Go From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Run Traffic and Analyze

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.


Run Traffic and Analyze


Now that you know how you’re going to get traffic, you actually have to do it.


You do this with something called the 300 Click Test. There is a video in the Simple Sites Big Profits course that walks you through how to do this.


It tells you how to test your market, and how to test your site. It shows you how to run your traffic and analyze. I would suggest watching that.

As you’re running your traffic, you want to ask yourself these questions:


How many impressions am I getting?


How many clicks am I getting?


How many opt ins am I getting?


How many sales am I getting?


Where can I improve?


These are the only things you’re concerned with at this step. You don’t care about anything else.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

Seven Figure Keyword Hacks

Are you ready to learn how to find highly profitable niche markets? We’re going to dive into my seven-figure niche finding secrets.


For those of you that know me, I started affiliate marketing back when I was about 19 years old. I started in various different niches, and started trying to learn how this stuff works.


I tried to figure out what I needed to do to make a living online.


Maybe you feel like you’re in that spot, too. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, Marcus, I want to make money online, but I really don’t know how to do it. A lot of people are telling me a lot of different things, and it’s really confusing, and I need some help.”


Here’s the deal. In marketing, you’re going to learn about two different types of fruit. One is low-hanging fruit, and the other is high-hanging fruit.


Now, the low-hanging fruit is on the bottom of the tree, and it’s really easy to get.


The high-hanging fruit is hard to get, and it’s at the top of the tree.


When you’re dealing with an internet as big as the internet we have today, you have a lot of fruit at the bottom. There’s a lot of stuff that you could go for and get results really quick. You could even make seven figures with low-hanging fruit.


An example of low-hanging fruit in the marketing world is the long-tail, big keywords, and they’re a pain in the butt, and they don’t always work right.


But the fact of the matter is that you really need to focus on what you can get and what you can do.


And in reality, you really can get the low-hanging fruit.

If you can find out the keywords that people are searching for, and the places people are hanging out, I think you can get a good grasp on how this works.


If you can focus and figure out how these ads work, and what people are doing online, then you can go out and make a lot of money.


You can get the intent behind why people are doing what they’re doing, which is extremely important.


Right now, money is flowing around everywhere. There is a lot of money flowing online—millions and millions of dollars are being spent every single minute.


Even more, advertisers are paying billions of dollars on paid ads, sponsored ads, banner ads, video ads, and everything like that.


We have to look at this and ask how this works, and understand where this is going to lead us.


Recently, some people have been asking me if my methods still work with how the economy is now, and how the internet is always changing, and only the “gurus” seem to be making money.


But that’s not actually the case.


There are actually hundreds of thousands of people, just like you and me, who are making a living online.


The way I make this happen is by creating “simple sites” online. So, what’s the big secret to making these simple sites work?

My simple sites work because they’re based on what people are searching for online. They put you completely in control of the content. You direct the visitor to where you want them to go.


My goal is to find people that need something. Then I educate them on what they need, why they need it, and what to do. If I do that, then I increase the value of the traffic instantly.


We’ll show you how this works.


Did you know that right now, I can send an email to everyone and ask, “Hey, are you interested in financing your house?”


A lot of people probably wouldn’t want that email because you’re here for my webinars. But if I did that, every click I generated from the email would now be worth more money. Does that makes sense?


That’s the difference.


All clicks are the same. It’s just a matter of what people are clicking on. All searches are the same.


It’s just a matter of what people are searching for. And it’s our job to go into the brain and say, “I’m going to think about what they want.”


There are some keywords out there that are super competitive. People pay top dollar for certain search terms — $50. $60, even $70 a click.


Until now, traffic for these keywords has been super competitive, overpriced, and not profitable. If I had to pay $10 or more per click, I’d be making nothing.


But 99% of the time, every keyword will have a word related to it that is much cheaper. It’s like finding a penny on the ground, and someone is willing to buy it for $100.

There is a backdoor to every niche, even the competitive ones.


Here’s the ticket. Instead of going for the high competition stuff that everyone goes for, go for something else.


This is what I call flipping the market. It’s about understanding what people want.


Here’s the deal. On one side of the coin, we have a keyword.


This has everything tied to it, and everyone knows it’s valuable, so they’re paying for it, and they’re bidding it up. On the other side, we have people searching for all kinds of stuff.


Our job is to find out how we can link them together.


How to Find Non-Competitive Niches with Hidden Profit


Let’s talk about how to find non-competitive niches with hidden profit. We’ll go into this in a moment.


1. Find your need niche.

2. Find higher paying offers. You might find offers for $30 to $100 and more. Or, use simple converting offers.

3. Set up a direct site, promoting the offer.

4. Get some traffic. Use the easiest methods you can.

5. Watch what your visitors click on. Get them to opt in. Be interactive.


I have a question for you.


When is the best time to sell home security systems?


It’s after a break-in in a local area.

If your neighbor gets robbed, what do you do? You instantly go get insured, you get security, you call people, and you deck out your house with security stuff. This is the best time.


If you’re a security salesman and you go to a neighborhood that just had a break-in, your conversion is crazy.


We can convert this idea to online.


After a local break-in, a lot of people are searching online for home security systems. And that traffic gets competitive.


Advertisers might pay $11, $15, or $30 a click.


But if you had to pay $30 in this market, or $10, or even $5, you’re not going to make any money.


But how could we get traffic in this market now?


We can make money on these markets with affiliate offers. So we can go to OfferVault and look for a related offer that’s a lot less competitive.


Let’s say we look at offers for a related search term, “crime statistics by zip code”. These people are probably looking to move, or maybe they’re looking up break-ins, or maybe they heard about a break-in. Or maybe they watch the news and got scared.


We can get this word for 23 cents a click.


You could provide information for people looking up crime rates for their zip code, and you could recommend a home security system.


This is an example of flipping the market. This can work for any niche.


How to Find Super Profitable, Untapped Niches and Flip Them to Profit


How do we find these markets? How do you come up with stuff like “crime statistics by zip code”?


Well, what I do is I use something called trigger words. I can go here and go to my trigger word tool, and I can type something in that has nothing to do with anything other than a trigger word.


It takes a bit of work, but once you find these, it’s like finding gold.


I’ve used these many times to find backdoors into different competitive markets.

A lot of these trigger words are included in your Simple Sites course. If you don’t have that yet, you can get it at www.SimpleSitesBonus.com.


Here are some of our trigger words:

  • Learn
  • Lessons
  • Level
  • Listings
  • Lose
  • Power
  • Monthly
  • Naturally
  • Normal
  • Online courses
  • Order
  • Overnight
  • Payment
  • Price
  • Problems
  • Purchase
  • Question
  • Question and answers
  • Quick
  • Raise
  • Rates

Our full trigger word list is around 300 words long.


And you can use these alongside different tools so that you get a good overview of what you’re working with.


And this is the kind of thing that we do all the time that gets us into markets that work extremely well.


Another method I use is the glossary method.


This is another great method. You can go into a market and find all the terms that people are looking up. Then you can put them into a list.


You’ll find terms that have a lot of searches and low competition.


We also teach you the product method. This is if you have a product that you’re leading with.


We teach more about these methods in the Simple Sites course.


Pairing the Right Offer with Your Niche

The key here is pairing the right offer with the right niche.


All traffic will work if you have the right offer.


Everything works if you have the right offer. If you don’t have the right offer, nothing is going to work.


There are some major categories that you’ll look at with your keywords. Here is a list of categories.


  • Automotive
  • Business Opportunity
  • Coupons
  • Dating
  • Downloads
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Freebies
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Membership Clubs
  • Mobile Optimized
  • PIN Submit / SMS
  • Social Network
  • Tourism

These are some basic categories. There are lots and lots of offers for all these categories, but you have to be creative to make it work. This is why the stuff that I do works.


Pairing the offer with the niche is everything.


You have to think about what the user ultimately wants, and how you can help them. Right now, how can you help them?


Then focus your landing page, make sure your offer and payout match, and visualize the possibilities.


Because if you can pair the right offer with the right keyword, you can make tons of cash. The key is training your brain to see the opportunities.


Remembering that these are your visitors.


They’re super hyper, crazed, “Give me what I want right now” type of people. They are a ticking time bomb. And if they can’t find what they want in a few seconds, they’re out of here.


Your site must have a goal and a purpose. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to click something? Buy something? Opt in? Then you must put it in front of them.


The key is that your content must lead them where you want them to go. You are directing the traffic in your web sites. You need to control the conversation. You need to make it about you.


Control the narrative. Control the way they consume the information. You are in charge. You’re in charge of how they see it, and your content must lead people where you want them to go.

It’s very easy to give people what they want.


Remember that once you find this, value is the future of CPA marketing. You can create value in the form of a PDF, an mp3, infographics, video files, articles, spreadsheets, cool quotes and interviews, lots of stuff.


Another tip is to add interactive tools like dropdowns, questions, forms, search boxes, check boxes, monetized ads, reports, downloads, videos, and things like that.


Marcus’s Ten Commandments of Blog Making


Here are my ten commandments of blog making. Once you find your keyword, this is what you need to do. This is what you need to focus on.


1. Thou shalt not beat around the bush. If you have something to say, say it. If you want people to buy stuff, get them to it. If you want them to click on an ad, tell them what the benefit is.

2. Thou shalt not confuse thy visitors with useless info.

3. Thou shalt not bore thy visitors with boring info.

4. Thou shalt not go too broad with thy topic. Stay focused.

5. Thou shalt not sacrifice thy message for a fancy design.

6. Thou shalt help thy visitors in a direct way, using their favorite medium.

7. Though shalt always direct thy visitors where thou want them to go.

8. Thou shalt always find ways to interact with thy visitors.

9. Thou shalt always use thy content to lead people to what makes thou money.

10. Thou shalt always use thy design to guide thy visitors’ eye where thou want them.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


Go From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Start Aggressively Getting Traffic

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.


Start Aggressively Getting Traffic


By now, you’ve started your blog. You’re building your content, offer pitches, and giveaways. You have some emails and some blog posts. The next step is to start getting some traffic.


We’re not out here waiting for the search engines to pick us up. We’re not waiting for the traffic gods to bestow upon us the traffic.


We’re not waiting for the algorithm to be on our side.

This isn’t about just trying to get traffic. It’s about building and aggressively getting traffic, of course in an ethical and non-spammy way.


If you’re not that good at SEO, or your site doesn’t get ranked, what are you going to do?


There are lots of ways you can go about getting traffic. You could do it by email, banner ads, contextual marketing, search ads, web-based advertising, social media, mobile, incentivizing, or banner ads.


You could do native ads, videos, and forums.


If you’re not getting traffic, it’s no one else’s fault but your own. But that’s okay, because if it’s your own fault, then that’s a good thing. That means you can fix it.


You could make backlinks. And not the crappy backlinks, like getting a million backlinks for $5. You should get real backlinks. You can even get backlinks from your top competitors. If you pay enough, you can get whatever the hell you want.


Traffic is your own fault. Now, what are you going to do to help it?

Here are some tasks you can do to help your traffic. Each of them take about 15 minutes to do:


  • Set up a new blog

  • Buy a new domain name

  • Create content for blog / site

  • Create a blog post

  • Record an audio

  • Write an email

  • Make a step-by-step list

  • Create a blog theme

  • Submit a press release

  • Find ten new keywords

  • Make an infographic

  • Sell from a new angle

  • Create a squeeze page

  • Make a slide video

  • Make sites for clients

  • Make a new video

  • Set up a simple forum

  • Write a letter

  • Test your market PPC

  • Find PDFs for market

  • Make a list of downloads

  • Set up a “grid”

  • Buy a solo ad

  • Answer questions

  • Content for flipper sites

  • Create backlinks

  • Restructure content

  • Create webinar notes

  • Interview someone

  • Create a member site

  • Organize info

  • Make an excel calculator

  • Run a banner ad

  • Write a book chapter

These are the 15-minute tasks you can do every day to make it work. They’re not that difficult.


We actually teach you how to do all these in the Simple Sites course, which is really, really amazing. We teach you all of it. You can get that at www.SimpleSitesBonus.com.


I guarantee, if you stop trying to make money online, and instead you focus on doing these the right way, every day for 15 minutes a day, you’re going to outrun the guy who’s spending 8 hours a day trying to make money online.


You’re going to outrun them by far, because these are the tasks that get the money.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


Go From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Build Your Content, Offer Pitches, and Giveaways

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.


Build Your Content, Offer Pitches, and Giveaways


We have to build our content, our offer pitches, and our giveaways.


What Are Your Target Market’s Needs, Desires, and Wants?

What is it that people desire? What is it that they want? Figure it out. You have the keys to the kingdom.


Figure out what people want. I know what you guys want because you tell me all the time. Very cool. You guys want to make like $1,000 to $10,000 a month or more. That’s what you want.


Find Other Offers and Flipper Markets


You have to look at other offers and see what’s out there.


What are flipper markets? These are markets that you can start with one niche and flip the audience into a related niche.


Set Up Follow-up Messages


Next, you want to set up follow up messages. You should have 5 – 10 messages to send out to your mailing list. These can also correspond to 5 – 10 blog posts for your blog.


You can send these to people when they opt in in your list. Very basic, very simple.


Add Direct Calls to Action on All Pieces of Content


You should add a direct sales call to action on all your pieces of content. Tell your audience to download this, fill out this form, whatever it is. Don’t be afraid to be direct.

Differentiate Traffic Content and Sales Content


Make sure to differentiate your traffic content from your sales content.


What does that mean? That means the content you use to get traffic is going to be different from the content that you use to sell.


When I do these webinars on YouTube, the purpose of them is to sell. You guys usually know who I am when you watch my long webinars.


Some of the smaller videos I have on YouTube, like my recent rap video, are used primarily to get new people. They’re different types of content.


Usually, when I do sales stuff, I do long-form videos, where I talk for an hour and half. When I do traffic-getting videos, they’re shorter. On the sales webinars, I sell hard, and tell people that they need to buy my stuff.


I’ll say, “You need to go get a high-ticket niche right now at www.HighTicketNiche.com, because not only is the domain almost worth what you pay for the niche, but you’re also going to get a site.


“We’re also going to teach you the market. You’re going to get all the plugins installed. You’ll get some content. We’re going to tell you the offers to run. We’re going to give you 90 days of support to walk you through everything on Tuesday calls, so you can ask questions to your heart’s content.”


I’m going to sell hard, because that’s what this is for.


On traffic content, I might not sell that hard. I might just be like, “Hey, opt in, or check out my next video, or whatever.”


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


Direct Response Marketing Video Tutorial With Glossary

Download The FULL Glossary PDF Here

NOTE: if you are looking for a super personal, hands on,
mentoring program… i have been thinking of starting a new
super tight nit group of 10 ‘partners’ where we actually
set up marketing business’ and run them together…

since this will be hands on and involve me actually building
out the business with you… it will be somewhere in the neighborhood
of a 15-20K investment and we will work together to get you results
for a full year and you will even have a product custom made and
ready to market built for you in the internet marketing niche.

if you are interested in this send me an email at 21daychange@gmail.com
and tell me why you would be a good fit and lets talk 🙂

this is not for everyone so if you are on the fence please check out or
keep using my other great tools and products… if you are interested
be sure to email me asap.

AD: anything designed at getting people to your offer or website

– facebook post / adwords ad / banner ad / solo email ad / text ad

Dont Try To Blaintantly Sell In Your Ads

AFFILIATE: someone selling on behalf of another company

AFFILIATE LINK – tracks clicks and sales


paid per click, per lead, per sale, per trial, per call, per download

ACQUISITION COST: how much does it cost to get a (lead) customer

CLICK FLOP: direct to offers no lead capture

ADVERTORIAL: advertisement that is designed to look like content

ADVOCATE: / Reporter / Reviewer: your writing or content style

goal of your sites and ads – is to get read!

AVATAR: a snapshot of your visitors or ideal customers

SRDS – buy lists of people who _________________

(40-60 looking to supplement income) 3rd world

reverse mortgage (60+) own thier house

DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING – cutting out the waste

BACK-END: how much do you make off the lead or sale

100 email optins $4,000 per year ($40 per year per subcriber)

FRONT END PROFITS (1,000 * 39 = $39,000) $3.33

$8.75 Lead – $300 40-70 KNOW YOUR BREAK EVEN POINT


car goes 0-60 in 5 seconds

outrun any car on the road… look good while doing it

500 hp

FLAT BENEFIT: benefit with no emotional appeal

EMOTIONAL BENEFIT: appeals to emotions

PRACTICAL BENEFIT: never buy gas again

buy a cure but not a prevention

sell them what they want give them what they need

COPY / COPYWRITING: the copy your visitors will read

– know your avatar / know thier hot buttons

SPECIFIC (How I Paid $51,321 In Visa Debt In 3 Years)

HEADLINE – get people to read your next sentence

SUBHEAD – GET people into the body

BODY – bulk of your copy (skim rather than read)

BREAK-EVEN: the poing where you get your money back

CTO: contribution to overhead

CALL TO ACTION: asking for the sale, lead, action

AD call to action (click here)

SALE call to action (buy this thing because)

CLOSE: closing the sale

COLD VS WARM: cold traffic who doesnt know you warm traffic is traffic who knows you

CONTROL: your starting point ad or content

download free bible verses (1% ctr)
free bible study tools (3% ctr) control

landing page squeeze page (10% opt in)
free report and video (30% opt in rate)

CONVERSION: someone doing the action

DEMOGRAPHIC: who ya got

E-MAIL LIST: list of people who want to hear more

you can follow up with them with other ads and offers

GUARANTEE: i guarantee after going thru my Direct Response trainings for just $97 you will learn exactly what you need so you can write ads that make money starting today… yes this skill can be used the same day you learn it to profit bigtime (by record was $3,000 in 13 minutes)


biased – what pays me (affiliate disclaimer)

INTEGRATED MARKETING: where you are piggybacking on other marketing

LANDING PAGE: the page your visitor lands on

LIMITED TIME OFFER: this is only availible on this call or in this report or for the next 48 hours

SOCIAL PROOF: the last people who were on my webinar loved it

MARKET: demographic (weight loss)

NICHE MARKET: (lose 20 pounds in a week)

OFFER: give us 11 minutes and we give you the world

pizza in 30 minutes or its free

your first $100 is on me

buy my Direct Response Marketing Training and ill give you everything you need to start writing ads and making sites that pay

buy a preius and never pay for gas again

OPT-IN: when someone enters theier name and email for more info


separate links (10 100 20 50)

pre-populate (carry something to the next page automatically)

boost conversion

PERSUASION: the art of getting people to take action

POSITIONING: selling in a different way (how are you going to position your product)

PROFITS: all the money left after advertising

QUALIFIED PROSPECTS: someone who has the desire and means to buy your stuff

REASON-WHY COPY: get my direct response training BECAUSE you will learn the same skill responsible for making me over $10MM on the internet

SQUEEZE PAGE: opt in page (page designed to get subscribers from your traffic)

SHORT COPY / LONG COPY: whatver gets the point across

RESPONSE RATE: number of people responded / total reach

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: amount made from an investment ($100 – $1000)

SPECIAL REPORT / FREEBIE / INFO GIVEAWAY: get people to subscribe

SWIPE FILE: collection of good ads

USP: unique selling proposition

Go From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Start an Opt in / Sale Blog

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.


Start a Simple Opt in / Sale Blog


Something you want to do is set up a simple opt in or sale blog.


You can learn how to set up a blog at www.GoHubSite.com. It will show you how to get hosting, set up a test site, and then build it out. It’s very cool.


Here are the steps you can take to create your simple blog.


Get a Good, Targeted Domain Name

The first step is to get a good, targeted domain name.


Make sure you’re getting a domain name that has something to do with your niche.


You just go get it, it’s very simple. I buy domains every single day for our high-ticket niche customers.


And if you say that all the good domains are taken, then you haven’t looked hard enough. There are always ones you can use.


Focus On Your Traffic Method


Before you build your site, you have to know your traffic method.


Why? You’re going to build a different site for paid traffic than you would for free traffic. You’re going to build a different site for social media than you would for YouTube.


I can teach you all of this stuff. If you want to learn it, you can go to www.SimpleSitesBonus.com and get my course. It walks you through everything in videos, and it even shows you how to determine what your best traffic method is.


And if you need help, we help you. Every Tuesday we have a call that you can join, if you’re in the Simple Sites course.


Create a Hard-Hitting Sales Message

Notice that I said “hard-hitting”. You don’t want to go out there and just waffle it. You want to sell.


If you want to make money, you have to ask the people to do what’s going to make you money. What do you want them to do that’s going to make you money? If you don’t ask, then you won’t get it.


Ask for the sale. Tell people where to sign up. Show them how to sign up.


Build Your Site / Blog Flow


Next, you have to build your site or blog flow.


What is a site or blog flow? It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s how your site flows.


Some people use things like ClickFunnels or Builderall to build their sites. Those are decent software, but they’re not magic. They’re just building platforms. If you want to use them, go ahead and do it.


As for me, I recommend using WordPress. We have plugins that do everything you need to do on WordPress.

Right now, I’m running a seven-figure business with WordPress and my plugins. That’s it. I don’t even use all 12 of my plugins, I just use 2 of them.


Here’s what this looks like.


You have your site. On page one, you want people to opt in. Your goal is to get them to put their name and email in the box, and click “submit.” When they click “submit”, they’ll go to the thank you page. On your thank you page, you want to have some offers.


Let’s say that you have a site about belly fat. People come to your site, and you tell them they’re going to get a free report on belly fat and how to lose belly fat. Maybe you have a video on your site telling people how they can get the free report (by opting in). You tell them that they’ll learn the top 10 tips to lose belly fat. Or maybe you just have an image on your site.


Either way, once people opt in, they’ll go to your thank you page.


On that page you can tell them thanks for joining, and they’ll get an email shortly that’s going to have the belly fat report. But for now, here are the top three things that help get rid of belly fat. (Here you can give affiliate offers.)


Then, behind your blog, you have all these blog posts. These will be emailed out with offers on them.


This is exactly what I do.


If you look at the main site for this business, it’s Affiliate Marketing Dude. You can see it at www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com. You’ll see the main page, where people can enter their name and email. On other pages, people can opt in as well. It’s basic. That’s what we’re doing.


You’ll also notice that I have other stuff that gets picked up in Google, stuff that I can mail out and send to people.


I have my ads and my content. It’s the same exact kind of blog as I’m tell you to make.


In my opinion, this works better than some kind of fancy funnel building software. Why? Because it ranks in Google. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s adaptable. I like that.


I want to be able to change something at the drop of a hat. I want to be able to go in there and not log into some complicated software. I just want to be able to type a word, or put an image up, or put a video up, or whatever it may be.


WordPress makes it extremely easy. When you pair it with our plugins, it’s ridiculously simple and easy to do, if you really focus.


Once you build your site or blog flow, you’re going to want to build your mailing list. That will be the key to getting the numbers fast. You can use the tools that you find in the MarcusMentor.me program. And if you need help, you can join our Tuesday calls.


You can get our plugins, and a book, and a t-shirt, and all kinds of cool stuff at www.MarcusMentor.me.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Breaking Down the Numbers

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.


Breaking Down the Numbers


First, you have to ask yourself this question.


If you are not making money online, it’s because you’re not asking the right questions.


You’re probably sitting around saying, “How do I make money online?”


But there are so many ways you can make money online. Shopify. eBay. Affiliate Marketing. Pay-per-call. Pay-per-click. SEO. You name it, there are just tons of things.

What if you refine it, and instead of saying, “How am I going to make money online?”, say, “What is my niche and how fast can I get traffic?” And, “Who am I trying to target?”


You want to target a group of people, because the more you know about your target, the more money you’re going to make.


You need to make it to where you really understand them.


It might be something simple, like a market for refinancing a house. How many of you have ever refinanced a house?


If you have, great. You can help all the people who haven’t yet refinanced their house.


How many of you have ever cleaned your carpet? Great, you can help people with that.


Or how many of you don’t know anything about anything? If that’s the case, you can go learn stuff on the internet. There are no excuses.


You might say that you’re not passionate about anything. But if you say that, I don’t give a rip. I wasn’t passionate about, like, 90% of the niches I went into. I was passionate about making money, and marketing, and understanding what makes this stuff work.


That let me to go and learn things. You have to go and learn what you need to know.


And I have to tell you, if you spend eight hours learning something, really learning it, you’re going to know more than 90% of the marketplace anyway. Very important.

There are some main questions you have to ask yourself here.


What is Your Niche, and How Fast Can You Get Traffic?


What’s your niche? What’s your market? How fast can you get traffic?


Now, this is important because you have to go in and figure out who you’re trying to reach.


What I do is a trigger word method, or I try to find out what people are searching for. They might be searching for something like “How to put AdSense on a blog”, or “how much does it cost to have a wedding”, or “signs of pregnancy”, or something like that.


If they’re pregnant, you could promote offers for health insurance, or maybe get people to download a baby name book, or maybe promote a pregnancy book, or whatever it may you. You go through and learn about people, and you get them stuff.


How, how fast can you get traffic? This is a loaded question, because you can get traffic right now.


People ask me all the time, “Marcus, how long does it take to make money online?” You could make money online right this second.


You could go on Facebook and get into a group, and you can share some things with people that are helpful, and then you can sell stuff.


Now, notice I didn’t say spam. There are a lot of people who spam the hell out of Facebook and all kinds of places, right? They do make money, but it’s unethical. It’s short-lived. They’re probably not going to live very long in terms of the market, and they’re going to end up with nothing.

That’s the trade-off. If you provide content with good value, good information that people want, then it lives forever. If I make a good post on Facebook and people buy from it, I can then turn that into a PDF, and I can then turn that into all kinds of other things.


How fast can I get traffic? I can get traffic right now. I can go and take my credit card, I can buy an ad right now and get traffic right now.


What’s stopping you from getting traffic?


What is the Best Offer and Commission Payout?


The next question you have to ask yourself is, what is the best offer and commission payout?


Let’s say you’re going into the belly fat market. You want to teach people about belly fat and how to get rid of it.


You can go out there, and you can find an offer. You want to find something related to belly fat, and something that pays well. You could go to OfferVault and look at the ads for “belly fat”, and you might find offers that pay $37, or $47 for commission. Or they might be $80 or $90 per sale. Or perhaps you could look for “abs”, since they’re related to belly fat.

You have to be very, very proactive with this. You have to go get what you want.


So many people come to me and say, “Marcus, I’ve been following you for years, and I’m not getting any results.” And I say, “What did you do?” They say, “Well, I set up a hub site.” And then I say, “Yeah, well, you need to go out and market it.”


Because if you don’t get out there, you’re never going to be found. You have to get proactive.


You have to get the people that want to look at your stuff.


There are people on the net, they’re out there. They’re searching for belly fat. We know that. They’re doing it right now. We also know that someone will pay us $62 for a sale.


Now, do you see the two sides of the coin? There’s a guy out there searching for belly fat, and there’s a guy willing to pay us. Your job is to link them together, plain and simple. Everything else is just filler.


How Many Clicks Will It Take to Get a Conversion?


You might be someone who’s still waiting for people to convert. If that’s the case, you’re probably getting the wrong traffic.


You could say, “Oh, I’m getting 1,000 clicks a day.”


If no one’s buying anything, your traffic is wrong, or your site isn’t very good, but I’m guessing your traffic is probably wrong.


If you’re getting 1,000 clicks for a $1, chances are it’s really crappy traffic.


It’s 2019, guys. We’re past the days of all the junk. We have to focus on what really works. We have to get the right, targeted traffic.

Let’s look at some scenarios where you can make $1,000 a month.


Imagine you find an offer that pays $61 a sale. Out of 100 clicks, you get 2 sales. You’d be making $122 over 100 clicks, and that means you’d be making $1.22 a click.


If you know that, on average, you’re making $1.22 for every click, $1.22 a click, then how many clicks do you need to make $1,000 a month?


Well, you need to make roughly 600 or 700 clicks.


If you’re averaging 10 cents a click, then you need 10,000 visitors every month, or 300 visitors a day. 10 cents a click times 10,000 will get you your $1,000.


Or imagine you get 25 cents a click. You need 4,000 clicks a month, or 133 a day. Are you going to let 133 clicks stop you?


If you average 50 cents, that would be 2,000 visitors a month, or 67 a day.


If you average $1 a click, that’s $1,000 clicks a month, or 30 per day. 30 a day comes to 1.2 clicks an hour. Anyone can do that. You just have to focus.


If you make $3 a click, you need 333 visitors a month, or 11 a day. That’s 1 click every 2 hours.


You could just go post on Facebook, say hi to people, and get one person to click every two hours. And that could be while you’re watching TV, eating chips, and being lazy. Seriously.


Note that some of my higher front-end traffic has been around $10 a click.


And remember that we’re just talking about front-end traffic. This doesn’t include what you’re going to make residually, what you’re going to build up to, what you’ll make off your mailing list.


Here’s the deal. It all depends on what you’re selling, or giving away, or whatever it is. You could sell stuff, you could give away downloads, you could do all kinds of stuff. Whatever gets you paid that’s ethical, and good, and right, and serves your market, I’m all for.


If you have an offer that has a lower payout, or a lower conversation rate, you’re going to need more traffic. With a higher payout and conversion, you’ll need less traffic.


How many little clicks are you letting stop you from reaching your goals?


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


Seven Lessons Learned from “The Loudest Voice”

Seven Lessons Learned from “The Loudest Voice”

Today, I want to show you seven crucial business lessons that you can learn from “The Loudest Voice”, the new TV show on Showtime.


These seven lessons will fundamentally change the way you look at making money online or offline, with anything you want to do.


1. Everyone Has a Reason Why Something Won’t Work


There are all these reasons why things won’t work.


Back when I started my business and internet marketing, everyone looked around and told me, “Hey, this isn’t going to work.”


And I said, “You know what? Get away from me. I’m doing this because I know it’s going to work. And all I need is one reason why it will.”


And after teaching entrepreneurs for years, everyone comes to me with their excuses of why things won’t work.

People say that a one-page website doesn’t work, and it can’t happen in the real world. But you know what? It actually does.


And the people that make it happen are the people who believe it will happen, and take the action to make it happen, and educate themselves on the things that they need to make these things happen.


So you have to look at that and say no to excuses. Say that you’re going to focus on what does work.


2. Cater to an Underserved, Unheard Market

This lesson is very important. What’s in your market? How can you go into your market and look for something that’s underserved?


If you’re going into the weight loss market, instead of doing what everyone else does, why don’t you go where people feel unheard? Maybe there’s a group of people that want to lose 100 pounds or more, and there’s nothing serving their needs.


Maybe there’s a group of people that only want to lose five pounds.


Whatever it is, find that portion of your market that’s not being heard.


I would rather dominate a small market than flounder around and try to make something happen in a big market. Hands down, no questions asked.


3. Focus on Getting Shit Done Fast


This is like number one, where most people have a lot of excuses.


You have to look at this and say that you’re going to focus on getting things done.


How can you get your website done? How can you get something for sale? How can you get something ready for the market now? Instead of delaying and waiting and putting all that tape on everything, why don’t you put it out there and see what the market has to say?


There’s nothing that’s going to give you a better business lesson than putting something in front of the market and seeing what they have to say.


4. Focus on the Right Stuff

When you’re getting things done, you need to make sure you’re getting the right things done.


What kind of things are you doing? Are you doing the right stuff in your business? Are you doing the right stuff in your education? Or are you constantly struggling, going from thing to thing to thing, and never getting anything worthwhile or meaningful done?


You have to focus on getting the right things done, and getting them done now.


5. Execute


You have to be executing on your plans. And you have to remember that not everything is going to be perfect the first run, but you still have to get things out.


You have to test them in your market.


That’s not to say you should put something out that’s unethical, or shady, or weird. But if you constantly wait for everything to be perfect, you’re going to constantly be waiting.


Remember that this is a growth process. You start with something small, and you grow, and you learn, and you roll with the punches, and you keep on going.

Now, there are a couple of negative lessons that you’re going to get from this show as well.


-1. Don’t Be a Jerk and Misuse Money, Power, and Influence


As you can see, there’s a lot of misuse of money and power and politics out there. A lot of people playing in this field are not good people.


You never want to misuse your power. You never want to misuse your trust.


You always want to live an authentic, ethical life. It’s going to make you seep better at night, and probably live longer, too.


-2. Don’t Put Profits Over Lifestyle

I have a lot of friends in the industry, and when they put profits over lifestyle, their lifestyle suffers.


But we forget that the reason we got into this was to create a lifestyle.


I set out 20 years ago, and I said I want to make enough money for my kids to be home, and me to be home with them, and to live at home. That’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to have to go to work.


And 20 years ago, when I set that goal, I never thought I would make eight figures or more on the internet, which I’ve done now, which is really cool. I never thought that would happen.


But I can look back at those time when I put profit over lifestyle, and I focused on dollars in the bank rather than the life it provided, and that’s when I got off base.


You guys have probably heard the story where I became an alcoholic, and all kinds of crazy stuff happened, and that was because I was putting profits over lifestyle.


Remember why you’re getting in the business.


Maybe it’s so you can spend time with your grandkids, or get your wife home from work, or stay at home, or whatever it is. Focus on that first, because numbers in the bank don’t matter. The way you live matters.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


Pay-Per-Call and Affiliate Marketing

Pay-Per-Call and Affiliate Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about pay-per-call.


Pay per call is a lot like affiliate marketing, only instead of getting an affiliate link, you get a custom phone number.


So when you log into your account, and you choose to promote a pay-per-call offer, the network will ask you how you’re going to promote it. Obviously they want to make sure you’re legitimate.


Then, they’re going to generate a custom number for you. And this is a special number that’s unique to you, for as long as you’re promoting the offer.


So all you have to do is put this phone number on your website, or in your promotions (obviously following their terms and conditions, not just spamming it everywhere), and you’ll get paid when a certain person calls the number and stays on the line for a certain amount of time.


Now, these can be leads for anything from rehab to health insurance, to quotes on carpeting or plumbers, or anything like that.


And these companies will pay you anywhere from $1 to upwards of $1,000 for a lead. That’s what I’ve seen at least.


Now, a lead is determined by a legitimate call that lasts a certain amount of time. So it could be anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, to 90 seconds, to upwards of 2 minutes or more.


When a person calls the unique number, there is a custom tracking software that says who a call came from and how long they stayed on the line.


Once they stay on long enough, you get paid in your affiliate account.


I like to go on OfferVault to search for pay-per-call offers.


You’ll notice it has several different tabs to help you search, and if you’re only looking for pay-per-call offers, you can select that tab.



And if you search by payout and see the highest payouts first, you’ll notice that some of these offers pay really, really well.



Let’s think about why this happens for a moment.


These are a lot of the things that are advertised on TV. And when people advertise these on TV, they spend a lot money, and they don’t know if they’re going to get any calls.


So when they come to people like us, affiliate marketers, these people are guaranteed a call for a certain amount of time.


There are lots of different ways to promote these offers.


I’ve seen people promote them on Facebook groups and Instagram and things like that.


You can also market them on your blog or your website.


You can even do videos and drive your traffic to your site.


When you’re looking for offers, you want to try and find the ones that are low competition. But even ones with high competition can work well, because they pay so well.


The key is to find words that the advertisers aren’t thinking about, and build a good site around how to help people with the offer you’re promoting.


There are a lot of people making a lot of money with pay-per-call offers, and it’s not that hard to do. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for many years with pay-per-call.


And here’s another tip for you:


You can make a blog that has good content for people, and when you’re promoting your affiliate offer, you want to create your own banner for it.


So you would go in and create a new image. And instead of typing the phone number on your site, you’ll make a banner that’s pretty big. You’ll keep the background the same color as your site, and you can add a message related to your offer.


Then you would add the phone number that the affiliate company gives you.



The reason you want to do this is because rather than typing it out on your site, when it’s done as an image, all you would have to do it change the number on everything on your site is to change the one image, instead of going in and changing every single link.


You just go in and change the image, and everything on your site changes to reflect if the offer changes or something like that.


And you can make this as catchy as you want, using the stuff that I teach you in the Simple Sites Big Profits tool.


So if you want to get into pay-per-call, what you should do is head over to www.SimpleSitesBonus.com, pick up a copy of my Simple Sites Big Profits software, and use that.


Then hop on our calls we have every Tuesday, and tell us what you’re up to, and we’ll help you out with it. We’ll show you how to get more leads, and drive more, traffic, and make more money.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.