How Does Google Make Money

EXPOSED: How Google Makes Money

How Google Makes Money

How Google Makes Money

Last year ALL the tv advertising combined made a whopping… 72.2 BILLION Dollars…

That is an average of $197 MILLION dollars per day… pretty crazy right… but it gets more interesting than that…

because in the same year… google alone generated over 2X that much for a earth shattering…

$160 BILLION Dollars…

thats almost $500 MILLION a day.

and they didnt have to pay fancy actor sallaries, huge film crew budgets, or even fight for your attention on tv.

but how does google make all this money and is there a way you can get in on the action to make money with google?

stay tuned for a whole breakdown… PLUS ill be showing you 5 killer ways to make money using what you learn.

Part One: Understanding The Google Business Model

let’s go ahead and dive into part number one, which is the Google business model in order to get you into the Google business model… I got to take you a little bit back in time around the time I first started my Internet marketing career and business. Now, the domain name was registered on September 15th, 1997. At that time, we had findwhat, hotbot, Lycos. Excite, goto, overture, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista and several other search engine companies all fighting for attention and ways to make money.

Now, Google’s mission at that time was to make search engines better and provide a simple easy to use straightforward approach.

All the other search engines at that time had a bunch of clutter, all kinds of stuff to click on.

What Google focused on was good search results. Now, this company started out of a college or two college buddies got together and said, hey, let’s start a search engine based on what we know about algorithms and math and research papers, research papers, what how does it have anything to do with it?

Well, Google stumbled upon something very interesting, you see, when you write a research paper in college, what you have to do is at the bottom of that research paper, you have to site your work.

So you have to say, hey, you know what I read from this guy, this guy, this guy, this book and this Web site, and you have to site your work. Now Google went in and said, hey, wait a minute. If everyone is writing papers on a certain thing and they all site one person as the go to, well, then I think that go to is probably what people want to read about. This is where they came up with the page rank algorithm. This is where you go out there. And basically on Google, Google cares more about what other people’s say about your Web site than what you say. Now, back then, they had this idea of a search engine in mind. They didn’t have a whole lot of money. And back then, advertising online was not a big deal. It was actually nonexistent. However, you did have companies pouring millions and millions of dollars into building Web sites.

October 1994 Hotwired Sells Banner Ads

first banner ad

first banner ad (pictured above)

44% CTR And Surprisingly STILL 18X The Average CTR

Now, on October of 1994, Hotwire sells what is credited to be the first ever banner ad. What’s a banner ad? Well, it’s like a banner ad like this, which actually this is credited as the first banner ad by AT&T. It said, Have you ever clicked your mouse? Right here you will. Now, back then, banner advertising was brand new. And this banner ad got a whopping 44 percent click the rate. That means if one hundred people saw the ad, 44 clicked on it. Now, you might be saying you Barcus. That’s that’s because it’s all, you know, new back then. But actually, they did tests recently and they found out that this same ugly banner ad still got 18 times the average click through rate of regular banner ads. (more about this later)

Google, here they are, the year 2000. They’re starting to grow. Right. They’re like, hey, we’re grown. This Internet thing is is not just a fad. It’s not just something silly. They’re growing to about 60 million searches per day, which back then that was pretty big. Right. And they’re getting 60 million people to search on Google every day. So 60 million people go to Google, they type in. How do I cook a Turkey or what’s the latest mortgage rate or what are the stock prices? And they go to Google to search for various things. And Google is like, whoa, wait a minute, this is really cool. There’s like 60 million people doing this. But I remember there was like a banner ad guy and he didn’t make that much money. So how can we make money off of 60 million searches a day?

60,000,000 Searches Per Day (2000)

how google makes money

Well, a guy back there was looking at the results of Google and he said – what if we allowed companies to advertise?

October 23, 2000 – ADWORDS LAUNCH

What if what if we said, hey, you guys can advertise? And instead of just a banner ad that’s generic for everyone? What if I could say I only want to advertise for the word mortgage or maybe mortgage San Diego or maybe I want to advertise for the word weight loss or how to cook a turkey. And thus, on October twenty third, the year 2000 was the launch of Google AdWords. There was about 300 people that were in on the first launch. I got an AdWords couple of years later and there we go. They were making money.

Now let me show you how this works. So the way that it works is Google is like, hey, wait a minute, we got these people search in Google. How are we going to make money? Well, we also know that advertisers are paying a lot of money, right? They’re out there. They’re paying money. And and they’re paying a lot of money. Advertising is a huge industry. So, what if, instead of just showing results on Google for, like stocks or whatever? What if we allowed these advertisers to buy ads on whatever keyword they wanted? So if you want to show up, it was like AOL keywords back then. If you wanted to show up for stocks, you could actually show up. And we’ll put your ads above the results for stocks. And now what happened is the advertiser was allowed to say, hey, I’m willing to pay a certain amount every time my ad is clicked on.

Now, again, remember, they were getting 60 million searches a day back then.

And if the ads were not clicked, they wouldn’t make money and the advertisers wouldn’t spend money. But lucky for them, like 10 percent or more actually clicked on the ads. And now they’re monetizing six million searches a day or somewhere around that.

So the advertisers were there and they’re willing to pay a big bunch of money for these search results because they know, hey, if I get someone looking for mortgage and they come to my Website, I could probably sell a mortgage.

Pretty simple. So that’s the basic of how CPC works. And it’s on a bid model. Obviously, words related to mortgage or stock market or refinance are going to be more expensive than words about how to cook a turkey.

So we’ve got understand that. But overall, Google is making a fortune on sponsored listings. Why? Because these advertisers have money and they want to spend it. Very important. So the CPC model puts the ads above the searches and starts to make good money. Pretty simple! Now, that was the basic of it. And that was about it right there. Like, hey, this is cool. We’re making millions of dollars now.

I think the first year with AdWords, they made like 70 million dollars, which for a little startup, that was pretty cool.

how google adsense makes money

And the guy behind the curtain there was looking at this stuff and he’s like, well, this is good.

But most people aren’t clicking the ads. Like, 90 percent of the people are actually clicking the free results and they’re just getting free information.

We made 70 million, but maybe we could make more. And so they said, what if there was a way to put these ads that are on Google Adwords on other Websites.

June 18, 2003 ADSENSE Released

This is genius – How Google Makes Money!

If you think about this little aha moment here, I credit this as the big genius behind Google because now they’re taking all the sites that they’re giving free traffic to any way. And they’re like, hey, you want to make money with your site? Put this little code on your site and you can get paid when people click on the ads on your site. In June 18th of the year 2000, ad sense was released. Now, what is adsense? Let’s talk about how the adsense model works, because I’m sure you’ve seen ads that say ads by Google or Ad Choices or something like that.

example google adsense ad block

google banner ad

Like The Banner Ad But Dynamic, Targeted,
And Automated With Advertisers Ready To Buy

And when we look at this, we all see these probably a couple hundred times a day if you’re a nutcase like me and you work online. And so we look at this and they’re like, wait a minute, check this out. So here we got this stuff and we got these searches and these guys are paying for the ads. All right. But what about the people who just click on the free stuff? What are we gonna do? Like, this guy clicks on this and he goes to let’s get that back up there. And he goes to Markus’s Web site and Markus’s, he’s just got this Web site about, you know, hospital bills or whatever. And what’s he going to do with it? All right. He’s got his site. Maybe he runs affiliate offers or whatever.

But what if we provided a code where he could put the code and it will actually show the ads from these advertisers with a cost per click model? Obviously, it’s not going to be the same cost per click as someone going to Google and searching for something. But I’ll bet advertisers are willing to pay a pretty penny. So Google comes to the Web site owner and they’re like, hey, did how would you like to make some money? You’re like, yeah, I’d like to make some money. That’s pretty cool. Sign up for ads. Since you get a code, you put it on your site. It shows the ads. Now, what’s happening is they’re getting paid on the sponsored results. And then if you don’t click the sponsored results and you go to different owned Web site, now, you can also see the sponsored results. But in a different way.

Now, the way this works is on a CPC basis where you’re actually making the amount per click and you could see some of these terms here are paid like tons, right? We got like nine dollars a click. Eleven dollars a click. Five dollars a click $5.40 a click. Fourteen bucks a click. And more. And obviously, as the ad since publisher, you’re going to get a portion of whatever it is you’re paying.

And the advertisers happy because you’re getting the traffic that he wants and the Web site owner is happy because he’s making money. So now they have this huge empire and it’s 2003 and they’re making money and they’re happy. And tons of Web sites adopt the Google ad sense program. And they put the ads on their site and they start making really good money. Now, this was a lot like the banner ad, but it was dynamic because, see, Google’s key was the fact that they had a big brain behind everything that ran stuff. So instead of just going to excite or Yahoo! Or The Times dot com or New York Times or L.A. Times or wherever I want to advertise, I could actually say I only want to advertise on Web sites or pages that are about a certain topic. And so what happened was Google ad sense was the reverse of search engine optimization. So instead of the search engine coming and looking for sites about a topic, they’re taking your site and saying, I think this site’s about this topic. Let’s show these ads and UN and like the banner ad, but dynamic, targeted and automated with advertisers ready to buy because they already had this huge list of advertisers. All they had to do is make the code and bam, the cost per click model was in full running. Now, these are the two platforms that drive the bulk of Google’s. This is it. Right. Like 80 to 90 percent of the revenue that Google generates is from these platforms.

These Two Platforms Drive The BULK Of Googles Revenue

2006 Google Buys Youtube For 1.6 Billion Dollars


In 2006, people thought Google was crazy. They were like, you’re going to buy this little startup company called YouTube for one point six billion dollars. That was one of the biggest acquisitions in all of history. And they’re like, we’re going to Hlophe out one point six billion bucks for this YouTube thing. Now, Google saw things that other people didn’t see. They said, well, wait a minute. People are watching video online. People are watching tons of video online. I think there’s a way to make money. So Google buys YouTube. Now, again, remember, there’s two models are the way it works. Now, what happens is instead of Google and Google ads, you now can go through the Google ads platform as an advertiser and you say, you know what, I want to show up on Google. But I also want to show up on videos like I want to show up on videos. So I want to be on videos that people are watching that are about the stock market or money or whatever it is. And so what happens is they use this fancy algorithm and it says, hey, we’re gonna show you on a cost per click or cost per view metrics or you pay per view or you pay per click. And every time someone watches this video about the stock market, your ads is going to show up. And if they watch 20 seconds or click on the thing, you’re going to get paid. Pretty cool, right? They’re like, whoa, wait a minute. I can now advertise in front of all these people. It’s like TV advertising, but I don’t have to have millions of dollars to run an ad. And I can reach more people than the million dollar ad and I can get the people that I want. I don’t have to get everyone watching the Super Bowl. I can get people in Idaho who are watching videos about stair lifts.

Seriously, this simple stuff. And now we can make this work. And so they go out there and they’re like, yeah, let’s do the CPC model. Right. We’ll run some ads on these videos and we’re going to make a bunch of money. And they did. They made a ton of money. And then they went out there and they said, well, you know, these guys are working hard to make all these videos. So what if we did like the ad sense platform? And what if when you create a video we actually shared some of this money with you? Right. What if the advertiser pays a certain amount and we split that with the guy who makes the video? Because obviously without videos, YouTube is nothing, right? Nobody wants to go to a site about videos that doesn’t have any videos. So the content publishers are the ones that get to share the revenue. So now we have incentivized Web site owners and we’ve incentivized video creators and we’re basically taking over like 90 percent of the Internet. I mean, think about this. This is some genius level shit right here. And they’re like, wait a minute, we can make this work. And that’s how the YouTube earning model works. The advertisers pay for views and clicks from videos and there they go. Now, how does this work in real time? Has the money made? How does this whole thing work? Well, right now, as of today, 20 something years or 20 years after the launch of Google. Twenty six years or twenty three years. There we go. I can do math, right? I promise you, I can do math. So twenty three years after the start of Google, when they were getting 60 million searches a day, which was crazy today in the year 2020, they’re getting 5.5 billion searches per day.

5.5 billion. Let that sink in. That’s sixty three thousand searches per second.

Part Two: How Money Is Made In Real-time

5,500,000,000 Searches Per Day Or 63,000 Per Second

5 Billion Videos Watched Every Day

EST 2,000,000,000 Youtube Users

these people search and Google. They click on the ads. I have an AdWords account as an advertiser. I go out there and I say I’m willing to pay a dollar a click. Some of those clicks come to me. I pay money. I’ve actually paid over one point four million dollars to the AdWords program. And I’ve also made money with ads since couple hundred thousand dollars with that. And so we look at it, we’re like, wait a minute. If little Mark is in his backyard office and somewhere in Florida, spent a million, five almost on ads, imagine what other companies are spending and imagine how quick this starts to add up. And you could see how valuable the 5.5 billion searches a day are worth. And then we look at it.

We’re like on top of that, they’re also getting five billion videos watched every day, like five billion videos. That’s almost one video view for every person on planet Earth. And not everyone has Internet access. And so we look at this. There’s also an estimated two billion YouTube users. And we look behind the scenes and we say, well, what are these guys paying? What are they paying? Now, if you use the Google AdWords tool, it’ll give you a rough estimate of what people are paying for certain keywords. So if we were to look at like best home security system, it’s like eleven dollars a click.

If you’re getting five billion searches a day and like some of those clicks go to best home security. That’s a lot of money. And what we have to look at is you have to stop looking at. This is just some dumb keyword and some advertiser paying money. And we have to look at it as inventory because to Google, it’s kind of like when you go on a grocery store, you go in the grocery store and you see a thing on a shelf. Right. It’s like Cajun fried food mix or whatever. I like Cajun food and I like to fry food, too. And so when they got this and they’re like, hey, that Cajun fried food mix, that little spot on the shelf generates a thousand dollars a month or whatever it is. Right. And they look at it as every square inch is inventory. So they look at it, they’re like, hey, if no one buys it, we get rid of it and we put some else in there.

So we look at this in home security system is like inventory gets twenty two thousand average average monthly searches.

That means twenty two thousand people a month search. Best home security system in Google. Out of that, a lot of them probably click the ads, since this is a commercial and tech keyword and the suggested bid is eleven to 15 to even 30 dollars a click. So if they get 10 percent of them, that’s two thousand people every month. Two thousand people will have to do some math here. It’s kind of early times. Eleven dollars a click. That keyword is worth a whopping twenty two thousand dollars. Think about that for a minute. And that’s one key word of about five billion searches done every day. That’s not even a thousand searches a day, guys. This is nothing. There’s tons of other keywords people are typing in and tons of other money that’s happening. And it’s all automated because I go as an AdWords publisher and I say, I’m going to put my credit card in. I’m going to spend a hundred dollars a day. I want this keyword and thousands and millions of other people are doing the exact same thing.

And Google is making a ton of money. Very brilliant business model. All right. We could see some other keywords like ways to invest in gold or alcohol rehab, alcohol rehab.

I’ve seen these words go for upwards of 100 or 200 dollars per click. Google is literally selling clicks that would not exist. If the power went out, you wouldn’t even be there. And so this business model is absolutely astonishing and it shows us how the Internet is changing things. So if we look at the real time business model, what we’re looking at is all these advertisers are paying. And Google has all these crazy algorithms that are saying this guy’s paying a dollar a click. This guy’s paying ten dollars a click. This guy’s paying one hundred dollars a click. And they’re going to go through. And when they’re on ad sense, they’re splitting it between the ad cents publisher and the Web site. And the algorithm does all the work. And Google is pretty much laughing all the way to the bank. Right. I don’t think they need to drive to the bank. They probably are a bank, right? Not really. But you guys see how this works. And that is the key to how making money works. And we look at this and we look at a business model that’s making one hundred and sixty billion dollars a year. That’s insane.

This company, as I showed earlier, was valued at a trillion dollars. For what?

For selling clicks. Let that sink in a minute.

They’re selling Web site clicks if you’re flabbergasted and you’re like, holy crap, I didn’t even think about this. I thought Google, Amazon and other big companies. That’s it. But really, they’re just selling clicks to advertisers. That’s what they’re doing. That’s where their money comes from. And we look at it, we’re like, wait a minute. If a company like that can make one hundred and sixty billion dollars a year, can’t I make a couple grand a month from the comfort of my own home?

Yeah, I think you can. Now, part three. Let’s get into what happens behind the curtain. And if you like this video, subscribe click the bell. Give us a big thumbs up and put a comment below of your favorite thing you learned. Now what happens behind the curtain wall? Behind the curtain? They have like this big Google computer. I think it looks like an octopus. That’s that’s what shows up in my brain. Right. And he’s out there and he’s making codes and trackers and targeteers and algorithms and pay checks to people.

Part Three: What Happens Behind The Curtain

If you’re an adsense publisher, you get a paycheck. If you’re an adwords advertiser, you get Bill. They’ve got reverse SEO. They’ve got video views calculator. They got ad views paid for. They got all this stuff. And on and on we go. All this is happening behind the scenes. So next time you see an ad block, lot of people are annoyed at ad blocks. But I actually love ad blocks and I look at it. I’m like, I want to look at this to see what’s going on. I want to see what people are doing, because there’s people just like you and me that have Web sites that are making millions of dollars a year or millions of dollars a month.

Some of them that are out there and they’re doing this exact same thing now. Will you make a million dollars a year or a million dollars a month? I have no idea. This is a business. We don’t know what’s going to happen. When Google started, it was a risk they might have made nothing, but they had some big brains that said, hey, we’re gonna make some money, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna make it happen. And so we can do this and we’re gonna show you how. Stay tuned. We got five ways to make money using this method coming right up.

Part four. Here’s five ways to earn with what you learned today.

Now here are some Alexa screenshots.

Alexa ranks Web sites based on popularity. Number one is the most popular site. Number billion is like not so popular. Probably doesn’t get that many views. Google is the number one Web site on planet Earth. There is no Web site that gets more traffic than Google. You want to know what number two is? Number two is YouTube. Talk about domination here. Talk about running the market.

The fact is Google gets lots of traffic.

And yes, this is my dog. I was doing a video and she decided to pick up the sign that it was pretty cute.

So I put a picture of her on there. Now she’s like three years old and she’s kind of annoying, but we still love her anyway, even when she goes in the pool and brings half of the pool inside with her. At any rate, Google gets lots of traffic. I want you to put that in your brain. Google gets lots of traffic.

So here are five ways that you can make money with what you learned today.

Number one, you can create a blog or Web site that gets traffic and you can monetize it with ads. Since you could set up a blog. You could get some traffic. You put the ad sense code on the little Google octopus, does all its magic, puts the ads on there. And when the ads get clicked, you get a paycheck. I know I get paychecks all the time from them. Pretty cool. Some of the examples of sites that do this are Mashable, Digg, eHow and countless other small publishers. People just like you and me that are raking it in big time. Some of these companies I read about one that’s doing 10 million dollars a month. That’s a big company. But that’s the same business model and I made this video for you because I want you to understand the business model, because if you can understand how this works. You’re 90 percent of the way to being able to make money on your own. But most people won’t go out there and do the work to understand how this works.

Now, number two, the second way to make money with this is to create a YouTube channel and monetize it with YouTube ads. You see Pudi pipe. Mr. Beest meditation channels, info channels and more. Some of these are making like one hundred thousand dollars or more. Some of them making a million dollars a month with ads. Now, again, results not typical, implied or guaranteed. Those dudes worked their ass off. Some ass working off. There’s some luck. There’s a lot of things involved in making this work. But if you want to make a couple thousand dollars a month, it’s not really that hard to do. If you really focus on the market and you focus on the traffic. Now, again, you’ve got to do the work. You gotta focus on it like a job. Google didn’t wake up one day and say, I’m just going to put together one page and get rich. Now, not gonna happen. You got to do the work. So number two is create a YouTube channel and monetize it with YouTube ads. Very simple.

You make a channel. You’ve got to get yourself. I think 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. And then monetization shows up in your account. You click monetize videos and you get paid for each and every view that watches an ad. And it’s a good portion. Some people make a lot of money this way.

Number three, become a paper click arbitrage site. This is one of my favorites. What is a paper click arbitrage site? Well, a paperclip arbitrage site is the idea of buying traffic low and selling traffic high. If I can get traffic from people that are interested in something expensive home security and I can get traffic cheap. Then I can arbitrage this and bridge the gap and make the difference. Really cool. So think this way instead of trying to get traffic for home security systems. What if you got crime statistics by zip code and you made a site where people can look up crime statistics by their zip code and you want ads for home security systems? Think that way. Think different because it’s called flipping the market. You could do this really cool. Now, when you’re doing arbitrage, you got to make sure you follow all the rules on Google ad sense and buying traffic and all this.

But as long as you do it right, you can do pretty well. And I’ve made a lot of money with ads since arbitrage and affiliate arbitrage and all kinds of things. Some of the big companies that do this, you probably see them in your Facebook feed all the time. Yahoo! You see the ad where it says the latest luxury car and it’s got this car that looks crazy. You’re like, how is that even a car? And you click it and it’s got a bunch of ads about cars. Right. They do it all the time. Or maybe they’re like stair lifts or maybe they’re lose weight or maybe whatever. Right. And they have ads on their site.

Now, the key to being a paperclick arbitrage site is to get lots of people to click. Lots of times hands down. That’s that’s the way to do it. Yahoo! Does this. Forbes does it. Fiscal times, arophile. Lifehackelane, man break. And on and on we go. Lots of companies making lots of money with search arbitrage. This stuff doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. It’s actually very simple.

Number four, the fourth way to make money is run Google ads to websites promoting a film that offers a lot of people are afraid to run ads, but actually it’s not that hard to do.

The cool thing about Google AdWords is they let you control it. You’re like, I’m going to pay a dollar click and I’m willing to spend five bucks a day. And you get five clicks and they’ll turn off and you go, I got five clicks. How much did I make? I made ten bucks. Could I have spent 10 bucks tomorrow? And you build and you grow. And you build. And you grow. And you make it very simple. And Google ads is insanely fast. You can go and put an ad up literally in like five minutes. It’ll be on Google in like five minutes. And you’re like, there’s my ad. There it is. It’s getting clicks.

And I’ve been able to do this to get hundreds of thousands of impression, actually. I think our biggest day was 20 million impressions. Tens of thousands of clicks from that. And it’s not that hard to do. And some of the traffic, it’s like two cents a click. And imagine if you could flip a two cent click into a five cent click or seven cent click. And that’s exactly how I’ve made millions of dollars online in a very simple way, just by understanding what people are searching for. Because Google understood that there’s someone behind every search.

There’s someone there. When you search for ways to lose weight, it’s not just some computer. It’s you searching for ways to lose weight. And you’re struggling and you’re having trouble or you search for ways to make money with affiliate marketing and you’re frustrated and you don’t know what to do. And you’re a person. And if I treat you like a person and I understand what you want, I could make a killing. And it’s not that hard to do. It’s actually very simple.

The fifth way to make money is to run broad ads on the Google Content Network. I’ve made millions of dollars with Google Content Network. The Google Content Network is what we showed you above where instead of running on Google, you’re actually running on other people’s websites, kind of like an automated algorithmic fancy pants banner ad. And you could literally get millions of impressions overnight, literally. Very simple to do. And you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to focus. And if you use one or two or all of these ways, you can do this business, but you’ve got to understand how it works.

1. Create A Blog That Gets Traffic And Monetize It With Adsense
(mashable, digg, ehow, and countless other small publishers)

2. Create A Youtube Channel And Monetize It With Youtube Ads

(pewdiepie, mrbeast, meditation channels, info channels, ect)

3. Become A PPC Search Arbitrage Site

(yahoo, forbes, fiscaltimes, carophile, lifehacklane, manbreak, ect)

4. Run Google Ads To Websites Promoting Affiliate Offers

5. Run Broad Ads On The Google Content Network


How to Get High Paying Ads on Your Blog

how to get ads on your blog

Todays Lineup:

Part One: Knowing Your Visitor And Traffic Source

Part Two: Ads That Get Results

Part Three: Tools For Maximum Conversion

Part Four: Bonus Ad Tips

Part One: Knowing Your Visitor And Traffic Source

Over The Last 20 Years I Have Had Hundreds Of
Millions Of Visitors On My Websites, Blogs, Youtube
Channels, Social Media Platforms, And I Have Learned…

The Key Is In Understanding Your Traffic Method

And Understanding Your Viewer Intent


Part Two: Ads That Get Results

Do The Images Make Sense And Create Curiosity?

How Can You Make Your Ads Look Like Site Content?

What Can You Flip Your Visitor Into That Will Pay More?

Part Three: Tools For Maximum Conversion

1. Button Voodoo
2. Slide Voodoo

3. Voodoo Ads

4. Quiz Voodoo

5. Search Voodoo

6. Dropbox Voodoo

7. Funnel Voodoo

Part Four: Bonus Ad Tips

– Don’t Make Your Ads Look Like Ads
– Be Native Wherever Possible

– THINK Interaction… Usability… Curiosity…

– Blue Links, Black Text, Easy Read Font

– Use “Provocative” Emotion Powered Words

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How To Make Money On Twitter – Super Simple

How To Make Money On Twitter – Super Simple Method

Today we’re going to talk to you about how to make money on Twitter.

We’re going to show you an example of a guy doing over five hundred thousand dollars a year on Twitter.

And we’re going to show you a guy actually making money on Twitter in yeah, you guessed it, the toilet niche.

As I was doing research for this topic, I found a little case study of a guy making five hundred thousand dollars a year on Twitter.

This is a rather old case study, so I’m sure he’s making a lot more by now. And if you do a little research on his Twitter profile, you can see that he’s amassed a whopping thirteen point eight million followers, which is pretty difficult to get to.

So I want to talk to you about some methods that I found while doing my research that anyone can do, even if you have zero followers.

And that all comes down to the secret value of Twitter that no one’s talking about.

If we look at this little screenshot from Ahrefs a popular keyword tool. You can see that they have over one hundred and seventy one million organic keywords ranking in the search engines, getting traffic every day.

Those search rankings get them approximately eight hundred and twenty three million visitors a month for an estimated traffic value of a whopping two hundred and eighty nine million dollars each and every month just from search engine rankings. Just check out the traffic Twitter’s getting from some of these top rankings.

Now, why is this important and what does it have to do with you making money on Twitter?

Well, this tells us that Twitter is a powerhouse of a Web site.

They are actually ranked number 52 out of all the Web sites on the planet. That means only 51 other Web sites get more traffic than Twitter. So I’m gonna go ahead and put this muscle dude over here. So that you remember why Twitter is valuable to us when we want to make money online. Because the idea here isn’t just to use Twitter to engage on Twitter, but rather to use the power of Twitter to get Google rankings. So what we want to do is create Twitter posts that are based on keywords that people search for quite a bit in the search engines.

Then we want to take the traffic from that Twitter post and put them to stuff that makes you money. These could be your own products. Affiliate offers, paid search networks and more. And the key is to find keywords that are not that competitive. So you can get ranked very fast.

For example, when doing research, I found out that a lot of people use Twitter to rank four words related to PDF books. And you could see that their ranking for quite a few terms that used the word PDF.

But how does this make any money? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You see, these people are looking up the PDF because they want to read a book.

And so what the marketer does is simply create a page about the book with a little review or summary. And then he leads to a page where you can sign up and get access to hundreds of thousands of different PD FS and books and magazines and all sorts of things.

Now, if we go behind the scenes, we can actually see that this is an affiliate offer that they probably found on offer vault that pays them when the user signs up to get all the free stuff. And you could see here that the affiliate offer is paying over fifty seven dollars per sale, which means if you want to make one hundred and fourteen dollars a day, all you got to do is get two people to sign up.

Which isn’t that hard to do when you take a look at all the books out there and all the traffic they’re getting. And this list doesn’t even include all the books that are out there that could possibly be searched for with the word PDF. So as you can see, this can be quite lucrative.

And it’s actually pretty simple to do.

First, I simply choose a noncompetitive keyword for the market i want to tackle.

Second. I go to the affiliate networks and find offers that fit that keyword.

Then I generate a simple affiliate link. I copy that link into a notepad file. If I was using an affiliate network such as Max Bounty, I would just build my tracking link in here. Copy that. To the notepad file.

And third, I want to go ahead and shorten my affiliate link so they’re nice and small for Twitter

Using something like Bitly or the affiliate marketing dude tracker. If you’re using your own Web site, we simply put our link in here. Click Shorten and it spits out a little Bitly link. Now, these Bitly links can be kind of difficult. So if you want a pro tip, use your own site with the click voodoo plugin. All you have to do is name your link. Enter your big you URL. And then choose a little name for your link that you’ll remember. Click submit and that’ll create a link. That’s super easy to remember. And we’ll actually brand your site so you could build up over time. As you can see, my link is now affiliate do dot com slash servais one and fourth. I create my Twitter post with my keywords and some images if I want to get a little fancy. I then include my affiliate link within the Twitter post hit tweet and you’re done. And when people come to the tweet, they can actually click on my link, go to the site and I can get paid.

Download Marcus’ Click Voodoo Plugin Here

Set Up Your Own Affiliate Hub Site In Minutes Here

Now, I want to take a second real quick and interrupt myself, because if you’re watching this thinking, hey, this seems really, really easy. While it is easy, I want you to realize that if you’re out there thinking you’re going to put one tweet up, get it ranked in the search engines and get rich overnight. That’s not the case. This does take some hard work. And I want you to realize also that the results and income claims in this video are not typical, implied or guaranteed. The average affiliate marketer usually makes nothing because they end up giving up and doing nothing. And I want you to keep that in mind when you do this business, because this is a business and you need to treat it as such.

So when you do set out to make money on Twitter, I want you to keep in mind that there is some work involved.

It will take a lot of tweeting and you need to follow all the rules and guidelines.

Now, while you can use free services like Bitly and things like that, in my 20 years of affiliate marketing experience, I’ve found that having your own Web site has multiple benefits from being able to get more search engine rankings to your own site, to being able to control your links and edit things on demand and having it all very easy to remember track and build and grow. So if you can afford about six bucks a month, I would highly recommend going to and set up your first Web site in about 15 minutes.

And when you’re marketing on Twitter, you want to make sure that you follow all the rules. And also keep in mind that the people on Twitter are usually there for updates and news and things like that. So if you can think about updates and new stuff, you’re going to have a great target audience.

Let me show you some other examples of some niches that can be really good, that are noncompetitive.

One of the examples that I found was stock prices.

Lots of people are looking for updated stock prices and things like that so they can see how much money they’re making or should they invest in stuff. And these can link to lots of affiliate programs that help people learn about stocks such as the Motley Fool stock advisory offer that pays 80 dollars a sale and it converts like crazy.

Motley Fool Affiliate Program Pays $80 Per Lead

There’s also lots of people ranking for movie reviews, product reviews and things of that nature and lots of people using the word prices, which is good for coupons and discount tools and affiliate and affiliate offers of that nature. You can also see lots of rankings for things like the Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction quotes PDF Meems, which fit in quite nicely with the Law of Attraction offers here on Click Bank. And they actually pay pretty well, too.

You can see there’s all kinds of stuff related to celebrity weight loss.

You could simply have a profile all about different celebrity weight loss and the different programs they use to lose weight.

Link them to the affiliate offer for the program they used. And boom, you get paid. And of course, we have the toilet niche.

You could see lots of different products in this niche that they are reviewing and then sending that traffic to their affiliate links, product links and pretty much anywhere they get paid.

And please don’t overcomplicate this. It’s actually pretty simple.

Some other niches I’ve seen that do really well and would work really well for this method are cigars.

Different updates on cigars and types of cigars and different stuff like that, which is actually really good because if you build your profile up, you can get the same customers to reorder over and over and over again every time you recommend a new product. And this works really well.

Another one is weather updates. You could do weather updates. I know of a guy here in Florida who does updates on all the hurricanes and different things like that to keep people informed.

Now, you might be asking, Marcus, how would we make money on stuff like weather updates, travel deals, coupons, trivia recipes?

How are we going to make money on twitter with this?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple because on offer vault, we can actually see that there’s a weather forecast browser extension that people can install on their computer. So they get weather updates and we actually get two dollars and eighty cents every time someone downloads that. That’s right. They don’t put their e-mail in. They don’t need a credit card. They don’t have to buy anything. They just download it. And I get two dollars and eighty cents.

weather affiliate program

Or maybe you’re in the political news niche and you want to go for different politics type things. There’s a toolbar that pays two dollars for the latest news headlines.

news toolbar affiliate program

Or perhaps you’re like the five hundred thousand dollar example we showed earlier or you’re doing all kinds of quizzes and trivia. Yep, there’s a toolbar for that as well.

And it pays a whopping two dollars for a free download.

So as you can see, this stuff works extremely well. And the key is to focus on the right traffic method. You have to get the right keyword and the right offer to make this work. If you go for super competitive keywords like make money online or weight loss, that’s not going to work. So do your research and find the keywords that are not that competitive that you can use Twitter to rank for. And you can actually start very fast. And again, if you want to be in it to win it and be a pro affiliate marketer, go ahead and go to go hub site Acom and start your first Web site. I guarantee it’s going to be a lot easier than you thought it would. And you’ll be up and running in about 15 to 20 minutes. And if you want a complete breakdown of all the notes I used in this video, links, tools, resources and more, you can get that over at download my notes dot com. I hope you enjoyed my quick little video on how to make money on Twitter if you like this. Be Sure To Download Your Free Affiliate Marketing Toolbar Below

how much do bloggers make – the truth

Fake Screenshots, Unrealistic Expectations,
And The Truth About Blogging For Profit…

Todays Lineup:

Part One: The Truth About Screenshots And Income Stats

Part Two: Major Flaws When Trying To Profit With A Blog

Part Three: What You Need To Do To Actually Get Results

Part Four: What Can You Expect

Part One: The Truth About Screenshots And Income Stats

Over The Last 20 Years I Have Seen A LOT
Of Blogs, Websites, Income Reports, Statistics
And Behind The Scenes Of Many Business’



False Claims About Donations

Claim: All Money Donated To BLM Goes To DNC

1. I Am Not A Biden Supporter

2. Black Lives Do Matter

Truth! ActBlue Is A Payment Processor For Donations… Donations Go Where YOU Send Them.

Think Critically About Everything… Understand How The Internet Works!

When Looking At Screenshots Ask Yourself

1. Are The Results Something I Can Do?
2. What Is The Primary Traffic Source And Offers Promoted?

3. Is This Something Sustainable For Any Niche Market… I.E. Are They Teaching Marketing… Or Just How To Hock Their Product.

4. Do They Have A Big Following / List / Channel… This Will Make A HUGE Difference In YOUR Results

(recent video story… blog didn’t match income claims)

Surprisingly… A Was Voted As The Fake Screenshot… But Its Actually 100% Legit

Part 2: Major Flaws When Trying To Make Money Blogging


Parenting Tips And Baby Advice – $4,882 MO

Food Blog (Large) – $60,000 MO

Travel Blog $22,000 MO

Finance Blog – $17,714 MO

Small Food Blogger – $5,097 MO

Interior Design – $5,000 MO

Sewing – $3,100 MO

Knitting Seriously lol – $9,755

Celebrity Babies (larger blogger) – $30,000 MO

Weight Loss Organizing –

The Random Blogs Do Not Make As Much – Be Focused

PRO TIP: 90/10 Rule 90 Percent Of Results Come From 10% Of Your Work!

Traffic Waste: Going For Non Intent Keywords

Same Blog Rankings… Notice The Intent On This List

Offer Pairing: One Size Fits All Offer

Visitor Flow: Not Focusing On What You Want Them To Do

Reach: Focusing On The Wrong Reach Of The Blogger

Part Three: What Does It REALLY Take

What Does It REALLY Take To Profit In A Niche Market

Right Market + Right Keywords + Right Offer + Right Flow


Part Four: What Can You Expect

524,499 PV = $3,300 = $0.006 PV

300,000 PV = $61,000 = $0.20 PV

547,00 PV = $9,700 = $0.017 PV

1,500,000 PV = $23,000 = $0.15 PV

231,000 PV = $45,000 = $0.19 PV

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make This Work

My Average $0.11 Per Click On JUNK Traffic (a lot on the same site)

Bottom Line: Who Do You Trust / Want To Follow

1. Find Someone Getting Results In OTHER Niches

2. Watch Out For Similar Screenshots (ie clickbank, legendary, clickfunnels, ect)

3. Learn From Someone Who Has Gotten Results… Real Results

4. Find Someone Who Knows How To Target And Cut Out Waste

5. Get Someone You Can Actually Talk To

how to make money with excel

make money selling excel spreadsheets


$1,700 A Day With Excel

today we are gonna show you exacly how you can make little tools and calculators in excel to profit big time.

here is one of my sites i use to make money with little calculators for mortgages… i simply add the calculators to the site… run some traffic (free or paid), put some affiliate offers and paid ads on the site… and cash the checks

this site has done as much as $1,700 a day in profit!

make little calculators

make organizers or budgets

create little tools

turn spreadsheets into software

create little aps

compile with resell rights

traffic methods

ppc arbitrage

youtube explainer videos

easy seo ranking

articles about the topic

Cpa Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

What Works Best For 2020


PLUS Rapid Fire Offer Session

Disclaimer: Affiliate Marketing Is A REAL Business
That Generates BILLIONS Of Dollars Each And Every Year
And Like Other Business’ There Are Risks And Rewards.

Part One: Offers You Can Actually Run

– Start Where You Are With What You Have

– What Do You Have Right Now That You Can Run

– What Offers Fit Your Traffic Best

– Easiest Converting Offers (email zip submit, small lead forms, downloads, trial offers)

Beginner Friendly Networks

1. Clickbank / JVZOO, DIGISTORE24

Good for digital and some physical products, pay per sale, higher refunds and some conversion issues.

2. Maxbounty

Good for CPA offers… very beginner friendly, has some LBE offers for higher conversion, lots to choose from (over 1,400 offers)

Good secondary cpa network for beginners Aragon Advertising

3. Linkshare / Rakuten

good for sales products and botique type shops, direct type network must be accepted on offer by offer basis.

4. Shareasale

lots of software and services, good for smaller stores, good for some lead based offers, some off the wall offers with higher pay

5. Amazon

crap… low pay… terrible affiliate cookie… only use when you absolutley must

6. CJ

kindof a pain… good for select offers that you may need to run on certain traffic like clipart, fonts, select stores, ect.

7. Digital River / OnenetworkDirect

great for direct software, hardware, ect… good payouts but you have to look.

8. Direct Offers.

google your niche + affiliate program (christmas trees, tattoo johnny, lenovo, ect)


Part Two: Its All About The Traffic Source / Intent

– Direct Hit Offers

this is the closest possible offer to what your traffic wants… ie, if i could get paid to give away a free “think and grow rich” pdf and get $3… that would be ideal.

– Pretty Damn Close Offers

this would be getting paid for a free trial for pdf book club or audio book club or even a pdf book finder toolbar

– Gonna Take Some Work Offers

this would be actually selling the book on a store site, or a personal development LOA course, or tony robbins or something like that (remember they are looking for a free pdf) you may be able to get away with a make money online course… but its a stretch

– Not Even Close

this would be something unrelated or really hard to convert like mortgages or loans… which COULD be direct hits or pretty damn close in other niches… but not for the think and grow rich pdf.

– You Want To Find Offers That Best Fit What Your Traffic Wants

Zero To $100 A Day With Clickbank – 10 Methods + Reviews

Zero To $100 Daily Profit With ClickBank

Learn About Marcus’ Simple Sites Bootcamp Here

10 Simple Methods Anyone Can Start Using Today

If You Are Excited About All That And Willing To Stick With Me Over
The Next 45 Minutes Or So… Give This Video A Thumbs Up “Like”

Disclaimer: Results Not Typical Implied Or Guaranteed
This Will Take Some Work And Depends On Many Variables.

In Order To Do These Right You Will Need To Have Your Own Domain Name /
Wordpress Site / ClickVoodoo / And My Custom Affiliate Blog Theme

First: Find A Good Product
On The ClickBank Marketplace

10 Clickbank Money Method Reviews

1. seo

– find NON competitive keywords related to your product

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– set up a blog and write content for keywords

– use outside sites to post NEW content to for backlinks

– make images and splash pages for clickbank product

2. paid ads

– find cost effective keywords related to your product

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– set up a simple sales blog / opt in funnel

– watch what your traffic responds too… put that in front of them

– make images and splash pages for clickbank product

3. facebook

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– create interesting content posts (ads of free)

– direct visitors back to advertorial type content

– pitch your clickbank profits

4. facebook groups

– join or create facebook groups for your niche

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– provide valuable content and point back to giveaway

– create engagement and answer questions about product

5. youtube channel

– create videos around non competitive keywords

– get a niche targeted EASY domain name (

– set up simple giveaway funnel for report or tool

– use mailing list and splash pages to sell product

6. posting content on forums

– find forums in your niche asking questions about your product

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– answer the questions and help people out

– point to a free giveaway or the product with redirect

– repeat the process

7. posting content on medium

– find NON competitive keywords related to your product

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– create stories on medium to rank for keywords

– point to a free giveaway on your website

– make simple opt in funnel

– use images and splash pages for clickbank product

8. create helpful giveaways

– find questions and problems your niche market has

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– create little resources or guides for your market
(pdf, excel files, videos, software tools)

– make simple opt in funnel

– give away resource and build list

– use images and splash pages for clickbank product

9. create a simple review site / blog

– find NON competitive keywords review type keywords

– get a niche targeted domain name (

– set up a blog and write content for keywords

– use outside sites to post NEW content to for backlinks

– make images and splash pages for clickbank product

10. make simple info arbitrage / advertorial pages

– create eye catching articles about your product

(10 programs you need to uninstall now, 5 stocks that you need to know about, little known traffic tip, are these foods making you fat, ect)

– get a broad niche domain name (

– set up pages and spin your content to sell the products

Check Out The Next Video Here

How To Make Money On Medium – $9,237 From One Story?

Making Money On Medium Partner Program… Hidden Secret


Screenshot From Medium About Writers Earnings with the medium partner program:

$30,638 A MONTH!!!

$9,237 For One STORY!!!

  • Enroll to the Medium Partner Program
  • Make your stories eligible for the metered paywall
  • Submit your story for curator review
  • Earn money based on member engagement


You Get Paid A Portion Of Their $5 A Month Based
On How Long People Read Your Articles

Seems Simple Enough Right?


Takes A LOT Of Work

Have To Get Your Stories Viewed For Big Pay

The Pay Is LOW

300,000 views ($2,000 – $3,000)

You Need A Crap Ton Of Views To Make A Living

Most People Just Put Out Articles Throw Em All At The
Wall And Hope That Some Stick So They Can Make Money


Most Of Mediums Traffic Is From Search Engines

THE SECRET – Find Easy To Rank Keywords And Use Mediums BIG WIG Status To Rank Them


1. Find Non Competitive Keywords

2. Write Articles

3. Get Traffic And Get Paid

$0.01 Per View = $100.00

NOW… You Could Do This To TRY To Boost Up Your Medium Earnings

OR… You Can Causally Add Some Affiliate Offers Or Link Back To Your Own Website


1. Use Trigger Words To Find SEO Keywords

2. Write Articles Linking Back To Your Website

3. Monetize The Free Traffic And Rankings You Get From Medium

Today we’re going through the good, the bad and the ugly of what it takes to really make money online using medium as an article publishing platform.

We’re going to show you some of the downsides to making money on medium and how much you can make. And I’m going to go in and show you exactly my secret method for actually using sites like this to get tons of traffic and make sales. And it’s actually really easy.

So first, let’s go ahead and dive into the hidden money secret for making money on medium.

Now, to start off, we need to realize how medium works and how the majority of people are getting paid by medium. It’s actually very simple. The writers create the stories. The readers become media members for like $5 a month. The media members then read the stories and the writers earn based on how long the people read.

It’s a lot like YouTube. You put a video up, some ads run on it and you get a share of the ad revenue. Very similar.

When we’re dealing with medium only the medium customers are actually paying a small fee to be able to read all the content on medium and medium, then shares a portion of that fee depending on how many articles and how long the reader actually reads. So if you have one reader who’s paying $5 a month who reads 100 articles, the $5 is somehow algorithmically split between the hundred article publishers that wrote the articles. Yeah, it’s kind of confusing, but it adds up more or less to a couple of pennies per view.

Now, don’t let all the confusion and the algorithms stuff sway you away from this because there’s actually people making big money. Here’s a screenshot taken right from the medium web site where they show how much people are actually making, which is pretty cool.

You could see here it shows the author’s percentage that actually make money. So the last reported one, 67 percent of the authors using medium actually made money. Now, they might have made like a quarter, but they did make something. We can also see that around 8 percent of the authors made more than $100 in the last month, which is pretty cool. Now, here’s where it gets pretty interesting. We can see here that in January 2020, the top author actually pulled in twenty three thousand four hundred and eighty eight dollars and sixteen cents in one month from writing on medium.

That’s crazy just for putting articles on a Web site.

We can also see that the top article has earned over ninety two hundred and thirty seven dollars just with one article I imagine writing one article and getting like ninety two 200 bucks. Pretty cool, right? But again, I want you to look at these numbers because only eight percent are making more than $100 a month. That means the other. Ninety two percent are probably making peanuts or portions of peanuts.

But again, don’t let that sway you because we’re getting to the good stuff in just a minute. And I’m going to show you how to use sites like Medium to drive tons of traffic to your Web site and make sales with affiliate marketing your own products or anything you damn well please. But first, a little bit more about how it works. First, you want to enroll in the media partner program. Second, make your stories eligible for the metered paywall. It’s a little button you click that says, Yeah, I want to get paid three. Submit your story for curator review and for earn money based on member engagement.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

The paywall looks something like this. And when you have the paywall enabled, if the person is not a member or not logged in, they’ll see a portion of your story or article. And then it will say to keep reading this story. Create a free account. They create an account. And if they pay, you get a portion of that through the algorithm. And if they don’t have an account and they don’t want an account, then they don’t get to read your article and you don’t get paid.

And the basic idea here is that you get paid a portion of the $5 a month based on how long people who read your articles, the more articles you put out and the more people read them, the more money you’re going to make. That seems simple enough, right? Well, let’s get in to the bad part and then we’ll get in to my ugly, dirty little secret about how to make this thing super profitable and get tons of traffic.

Now, the bad part of this is pretty obvious when you look at the fact that only 8 percent of the writers are making more than hundred dollars a month. That’s not that many. The average majority are making next to nothing.

Another tough part is that you have to have your stories viewed by a lot of people in order to have a big payday. I actually spent most of last night doing research on this and from what I found, the average person is getting one penny to two pennies per viewer. So if you’re like this guy and he got three hundred thousand views, that means you’re going to average like two thousand to three thousand dollars in your pocket for that article.

But it’s A lot harder to get that many views than you might think because most people’s content strategy, it’s just put out a bunch of articles, throw them at the wall and hope that some of them stick so they can make some money.

Now let’s go ahead and dive into the dirty, ugly little secret to using sites like Medium to make tons of money online.

First of all, I’d like you to take a look at mediums. Alexa Rank. What is an Alexa rank? This is a ranking on how much traffic a site gets. The lower the number, the better. So obviously, like Google and YouTube are number 1 and 2, which means they get a lot of traffic.

Now, if you have a site like Medium and your number eighty four, you’re getting a crap ton of traffic. And that’s very important for me as a writer or marketer. And if you take a look at this chart here, we can see that the majority of mediums traffic is coming from search engine rankings. That means many people go to the search engine, look up something and land on a medium article or story.

Now, I got to tell you, I’ve been making money online for the last 20 years. And in addition to making millions of dollars on the Internet, I’ve also seen a lot of things and I can spot a lot of old patterns and new things that happen. And medium is definitely no exception. And since we know that the vast majority of traffic going to medium is coming from search engines, this actually reminds me of a site that opened up back in 2005 called Squid Do. The idea instead of stories on medium was that you could create a squid you lens and you can write content based on whatever you want.

And because the site was powerful, your content had a better chance of ranking in the search engines. Now, since then, Ski-Doo has actually changed their name to HubSpot, and they were never as big or as powerful as medium. So when we’re looking at medium, you have a better chance of getting search engine rankings, a better chance of getting traffic and a huge chance to make a lot more money. There was also a site that started years ago called Easing Articles with the same type of idea. The idea was to have users generate content that would get ranked in the search engines, get a bunch of traffic, and then easy articles would get huge. And it did for many years. Easy and articles was at the top of the list for many search engine rankings and it still ranks for some today. But what’s the secret to making this work? Can we just use these sites to rank for whatever keywords we want? Well, again, yes and no. The secret is to find easy to rank keywords and use mediums big wig status to rank them if you can find easy to rank keywords.

This is gonna be a breeze. And if you look at medium- stats, they’ve got a ton of backlinks, a ton of referring domain names, over 4.2 million keyword rankings and a traffic value of like twenty eight million dollars a month according to a draft. And we could see that they rank for a lot of top keywords like Pinterest and Door Dash and PayPal and many other keyword terms.

But I want to dig in even deeper and show you some of the things that ordinary people like you and I are using every day to get lots of traffic, because for the vast majority, their strategy is simply to write and write and write till their fingers fall off and hope they get some traffic. But we don’t want to be the average person, do we?

So I’d like to point out an interesting ranking that I found from the medium Web site. It actually ranks number one for the keyword term. Avast UI failed to load. What does that even mean? Well, I’m guessing it’s some kind of thing that won’t load on your computer and you probably need some kind of tool to remove it or something like that.

Now we can see that this one, they actually rank number one for many of the terms. And the top term is getting over twenty thousand searches a month and eight drafts is estimating that that one story is getting over 10000 views a month for that one keyword. And they actually have a lot of keywords down here related to the same type of thing.

And we notice that the keyword difficulty in that KD line is actually below five on most of these. And since this is a rating from zero to one hundred, one hundred means very difficult. Zero means very easy. You could see that this guy nailed it when it came to ranking for a noncompetitive keyword and getting lots of traffic. But wait a minute, Marcus, you’re telling me this guy nailed it. Did a good job, got 10000 visitors, and he’s only making a penny of view and he got like 100 bucks? Well, of course not. This guy was smart enough to actually have an ad for his computer repair services and softwares and things like that and actually put that ad within his story on medium so that he could generate customers for himself.

So instead of getting 100 bucks, he probably got a bunch of new customers to buy his product. And there are literally millions of search terms like this with very little competition that you can use to write a story on medium and drive people back to your sites or affiliate links. Now, you’ve got to be careful because they’re a little weird on affiliate links, but if you do it right and you focus on giving the customer value and linking them to something that’s valuable, they don’t mind that at all. Here’s another keyword. I found a guy ranking for Instagram bot and I actually found out that the guy ranking says he’s making like a thousand dollars a month from this one ranking with keyword stuff. Now, again, this isn’t my student. It’s not a person I know. I haven’t validated this, but I found it online and it looked pretty interesting. And based on the numbers, I don’t think he’s far off. I actually think he can do a little bit better.

But he’s writing for Instagram bot and he’s getting lots and lots of traffic for that one lens. And it’s very simple. He just leads people back to the things that make him money. And when using medium, you can literally write about anything you want. And then all you have to do is find an offer or a Web site or something. You can give them a value. Drive them back to your site and make some money. And the process is actually pretty simple. And it goes a little something like this. Step one, find noncompetitive keywords that you can rank for. Step two, write articles or stories based on those keywords. Get them ranked and get some traffic. Step three, get traffic and get paid.

Very simple. Now, the average person doing this, doing it on medium is making like a penny to two pennies per view. But I think we can do better. And I’m going to show you Marcos’s crazy step by step method in just a second. Now, you can do this and try to boost up your medium earnings, which is actually pretty simple. And you can start doing it right now with no money and no website or anything. Or you can casually add some affiliate links or offers or link back to your own Web site to make even more money. Which brings us to Marcos’s crazy ass profit method. Step number one is to use trigger words to find good SVO keywords you can rank for. You see, if I use a tool like a traps and I type something in like mortgage, I can see that the competition on these words is pretty high. But if I use a trigger word that really doesn’t have anything to do with a market or anything like that, it’s just a trigger word to noncompetitive words.

I can use a keyword like verses. And we could see that versus already has a lot less competition. And when I drill even further, I could see that aweber vs mailchimp actually has very little competition. I can rank for this and then have affiliate links and sign up for a WEBER here or mailchimp here. Both of those programs will pay me as an affiliate. Each and every month that the customer is there. And if I could use these two thousand visitors a month on this screen and get people to my site, I can probably get quite a few people to sign up since that’s exactly what they’re looking for. And if I use a trigger word like keeps crashing, we could see all kinds of people are looking for all kinds of things that keep crashing on their computer. And I’m sure there’s programs that can help their computer run faster and get rid of the crashing issues. And we can actually get an affiliate commission for that, too, in a really easy way.

And you can go on and on and on till your heart’s content with the trigger word method. And I’ll actually pop up a video at the end of this one to teach you more about the trigger word method. But the idea here is very simple.

Triple Profit WordPress Content Marketing Strategy

NOTE: You Can Do All This With WordPress (start your first site instructions here)

Use this content marketing strategy to grow your business.

Today, what we’re going to do is talk about my triple profit content marketing strategy. Yes, that’s a lot to say, but it’s something that’s going to help you triple the amount of traffic and potentially money you make with your Web sites or blogs.

Now, what I’m going to show you today is something that you can do on WordPress. I’ve been doing this on WordPress for many years and it works really, really well.

Now, what I did before this training is I went ahead and pulled up a keyword report for puppy training and new puppy type stuff.

Now, what we need to understand is how we’re going to make money with this market. So we want to go out there first and foremost as we’re setting up our sites. And we want to look at this and we want to say to ourselves, well, what is it that I can offer these people? I can offer them different pet products like puppy toys, puppy crates, puppy training, e-books and courses, things like that. I can also offer them pet insurance by saying, hey, you know, you’ve got a new puppy. If anything goes wrong down the road, are you ready to spend ten thousand dollars for surgery? Yeah, maybe not. Check out this pet insurance and I can get paid a handsome little fee for that.

Sometimes as much as 40 to 70 dollars just for the initial signup, which is only like twenty dollars a year or something like that. Really, really cool. So we look at this, we’re like, OK, I can make money with this market. I can get lots of affiliate offers. I can do lots of things to help people with their puppies and make money with it.

Now, what we need to do is we need to take a look at our traffic strategy and our content strategy, because if you don’t have a content strategy, then you’re kind of dead in the water.

So what we need to do is we need to have a strategy for reaching these people and getting them into the things that we want. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna keep this little keyword report here and we’re gonna take a look at what we want our home page and the pages of our blog to look like.

First: We Need To Understand Pages And Posts

Okay. So we’re gonna have this hear, we’re gonna have pages. We’re gonna have post. So our page is going to look like this. And hopefully you guys see the whole thing there. Okay. These are gonna be our pages. Now, what we’re gonna do with the pages on our blog is these are gonna be primarily for sales pages, lead capture pages, privacy policy disclaimers, all that stuff.

The cool thing about using WordPress for this is you could have as many pages as you want and you can hide them from other people so that they’re not going to see it unless you link to it.  And this is something you want to look at because when you’re doing blogging, you’re going to have a different structure for your pages and for your post if you do your stuff the way that I teach you, which is a good way to do it because I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, made a lot of money with this stuff. And I’ve really nailed in and got this into a system that works over and over and over again if you do it.

So we have our pages here and our pages are primarily going to be like the options and stuff like that. So we might have something here that says, download my new puppy checklist. Right. We see that new puppy checklist up here, gets twenty four hundred searches a month. So that’s gonna be something good for these people that are looking at puppy stuff. Right. So we’ll do new puppy checklist, OK? And we’ll have something here. Maybe we’ll have like a picture of the check list or whatever it is. Right. Let’s say the picture of it looks like this. I don’t we’re gonna like a little picture of our puppy checklist.

Let’s say we have a little picture of our puppy checklist.  And we could say little teasers like, hey, you know what? On this new puppy checklist on page 27, we’re gonna teach you how to do whatever it is they’re looking at. If you’re puppies peeing in the house, we’re gonna show you how to take care of that. If you’re puppies barking or crying all night, we’re going to show you how to take care of that. We’re also going to show you some of the things you need and some of the things that we recommend with your new puppy. And then we’ll have something here that’s like put your name and then put your email in the box.

Now we’re gonna get into the good stuff in just a minute.

I know this is kind of basic, but I want to show you this because this is how our content strategy is going to work.

So we have that and then we’ll have like a little button that says, you know, download your puppy guide here.

Now, you can have as many of these as you want. Maybe you’ll find out, hey, people want the check list and they also want to learn how to stop their puppy from barking.

So we can make another page and that one would be the same kind of deal just about barking.

We’re going to have the same kind of stuff. Maybe have a little picture of a barking dog or talk to him about the tips to stop their dog from barking or something like that. OK. We’re going to have these different little pages that are going to be our opt in pages to capture our leads.

Now, I want you to take a look at this, because we’re gonna have several of these pages and these pages are going to get people into our opt in form. Now, when we have these pages, what we’re going to do is we’re gonna send them from this here guide teaser page and we’re gonna send them to like a little thank you post.

Now, once the person comes here and puts their name and email in the box, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna send them to a thank you post.

Using WordPress, we’re gonna have a little post that we send them to.

So we have our puppy checklist page. We have our other pages that are going to get people to opt in, maybe get people to buy stuff like pre-sales page, different thing like that. Now, once they come in here, they’re going put their name and email in and they’re going to go to our thank you post.

Your thank you post is going to be something like thank you for subscribing. I’m going to send you some emails about how to take care of your puppy along with some other tips and special offers. Very simple.

Next, what we’re gonna do here. We have this setup now on your thank you post. The thank you post is gonna be a post right like this. What we want to do is we want to thank them for joining. Give them some content and then also sell them some offers. Take your best offer, if its pet insurance. You say, hey, guys, thanks for signing up. By the way, if you have a new puppy, here’s why I recommend pet insurance. Here’s where you should get it.

So that way you can make money right after people are joining your list.

And again, remember, you’re gonna have lots of these pages, probably like five, maybe eight pages based on the different keywords people are looking up and the different traffic that’s coming to your site.

The key to making this work is looking at the traffic as it comes to your site, funneling them to the different pages and posts and the different offers that you want to get them into. And obviously, if I find out I’m getting a lot of traffic from “how to take care of a puppy the first night” maybe I want to set up a page about what to do the first night you have a puppy.

And then we’d send them to the same thank you post and everything like that. Everything’s gravy at this point. We can run traffic to it. We could start making some money with it.

Now, what’s going to happen is once these people put their name and email in, they’re gonna go to a database.

Okay. You can go to a database now. I like to use an auto responder like aweber or something like that.

What’s gonna happen is you’re gonna have this email database and you can actually send them emails, which is good.

Now, you might be saying, well, Marcus, I’m gonna send him emails on. I don’t know. I mean, what are we gonna do here?

Well, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna look at your keyword list here and you’re gonna look at this and say, OK, well, what are people searching for?

We’ve got new puppy check list, crate training a puppy.

When you have this list here, we want to take a look at this because we want to create our content strategy based on the competition that’s out there. So if you want to get free traffic from Google, YouTube, Yahoo! MSN bing all these other places, what you need to do is to focus on what people are searching for.

So we have like had a crate train a puppy. Not that competitive, a little competitive. We have puppy peeing. Not competitive at all. We got a puppy crying in crate at night, not competitive puppies first night home. Now we have the noncompetitive numbers and then we have the number here, which is actually showing how many times this is search for each month.

Now, this is where it gets really good.

When you do your content strategy and you focus on the keywords, because what we want to do right here is called the first dip.

So the first step is getting them to opt in. Getting them to buy the thing.

The second dip is getting the email database, getting them in out autoresponder.

Now what we’re going to do on the second dip is we’re actually going to create posts about these keyword topics. We got crate training.

We have our post and we’re like, get our content. Here’s how to crate your puppy. Here’s what you need to know. Here’s 15 different crates you can get. Here’s a guide on how to do it. Here’s my pet insurance link.

So we get this dialed in. And what we’re gonna do is we’re going to try to get this to rank on Google because the keywords are not competitive.

We always want to go for non competitive ones. Now, when you have this second dip, what we’re gonna do is twofold.

One, I already created this content for the search engines.

What I want to do is I also want to take that content and take my e-mail database. And I want to send an email to my list and say, hey, guys, I just got this article on my site or my blog, and it’s all about how to create train or puppy. Check it out. So these people come in. They’re interested in the puppy checklist. They go in there and they’re like, boom. Here we go. We look at this and we say, OK, now come check out the crate training one. Then we’re going to make another piece of content. Maybe you could do one a day or two a week or one a week or whatever it is you want. If you could do more than one a week. I think you’ll get a lot better results. So we have crate training. Then we take a look at our keyword list. We’re like, OK, maybe we’ll do. Let’s say puppies first night home or dog guide schools or let’s see, we could do puppy checklist.

And then we can send an email to that check list, too.

And what this is gonna do is it’s now going to repurpose that content instead of just having it on your blog. Now you can send it to your email list and get extra traffic, get extra sales and get people used to the fact that, hey, guys, my emails have really good stuff if you’re interested in taking care of your puppy and maybe you could load it up with 20 or 30 automated messages with 20 or 30 posts or something like that.

We’re gonna do the same thing with other keywords and we’re gonna keep going and we’re gonna keep going and we’re gonna keep going in no matter what market you’re in. You want to get creative with it. Do the keyword research, find the stuff that’s not competitive and really go for it.

Then we can make another post and email. Here’s e-mail number three. Boom, potty train your puppy. Now, this is the second dip.

So first we have our optins. Now, what we want to do in our second dip is we want to get people to opt in as well.

So we want to have something on there that says, you know, get my puppy checklist guide so we can make like a little banner.

And we’ll make like a little banner right.

Like this that says, download my new puppy checklist guide.

Then what that’s gonna do is the people who do not have your guide, they’re gonna opt in to get the guide.

So we’re going to have this on all of our posts.

So this way, what’s going to happen is we’re gonna take them and drive them to whatever page we made that fits.

So if it’s about the checklist guide, we can make it fit.

Now, if we find out the puppy training, people are not clicking on it and maybe make a guide on like how to potty train your puppy or something like that.

And make another page for that opt in. We’re taking it to the next level. We got our opt, which is the basics of our marketing funnel. Very easy. We’ve got our pages. We’ve got our post, which is our thank you post. Thank you for opting in. And it’s gonna be like a big cycle. So right to take them there, we’re gonna have lots of these different posts.

You’re gonna have post on all kinds of keywords that people are looking up in your market and you’re even going to get creative. Maybe you’ll do like, you know, golden retriever puppy or maybe you’ll do like Chihuahua puppy or whatever it is.

And you can get creative with this and you can start to get traffic. And what’s going to happen is you’re gonna build up over time. Your site’s going to get more traffic.

Your people are gonna get used to the emails from you. They’re gonna like the content you have. So that’s Dip number two.

So first we have the basic site. We can run some traffic to it. We’re ready to go.

Second, we’re gonna create this content for the search engine so we can get ranked.

Now, when we get into the third level, what we can actually do is we could start to get new traffic by taking our content and turning it into a video format.

Now, this sounds difficult, but it’s actually extremely easy. All you do is you take the content, you get someone to read it or you read it yourself. You put some slides or some images or some video over top of it. Make sure you have the rights to it. There’s lots of places to get the rights to it. I’ve done this with many videos with my clipart account. I get a clipart account and I get royalty free images from clipart. I put them into my program and I explain exactly what’s going on with whatever topic I’m talking about.

Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do the triple dip because now we’re gonna take it and we’re gonna use our YouTube videos, which you don’t even have to appear in. And we’re gonna get these YouTube videos to rank for the terms as well. Right. And some of these will do really well. They’ll get lots of traffic and then we’re gonna take them. We’re gonna take the people from our videos.

And at the end of every video, we’re gonna say, hey, thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe. Click the bell and. Oh, yeah, by the way, if you want to get my new puppy checklist, since you’re watching a video about puppies, go on over to my Web site, new puppy checklist guide dot com or whatever it is you got. Again, that’s going to start the cycle. It’s gonna get him into the thank you. It’s gonna get him into the emails. They’re gonna see all the content.

You can even put your videos on the post for an extra added zinger. And what you’re doing is you’re just using the same exact content. Now, when I looked at doing this, because a lot of times I’ll make my videos myself, but I actually looked it up for you guys. What would it what would it? Forced to make a video. Well, if the average article on a Web site to get ranked nicely. Most studies have said it’s between eighteen hundred and twenty five hundred words. OK. I did a round about number and I said, how much would it cost for a a person to read two thousand words.

I found the first guy was like three hundred bucks. He was a little pricey, but that’s decent. It’s still for a video. That’s not too bad. I found another guy who would do it for one thirty five. OK, so one thirty five here was not that bad. And again these are on fiber and you could see I put two thousand words in there. So there’s one for one thirty five. Then I found another guy who’s willing to read your articles and this one is a shocker. Actually found a guy on fiber. He’s got a good voice. I actually watched his stuff. He would read a two thousand word article for you for twenty five bucks. Right. And he’s actually got a pretty decent voice. It’s not like some crappy auto generated. Right. So for 25 bucks, I can turn each of these pieces of content into a video. All right. Now, the cool thing about this is you want to do this as you’re making money. So I would say maybe if you don’t have money to start with, maybe start with the content first. Get it ranked. Start with this stuff and then you can go out and start making videos on all your content. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to do. Compound growth over time. You’re going to build this up. And if you say, well, you know what, Marcus, I’m willing to do three pieces of content a week.  Might take you three to five hours a week, depending on how slow you are. So three to five hours a week. That’s what I spend if I get three pieces of content every week at the end of the year. I got 150 pieces of content. If I start making these into videos, I can make even more. And then my channel is going to grow. And then we’re gonna send them back to the opt in.

They’re gonna go through the whole thing and boom. Now I have a triple dip marketing funnel that I can get out there, start getting traffic for free. I could even go out there and pay for traffic to get that puppy checklist if I want to. But if I don’t want to pay for traffic, I could go out there using my keywords and start to make this content. And what you want to do is you want to multi-purpose your content. You want to use your content in multiple modalities and you want to use it many different ways. If you have that content already, you might as well use that as something to send to your newsletter. Now, a lot of people, when they have an email marketing list or newsletter, they tend to think, OK, well, you know, I just need to send sales letters to them. I just got to find affiliate offers in the Senate. You never want to send an affiliate offer directly through an email. Never do it. Why? Because you want to send them back to your site so you can explain the offer. What this is going to do is twofold. One, it’s gonna give you more content for your site because you got to write a little page to send them to. And then two, it’s going to get you past all the junk. Would like suppression lists and and scrub less because if you’re seen as someone who’s just mailing out straight affiliate offers, you know, it’s not that great. Your deliverability is going to go down your amount of people who open it and click is going to go down. What we need to do is we need to train our mailing lists that when I get a message from Marcus or whoever you are or the puppy dude or whatever, I’m getting valuable stuff right. That’s why we always want to send them back to our blog. And when we do this, it’s going to build. It’s going to grow. It’s going to continue to compound. And over time, you’re going to have something really, really, really big.

Commission Junction Affiliate Program Review [Money Making Guide]

What is Commission Junction 
Commission Junction is the previous name of CJ Affiliate by Conversant. However, you will be free to refer to this program using either of the two names. Ideally, it is a marketplace that allows you access to thousands of products that once you promote, you can earn from them.

This program is suitable for blog owners, publishers, and interested individuals who would want to connect with credible affiliate programs. Did you know that this program comes with products from some of the most trusted brands across the globe?
One of the biggest concerns that people will always have is the legitimacy of the program. Indeed, Commission Junction has proven to be not only reliable but also worth trusting. Their level of consistency is unmatched, and their resolve to remain transparent has always been unwavering for over 20 years now.

How does CJ Work? 
Commission Junction allows you to find different marketing offers from multiple advertisers. There are a variety of programs that you can take a look at. Whichever category suits you, ensure that it becomes your priority. Ideally, you will need to tailor your content in a way that promotes whichever category you have chosen. It is from this that you will get paid.

Did you know that this program has a high performer feature? This way, as long as you perform well, you will be confident of landing more invites from advertisers, which means more revenue. Rely on the various analytics to tweak your performance.

How to sign up 
Signing up for this program is relatively straightforward. Take the time to follow the following steps, and you will be good to go.
•    To begin, you will have to visit their homepage on On the top menu, select Publisher and click on sign up, which leads you to a sign-up form. Here, select your preferred language, fill your names and other details, and then click Next.

•    You will receive a confirmation email at your address. You will have to confirm that the account is yours before proceeding to the Publisher Sign Up Form. In this form, you will fill various details, including your residence, preferred currency, and your phone number.

•    Upon filling all your details, accept the terms and conditions of the program. Usually, taking the time to go through these terms will prepare you for any eventuality. Mostly, you will need to accept their privacy policy, age certification, certification of authority, and the service agreement.

•    You will get a redirect to the login page. Once you are logged in, you will first have to fill your tax details, depending on your area of residence. It will be essential for you to be cautious about this aspect, as it will be definitive of your experience and earning in the long run.

More than often, it will be essential for you to understand the requirements of this sign-up. Like in every other institution, not everyone is welcome. Usually, you will first need to be over 18 years old, and that you have a website. If you have multiple sites, you could still add them to your details. There will be no need to create a new account.

However, you will need to be relatively careful if you have limited traffic on your site. That is because most non-performing websites get deactivated within the first six months. CJ advises newbies to start with already optimized and comes with useful content for its visitors. For instance, if you boast of over 10K readers, you will be in for good news.

On top of that, you will have to pass a network quality review bar. This review aims to audit your traffic, which ensures that the people you are getting on your site or sending to the advertiser are legit. If there are instances of buying traffic, there is a high chance of being locked out.

Ideally, it could be relatively hard for small marketing campaigns. As long as you have solid traffic right from the onset, this should be no issue. However, your ultimate should not be acceptance—remember that you will need to apply to each affiliate program within the network.

Some of the other critical requirements that you should have in mind include the following.
•    Ensure that you are committed to affiliate marketing. Unless you give it the attention it deserves, you will hardly make enough out of it. Besides, advertisers will hardly want to associate with publishers that are not motivated. While at it, you should put enough time into this program. A couple of hours a day until you make enough for you will be vital.
•    Your site should feature top-notch content. Take the time to invest in SEO. It is through this that you will not expose your advertisers to being blackened.
•    Be confident in generating enough results. It is what matters the most.

Features of Commission Junction
•    Integrated toolbox

Undoubtedly, this site prides itself on a user interface that you will take a while to learn. However, once you are conversant with it, you will be confident of a smooth experience. For instance, this Publisher’s integrated toolbox will help you in monitoring your activities and earnings. It will also be easier for you to know how to improve your conversions too.

Most often, you will see the performance of the various advertisers at your disposal. With this, you will find it much easier to pick a friendlier advertiser, and which products to promote. While at it, you will have access to information on the various products you would like to embrace.

Did you know that you will get daily or flexible reports once you start selling? These reports highlight both your commissions and performance. You could also request a customized report whenever you need one.

•    Deep-linking and link generation 
Once you integrate a line of JavaScript into your site, you will be confident of various affiliate links generating automatically. Remember, the site comes with a feature called Bookmarklet, which you can also install on your browser. This way, you will no longer need to worry about wasting time clicking or adding items to your cart.

•    Product Widgets
One aspect you will always love about this site is the customized product widgets it features. You will have a wide variety of widgets to choose from, including slideshows, collages, and grids. Usually, by customizing, you will pass information the right information in a more legible and easier-to-read format. Through this, improving your conversion will hardly be a hassle.

•    Real-Time Monitoring 
Indeed, you will always want to be up-to-date with your commissions and transactions. Fortunately, Commission Junction allows you access to all these pieces of information in real-time. With such at your disposal, it will be easier for you to adjust accordingly and change tactics for better results in the market. It will also be more comfortable to understand which affiliate products work best for you. You will also be free to correct any mistakes right on time, without necessarily refreshing your page.

•    Mobile Solutions 
Having a mobilized package will, undeniably, be vital in ensuring that you track, test, as well as optimize their mobile conversion. With this, it will be possible for you to monitor the tendencies of potential customers on the go, which means it will be easier to optimize for the most suitable audience.

In most cases, this mobile package will allow you to monitor your potential customers’ app engagements, app downloads, and mobile web actions, which will all be essential in improving your conversion at the end of the day.

•    Enhanced selectivity 
Interestingly, Commission Junction hardly bundles multiple products under one ad code. This site allows you to choose which product suits you, what products you would love to display, and where to do so. This way, you will remain organized throughout.

•    Automation 
As a blogger, you will often aim at getting individual links for the products you are mentioning on your blog, which most affiliate programs don’t offer. It is through this that you will be sure of bagging more revenue. CJ is the only marketplace that comes with a perfect solution to this problem.

CJ allows you to monetize your various commercial links without necessarily editing any of your old links. Mostly, it converts any outbound links into affiliate ones. However, it will only function if you have an existing relationship with the advertisers in question. This advertiser comes with deep link integration too.

Affiliate Programs Offered 
Are you looking for a site that prides itself on a wide variety of programs? Commission Junction is home. This site gives you access to various options, regardless of which type of blogger you are.

Most often, you will be free to filter programs according to events, promotion types, and link types. You will also witness that there will be different categories from which you can pick your preferred venture, including health, automotive, recycling, and gardening.

Let’s talk about the offers you get on these programs. Often, they guarantee you a Cost Per acquisition payment, which includes pay-per-call, pay-per-sale, and pay-per-lead. You could also get pay-per-click payments from different advertisers.

How do they pay
Mostly, Commission Junction pays through US bank accounts or Payoneer. Of the two, Payoneer seems to be the most straightforward method, which means your money will not be stuck somewhere for way too long.

First, you will need to sign up with Payoneer. The process will hardly take more than a few minutes. This account is free, and it can be linked to your US bank account too. Once you sign up, you will proceed to add or link it to CJ.

On Commission Junction’s site, navigate to the top left and click on Account then Account Details. You will be prompted to fill in your tax information. Upon completion, choose Direct Deposit as your ideal payment option. It usually takes less than 15 seconds to withdraw your money from Payoneer once everything is ready.

Remember, the minimum payout is usually $50 on Payoneer and $100 via check, with the payment terms being Net 20. As such, you could also consider getting a check or a direct deposit to your US bank account. The amount you receive is often dependent on the share of the revenue from the advertiser.

Why you need to work with CJ 
•    This program prides itself on a huge base of advertisers that you can work with at any time. Currently, there are over 3000 advertisers on this network, which allows you to choose whoever suits you best.
•    Their payouts are reasonably reliable. As long as you attain the threshold, the payments remain to be as regular as you wish.
•    Did you know that you can manage multiple affiliate sites without too much hassle? For instance, if you have two or more websites, all you will need to do is to add them to your list of sites. Having them under one roof will often be more convenient.
•    You will be free to choose advertisers as well as products that suit your content. This flexibility is essential in giving you enhanced returns in the long run.

Cons of being on CJ
•    Their customer support service is not reliable. Mostly, it tends to be relatively slow in responding to queries and even emails.
•    Joining this program could be an uphill task, especially for those with smaller websites.
•    It takes time for you to learn this user interface and even reporting tools

As you look forward to joining affiliate marketing, CJ will undoubtedly be one of the best options at your disposal. It’s time to make money, go for it!