How To Monetize A Blog Website + 10 Common Mistakes

10 Mistakes Small Bloggers Make
That Cost Them BIG Money

  1. Not Paying Attention To The WHY
  2. Being NON Aggressive With Your Ads
  3. Ignoring The Natural Flow
  4. Not Using The White Space
  5. Forgetting About “Options”
  6. Using Standard Banners And Ads
  7. Killing The Progression
  8. Selling From Your Heels
  9. Letting Others Determine Your Click Value
  10. Failing To Improve On Whats Already Working


We’re going to go over some tactics and some tricks that you can use to monetize your blog and Websites, whether you’re a new blogger and just starting out or whether you’ve been blogging a while and you’re already getting traffic.

These tips are going to help you get out of low income purgatory and monetize your blog the right way.

So many bloggers out there are making so little money on their traffic that it’s not even funny. And this is one of the things that I can’t stand the most is to see someone actually get traffic and not be able to refine it and make money.

Now we see across the board from the research that I’ve done, the average bloggers making like less than 2 cents per visitor, which is really nothing. That means that in order to make ten thousand dollars a month, you need a heck of a lot of visitors to do that. And a lot of people can’t really do that. A lot of people can’t make that. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to talk about the differences and how I’ve made money with my blogs.

This is across all niches. I’ve done niches from anything from mortgages to smiley faces to Bible verses to literally anything. And so I’ve gone out there and I’ve really, really looked at these. Now, some of the examples you’re going to see was for like Bible verses traffic. Now with the Bible verses traffic, I’ve actually gone out there and I’ve made a lot of money with it.

Now, you can see the example up here of the Bible niche where I went through and I was able to make twenty five cents per click over twenty two cents per click on average from Bible versus traffic. Now the reason I put this up there is because Bible verse traffic is like one of the cheapest non converting traffics you can have out there. It’s traffic where people get millions of visitors a month and make pennies on the dollar.

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So I wanted to show you that in this example I was able to average about twenty five twenty two to twenty five cents a click. Another junk traffic niche that I went into was lottery numbers. Right. People were looking up, you know how what are the latest lottery numbers for Mega Millions and Powerball and all these things. And I was able to set up a site and you can see here we were averaging 12 cents per click on the affiliate offer.

And from that site, we got ninety nine percent of the visitors to visit the offer. And those are the things that you’re going to learn here, because so many people aren’t making enough off of their affiliate offers. And secondly, they’re not getting enough traffic to those affiliate offers so they can’t make the money in the first place. So you guys can see I’ve made money in lots of niches from, you know, funny layouts to funny smiley faces to Bibles, to making money, to Web hosting all kinds of stuff.

Not Paying Attention To The WHY

A lot of people have blogs. A lot of people get traffic, but they don’t really focus on why people are coming to their site.

This is something that you need to do at the keyword level and at the entry page level.

What I do is I look at my reports, I see where people are coming from, I see what words I rank for and I see people coming to my site.

Now those people coming to your site are usually clicking on a link on the search engine if you’re doing search engine optimization or free traffic or something like that.

Now, what we need to do is we need to pay attention to the why.

If someone is coming to my site and I find out, you know, a hundred people a day are coming from something like how to invest a hundred dollars on the Internet, then I need to structure my content differently based on that new information of where the traffic is coming from.

I also need to look at it and say, well, if someone is searching for a keyword and clicking on my site, why is it that they want to look at my site?

What is the ultimate goal that they’re after?

If they’re looking for ways to start a free blog, maybe I can pitch them on getting paid web hosting or something.

If they’re looking for ways to increase traffic to their mailing list, maybe I can get him into a course about mailing lists.

If I’m in something where I’m doing Bible verses and I have like all of a sudden my post about Bible verses about depression traffic goes crazy…

Maybe I could put the Bible toolbar that pays two dollars and fifty cents a download.

Or I could put them into like a depression recovery program or something like that.

Or maybe i get traffic from people who are looking for how to break up with someone.

And maybe I can get him into a dating book or a dating service or something like that.

And we really need to look at the why the people are coming to our site, because that’s going to be the pivotal moment of how you make your money.

And you’ve got to look at it, look at the stats, see what people are doing.

And a lot of times they get keywords that they didn’t intend on getting.

I was looking at a blog recently by two popular YouTubeers and they had this blog about like animals and stuff and they were getting traffic for like snakes and things like that.

And it was like, OK, well, you’re not able to make money on the snake thing because you’re just, you know, pitching whatever generic product to your whole blog.

But what if you refine that exact post and you were like, hey, if you found this snake in your yard or you’re worried about the snake in your yard, maybe you should call Terminex and get pest control or something like that.

So you need to really refine on it. And this is the top mistake that I see people making is they don’t pay attention to why their visitors are there in the first place.

You got to pay attention to the why. If you don’t pay attention to the why, you’re going to wonder why am I not making money?

Being NON Aggressive With Your Ads

A lot of people like dance around and they they sell from their heels and they waffle it when it comes to their ads.

They just throw up whatever banner ad they they hope for the best.

And they’re not really looking at the why and saying, how can I take my content and lead it into the ad?

How can I make ads that are aggressive?

If I’m talking about like ways to invest 100 dollars, maybe there’s a good ad I could do that’s like, hey, sign up for this investment account or check out this book on how to invest.

Or maybe if I’m doing like the snake thing, hey, these snakes are commonly found in these areas intThe United States, if you live in these areas, make sure you click this button and and get pest control or something like that.

Very important to look at or being aggressive with.

Obviously do stuff. That’s true. And make sure you don’t make any outlandish claims.

But you can still be aggressive with your ads where you’re putting them front and center and you’re getting the attention to the ads.

Because after all, our job as bloggers isn’t just to share content with the world.

The world doesn’t need more content.

Google doesn’t need more content.

You’re doing this as a business to make money.

So you’ve got to be aggressive with your ads and you got to put things out there.

Tell people what you want them to do like, hey, if you want this result, click this. If you want to get rid of these snakes in your yard. Call this number if you want to do this. Download this guide.

So number two is being non aggressive with ads. You have to be aggressive with your ads. Otherwise, it’s not going to work. Now, a lot of bloggers out there are teaching a passive non aggressive method. And because of that, they’re not making that much money. And I see it all the time. You’ve got to be aggressive with what you want to make money with and you’ve got to put it front and center.

Ignoring The Natural Flow

Now, what do I mean by the natural?

Well, years ago in magazines and things, they would have something called an advertorial.

Now, years ago, you didn’t have to write advertorial on the top of it.

And if you get any magazine, you’re going to see these. And in the magazine, they would write an article that was about a certain product or about a certain result. So if you were in like Woman magazine, you might have like, you know, housewife loses 100 pounds. While doing yoga or something like that. And then there’s like a story and at the end of the story there’s a call to an action maybe like fill out this form to get the free diet book or whatever it is.

Now that would be natural because they are monetizing the article.

The reason it works is because a person is there to read the magazine.

They didn’t get the magazine for the ads.

They got the magazine so that they can learn about whatever the magazine promised.

Now, if you go into that magazine and if you write an article that looks like content, that looks like something they’re going to consume, that hooks them in with their headline and teaches them something, then that’s a natural way to go about it.

Some other natural things you can do is by looking at how people search the Internet.

If you’re talking about mortgage rates or something like that and you have a big box that says put your zip code to find cheap mortgage rates in your area. That would be a natural thing, I guess. Yeah, obviously I’d put a zip code in because, you know, mortgage rates in Florida are different than mortgage rates in Montana or whatever.

We’ve got to focus some other things you can do, like on the Bible Web site and the lottery Web site, as I have a little dropdown box.

That was a dropdown that said, you know, get the read the Bible in a year, read the Bible in a month, read the Bible in 90 days.

And it had little plans that they can use. Right. Very natural.

It’s something that naturally they would look at and be like, yeah, that’s cool.

A lot of times what people do is they go against the natural and they just stick banner ads up and they wonder why their stuff doesn’t convert and wonder why they cannot monetize their blogs and websites.

And the reason doesn’t convert is because it’s not natural.

And it looks like an ad.

A lot of people look at ads and they’re like, hey, I don’t I don’t want to look in an ad, but those same people would read content.

So you’ve got to structure it the right way and you’ve got to be natural with what people are looking at.

You got to be natural with what people really want and why they’re there and the way that they they search.

Obviously, if you’re on a site about like how do I convert a PDF to a word, doc, maybe you have a big box that says, you know, drag your file in here and convert it or maybe a browse button that says upload your file here or maybe you’re going into other things.

Now, this example that I did was on my tattoo Web site. I had a tattoo Web site, made money with a click bank affiliate program and some other programs and also the Tattoo Johnny affiliate program.

These people are here because they want to search tattoos.

They don’t want to buy any book.

They don’t want to buy junk.

They they just want to find a tattoo design.

And so I said to myself, what if I go through and I actually put pictures of the main tattoo. So I did the Google Research. I looked up the main tattoos, flower heart, you know, star cross, the main tattoos. And I put some images of the tattoos and I said, click these to find more images.

And then I led to the affiliate program, which had the various things and they can download them. And I was able to get a lot of sales and our numbers stopped the tar out of the other competitors in the market. The other competitors were not making money because they weren’t being natural. They won’t weren’t focusing on what it is that the customer wanted. And if you focus and you think about it from your visitors eyes, you know, you got to look at it and be like, well, why would someone come here in the first place?

They don’t want to read an article about tattoos. They just want to like find the tattoos.

So if I list them, some other things you can do to be natural is have other links.

If I’m talking about tattoos, maybe I could say the most popular tattoos for hearts, the most popular tattoos for motorcycles, the most popular tattoos for, you know, women, men, animals, different things like that.

This is like what you see on Google when you search for something on Google and you scroll to the bottom and it says other people search for this same stuff and they have a list of other things. And those get a lot of traffic because what it’s doing is it’s getting inside the mind of the visitor.

And what we want to do is we want to get inside the visitors mind and understand why they’re there and what they’re naturally going to do next. I want to do what’s called predictive marketing. How can I predict what the person is going to want or do next if I get someone coming in on my dining site? Maybe I say, hey, do you want to lose 10 pounds, 100 pounds or whatever?

That would be a natural progression.

Not Using The White Space

Let’s say you have a site about how to take care of a baby or what to do the first month after you get your baby home or something.

The way that I look at it is there is because babies are a lot of money. I mean, I’ve had two and they cost a lot of money over the years.

And so we look at that, we’re like, OK, this market isn’t really hot for the bloggers. So there’s not a lot of money. So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to look at it and say, well, where is the money?

Now, when we look at the white. Space when you have your ads. Notice how this ad takes good use of the white space. Right there, not filling every single square centimeter.

There’s not a bazillion banners, there’s not a million things to do.

It’s like, hey, if you want your baby’s first shoes to be made in metal, so you have a keepsake. This is what it looks like. OK, so same kind of thing. I want you to imagine this now, knowing what I teach you, you could do a lot better than this.

Imagine you have your your site and it’s talking about the baby stuff and you know how to take care of a one year old and what to do if they throw fits and all this other stuff. And you’re like, hey, don’t miss this moment. Your baby shoes are adorable. You know, click here to get them copper plated and save this memory forever. You don’t want to forget, you know, that kind of thing.

And when you use the white space, you’ve got to really look at it.

You’ve got to make sure that your blog content has a lot of space on it. So it’s not overwhelming. So it’s not something people get, you know, headache looking at. It’s got to be something focused. It’s got to be something that really works. And it’s got to utilize that white space, use the spaces. Their space on the side is their space under the content, is their space in the content where there’d be a natural break.

Go through your content and say, hey, wait a minute here. I talk about the best ways to lower your mortgage rate. Maybe I could say, get a free credit report because credit scores are the best way to lower your rate. Maybe I can put apply here. They’re gonna run your credit once and a lot of people will compete for your loan or you look at it and you focus.

You’ve got to really look for where in your content this stuff’s going to work.

And you have to assume that the majority of the people are not reading every single word.

Let’s face it, most of your blogs are not cliffhangers.

If someone skimming this article, how can I get them to click on the things that are making me money?

Because after all, that’s why I made the blog in the first place.

So can I use that whitespace?

Is there a spot under an image where I could say, hey, click here to get this or click here for that? Very important.

You got to use that whitespace. If you don’t, then you’re going to be wasting them money you could be making.

Forgetting About “Options”

When you go into a restaurant and you look at a menu, are you thinking I might not want to eat here?

Are you sitting there and you’re like, oh, you might not want to eat here?

Or are you sitting there saying, do I want the burger or do I want the omelet?

Why are you deciding? Because there’s options.

Now, when you use options on your Web site, that is a very important thing to do.

Having options within your content.

Here’s five free reports you can download. Click the one you want.

Maybe have some some videos they can watch.

Maybe have some images that that give them options about different things that they can do.

And if you have those, that’s going to increase the amount of people that click on your affiliate links and your offers.

If you preface it where it’s like, hey, you know what? I know you’re looking for a baby stroller. Here’s the three best options. Number one, if you have twins. Number two, if you run. Number three, if it’s just for like going to the mall or something, you know, and you have the options there where you’re taking out the idea of do I want to buy a stroller?

And you’re now saying which stroller is right for you?

It’s very important to look at that because options are important.

If I was to come on here and say, you know, do you want to make a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars a month?

Can you work an hour or five hours a day?

These kind of options really, really, really focus you in on what works.

They focus your visitor in. And I want you to remember something that I learned in rehab. I’m actually five and a half years sober now, almost six years sober. And in rehab, I learned something very important.

And they told me that the mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on.

Now, this is true. Your mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on. Why does Marcus seem like he knows a lot about marketing? Because he focuses his mind on marketing for a lot of time. Right. That that’s just the way it works.

Now, when you look at this, your customer and your visitors mind is like a lens as well. And options focus them on what you want to focus them on. Just last night, I was watching part of the Democratic debate before I got really tired because I had no sleep the night before. And I was watching the Democratic debate and I was watching how the news people like framed questions to set people up. And it’s it’s no strange thought that the news media doesn’t like Bernie Sanders, unfortunately, because I think he’s a good guy and that’s who’s got my vote.

But at any rate. The way that they frame the questions are very important.

They frame their questions in a way to say what they want to say in a biased way.

Is very important. I was even doing research on it before this call where they were doing screenshots of different polls and things and they have a poll and they’d be like, OK, you know, Biden’s at twenty five percent Burdens at Bernie’s at twenty four clear leader in the race Biden.

And then they do it again and they’re like, Bernie is at 24. Biden’s at twenty three.

No clear winner or something.

And it’s like the same exact info they’re just portraying a different. And I want you to realize that people’s mind is like a lens and there’s things that you can suddenly do to influence them.

It’s very, very important that you understand influence. You understand what makes people tick. You understand what makes people click and you understand what makes people do certain things. And when you understand that, you realize that you can help people in a good way, get what they want and you can make money in the process.

Just don’t do it like the news media where they’re completely biased just because they, you know, are biased for whoever pays their bills or whatever.

So we got to look at that and we’ve got to focus and we’ve got to say, how am I going to do this? And one of the best ways you could do that is by options and questions.

Using Standard Banners And Ads

A lot of people go out there and they’re just going to put up their blog and they’re gonna get traffic and then they go to the affiliate network and they get banners and ads.

Now, I’m going to tell you firsthand, 90 percent of the banner ads that affiliate companies put out are going to suck. They’re not good.

They’re not going to get a lot of clicks. And the clicks they do get are not going to be good clicks. Also, the other 10 percent that are good ads are not focused on your traffic. So remember, up in number one where we talked about not paying attention to the why? OK. The banner ad doesn’t know why you’re visitors there.

The banner ad is just the banner ad to sell the product or get people to click or whatever. OK. So what we need to do is we need to do a little bit of modification and maybe use a text link or maybe make our own banners based on why our visitors are there instead of using standard banner ads. OK. Using standard banners and ads is one of the worst ways you can monetize your site because what it’s doing is it’s just like, OK, I get a lot of traffic. Let’s see what happens.

I don’t want to do that.

I want to get a lot of traffic and I want to make people do what I want them to do. If I want him to click on the Bible toolbar, I need to put that front and center. Now, the Bible toolbar affiliate AD sucks, right? It’s not good. I didn’t make any money with the bible toolbar, a feeling that I might have made like 40 bucks or something. Now, when I did the Bible thing my way by putting little buttons of bibles like here’s a little button, click here for the NIV. Click here for the new standard. Click here for the King James. Click here for this. Right. Not only did I use options, but I had little pictures of the Bibles and it was very easy. And I’d choose the bible you want and download the Bible toolbar on the next page. Very, very concise, very specific.

And when we look at people coming to my site that want to read the Bible, boom, that works. Notice how it’s natural and it’s a direct hit. We don’t want something off the beaten path. We don’t want something close. We want a direct hit that says you’re here for this. Here it is.

Click it and then download it on the next page or whatever. So using standard banners and ads is one of the biggest mistakes that I see new bloggers make. Experienced bloggers make, guys. It’s not going to cut the mustard. You need to focus. I don’t know who cuts mustard. But at any rate. Right. We need to focus on what’s working. We need to focus on why they’re there. We need to focus on what they’re going to click on, focus on who they are.

If your audience is primarily, you know, senior citizens, older people maybe have bigger text. All right. I know I’m 40 and my eyes are kind of straining to see stuff. I don’t want eight point font. I want to read something big. And that’s why I have gigantic monitors in here, because I can’t see. Right. And so we look at that and maybe it’s a younger crowd. Maybe they’ll respond to images and means. Right. Very important. And you’ve got to look at if you’re on Instagram getting traffic, that’s going to be a different type of strategy that people are going to click on things different than if they’re on a search engine, which they’re gonna do different than if they’re watching videos. Right. So we have to look at our model and we have to say, what is it that’s going to get these people to do what we want them to do?

How are we going to do it? Very important.

And using standard banners and ads is a big, big mistake. New bloggers and people with traffic make when trying to monetize their blog.

Killing The Progression

We’ve got to look at the natural progression of things. And I have these dating people, which looks really weird, weird drawings. But at any rate, let’s say we have these people and you’re out at a cocktail party or a gathering or at work or whatever. You and a young lady or a young man or old man or whatever, right, the person you like is there and you’re flirting and you hit it off and everything like that. Now, what most bloggers do is they get the person interested in the content and then they’re like, OK. I’m glad you liked our conversation by. And they don’t close the deal. They don’t focus on hate. How am I going to ask for the next date? How to ask for her number? How do I ask for his, you know, schedule or whatever it is that you’re after? And they don’t look at the progression. They kill the progression. And why they kill it is because they’re afraid of selling. They’re afraid of saying something like do the next step. If I have 10 tips to getting rid of bugs in your yard and I just say, hey, here’s a 10 tips. Thanks for reading. Check out the other stuff on my blog. That’s not going to do the same as I say. Hey, these 10 tips are good, but bugs are never really going to disappear if you don’t hire someone to spray for bugs in your area. Call this number now to spray for bugs in your area, get a free consult or whatever it is. Right. You notice the difference there between, hey, just check out my content. It’s pretty good and I like it and like, hey, yeah, let’s go out again.

This is what we’re gonna do, right? And you got to focus on it. You gotta continue that progression, whatever your article is about. Whatever your content is on your blog, what’s the natural progression? Because I guarantee everything on your blog has a natural progression.

One of the ones I did recently was for Link Tree Alternatives, a lot of people on Instagram use link tree and I can’t stand it. I don’t think it’s a good program because of the way that it’s structured and the way it’s laid out and the fact that you have to pay for it and you don’t own your domain. So what I did is I wrote an article about Link Tree Alternatives. And in that article I actually went on and I’m like, hey, my best alternative is setting up a simple blog with simple links on it. Here’s how to do it in 15 minutes, by the way. You could get a free domain name and instead of using linked t tr e or whatever slash my you or L, you’re now gonna be like your own domain. And so I did that and I talked to them about the bot, the bad things about link tree, the good things about my system, why they need a new domain. And then at the end I’m like, go to this site, get yourself some life, some domain name and get yourself the hosting and you’ll have this up and running in 15 minutes. And it’s actually cheaper than Link Tree. See how that natural progression went into it? And I’m using the content in a way that’s going to work. Also, if you’re new and you’re setting up content, you want to start to look for keywords and build your content around a progression. Right. What can I progress people in when they’re reading my content to get the next thing to focus on what they want? So that I can make money.

We don’t want to waffle it. We don’t want to be like the guy who gets a girl interested. And then all of a sudden he’s like, oh, yeah, whatever. See you later. Have a nice day now.

You want to ask for the date or the number?

Very important that you don’t kill the progression.

And this is one that I see a lot of people do. A lot of people do. So if you got content and it’s getting traffic, go through it and see how you can add a natural progression to things.

Selling From Your Heels

The next one we have here is selling from your heels. A lot of people come to me and they’re like, Marcus, you know, I don’t like sales and they don’t realize that they sell every day. If you come to me and you tell me you don’t like sales, you just sold me on the fact that you don’t like sales. That’s what you did. You made a sale. I agree with you. You don’t like sales. And so what happens is people look at sales as like this pushy, crazy thing. Instead of selling via information with your blog. What you’re doing is, as the late Corey Rule used to say, educate, inform and sell more. Okay. You’re educating the market on something. So when I talk about Link 3 alternatives or or whatever it is, I’m naturally talking about a program and I’m like, hey, if you like it, you can go buy it. But here’s my alternative to it. And I think this is better. Click here to buy it. Okay. That’s not like a pushy salesman. That’s someone helping out with someone that’s looking up an alternative. And by the way, if you haven’t done keyword research on the word alternative, like get ready. There’s a lot of good stuff there. And you can utilize this because people are looking for alternatives to things. And it’s very easy to sell on that word because it’s like you’re looking for an alternative. It is very simple, right? So don’t sell from your heels. Get up and tell them what you have for them, what it’s gonna do for them and where to get it. What do I got? I got this hosting that you should get. What’s it gonna do for you? It’s gonna give you your own domain name. It’s gonna allow you to track everything and you’ll be able to have a Instagram bio link page that really works and you can update all the time. Really easy. Where do you get it? Click here to get it. Here’s how to sign up. Very simple. So don’t sell from your heels. Just look at it and be like, Hey, this is what I got. This is how it’s going to help you. And if you do that, they’re gonna appreciate it and it’s going to sell a lot more and do a lot better. So don’t sell from your heels.

Letting Others Determine Your Click Value

A lot of people out there let the search engines or the market determine their click value.

One of the things that I’ve done to make a lot of money is funnel people into other stuff. Now, I don’t know if you use the MSN or Bing search engine. I use all search engines because I’m a student of marketing and I’d be silly not to.

And I notice that one of the things that Bing and Yahoo Do a lot of is they’ll have ads on the site that are kind of like not related to why you would go to Yahoo! Right. So you go to Yahoo! Dot com and it’s like, here’s the top as you vs that get good gas mileage.

And you’ll click that and then go to page with ads on it. OK. Now, that’s interesting. You might look at that and be like, what, Mark? Is that stupid? Who’s making money on it? Well, Yahoo! Is and they’re making a lot of money. How are they doing it? They’re doing what I call instantly increasing the value of a click. If I get someone coming to my site and they’re looking for snakes in their yard. Right. How do I determine what kind of snake or spiders in my yard?

And I look at that, that traffic is worth maybe 2 cents at the best, maybe probably less. But the instant they click on something on my site that says click here to get a free blah bug and a valuation for your yard. Right, or click here to find pest control people in your area.

The minute they click that that value of that visitor skyrockets, it skyrockets instantly. And this is literally how you could go out there and print money on demand. Disclaimer You can’t print money. Disclaimer You probably won’t make money. No one makes money, but I think you got the idea here. Right now we look at it and we’re like, OK, how can I do what Yahoo! Is doing? They’re literally taking a click that’s worth nothing. They’re saying, click here for the SUV and boom, there you go. They’re taking a click. That’s worth nothing. And they say get the top 0 percent interest free credit cards here. Boom. Instantly they increase the value. And we’re going to give you some examples of how this works in just a minute.

Once we’re done with these 10 blunders and mistakes, bloggers make, again, if you like this content. If you think it’s good and helpful, hit that like button and subscribe and make sure you click the bell as well. But make sure you give us a like because that helps us get the word out so we can help more and more people that are struggling in blog purgatory of not making money. Now, the last of the ten before we get into the examples is failing to improve on what’s working.

This is a big mistake. I see people start ranking in the search engines. They start getting traffic, they start getting people to their site and they fail to improve on what’s working. If you’ve got something that’s ranking in the search engines and you’re not making money, improve on it because you’re already did half the battle. You’ve got the traffic. Now, what do I do? And you do that by looking at the 10 things we just went over where you like, OK. Can I do something natural? Can I add something interactive? Can I do something that’s going to help these people click? Can I sell something? Can I give them an alternative option? Can I magnify the value of the click buy by getting them to click on something else that really, really focuses on them?

Failing To Improve On Whats Already Working

I am always a student of where my traffic’s coming from. I want to know where the traffic is coming from. If I have something that’s getting a lot of traffic, I want to make that work. I want to make it work so I can help people out so I can get them what they want. Get them what they need and start to make money on that traffic. And when you follow the 10 steps and improve, you will see that things are going to work a lot better for you instead of just throwing something up and hoping people click on a banner.


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How To Invest $100 – it’s not what you think.

How To Invest $100 – Best Ways Ever!

can you turn a measly hundred dollars into a million dollars or more?

when I first started affiliate marketing over 20 years ago, I never dreamed I’d make over a million dollars from a tiny one hundred dollar investment.

Now, first, let’s go ahead and disclaimer this it’s not like you’re gonna take 100 bucks, invest it somewhere, close your eyes and wake up one day with a million dollars.

It doesn’t work that way.

In order to make a million dollars off a 100 dollar investment… you would have to wait over one hundred and twenty five years expecting an average return on investment of 8 percent per year.

you might be saying, well, Marcus, what if I just cash out in 20 years? Well, if you cashed out in 20 years

you’d only be making like a five hundred dollars. And 20 years is an awful long time to wait for a measly 500 bucks.

you can see it doesn’t REALLY start picking up till around year 75…

So let’s talk about what one million dollars actually is.

One million dollars is quite simply 1000 times 1000 dollars or ten thousand times one hundred dollars.

So in order to make a million dollars off a measly little one hundred dollar investment, you need to get ten thousand times return on your money, which is why so many people are saying invest in some books or lottery tickets or invest in yourself and learn a skill and make money.

But even if you learn a skill, let’s say you’re able to make fifty thousand dollars a year.

That would still take you.

Twenty years of work, that’s a lot of time.

And of course, you’re still going to have to invest in things like the cost of living, housing, food and all that stuff.

So is there a way for someone with 100 dollars to be able to make something?

After all, we hear all these stories about guy starts with nothing and builds a huge business.

Guy starts with six hundred bucks and turns it into 20 million.

How does this stuff even work?

Well, I’ll tell you, from my experience back when I started in 1999, I started with 100 dollars in my bank account.

A merchant account with one hundred dollars.

The bank took 10 dollars to open the account.

And I was left with 90. That is when I started my business with I didn’t have any special skills, any college education, anything behind me. And I didn’t have a plan B.

So the question is, what did I do?

The very first thing I did with my hundred dollars, that was now ninety dollars thanks to the bank is I went out and I said, I want to make money on the Internet.

Therefore, I need a domain name and a Web site. So I rushed out and I got myself a domain name and built a simple Web site.

Now, back then, it was really hard to do. You had to know coding and have all these programs.

It’s not like today where you can set up a Web site in 90 seconds and be ready to go automatically. This was a lot harder. So I set out and I built my Web site and I said, I’m going to try to get people to come to my Web site to buy certain things.

Now, again, remember, I only had ninety dollars so I couldn’t go out and run a bunch of ads or anything that wasn’t enough money.

So what I did is I said, I’m going to target people where they’re at. And I decided to go after search engine rankings, decided to go for forum traffic and decided to find people where they were searching for various things.

Now, again, back then, we didn’t have Facebook and YouTube and all these social media sites where you can reach thousands of people right now at the drop of a hat with no investment. I actually had to go out there and do the work. Now, you can still do the work today, but it’s a lot easier and a lot less expensive because of the tools that are available.

And so I asked myself a very simple question, and the question was, what if I could do something today to get 10 or maybe 100 people to my Web site every single day, whether it’s a blog post, a post on a forum, something on Facebook, a video on YouTube. What if I could do that one thing and get visitors every single day? Because you see, if I could do something one day and get just 10 visitors a day, which I know anyone watching this video can do, that would be 10 visitors the first day and then 10 visitors the next day.

And the next day. And the next day and the next day and on and on.

We go from one day of work. And then I said, Well, what if I didn’t stop there? What if the next day I did another thing to get ten more people to my Web site? Now I’d be getting 20 people a day to my Web site and on and on and on we go. And it adds up and it grows. And then I didn’t stop there. I said, what if I could do another thing on the third day to get another 10 people?

And on and on we go forth day. Fifth day, sixth day.

And by the end of the six day, I am now getting 60 visitors to my Web site every single day. If I could get one out of every 10 visitors to download a tool or join my mailing list, well, then I could start getting quite a few people.

That would be six people every day.

Or maybe if I’m selling something, I could get one out of every hundred people to buy something.

That would mean I’d be getting an average of about one sale every single week.

If that one sale made me one hundred dollars, that would be one hundred dollars every single week.

Now, the cool thing about this is you don’t have to stop at 10 visitors a day.

You can do things that get even more and you don’t have to stop at selling things. You can actually make money giving things away. This is exactly how I made my first million dollars.

I started out with very simple little Web sites explaining different things. I’d research and topic. I put some stuff together, put it on a site, get the visitors in and make money when they bought stuff. Now I also found little downloads that I could give away, downloads that had free little tools, software programs and anything like that. Or I’d get anywhere from 70 cents to four dollars. Every time someone downloaded them using this little strategy where I focused on getting new people each and every day, I was able to build it to where I was getting 50, 100, sometimes thousands of downloads every single day.

And if I’m now able to get a thousand people a day to download a free tool that I get paid two dollars and seventy five cents for, well, then that is two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars a day. And if you times that by the amount of days in a year, that equals over one million dollars.

And it all started with something very simple that anyone watching this video can do.

All you have to do is find out what people are searching for. Find out what you can give them or sell them. That’s going to pay you lots of money. Pair them together and boom, you’re off to the races. Now, again, remember how I said I started that simple little Web site?

Now, when I started that Web site, I had to focus on what people wanted. You see this happen all day, every day where people are making YouTube videos and they get videos and the traffic goes to the videos and they send them to their Web site to buy stuff. They get search engine rankings.

They get people from the search engine rankings to go to their Web site to buy stuff. This is something that you can do, starting with one hundred dollars or less, because starting your own Web site is only going to cost you about 70 dollars per year. Now, what you do with this Web site makes all the difference. And I want you to think about some of the most valuable companies in the world right now. You got Amazon.com. What is it?

A Web site you got Google. What is it? A Web site, YouTube, Web site, Facebook. Yeah. It’s a Web site.

Now, while some of these examples might be extremely crazy, over a hundred billion dollar businesses, we can do something pretty simple and pretty small. And it’s not that hard to build an income.

The problem is, is people don’t stick with it long enough.

So what I want you to do is I want you to focus on this. And if you say, yeah, I’ve got one hundred dollars, I want to start a Web site, I want to make this work, then hop over to go hub site dot com and you can start your first Web site.

Now, remember, not every Web site is going to make a million dollars a year or a thousand dollars a year or even 10 cents a year. We don’t know what you’re going to make, but I can tell you, if you follow a strategic plan, just like I laid out or you say each and every day, I’m gonna do one thing to build on what I did the day before. And I’m going to get more people to check out my site and more people to buy.

What you’re going to notice is what’s called the boat principle. The vote principle pretty much goes like this. You put a bunch of boats in the water. These would be like your search engine rankings or your videos or whatever you’re doing on social media. Now, as you do more and more of these, what’s going to happen is the tide is going to rise. You’re going to get more influence. You’re gonna get more people to visit your website.

And as the tide rises, all boats rise. Everything you do will have a compound effect. Now, Albert Einstein said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. What this means is something small compounding over time. Remember in the beginning of this video where I said if you invested one hundred dollars at an 8 percent return. Per year, you would end up with over a million dollars in about one hundred and twenty five years. Pretty crazy right now if you don’t have one hundred and twenty five years to wait. I don’t think we do. Then what you want to do is you want to leverage either money or time.

You can either put more money in and it’ll grow bigger or you can leverage your time by doing work that compounds. This doesn’t just work mathematically. It works in everything you do. And if you want to weigh that, you could get to a million dollars or more with a small investment. It’s going to take some work, but I’m willing to show you exactly what you need to do and exactly what I did. What steps I took. What niches I went into, how I set up my website, how I got the traffic and everything. Then make sure you subscribe. Click the bell notification icon and check out my other videos on how to make money with affiliate marketing. Of course, the alternatives are always out there as well. You can read a bunch of books, hoping you’ll learn what you need to learn.

Or you can buy 100 bucks in lottery tickets, which I ended up with about 30 dollars, meaning I lost 70.

Not a good investment.

Start Your First Website Here


Lyft and Uber Affiliate Programs

Uber Affiliate Program

This program allows people who create content to earn money while referring new Uber users to the platform. You can make as much as you want, depending on your efforts to bring in new Uber drivers and customers. For every Uber user you refer to, you could earn up to around $5. Uber affiliates get rewarded for the new riders and drivers they refer to the system.

Referrals are usually tracked in the system using the client’s ID. The ID is generated by initiating a new app and registering it to the affiliate program for Uber. Affiliates will, however, be required to attain an absolute minimum in the referral fees, which is usually $250 for them to receive payments.

NOW… $5 for a ride is not much so what is the real secret to making the UBER affiliate program work?

You Can Refer DRIVERS To Signup To Earn Money With Uber… as of this writing they pay as much as $200 for a new driver signup.

Here are some results from offervault for the uber affiliate program:

How to Join the Uber Affiliate Program

You Can Join Thru An Affiliate Network Liker RevenueWire Or You Can Go Direct To The Uber Website To Signup.

Here is a detailed process by which you can sign up for the Uber affiliate program. Navigate to the developer dashboard and head on to settings. Scroll down, and you will find a box for agreeing with the terms and conditions and click on it.

How to acquire the affiliate link?

The first step is creating an account after you have downloaded the Uber app. Then you can now log in to your account. Head on to the developer dashboard as the main aim is to create an affiliate link backtracking to the Uber site. Uber, however, does not make it that easy; you will have to create it rather than Uber creating one for you.
For some websites, the link usually is ready, and all you have to do is copy it and paste where you wish, but here, you will have to create it yourself. Navigate to the authentication tab, and this is where you copy your client identification.

It should appear on your screen on a red text. Now look for the link that Uber gives you then place your client ID immediately after that link. Once in possession of the affiliate link, you can add it to your site and start reaping from the referrals made to Uber.

How Much Can You Make?

Uber typically pays $5 for every referral you bring in. That is for every driver that is based in the US and joins Uber via your link. The amount may not look hefty but come to think of it if you have a website with a massive following. You could earn sufficient revenue from the affiliate program only. The principal determiner is the amount of traffic on your website and the conversion rate of course.

Personally I Would Go Thru An Affiliate Network So I Don’t Have To Mess With Apps And I Could Get Paid Each Week For My Referrals.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

There are various ways through which you can promote your Uber affiliate link and bring in more customers for a higher income. Among the most important ways include:
• Deep product tutorials
Promoting affiliate links using tutorials is one of the most effective ways. Help the readers and potential customers on what to expect once they join Uber. Tell them clearly what Uber entails and how the company will solve their problems. Show them the primary advantages of joining Uber, and they will surely click on your link.
• Use affiliate banners
Provide the affiliate link in the form of banners on your website. The clickable banners can be placed at any point on your website like at the sidebar, at the footer and header, in marketing messages such as in email, etc. In case you are not able to create an affiliate banner, you could always reach out to the support team for Uber, who will assist you.
• You Tube affiliate links
Videos are a typically powerful marketing strategy, and this is true, especially to the affiliate marketers. Research has it that the majority of businesses have reported new customers who came directly from a video posted on social sites. You can promote your Uber affiliate link by producing videos that are relevant to Uber and include the link in the process. That way, several target traffic will click on the link and sign up, giving you some commission.
• Promoting your link on Facebook
Social media is an ideal avenue to fish for prospects. Almost everyone is on at least one or two social sites. Therefore, promoting your affiliate link on these sites will categorically lead to a high conversion rate. Many people will click on your link and sign up on Uber using your referral link.

Lyft Affiliate Program

The lyft affiliate program offers users an opportunity to earn passive income by referring other people to the website. The business gives you a chance to garner profits by referring your friends and family to join Lyft as new drivers or riders.

As per the website… lyft pays $5 – $6 per referal… so again i would check out revenuewire to promote thru them for the higher payouts and the benefits of having a network back you up.

Referrer Eligibility

Referrers may be any person with a working Lyft account. They could be riders, drivers, or partners of the company. You also have to be a citizen of that particular country you are living in and be an adult. Lyft enables you to use their platform in various ways; you can use it as a driver and rider too. In case you flaunt the referral rules, then your ability to engage in the referral program could be curtailed by Lyft.

Lyft Codes

Unlike Uber, Lyft has got Lyft codes for use under the referral program. They are alphanumeric codes that you distribute to other people so that they can join the Lyft community. However, Lyft holds all the rights and permissions for all the Lyft codes produced, and they can deactivate the codes given at their discretion.

How Do You Refer New Users to the Lyft Platform?

Referred Riders

Using the Lyft passenger app, you can refer new riders to the Lyft community. But for you to be rewarded for bringing in a new rider, you must have an existing Lyft account, and you are of majority age. That means that you are 18 years of age and above.

Referred Drivers

For you to be compensated by the Lyft referral program, you must satisfy some requirements. You must have been a driver on the Lyft platform or already created an application to be one, you must be eligible and already approved to drive on this platform. Lyft is responsible for approving or denying approval as a driver in the company. The review process may be lengthy or short, depending on several factors.

Invitations to the platform

Lyft enables you to invite your friends and family to join the platform directly. They will provide you with automatic invitation emails and texts which can be sent to a potential rider or driver. The invitation could be having a promotional offer or a bonus for the new driver. Once the invitation is practical and someone joins the Lyft community, your code will be applied to compensate you on the same.

Referral Rewards on Lyft


You are entitled to a reward for every rider or driver that you refer to the Lyft community. These referrals must, however, be from the same country as you. You cannot be rewarded for cross-border referrals, and all the requirements must be met. The company creates reward criteria, and they are also subject to alterations at any time.
If the new user satisfies the criteria set, then the type of referral reward you will receive will be dependent on which Lyft account you used when inviting them. The amount also depends on the type of account used to solicit the new rider or driver.

Rewards for Referred Riders

New riders on Lyft could receive referral credit when they create their Lyft accounts. The credit, however, is only used in the platform, and it is not redeemable for cash or transferred. Referral credits may be having restrictions like geographical use or expiration dates. The rider will be notified of these upon signing up.
If you are a new rider, you could always look at the promos tab to ascertain whether there are any referral credits available and what are the restrictions on them, if any. Lyft constitutes all these and other conditions, and they are subject to alterations by the platform at their discretion.

Maximum Rewards

Lyft has got a maximum amount that they will pay for referral riders and drivers every week. The amount stands at $2,000. Say if, for example, the reward for referral drivers is $10 for every new member and you generated 230 drivers in that week, the total amount you will be paid will be $2,000. That requirement applies to all the Lyft accounts, but you are at liberty to open multiple accounts to beat around this maximum payout policy. The referral program for Lyft, however, pays $16 for every new driver who joins the Lyft community using your referral link.

How to Promote Your Referral Link

Numerous ways can be used to promote your referral link and bring in more riders and drivers to the platform. Here are among the most viable options:

• Instagram affiliate links
It is much like just promoting the link on Facebook. Instagram has also got a massive audience, and from here, you can scoop a couple of new invites to the Lyft platform. Instagram posts are, however, made in a way that you cannot click them, so here you must drive traffic to your bio. Ask them to click the link from there.

• Twitter affiliate links
Making use of Twitter requires top-notch wordplay. That is because you have only 280 characters to make someone click on your affiliate link. Here you have to be more creative to bring in the leads in huge numbers.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

It works by luring prospective clients to purchase credit cards. Online shopping has been on the rise, and more and more people are seeing the importance of having credit cards. They have more advantages in the modern world and thereby recommended by numerous experts.
Their referral program also works straightforwardly. All you have to do is dive into the internet and look for potential clients and show them the importance of having credit cards for their online dealings.

So after they accept your offer, you will provide them with a link to the website providing the credit card so that they can sign up and apply for a credit card. From the affiliate link, you provide to the customer is where you will earn your commission. It is a lucrative way of making money since the majority of businesses have shifted to the eCommerce space. Credit cards are considered more secure and efficient; therefore, people will always be looking to apply for them.

Final Thoughts
All these affiliate programs are viable options for earning money passively. However, you should ensure that you meet the set requirements to be compensated. Also, remember that the more the customers you bring in the platform, the more your commission, so sprinkle those affiliate links all over the internet to boost your income.

Crazy Blog Niche Ideas – $4,000 Per Month

$4,000 Per Month From Search Engines

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So Give Me 45 Minutes And I’ll
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What If There Was A Better Way

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Step One: Choose Your Main Niche
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legendary marketer review – why I never promote these programs

Every few years or so I hear about a marketing program like “legendary marketer” or “empower network” or “mobe” and even one of the first ones I heard about “adcashdaily.”

I remember it like it was yesterday… I had my search engine ranking business and ppc business and was making a good $50-$100K per month when a friend / student of mine who had already made hundreds of thousands with my methods came to me very enthusiastically about this new program I just HAD to invest in.

He was already about $60K invested and showed me his reports where he had over $150K in his “account” and it was growing daily.

The objective was simple enough…

Get people to buy “ad packs” for $1,000 – $10,000 each or more.

Then they advertise some stuff and you get paid daily.

Oh yea… and if I get people to buy those ad packs I get a nice commission of 25-50%!

So if someone buys at $10K that is a $2.5K or $5K commission.  Not bad right.

But something seemed off… and my main question was…


This is the question you need to ask yourself when you think about joining a program like legendary marketer or mobe or whatever it is you are looking at.

And my friend would not let up… I had no intention of investing in something where no one knew where the money was going to come from… but being a friend I said yea ill hear you out.

I asked him… where is the money coming from… no answer.

He persisted and got the “big wigs” in the company on a call with me.

I asked them… where is the money gonna come from… still no answer or vauge ones at best.

And it turns out… all the money was going to come from OTHER PEOPLE JOINING!

This is the biggest red flag and why I will never promote legendary marketer.

Because the whole concept is that you PAY to join… to get others to PAY to join.

Its what we call a pyramid scheme.

My Friend Didn’t Listen And Lost Over $60,000!

Now… some will argue and say but marcus… ive read all the legendary marketer reviews and this program seems legit… I mean they have actual training and tools and everything.

On the surface legendary marketer may seem that way.  And i’m sure the products are decent (maybe a little over priced but decent)

But how are the majority of the people in legendary marketer actually making their money?


So on their website they have products from $30 to $30,000 YES… $30,000… and some complain that they have spent more than $100,000 on these types of programs.

This reminds me a lot of the matt Lloyd scam where he basically got people signed up at very high prices to go get other people signed up at very high prices.  And then later got popped by the FTC for running a pyramid scheme.

Legendary marketer in my opinion is no different.

Whenever a company’s main focus is to get money by recruiting other people… that is as close to the pyramid scheme definition as you can get.

The differentiating factor is the use of the product and how it helps other people.

If you have a network marketing or mlm company and the main purpose and income comes from the actual product (be it vitamins or weight loss stuff or essential oils) as long as the products themselves outside of the business opportunity are good and focused on and producing more income than the business opportunity itself… usually that is an indicator that it’s a decent company.

On the other hand… when you have something like legendary marketer where the sole purpose of buying the product is to learn how to sell the same product you just got… well then that is an issue and I would be careful of that.

Which brings us back to the main question… where is the money coming from.

In these types of schemes… the money is coming from new people joining the business to get new people to join the business.

Do they have some decent marketing trainings… probably.

Are they teaching stuff that can be used in other industries… most likely.

But is the whole premise and overinflated price FOCUSED around getting new people to Sign Up.

YES… and that is where the problem lies.

There was actually a regulation put years ago on the mlm network marketing industry where the companies could no longer do what was known as frontloading.

Frontloading is where a company FORCES you to signup at a high price to be able to get better commissions or be in the “elite earners” club or whatever.

Legendary marketer offers the same kinda thing.

This was the same thing that led the founder of legendary marketer David Sharpe into bankruptcy and hot water his last go around with “empower network.”

Empower network was focused on getting people to signup for overpriced webhosting so that they can later “GO ALL IN” and buy super expensive training… so they can get others to “Go All In” so they can get commissions.

The owners of the company made a shit ton of money and the people at the bottom ended up footing the bill.

This will happen with legendary marketer just like it happened with the empower network, mobe, and even adcashdaily that I mentioned earlier.

WHY… because of where the money is going to come from.

Now with my marketing teaching business I have a lot of people who rely on my teachings and trust my authority in the business… heck ive been at it 20 years.

BUT you will never catch me promoting something like MOBE, Empower Network, Or Even Legendary Marketer… WHICH I know for a FACT would bring me in an extra 7 figures per year or more.

WHY… because these business’ run a high profit margin because NOTHING is being sold.

So they have phone centers and emails and all kinds of things to get people to go all in and spend a ton of money so they can get some half ass training to be told to get others to join so they can get some money so others can get half ass training so they can get… you get the idea.

I have many people I know in the industry who have made MILLIONS promoting these types of offers and NEVER ONCE have any got in trouble for promoting the offers when the business goes down.

They just keep the money they made and for some reason they sleep well at night.

But I could never sleep well at night knowing I promoted something like legendary marketer or mobe because I know at the end of the day it is not in the best interest of my visitors and students.

AND its not sustainable.

Only a small handful of people that join these types of programs make big money.

If everyone in the program promoted the program to other people… the market would get saturated… this is not a business model… it’s a scheme.

Because at the end of the day if you are selling “business education” it should be useful for all people in many niche markets.

Not just a signup to signup others kinda deal.

Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program

With the walmart affiliate program, you will find thosands of products you can get paid to promote.

Walmart Affiliate Program PROS And CONS



Lots of Products To Choose From
Deep Linking Available And Encouraged
Brand Recognition And Higher Conversions


Really Low Payout Percentages 
 Overwhelming For A Beginner

Among the popular categories of products you can make a selection from to promote at your site are, for instance, hobbies and craft, music, movies and books, jewelry and clothing, home improvement, Toddlers and baby items, and lastly, the sports and fitness equipment. These are not all but just a few of the categories that are available to choose from. To get a better idea of the other products available, you can browse through their online store at walmart.com.

Walmart Deep Linking: the walmart affiliate program encourages you to deep link to specific product pages for better conversions… so instead of sending people to walmart.com to order you would send them thru your affiliate link to a specific page for a specific product or category.

Link Cloaking: walmart allows you (as of this writing) to cloak your affiliate links… this is super important so you can have links on your site like mysite. com/airpump for airpumps rather than just sending them to a big ugly affiliate link… this is one thing that makes walmart better than the amazon affiliate program (however amazon will do better for conversions)

Walmart Affiliate Commission Rates.

Walmart Affiliate Commissions Are Pretty Low… but conversions will be higher as they have a good pricing strategy and huge brand recognition.

Referral Fee Schedule

Department Baseline Offer
Baby 4%
Beauty 4%
Books 1%
Business & Personal Checks 18%
Clothing 4%
Contact Lenses 10%
Electronics 1%
Gifts & Registry 4%
Health 4%
Home 4%
Jewelry 4%
Movies 1%
Music 1%
Patio & Garden 4%
Photo 1%
Sports & Outdoors 4%
Toys 4%
Video Games 1%
All Others* 4%

The biggest affiliate program competitor to walmart is going to be amazon.  Amazon conversions will be quite higher as many people are ALWAYS logged into amazon.

In this case what i would do is offer both options and put the prices and benefits of buying at either place.

KEEP IN MIND the referral cookie for both programs only lasts 24 hours.

This means your visitor needs to order within 24 hours of clicking your affiliate link or you do not get paid.

THIS IS THE BIGGEST downside to these programs… the upside is you get paid on everything in thier cart at the time of checkout.

SO the key is to get them to click early and get them to click often… list building is great for this.

ALSO you can use various tools such as downloads or pdfs to get them to come back to your content.

You will DEFINITELY want to take advantage of the DEEP links that go direct to the product you are reviewing or promoting.

How to get started with the walmart affiliate program

(click here to signup to be an affiliate) the affiliate program is run thru impact so if you already have an impact or impact radius account you can use that.

For this part, there is a need you first go through the provided application process. The required individual application details need your name, address, location, and the URL of your website. At the application process, they will also ask for an individual’s traffic stats to determine whether you will make it an excellent member of their team of affiliates. To join up this program, you will also need to have a running website.

Start Your First Affiliate Website In 15 Minutes Click Here

It takes just a few minutes to complete the application process. The team will take a few hours to approve of you, and they usually do not have that much restriction.

You can immediately start making money once you have the affiliate login.

Tools for website owners

To ensure the easy selling of products in this platform, Walmart has provided its affiliates with different marketing tools to fasten the entire process. They are tools in place to help attract many visitors that will, in turn, lead you to send more potential buyers to the Walmart website at large. These tools are;

Walmart SDK (api for running toolbars or other softwares)

This tool is employed to embed different Walmart products into the site’s affiliates’ own. Right at your page, you will have an opportunity to display the button of Buy Now, which means there is a hassle-free experience to the potential buyers of the products you advertise. The button comes along with an affiliate link that is in place to ensure that any made sales through it have an association with your website.

This is a big thing among affiliates, as it makes it more comfortable in the purchase of products. Your conversion rate will be increased by ensuring that potential clients locate what they need quickly. What they will be supposed to do is just clicking the provided link and get into the website and get a look at their cart. So, there is a lot that should be done to earn a commission.

Walmart Chrome Extension

This is a feature that enables users to locate the best-selling products of this website quickly. For instance, an affiliate sees popular products chipping in at any time; you can take a step of modifying the content that is already in place or even comes up with new ones to market them in the best way possible. There is a need you ensure the content provided is revolving around the current trends at large. By this, the conversion rates will always be maintained at large.

Walmart Affiliate WordPress Plugin

WordPress is among the existing popular platform and website builders all over the globe. This feature has been specially designed for those who work as affiliates. It is in place to enable them to add their affiliate links to the content created in the most natural manner possible. After that, the links will be tagged automatically with the affiliate link you have, and thus pushing of content out gets more manageable.

By the use of this feature, it appears to be among the efficient mean of creating content on WordPress. The identification of products is automatic. Therefore, there is no need for a buyer to search for anything yourself. Based on particular keywords, the search for products is made simple.

Ways you can promote your Walmart affiliate links:

Your focus should be placed on how you will promote products after you have signed up for the walmart affiliate program.

Below are some excellent ways you can promote your wallmart affiliate links

Use of product reviews

Doing product reviews is among the best ways to utilize these programs. To do this, consider making a general structure of the selected product review, so pushing out content will become simple. Implementation of a unique and decent keyword is the only thing that you should focus on the review you need to create.

The use of the right keywords will significantly help you with SEO. This means that the possibility of ranking high on search engines is high here. If the content you post makes to appear on the first page of search engines, then it is likely there will be more leads that will be generated to the products you are advertising, and in the end, you will earn a lot of commission for the excellent job done.

Email marketing

This is also another best means you can employ to market their products to clients at large. What is required here for you is having an email list that has many subscribers like, for instance, at least hundred of them. You will prove to be running a goldmine business if you will be capable of attracting customers of high quality and have them make a subscription to your list.

After that, carefully tie the products you’re promoting into the email. By this, inserting an affiliate link becomes easier. An affiliate should identify only the products that the email list you have will likely have an interest in investing in. At the same time, you can consider linking people to the review you have created in case information about the product is needed first by other people.

By this, you’re assured that interested parties won’t have to Google to find information about the product so that they purchase from other different sites. At the same time, reading it from your website will drive in more traffic and thus the generation of revenue.

Social media platforms

These platforms are now stapled strategies for marketing to all website owners and businesses. It will take you little time boosting your reviews by creating different blogs that carry information about the products you’re promoting. From this, you’re assured of making a few sales if you do everything the right way possible. Social media platforms are an affordable way to employ when marketing products you have too large audiences.

But then, you should remember that Walmart doesn’t make its operations through social media platforms. All you should do is linking the review of the product you’re promoting on your site and try best to drive traffic to their website.

Is the Walmart Affiliate Program worth the effort?

YES… but only if you have the right traffic for specific products you cannot find elsewhere… this is a lot like the amazon program where the earnings per click will be pretty low… so i would use this as a supplemental income source and rely on other programs for bigger payouts and commissions… you can learn more about this in my video

Click Here To Watch “How To Find High Paying Affiliate Programs

Drop Servicing VS Drop Shipping – Make Money

Drop Servicing VS Drop Shipping – Make Money

What Is Drop Servicing?

drop servicing is all about finding people who want a service, outsourcing it to a place like fiverr, upwork, or even your own team of outsourcers…

and selling the service for a profit…

How Does DropServicing Work?

drop servicing works by finding gaps in the market place between people who want some service done and the people who do the service…

you are the middle man and you pocket the difference.

What Are The Keys To Making Profit?

  • BE Unique
  • Bundle
  • Bonus

How To Find Buyers?

SEO – takes some time and can be kinda competetive

PPC – gonna be tough on some keywords… it can be done but you have to be super creative.

Forums – you could go post answers to questions on forums and have a custom footer/signature linking to your service site.

Facebook Groups – there are tons of facebook groups that help people with certain topics from wordpress, to clickfunnels, to paypal, to social media stuff.

List Of Top Drop Servicing Niches

  • Search Engine Submissions And Back links
  • Blog Writers, Articles, And Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Explainer Videos And Whiteboard Videos
  • WordPress Repair And Fixing
  • Gateway Pages For SEO
  • Infusionsoft / Clickfunnels / help and services
  • Lead Capture Page Design
  • Logo Designs And Packages
  • Newsletter Content
  • Paypal Buttons And Shopping Carts
  • Social Media Management

You’ve heard of drop shipping, but what about something easier, less risky and a whole lot more profitable? Oh, yeah. And you can get tons of hot targeted traffic for free. Introducing drop servicing. So if you want to learn all about drop servicing, how it works, how I’ve made over seven figures with it, plus three secret tactics that you can use to boost your earnings and start making money right now. Well, then stick around.

Today, what we’re going to do is talk about drops servicing.

Now, I’ve got to tell you, if you like these kind of videos and you want to learn more about how to make money on the Internet, make sure you subscribe and click the bell notification icon. That way, you get my latest videos about making money and you can join us live every week on Wednesday when I’m here to answer all your questions. Now let’s dove right in and talk about what is drop servicing.

Well, drop servicing is a lot like drop shipping. Only instead of selling a product, you’re going to be selling a service, which could be a lot more profitable when done correctly.

I’m going to show you three killer ways to make this even more profitable and set it up in less than an hour. So drop servicing is all about finding people who want a service.

Outsourcing it to a place like fiver up work, higher writers or even your own team of outsourcers.

And then you take that service and you sell it for a profit.

For example, here are some keywords people are looking up related to SEO articles. They want some articles for their web site that are going to get them search engine rankings. Now we could go through and we could get these articles written for anywhere from three dollars to 50 dollars depending on how big the article is. Now, I can take that article and I could sell it for maybe 50 or 100 dollars or even more depending on what the customer is looking for. This is very easy to do because most people don’t want to do the work of finding the right person to write the article and make sure it’s OK and they don’t know how to do it and everything like that.

So we’re going to do that for them, be the middleman and pocket the difference.

It’s very, very easy.

All we need to do is set up a PayPal button, which you could do in the simple site’s course. There’s a PayPal button generator. I simply put in the item number here, put in the item, name the price, my pay out email and boom, I put this code on my site and instantly they’ll be able to buy the service and I can do all the stuff there. How does drop servicing work anyway? Well, drop servicing works by finding gaps in the marketplace. And I got to tell you, there’s a lot of gaps.

We’re going to show you some in just a minute.

And the gap is between the people who want a service done and the people who do the service. You are basically the middleman and you pocket the difference. Some examples of services could be how to add your Web site to Google. This could be back linking or submission services hiring blog writers.

You could see lots of people searching for these things content for Instagram, which you could get extremely cheap. I recently purchased 100 different Instagram post content for less than 30 dollars. Now I could resell that for a pretty penny. There’s also people looking for custom WordPress themes, explainer videos, which your little videos that explain a topic how to fix their WordPress site and do various things on WordPress. This would be under programing or coding. Actually, a lot easier than it sounds. How to build gateway pages for search engine rankings linking infusion soft with WordPress, which again is pretty easy, but people will pay a pretty penny to fix their site and make it work. There’s also designing and setting up lead capture pages logo design, which gets a ton of searches newsletter content. Actually, a friend who outsources newsletter content and has a huge recurring revenue business model known him for several years and he’s done really well using this exact same tactic how to setup and sell an e-book, articles setting up a PayPal shopping cart, which is super easy. Social media management, which pays thousands per month and on and on we go. So as you can see, this is an extremely easy way to start making money online almost instantly. And you could literally go out there and find tons of people willing to provide these services and charge more for the services and pocket the difference, which is pretty cool. But there are some keys to making this work. If you really want to hit a home run and make lots of money.

The three keys are number one.

Be unique.

There’s tons of people providing these services online. So what’s gonna make you stand out? What’s the secret sauce that you have that no one else offers? So if you’re doing SEO articles, maybe you could do the keyword research for them and provide articles based on the research keywords that you find and provide them as a package deal. Or if you’re doing videos, maybe you can even script the video for them. Spend an hour, write a little video script. Have it outsourced and charge maybe five hundred or a thousand dollars for a simple little video. If you’re doing the technical stuff like pay pal, buttons, infusions, soft and WordPress, maybe you could meet people where they’re at and provide services and solutions directly for what they’re looking for rather than just all in one services. I can provide how to fix your WordPress admin or something like that, or how to make PayPal work with infusions off or something like that. Maybe order buttons, shopping carts, things of that nature and charge a lot more for him. Or if we’re doing logos, maybe I could provide like a different service where I provide a logo and a website design or a logo and a WordPress theme or something like that. So being unique is one of the major keys to making this work.

The next big profit key is bundle.

Can I bundle various services to make this work?

This is a lot like the example I told you where we do the keyword research and then we get the articles for them. We’re bundling two things together, one where I do the research and two, where we get the content and we’re able to charge for five, even 10 times as much because of the service that we provide. Or if you’re doing logos, maybe you can provide logos and themes or if you’re doing shopping carts, maybe you can do shopping carts and PayPal or shopping carts and infusion soft or something with click funnels or something of that nature. And there’s lots of gaps in these marketplaces. If you just do the keyword research for how to do whatever on infusion soft or how to add a button to click funnels or how to create an entire funnel or something like that where you’re providing a little bit extra. And if you bundle these services together, you’re able to make a lot more. And it’s not that hard to do.

Now, the third key to making this work is to add a bonus.

What kind of bonus offer can I give them? Maybe I can give them a one hour call where I train them, how to set up their articles on WordPress, or maybe I bundle it with me actually setting up the content on their WordPress. Or maybe I bundle the video with how to upload it or something like that. Or maybe I provide some bonus videos on how to use the stuff that I just delivered to them. Adding bonuses is a great way to get more people to buy more stuff in a very easy manner. And remember, if you’re unique, you bundle your products and services and you add a bonus, you’re literally unstoppable and you set yourself apart from the other people doing the same thing in your industry.

Now let’s talk about how to get traffic and find buyers.

First off, you could do SEO, you could build a Web site and try to get ranked in the search engines for various different keywords related to your service. There’s lots of keywords you could go for for people looking for how to fix WordPress or how to fix their infusionsoft after their click funnels or their click bank or their whatever.

Very, very easy to find people like that.

And it’s not that hard to rank for these terms because there are so many specific terms to different specific products and platforms that it’s literally endless. Now, the problem with SEO is that it could take some time to get ranked sets a little bit. So you’ve got to wait. And I’m not a big fan of waiting. So if you don’t want to wait, the next option is using paid traffic. This is where you pay for traffic from the search engines or Facebook or whatever it is. You could simply pay for traffic that has people in your audience looking up keywords or in certain groups that are looking for different ways to fix certain things or create content or manage their social media. And you can get in front of them and sell your services very, very easy and very fast. Now, the downside to this is that sometimes these words can be kind of expensive. And unless you’re selling something for five hundred or a thousand dollars or more, it’s probably not going to work that well. But if you are in the thousand dollar range, you can probably make this work in an easy way.

Just keep in mind that some of these words will be anywhere from a dollar to ten dollars or more per click. That means you pay for people to visit your website, and if they don’t buy, you still have to pay for them. So it’s a little risky.

Now the next two methods are really cool and they have virtually no risk involved.

This is where you could go through and you can go to forums where people are asking questions about specific things like how to fix WordPress or where do I get logos or how do I design a custom theme or things like that where there’s literally tons of forums and millions of people viewing them every day. And you could simply go on these forums and post answers to the questions and then have a little footer or a signature that says, hey, if you like this stuff, go over to my site to see some services we have or hey, if this is too difficult. Click here and my team, I’ll do it for you or something very simple like this. I’ve used forums to make lots of money and it’s very easy and there’s virtually no risk. All you gotta do is post some answers to questions.

And of course the last method, which is super risk free, is to use Facebook groups.

Right now there are thousands, maybe millions of Facebook groups for various topics around these things, how to manage social media, how to do YouTube stuff, how to set up a website, WordPress, click funnels, infusions, soft, anything, you name it. And they’re out there and they’re looking for solutions and they ask questions in these groups. You could simply answer the question in the group and then say, hey, contact me if you want to have us do this for you and save yourself some money or something like that. Very, very simple. Very easy. And you can get customers like that. I’ve used Facebook groups to make a lot of money and get a lot of customers simply by answering questions that people are having in a group. Now, in addition to just answering one guy’s question, you’re also going to be seen by everyone who’s watching that thread and everyone is a potential customer.

Now, over the years, I’ve used Drop servicing to make a lot of money.

I first started off in the year 2000 when I would do exactly what I taught you, which is to do the keyword research and to provide content for people and put it on their Web site to help them get search engine rankings. I was able to do this and I was outsourcing these for 50 to 100 dollars and selling them for 500, 1000, even 2000 dollars a pop for doing the work for them. And I didn’t even have to write any content. Everything was outsourced.

All my customers were happy because we provided good work and found good people to do the stuff that we needed done. And this dropped servicing model is a great way to get to six figures a year or more. Now, I’ve got to tell you, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. I don’t know how much you’ll make, but I do know this is a pretty straightforward method. And if you do it, you should be able to get some results.

Christian Affiliate Programs – Top Earners Revealed!

Christian Affiliate Programs – Top Earners Revealed!

Ok… so you got a site or want to make a website or blog with Christian traffic or bible based traffic… which is not that hard to do considering all the keywords.

In this post I will show you how I was able to earn a ton of cash with a simple bible reading plan website.

AND NO this is not the run of the mill junk like put up some adsense or sell books on amazon.

We both know that those keywords do not pay much at all.

So how can we best monetize Christian / bible traffic?

Marcus’ TOP Affiliate Programs For Christian Traffic:

1. The Bible Extension $2.25 Per Download (this is a must have I have personally made a ton with)

  1. Christian Tax Network (for debt relief) $30 Per Sale
  2. Christianity Today Magazine Leads $7 Per Lead
  3. Christian Café Dating $3-4 Per Lead
  4. Christian Health Plans $4 Per Lead
  5. Free Bible $5 Per Lead
  6. Biblical Archeology Review Magazine $8.50 Per sale
  7. Faith Diet (clickbank) $15.68 Per Sale AVG
  8. Through The Bible (clickbank) $35.39 Per Sale AVG

In addition to these you can also link to amazon for books and things like that but the main converting offers are going to be the cpa affiliate offers listed above.

  1. The Bible Toolbar – this is a simple chrome extension that gives the users access to all kinds of different bible tools.  It pays $2.25 per download… that means you do not need to get anyone to opt in, subscribe, buy something or anything like that… they simply download – and you get paid.i have made millions of dollars with these little download affiliate programs and the bible toolbar was always one of my favorite
    you can see here the first few days i started promoting this one we hit $0.47 per click… which is WAY higher than other offers you will see in this christian vertical.

    christian affiliate programs
    i even got as high as 54 cents per click on this one… mostly using paid traffic which still worked well… if you have free traffic you can be much more profitable with this offer.  i just put the little bibles on my site with icons like this:

    christian affiliate
    I have blog plugins that make these and they get KILLER conversion rates… check out marcusmentor.me for the plugins, tools and coaching.

  2. Christian Tax Network – this is a good one for your christian traffic… you can use this for debt help pages and money management for christians.  a topic many christians are into and it pays pretty well and converts good too… you can just have a link on your site or blog that says “christian debt relief – top resource” or something like that and get a cool $30 per lead.
  3. Christianity Today Magazine – this one will convert ok if you have the right traffic.  it does take the user to actually order a free trial but it pays $7 per lead.  so if you have traffic that is interested in something like a christian magazine or something this will work out ok… i would expect to get 1/10 or 1/20 targeted visitors to convert on this chrisitan affiliate program.
  4. Christian Café Dating – this is another good one to add to your site for generic traffic looking for christian dating… again not gonna be the top producer by any means but it will work ok.
  5. Christian Health Plans – this is a good one that can bag you an easy $4 with all the talk about healthcare in america and christians interested in healthcare… this is a simple lead submit form that pays $4 when someone requests more information on christian health insturance… easy lead and the topic will attract a lot of clicks from your site.
  6. Free Bible $5 Per Lead – this is sortof like the one above where they download the bible tools BUT they have to put in the full address to get the free bible… which means it will not convert as well as a download at all… but it can be something you can offer on your site… i would expect it to convert 1/30 or so… which is pretty low… so if you can stick to the download one.
  7. Biblical Archeology Review Magazine this one is super tight niche… only a handful of people that visit your site will be interested in this one… but if you have the right traffic it may convert well… i would go for bible proof and stuff like that or where is the ark or whatnot… that may work well and it pays $8.50 per sale. not to bad.
  8. Faith Diet – now this will appeal to a large number of your readers and pays well too… this has a super high converting affiliate program and you can find it on clickbank.  You can make some killer clickbait style banners (ethically obviously) to get attention and traffic to the offer.
  9. Through The Bible – this one is also on clickbank – pays well and will be good for bible students and people who want to read the bible… great for begining of year when people want bible reading plans and things like that.a lot of these offers you can find on offervault and remember to always focus on what your visitors really want.if you have bible traffic and want me to help you get better conversions and make more money signup at marcusmentor.me and ill do a full audit of your traffic and site and help you get conversions.

Shiny Object Syndrome – Make Money Online

Shiny Object Syndrome – How To Make Money Online In 2020

Jumpstart Your Affiliate Marketing Business In 2020 –

1. watch this new video about changing your money mindset

2. Join My 2020 Action Plan Training Here

3. Get A High Ticket Niche so you have a starting point and a
full out plan (sale ends midnight 1/3/2020

Join The Affiliate Marketing Focus Call Here 

The main problem when people try to make money online is that they are neither deliberate nor consistent.

We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Where the tortoise starts out to win the race deliberate, steady, and consistent.

He may not be the best fastest racer out there… and clearly the hare can beat him if he really tried.

But he keeps on going anyway… because he knows he will get to the finish line.

The hare on the other hand gets distracted easily.

He suffers from what we call in marketing… the shiny object syndrome.

So he starts out to run the race not really focusing on a proper direction.

He is just kinda flying by the seat of his pants not really committed to any one thing.

His confidence is super high and he says – oh well that ole tortoise can never win… look how slow he is… look how tired he looks.

And the hare starts off running… but quickly gets distracted by anything in his way… an interesting new path, something to eat, something on the ground that captures his eye.

The tortoise has his goal… and his goal is to reach the finish line.  He does not waver… he does not get distracted.  He is super laser focused on where he wants to be at the end of the race.

And maybe when it comes to making money online you are a little bit more like the hare than you would care to admit.

Everything seems new and shiny and right… and it feels like eventually you will find the one thing you have been missing… the one thing that will take you where you want to go.

But you have no real focus, you have no real direction, and because of this you have no consistency.

You struggle and fight and get frustrated and feel like giving up.

You look at things like facebook ads, or amazon, or dropshipping, and oh yea theres clickfunnels, and clickbank, and youtube, and blogging, and whatever new thing comes in your email box for that day.

And all these things look and sound really really good… and you might signup for a few things.

You might even set a few things up.

But if you are really honest with yourself… you have no deliberate direction.

You see the funny thing about this online marketing stuff is that everything works!

You could do dropshipping… ive done that and it works.

You could start a blog… those work too… thousands of people are making money with those.

You can even do clickbank, or clickfunnels, or whatever other click is out there.

And those all work and you can make money with all of them.

But you are distracted… you are unfocused.

And you have no direction… so you are hung up on ideas, concepts, opportunities… and you never really pick a solid direction… a solid starting point and a solid goal.

Oh sure you may say, marcus I have a goal… I want to make $100,000 a year.

But do you really have a goal… or a pipe dream.

Meanwhile the tortoise is still going… he has a goal, he knows what the track looks like, he knows that if he sets out to do just one or two things each day to get to his goal… hes gonna reach it.

And its very important to realize that the tortoise knew his starting point and end point.

Some “hares” of internet marketing think they have a start point.

They think starting points are with a course or a tactic or an opportunity.

These are not starting points… these are ideas… and no matter how many ideas you have… ideas are not a business and ideas are a dime a dozen.

You see everyone has an idea.  Like your uncle who has crazy ideas every year and says we should make this or we should make that… and you go… ohhh good idea… that’s a million dollar idea.

But you don’t realize that there are no million dollar ideas because ideas do not make anything.

Implementation makes money… deliberate focus, deliberate action everyday makes money

These are the things the hare focuses on… and he jumps and hops and gets excited about the new idea and the latest greatest tool or course or tactic.

But he never sticks with one long enough to make any headway.

And he wonders why “nothing is working”

And he wonders why “everyone else is getting results”

And he gets discouraged.

But the tortoise sets out and says… hey maybe those tactics will be good… but only when I get to where I need them… maybe those ideas are cool… but how do they fit in with my current plan.

The tortoise has a current plan.

He knows… if I have this plan and I do something every day I can get where I want to go.

He knows that if he has a solid niche market… he can make a blog post or a video or an article every day… and at the end of the year he can have 365 of those working for him.

And he knows that if each of the 365 things he did get just 10 visitors a day or 10 views or whatever it is… he will now be getting 3,650 people a day to view his content.

And he knows even if he sucks at selling and didn’t go thru the great 10x guru course or the high ticket closer course… he can still probably get 1% of his visitors to buy something.

And if 1% of his visitors but something and he gets 3650 visitors a day… well then he can get 36.5 sales per day… and if each sale only makes him $10… he can make $365.00 a day.

And now he is at $10,000 a month or $100,000 a year with a pretty simple deliberate plan.

He also knows that once he gets those visitors which is not hard to do.

He can always improve… if one piece gets a more traffic he can tweak it a little and make it better and maybe get 2 or 3 percent to buy… and that little increase can be the difference between making $365 a day and maybe $1,000 a day.

Ive been doing this 20 years and I see this happen all the time.

But it never happens to the hare… because he never focuses, he never sits down and says this is the direction I am taking.

He says… oh im going seo, or dropshipping, or youtube…

But he never says… THIS IS MY NICHE.

Because if he is gonna do dropshipping… what is he gonna drop ship?

If hes doing seo? What keywords and market is he going for?

If hes doing paid traffic… what are the niches he’s going to dominate?

And at the end of the year he looks at all the started projects he did, and all the courses he bought, and he wonders why lame ole tortoise who isn’t as fast as him is getting results.

What the hell!

But he fails to see that the tortoise understands something very simple and life changing.

The tortoise know that little gains over time add up to BIG gains!

He knows if he wants to lose weight… the key is not to try every diet under the sun… because more often than not… they all pretty much work.

He knows… hey if I workout 10 minutes 20 minutes or 30 minutes a day… and cut out a few things from my diet… I can lose weight and not be a fat turtle.

And he celebrates the small wins… like his first lost pound or his first 10 pounds or whatever it is.

Not because 1 pound or 10 pounds is a big deal… but because he knows if he can lose 1 he can lose 50 and if he can make $1 he can make $100,000.

Its all a simple math problem.

But we don’t like math and we don’t like small results.

We are like the hare and we want it now… we want money fast and quick and we want to be skinny and we want to be happy right now.

And we neglect the actual “STUFF” it takes to get there.

And we don’t realize that the tortoise isn’t doing anything mind boggling, hes not moving mountains and trying to reach the moon.

He’s just doing one deliberate thing each day to reach his goal.

The same goal he set out to do in the beginning.

So as this new year approaches… you have to ask yourself… where would I be right now if I started out jan 1, 2019 with a goal to focus on a few things each day to make money.

Well I can tell you from what I have seen you would be way ahead of where you are now.

Like someone I am listening to recently… adam… he started out with nothing in 2019 and now has a site producing 30K a month or more with free traffic.

Or lots of youtube friends I met that are now making a killing with little videos… they just started and grew and started and grew and revised and revamped.

And you look at them and say why cant I have that.

You can… but you have to be willing to put your feelings aside.

What if I fail… failure is not an option for the tortoise.

What if it doesn’t work perfect and my first content flops… you learn and grow and tweak.

What if what if what if…

But what If it does? What if you have a plan so solid… that if you follow it – IT WILL WORK.

Sure… there may be some rocks in the road… and the tortoise will go around them.

The hare will run into them and bump his foot and cry and say… oh no this running stuff doesn’t work.

and that is what 2020 is about… FOCUS… DELIBERATE ACTION.

Putting aside the quick fix and the shiny objects and focusing on what really works.

And if you want to join me on a special Affiliate Marketing 2020 Action Plan Training… check out affiliatedude2020.com and signup for our special action plan call… it is going to be a special get you focused training so you can be like the tortoise and focus on deliberate action.

At the end of the call you will know what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Its not hard, its not crazy technical, its actually very simple and straight forward.

The question is… are you going to be the tortoise… or the hare?

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Regal Assets Affiliate Program

The Regal Assets Affiliate Program Offers A Unique Opportunity To Earn 3-5% On HIGH Volume Investment Accounts For Gold, Silver, Crypto, And More.

They offer high payouts, including pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, and revshare for the life of the customer.
Some  brand partners are earning over $100,000 per month, and dozens are earning $10,000 – $50,000 per month.

Becoming a regal assets affiliate

There is always a thorough screening process and not every affiliate is accepted. This ensures that there is quality in the program and the reputation of the company stays the best in the industry.
Once you are approved, you can access clickagain.com together with all the required materials, affiliate links, lead forms and landing pages.
Affiliate resources consist of:
-Lead capture forms that are not used a lot as a result of spambots signing up and altering with data.
-Text Ads and Banners
-URLs and PDFs.The PDS is used to sign up.
-Swipe files that are essential for email marketing autoresponders.
-SEO tools are necessary for converting keywords for AdWords and also SEO.
-Images and videos. Videos can be used to upload and get opt-ins.
-Landing pages with affiliate links.
There are enough resources to get you started and it is advisable to begin with a single traffic source and also mastering it if you are not an experienced marketer.
If you are ready to sign up for the regal assets affiliate program, you can go in and wait for the approval and kick off your banking in the commissions.
Reasons why regal assets offer investors a great deal
-No hidden fees

Regal assets have acquired a lot of accolades and praise, not only its customers but also from celebrity investors and industry insiders.Gold trading firm regal assets are known to financial professionals and investors because of their firm foundation in knowledge and customer service. The company has adapted as the market has changed; employees hone their skills while incorporating trading and financial experts. These experts get training continually due to challenges, market changes and also strategies.

How people can make money with the regal assets affiliate program

For people to qualify for gild IRA, the firm needs to have an existing 401(k), which has to be moved over after that.

Here are two options:

-The first is the obvious one; you can simply transfer your existing IRA to a gold IRA. Their only requirement is to be transferred between two custodians, which can be done at any time. Therefore the distribution check should be made out in the name of that new custodian to whom you are transferring the current IRA account over to.
-The second option is to take your distribution from the existing IRA and deposit it in a new one. You are required to do this within 60 days, or else your withdrawal will be taxed or subjected to penalties. Also, this can be done only within 12 calendar months if you are willing to continue to retain the benefits of an IRA and especially those associated with taxes

Currently, the regal assets offer two types of personal investment packages:

1. The first is the $5,000 merchant package that targets individuals who want gold or silver-backed investment. They can easily liquidate this when required
2. The other option is the $10,000 knighthood package aimed at individuals who want financial coverage for their whole family. Professional investors or individuals who want to invest more money for higher returns, regal assets give them four different packages.

-The $25k legacy portfolio that is designed with Cryptos and metals that have a chance for immediate profit.
-The $50k kingship portfolio that is designed to assist in keeping customers protected from inflation.
-The $100k dynasty portfolio that is aimed to support an individual’s retirement plan. This package offers the best return, protection against economic uncertainty and stability against inflation because regal specialists design it.
-Finally, there is a $250k coronation portfolio, which is aimed at high net worth individuals requiring a package that will assist them in building wealth in a long period of time.

A flat fee of $250 will apply to retirement accounts regardless of value. Regal assets surrender delivery, administrative storage and other fees for the precious accounts during the first year.
Investors are only changed from the second year and therefore, those who are starting up don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money without even making anything.

– The use of segregated storage

Regal assets uses segregated storage for clients and this means that if you purchase bullion, bars, or coins, those assets are stored in a separate storage space instead of mixing with the silver and gild of other investors.

This segregated storage is made possible by the partnership with top vault providers and it is insured. Even if some companies that give this type of storage system, they are costly, whereas regal assets are cheap.

Quick processing time and fast shipping

Let’s say you have decided to store all your bullion in a safe at your residence. You can safely so that with regal assets because they will transfer assets to your home in seven days. A guarantee backs the delivery time frame by the company; thus, you are in good hands.

Gold IRA rollovers

It is advisable always to get a company that understands the IRA rollover. This is because even the simplest mistake, such as not buying the best coin that is approved by IRA or even submitting the wrong tax document, will end affecting of your wallet. You can be assured that whatever you invest with them is safe because 95% of the regal assets’ business is composed of IRA rollovers.


If you want to make it big in the affiliate marketing world, the regal assets affiliate program is the best choice for you. It is amongst the highest paying affiliate programs that come with a lot of benefits. You should give this affiliate program a trial even if you are looking for a profitable product after your retirement. Regal asset affiliate program promotes expensive products with a high commission when you sign up for the program using the link. When individuals invest in precious metals, they invest in a huge sum of money. This gives them a chance to get high commission. When applying for the regal assets affiliate program, you should have marketing experience such as PPC through Bing, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook and others.