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Free WordPress Affiliate Theme

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wordpress funnel setup + affiliate theme

How To Setup Your WordPress Profit Funnel

What if I told you you could set up your entire business with free software?

That’s right. No more spending thousands of dollars on funnel builders and page builders and shopping carts and all this other crazy stuff!

I’m going to show you a way that I run a seven figure business on a free software known as WordPress.

I run this on WordPress using the free version. I have a paid hosting account, obviously, because I want to have my own hosting.

I don’t want to use the super rundown version of WordPress or using a hosted version.

And what I’m gonna do is going to show you exactly how I set this up so that I could generate leads, I could capture sales, I could get traffic and run everything.

Now, first and foremost, what you’re going to notice is WordPress is set up and a lot of people think of WordPress as a blogging platform. And when they think blogging, they think, well, you know, it’s kind of cute and everything you can blog about your travel or you can blog about what you eat that day or you could talk about your life. And that’s really what people think.

WordPress is all about and blogging is all about, but it’s actually not. You see, WordPress is not just a blog platform. It’s what’s known as a C M S or content management system. It’s a system of managing your content. Now, there’s two ways that WordPress manages your content.

The first way is through what is known as a page. OK. We’ve got page here.

The second way is what is known as a post.

Now, this might seem basic. It might seem easy. You might say work, Marcus. I know what a page in a post is, but how do I make this work right?.

So a page is a static page where you keep something on that you want to live on there forever.

If I’m setting up an opt in page, that would be a page that I set up. If I’m setting up a squeeze page or a landing page or anything that I want to have static. That’s what I use my pages for. Now, I can also use it for like sales pages and stuff like that.

So we’re gonna use these pages for that stuff.

Now, a post is what we’re gonna use to try to get search engine traffic and and maybe we could use it to send people from our mailing list and things like that.

I’m going to go ahead and go through this and show you how it works. And before I do, I want to let you know that if you’ve never set up a WordPress blog, it’s very simple to do. You can go over to gohubsite.com. There’s a video with instructions on how to setup your first blog.

Now, what I’d like to do is I’d like to take you inside one of my blogs here.

This is the affiliate marketing dude blog. It’s the one that I use to run my teaching business off of. I have hundreds of blogs and many different niches. We’re starting new blogs all the time.

We’ve got a lot of stuff going on and we use the same platform for everything. So this is a blog that is running on the WordPress platform.

Now, a lot of people would look at this and say, well, Marcus doesn’t really look like a blog.

I’ve never seen a blog look like that. That’s right. That’s because we’re using it as a content management system. Now, what you’re going to notice is that on the first page of my blog, there’s pretty much nothing to do except opt in. Right. They want to download the toolbar. They go here, they get my free affiliate marketing toolbar and boom, there we go.

And I could even have the opt in box here like on my on my other blog,

This is also using WordPress and you see I have the opt in box right on it.

Now notice you really can’t do anything other than opt in.

Now, this is very important because up until now, using WordPress kind of just was like, hey, here’s all my content. Here it is. Check it all out. Go read everything. And when you leave and don’t leave your email. Thanks for visiting. I’m glad I helped you out with free info.

All right. We don’t want to do that. We want to control the flow of how everything works, which is why we’re using this stuff. Now you’ll see also on the affiliate marketing dude page. I use links to link to some of my top post or my top pages and everything like that. Right. So it’s extremely simple to do. I also have my live chat on here because hey, that’s a great way to make sales, right?

So we have all this stuff on here. Now, you’ll notice that if somewhat if I was to send someone to this page, this would be like my landing page so I could actually send paid traffic to this.

And I do. And it actually converts really, really well.

Now, if I sent paid traffic to a regular standard old WordPress blog, the way that most people use them with the common themes and all this other stuff, you’re not going to get a good conversion rate.

So what we have to do is we have to take back control and we need to understand how this works.

Now, one of the other cool things I like about WordPress is the fact that Google loves WordPress. Right. Search engines absolutely love WordPress. So if you’re going for free traffic, it’s very important that you use this the right way. Now, what you’re gonna notice here, if you were to go to Google and search for how does Honey make money, which is our latest video about how the honey app makes money. You’ll see that we’re ranking Page 2 and we just got picked up a couple of days ago, so it’ll start to grow. And this term gets like 9000 searches a month, which is pretty cool. But what you’re going to notice is that if you go to this page. Right, you’re going to see. Now I have a link to my video. It’s got the headline up here. So notice how the content structure is not like a blog. It’s more like a landing page or sales page. Right. This is done on purpose.

It’s very important that you do it this way. Now, you’ll notice, one, it ranks in the search engines. Right. So there it is in the search engines. We’ve got tons of rankings using this method. And then we have our our link that goes to the video. And then down here, I have my content that talks about the honey stuff. I also have images and things like that. And over here, I have links to other articles and I have my sales messages. Right. So it’s very, very important now. I want you to notice that this is done on the same exact blog.

So this page here is a page and it’s a a landing page. I get them here and boom, they opt in.

This is a post.

Very, very important because your posts are what I’m going to get traffic with and follow up with my list.

Now, let’s say you got, I don’t know, five, 10, 50 pages or whatever, how many pages you have.

These pages, the idea on these pages is for conversion.

The idea on everything’s for conversion, but the pages are more specific because what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna drive deliberate traffic to your pages.

The cool thing is, is you can have as many pages as you want. Right. You you’d have as many as you want. And they don’t all have to show up on the main page. You can actually hide them and we’ll show you how to do that as well. So the pages here are all about conversions. Right. So I can make a page that is like. This here or not, this one I can make a page, it’s like this, so this page is always there. It always says, download the toolbar, whatever. Right now I could go and I can run paid traffic to it. I could send people from YouTube videos to it. I could send social media traffic to it. I could send traffic from anywhere to this page. I could buy ads, solo ads, whatever. Right. I can get lots of people to this page. It’s going to convert. It’s going to get a lot of people into my funnel, into my options, and I can send them other stuff. Very important. Now, when we have these right, we’re gonna say these are the things we’re using. So we’re gonna take our traffic. OK. So here’s our traffic. Traffic. Boom. And we’re gonna have our traffic here and we’re gonna send it to the pages. OK. This is our deliberate traffic. Now, on the back end, what you’re gonna have is lots of posts. So if you have like 50 pages or 10 pages or whatever, you’re going to have like one hundred and fifty posts. OK. So here’s all your posts and now your posts are designed for a different method. OK. The post is Darvon designed twofold. One, it’s designed to get SEO traffic.

So right now I’m getting visitors. We just logged in before this training and people are on the honey page looking for how does he make money? So I’m getting traffic for it. OK. Number two, we’re gonna use this for interacting with our audience. Interact. OK. Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have all these posts and everything and we’re gonna have our content and we’ll try to make the content two fold. So like when I do the post for the honey video I made, I didn’t just make it like, oh, hey, let’s just put this up. Actually went for some keywords that I knew would rank and you could see the ranking. So I did it too full. Now I also use that to send my mailing list traffic too. So what’s gonna happen here is your pages are gonna be here to pick up the stuff, right? So this is gonna be your page and it’s going to pick up and get the leads. So gather leads. So like, let’s say you have four different pages. And you have one page. And this page is about the free toolbar.

So we’re like, hey, this about free toolbar or giveaway, whatever your giveaway is. OK. Give away one. OK. And then let’s say, like you go out there and you’re like, OK, well, now I got traffic for like the honey thing. You know, it’s not exactly like affiliate marketing traffic, but it is people looking for how to make money. Maybe I could say, well, let’s make another page. That’s gonna be a giveaway for maybe like a free little guide about, you know, how to do affiliate marketing or whatever. And it’s the same thing.

Like if you’re in the market for Bible verses or spiritual stuff. Right. You can go out and you can have a page that’s like get my top 100 Bible verses for depression. And then you have another page. It’s like get my top 100 Bible verses for happiness or whatever. Right. So you have these two and you can actually link from the posts and the pages or the posts here that get the traffic right. So I can take this here post. Maybe this is the honey post, right. And I’m like, okay, cool. Now I can link this over here.

I can be like, hey, you wanna get my free guide on on honey or whatever or free guide on how things make money online.

Go to the page and put the opt in. Right. Does this make sense to everyone? Everyone getting this. OK. So it’s very easy to do. Now, also, you can use pages for several different things. Let’s say, you know, you’re just in like affiliate marketing or whatever and maybe you just want to make a splash page.

I get all these posts and all these posts are ranking for Bible verses about this Bible verses about that Bible verses about this. Bible verses about that. Great. Wonderful. Now what? Right. I got a big list of Bible verses now. Up until now, I’d just live on the search engine and you to hope that some people click your ads and, you know, maybe they’ll click or whatever.

Now, what I can do is I can actually make a splash page and I could say, well, you know, this this article right here or this whatever is getting a lot of traffic for Bible verses about depression. So maybe I could make a little link that says if you’re struggling with depression, click here.

And then I can have an opt in that says, hey, if you’re if you need help with depression, maybe check out this affiliate offer, this affiliate offer, this affiliate offer, or if I’m in the Bible niche, maybe I can make that page I mentioned on my other video where we have little boxes and it’s like download the new King James, download the King James, download the and i.v. Download this, download that. Download this. Right. And then boom, they’re gonna click and I am going to get paid when they download the thing. This is going to increase your conversion. A lot. Right. I’ve seen this increase my conversion like crazy. So now when we do this, we need to understand how it works and we need to understand how to set all this up.

So we have all these reviews and all these products and all this stuff here. These are all pages. OK. So when we’re going into the outline, these are all under this category. Now, when I go into my WordPress, we’re going to go here to the WordPress dashboard. You’re going to see it’s light out the same way. Now you need to understand it the way that I use it.

Because if you don’t understand it that way, you’re gonna get stuck in like blogging, which that’s not what we want to do. Now, we are using a blog platform, but we’re not exactly using it as it’s intended. Right. What you’re going to notice about how I do things, I always tweak things to make them work the way I want them to work, because the way I want them to work is to make me money, not just to look cute or provide information for free or whatever. OK. So what we’re gonna do here is you’re gonna see on the WordPress dashboard. And again, if you haven’t started your first WordPress site, gohubsite.com

A static page. This is your page. This is like the Holy Grail page that people go to when they go to your main site. Like if I say go to affiliate marketing dude, I don’t want him just to go to a blog post junk. I want him to go to a specific page. I want which is the page that is to get them to download my toolbars. If they go to affiliatemarketingdude.com boom, I want you to download the toolbar. That’s what I want you to do. So I set that up as my main page.

Now, what this is going to do is it’s going to hide all your other content from everyone who comes to your page. This is important. We want to hide that because I don’t want someone that comes and says what’s an affiliate marketing do to just come here and look at all the content and look at all the links and eventually be like, great info. I’m out of here. I don’t want that. I want them to go through the path, the way that I want them to go through the path, because you need to control how people consume your content. Is your content. You worked at making it. You need to control how people consume it. When they get in, what they do, when they get there, how they ask for more content, when they join your list, you need to control that.

So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna use this different method. and send your deliberate traffic to your pages.

Now For COLD Traffic And Mailing List Traffic I Will Be Using My POSTS… this is where i put a lot of my SEO content and follow up content for my list.


Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia Affiliate Program

If you are thinking about getting into the travel affiliate niche, Expedia is among the most established affiliate programs across the web. The site allows you to search for travel deals related to flights, hotels, vacations, and more. Here is an exclusive guide to the Expedia commission structure, what you can promote, and how you can make money with this affiliate program.

What is Expedia?

Before we dive more into Expedia Affiliate program, let’s get some basics about Expedia right. Expedia is one of the most popular travel booking websites in the world. Expedia website is possessed by Expedia Group, which is a worldwide travel technology company based in U.S. Expedia provides services in 33 countries, in more than 25 languages. Other than Expedia.com, other websites operated by the Expedia group include; Hotels.com, Orbitz, trivago, CheapTickets, Classic Vacations, Venere.com, CarRentals.com, SilverRail, HomeAway and Travelocity.

Expedia Affiliate Program

The Expedia Affiliate program operates within the CJ Affiliate network. Affiliates are free to join the  on CJ Affiliate network. The  landing page has no information about the program, and you can only find the read through its terms on the CJ Affiliate. It is not always the best thing when affiliate network programs do not disclose their information on their affiliate landing pages. New affiliates thinking about joining the affiliate program should consider joining the CJ Affiliate network to find out the structure of the  commission.

Once you have an account on the CJ Affiliate, you can see that they have a 7-day referral period, which is not that bad for a travel booking affiliate program. As an Expedia affiliate, you will get weekly newsletters with seasonal offers and seasonal offers. Expedia also offers you with dynamic widgets and search forms. This will enable you to generate links to any city for flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Under the Expedia affiliate program terms, it outlines that affiliates should not promote Expedia through Twitter and Facebook. It does not indicate other social media platforms, but it is best if you would contact Expedia via the CJ platform for clarification about other social media sites.

What They Pay

the affiliate program is legit and can earn you some cash. The current 30-day EPC (earnings per one hundred clicks) is $30 over days and $3.14 over 7 days. The program provides a 7-day action referral period. This means that if any of your users convert within the 7 days of clicking, you will be paid on it. Any fraudulent transactions will be reversed, and the publisher will not receive a commission.

Expedia Affiliate Program Commission

The commission ranges from 2% to 6%. The highest 6% Expedia commission is for cruise bookings. The lowest commission is 2 %, mostly for car rentals and hotel bookings. All the commissions are paid upon completed transactions or stay. No commission is attributed to the booking until it is complete as a confirmed stay. Expedia.ca does not pay commission on pre-packaged vacations. The commissions pay as follows;
• 2% on car rentals
• 4% for airline bookings
• 5% on destinations services
• 5.5-6 % on hotel rooms
• $20- $30 on cruises

How to Promote Them

Expedia has a dedicated affiliate team that offers options for promoting and integrating travel on blogs and websites. Expedia  features a variety of categories that you can promote. Some of the affiliate programs to promote include; Cars, Hotels, Cruises, Flights, Discover, Things to Do, Deals, Vacation Rentals, Rewards, and Collections. The affiliate program allows online creators to maximize and monetize their traffic. You can promote the Expedia brand by featuring links on your website to sales, inventory, and promotions.

Expedia negotiates with the suppliers directly to secure inventory access that includes rates and packages. With the brand claiming to have leading conversion rates, every qualifying transaction that is done via a link gives you a certain percentage of the revenue varying from 2% to 12%. All partners have access to data feeds, software tools, storefronts, and technology that will help them to connect their business to millions of travelers who would like to get to you. These payments are made monthly through bank transfer. Some of the suggested Expedia business types range from personal blogs covering travel topics to agencies that assist travelers in finding their perfect vacation or getting at their business appointment in a timely fashion.

What You Can’t Promote

Looking at the terms within CJ.com, the list of what is excluded from promotion to earn a commission is quite confusing. We would best recommend that you contact Expedia through the affiliate contact indicated in CJ for more clarification about what is eligible for commissions and what is not. For instance, they have stated that Expendia.ca does not pay for commissions on pre-packaged vacations. Also, any car that exceeds a purchase of $5000 will be considered a non-commissionable transaction.

How People Can Make Money with The Expedia Affiliate Program

By now, you should be aware that travel booking affiliate programs are very competitive. To be successful in earning you should treat your travel affiliate website like a website rather like a leisure time activity. Most of the travel blogger affiliates place the booking search form in a sidebar or create a webpage for it called ‘Book Accommodation’ or ‘Cheap Tickets’ and include its in their navigation. Although it’s the easiest way, this is the worst approach. People won’t use the search form on your site because if that what they wanted to do, they would go to Expedia or another travel site directly. This approach doesn’t simply work.

The majority of people will visit your travel website to search for a particular inspiration or information. Therefore, the best strategy to make money with the Expedia affiliate program is using your Expedia affiliate links in the article’s body. Most of the travel bloggers only use the search form, failing to do this. You will be surprised by how much traffic this can earn you. So, let’s get this clear, use the affiliate links in your articles only.

Regardless of the affiliate program you are working on; you should always spend a reasonable amount of time researching the keywords. When it comes to this competitive travel niche, you need to find low competition keywords to get boosted traffic on your site. However, finding these low competition keywords for travel bloggers is not much of a challenge; the problem comes in writing high-quality articles around them. For typical bloggers who write about places they have been to, it will be difficult to find low competitive keywords for your particular trip.

However, if your primary aim to join the Expedia Affiliate program is making money, it will be easier to find leas competitive keywords by writing about places that you have not personally visited. But this might expose you to issues with coming up with a quality article making your articles to be generic as you haven’t been in those places. You need to style and make it look like your real experience for the readers to take your recommendations seriously and increase your conversion rate. So, what is the best thing to do in your travel blog monetization? Join  other similar programs and incorporate the links that you would recommend and those appropriate in your article content. You will often find keywords with low competition while you won’t find them sometimes.

Some of the articles that have the potential of high conversion rates are detailed itineraries. If your site visitors decide to use your itinerary, they will most probably want to use the same accommodation as you. There is also a higher probability that they will book more than one hotel you have recommended incase they follow your itinerary entirely.

Another way in which people can make money with  Expedia  is by utilizing videos. Travel vlogging is becoming more and more popular, with the majority of people preferring to consume travel content via videos rather than written content. You can try and describe your itinerary through a YouTube video and then place the links of the hotels you used in the video in the Video description. This way, you can be almost sure to get higher conversion rates.

It is not recommendable for you to promote Expedia if you are not a travel blogger, and you want to own a travel affiliate site. You can easily earn a commission from booking affiliate programs as a travel blogger than an owner of a generic travel website. But if you still want to create your own travel affiliate website, we advise you to try a target one type of traveler or write about one destination. For instance, you can create high-quality content focusing only on traveling to Thailand or target only the luxury travelers. This way, people will perceive you as an authority or expert for those looking for a luxury vacation in Thailand and will trust your recommendations.

Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program

The laws of the United States have incorporated travel agencies that apply for the Expedia travel agent affiliate program. The program enables you to provide your clients with better rates than what they are given by the program and earns commission. The commission for the Expedia travel agent affiliate program is higher than that for the  affiliate program. This commission ranges from 3% to 11%. If the travel agency becomes accepted to the program, you can access the Expedia custom booking system and dedicated call center, which will even help you with cancellations.

Should you join the Expedia Affiliate Program

Whether you want to join Expedia or any other similar booking affiliate programs, it’s essential to know that it is not easy to make a lot of cash through these programs. Although the travel affiliate program niche is very competitive, its commission rates are relatively low. To make the right amount of money, you will require to get massive traffic to your site, which is becoming more difficult in the travel niche with more and more people getting into travel blogging. We are not implying that you should not try the Expedia booking affiliate programs, but you should not solely stick on them. Take this affiliate program as a potential source of extra money but not one that will make you rich.

To be successful in earning from this affiliate program, do not write articles on competitive keywords if you cannot deliver high value to the site visitors. Instead, try and research the less competitive keywords and link them to relevant bookings when best appropriate. You will find it hard to succeed with booking affiliate programs if you cannot produce high-quality content. That is why it is not the best thing to create a travel site to make money via affiliate marketing. Although you will get low competition keywords and write articles around them, the articles will most likely be generic because you won’t write them based on your real experience.

Wrap Up

Expedia is not a scam, and you can earn money through its affiliate programs. However, it is a competitive niche, and hence you need to get a unique angle to be successful. Some people think that it only involves cloning a travel aggregator site, and potential clients will be flocking to use it. No! It doesn’t work like that. The best way to get you space in this competitive space is finding low competition keywords, produce quality and engaging content and post it in all the social media channels and wait. Once you start getting some on your site, you can start trying out different affiliate programs and see those that convert for you. Generally, this is an incredibly excellent niche, but you require to have an articulate traffic acquisition strategy if you are to make legitimate money in Expedia.

Get Paid To Read? – onlinebookclub VS my secret method!

Learn Five Ways To Make Money Reading PLUS I’ll Show You Exactly How To Do My Favorite Method That People Are Using Right Now To Make A TON Of Cash…

1. Read And Review Books Online (book browse, onlinebookclub, kirkus)

Did you know that you can get paid to read and review books online? That’s right. You simply read a book, post a review and get paid. It really is as simple as that. You can use sites like Book Browse, Online Book Club, or even Kirkus, where you can get paid for your book reviews.

The upside to this is that it’s really super easy. You simply read a book, write a review and get paid.

The downside is that you’ve got to do a lot of reading. And in order to make fifteen hundred dollars a month, you’d have to read over 20 books.

2. Reading On Tape (audible, fiverr, ACX)

This is where you could simply read books on tape. That’s right. You simply read a book into a microphone and you get paid per hour, sometimes as much as 80 dollars an hour or more just for reading some of the sites you can go to to get paid just for reading books are audible fiver, ACX and more.

Reading books with your own voice on audio can be kind of daunting for some, but for others it’s a great way to make money.

Now, to put this in perspective, if you were to read the entire Bible, it take you about 70 hours to read that on tape at 80 to 100 dollars an hour that be anywhere from five to seven thousand dollars profit for you. And that’s an incredible upside. Will you get paid to read the Bible? Probably not. Plenty of people have done that before.

So it’s not really in demand. But there’s tons of other books you can read and get paid big time.

The upside is who doesn’t want to make eighty to one hundred dollars an hour?

And the downside is that you’ve got to do a lot of work, because if you make a mistake or have to change something or don’t understand a word that all eats into your time and you’re only paid per recorded hour, not the time you spend on it, the time that’s actually recorded, but nevertheless you can make money with this method.

So the major downside for me is that in order to make more, you’ve got to work more, which doesn’t really provide passive income, which is my favorite type of income.

Now number three, four and five are my favorite passive income methods. And number five is just short of diabolical. So these are the ones you’re going to want to pay attention to.

3. Create A Topic Blog About What You Learn (summaries, education, ect)

You could simply find search terms about your topic. Write about what you learned in the books or even create a list of books people can buy. You can link to those on Amazon and get paid when people buy them.

You can also get paid through AdSense and affiliate programs to make even more money. Some people are making thousands of dollars a month with book summary sites. That’s right. They read the book. Post a summary and cash in big time.

Now this one has a great upside because you can make passive income.

Once you write the review or the summary or the list of books, one time that’s going to live on the Internet forever and make your money over and over and over again.

But the downside is that it takes a while to set this up. And you’ve got to do a lot of reading and a lot of posting.

4. Create A Book Review Blog (find books in a specific topic and review them)

This is where you simply find books in a certain category or topic, review them and turn that into a blog post. Now, the upside to this method is you can make lots of money. You own your blog and you’re going to get traffic over and over and over again if you do this right, which can produce a great monthly income for you. For example, I know of one company that’s making millions of dollars each and every year, providing book reviews and book summaries. And you can start your first blog in minutes using my instructions over it. Go hub site dot com. The downsides are you got to do a lot of blogging, lots of reading. It’s a long term play and can be somewhat competitive. But for those of you who love reading starting a book blog, it’s a great way to earn a good living. Now, suppose you’re not like me and you don’t want to read any books.

Well, then you’re going to. Number five…

5. Create Content Snippit Videos (my favorite)

What’s a content snippet video? You might ask?

Well, it’s quite simply when someone read something and puts it into a video form. And the cool part about this is you don’t even have to use your own voice. You don’t have to read a ton of books. And some of these people are making tens of thousands of dollars each and every month.

They’re simply going out there and curating content from other Web sites.

You have one guy here who’s doing read it.

All he does is read funny Reddit posts and the guy’s getting like 700000 views a day. And according to Social Blade, it says he’s making anywhere from like $50 a day up to three thousand dollars a day. And I usually find that Social Blade’s numbers are on the low side. So we could see that he’s raking it in.

Here’s another example of someone who just reads blog posts. Now, these are his own blog posts. So he does have to create the content or have people create it for him.

But that’s not that hard to do. And this is all about dating.

And all he does is read content about dating and posted it on his blog and posted on his YouTube channel.

Now, you could do this exact same thing just by going out there, spending 30 minutes or an hour doing research and find a bunch of sites that have top 10 list about how to get a girl to like you or how to get a date or whatever it is.

And you can curate that content, put together a simple video and boom, start making money right away.

This next example is a guy who does the same thing, but with tweets and funny texts. And he goes out and finds all these tweets and funny texts and puts them into a video, makes it funny, gets a lot of views and makes a lot of money.

Now you want to make sure that the content you provide in your videos and on your blog post is not subject to copyright violations. So make sure you do a little bit of research. But a lot of this stuff is available in the public domain anyway. So there’s plenty of content you could use without having to resort to methods that could get you in trouble. Now, this next example was a guy who does videos on the top five best things like top five best places to vacation. Top five best credit cards or whatever it is. And he goes out there and he finds all the information cure rates. It puts it into a video and makes money with monetization and other methods.

Now, a lot of these people have their own Web sites, which makes them even more money. But some of them are able to make a lot of money just with ads alone. As you can see from this example, guys making over one hundred thousand dollars a month with funny tweets and funny texts. Pretty crazy, right? Just creating top five videos. Here’s another example of a guy who’s doing the same thing, but his is called top 10. So instead of five, you find ten. These next few are pretty interesting and I really like the idea. This one is about scripture’s. They actually put Bible verses into videos, so they make a video about Bible verses about love or depression or poems or whatever it is, and they make a little video on those and get lots of traffic. Now this one’s not earning big, huge dollars, but you could see just on monetization alone.

This site estimates they’re doing about 900 dollars. Hey, if you pay attention to some of my videos, I’ve actually taught you how you can make two dollars and fifty cents to give away a free Bible software. Pretty cool, right? Imagine if this person was doing that. I’m sure they’d make a lot more than 900 bucks a month. Here’s another example of someone doing Christian meditation and Bible verses and things like that. This one’s averaging anywhere from 600 bucks a month to nine thousand dollars a month. And lastly, another Bible example where they’re making about five hundred to six hundred dollars a month. So you could see that this is extremely lucrative and very easy to do. Let me show you some examples of some things that you can use. We have funny tweets here that’s looked up on the Internet about 11000 times a month.

Top selling products using the keyword best we find best movies on Netflix, best free anti-virus software, best credit cards, best shows on Netflix, best laptops, best c._d. And on and on we go. Tons of things that you can make little content snippet videos on and just stay tuned, because if you don’t want your voice on camera, I’m going to show you how to automatically get that done for free.

Here we have the funniest means, funniest movies, funniest jokes, funniest movies of all time, funniest means funniest.

Netflix and on and on we go. We also have people looking up various different things on Reddit. Funny Facebook status updates and lastly, Bible verses about lots of people looking up various different Bible verses. Anyone can make money with this. Folks!

Tools Used In The Video:


Camtasia (or other free screen recording software like camrec)

Amazon Polly




How Does Honey Make Money – Honey App Exposed!

Honey App Reviews

How Does Honey Make Money – Honey Affiliate Program?

Four billion dollars. That’s what Paypal thought the honey app was worth when they recently acquired it. And in this video, I’m going to break it down for you and expose all the ways that this app is making upwards of 100 million dollars each and every year.

Now, first of all, when you’re on the home page of the honey app, you’re gonna see various different stores from Target to Home Depot to Best Buy to all of these other things.

All of these companies have what’s known as affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is where the company pays a commission to someone who sells a product.

So if I have a link on my Web site that tells you to buy something, you go to Target and buy it. I get a small percentage of whatever is purchased.

Now, anyone can go through, put up an affiliate link and start making money. But that’s not exactly what the honey app is doing. They’re actually doing this a little bit different.

And it gets a little bit more sinister.

honey affiliate program

As you can see here from the Honey App installation page.

It says that it’s going to be able to read and change your cookies, which means that they can hijack affiliate cookies from other affiliates.

It says that it’s going to store personal browsing data on your device. Meaning they’re going to track what you buy, where you buy it and what you click on and everything like that. It also allows them to see the websites you visit.

That’s a little scary.

The app can also go through and read and change data that you send and receive from other Web sites. That’s even scarier. And lastly, it says it could read and change content on Web sites you visit. What that means, it can actually change what a Web site looks like. If you have the app installed.

Well, that’s kind of how they’re making their money, because when you browse Amazon and you’re looking at a product, you might get a little notification that says, hey, here’s a coupon code for the product that you’re looking at, or if you’re browsing Best Buy or something like that, it might say you can find this item a little bit cheaper somewhere else. Click here.

So that’s the basic of how the app actually works. And anyone who’s been in app development for years knows that these are pretty inexpensive to make.

Now, we also see that there was a security warning on Amazon.

Amazon apparently does not like the honey app, probably because they’re hijacking a lot of commission.

If you’ve got the app installed, they can basically change the cookies and route the commissions to their account.

As it says here, the security warning is that Honey’s browser extension is a security risk.

He tracks your private shopping behavior, collects data like your order history, items saved and can read or change any data on any Web sites you visit to keep your data private, insecure, uninstall this extension immediately.

Now, I think that’s a little bit over the top, but there are some concerns with this app.

Now, before we go any further, I actually want to tell you that I’ve made millions of dollars promoting and creating my own various browser extensions and toolbars.

The way that most of these browser extensions make money is through the use of search.

They have a little search box that defaults to a search engine that they get credit for every time you click on ads.

Very basic, very simple, multi billion dollar industry.

Now, some other apps use content where they’re using the app or the toolbar or browser extension to direct you to different things that they want you to see.

Maybe it’s like a screen recorder or a tool or a PDF maker. And these apps will actually provide the tool.

But what’s happening is you’re going back to their Web site over and over and over again every time you click that button.

And it’s kind of like they own real estate on your browser, which is a very good place to be.

And it’s actually pretty funny to note that the way that the honey extension was created was by a guy who was kind of down and out money wise and he was looking for coupons so he could buy a cheap pizza for his kids. He noticed that it was kind of difficult to find coupons online and thought, hey, it’d be kind of cool to just have an app that pops up and says, save some money on this thing you’re going to buy. So he developed the app and got lots of investors.

And here we are a couple of years later and it’s worth four billion dollars.

Now, I think to understand how this works in its entirety, we need to understand affiliate coupon sites to understand how honey makes money.

I remember years ago, back in 2003, when affiliate summit first started, I was at affiliate summit meeting and talking to new people.

And I met several people that had coupon sites. They had sites where they’d find coupons and they get ranked in the search engines for the various coupon. And they would link to the offer and make money. Very simple. Any affiliate marketer can do this and get paid big time. I think these guys back then we’re doing like two hundred thousand dollars a month to show you how this works. I’ve actually navigated to one of the top coupon sites on the Internet.

People land on this site and look for coupons. What happens here is they have all the different coupons from 10 percent to 20 percent. On and on when we actually clicked to get the coupon code, this is where the magic happens.

What happens here? I want you to watch the browser on top.

It’s going to click to get that coupon code.

It opens a new page and gives us the code and tells us to subscribe.

But what you didn’t notice was behind the scenes, it actually opened up Best Buy’s home page.

Now, why in the world would they do this? Well, my friends, this is known as stuffing a cookie.

A cookie is a little piece of code placed on your computer saying that an affiliate referred you to Best Buy. So what happened was when you clicked the link to get the coupon code, they popped up the Best Buy Web site page through their affiliate link, thus dropping the cookie.

And then if the person who clicks actually ordered something within a certain amount of time, that person then gets paid for referring them. And the honey app is doing this in complete stealth mode, which is kind of crazy. And you can check the various affiliate programs for the amounts paid their affiliate programs at Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, you name it. If there’s a store, chances are they have an affiliate program.

So what these couponing sites are doing is they’re actually leading people to their affiliate link. Behind the scenes and the Huddy app is doing this like on steroids. Now, there are other companies that do this as well. One of the more popular ones you might have seen on TV ads is called Rakuten, which is formerly known as Link Share.

And if you’ve been an affiliate for any amount of time, you know that they were an affiliate network before they were ever recruiting. And you can see that when we actually load the honey app on our computer, they have a list of different sites that you can go to.

Obviously, through their affiliate link where you can save money and find things like that, you can also hit the search button and find various other stores. And you’ll notice that when you go to popular stores like Amazon and click the honey button, it’s all going to pop up different Amazon codes and of course, put the cookie on your computer. So they get paid when you buy stuff. So, friends, I hope you enjoyed learning how these apps and coupon sites make money and how the honey app is literally raking it in to the tune of $100 million a year or more.

Honey App Affiliate Program

Honey as of writing this does not have a PUBLIC affiliate program… they do have a referral program but it taps out at 200 leads or $1,000.  Lots of youtubers are promoting the honey app which leads me to believe there is actually an affiliate program but you have to contact the company directly to get involved in that.

There are several coupon toolbars on offervault you can run… they pay around $2.50 per download.


Does Netflix Have An Affiliate Program? Netflix Alternatives

Netflix Affiliate Program – Where To Find It

Netflix is very popular for the streaming services it offers. People are able to watch tv shows, movies, and viral videos without much of a problem. The question that comes by is if Netflix really has an affiliate program. The truth is that Netflix no longer has an affiliate program. To be clear, they are quite expensive and they sure don’t need one.

The affiliate program is often initiated to lure more customers via referrals. By the time canceled it out, they were trying out their incredible streaming services and distributing out DVDs to the customers. They began with some big bucks that go around $10 on every new referral which could actually generate you a good amount of money. If you try asking whether they have an affiliate program then the answer will be yes. The company actually still hosts several platforms of advertising system which actually means that the company does have the capacity to re-evaluate it if it really wants.

To be perfectly clear, Netflix does not currently have an affiliate program advertised on thier webiste… however you can find this thru offervault although in my opinion the payouts are kindof low.

https://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/15717042/netflix-for-1-cc-submit-us/ (this one pays $14.00 on a $1 trial)

there are also some netxflix gift card type programs you can find on offervault as well.

Here are some Netflix Affiliate program alternatives. They include;

-Sling TV
This is another internet television service that is owned by the Dish network in particular. It normally provides a variety of add-ons which include specifications of country and language respectively. This service, however, is only available in the US region. With the current cost of cabling totaling to an average amount of $100, then using Sling TV will really help you save money as well as earn you some fortune.

Additionally, this affiliate program has a refer-a-friend program that is able to give you both parties a total of $15 back and $5 off your subscription for the next three months consecutively. This means you will be earning money and also be saving off some of your friend’s money as well.

In order to refer a friend on this incredible program, you will be required to sign in to your account in the official site and then click on the “Get $15” button to be able to send the link to your friend via the mail or any other social media platforms. Upon receiving the link, your friends will then immediately be able to start customizing their own channel line-up and then begin streaming movies and your favorite programs. Upon finishing a 7-day trial and subscribing to the Sling TV you will receive a $5 discount.

This is an American company which normally provides live and on-demand TV shows, movies and many more. Users are normally provided with an option to stream on the unlimited screen and at the same time do it at the comfort of your home. This said, however, one should know that the unlimited screens usually come at an extra cost.

The service normally offers a referral program that you can easily join from the link. You will surely be able to earn money by simply recommending the service to other people be it your friends or family and you will get rewarded the moment they subscribe. What you should know is that for every new subscriber that signs up from your given referral link, you will be remunerated $10 via your desired payment option like the Visa Prepaid Card.

What you need to do is, when you get into the accounts page, you will have to click the get $10 link from the payment information section. What will happen is that you will be provided with a unique referral link that you can actually share with other people via several social media platforms.

Your referrals have to use your link in particular while signing up on the web or from a cell phone for you to get the rewards. What will happen is that you will surely be getting paid via Visa Prepaid cards for each and every referral especially when they are charged for their second consecutive month on Hulu. You can also effectively track the status of your referrals and rewards simply through the Ambassador which is the third party administrator for your given referral program.

Home Depot Affiliate Program

The Home Depot Affiliate Program

To join the Home Depot affiliate program, all you need is a website or blog where you will post the relevant links. You may need to meet precise specifications to be eligible to join the program. You will make your application at the Commission Junction affiliate network where you need to sign up first. The advantage is that it is free, you have a wide range of products to promote, and you can earn a lot of money from the commissions. You also get fantastic support from the Home Depot dedicated affiliate program team.

Home Depot Commission structure

The home depot affiliate program has different commission structures depending on the products. The flat rate is 3%. You may, however, find that appliances will give you a 2% commission. Products such as mobile phones can get you up to 3%, while home decor goes as high as 8%. You will not get any commission on gift cards and services.

How to make money with a Home Depot program

To make money from the Home Depot program, you must generate the right amount of traffic and turn them into conversions. You have the option of very many categories, including the product category, shop by room category, among others. The cookie lasts for 24-hour only.

One of the best tips we can give is that you need to find a niche that has low competition. There are many online tools you can use to find keywords that have low competition items so that you can target them. You will need blog posts to generate relevant content that is sure to invite traffic to your website. Focus on areas such as home decor furniture, small office designs, and outdoor kitchen appliances, among others.

What You Need To Focus On

The right content will generate interest in what you have to sell. You will have more people flocking to your website, and they are more likely to click on the affiliate links. You must, therefore, do the following:-

Have a Good Understanding of Affiliate Marketing

Before you embark on signing up for an affiliate marketing program, take the time to understand it well. You must know what you’re getting into and how you can maximize the tools available to earn an income. Take the time to read up on the home affiliate program so that you acquaint yourself intimately with the ins and outs. When you know what you are up against, it helps you manage expectations so that you avoid disappointment in the long run. See what other people have to say about it and learn from their successes and challenges.

Focus on High-Cost Products

The higher the cost of the products you promote, the higher the commission. It, therefore, only makes sense that you target such when generating content for your blog. With so many products to choose from, you will not run short on content. You must understand whether or not there is a demand for that particular product. It does not matter how interesting or relevant your content is if it does not translate into sales.

You can also get multiple clicks with low-priced products. Include products that people are more likely to buy. That is why you must also consider lower-priced products.

The most important thing when using the products to sell is not to spread yourself too thin. It may be tempting to promote as many products as possible so that you can earn a lot of money. However, when you focus on a particular product, it gives you the chance to become an authority on it. You will also spend more time in developing the right marketing material to attract the right audiences.

Know Your Audience

When you set up your website, you have a particular audience in mind. Before you market any product to them, you must understand what they need. It will require that you do some research so that you only push products that are relevant to them. Knowing your audience will also assist with the content generation, which is essential for building credibility for your website.

Customer Reviews

We all know how essential customer reviews are to anyone who is running an e-commerce platform. Statistics indicate that more than 80% of buyers will base their purchasing decision on what other people say about the product. Customer reviews will work well for both low and high priced products.

Now take the information you get from the reviews to write your list of advantages and disadvantages of a particular product. You must include the cons so that your review comes out as unbiased. It will make your reader feel that your review is honest and not a marketing gimmick for the products you are promoting. When they have the relevant information, they are more likely to purchase if they had to search for elsewhere.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization will ensure that you are visible to the search engines. It requires that you use the right keywords, both long tail and short tail. You must also use the correct descriptors, image tags, Meta descriptions, among others. It is also essential that you pay attention to how your website performs. You will lose a lot of traffic if you have slow loading or hard to navigate pages. Choose the right web host provider who can give you sufficient bandwidth and support so that you do not have any downtime on your website.

Raise Your Profile as an Expert

Many people are on the online platforms looking for information, and that is what you must provide. The first step is knowing your products very well; you would not want to sell something you do not understand. When you give relevant content such as tutorials of DIY projects, you will start to establish yourself as an expert. The more people come to you for advice on how to do certain things, the more they will depend on your recommendations for products to buy. Do what the influencers do; use the products you are selling for DIY video tutorials so that you sell more. Do not restrict yourself to your website only. Take advantage of social media platforms and YouTube. Remember to build an organic community by asking people to follow you or subscribe to your video channels.

Email Campaigns

Home Depot deals with a specific clientele, and it is, therefore, possible for you to target them directly with email campaigns. You will need to develop a list and have specific targets for the different products. You may, for example, have a list that is specific to contractors, interior decorators, plumbers, among others. You must do this so that you do not bombard the wrong target with unnecessary messaging.

When you properly understand your customers, it makes it easier for you to push targeted products through your email campaigns. The advantage is you achieve a higher open rate, thus better leads for you. If you get the targeting wrong, most of your emails will end up in the junk mail. You can also focus on the higher-priced products for your email campaigns. Such are also excellent platforms for pushing promotions and any special offers.

What We Like About The Home Depot Affiliate Program

The home affiliate program has many advantages including:-

You get to choose from a wide range of high-quality products; including high-end, specialty products among others
You get access to excellent on-page conversion elements
The process of joining is easy
You have access to ads and links that you can use on your site
You get to benefit from the Home Depot brand awareness. Home Depot is present in 50 states, Canada and Mexico.
Many customers trust the home depot products, making it easier for you to turn leads to conversions
You get excellent support from the dedicated Home Depot affiliate program team and Impact Radius
You have access to customer reviews, comparison tables, live chat option among others

What We Do Not Like

The commission rate is low
The 24-hour cookie may not be sufficient time to sell some of the higher-priced products
It is specific to home improvement thereby limiting you to specific products
You do not get a commission for installation services, gift cards, select special orders, custom created products and in-store purchases
You can become an affiliate even if you live outside of the USA. you will however only make a commission if you get conversions within the US market

Is It Worth The Hype?

There is really no clear-cut yes or no answer to whether or not joining the home affiliate program is a worthwhile venture. The program has a lot to offer for anyone who is looking to make money through their website. You get to choose from a wide range of products, but we would recommend that you focus on a niche product.

The main advantage is that the program focuses on an area that will never really run out of business. Every other day, someone is looking to improve their home, fix broken parts, or even build one. Do not try and promote too many products so that you can focus on the ones you choose. While the commission structure may not be as high as what other affiliate programs offer, you still have the opportunity to make good money. Home Depot enjoys excellent brand awareness, and it also has high-quality products. Apply some of the marketing tactics we have highlighted above so that you generate more leads. Ensure that you target your audience properly to increase the chances of converting leads into sales.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at the Home Depot Affiliate program in detail above. We have shared with you some fantastic tips on how to generate more awareness for your website. We have also given you an unbiased view of what we like and dislike about the program. It is possible to earn income as long as you have a website. Some people depend solely on affiliate marketing for an income. Like any other job, you need to dedicate sufficient time and effort before you start to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing. With the right foundation and mindset, the Home Depot affiliate program is a fantastic revenue source.

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I Spent $1,000 On Article Marketing


article marketing template

here is my article marketing template i use for ordering content for my blog… you can follow this and change the links and instructions a little bit to help you get quality content.

My Favorite Keyword Tool


About two months ago, I spent over a thousand dollars to generate free traffic to my Web site. How does it even work? Is it free traffic supposed to be free? Yeah, but I actually wanted to make this test really fair since I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 20 years and made lots of money online. I know a lot about this industry. So I decided to outsource the article writing to normal people that just write some articles to see what would happen and see what kind of traffic I would get. So I got over 34 different articles and posted them on my Web site and the results I got were actually better than I anticipated. Which is why I splurged and spent seven dollars on my fancy new shirt. And in this video, I’m going to take you through all the results. I’m going to

show you the articles. I want to show you what we did and show you how the free traffic is rolling in each and every day on autopilot. But first.

You see an old saying in business says that when the tide rises, all boats rise and I want you to think of each and every one of these little boats as the keywords you want to get. Sometimes you might go for a big keyword, but it’s better to go for little ones. And as you go for all these different keywords and write little articles for each and every keyword, they’re going to start to grow. And the key has to do with getting the right keyword. Some of the keywords you go for might get you a couple visitors a day. Some might get you a hundred and other big words might get you a thousand visitors a day or more. But as you grow and add more articles and more keywords, everything is going to start to pile up and your traffic is going to start

to grow. And as they say, the rising tide raises all boats. And if you do this long enough, you’re going to start to see some results.

All right. So let’s dove right in and take a look at how this all works. First and foremost, what I did is I ordered about a thousand dollars worth of content through get Web site content dot com. This is the site I go to get on my Web site content. You can see how much these articles cost. Now, as part of this challenge, I tested different things from like the cheap article to the expensive article to see if there was any real difference and to see how it would work with my search engine rankings. Now this list of twenty five articles is just half, about half the list of the total amount of articles that I got for my thousand dollars. This represents about six hundred and twenty seven dollars in total. And we have some others that we have coming as well. I just

haven’t done all the editing yet. Now we have all this here and we could see the ones that are highlighted are actually articles that I’ve already posted on my blog. Now in a little bit, I’m going to get into the ranking techniques and the super secret method that I used to get multiple rankings per blog post, which is really, really cool. And you could use that to get a lot more traffic now over in this column. These are articles that I personally wrote. There were some that I was like, yeah, I kind of want to really hone in on this keywords. So I’m going to write the article myself.

Now, it’s important to note that this entire process with all of these articles getting them outsourced and everything took me less than 10 hours total, which is pretty good for the rankings I’m showing so far.

And then over here we have some ideas that I have for upcoming articles. Again, the idea is the whole boat thing where if we can get a lot of keywords, get a lot of rankings, we can get a lot of traffic. And I’m actually starting to see quite a bit of traffic coming in. And we are only like less than two months into this, which is really, really cool.

Now, it’s important to note that this method relies 100 percent on the keyword choice. Notice how I could have gone for big competitive words like affiliate marketing affiliate programs or make money online. Now these words are super competitive, so I would not stand a chance in getting a ranking for these. So instead I went for much simpler words that have the same visitor intent. They’re all people looking for affiliate marketing and making money online, even if they’re searching for Amazon. Affiliate Program Review. Wal-Mart affiliate program. Lyft affiliate program. Free Affiliate marketing course or anything like that. Pay attention to this because when you go out there to write articles, you want to make sure that your keywords are super noncompetitive. Stay tuned and I’ll show you what I mean.

So let’s go ahead and hop over to the search engines. And if I do a search for my site, I’ll do site colon and my domain name. No WS or anything like that. Just site colon and your domain name. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a date. So I did the date from the day that I started this challenge on December 5th. To today’s date, which is February 3rd. Now what this is showing me is, is pages that Google has picked up, pages they know exist and they’ve actually ranked on the search engine and the dates. Right. So we can go in here and we could see that a lot of these have been picked up like we have won for Lyft and classifieds and all this other stuff. And you could see that they are starting to get

picked up in Google. We have about, I think, 20 new pages that were picked up in Google, a lot of them that were the outsourced articles, which is really cool. Now, when we go to Google and we search for stuff, we could search for our various keywords and and see that they are starting to pick us up. Right. We could see that this one is actually picked up yet, but Google knows it exists. So that’s going to be picked up pretty soon here. Right. We can also see what the articles look like. So the articles are pretty basic. Most of the articles are around a thousand to two thousand words, which is usually pretty good for the search engines and not too difficult to write even when I wrote these myself. It only took like an hour to an hour and a half to write.

Now, if you’re new to your market one, your market’s probably gonna be a lot less competitive than mine. But if you’re new, you could do the research. Maybe I’ll take you three hours or so to put one of these up. And, you know, if it makes you money, then it’s three hours well spent, which I think it’s going to be if you do it right. Very important. Now, if you want to learn more about the keyword tactics and how I found the keywords to write. These articles on make sure you check out video, no one in this series, which I’ll put in the description and you can find that very important, you want to check that one out as well. You can also find that at free traffic skills dot com. Now, this is an example of an article we have Lyft, an Uber affiliate

programs was going for both keywords in one because I know it’s not that competitive.

Now, one of the things you’re going to hear a lot when talking about ranking on the search engines and SEO is keyword density. How many times should the keyword that you’re going after appear in your article? Obviously, you don’t want to have it too many times, but you could have it littered throughout your article. I found through this test that the best rankings have about one point five to three percent keyword density. That means that if I have a 100 word article, my keywords gonna show up about one point five times. If I’ve a thousand words about 15 times if I have ten thousand words. Well, you can do the math from there and see how it works. But I found the best keyword density to be about one point five to three percent.

And it’s just got a little overview. I put a couple of images in there, some screenshots of where to find the affiliate programs, and they wrote some article words about the different affiliate programs. OK, so really, really cool. That’s what they look like. Nothing fancy. And of course, what I did is I put my ads on the side. I put little links for them to download affiliate courses and things like that. So let’s take a look at what this looks like. We know Google knows these exist, but that doesn’t mean anything in terms of ranking. So let’s see what kind of rankings we’re looking at here. Now, if I come over here and I use this keyword tool by putting my domain in and then searching by volume, it’s very important that we go by volume because I want to see the ones that get

a lot of traffic and want to work on improving those. We could see that we started to show up for various keywords that we went for. Which site offer vault affiliate review, Amazon affiliate, Walmart affiliate. That was a good one that we got a number 18 ranking on just the other day. Amazon affiliate marketing blue host affiliate. And on and on we go. So there’s lots and lots of keywords that we’re starting to pick up, which is really good. Now, if I go through and I isolate these and I just go to the position and then go like zero to 20, what’s going to happen is I’m going to see the ones that do that are ranking in the top 20, because obviously we want to be on the top closest to number one as we can to get the most traffic possible. So I

could see we have like how to get started with Amazon affiliate program. We’re ranking 18 Wicks affiliate Blue host affiliate earnings. And some of these have a little bit of traffic, but you’ll notice that they’re combined, right. So like the Wicks affiliate, it’s going to have like a bunch of keywords. Wal-Mart’s going to have a bunch of keywords and that’s only one blog post. Right. So I didn’t have to make one for each and every keyword. I just made one for each group so we could see that we are picking up quite a few rankings. Dollar Tree Wicks affiliate, Wal-Mart affiliate. This is one I really like because if we can start ranking a lot higher on this, we’re going to start to get a lot more traffic offer vault or peaking. Top Ten affiliate mentor Rigo Assets Affiliate Program.

Now, you might be asking yourself, Marcus, how does the search engine find you anyway? And back in the old days, we used to have to submit our site to the search engine and wait months and months and months before it found out that it existed. Now we have what’s called web crawlers. And I hope you like my little spider and spider web. What happens is the web crawlers go out to find new Web sites that pop up on the Internet. The way that they’re found quickly is by linking in from other sites. So like if CNN or Fox News links to your Web site boob, Google is going to pick it up right away. Now, it’s very difficult to get a link on those types of Web sites. So what I do is I use a shared hosting account and Google will naturally figure out

that your site exists because other people are going to be on your shared account. And shared accounts are only like six dollars a month, which is really cool because you get the benefit of being able to pop up on the search engines pretty quick. We usually see this happen in less than a month. Where Google actually goes in an index is a new Web site without doing anything.

Christian affiliate programs, Uber affiliate marketing and on and on we go. So we could see that there’s actually a lot of keywords that are starting to pop up, which is really cool. Now, again, if we do this one by volume, you could see that some of them we are ranking for ones with really, really good search volume. And of course, once they start to show up. This is only 60 days old. We can start to build and rank and grow. For example, one of the ones this one here started out like a number 80 and we’re already at number 20. And it was just like a week after I did a little tweak, OK. Very, very cool. And I know that rhymed. All right. So we can go through and we could see click bank affiliate marketing regal assets again, Christian. A lot of stuff

here. So we’re starting to rank we’re starting to show up and we’re actually starting to get traffic every single day. I have a tracker on my site that shows me the keywords that people come from so I can see exactly what’s going on. So you could see in real time that. This is actually working in a competitive market and you guys can see the competition by K B, right, KDE equals keyword difficulty. So like this one’s a number 36, which is pretty difficult, right? It’s on a scale of 1 to 100. Number three, not that difficult. So you could see that we’re actually ranking, you know, for some that are difficult, some that aren’t that difficult. And on and on we go. Now, if you go into one of your markets, that’s like woodworking or maybe lots of sub niches for credit score. There’s gonna

be like lots of keywords that are zero to three. Right. So they’re going to have very little competition.

I promised I was going to talk to you about noncompetitive keywords. And one of the methods that I use is my trigger word method using this method. You can go instead of going for something like weight loss. You can go for the various weight loss books and different summaries or reviews. Or if you’re going for credit repair instead of using credit repair, you can actually rank for all the different credit scores that people have and make little articles to get them into different credit repair programs. And the cool thing to realize is that everyday people are searching for all kinds of different keywords related to their market. So while at first glance the market might seem competitive, there’s always a backdoor. And if you want to learn more about how to find a backdoor into literally any market, including the competitive ones, make sure you

subscribe and click the bell and check out my video on niche finding.

Now, I did this to show you that this does work in a competitive market with articles that I didn’t actually write, which is very important. This is to show you that you can do this, too, and you can actually see that if we search Google for one of our keywords, this is what I did for a affiliate program, not one I’m fond of. But you probably find out if you read my article. But we’re actually showing up here at number 20 at toggles between like number 17 and number twenty three. And you could see what it looks like here. Very simple. Again, right around the 2000 word range. And we just do a little explanation. We have some screenshots, stuff like that. Wasn’t that hard to do. This one took me about an hour and a half to write. And it’s actually getting me traffic

right now, which is really cool because of the fact that this one article, if I punch that into my keyword tool, you could see that we rank for over 60 different variations of the keyword that I went for. Right. We have page one here with a whole bunch of keywords. Page two here with a bunch of keywords and on and on we go. So it’s really, really cool. And you’re also going to notice that as you do this, some keywords you didn’t even intend to go for, you’ll actually start to rank for now.

Early on in my search engine ranking career, I found out something interesting and that is that if I had like a mortgage site or something that was location specific and I simply listed all 50 states on my Web site, it would start to paying for each word like mortgage California mortgage, refinance California mortgage rates, refinance California and Arizona and all the other ones, which is really cool. Now, when you go through and you find unintended keywords, what you want to do is you want to make a post about that word if it gets a lot of traffic and start to rank even higher. That way you capitalize on something you didn’t even know existed, which I’ve done quite a bit and made millions of dollars with.

For example, when I put this one up about how to copy and paste ads, I just listed some ad sites and I had no idea I was going to ranked number two for free ad forum. But this one’s actually ranking. It’s getting me traffic and I didn’t intend to get it. Another one I didn’t intend to get was a post that I wrote about how to make money writing book reports. And I just listed some example, books that have low competition keywords. And the funny thing about this is it’s it’s literally just a list of the different niches with a little bit of tax. We have all these text and stuff here with a list of the different books. And we actually started to rank for like Credit Secret’s book review, which is cool because if you look at it, it’s not even in the

title, which means that if I made a different post all about Credit Secret’s book review, I’d probably rank top 10 like that. And this is really where you’re going to find the gold is by putting this stuff up and seeing what starts to rank where and then improving on everything as you go along. And these little improvements take like 30 seconds to a couple of minutes and they can get you lots and lots of traffic when you do them right here, you can see we are actually top ten for Lyft affiliate program. And that same exact article got a top 10 for Uber affiliate program. So we had the right one to get both those keywords. And again, I see people coming on my site every day from these keywords. We also got a top 20 for a keyword. I really like, which is free

affiliate marketing course, which is really cool because it’s traffic that I actually want people that are looking for the stuff that I have to offer, which is very, very important because anyone could rank for a bunch of keywords. But you have to focus on the keywords that you actually want that are going to bring people that will buy your stuff, click your affiliate offers, or do whatever it is you want them to do. Otherwise they’ll just get a bunch of traffic and you won’t be able to make much money. So as you can see here, we are less than 60 days into this challenge and we’ve gotten hundreds of new search engine rankings, got traffic coming in every day. I haven’t even done close to half of the articles that I ordered.

Now make sure you subscribe and click the bell because I have lots of other videos on external links. Back links. Keyword density, making your articles, how to boost your rankings and get found quicker.

So if you go out there, you can either outsource the articles on, get website content dot com or you could start to write them yourself. And if you go for the right keywords like I showed you in video number 1, you’re really going to start to put this together and start to get some results. Now, if you like this kind of stuff and you want to learn more about it, actually have a private traffic class that I’m running right now where we got people that are going through it and getting results live as we speak, which is really cool because it doesn’t take that much effort. If you’re interested in that. Check out free traffic skills, dot com. Sign up for the traffic class. And of course, if you want to learn how to do all this stuff for free. There’s plenty of videos here

on my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe, click the bell and join us live every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, where we have a live training to show you exactly what you need to know about how to make money online and make sure you watch video number one of this series again to learn the keyword stuff. I’ll put it up here on the screen for you. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus, the affiliate marketing dude. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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