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Rakuten Affiliate Programs: How They Make Money

How Rakuten Makes Money

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Rakuten’s $15,000,000,000 A Year Business Model
“Amazon of Japan”

In its more than 20 years in business under both names, Rakuten Rewards
has given out more than $1 billion in cash back rewards.


Hiroshi Mikitani
MISSION: Help Japanese Business Owners Get Online

He Thought About The BIG Picture… The Platform

MDM, Inc
Internet Shopping Mall
Level The Playing Field
Linkshare Opens Up Shop
And The Beginings Of Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing Works – A Brief Overview


Rakuten Points

Alessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman

LinkShare for $425 million

2010 for $250 million


Founded 1999 Cashback Shopping

$400,000,000 Cash Back To Users
$64 Per Year Average Savings / Cash Back Rewards

ebooks ereaders audiobooks
$315 million 2012

One of the chief of these competitors is Ibotta, one of the most popular cash back shopping companies around. It works a lot like Rakuten does: it partners with a variety of merchants to offer cash back on purchases, which can be done by scanning the receipt or with an Ibotta Debit Card. Online purchases can also be made through the app. It has more than 300 retailers in its program, including grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and home renovation businesses.

Ibotta was founded in 2012. Its current valuation is more than $1 billion. It has been downloaded more than 35 million times. Since its founding, Ibotta has given its users more than $0.5 billion in cash back refunds. That means that it is earning money for its customers at about the same rate that Rakuten Rewards is, meaning that it must be doing a similar volume of business.

Upside, formerly known as Get Upside, is another popular competitor. It aims to be most useful for the kinds of purchases that most people make on a regular basis: grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. That last one is something that many people find particularly useful, as many cash back companies do not have offers at gas stations. In fact, customers can get as much as $0.25 per gallon back, which is an appreciable discount.

Upside was founded in 2016. Since then, it has given $200 million in cash back rewards to its users. That is almost as fast as the rate that Rakuten is refunding its customers, meaning that it must also be doing a similar volume of business.

Shopkick was founded in 2009 and launched its cash back shopping app in 2010, with only five retailers as partners. However, four of those partners were Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, and Sports Authority, all very popular brands at the time. By 2014, it had added many other retailers, including many other top brands. In 2017, it added grocery stores to its network. By 2017, it had earned over $2.5 billion in sales. Over the last several years, its earnings have been somewhere in the $10 million per year to $50 million per year range.


The Brilliant Business Model


1. Shop And Save Money
2. Promote Rakuten
3. Make An Affiliate Coupon Site
4. Make A Cash Back Rewards Giveaway
5. Make A Cash Back Rewards Review Site
6. Make A Cash Back Rewards Niche Site
7. Make An Affiliate Marketing Portal
8. Make A Rewards Review Video Channel
9. Promote Cashback Rewards Credit Cards
10. Helpful Daily Website



Automated Youtube Channels + As Seen On TV Affiliate Programs = $$$

how to make money online with simple little videos on YouTube and TikTok without showing your face.

First we’re going to go over here to OfferVault and we’re going to type in kitchen. This is going to show us all the offers and how much they pay us. Oh, wait a minute. What does that even mean? If you find something like this, kitchen super scissors, it is paying us $42.75 every time we send someone to a special link and they buy the kitchen scissors, or $11 every time someone buys kitchen gloves using our affiliate link. Or when someone enters to win a KitchenAid mixer, free dish soap pays $18, Authentic cooking knives, $29, and on and on we go. You could see there’s tons of stuff related to kitchens and cooking.

Wait a minute. How to Cut Tri Tip, 130,000 views. 36,000 views, How to Slice a Tri Tip, How to Carve a Tri Tip, and there’s only one person showing their face. Wait a minute. How to chop, basic knife skills, 12 million views, no face in that video. Dicing an onion. How to chop every vegetable. Michelin Star Onions. Chop Onions Like a Pro. This is some serious traffic. How to Slice? How to Slice Onion, Vegetables, Tomatoes.

Millions of TikTok views, cutting steak, people using the Slap Chop, 26 million views, 1.5 million views, 200,000 views, and this offer pays $9.75 per sale. Wait a minute. So I sell this thing for 20 bucks and I get $9.75? Yeah. And with all this traffic, it’s got to be super simple to sell five or 10 of these a day or more. Wait a minute, that’s like 4,000 bucks a month. Yeah. And it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Then all he needs to do is make little videos about different kitchen skills. Then he’s going to use the traffic from those videos to make money with monetization as a YouTube partner, and then drive people to the kitchen offers he found on OfferVault. Using this simple method, how hard do you think it’d be for Patrick to sell a couple of kitchen scissors a day, or a specialty knife, or a Slap Chop or anything like that? And all he needs to do is use his kitchen tool and show people how to chop stuff.

PLUS There Are Tons Of As Seen On Tv Procuds You Can Use With THis Method

Slap Chop

Slap chop is a manual chopper machine making work easier in kitchens and homes. This little machine does all the chopping work in a spur through a few slaps on its plunger. It’s an ingenious Vince Offer invention that rocked the shows late in December 2008 and has become a staple in numerous homes.
It’s stainless steel and easy to clean since it’s quite a breeze to take it apart, unlike other compact choppers. Moreover, a simple slap is enough, and you hardly have to use excessive force to get the work done. Frankly, it’s a unique and ingenious invention that seemingly solves the niggling and time-consuming chopping processes in the kitchen.

How much has Slap Chop sold?

It’s alleged that Slap Chop sold $200 million worth of products after its launch. Vince claims on his official website that he sold one million products which is a fairly good number. That’s due to his incredible and uniquely enticing marketing approach that aired on the TVs in 2008, two years after ShamWow’s tremendous success.

Essentially, this product promised to ease the strenuous knife chopping in the kitchen, making it quite a breeze. Indeed, that’s precisely what it’s done, giving it tremendous renown. However, much credit goes to how Vince approached its marketing with a bit of wit, assertion and conviction.

Does Slap Chop have an Affiliate Program?

Slap Chop doesn’t have a direct affiliate program. However, affiliate marketers can use third-party unattached and related affiliates to sell and earn a commission for qualifying purchases. Triad Media and AsSeenOnPC are typical affiliate partners with the best payouts, with the former paying as high as $6.75/CPA.

Other products by Vince Offer

Vince also has a line of other products he premiered, which rocked the market back in the day. These products continue to rack up sales even after his disappearance from the public eye for some time now. Although he also advertised third-party products – as a professional infomercial – Vince has a quite a list of products, including the following:


ShamWow is a pioneering super absorbent towel cloth with the propensity to wick away moisture without dripping wet. Vince claims that the cloth holds about ten times its weight in liquid, is machine washable and doesn’t scratch surfaces.

Of course, there’s a lot of hyping going around this product. But quite frankly, it’;s all justifiable due to its clever blend of polypropylene and rayon. Its approval and star ratings are much better on every review platform, and it delivers what it promises.


Shticky, also one of Vince Offer’s products, makes cleaning a breeze and removes debris from surfaces quicker than paper lint rollers. This product comes in various sizes, to help remove dirt from dandruff on fabric to litter under the bed.

What makes it better is that it’s quickly washable with running water and is sticky when dry, making it a perfect solution to the headache in maintaining spruced-up ambiences. This product retails at $19.95 for a 2-piece set and has sold quite significantly over the years.

A better affiliate program for shticky is Triad Media Network, with a payout of $9.75/CPA. Like other products under Vince Offer’s umbrella, it doesn’t have a direct affiliate program. But other third-party networks play a part in marketing it.


Nothing beats Invinceable’s stain-removing ability, and like every Vince Offer’s products, this spray offers the perfect stain-removal solution. Invinceable has millions of microscopic oxygen bubbles that blast and dislodge dirt away, making cleaning as you go quite a reality.

Vince claims that you may have to rub a little bit after spraying the solution on the stain. However, the solution works pretty fine even without doing so, making removing the stains quite a breeze.

Crank Chop

Like Slap Chop, Crank Chop helps with chopping the veggies and meats. However, this appliance works by pulling, and the manufacturer fits it with a pull and retract mechanism. It’s also effortless and wont bother with excessive force; it’s intuitive and pretty straightforward to use.

You may have to fill it with anything you want to chop, close the lid and pull severally. It’s rotating stainless steel blades cut the material in only a few pulls and the more you do it, the finer the results.

Like Slap Chop, Crank Chop helps with chopping the veggies and meats. However, this appliance works by pulling, and the manufacturer fits it with a pull and retract mechanism. It’s also effortless and wont bother with excessive force; it’s intuitive and pretty straightforward to use.

You may have to fill it with anything you want to chop, close the lid and pull severally. It’s rotating stainless steel blades cut the material in only a few pulls and the more you do it, the finer the results.

Other products Vince offer has advertised

Quicky Grass

Vince has also advertised a few other brands from other manufacturers, and Quicky Grass is one among them. The product has the ability to invigorate grass growth since it uses a unique smart cone technology to nourish the soil.

Just applying it to the soil is sufficient enough to lodge sufficient minerals and nutrients the lawn needs to intensify grass growth. This product currently retails in the United States and is an incredible solution to the problems Vince is advocating for.

Bill Mays

Bill Mays was an American television direct-response salesperson and advertiser born in 1958. His more prominent work involved promoting products like OxiClean, Kaboom, Zorbeez and orange glow until his passing away in 2009.

Other similar As seen on TV products include the following.

Flex Seal
Flex seal is Phil Swift’s sealing slime that hardens on exposure to air and creates an air-tight, unbreakable covering on crevices and cracks. It’s applicable in a vast array of situations that require making tiny openings less leaky, including fish ponds and gutter joints.

The product first came out in 2015 and has become a mainstay in providing solutions to leaks and openings that need sealing. A single Flex seal can cost $28.98 and can seal quite a significant surface area.


OxiClean is a valuable addition in laundry operations and the manufacturer touts it as the best stain fighter with over 101 ways to use it. It eliminates odors and fights stains quite efficient;y, it’s bleach-free and relatively concentrated and potent.

An Oxiclean can cost about $13.68 but contains 65 loads to last for quite a long time. This company currently doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Orange Glo

Orange Glo is a proficient wood revitalizer and wax remover and comes in an orange spray bottle. It’s incredibly useful in polishing wood and doesn’t have aerosol propellants, making it safer for use. A single spray bottle costs $4.58 and can last for quite some time of continuous use.

Orange Glo has no direct affiliate program so far and has not yet identified partners to help them qualify its product’s purchases.

Artic Air
Arctic air is an air cooler is an ultra-evaporate air cooler used for keeping home ambiances cools and the air more enjoyable to breath in. it’s an electronic device that retails at $44.98 and is low-noise. It has an oscillating mechanism that wafts in air by vaporizing the water in its chambers.

Turbo Pump

Miracle copper socks
Furniture feet
Micro mechanic
Magic Mesh,
1 second slicer

how to become a storm chaser and make money

Make Money With A Youtube Weather Channel


Weather and Storm Affiliate Programs

1. Survival Frog

This is a company that deals in products designed to keep families safe whenever there is an emergency. They have created quite a reputation for themselves with good services, better customer satisfaction rates, and free shipping for orders over $75. The affiliate program is quite attractive, with a commission rate of 12%, and when you can make more sales, you will quickly earn better. They also have a reasonable conversion rate, but this will eventually depend on how active you are at blogging and posting new content on your page or website.

2. Titan Survival

The company is known for its outdoor and survival products, and they have a catalog full of products that are needed for survival. As such, they tend to have a high conversion rate which means that as long as you are part of their affiliate program, you have a higher chance of earning a steady income.

Your content will quickly turn into cash when you are on this affiliate program and for the commissions that you earn, and payments are made each week for the commissions you earn. It is a reliable source of income, and as long as you have put in the work behind it, you will be able to gain the perks of affiliate marketing and revenue that gets you paid every week.


3. Wise Food Storage

The company is all about storing food wisely, specializing in freeze-dried foods with a shelf life of 30 years. They are also experts at food storage and offer solutions that will secure your food through the good and bad times. The company also provides emergency pet kits, and whenever you want to create content about camping outdoors or backpacking, this is the affiliate program to use.

Not only will you get a way to maintain the conversation, but a monetization method that matches the kind of content you will be preparing. Additionally, the payment threshold is $25, which is quite low for an affiliate program, and affiliates are accepted worldwide.


4. Valley Food Storage

This is another company in the storage of food, but the difference is that they do not use any preservatives to achieve this. As such, they are in high demand as they offer safer means of storing food without having to introduce any harmful or dangerous chemicals.

Additionally, the company offers complimentary domestic shipping means that your affiliate marketing can be pretty successful. With their refund policy which does not ask questions, customers find working with the company quite a good experience. Being part of this affiliate program can be an ideal way to earn additional income.


5. Emergency Essentials

The company is a supplier of food and survival kits. They sell different products, which include food, water filters, protective gear, and medical supplies. Their affiliate program is decent, with good commission and payouts at the end of every month. However, this has a limitation to only those affiliates that reside in the US and Canada. This is a lucrative affiliate program to join for someone who blogs about survival kits and emergency preparedness. It has reasonable rates and the monthly payouts mean that you have something extra at the end of every month.


6. Gander Outdoors

This is a campaign, fishing, boating, and hunting gear and equipment shop. They have an excellent selection of gear, firearms, hunting knives, and crossbows. Customers who make an order of more than $49 will also get free shipping, which means that the affiliate program is very profitable.

Customers will be more likely to buy something online when they get something in addition to what they have purchased. In this case, free shipping is the motivating factor and something that you can rely on to get as many referrals as possible.

The affiliate program is great for someone who blogs about outdoor adventures such as camping, and there are og about. As such, plenty of products you have plenty of choices in terms of content and items that you would want to feature on your blog. One downside of the program is that the cookies have a limited duration, and as such, your potential to earn from the referrals is also limited.


7. Vivos Shelters

The company is known to offer underground shelters that can easily withstand all types of catastrophes. No matter the weather condition, these shelters have been designed to stand up to all kinds of threats and, as such, keep the occupants safe. It is quite a helpful way to stay safe during bad weather and storms, and the affiliate program has earned its place on our list.

Safety shelters are hard to find and keep people safe from storms and bad weather. With the right approach and tactic, you can easily use this affiliate program to earn additional side income. Their items are high value, and when you have the right content, you will quickly get into the minds and hearts of individuals and groups looking for shelters to keep them safe from disasters and extinction threats.


8. American Family Safety

The program sells emergency products such as first-aid kits, emergency food and water supplies, and safety kits that will enable families to be ready for any disaster. They have some excellent survival kits based on recommendations that the Department has made of Homeland Security.

These kits can also be customized to enable you to get the features that you had in mind. With the very best quality of products going into the kit, you can be assured of nothing but the best and a means of staying safe that will protect your family. Their affiliate program will enable you to talk about keeping the family safe while promoting products that can help in the event of an emergency or a disaster; you will also earn a 7% commission with a cookie duration of 30 days.



The website has been designed to provide peace of mind by giving you the education and products you need to be prepared for all kinds of disasters. Being disaster ready is not an easy undertaking meaning that the information that is offered by this website is quite valuable. Some kits are provided to make people more organized and better prepared for emergencies.

These tools include flashlights, food, and water supplies and help people get through tough times. All sales made using your link will be considered for the commission. This includes the orders on the phone, meaning that you can earn from such orders. Their system is primed for volume; when you have higher volumes, you can qualify for better rates from the affiliate program.

The average number of orders made on the website is quite large and one of the main reasons you should be part of this affiliate program.

here are also plenty of marketing materials, and the commission rates are pretty decent.


10. Mountain House

The company started as a meals company for the US Special Forces Soldiers, and over time, they have managed to sell about 70% of all backpacking meals sold in North America. They have a long shelf-life which has been industry-proven. If you are someone with a passion for emergency preparedness and outdoor recreation, this is the right kind of affiliate program for you.

Your readers will have meals they can take with them on hiking trails and other adventures. The affiliate program is definitely what you need for your audience to get the supplies they need when they are outdoors on an adventure or in a bunker waiting for bad storms to cease.
There are also plenty of marketing materials to enable your affiliate marketing to run smoothly and have better engagement rates. As an affiliate, there will be plenty of tools to help you get through the process, in addition to high average order values, which means you will be able to earn a decent income from the program.


11. eSafety Supplies

Safety supplies and safety equipment are usually in high demand during emergencies and the event of disasters. They ensure that rescuers and other personnel are safe as they carry out their usual duties. The company is known only for selling high-quality equipment, which includes survival kits, first aid kits, flashlights, and much more.

Safety supplies are essential in storms and bad weather, so you have a backup plan to get you through the dark night. You also have the chance to get everyone to safety while you wait for the bad weather to clear up or help to arrive. When you can light the way in the event of a power blackout, you will also be able to save and rescue more people, which means that your time will have been well spent.

In addition, they have been known to be very helpful to their customers, and interacting with their website is very simple. The performance of your affiliate link determines how much you can earn, with most marketers making between 10-14%. Their many years of experience means they can be a reliable source of income for you, and customers will also trust the brand.


12. Nutrient Survival

If you are a blogger looking to get started in the niche of survival foods and drinks, this is the ideal means through which you can earn an additional income. When you are writing about survival, food and drink are some of the main topics you cover besides shelter, and this affiliate program can be used to show the part about food and beverages.

Preparing for an emergency with the right supplies is essential, but it also pays to be hydrated and well-fed during the crisis. The affiliate program enables you to emphasize this while including links to products your readers will find helpful even to their survival.

They also have high-quality products and competitive commission rates, and you are assured of getting a good income from this program. They also happen to have a money-back guarantee, a fact that has attracted a lot of customers and will also make your affiliate marketing program more successful.

Another interesting fact about being part of this affiliate program is that you can enjoy discounts when you make your own purchases. As such, you get to make savings on your purchase and a commission from the other sales.


13. Legacy Food Storage

The company deals in freeze-dried meals, which you can promote on your blog to earn an additional monthly income. They offer meals in small portions and are the ideal food choice when you have outdoor usage in mind. Their meals are designed for long-term storage, meaning they can be eaten after 25 years and not lose their taste. Their affiliate program is quite profitable, considering the unique nature of their food.

A more effective means of storing food for your readers means they can stretch out what they have and last through tough times and other destructive disasters. Legacy Food Storage offers a solution that will ensure that your readers have a safe and healthy means of storing their food so that it can get them through tough times. Food storage is essential and is one of the most promising affiliate programs on the list, regardless of your audience’s demographics.

Food that lasts long is essential and can easily sustain you through a disaster. The company has the right product for the market, and your affiliate marketing will bridge this gap and earn you an income simultaneously. The commission rates are usually between 8-15%, and the orders are generally high-value, and as such, you get to earn good income all year round.


14. My Generator Affiliate Program

It pays to be adequately prepared with all the right tools during disasters. A source of electricity you can rely on during such challenging times is also helpful and will make your time much safer.

When you have a generator to power through the night, you can keep everyone safe as you get through the disaster together. The affiliate program is intended to enable you to hook up your readers to a massive selection of premium power products to prepare them for tough times.

They also offer portable camping fridges, and if your blogging niche happens to be about outdoor camping, this affiliate program will be an excellent fit for you. There is quite a wide variety of products in this affiliate program; as such, you will have plenty to write about as you promote functional appliances to your readers. Another helpful fact about the affiliate program is that the cookies will last 30 days, which keeps you earning much longer.

You also get to write about a topic that most people overlook when thinking about emergency preparedness. If you can convince your readers about the importance and benefits of an additional power source, you will be able to make easy conversions in this way.

For bloggers and affiliate marketers whose main topic is advice to homeowners, this is the one kind of affiliate program that you would not like to miss out on. Homeowners requiring power backups can use your advice and the information you provide to secure their homes better.

15. Towergate Touring Caravan Insurance Affiliate Program

Towergate Insurance has been the expert in insurance for over 40 years and provides caravan insurance that will keep you covered at home, on-site, and on the road. This is an ideal affiliate program for you if you write about insurance. You can emphasize that readers will quickly build their insurance cover based on their specific needs and other preferences.

When your customers can pay for only what they need, they will be sure to love the insurance package. With this affiliate program, you get insurance for your readers and earn additional income. The program comes with a 30-day cookie duration, meaning that you will be able to achieve for this long. Insurance is a popular topic with internet users doing the research before making any significant decision.

The affiliate program enables you to get the income you need by informing your readers about insurance and the importance of always ensuring that they are fully covered for all unexpected things and eventualities they were unprepared for. Your readers gain insurance, and you benefit from the affiliate program. This is good for an affiliate program and the right way to get paid online.

16. Affiliate Program Cute Weather – Live Forecast iPhone App

If you are into apps, the Cute Weather app has an affiliate program that can make you earn income from their weather forecast iPhone app. This is a topic you might be well-versed in, and writing about it can earn you additional income, which you will find quite helpful.

The application is quite helpful in preparing for bad weather and other kinds of emergencies. Your readers will have the forecasts way ahead in time; as such, nothing catches them by surprise. It is a good affiliate program that will quickly bring you much more income by giving your readers something that will be of actual value to them.

The help that you will have provided them will enable them to prepare better for disasters and be in a position to make decisions that will change their chances much more. The use of technology to get through disasters and other unlikely scenarios is increasing, and mobile apps have been made available to cater to such global challenges.

Knowing the weather in advance enables people to plan their day better, which means they will not be held up somewhere while they could have been productive on something of greater importance.

The affiliate program pays on a CPA basis, costing $0.76 for each download. Your readers must open the application after downloading it through your affiliate link. Once they have given all the permissions required within the app, you can earn your commission.
This is quite a lucrative means of earning additional income, and you don’t have to do much work either. As such, you can quickly get started with it and earn for the clicks your audience will make. With a good blog post and the right content, this is relatively easy to achieve, and organic traffic will get you the best results. It is an excellent example of a weather and storm affiliate program that you can use as a side source of income.


Online Business Ideas – Low Fail Rate

Best Business Ideas – Online Low Risk Businesses You Can Start

First: What Makes A Business Fail

Lack Of Funding
Lack Of Planning
Lack Of Marketing

Second: What Business Have The Highest Success Chance “according to the other guys”

1. Vending Machine
2. Cleaning Service
3. Self Storage
4. Personal Trainer
5. Lawn Care
6. Farming
7. Recycle
8. Dump Truck
9. Rental Property
10. Online Selling
11. laundromat
12. healthcare
13. Transportation
14. Sell Candy?
15. Staffing Agency
16. Online Tutor
17. Freelance
18. Content Creator

Third: What Business Backed By Data
Are Virtually Guaranteed To Succeed

1. Online Service Based Business
2. Online Content Creator Business
3. Online “MiddleMan” Business
4. Business Marketing Services
5. Fix Up Old Ranking Websites
6. Help Influencers Make Money
7. Affiliate Marketing Business

Today, I’m going to show you seven businesses that are virtually guaranteed not to fail. “Wait a minute, did you say guaranteed?”

Yep, that’s right. If you follow these examples, you can make money and this is backed by data.

And in order to prepare for this video, actually paid people to transcribe the top videos that we’re talking about no fail businesses and what I found was less than impressive. A lot of people were rehashing the same generic business ideas that really doesn’t teach you much about anything.

And one of the top videos I actually found out blatantly plagiarizing someone else’s videos. So if you’re looking for generic advice like lawn care or be a personal trainer, this video probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re in search of online businesses that are virtually guaranteed to succeed, backed by data that you could start for less than a hundred bucks, then pay close attention to this entire video.

Maybe even watch it twice so you don’t miss anything. Now, in order to get to these seven businesses that are guaranteed not to fail, we need to talk about what makes a business fail. What is it that inevitably makes the business end? Well, let’s take a look. The goal of a business is essentially to make money. So it’s logic to assume businesses fail because of lack of money.

That seems pretty simple. But why does this end up happening? Well, first of all, people might start a business with money and funding and happy thoughts and good ideas. But at the end of the day, it’s going to fail because of lack of planning no matter how much money it starts with. We see this with startups all the time that are basically starting a business hoping that something works and then they have bad marketing or bad planning and eventually they run out of money. And when they run out of money, they’re pretty much out of business.

Now, there is one business model that kind of transcends this, and that’s the business model like Amazon or Carvana, where they’re losing a bunch of money up front to basically take over a market. But unless you have like a billion dollars in your pocket that you’re willing to blow on a business so you can dominate a market, that’s probably not going to work for you. Which is why I don’t think it’s wise for small entrepreneurs to take the advice of billionaires. Because oftentimes their business models are different, their funding is different, and they’re not exactly in your shoes. When I started my first business years ago for less than a $100, I had to make it work. I didn’t have a bunch of funding or backing or anything like that. I had to rely on my skills, my work, and my ability to help other people. And this is key when starting a new business. You need to start lean, mean and ready to grow.

Lean meaning very little budget. You don’t want to rush out there and get a $10,000 a month overhead before you even open your doors. Not unless you know exactly what you’re doing. And that’s why all the businesses I’ve started since the time I was 19 years old have succeeded because I started small, kept them small until we started to grow, and then I invested. And even then, I was super cautious about my overhead and what I was spending money on. And this is why I’ve stayed in business for 23 years and lots of other people doing the same kind of stuff fizzled out within the first year or so. So if you want to make sure that your business doesn’t fail, keep an eye on the bottom line, aka how much money you got in the bank. So now we know that most businesses fail because of bad marketing, lack of planning, or low funds.

When you run out of money, you’re pretty much out. So let’s talk about some of these other videos and what they’re talking about with no fail businesses. Now, when I was doing research for this video, I was looking at some of these top videos and I actually got the transcripts and found out that some of them were blatantly plagiarizing other videos. It was almost word for word.
And I had to go back and ask myself, “Did I print this twice?” And the answer was no. One of these people was literally copying the other one. And a lot of these people were talking about the same kind of businesses with a high success chance, like starting a vending machine business or a cleaning service or some kind of self storage container place, which sounds pretty expensive to start if you ask me or become a personal trainer. But what if I don’t want to be a personal trainer or deal with lawn care or number six, farming? How is farming a no fail business? Throughout history, farmers have failed like crazy. In fact, when I lived in California, I knew a dairy farmer who couldn’t even pay for his cows to eat. Luckily, some other company acquired him and the cows got fed. Some people were talking about recycling businesses, getting a dump truck, rental property, online selling. Selling what?

Open a laundromat, healthcare, can you be any more generic? Transportation, selling candy, start a staffing agency. I thought this one was actually pretty smart, only it lacked the details to get started. Become an online tutor, a freelancer, or a content creator. And while most of this list is really generic and really expensive to start and actually does have a pretty good failure rate, there were a couple that I actually liked. And that brings us to the part you’ve all been waiting for. My seven businesses backed by data that are virtually guaranteed to succeed. Disclaimer, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. This is a business. There is risk, there is reward, and the average person trying to “make money online” makes nothing. Number one is an online service based business. Think services like fiber, only not using fiber to get customers. Or if you are using fiber, using that to get low end customers and put them into something bigger.

To show you an example, millions of businesses are started online and offline each and every year. And a lot of those businesses need a business name. And so they turn to the internet to find business name generators. You could literally start a business where you help people find business names and help them come up with business names, charge them a little bit or do it free, and then sell them business cards and web hosting and domain names and all the things that they’re going to need for their new, wonderfully named business. Or you could start a simple service where people are writing articles for businesses or helping them getting ranked on search engines or video editing, accounting, you name it. There’s lots of online service based businesses that you could start for next to nothing. And the reason these work so well is because it’s a high profit margin.

Basically, you’re trading your time for money or when you start to grow, other people’s time for money. And the only real cost you have is advertising unless you do free social media marketing advertising. Which, if you want to learn about that, smash the like button, check out my other videos. Number two is to be an online content creator. Every day, hundreds of millions of people are looking on YouTube and TikTok and searching Google and doing all kinds of things to find information about specific topics. Just last night, my wife found these videos with tons of views about funny dog teeth. And as you could see here, lots and lots of people are searching for dog teeth every day. And you could see here on YouTube, people are watching videos with funny dog teeth. So your job would quite simply be to create content about a topic, funny dog teeth, accounting, how to tie a tie, or whatever it is.

We call this the wikiHow business model, actually did a video on this last week. You should definitely check out the link and the description for that, where you’re actually making content and getting paid when ads are run on the content or selling your own product, drop shipping, or even affiliate marketing. And you can become an online content creator, get lots and lots of views and make lots of money. Number three is to be an online middleman business. This is where you are going to go out there and find a business that needs customers, needs people to sign up or whatever it is. And you are going to insert yourself as the middleman in this business. Think drop shipping, drop servicing, selling products, and adding an installation or a bonus or an extra software or tips on how to use it. And on and on we go.

Being a middleman is a great way to make money. For example, if you were to look up Canva tutorial, there’s lots of people teaching you different ways to use Canva, and they’re getting you to sign up with Canva, providing the service. And when you sign up for Canva, they give you their extra videos or whatever it is, and they put money in their pocket as an affiliate of Canva. I did this years ago with drop shipping, where we added a little bit of value to the gas powered scooters we sold and actually showed people how to use them and put them together and everything like that. It was super simple. Took a couple minutes and drove my sales through the roof. And that brings us to number four. This is where you would sell your services to a business. Maybe you’re good at social media or finding new customers or managing Facebook groups or putting together YouTube campaigns or whatever it is.

And if you’re not, you can learn it pretty quickly. And you go out there and find businesses that need help with marketing. Think local businesses, older businesses that haven’t yet caught up with the times. Personal trainers, dentists, all kinds of stuff like this, they all need online marketing to stay ahead of the times. And you could charge them a 100, 200 or several thousand dollars a month depending on the size of the business and how many new customers you can drive them. Again, want to learn more about this model? Check out the links in the description. And now number five is one of my personal favorites. This is to fix up old ranking websites. Each and every day, I’m out there looking at the domain auctions to find out what domains and websites I can buy, fix up and run as an affiliate, a drop shipper, run ads on or whatever it is.

Here’s a domain I got just last week for $141 that had all kinds of rankings about plumbing. I can use this to generate ad revenue, drive customers to plumbers, sell different faucets and products like Home Depot stuff as an affiliate. And on and on we go. Here’s one I bought for about $1,200 that was all about pet rabbits and how to take care of your pet rabbit and different products to take care of your pet rabbit. And as you could see, the domain actually ranks right now for lots of this traffic, meaning all I have to do is put some content up and boom, I’m ready to profit. And apparently bunny rabbit leashes are pretty popular. I could use this domain to sell all kinds of pet products. And that brings us to number six. There are lots and lots of influencers that are out there getting lots and lots of traffic, but they’re not so good at making money.

If you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, drop shipping, drop servicing, or any other method, you can reach out to influencers and make a ton of money helping them monetize their audience. This is something I’m getting into with our new social profit plugin where it does kind of what Linktree does only in a better way that helps people make a lot more money and get a lot more traffic. And that brings us to number seven, my all time favorite method to make money online, which is virtually guaranteed if you don’t give up, affiliate marketing. This is where I go out there and find a market. In this example, it’s how to get a bigger booty. Apparently, lots of people want exercises and workouts for that. And we can see here, the Butt Trainer affiliate program pays $36 per sale. All they have to do is sign up for the trainer.

I get 36 bucks and boom, we’re in business. And since people are literally searching for anything from different grammar mistakes to instructions on how to lose weight, or write a check or sound proof of room to different products they can buy on Amazon. Hint, Amazon has a huge affiliate program or even different things that Canva does. All you would have to do is create content either in the form of writing, a video, text, infographic, whatever it is, put it in front of people and sell products as an affiliate. And this my friends, is how I’ve made over $12 million on the internet from the comfort of my own home. And if you want to learn more about how I make money online, check out the videos in the description.

27 Sites That Pay You to Proofread

27 Sites That Pay You to Proofread

The average base salary of a proofreader in the United States is $59.250 annually (

#1. Upwork

Up work is an excellent platform to help you make money online as a proofreader. You can set your pay rate on Upwork. It’s possible to work hourly and even project basis. It depends on your preferences.
Upwork lets you work from the comfort of your home. However, they do charge a 20% fee. Plus, you must bid on jobs via connects and win the job. So, you must have excellent writing skills to impress your potential client. You can quickly sign up at Upwork, but you need to verify that you are a real person.

#2. Fiverr

Fiver is another excellent platform to work as a remote proofreader. You can quickly sign up as a seller and start selling for as low as $5.
People look for proofreaders who can sell the sendees cheaply, but you can choose the rates for your gigs. When you are a beginner, Fiverr can help you build a portfolio or get the feel of the work.

#3. LinkedIn

Not many people may know this, but LinkedIn can help you land proofreading jobs or contracts. But, first, you need to make a fantastic profile on the LinkedIn platform.
Fill in the details and complete the bio, provide sample links, or write sample articles showing before and after work. There is a lot that you can do on Linkedln. You can also post concise value-filled information on Linkedln to attract the attention of potential clients. Linkedln is like Facebook, but for professionals.

#4. Indeed

Indeed can help you find proofreading jobs. The best part is searching for remote, contract-based, part- time, and even full-time jobs on Indeed.

Indeed is famous worldwide, and thus, finding a proofreading job, whether online or not, would be easy for you! So, you can check out Indeed and see if it works for you!

#5. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is an online platform that will help you find proofreading jobs. An exciting thing about Flexjobs is that it’s possible to find jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

Signing up at Flexlobs is easy. It’s also possible to browse the jobs without signing up, but you need to join to apply. You may need to narrow your search to find a proofreading job in your niche (if you have one!).

#6. Gramlee

If you are a beginner, you can try your luck with Gramlee. They hire editors as contractors.

You can fill in the employment application, and if they like it, they will contact you. So, you can fill in the information and see if you find it interesting.

#7. Guru

Guru is another platform to help you find proofreading jobs. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, Linkedln, etc.

You can browse the job listings and narrow down your search to proofreaders. There would be clients looking for proofreaders, and you would bid!

#8. Facebook Groups

Another interesting way to land online proofreading jobs is via Facebook groups. Yes, you heard that right! You can join different groups where your target market hangs. In addition, you can tell people about the sendees you offer!

For example, you can join groups where writers and copywriters hang around. You can advertise your sendees, and thus, you would be able to land potential clients. But it’s best if you have samples and a website.

#9. Freelancer

Freelancer lets you sign up using Facebook or with your email address. Then, you complete the profile on this platform and find proofreading jobs.

You would need to bid for the proofreading jobs like Upwork. Of course, it’s possible to find long-term clients too, but you must be consistent when working on such platforms. Freelancer lets you set the rates per hour or by the project. You can see what’s the market rate for beginners and decide accordingly.

#10. Scribendi

You can become an editor or proofreader at Scribendi. You would first fill out a questionnaire. Then, they will hire you based on the information you provide in the questionnaire.

You need experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree for the in-house full-time proofreader position.


You can apply to become a proofreader on this website. First, they take an online assessment.

Then, the company would gauge your potential as a proofreader through this test.

If you join you can earn between 19 and 46 USD. Moreover, you can work flexible hours, so that’s interesting about this online site!

#12. People per Hour

Peopleperhour works like Fiverr and Upwork. You can set up your profile and the rates. You can even browse for similar jobs and see how other proofreaders display their sendees.

Knowing that you will need excellent ratings is vital when working on such platforms. In addition, the reviews and ratings from other customers show your potential for more projects.

#13. Clickworker

You can fill out the relevant details and become a clickworker. Basically, you may work on the microtasks as a proofreader on this online site.
The pay to work as a proofreader varies depending on the job. But, expect to display excellent skills for proofreading.

#14. EditFast

EditFast hires proofreaders and pays them via PayPal. However, they do keep 40% of the project fee. They also require you to have a degree from a recognized university.

You can make a resume. However, you work as a freelancer, so there is no guarantee of whether a potential client will want to work with you or not.

#15. ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal hires qualified individuals who have enrolled or are graduate or post-graduate students in the United States. The university or college must be accredited, and these students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

They say that the editors on this site earn between $500 to $3000 a month. So, if you fulfill the criteria, you can try your luck here and see if it works for you!

#16. Start Your Own Business

You can start your own proofreading business from the comfort of your home. You can create a website showcasing your skills. You can even write informative blogs on proofreading to capture the attention of potential customers.

Starting your proofreading business would be much easier once you have the experience and expertise. Then, it comes down to finding the clients, but networking can help!

#17. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter can help you find proofreading jobs.

You can search for proofreading jobs on this site, and it can also give you an idea about the salary and the steps to land a potential job.
You can enter your email address and set alerts for the proofreading jobs available. Doing so will make the job search easy for you!

#18. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. You can search for potential proofreading jobs, and it’s also possible to read reviews about companies and employers.

You can also create an account on Glassdoor and leave your reviews on a company. It will also help you give an idea about the salary when you search for it!

#19. Get Editing Jobs

You can find proofreading jobs at Get Editing lobs. You can search for proofreader jobs by entering proofreader in the keywords section.

You can browse the available positions and see if anything sparks your interest. However, when finding proofreading jobs, you need to know what you prefer the most. Plus, it’s always best to read the job description to see if you match the qualifications or not.

#20. Reedsy

You can join Reedsv and complete your profile. Then, as a freelancer, you can help a writer proofread their work.

They charge 10% sendee fees, and clients can contact five professionals at a time.

If this platform sounds interesting, you can try it and see if it works. For example, there are automated contracts and secure payments.

#21. The Editorial Freelancers Association

Another interesting but less common way to find proofreading jobs is via The Editorial Freelancers Association. You would need to pay the
membership fee here.

You can set up a profile, and a potential client can find you. You can also bid on jobs and a lot more. On top of all that, there are courses
available to help you improve your skills. So it could be worth the investment.

#22. Craigslist

Not many people may know this, but Craigslist can also turn out to be a hidden gem. Some potential clients will be looking for Craigslist proofreaders; thus, you can try your luck here.

You can also check out the gigs section and see if there are any proofreading jobs. You may need to research, but you can land local clients. However, when using this site, go with your gut feeling too!

#23. Polished Paper
You can try your luck at Polished Paper. Then, when you fill out the relevant information and provide a resume, a 35-question editor test can
help you move forward!

You can use outside resources to complete the test, but you must clear it.

#24. Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief considers proofreaders from the United States. You can fill out the proofreader application and see if it’s interesting.

When applying for such sites, you can also check the online reviews to understand what to expect. Then, when you see what other freelancers share about their experiences, it will be easy for you to move on.

#25. Media Bistro

Media Bistro can help you search for proofreading jobs. You can also create job alerts to know when an exciting job is available!
The job boards can help you land long-term clients. You need to be on the hunt. It’s a numbers game, but you must be consistent in searching for a potential gig or project!

#26. Managed Editing
Managed Editing provides proofreading and copyediting sendees to their clients. Their clients would be government agencies and more!
They have been around since 1996. You can check out the independent contractor application and see if it interests you.

#27. OneSpace Freelancers

One Space Freelancers pav you via PayPal. You can fill out the relevant information and specify that you are a proofreader.
They will take assessments, and you can get work based on your qualifications. You will also paste your resume while applying.

7 Tips On How to Make Money As A Freelance Proofreader Online

When you are a freelance proofreader, it’s wise to know the tips and tricks to help you earn online!
Consider the following:

#1. Take An Online Proofreading Course
It’s best if you can take an online proofreading course. Doing so can help you prepare for the projects. You can even land higher-paying projects when you learn from a professional. So, it’s best to find the best course providers.

#2. Build A Portfolio
When you build a portfolio for proofreading jobs, it can help you find better clients. The potential clients would know that you understand the project. You can showcase the samples and even include the client testimonials.

#3. Build An Online Presence
You may find yourself on the go while working as a freelance proofreader. Thus, it’s best to build an online presence. When potential clients can see you active on social media, it will be easy to trust you and hire you. It’s all about creating credibility.

#4. Never Underestimate The Power of Word of Mouth
Even though you live in the information technology age, you can’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. You can get referrals when people trust your work and understand your high potential.

#5. Volunteer
You can start volunteering when nothing works in your favor, and you are a beginner. Help someone free of charge with good intentions and ask them to spread the word about your senders. Once you have established your name, it will be easy for you to land potential clients.

#6. Add Value
Join social media platforms and add value to other people’s lives through your knowledge. Teach what you know through your posts or

comments. Adding value to someone’s life can help you in many ways!

#7. Join Online Platforms
You can join different online platforms that hire proofreaders and editors when you have excellent proofreading skills. The sky is the limit if you are great at your work! You can work from the comfort of your home through hard work and consistency.

Grammarly Affiliate Program – Make Money Correcting Grammar

Grammarly Affiliate Program and Other Related Programs

Affiliate marketing is intended to raise awareness about a product or service by giving users more information before they make a purchase decision. For a long time, Affiliate programs have been a reliable source of income for many people. Plenty of programs are available in nearly all sectors of the industry and market in general.

For the affiliate marketer, this means being able to work on research to create the best content for your readers. Once you have prepared the right content for your audience, you will need the affiliate links you will include. The affiliate programs are responsible for giving you the links, and you have to sign up for the program to be able to participate in it.

Grammarly Affiliate Program

This program has been designed to enable marketers, bloggers and content creators on the internet to earn additional income by working with Grammarly. Grammarly is a tool most content creators and editors use daily to ensure grammar accuracy in your writing. Before submitting any work or sending that email, you might want to review it again with Grammarly.

If you are keen on the quality of your written work, then Grammarly is one tool you should invest in. It is accurate, easy to work with and powerful enough to give you the correct suggestions and examples to make your editing easier. The many powerful features of this software ensure you have weeded out all the errors by giving you suggestions backed up with more information and explanations.

The Grammarly Affiliate program has been designed to get you the commission you need based on your efforts. By working with the program, you will be given a link that you will use to gain new people. You can include the link in all kinds of web content, from blog posts to social media posts.

With the affiliate program, you must raise awareness about the importance of proper grammar and good writing. Whenever new users have signed up with your link and go for the paid packages, you will earn a portion of the income that Grammarly gets. When you do this, your link will do the rest and get you the commission you need. The affiliate program has been designed specifically for this. As such, it will get you the kind of results you need and a unique opportunity to earn additional income.

Affiliate marketing depends on your efforts, and results are always varied. If you are active in your marketing campaigns and make your list available to as many people as possible, you will be able to get much better results. You will also be able to make a unique impression when you have worked on driving the point home and giving your audience the information that they are looking for.

Affiliate programs are very lucrative, but they do require a lot of work, to begin with. If, for instance, you are active on social media and have gained a considerable following, you can use your affiliate link to your benefit. The readers will be interested in the product that you are promoting, and when they sign up for the service with your link, you will earn something. As such, getting into the right program and being active in supporting your efforts is essential and matters a great deal.

Encouraging people to write better and produce better content on the internet also works more effectively when you have something to give your readers. Informing your affiliate marketing audience about writing and content preparation challenges means they will be more likely to subscribe to the services you suggest.

If you have a blog, your chances will increase since you can go into greater depth concerning the importance of good writing for the internet. You will also be able to provide suggestions about what can be done to improve the quality of content you prepare for your website, blog, emails and so on. The affiliate marketing program will do most of the work, and all you have to do is prepare content to go with your links.

Other Related Affiliate Programs

In addition to the Grammarly affiliate program, there are several other related affiliate programs. These are designed to get you an additional source of income as you market the products and services that will help your readers. These programs are similar to the Grammarly affiliate program because they give you links to use when you are part of their program.

They also vary in the amount you earn for each sign-up or subscription. As such, it is essential that you compare the affiliate programs available and what each is ready to pay for the subscriptions that you will be getting.

Grammarly is a writing tool; as such, the related programs we are looking for also need to be related to writing and content creation. Grammar tools are essential for improving the quality of written language, and whenever you are well equipped with the right tools, you will be able to get better results.

The related programs are also about grammar, and the tools that are being marketed in these programs are, in a way, competing with Grammarly. If you want to promote a grammar tool that will help your readers prepare better content and write more powerful emails, these alternative programs are just what you need.

They are easy to work with, and they will enable you to reach as many people as possible. Additionally, these tools are simple to use, which means that once you have the experience of using them, you will be able to provide more accurate information to your readers.

1. ProWritingAid Affiliate Program

Comission = $20/sale base commission, $0.20/lead base commissio

ProWritingAid is yet another grammar tool that has its affiliate marketing program. The tool is powerful and is used for finding more than mere typos in your work. Becoming a marketer with them is easy, and they give you a unique and rare opportunity to earn additional income from their affiliate program.

It is meant for grammar and keeping your work as accurate and valuable for the readers as possible. When you are part of the affiliate program, your main work will be to outline the benefits and advantages of the tool in addition to what you stand to gain when you work with an effective grammar tool. This means creating content in the form of reviews, blog posts, tutorial videos and even social media posts.

You can send your message to many people through as many channels as you would prefer with affiliate links. You can easily earn a consistent income from this program if you have the right amount of content in the right places.

Affiliate marketing has been proven to work, and there are already people who have achieved excellent results in just a short amount of time. If you can write consistently about multiple features of the writing aid, you will be able to generate enough content to earn your links.

As a ProWritingAid affiliate, you will earn a commission based on the performance of your links. If your links have been performing impressively consistently, you will be able to earn a considerable percentage of your income from affiliate marketing alone. You will also have an opportunity to get the additional perks and benefits that come with affiliate marketing.

Seasonal offers and promotions will never miss you when you are an affiliate marketer. The affiliate program is also keen on the numbers and will present you with the statistics to show how well you have been performing in the past. As such, you will easily be able to tell which channels are more effective so that you can redistribute your efforts.

There are plenty of features of the grammar tool to talk about, and creating content for your blog will not be a problem. You will also be able to keep your readers informed with tutorials about how to use the tool, integrate it into your browser and much more.

Affiliate marketing will be an almost invisible part of the setup when you have such content on your blog. The readers will be able to get valuable and helpful content about grammar tools while you get passive income from the links that you include with your blog posts, web content and even social media posts.

If you are not all that into Grammarly, ProWritingAid is another grammar tool with easy integration, which also offers an affiliate program. As such, you have the freedom to choose which grammar tool you want to promote on your online channels and make an income while you are at it.

2. WhiteSmoke Affiliate Program

Comission = 50% Per Sale Plus Bonuses

Earning money from your online audience is easy with an affiliate program. The WhiteSmoke affiliate program is intended to provide you with an additional source of income through affiliate marketing. The affiliate program also has a better business model than most programs, meaning that there are more ways to earn through the program.

When you are part of the WhiteSmoke affiliate program, you can inform your writers about a solution that will solve their grammar challenges. The marketing materials will also be provided when you sign up for the affiliate program meaning that there is not much work that needs to be done on your end. With the link within your content, you can make a better impression on your audience, who will also be likelier to click on the links.

Registration is as simple as signing up as a publisher and getting the marketing materials you will need to make your campaign a success. Much of the work has already been done, such as gathering information, so the presentation of content to your readers will be a lot easier. With the references in place, your content will be more credible, which means that readers will be more interested in what you offer. The affiliate program is also a unique opportunity to earn from your web visitors, and it does not take much to become part of it.

When you emphasize the importance of a grammar check to improve the quality of any written work, it is also essential that you can provide examples that your readers can relate with. Affiliate links are a suitable means of doing this, with the commission and other income coming steadily.

With the links and the right content strategy for your blog or social network, you can easily reach a wider audience, which means your click-through rate will also be improved. The affiliate program that you are working on will also be more successful when you have good content to go with it. Great content will keep the readers engaged, increasing their chances of clicking on the affiliate links you have included with the rest of the content.

3. Readable Affiliate Program

Comission = 10% on all sales

Did you know you can earn by referring people to a website online? Readable is a writing solutions service provider specialising in grammar correction for content prepared online. For instance, blog posts and emails must always be correct in grammar. They are read by many people, meaning they must be correct to make the right kind of impression on your audience.

With Readable, your work is corrected as you write it, making it much more manageable. The affiliate program is meant to give you a means of earning income passively by informing others about this powerful grammar solution. When you have become part of the affiliate program, you will be given a unique referral URL that you will use to direct other internet users and readers of your content to the website.

Affiliate programs are compelling and will give you unexpected results at times. Once they have signed up on the website and paid for a subscription, you also get to earn a portion of whatever it is they will be paying for the service. As simple as that, and you are set up massively.

When you are consistent about the work that you are doing, the results will also be steady, and your income will be reliable. You will also be able to keep earning as long as the people you have referred are still subscribed. As such, affiliating with Readable is a long-term source of income that you can set up and manage for much longer.

The settlements are done via PayPal, and you must have earned more than $20 for your payment to be sent. Even when you cancel your subscription, you will still earn as long as the referrals keep their accounts. This is also more convenient for you and allows you to earn more effectively through links and content on the internet.

Making your audience aware of the importance of good grammar and writing for web content can be challenging. However, when you have a solution to propose, the process becomes much more manageable. For instance, it allows you to explain how the solution works and what benefits your readers can expect from the solution.

Once you have them convinced, the affiliate link will be more effective. Include it with your content, such as within the body of your blog posts and on social media posts. This will get you the exposure you need and an opportunity to earn an income passively on the internet.

4. Ginger Affiliate Program

  • Earn $0.20 per FREE registration (no payment info required!)
  • Receive up to 50% shares per premium account upgrade

Ginger software is an application used to improve your grammar by pointing out where you made errors and making suggestions on how to improve the quality of your writing. It is quite a powerful tool for making better startup communications, among other uses.

It is also equipped with a rephrasing feature which will get you more in-depth checks to improve your grammar. The suggestions made by this software are also more accurate and enable you to make the crucial changes that will improve your delivery in terms of grammar. The affiliate program enables you to earn an income by telling your web audience about Ginger.

When you introduce the product to them and explain to them the benefits they can gain by using the application, you will be able to convince most of them to sign up for the service. As such, you will also be able to earn an income for yourself through the use of affiliate links. These links are tracked to ensure that the visitors you bring to the platform earn you credits each month. As long as your referrals are subscribed, you can rest assured that there will be at least some income at the end of the month.

The basic version has limited features, but the professional version of Ginger has everything your audience wants. Your readers will want better writing results and readily use your suggestions to improve their writing. When you explain these benefits in more detail, you will succeed better with your affiliate marketing. When you convince more readers to subscribe to your recommended service, you will earn a consistent and reliable living from it through the affiliate program.

5. Writer Affiliate Program

Assistance when writing is crucial as it improves the quality of your work and makes it easier for you to outline the benefits of the concept you are presenting to your audience. For instance, a message that has been appropriately delivered will be more likely to make a better impact on your audience than a poorly composed one.

Writer is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to get you the best results with your writing. You will also be able to make more progress when your writing is clear and your messages accurate. One of the ways that you can make this possible is through the use of grammar tools.

As part of the affiliate program, you will be given a link that you can use to sign up new users. When your link is used, you start earning a commission from the new subscription, which will remain as long as the other person is subscribed.

The affiliate program is also designed to make it easier for you to earn by referring users to the platform. With the many powerful capabilities that are presented by the software, there is something that you can cover in your content, and you can quickly capitalize on this aspect to make your audience more willing to sign up.

Being part of the affiliate program means you can give your readers more information about the software. The grammar tool will have realistic and practical applications in the lives of its users, and when you have marketed it right, getting results will not be as difficult as it might seem.

Additionally, the affiliate program has also been designed so that you can keep track of your results and how much impact you have made with your link. Your link can gauge your performance, which is a powerful metric for many online marketing campaigns.

get paid to write articles – wikihow business model

Wikihow Business Model

as you can see here according to they are making upwards of 15 million dollars per year with this simple content driven business model.

according to ahrefs and semrush the traffic wikihow is getting should be worth over $20 Million Dollars Each And Every Month… so why are they making just a fraction of that… more about this later.

Wikihow is among the resourceful sites on the web, and we have to credit its business model and way of operations. With over 40 million monthly visitors, Wikihow has become among the most revered “How-To” sites that help in virtually anything. But while the site seemingly gives the internet’s “big Fish” like Wikipedia and New York Times a run for their money in a competition, what exactly is their strategy? This article dives into the Wikihow business model and what makes them a successful internet business.

What Is Wikihow?

Jack Herrick, the Wikihow founder, created the site in 2005 in Palo Alto, California, to help people find their way around doing simple how-to tasks. Back then, there weren’t so many sites with this simple yet helpful content. For Jack, it was an opportunity worth giving a shot and proved to be one of the best decisions he’d make. This site’s owner and managers have kept things to themselves, and their business model has entirely been conservative.

Wikihow is a hybrid organization and an open-source site with its sights on profits for value. Despite nearly 30 employees working around the clock to create content and publish how-to guides, they also allow users to offer a piece of their minds. That makes the site rich in helpful content, with users contributing to its vast database of over 235,000 articles.

Wikihow Business Model

Social sites became a craze just about when Wikihow launched, and people started turning to the internet for answers about the most basic and intuitive processes. It was a niche of its own, offering solutions and more guided steps on a vast array of topics that Jack decided to delve into.

Of course, sites like Wikipedia and other similar ones had already stamped their presence. But these sites weren’t as helpful since they mainly helped with more complex topics. So, Wikihow unrooted a solution – approach the niche with simplicity and an easy-to-understand way.

Nonetheless, this site has combined more than just one strategy to make it a success, and here’s more to what has made its business model a hit.

This model is driven by content and in content ads by google adsense and other ad networks.

as you can see here within the articles lie ads… when these ads are clicked on… wikihow gets paid.

note the sponosred eharmony ad that actually blends in with the content.

A Self-Funded Approach

Jack approached his business like any SME that starts from a home office from the word go. But instead of advancing into working in an office, later on, he’s opted to make the work-from-home model his approach to doing business. The idea was to use as few resources as possible, including funding from their coffers and not from external investors.

Bootstrapping has never been a solution to the company’s capital issues. Much credit, however, goes to the founder’s opening approach to doing business, allowing no external monetary help. Jack has always maintained his identity and has strived to keep every piece of information he publishes according to his style and how he wants it. That’s quite justified since someone new buying into a business becomes a stakeholder, meaning they’ll have to make part of the decisions, compromising the original model.

The Hybrid Approach

Wikihow is a hybrid organization that aims at making a profit by trading helpful resources to people seeking information in doing simple and complex tasks. The company operates privately, and most affairs bounce between the people in the mantle of the organization. But essentially, the main aim is to make a profit while making information available.

A few other companies use a similar approach, including eHow and Wikia. However, the numbers don’t lie on Wikihow’s part since it seems way ahead of the others. Wikihow makes lots of profits on its site, publishing content and videos. It’s seemingly masked the idea of gaining profit from the information they offer but reaping big in the background.

Everyone Owns Wikihow

Like Wikipedia, Wikihow allows people to edit information and insert details in layers that the team approves. That’s relatively easy to keep their content factual and updated at all times. However, that comes at a cost and problems with information’s authenticity have marred the site for quite some time. But Wikihow now has a proficient quality review process called “New Article Boost.”

Most of this site’s unverified information doesn’t show on their feed and dashboards, and it’s helped retrieve its authenticity among users. The review team usually screens and filters out incorrect information or marks it as {{stub}} or {{format}}. The site also leverages help from volunteer writers who submit articles for review before publishing if they meet the Wikihow writing criteria.

Privacy in Doing Business

Despite being open source and having its services aimed at serving the public, Wikihow operates privately. Jack Herrick lauds privacy as an essential secret weapon for any Evergreen Company and uses that to get an edge over his company’s competitors. “My competitors have no idea of what my strategies are, and it’s a great advantage to me,” he remarks.

Any writer submitting an article for review doesn’t own it in terms of the monetary gains but gets the credit in the acknowledgements. Authors don’t usually relinquish the right of ownership after they get on Wikihow, but it gives the company the right to use it how they want. Contrary to popular belief, Wikihow only pays its employees under its private ownership for creating, editing and publishing articles and not community contributors.


wikiHow operates under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license, allowing modification and use for non-commercial purposes. Writers willing to create content can do that under this license’s protection, and Wikihow can publish them under the requirement that they attribute to the original authors.

Usually, the original authors have complete ownership of the articles they publish on Wikihow and can use them anywhere they want to. However, that gives Wikihow an irrevocable license, giving them the right to use your article how they want to.

Wikihow’s Growth Over Time

Wikihow has grown tremendously since its launch on January 15th 2005. It attracted investors and prospective partners during that time, promising to scale the company’s operations to newer heights. However, Jack Herrick has remained adamant that he only wants to focus on internal growth rather than getting outsourcing help from other external parties.

That hasn’t stopped the company from progressing and growing better by the day. It’s helped maintain its trademark and identity from the original concept of developing one of the world’s first how-to articles and information.

The company started grabbing attention a year after its establishment, and One Laptop per Child, a non-profit foundation, made Wikihow one of the content sources for their devices. The company then reached more than 20 million monthly visitors with over 30,000 articles published during the wake of 2009. The company’s proliferation peaked in 2014 when Google, the world’s most sought-after search engine, chose Wikihow as one of its launch partners for Google Contributor.

How Much Does Wikihow Pay Writers and Content Creators?

Writers on Wikihow are mainly volunteers and don’t get a dime out of the articles they submit to the site. However, the few employees working at Palo Alto earn from the company’s sales. Keep in mind that Wikihow is an open-source site where you can submit an article for review and approval before publication. And it takes tons of review to ascertain if your paper meets the company’s writing criteria.

A content writer at Wikihow earns about $28 an average per hour, as Glassdoor states, but writers on higher echelons make better. However, the pay can go as much as $45 per hour and an additional $2 can top up this earning every hour. The payment varies according to the work capacity since animators make on a “per-portrait” basis, and their aggregate pay depends on their output.

Higher ranking executives like Elizabeth Douglas, the company’s CEO charged with the management and overseeing capacity, earn way more than the writers, with the values reaching about $200,000 annually. The higher the ranking in the company, either as a writer or executive, the better your pay.

Wikihow Information on Their YouTube Channel

Like most companies, Wikihow has a vigorously active YouTube channel showcasing their work and creation. With over 290,000 subscribers, Wikihow boasts a huge fan following that finds the information on the channel more practical and valuable. Most of the company’s videos are short and go marginally over a minute long. However, they’re incredibly informative, guided and in-depth.

Each video addresses an issue that people search for answers to, from how to get your first kiss right to blanching peaches. However, the channel also has numerous other technical topics, including how to make an electromagnet to explaining the Harry Potter iPhone hack. The channel has over 200 videos, adding newer ones every day and giving the site a commanding presence in this space.

Most popular Wikihow videos on YouTube How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Shoelace 10 Things to Do When a Guy is Kissing You on the Neck

Some of the featured articles on Wikihow

How Many Employees Does Wikihow Have?

Wikihow has about 15 to 30 employees, and everyone works in a varied capacity, including creating articles, proofing and publishing. However, about 14 of these employees are involved in the core of the business, driving operations and getting the house in perfect order. People the company doesn’t employ can still submit articles for review before publishing, and although they won’t relinquish the rights to claim such work as theirs afterward.

These employees usually work from a house in Palo Alto in a free environment, unlike an office. Jack does that purposely since he believes that workers in a more restricted environment tend to be less creative, but letting them break free improves productivity. Forbes, however, claims that nearly more than half of the staff is female.

How Much Profit do Wikihow Make Per Year on Average

Wikihow makes money through Ads and the traffic it gets from its innumerable visitors. Sources claim that the company earns about 5 million dollars in annual profits. That’s quite an edge compared to its main competitors’ profits, such as How-To Geek LLC and NutritionFacts, making almost similar. This annual profit is relatively high for an internet-based company, thanks to the soaring demand for quick but authentic internet knowledge.

WikiHow also records one of the highest revenues from running Ads on their site annually. Reports suggest that the company collects marginally over $100 million in revenues, much higher than a host of other cloud-based, open-source companies. Perhaps this figure could be much higher in the future when the internet would be a mainstay in offering informational resources.

How Does Wikihow Publish Factual Information on Its Site?

Given the nature of Wikihow’s operation and business model, it’s easy to wonder if the information published is legitimate, factual and authentic. The truth is that this information usually undergoes rigorous vetting by the company’s employees, ensuring that every bit of detail is accurate. This approach is relatively different from Amazon’s and eBay’s, which allow their customers to publish reviews, some being sentimental and biased dislike.

WikiHow articles usually follow set criteria, including a more straightforward approach to answering questions and optimization for keywords. And although it has an advantage in ranking as a member of the Google Contributor, this site publishes properly optimized articles for better rankings. Besides, virtually every top is a how-to, making it an expansive database for helping people achieve results in everything.

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Halloween Affiliate Programs + Amazon Profit Secret

Halloween Affiliate Programs

#1. affiliate program

See all the details here

This is one of the biggest Halloween costume outlets you can partner with. They have been in business for 20 years and have continually improved its product line-up.

Plus, they have exclusive rights to many of their costumes. About 20% of their stock cannot be found anywhere else. Along with children’s costumes, they have costumes for adults, groups, and couples. Also. They carry a full line of accessories to help make this day more special.

Or you can make your day really interesting by shopping by theme. Superheros, historical figures, Disney, and there are costumes from different decades. You make your Halloween better by being unique and dressing according to a theme that interests you and your family.

Their affiliate program accepts international websites and ships to over 200 countries. If Halloween is not for you, they handle other special days of the year as well.

Affiliate Network: Multiple

Sales Commission: 5-12%

Tracking Cookie: 30-days

Niche: Holidays

Auto-Approval?: No

#2 Trendy Halloween Affiliate Program

See the details here

This Halloween business is a typical American success story. It started out as a small family business in Southern California and has now grown to carry over 15,000 different costumes.

Their costumes are made for anyone n your family or group. They range from babies on up to adults including groups and couples. Plus, they have items for your haunted house and other decorations.

This is a full-service affiliate program that helps you make money through its myriad of Halloween items. In addition to that, they also offer plus-size costumes for those who do not look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston.

Their average order is $75 with free shipping to any American-based order of $50 or more. That little special sales hold helps you gain more traffic to your website.

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Sales Commission: 10%

Tracking Cookie: 60-days

Niche: Costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

#3. The Halloween Spot Affiliate Program

See the details here

Halloween is not the only special day of the year. When you sign up with this company, you can make money all year round. All you have to do is change the theme of your website to match the special day of the year that is approaching.

To help you out, after you sign up, the company provides promotional materials to make sales easier. What makes working with this company so unique is that they offer the materials needed for your customers to make their own costumes.

Offering costume customizing is one way to attract the attention of your website’s visitors. Being able to customize their own costume is a strong selling point. The commission is good and if you make a lot of sales your money will add up quickly.

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Sales Commission: 10%

Tracking Cookie: 30-days

Niche: Costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

#4. Halloween Empire Affiliate Program

See the details here

This is a good outfit to work with. They are on numerous top best lists and have a nice array of costumes and products you can sell to your website’s visitors.

Like their competitors, they stock costumes for the whole family. The good news is that they keep their prices fairly reasonable. That makes it easier to convert your website’s visitors into paying customers.

There is one major drawback to this company’s affiliate program though. While some lists record the commission split as 10% others are saying you only get 5 to 8%.

While it is a good company to affiliate with, you need to make the tough decision about if you want the lower commission rate or to go to another company with a higher commission split.

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Sales Commission: 10%

Tracking Cookie: 30-days

Niche: Costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

#5. Spirit Halloween Affiliate Program

See the details here

The company was started back in 1983 and over the years it has provided children of all ages with the best costumes possible. To help party goers celebrate Halloween, they have over 1300 stores in America and Canada.

What makes them a great company to work with is the fact that they go beyond costumes and decorations to make your Halloween celebrations more fun. Being owned by Spencer gifts helps Spirit Halloween offer a wide variety of products.

To liven up your Halloween party, etc., you can get costumes and decorations but you can also get inflatable costumes, time-period costumes, fog machines, and anime, as well as animatronics, movies, and games.

But what may convince you to sign up with this company is their charitable work. They help make hospitals less scary for children and help raise money for those hospitals. They have been doing this since 2007.

Affiliate Network: PepperJam

Sales Commission: 8-13%

Tracking Cookie: Not Listed

Niche: Costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

#6. Find Costume Affiliate Program

See the details here

Another older company that knows what it takes to get ahead. They will ship to over 200 countries in the world to make sure their customers can enjoy the Halloween experience.

What makes them an easy company to work with is that they try to make the customer experience as smooth as possible. Couple that with the large shipping area and you should be able to make money through their affiliate program.

The company will also give you access to promotional materials to help you attract traffic to your website. Then they have a clearance item section that will help you make more sales due to the money savings your visitors get.

With almost 6000 costumes and other Halloween items on sale, there is something for the whole family.

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Sales Commission: 8%

Tracking Cookie: 30-days

Niche: Costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

#7. Costumes For Less Affiliate Program

See the details here

To make the day even better, this company has extended its costume reach to your beloved pets and mascots. Not only can you get costumes for everyone in your family at this location, but your pets can also be part of the action as well.

When you sign up with this company, you are not limited to just selling for Halloween. You can get different costumes, decorations, party supplies, and shoes and they all should make a nice commission for you.

On top of all that, you will be able to sell party items, supplies (even wedding supplies), and large plus-sized costumes, and more. The sky is the limit here and the commission rate is not bad either.

Access to all the promotional materials this company offers is right on the affiliate sign-up page. This company is trying to make it easy for its affiliate members.

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Sales Commission: 10%

Tracking Cookie: 30-days

Niche: Costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

#8. FacePaint Affiliate program

See the details here

Costumes can come in different formats and FacePaint takes advantage of that fact. Their company offers an array of products to make your own costume as well as your child’s costume.

The company sells over 3500 face and body paints, makeup, gems and glitter, stencils, and brushes or sponges to make sure your custom costume is unique and special.

Their flat shipping fee of $4.50 for orders under $99 and free shipping for orders over $99 should please your customers. They are not paying a large amount to get the items they need.

On top of this, FacePaint offers webinars instructing their customers how to apply their face and body paint. That is not all as their accessories include prosthetics and balloons.

You can really make Halloween special for a child by offering this unique way to dress for the occasion.

Affiliate Network: not known at this time

Sales Commission: 10%

Tracking cookie: not known at this time

Niche: Face and body paint

Auto-Approval: No

Yandy Affiliate Program

See the details here

Halloween is not just for kids. At least the parties aren’t. While this company makes and sells a lot of top Halloween costumes for everyone in the family, they go a step further.

They provide top clothing items like lingerie, swimwear, dresses, and more. This will help you make sales to those website visitors that are having a no kids allowed party.

Their generous commission split makes representing their products worth the time and effort. Plus, those products are good for the whole year not just Halloween. There are a lot of special days that take place throughout the year that will help you earn some better than pocket money.

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Sales Commission: Up To 15%

Tracking Cookie: 30-days

Niche: Adult costumes

Auto-Approval?: No

Tips for making money through Halloween costume affiliate programs

One of the things you will find when you think about doing this business move is that there is a lot of competition fighting for those same $9+ billion spent on costumes, candy, and accessories.

Your effort is going to have to be unique to draw the attention away from your competitors and bring it to your website. Here are some tips to help you get more traffic to your website.

#1. be specific in your niche– instead of just saying vampire costumes on sale- make it specific and say plus men-sized vampire costumes for sale. Target a key demographic to help boost traffic and conversions

#2. Pick a top Halloween website to work with- that is the next most important decision to make. When you align with a top company, your advertising is already trusted and makes for easier conversions

#3. Get a website- if you do not have one, there are plenty of sites online that will help you build one. Don’t forget to get a domain when you get your new website.

#4. Great content sells- no matter how much the search engine regulations change, great content is still king. To attract traffic you need to write well and make it interesting. The more compelling the content, the more likely your visitors will convert into paying customers.

#5. Practice great SEO strategies- to get ranked high and take up almost all the traffic, you have to practice good SEO. These strategies help your content be seen and drive more traffic to your website.

If you are not sure how to do this, you can always hire a professional to help you.


  • SEO – easy rank methods think info not products
  • BULK PAID ADS – arbitrage type method
  • CLICKBAITY Social Media / tiktok / facebook / insta
  • Youtube Costume Review Channel

how to make money on pinterest – stealth method

How to Make Money Using Pinterest


1. Make Pins

2. Drive Traffic To Offers

3. Maybe Build A Following And Do The Influencer Thing

4. Create Sponsored Content

5. Shoppable Pins

6. Creator Fund

7. Video Content

Download Keyword Report 1 Here

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Knowing how much you can earn on Pinterest each month is interesting. A quick web search can tell you the amount varies for each individual. For example, some people can make $500 and more per month. But, it depends on your expertise and skills. There is no set limit, and you can make as much as your efforts!

What works for one person may not work for others, but a high income is achievable if you follow in the right footsteps.


















how to




Consider the following:

#1. Understand The Target Audience

Once you are ready, figure out the niche for your blog. Then, depending on the niche, you can explore your target audience. Your target audience is the group of people who have similar wants and needs.
Learn more about the client’s persona. Think about what’s best for your customers. You need to solve their problems and provide relevant solutions.
For example, if your business is about baby blankets, your target market will be new parents.

When you learn about your potential target customers, it will be easy to spread your message and sell the right products and services.
Beginners may want to target each age group, but ideally, you must figure out your target market for a successful business.

#2. Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account

To earn money on Pinterest, you can set up a business account. Understanding the blogging world is vital so you can thrive and make your mark as you move along in your journey of making money from Pinterest.
It’s vital to get followers who support your content. It may seem like a numbers game, but in reality, you need to focus on quality and provide value. When you add great value to someone’s life, they would love to buy from you and listen to what you say. People will take you seriously and want to learn from you.
Eventually, when you are successful and making money, people will love to learn from you. It’s possible when you are serious about making money and consider a business account.
It’s even possible to diversify your online income. For example, you can add more blogs and Pinterest business accounts once you find yourself on the way to success.
There is too much information out there. You can learn from courses, watch articles, tutorials, and whatnot. But, everything is useless if you don’t learn to implement your knowledge.

#3. Start A Blog

You can start a blog with a web hosting company. You can get a domain name. It will help if you find the most viable option for web hosting, as there are various options. It’s possible to opt for a 12-month plan. There are deals available, and you can grab the one you find most interesting.
It’s vital to note here that you are living in the age of information technology. You want people to consider you a professional. You make money when you spend some! Nothing is for free. Free resources can help you learn, but you must put in your time and effort. In some cases, you may discover things the hard way.
You can start with ten blog posts on your blog. After that, the niche could be anything that you enjoy! For example, if you are a parent, you can write your experience with toddlers and babies. If you are a stay-at-home parent working online, you can share tips and tricks on keeping your kids busy.
There are also free blogs, but when you are a professional, consider the paid ones. When you are paying to maintain and upgrade your blogs, it shows that you care about your business. People seek excellent customer service, so when you are using the blog and driving traffic to your blog via Pinterest, people will take you as a serious business.

#4. Link Your Website

It’s great that there is no specific requirement or need for experience, and you don’t need special education for Pinterest.
You must remember that when you are a beginner, things may take some time before they catch pace. Thus, focus on a professional website.
When you want to break free from the 9 to 5 lifestyle and earn a steady income via Pinterest, you must learn the correct way to do it!
There is a reason why some people can achieve the top position while others stay on crumbs. Hard work and consistency is the key to success. Once you have done your homework, it will be possible to earn money from Pinterest.
Using Pinterest, it would be wise to have your website and drive traffic to it. A website will show that you are a serious business and not here to play around. So, if you are not interested in a blog, it’s vital to consider launching your website.

#5. Use The Right Keywords

Update your profile and use the right keywords. It’s best to research your industry and see what keywords are familiar to the experts in your field. You may want to review certain profiles before updating yours. If you know someone doing excellent business on Pinterest, you can follow in their footsteps as it would be easy!
It’s easy to master the skills. You can do an online course or learn from the resources available online. Some successful bloggers are already making it work on Pinterest; thus, you can follow in their footsteps and take charge of your destiny when it comes to making money.
Always follow the ethical means to achieve the paths of success. Keyword stuffing is familiar to those who don’t know about adding value or understanding the algorithms of search engines or platforms. Learn how to use keywords smartly without messing up the original content that’s full of value.

#6. Write Valuable Content

Write blog posts on your blog that are informative and full of value. Your aim here is to help your readers. They are searching for a problem, and you are here to give an instant solution. Also, your content shouldn’t be blah! The information must be value-pack. You must respect your time and the energy of your target audience.
Just be smart with the content you create! You don’t have to stuff keywords and provide vague information. Instead, focus on adding value. Remember that when someone reads your content, they must benefit from it.
When you understand the client’s persona, creating content that adds and provides value will be easy.
When you create content, keep your target audience in mind. You can also hire content creators to help you with the business. When people are writing for you, it will be easier for you to manage the quality of the content.

#7. Create Interesting Pins

Canva is great for beginners. It can help you create interesting pins. However, again your pinboards must include the relevant keywords. Using the correct keywords counts because that’s what your audience is searching for! And how do you expect someone to find you when you don’t mention their search intent in your content?
You can also use the paid version of Canva, but the free one would do in the beginning. There is also Photoshop and other apps to help you with graphic designing.
You can create an interesting infographic, and your pin will be full of amazing content!
Do your research and try making the best pins. It’s all about providing exciting information that can help your reader. Remember, everyone is busy and has a life. Don’t bore people with too much information, and don’t complicate things with too little content. See what works best for your audience and decide accordingly.

#8. Use Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The next thing that you can try is the affiliate marketing strategy. To take advantage of this strategy, you can start a blog, but it’s okay if you don’t have one yet.
Affiliate marketing lets you earn a commission, a certain percentage of sales when you recommend the products or services from other companies on your blog. You love these services and products! You want the target audience to enjoy the benefits and perks; hence, you want to recommend the same. It will add value to the life of your target audience.
You may have thousands of followers on Pinterest, but you may not earn anything. The goal here is to monetize and earn! So, it’s vital to attract the right target audience. When you provide content that’s full of value and attracts your reader’s attention, they will love to visit your blog again and again. When people consider you an authority, they develop trust. Because of your credibility, you can earn more customers!
But, let’s say you are not interested in starting a blog yet! Now, at this point, you may wonder whether it’s possible to make money from Pinterest or not.
You can use the affiliate links in your Pinterest pins and earn a commission. Amazon may not allow you to do this. Some other companies won’t allow the same. A blog would be in your favor and would help you earn more.

#9. Consider Display Ads

When you start a blog (not the free one), you can start affiliate programs and display ads on your blog. People would love to display their ads on your authentic website when it’s a real blog. You aim to build credibility, making you a better business person.
Display advertising on your blog, and it can help you earn. So, you will need a blog, and Pinterest will be your catalyst to boost your online income stream.
It’s possible to earn up to a specific amount for 1000 page views. It gradually adds up, helping you make enough money in a month.
You can also take advantage of Google Adsense and make money. The great thing about Google Adsense is that you won’t need the minimum page views, but the amount you make won’t be a lot. It depends! You can also consider Ezoic and more.
What route you consider for displaying ads is your personal choice, but you can earn from it. So, it’s always better to do thorough research and then decide accordingly. But, first, you must try to see what works in your favor.

#10. Look Into Pinterest Creator Hub

You can also look into Pinterest Creator Hub to make money from Pinterest. First, you must see if you are eligible for the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program. It’s suitable for those living in the USA and must be above 18 years of age. There are also other factors, for example, having a certain number of followers, using the Pinterest app, and more. Then, you can visit the official website and get the latest and updated information.
Pinterest Creator Rewards can help you earn from Pinterest pins. You need to fulfill specific criteria, and thus, you can earn from your pins.
The goal for each campaign would be different. So, you need to keep that in mind. For example, this creator could earn $900 a month from this program. You can read the journey for inspiration on how to earn.
The Pinterest creator hub is accessible on the mobile phone, so you must use the app. Otherwise, you may wonder where it’s gone! You can get more information here.
Explore different options and see what works for you. Pinterest can be your guide and an excellent tool for earning money and living your dreams.

#11. Become An Influencer or A Mentor

When you have enough knowledge about Pinterest, it can help you become an influencer. For example, you can get a chance to work with brands and be their voice. Or you can also become a mentor for Pinterest.
You can be their ray of hope when people have no or limited knowledge of using Pinterest. You can record your journey if you start making money with the help of Pinterest. You can complete an entire course about it!
Launch your course or a master class and start earning from it. For example, you can educate people about Pinterest. People may want to attend live sessions, or you can be their coach. In any case, it’s possible to charge for your services, and that’s another way to earn.
Not many people are aware of the beauty of Pinterest, but you can guide them in the right direction. All it takes is effort and planning.
People want to listen to you as they trust you and your recommendations when you are an influencer. It’s a huge responsibility, so you must always maintain that. See what works for you and your audience and alter your strategies accordingly. In any case, always be helpful and maintain ethics. It’s not wise to promote anything that you won’t personally use or are not okay with. Your audience trust you, so always focus on keeping your confidence while being honest.

Tips to Keep In Mind for Making Money with Pinterest

Now that you have a blog and a business account for Pinterest, it’s time to get serious and talk about business. There are various ways that Pinterest can help you thrive in your industry. First, however, you need to explore what works in your favor.
Here are some tips that you may find interesting:

You can join group boards depending on what’s your niche or industry. For example, food bloggers may want to join the food group boards. On the other hand, you can focus on personal boards. See what works for you.

It’s also possible to consider the Tailwind app for increasing traffic on Pinterest. Again, you can try different things and see what works in your favor.
Not many people know this, but it’s possible to drive traffic from Pinterest. It can be better than driving traffic from Google. When people search for a query, Pinterest can help take them to your blog so that you will get more traffic. Monetizing your blog can help you make money!

Making money from Pinterest also means that you can enjoy the lifestyle of a digital nomad. It can help you make a passive income, and you would enjoy your freedom.
You can try what works for you! What works for one person may not work for the other. It takes trial and error to find what works best for your business.

Consider investing in the relevant resources. It would be worth the time, effort, and money when you research and find what resource works best for you.

It’s always better to do your research and dig a little deep before you make the final decision. However, if you plan to take this route, you must follow the rules and regulations to disclose using affiliate links.

Pinterest is also great for marketing your services. You can create pins relevant to your products and services. It will link back to your website and thus give you a chance to get more traffic and potential customers.

To sell your products or services, you must show them to your target market. Pinterest could be where your target market hangs; thus, you need to see what helps!
Later, when you find yourself successful on Pinterest, you can create a course or Masterclass and start teaching others about your journey. You can also write articles on how Pinterest made you successful or helped you earn more!

You can also be a virtual assistant and help someone manage their Pinterest account. When people are busy in the hustle and bustle of their life, it is hard for them to manage the pins. That’s where you step in and take charge. You can create interesting pins for others and get paid in return!

While it’s vital to opt for a niche that can help you make money, it’s also essential that you follow your passion. It’s a long-term solution, and you want to aim for higher monthly payouts, so it’s best to consider a win-win solution. It means go for the topics you adore and are easy for you to write about and explain.

Research the market and see what’s the hot topic. See what’s selling like hot cakes. It’s easier to tap into the market that’s already booming. Of course, you can always bring something unique, but exploring your options is best.

Using Pinterest to make money, you can spend more time with your kids. The goal here is to save time so you can do the things you enjoy.

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