Go to simple sites, bonus dot com. But you’ve got to do the work. So let’s map it out. Let’s show you how it works.

Let’s show you how it how it fits. Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re going to make videos about your topic. So you make one about, you know, whatever college, how to get degrees, how to get student loan, financial help. How to do all this stuff. And you’ve got to think there are people like me, like when my daughter went to college, I had no idea what to do because I never went to college. And I don’t know nothing about this, that you just go to school and know you do. But there’s a lot to it.

So you’re going to make all these videos on all this stuff that is around the same type of topic. You’re gonna take that video content. You’re going to put it on your blog. OK. Now, on your blog, in your video, you’re going to say thanks for watching my video about whatever university. Please go to my site. University money tips, dot com. And download your free checklist to get scholarships. Simple. You make a free checklist or you find one somewhere or you have someone make one. They put their name in email for the checklist list and then you can e-mail them other stuff that’s going to help them with college. What this is going to do, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to build a business. It’s not going to be messing around. And then you take your video and you make a little blog post about each video. It literally takes you like five minutes. I do it all the time, like after this video.

I make a little blog post about it and another blog post. And then you’re going to double dip and you’re gonna get search traffic, too. And then people are gonna like your stuff. And then you say that Marcus guy’s pretty swell. He gives us lots of content and they’re gonna say, dude, your content rocks. I need to buy something from you. Right. And you’re gonna help him out. That’s the goal. Help people out. Stop looking for shortcuts. The shortcut is to actually do it. That’s what the shortcut is. It’s not that hard. Right? Right now, we’re getting traffic from all kinds of things. Right now, students are getting traffic from all kinds of things. And you’re going to build this out and it’s going to funnel them back. And then you’re gonna send him emails and say, I just made a video about how to get accepted here. I just made a video about applying for student loans. I just made a video about student refinancing. And you will start to build and grow. And there are people doing it in this market that are making high six figures, not like one hundred and one thousand. They’re making like close to a million dollars a year. Again, results not typical, implied or guaranteed. Nobody ever makes money on the Internet. All that stuff. Right.

But you got to look at it realistically. If I could get forty dollars for a credit application or a credit check, if I can get ten of those a day, that’s six figures a year. If I can get 20 of them a day. Now you’re closing in on like 300, 400 grand a year, if my math is correct. I don’t know. It’s like 10 am. But you’ve got to look at this. You’ve got to make it work. You’ve got to make it simple. And it’s not that hard to do. You just build it out. Now, if you guys are completely lazy and you don’t want to build it out, we actually have a program for you over at affiliate marketing. Do dot com slash done? We’re actually create the content for you. All you have to do is follow my instructions and build a video about it. It’s like I’ll go through, I’ll get you a niche. I’ll get you a high value domain, 20 video titles, 20 pieces of content, 20 something. You just assemble it. That’s all you can do. So if you can assemble this program, I’ll work for you. Now, this program is expensive.

So it’s only for the serious people. And you could get it over. An affiliate marketing Newcomb’s less done. Now, if you want to learn about affiliate marketing, subscribe. Click the bell. Watch the videos on my channel. Tons of free stuff for you. My goal is to give you so much free stuff that you say, dude, Marcus, I want to buy something. And if you do want to buy something, head over to simple sites, bonus dot com. You can get my entire training course that walks you through everything about affiliate marketing.

You go through, you click the icons. If you’re new, you click new and you start here. It takes you through everything step by step if you want to go through the hundred thousand dollar fast start plan. This is a video designed to show you how to make a thousand dollars fast. Is it guaranteed? Of course not. Nothing in life is guaranteed. But if I had to make a thousand dollars fast, this is what I do. Now you’ll notice also that along with the training, you actually get tools, right? So you can click the button. It’ll open up a tool like this. You could use the tool while you’re going through. There’s also tons of money getting tools, all kinds of stuff. I spent a small fortune. We got WordPress plugins, all kinds of stuff that’s designed to help you make a living online.

Now, one of the things that we just added in the 2020 version is the video archive. There’s tons of stuff in here, you guys, if you want to make money online. This, in my opinion, is the best course available anywhere. And it’s super cheap because it’s beta testing right now. So if you want it, go to simple sites bonus scheme. Now, the video archive method literally has videos on everything you want. So if you’re like Marcus, I want to do this method, go in to the video portion. So there’s one about like video course somewhere around here. Right. And it actually shows you how to do. There is video traffic. Right. It actually takes you through and shows you exactly how to do this method. And it’s very simple. And there’s videos and there’s trainings. There’s a video I did with some top YouTube ers in the niche. Right. I mean, tons of stuff. Really cool stuff. You go in there, you watch the trainings, you make it work. But guys, stop watching the junk videos that teach you junky stuff that doesn’t work like those videos. You’re going to make five hundred dollars and every five seconds. Come on. I think we’re past that. I think we know it doesn’t work. You got to do the work. You got to map it out. You got to follow this step. And here on this channel, I will show you things that I’ve personally tried that have personally worked for me, that I know will work for you. If you put forth the effort so go to simple sites bonus scheme, make sure you make decent content and promote promote good, relevant offers. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus. The affiliate marketing dude subscribe. Click the bell and check out our other videos.

Which Program Is Right For You?

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Marcus mentor me is a place where you can get updated access to all his custom wordpress plugins ($700 value) notes from his videos, tools, videos, and training on how to get started with affiliate marketing.  every student of marcus’ who is serious about making this business work should be in the mentor class… its affordable and has the tools you need to make this work… this works great along side our other in depth training courses or even as a stand alone for those on a budget who want to get started fast.

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Work Today Get Paid Today – make money online instantly

What if you could do work today and actually get paid today?

Yeah, as in… Have the money in your bank account or your pocket. Literally right now.

Today, we are talking to you about how to get paid instantly online.

I’m Marcus. The affiliate marketing dude, and today I’m going to show you some of the things that I learned at the beginning of my Internet marketing career over 20 years ago.

These are methods that took me from trying to figure out this business to actually making millions of dollars online. So you want to pay close attention to him because these are the kind of things that you can do today and actually get paid today instantly.

Before we get started, I wanted to read a comment that someone posted recently here on the channel.

It was a guy named Nicholas and he said, Hey, Marcus, I’ve been watching your videos a lot recently. And I just wanted to say thank you, because using your knowledge and resources, I have managed to actually make money in the Web hosting niche. I started at the beginning of August and I’ve made three hundred and five dollars so far. So as you can see, people are getting results, watching these videos and learning the same stuff that you’re learning.

Now, I’ve got to tell you, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. The average person doesn’t do the work. So the average person doesn’t get the money. And most people quit before the magic happens. As my buddy Brian always says. Now, let’s go ahead and dove in and talk to you about how these instant paid methods work. First of all, you’re going to notice there’s lots of videos that talk about instant pay methods and they all say the same stuff.

They say, go to Amazon, M Terk, fill out a bazillion surveys so you could get a dollar. Go to fiver, upwork or be a lift or Uber, Uber driver or something like that. Now these methods can work and they can get your money, but a lot of them are kind of elusive, as we all know.

You’ve got to fill out a lot of surveys to make your first dollar. And if you put your ad on Fiver, it might take you a month before you get your first sale.

So we want to talk to you about something that you can start getting in right away and get paid to day.

Now, in order to get paid today, you need to pay close attention to the payment methods, because there’s only a few ways that you can actually get paid today and actually receive it today.

One of those methods is PayPal. PayPal now has a way where you can deposit the money and get it the same day, which is pretty cool. Or you can even use the PayPal debit card and go to the A.T.M. and get the money instantly. Another method that you can get paid by is payoneer.

You can drop the amount to your bank account at the beginning of the day and you’ll usually have it at the next day or at the end of the same day. If you do it in time, you can also use direct transfers like EFT deposits and things like that.

You can use Stripe, which pays the next day, or you could use the debit card methods with many affiliate networks. That’ll pay you the same day as well.

Now, in order to make this work, we have to understand the difference between advertising and prospecting.

And of course, it’s pretty obvious advertising is where you’re going out there trying to attract customers to you. You put your ads out there, you put some videos out there, you put some content, do some social media posts, and you hope that people see them and contact you for business. Prospecting is a little bit different.

Prospecting is something that you can do when you need to make money fast and you need to get customers now and you can’t wait. What this is, is actually going out there and proactively seeking out people who want what you have to offer, striking up a conversation or answering a post or talking to them on social media forums or whatever and actually bringing them into your business. I did this a lot in the beginning of my career from about 2000 to 2005, and it’s actually gotten a lot easier nowadays.

And we’re gonna show you how this works as well. So we need to understand the difference between advertising versus prospecting. Advertising typically takes a lot longer and you have to build a relationship with your market before you sell.

Prospecting can be something where you could literally find someone in the heat of the moment having the problem that you can solve forum and boom, you can get that money right away. Now, of course, in order to do this, you have to have something to offer to your visitor, whether it’s a skill, whether it’s something for them to buy, whether it’s a service, whatever it is, you have to have something that they’re going to want that they’re willing to pay money for. Now, these can be very, very simple skills.

And what you’ll learn is that a lot of these skills you can figure out in an afternoon and become somewhat of an expert on him if you stick to something very simple.

Some of these skills include setting up a membership site. Very simple. It’ll take you like an hour creating logos and thumbnails, blog optimization, order form creation, technical stuff like fixing WordPress, fixing membership sites, helping people do things on their sites. Video marketing, such as creating whiteboard videos, explainer videos, SlideShare videos, any kind of video people want Web site building from the very basic stuff to building a simple WordPress site to the complicated stuff like building an entire infrastructure. Simple chat bot setup.

Lots of people are getting into these and you could set them up in about an hour and probably make a good penny doing it. Search engine services like submission link building, content writing and things of that nature, ad writing, feio help. And lastly, we have dropped servicing, which means I don’t have to do any of the work.

I can just find someone willing to do it, pay them to do it and pocket the difference. And these are services that people are paying anywhere from five dollars to several thousands of dollars for people to set up for them. It’s very easy. It’s very basic. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s not a lot of hard work. And you can make money really fast. Now, let’s talk about how this works and where you’re going to go prospecting so that you can go out there and find the customers who need the services so that you can get paid right now. Now, the key to making this work is to be very, very specific.

For example, if I wanted to go and prospect in Facebook groups, I can find all kinds of groups like this one about membership sites, softwares that has over 44000 members or this one in the same niche that has 16000 members. A group about online course creators. With 7000 members, a group about blogging, with over 37000 members and another group about blogging that has 35000 members. Now, you could go out there and you can find Facebook groups about literally anything from how to do WordPress to how to do Infusionsoft, how to do Khadra click funnels a Weber, you name it. If people are interested in the topic, they’re going to be in there. And a lot of the questions that are received in these groups are tech type questions that you can fulfill by learning the simple skill set or using the skill set that you already have. And it’s actually very simple. You’re going to see that people will post questions like these questions that were posted just today where people are asking for very specific help. Ali says he’s looking to do a simple quick information WordPress site. How do you integrate it with Infusionsoft? This is something very simple.

I could probably solve his question in about an hour and I could charge one hundred dollars or more for the solution and I can get paid. Right now, here’s another one.

Andy says, Is it possible to create a paid email newsletter with Kartra? I could show him how to set that up. I could set it up forum and boom, get paid right away.

Here’s another one from R.G. who says, What’s the best way to set up my blog with Khadra? And so these people are looking for help with blogging and very, very simple tasks. If you don’t know how to do the task, you can figure it out in a couple of hours at the most. It’s actually not that hard to do. If you understand how to use the Internet at all, pretty basic stuff.

Another place you can go and prospect for customers are forums within your niche. There are forums that are about literally everything from Internet marketing to how to train your dog. Very simple or even weight loss. You could simply go into these markets maybe, you know, about weight loss or maybe you know about how to train dogs or maybe you know about membership, plug ins or whatever it is. And you can offer something specific to your customers, whether it’s a custom workout plan, if they’re working out, whether it’s a custom meal plan, if they’re on a diet, whether it’s helping them with a membership plug in, if they’re looking for membership plug ins, whether it’s something on WordPress, whatever it is, you can go out there and you can help them with it.

Heck, there’s people right now that are paying people to build YouTube thumbnails. What’s a YouTube thumbnail? That’s that little thing you click before you see the video. It’s actually very easy to make. You can make them in a couple of minutes and you can sell them very, very easily. So we could go through and we can find these people.

If we look at these forums here, you could see this guy needed help with a WordPress membership plugin because he wants to set up a membership site. You could show him the best plugins and then offer a service where you can set it up for him. Or here’s a guy who says, I’ve invented a new product. What’s the best way to market it? We could show him the best way to market it and offer him services of how to set up the site. Where we could set up the site forum and make it very easy. Here’s another one where he says, I need a theme for my store. Which one should I use?

Well, I would tell that guy to have a custom theme. Should always have a custom theme. And custom WordPress themes are very easy to make if you have the right software. Literally, you could do this in a half hour and you could charge upwards of a thousand dollars or more for a good custom theme. Boom. Do the work now. Get paid. Now! super easy.

And lastly, here’s another guy looking for an affordable e-commerce theme for his WordPress as well. So as you can see, this stuff is very, very easy. Now, in order to get paid, you’re going to want to make sure that you have one of the pay method setup. PayPal is probably going to be the easiest, fastest method to get setup right away. You can also use pannier and you just create a little link or give him your email address associated with your account.

They can send the money to you. And boom, you can get paid and withdraw it right now to day very fast. And this is not that hard to do. You just need to get out there and prospect and get people with the right message and get them with the right service. The cool thing about this is once you get one service dialed in, you can perform that service really, really, really quickly. Case in point, when I first started 20 years ago, there was a simple service that I did for people in the marketing company Herbalife. I found out that they all wanted like a catalog as a Web site. So I simply made a catalog. And as time went on, I could literally spit these out in a couple minutes. And I was getting paid 250 to five hundred dollars or more just for creating that simple Web site.

And again, because I was using these methods, I would get paid instantly and be able to withdraw it on my PayPal card right away.

And as you can see, some of the skills pay lots of money like Photoshop, editing, removing backgrounds from pictures, making logos, stuff like that.

Web site building can be a job that small from one hundred dollars or a big job for three thousand dollars or more. Graphic design pays between one hundred dollars a job and three thousand dollars a job.

Video marketing. Between three hundred and eighteen thousand dollars per video. WordPress troubleshooting is about one hundred and fifty dollars or more.

Proofreading and editing, social marketing, you name it.

People are paying for this stuff right now and a lot of people don’t know what problems they have. And it’s your job as a prospector to go share with them.

Hey, this is what’s going on with your site. Here’s how I can fix it. And it’s very, very easy to do. My close rate on getting new customers was insane.

It was like literally one out of three people I talked to would end up ordering. Now, again, those results are not typical, implied or guaranteed.

But this is the kind of thing where if you go out there and do it, you will make money flat out, plain and simple. Go do it. Subscribe, click the bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

Best Membership Site Software

Choosing the right membership site software is very important for your online business because a better platform gives you enough growth opportunities. You may have heard people embarking themselves into membership sites and earned buckets of money.

Are you thinking about building a membership site?

If yes, you have got several options. With lots of software around, choosing the right one for your exact needs can be challenging. There are some factors that you need to consider to attain a successful membership site. Most of these sites have many things in common, but all of them have something unique in them, too.

Hence, many content creators find it truly confusing and frustrating to get hold of the right platform. In this guide, you would get a clear understanding of some of the best membership platforms, their weaknesses, and strengths. Also, you would get an insight into everything that matters most while you are about to choose the right size for your specific needs.


Also known as membership management software, membership site software is a robust tool used by nonprofits, clubs, and associates to keep in line with all the membership utilities online. Almost every membership site platform helps you to do the following.

* Process online donations, fees, and payments
* Setting up the online member for event reminders, registration pages, and payments
* Communicating with the member through automated newsletter, emails, and invoices
* Creating a website that looks professional filled with a blog, event calendars, member directories, downloadable content, and more
* Build a contact database that should be easy to update filter, and search
* Access analytics, membership summaries, and financial reports in lesser time

Also, a membership site platform eliminates the need for utilizing other software programs such as Mailchimp, Excel, Eventbrite, and so on. That’s because all these functions and utilities are in-built in this platform.

Now that you have got some idea about this platform, let’s discuss why a membership site platform is a smart move for your online presence.


SAVE TIME – Certain things like processing member records, registering them for events, and running checks to banks could be done while you sit back. Imagine you have lots of robots to take care of your administrative work.

That’s how membership site software works. It helps automate almost every administrative task. Many people say that they saved around 20 hours of work a week after setting up the platform for the first time.

SAVE MONEY – When you save time, it saves you money, as well. A membership site program eliminates the need for several software programs. With the time saved due to the automated processes, many managers are able to increase their productivity.

They improve other areas such as increasing marketing activities, hosting better events and create more resources for members. It even allows the clubs to go virtual without the need for a physical office.

REDUCE ERRORS – You may have faced the situation plenty of time where you have emailed members, but you get bounce-backs from them. Not to mention the duplicate event registration, or data lost while transferring from one medium to another.

A membership site platform eliminates these errors by keeping the data in a single database and connects it to your registrations, events, and email platforms. Members can enter and update their information whenever they want.

INCREASE REGISTRANTS – Lots of managers get surprised to see the event registrations and memberships go up after they implement a membership site software. Membership goes up when potential visitors visit your website and sign up.

Also, the event registrants go up because you emailed your members about the upcoming event. They can sign up for the program then and there right from their smartphones.

INCREASE CASH FLOW – With instant payment processing, there is no need to bring cash, or take money to the bank. All the things are processed at the moment when someone pays you for a product online, event ticket, or membership.


VARIOUS PLANS – Providing different plans at different prices is the best way to create a membership community that works better for your audience. When you are able to create various plans, it helps you to build relationships with your users.

They can start with a low priced or free plan if they are interested in you. And, they can go all through whenever they feel ready for an upgrade to the most premium plan.

INTEGRATION ACROSS THE DIFFERENT BUSINESSES – If you sell other kinds of digital products, such as digital downloads or online courses, you would like to operate them from the same store as your membership.

Always look for a site platform that has the facility of integration. Choose membership site software like Amember that lets you similar functionalities for different membership groups.

ALL IN ONE PLACE – You can sign up for separate tools that allow you to host your content, manage your passwords, send emails to your users, and accept payments. But, why you have to go through the hassle? Choose a membership platform that tackles all the administrative tasks for you.

SWIFT PAYMENTS – You don’t need to wait for another 20 to 30 days to get paid for the membership sale. You want to get your payment as early as possible. Or else, you need to wait for something you sold last month.

When you are paid directly, it means all the sales data are in the payment processor. This way, you can keep good track of the financial transactions and carry the data with you whenever you choose to switch platforms.

AFFILIATE MARKETING – Maybe you are a beginner and don’t have affiliates yet. An important aspect of growing your business is hiring others to promote it. Affiliates are quite helpful because often it is seen that they have already joined your membership program.

As such, they can advertise about it and motivate others about it. Managing your affiliate program before you are ready to launch it would save your effort and time. As a result, it assists you to sell more.

EVERYTHING UNLIMITED – You don’t know about the file size, members, plans, and content will you have until you have launched. Also, it is important that you don’t get unnecessary plan allotment. A membership site where everything is unlimited gives you peace of mind. And, it saves time from looking for a new service provider if you have outgrown your current stage.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF FILES ARE ACCEPTED – Whether you have content in different formats such as text, PDFs, MP3s. or other types of files, you need to make sure that all those files work well with the membership site platform.

You may not have added an audio post, but you never know whether you need to add one in the next six months. Hence, it is important to have that flexibility from the beginning.

EASE OF ACCESS – These days, people are more into using their phones rather than computers. So, it is crucial that your membership site software runs smoothly on mobile web browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Not every purchase is made through mobile devices. But, your users may want to take your content while they were on the go so that they won’t have to wait until they have their computers to work with.


Here are some evaluation criteria that help you decide on your choice.


Almost every provider has a data security service that covers more than what is required. Yet, if you need additional security, like enabling two-factor authentication, you may contact the service provider and find whether they are giving it or not.


Some membership site platforms can be set up in no time, whereas some others might require time and guidance from a specialist. Knowing when you need the system up and running before handed can save you from undesirable surprises.


When you have existing systems such as WordPress or QuickBooks and you plan on keeping them for future use, check with your membership site software provider whether they are providing integration with them. Many platforms provide an app market, built-in integration, or personalize a solution for your specific needs.


Every software has a learning curve. Therefore, having access to live support and online help resources is a crucial consideration. While you are looking at the reviews, check out how other users have found the setup. Sometimes you need people from your team who are good with tech.


Most service providers have a price tag between $30 per month and $450 per month. It greatly depends on the size of your organization, like members and contacts, as well. Also, you have to check if there are additional costs for setup.


Simply put, membership sites are a blazing way to improve and monetize your blog. Now, how is that exactly? Well, money flows through your website because of three reasons.

1. LEVERAGE – The best membership sites help you leverage your content and time in two different ways. You can create your content and sell it to plenty of users in the near future. That makes your content a reusable content.

Membership sites are totally automated. It is indeed mesmerizing to imagine running a hands-off campaign where you invite your users to buy the program while you are enjoying on the beach somewhere.

2. VALUE – Interestingly, most people tend to value things for which they have paid for rather than value freebies. Hence, according to them, your paid membership site holds more value than any kind of free information.

After the cash is exchanged, people are more likely to take action and achieve satisfying results that help you get rave reviews. This way, you can have even more sales. You may have noticed something interesting about the money-credibility thing hovering on the internet.

It is quite easy for anyone to get live on Facebook and create online these days. This led to something unusual, which can be called redibility-gap’. That means trust in online content is falling down in spite of the rise in content volume.

Hence, you can make full utilization of the situation. Wondering how? Here it is. People attribute the highest credit level and trust paid content. This implies people would assign to all kinds of content that are locked behind your membership site.

Most importantly, existing members would upsell from inside the membership site. When they trust you, they rely on your content. Now, let’s flip it to the prospect’s perspective. When you pack everything and present it with a road-map, it becomes easy on part of the members.

Lots of time are getting saved. They don’t have to go through the internet and bring pieces together. You have provided them a single place to access everything, and they would pay for that kind of act.

4. TRIBE – Almost every people like to be around a tribe of people like them, with the same kind of worries and problems. And, memberships tend to build tribes. It is the perfect place for people to hang out and consider themselves as a part of something bigger.

It is the vibe that compels people to pay, stay, and play. Remember that every tribe consists of a leader, one with a distinguished character. From one angle it appears that people are buying your content, but in reality, they are buying your personality and character.

They are impressed with you and desire to be like you. They would connect with you through the personality you have in your videos or the tone of your writing. And, because of this, they would return frequently with money in their hand.


THE FIXED MODEL – This kind of membership sites lay stress on one thing, which is they try to solve a distinct problem. It could be a specific fix, like how can you write a novel. Also, they can solve a long-term problem like how you can scale a business. They are solved through twelve, six, or three-month program.

THE MOTIVATE LEVEL – Certain types of goals that people are likely to struggle alone, such as new diet, fitness goals, or weight loss regime, having a source of motivation often makes a great difference to one’s life. Paid access to different kind of challenges with motivational communities that shares their piece of struggle is perfect for this type of membership model.

THE HANGOUT MODEL – Popularly known as the community model, this kind of membership site provides people a commonplace to connect. Members are united towards a passion or cause such as freelance writing, cooking, or gardening.

On the surface, they may want to join because they want a solution to their problem. But, they are hobbyists at heart and that drives them to be around other people who know their language.


Let’s discuss the best membership site platform available today.


One of the common and popular WordPress plugins is undoubtedly MemberPress. It is quite easy to use MemberPress and consists of many important features. It works brilliantly with any kind of business, small, midsize, or large, who like to roll out membership sites for their users.

MemberPress tends to cover only the basic needs of a membership site such as creating different levels of the membership program, handling subscription payments, and content protection. This software installs on your site and starts to charge for access. With this software, you can protect your posts and pages and restrict access to them depending on the kind of membership plan purchased.

With MemberPress, you can easily set up a membership site. It can set up an account, log in, thank you pages, and pricing for your users. Further inclusion of membership plans is quite easy and straightforward. MemberPress comes equipped with strong access control that allows restriction on any kind of content.

These may include, pages, tags, categories, files, posts, and so on. Content dripping allows the viewing of restricted content to users after a definite time. Now, that’s pretty useful when it is about selling courses online or learning materials. MemberPress integrates with MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, and MadMini email services.

Also, it integrates smoothly with BluBrry and Amazon Web Services. When it is about pricing, you have lots of flexibility. It is capable of setting custom time periods intended for recurring payments, limiting the number of payments, create paid or free trials of whatever length.

Last but not the least, MemberPress provides some handy features used for membership management and reporting. With payment gateways, MemberPress has inbuilt support for Stripe and PayPal payment gateways. In the eveloper Plan’, you can get the support of So far the pricing of the plugin is concerned, it is a lot cheaper than other solutions.

The Basic Plan costs around $149 per year and you can have 1 site license. And, the Plus Plan costs about $249 per year and delivers you 2 site licenses. MemberPress won’t be the perfect choice if you are looking to create a full-fledged membership site because you need to patch plenty of third-party plugins.

Here are some of its features.

* Unlimited membership level
* Easy setup
* Content dripping
* Detailed reporting
* Personalized pricing pages, coupons, and access to all kinds of content
* Subscription management choices for users
* Can create subscriptions for paid content


Creating a robust membership site with Infusionsoft and WordPress was a daunting task before Memberium came into existence. Memberium is developed as a premium plugin that assists in creating a powerful membership site. The more you learn about this wonderful software, you would be impressed with its features.

Memberium is easy to install and if you are finding it difficult, they provide their users with instructions, guides, and video tutorials. With amazing features that are capable of handling your membership website, there is no chance for you to face hurdles because this software is very easy to use.

Even beginners can use this plugin effectively. This software has lots of integrations under its sleeve. When you use these integrations you are able to use different features of popular plugins such as Ninjaforms, BBpress, Yoast, Gravityforms, WooCommerce, and many more. Memberium provides free trial and unlimited membership options to its valued users.

With free trials, users can see for themselves whether they can rely on their services. On top of that, it allows its users to buy more than one membership level. The software provides the installation of different membership sites on different subdomains under a member’s registered domain.

With Memberium, you can perform one-click upgrades. Also, it allows you to downgrade or upgrade your account. Apart from rich features, Memberium faces some challenges. The company is managed by a small team, and it is relatively new.

Many people fear the uncertainty of the product. Another matter of concern is that the plugin code is not completely 100% GPL. However, it came to the knowledge that they are digging into the issue to find a remedy.

Memberium protects posts, pages, and even some portions of pages or posts. An interesting aspect about the software is that it lets you choose those options on how you want them to be protected. This membership site platform is developed to work effectively with certain CRM systems so that you can run a membership or automated course.

This way, it helps you grow, thrive, and function on your own. They have got three different kinds of plans for your needs. The Standard Plan is priced at $47 per month, the Pro Plan is available at $87 per month, and you can get the Advanced Plan in $177 per month.

Some of the features include the following.

* Pre-renewal emails
* Membership directories
* Google indexing posts
* One-click upgrade
* Prebuilt page templates free of cost


If you are in the online marketing arena for some time, you might have stumbled upon ClickFunnels. It aims to be the one-stop solution for designing and running your business online. The package lets you create sales funnels, run an affiliate program, build email marketing campaigns, and design a membership site to provide online courses or other content.

ClickFunnels is one of the famous online sales funnel that allows you to build highly converting landing pages, sales pages, membership sites, and webinar pages. ClickFunnels comes along with innovative drag and drop features and bears a responsive design. However, the interface is not flexible compared to aMember (discussed later).

To craft a membership site with ClickFunnels is very simple and easy. The best option that you get over ClickFunnels is the ability to create very simple and effective membership sites, and merge it to your sales funnel. It helps to create beautiful landing pages and allows you to combine it with other payment processors.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the ClickFunnels membership site is quite easy to get. And, you don’t need to have a coder for that. After you have logged in to your account, you would find a pre-made membership site.

ClickFunnels has a variety of payment gateways so that you can collect the payment made by members through your membership site. Some of the payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Warrior Plus, Apple Pay, ClickBank, JV Zoo, and so on. There are dozens of pre-made funnel templates when you sign up.

There are some advantages when you use the ClickFunnels membership site platform. It is easy to integrate with different types of payment processors, integrated affiliate center, capable of sending email broadcasts, page builder with drag and drop functions, and many more. However, there are a few reasons why many people dislike this membership site.

First of all, it doesn’t allow you to track member progress. The end-user experience is not a good one and even worse on mobile devices. Users can’t manage their subscriptions and change their payment information. Also, it doesn’t have support for audio or video hosting.

You can try ClickFunnels by signing a 14-day free trial. The normal plan costs around $97 per month and for $297 you can have the Platinum Plan. Some of the alternatives you can try would be aMember, Kajabi, and Teachable. Here are some important features of the software.

* Drag and drop utility
* Smart affiliate programs
* Connects with many domains
* Easy to advertise and sell your content


From enterprise to solopreneur companies looking for a robust marketing platform, Kartra might be your all in one solution. Kartra is quite popular among people because they tend to give you the best experience of membership site platform that very few software can deliver.

With the presence of its WYSIWYG editor, you can develop beautiful membership sites and personalize them to fit your specific needs. With the different membership tiers that Kartra provides, your users can access different levels. You can even set your own pricing for each of the categories.

You can use any kind of content such as text, video, audio, or even a combination of these things and classify them into several categories for quick and easy navigation. Pretty much similar to that of other popular membership site software, Kartra has the ability to drip your content to your users over time.

This way, you can keep all your users engaged with you. You can keep track of the progress of every user, active subscriptions, active members, un-subscriptions, and many more under the software’s analytical section. Keeping the security parameter in mind, Kartra comes along with password management.

With password management, you can provide content with password protection, or free access to the content. Your users will be entitled to a single password for signing in the platform or make use of different membership tiers alongside different access levels such as platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.

Whenever consumers register for the membership site, the Company send them login credentials and personalized emails. You can personalize those emails by adding your own brand name. As you can track the progress of your members, you can shift them to higher levels when they are engaging nicely with your content.

You can send your users’ congratulation emails and reward them, give them exclusive access to the next tier of content, alter their positions in your mailing lists, and many more. As such, all your users stay motivated and encouraged.

There are different kinds of plans in Kartra and you can opt one depending on your needs. The Starter Plan comes in $99 per month and the Platinum Plan, which is the highest of them is available at $499 per month.

Here are some important features of Kartra.

* Drip campaigns
* Web forms or landing pages
* ROI tracking
* Lead scoring
* Dynamic content


It is another great membership site platform intended to give positive outcomes to parent organizations such as PTAs, Associations, Clubs, HOAs, PTOs & Booster Clubs, and Nonprofits. Also, membership Toolkit works wonders for small businesses as well. More and more professionals are upgrading to this personalized platform to grow their businesses and earn more revenue.

Membership Toolkit is a web-based solution that delivers managed communications, donations, directory, membership, website, sales, and events to your organization. The software provides training through live online, webinars, and documentation. This membership management software includes important features such as event management, donor database, donation tracking, online donations, and many more.

Membership Toolkit is a great business management software that runs your organization effectively. This platform has all the necessary equipment making it easy and effective to organize your business. It is capable of growing your users by scheduling campaigns, check-ins, and billing.

When it is about running an online business effectively, the software that you would need to take care of your business needs should be equipped with all the crucial things that can tackle all your tasks and improve your brand awareness. Membership Toolkit is able to deliver a personalized experience in different ways.

With Membership Toolkit, members can get access to lots of features that are required to run organizations, groups, and businesses in a smooth way. This software works great for personalized apps, scheduling events, memberships, emailing, and so on. Although Membership Toolkit is new in this industry, they have earned a good name.

Still, the software has to cover many grounds before becoming one of the most popular membership sites platforms available on the market. The platform is available as SaaS software. The Company provides the pricing of the product in four different levels to serve their users better.

The base plan of Membership Toolkit, which is called the Essential Plan comes at $450 per year. He Company doesn’t have a free version. However, they provide a free trial. According to online reviews, this software needs several improvements, and some users are offended by the system.

Despite their quality management features, the Membership Toolkit is yet to cover many grounds. One of the effective alternative products to Membership Toolkit in aMember. The following are some features of this software.

* Event management
* Membership management
* Email marketing
* Online donations
* Member portal


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your online business, Kajabi is sure to deliver what you are expecting. It doesn’t just let you create a membership site to deliver your content, but it can build a strong website for your brand to take care of the entire marketing and sales on the same platform.

When it is about creating a membership site, Kajabi has plenty of things to provide for a hosted platform. With Kajabi on board, you can create surveys and quizzes, host your videos, arrange pre-requisite lessons, and drip feed all your content.

On top of that, the site provides more than ten beautiful product themes that work wonders regardless of whether you want to distribute an online course or just have some kind of standalone training. The platform has great support for both Android and iOS devices. Hence, if your users are using content on mobile, they’ll have a better experience in learning.

Another membership feature that the software provides is Community. This feature lets you create a specialized private area for all your users. If you are thinking how easy it would be to set up the tiered memberships, you would be happy to learn that building membership levels along with disbursing content to them are quite straightforward.

With the marketing automation feature in Kajabi, you can tag your users depending on their behavior, cart abandoning emails, and send follow-up sequences automatically. When it is about a different kind of analytics found in the software, it has an in-built subscription metrics report.

All these analytics greatly helps you to track your membership site’s churn rate, ARPU (average revenue per user), and MMR (monthly recurring revenue). Analytics is very important for growing your online business. You can find out the user retention of your website and the steps you have taken to boast off your sales.

Kajabi takes online business to the next level with the help of their marketing features and inbuilt sales. This innovative software provides a detailed sales pipeline builder, which gives you a clear picture of your user’s journey and create marketing funnels end-to-end.

As far as the pricing of Kajabi goes, it is one of the expensive choices you can get. Pricing starts at $149 per month, but the most popular plan opted by many professionals costs $199 per month. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

* Personalized email marketing
* Assignments, quizzes, and memberships
* Landing pages that convert
* Great analytics


Teachable is an amazing online course creator that allows you to create memberships and online courses right under your own brand. With teachable, you can create amazing online courses that include texts, audio files, videos, quizzes, and many more. You can deliver the course professionally through the course player build inside the system, and through the iOS devices.

In short, Teachable is a great online course builder. It houses a membership website, email marketing, discussion forum, LMS, and analytics all under the same roof. The platform is easy to install and doesn’t even need technical education. Creating content is a breeze.

Moreover, Teachable has support for dripping the content, grading quizzes, course compliance, and creating certificates. But, all your content would be delivered as online courses. That’s because you don’t have the liberty to build individual pages or posts. Also, Teachable does not provide you with the option of building an area for your community within the platform.

If you want to create different membership tiers on this software, it is not simple and straightforward. For that, you need to create many course bundles in order to create different membership levels. Now, that’s a lot of workarounds. Other platforms like aMember or Kajabi provide simple ways.

Unlike other software, the membership pricing options for Teachable aren’t much flexible. Although you can create monthly and annual subscriptions, you can’t charge your user for an upfront payment in the name of the installation fee or create a free trial. This is quite awkward because you don’t get to see these things on other platforms.

Teachable is not available for WordPress. But, you can integrate the software to your site by adding sub-domains or links. Teachable provides many useful tools that are important for your membership. This includes a sale page builder, EU VAT support, well-personalized checkout pages, affiliate marketing tools, and many more.

Teachable provides three plans, which are Basic, Professional, and Business. The Basic Plan costs you $29 per month, the Professional Plan is priced at $99 per month, and the Business plan can cost you about $249 per month.

Teachable provides a variety of features that most small businesses and solo entrepreneurs need most. Below are some of its important features.

* Basic quizzes
* EU VAT included
* Integrated payment processing
* Free courses


If you want to quickly create and deliver amazing courses on your own branded website, Thinkific is another great online course platform that you should try. Unlike Kajabi, this software is more focused on delivering the core features that include the capability to host your site and deliver content alongside processing payments.

Hence, it doesn’t provide you with email marketing, funnel builder, or built-in blogging feature. You need to make use of third-party tools to enjoy these functionalities. However, Thinkific is one of the popular options for building online courses and membership sites. You can create engaging courses with different content types.

These may include PDFs, assignments, quizzes, and videos. Now, you can release your content by creating learning paths or drip schedule. Talking about the course player, you may have a single theme. Yet, it is very well-designed and works wonders for all kinds of courses. With Thinkific, you can have the liberty to create personalized pages.

And, you can have restriction to access them depending on the user’s membership plan. This feature comes really handy when you have to deliver content on a regular basis. When it comes to the mobile learning experience, the course player is very responsive. Your users would be able to watch your exclusive content on a mobile device.

Another interesting and useful feature that Thinkific provides for creating memberships is that you can create a separate community area on this platform itself. You can get this feature on Kajabi. When it is about pricing your memberships, you can have annual or monthly subscriptions. Also, you can charge a separate setup fee and a free trial.

Creating membership tier levels is pretty simple and straightforward in Thinkific. Last but not the least, Thinkific provides handy selling tools such as the ability to build a sales page, one-click upsells, process payments, affiliate marketing, coupons, etc. Like other platforms, they do have some drawbacks.

So far the pricing of Thinkific goes, you can get started free of cost. But, if you need to make use of important features necessary for memberships such as Communities, subscription price, bundles, etc., you need to have the Pro Plan, which costs $79 per month. Here are some of its features.

* Inbuilt course authoring
* Mobile learning
* Template management
* Video management
* Blended learning


aMember is quite different from all the platforms that have been discussed until now. It is one of the robust software in its class and they have been in this business for over 18 years. Now, you can deliver great content, manage your subscriptions, maintain your users’ profile, and accept payments including the recurring ones.

You can even integrate it into your blog, send the newsletter, or run your affiliate program. Everything is now possible with this software. aMember Pro is a membership site software that membership, online-based organizations can integrate into their websites to manage eCommerce sales, members, and keep track of product inventory and payments.

Remember that aMember Pro is not a WordPress plugin. It is nothing but a membership site platform created with PHP. However, it allows you to integrate with WordPress. You have to download the PHP script and install it on your Webhosting server. You would get a complete source-code application and you can fully personalize it to your specific needs.

The popularity of aMember Pro lies in its integrations. This software has the ability to integrate with several CMSs such as Joomla, XenForo, vBulletin, Drupal, and WordPress. It is specially optimized for WordPress with theme integration and free add-on to control the footer, header, and CSS styling of WordPress websites from within the aMember Pro.

The membership site software is developed for different kinds of activities as discussed above. And, compared to other products in this detailed review, aMember seems to have all the basic requirements that are required for delivering growth to your online business.

You can create your content in any kind of blogging platform or WordPress. aMember Pro provides the membership and sign-up pages on the site alongside an eCommerce store to sell your products, or different types of memberships, sponsorship, or real merchandise.

Ecommerce is where the platform provides more functionalities. This kind of detailed information about each and every aspect of the product cannot be found on other platforms.

aMember Pro is a unique kind of membership management solution in many aspects. This kind of uniqueness is reflected in its pricing, as well. Rather than pricing monthly like other subscription models mentioned in this guide, aMember Pro charges for a one time purchase.

You would be spared from the troubles of monthly payments after you buy aMember Pro. All you have to do is purchase the script once, and you can use it throughout your life. When you purchase the script for $149.36, you get free to support upgrades for the next six months.

Some of the important features include the following.

* Ease of use
* Drip feed content
* Email autoresponders
* Unlimited membership levels
* Content protection
* Drag and drop feature
* Affiliate module included
* Inventory control
* Source code non-encrypted
* Experience of over 18 years


There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing the right membership site platform. And, the number of choices could only make it hard for you to select the right platform for your specific needs. This is why you need to keep things simple and easy.

When you are looking for a membership site platform to take care of your entire business, you can check out Kajabi or MemberPress. If you are looking to host and deliver your content, you can opt for Thinkific.

However, if you are looking for something that is pretty easy to operate, have loads of important features required for growing an online business, and have a one-time license price, aMember Pro is what you should choose.

All you have to do is integrate the service and leave your worries behind. Buy with confidence because you have the 30-days money-back guarantee. And if you are not satisfied, you can call in for a refund.

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