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How to Create a Profitable Mailing List Using OPC and CPT

Hey guys! It’s Marcus here from Blog Profit Network and which is my new site where you can go to learn how to build a five-figure per month niche business in a really easy way. 

I know a lot of people out there are looking for that magic money tree that they could just pluck money from whenever they want, no matter what. But unfortunately, most of the Guru’s touting that instant money stuff is kind of like this, trying to shake every red cent you have away from you. Very very threatening.

So let’s talk about how you can actually get a money tree and get money pretty much whenever you want by using a little tool that I call, CREATING A PROFITABLE MAILING LIST WITH OPC AND CPT.

So let’s take our money guy and put him here on the back burner and talk about how this whole thing works.

Now there’s a little problem online with most people who use the internet, and that is that MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW HOW TO SEARCH. And you might be saying, well Marcus, how do you know that? I know that because I have access to the search records from google as do you. We could just go to the Google AdWords tool right like this and search for anything we want.

Let’s say we search for money and you can see that people have no idea to search. I mean obviously so you can’t search for money and then get money. You have to search for how to make money or how to earn money but you can see that 33,000 people a month or just searching for money.

Very very very interesting.

And what we want to do is look at that and say, okay WHAT DO THEY WANT, WHY ARE THEY SEARCHING IT. And our goal is to take those people who don’t know how to search. They’re just looking for stuff like this guy here and actually do the search for them to fight them the things that they ultimately wanted, while making money in the process.

Now we know that the Guru’s often like to say that the money is in the list and for the most part that’s pretty true, but I’m going to show you a way to get even more money from a mailing list.

First of all, the question is, “How do you create that list in the first place?” That raises all kinds of new questions like where do you get the content to offer them for their name and email address, what do you want to send them, how do you keep track of them, and all these other questions that are going on.

And that brings us to the idea of what I call OPC.

Now you’ve heard, it said that some people get rich using OPM which is other people’s money. Other people’s money and a lot of people have gotten rich with other people’s money like the bank. To take your money, they loan it out. They take some interest. They throw you a couple pennies and they get rich.

So let’s say that you want to go into a certain niche market.

Now two of the things that I recently searched for online, one of them was some barbecue recipes and the other was some self-help type tapes from a guy named Alan Watts. Interesting stuff. Don’t subscribe to everything he says but it does make you think. So I was looking at some barbecue stuff and some self-improvement articles.

Now I was looking at this and let’s say that I don’t really know that much about barbecuing, and I really don’t know that much about self-help stuff. That’s fine. That’s good because chances are, neither does the person searching.

So YOUR GOAL is to be one step ahead of them and provide them with options. Provide them with options. Provide them with content. Provide them with things that they could use to benefit based on what they’re searching for. Perhaps you could tell them what cuts of meat are the best, or perhaps you can give them a list of different authors, or recording people that talk about self-help stuff.

So we take a look at this and we say, well what do we do? How does this work in a real world? Example, Marcus break it down for me and tell me how this works.

Well, let’s go back to our search tool here and let’s search for Alan Watts, or you could do Tony Robbins or whatever you want okay. We could do all kinds of different things and you know it helps if you spell it right. So we could see here that low competition and we have 9900 almost 10,000 people a month searching for this low competition word. So we can go to google and we could search for this word and take a look and see that there’s very very few people bidding on this term. Not a whole lot of people bidding on it.

Very very important to realize there’s actually no one bidding on it, which means that this is super inexpensive traffic. So the question is, “What do we do with this traffic?” and ultimately, “How do we get the money now?”

We know that our goal is to build the mailing list but we need some kind of bait. We need some kind of hook that’s going to get them into the mailing list. Now one interesting thing that you can do is use the search tools that I have taught you to provide killer content for these people, in exchange for running ads and getting their email, which is very very easy, as long as you provide some cool options that have to do with what they searched for in the first place.

So you have this guy. He’s searching for you know whatever it is. Barbecue tips, or self-help, or one thing I just looked up a couple minutes ago was how to start an internet radio station. I notice that this traffic is really inexpensive and there’s lots of things you can do with it. So basically we have the guy searching and he’s searching for personal development stuff. And our goal is to say, “Well hey man! We got this cool content that we are going to give you. Now I want to ask you, how many of you guys store different articles, different emails, different mp3’s or videos, or you save things to your computer? Like me. I’m kind of a nut case when it comes to this stuff and what I like to do is I like to keep files of all kinds of different things. You can see here, I have tons of PDFs that I downloaded free as well as mp3’s and more PDFs on everything, from healthy emotions to making money online. And here’s one that’s a gigantic book about psychology and all kinds of things that you can read. And it’s really cool.

This is stuff that people think of as a valuable. It’s very very valuable stuff. And they just simply don’t know how to do the research to find them. Most people give up after a couple of pages. Anyway, so what we want to do is we want to do the research for them and find all the stuff.

Here’s some TED Talks that I recorded. Some videos of some audios, different things like that. We also have different audios from anything, from Alcoholics Anonymous stuff, to Alan Watts, to different people that are speaking on self-help like Werner Erhard, the big book. We have creation and stuff. All kinds of different things that you can find from interviews to whatever it is. And this is all valuable for the people searching for it. If you were to take stuff and look at let’s say Werner Erhard or perhaps Alcoholics Anonymous or whatever it is, you can find that people are actually searching for this. So we could do something like sobriety tips. See what kind of tips people want on sobriety and then all I have to do is say, Hey you know what, I found for let’s say how to stop drinking I found 87 mp3s on how to stop drinking that you can listen to, or 15 or however many it is.

You can also do AA. See what comes up for that or alcoholic anonymous. So we can see that people are searching for like Alcoholics Anonymous and different things like that. So meetings, alcohol anonymous big book, different stuff like this. And they’re doing this because they don’t know how to find what they’re looking for. So our goal is to take all these things that we can find and offer them to them. We say, okay here he is searching and though he say, “Hey you know what, if you join my mailing list, what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you content.”

Tons and tons of cool stuff. Then once we get the name and email, what happens is this person now goes on our mailing list and has given us permission to email them. And our job is to email them to get them back to our content.

What we do is we say, “Hey you know what, Marcus how you doing, I found a cool interview from you know Bob on the big book or Allen or whatever on ontology or whatever it is, or maybe I found you a cool article or a neat quote or spreadsheets or video files or PDFs or whatever it is.” And you’re emailing this stuff to them to get them back to your blog. Back to your blog, and the idea is to get them back to your blog. Get them to consume your content and provide ads.

Now you don’t want to just provide ads like you know get this or get this or buy this or whatever.

What you want to do is you want to give them options based on what they’re looking for.

So you say, hey I hope you enjoyed this. You know, if you’re having trouble staying sober, why not go to my rehab site or whatever it is and you use all this media to keep them coming back, and keep them anticipating the next video. The next mp3, the next whatever it is, so that you can make money.

Basically, my friends this is a way to build a mailing list, and basically have a money tree that you can pluck money from whenever you want.

So if you want to learn how to do this, how to build a killer mailing list with other people’s content, and super cheap paid traffic, what I want you to do is go to The link is below in the description of this video, or we’ll put a banner on the site. But click that link. Get over there and try out the five figure niches for one full week for just one dollar.

So go ahead and click that sign up for just a dollar. Try it out if you like it and you can decide to stay, give me a call and we’ll sign you up. It’s not an auto charge. It’s not anything tricky. It really just is only one dollar to start one time. What we’re going to do is if you decide to continue on, just contact us and let us know. So go ahead and click that link or use the link below in the description. If you’re watching this on YouTube, and we will help you make money online. Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in your free week trial!

Free Productivity And Procrastination Software 

Hey guys, It’s Marcus here from

Today, I’ll be showing a brand new software that I’ve created for you that I’m giving away for free. That is the Get Stuff Done Desktop Toolbar.  So I’ll be showing you something really cool that it’ll do for you!

So first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to install the application first. So you’ll have to create desktop shortcuts for it. In just a few seconds, it’s gonna install and it’ll ask if you want to launch it. Now, on the side of your screen, you’ll notice that you have a new icon that looks like this:

What you’re going to notice that there’s a little toolbar that’s going to come up. It’ll look different for different screens. Now you just have to adjust it to your own liking.  It’ll save the settings for you.

What you’re going to notice when you open internet explorer and everything like that, it’ll stay on top.

The idea of this is that it’ll HELP you get things DONE!

Now, if you’re trying to do something, like creating a task and you want to stop procrastinating all you have to do is start a new task and it’s going to start a productivity timer.

NOTE – You’ll also need to have Flash installed so that a 15-minute audio will play that’s going to guide you through the process of getting things done.

You can use this over and over again to do the tasks that you need to do in order to make money. What I’ve done is I’ve also made a list of all the profit skills that you can complete in under 15 minutes that will show you how to profit online.  We also have productivity quotes that will motivate you on how to be productive and will definitely make you stop procrastinating.

We also have a money making tips icon which will take you to the latest moneymaking tips which will open videos in new windows for you! 

Very Easy and simple to navigate!

We also have a 7-day blog software and our Simple Site special offer as well! So this is free for you to use! Get some results from it and get things done by starting a new task, make some money and then come back to buy my products. See you guys in the next video!


Find CRAZY CHEAP Traffic For High Paying Affiliate Programs And Offers

Hey guys, It’s Marcus here from

What we’re going to discuss today is anticipatory marketing – we’re going to anticipate what the market needs and give customers a solution to their problem!

I’ll be showing you how anticipatory marketing works and how you can use it to find inexpensive traffic!

Let’s get an example out first:

Let’s say that someone has a problem when it comes to foreclosure – they’re going to have their house seized as an asset since they haven’t really paid their loans. I’m sure that you’re going to have your assets seized, you wouldn’t really be too happy about that.

So what’s our goal? We’re going to put a smile on that person’s face instead!

How do we do that? We’re going to offer solutions to that individual’s problems.

Let’s say that we have a solution that’s called Forclosure save that will give options to customers.

Giving them options means that they have a way of solving their problem. This makes them happy!   

So we can run a few programs for our solutions:

  • We can run Refi – We get paid when they fill out the Refi form, they don’t have to get the loan (although that is the end goal)
  • Stop foreclosure courses
  • Mortgage modification

So here’s a list of things that will possibly happen on the way to foreclosure:

  1. They’ll be searching for options and the definition of the problem which in this case, should be  “Foreclosure process” And as you can see here, you should first look at the relevance of each keywords that you’re going to choose. (in this case it gets 2900 searches a month)
  1. In general, people will also search for a lot of different keywords that is also related to the same topic.

You have to be intuitive with what you’re going to be using!

  1. As you go along with researching on what are the keywords that these users use, You’ll also realize that they will also search about ‘mortgage’, which is why you can also formulate another solution like ‘mortgage modification’

Keywords is the key – Literally!

Now that we have all of these processes and solution to their problem, we can start making out site based on all of our findings.

We’re going to show you how to do  X, Y, and Z!

  • Set up a website that will have them fill up their information and their e-mail address
  • Once you do that, you’re building a data base of people who have this problem

Basically, you’ll be earning 0.90$ for every click (more or less a dollar) PLUS a percentage of the product that you’re endorsing!  That is the key to anticipatory marketing!

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Creating HTML Links, Sites, And Cool Icon Pages

Hey guys, it’s Marcus again from

Now in video #4, you should have been able to create a page that looks like this:  With your adsense, some picture, perhaps some more adsense and links.  But now we’re going to go into some of the pretty good stuff.

Below the last video (if you haven’t followed the last video, you need to do so now so that you’ll be able to follow along), after you watch it, you’ll see the Kompozer program which you should have already downloaded and you’re going to see the icons file.

  1. So what you want to do is to download the icons here. So we’re going to download the file and save it as “”.

  1. So what we’re going to do now before we do anything, is that we’re going to back to our hosting and we’re going to back into the files,and then we’re going to go the file manager, then net
  2. So what we’re gonna do is hit upload and we’re gonna upload the file (might take a second or two).  You’ll need to hit reload so that you’ll notice it.

  1. Next, we’re going to highlight it by clicking it and we’ll hit extract which we’ll extract to our folder net/iconsand we’re going to extract files.

  1. Now we’ll have a folder called icons and we have all the stuff that we have just unzipped including our sample desk page. Now that we’ve done that, we’re going to go back and unzip this on our computer. So that’s documents and then we’ll go to our Then we’re going to extract this into a folder called ‘icons’which is in our documents.

  1. Now we’re going to go our Kompozer. File > Open File > Documents > Icons.html > SampleDesk.html

NOTE – the reason why the images look like this is because it’s reading from a website that does not exist

  1. You’ll notice that in the source code, it says “”. So all you have to do is replace it with “”

  1. So you’ll notice that some of the images aren’t loading and that’s fine because I’m actually planning to teach you on how to edit them.  

So we’re going to go to our folder and all we have to do is go to ‘’ and then icons. So what you’ll notice is a big list of icons. Choose the icon that you like.

NOTE – In order to take the icon, you just have to copy the URL

Whatever images that you decide to put in here, you can use to link to sites and pretty much let it do whatever you want it to do. It’s pretty simple and easy.

A USEFUL TIP – Now, the important thing to realize is where these files are going. What I’ve done that you’ll notice in your notice in your source code is that I’ve numerically labelled each of them so that you won’t get confused.  All you have to do is create a file that’s named for that. So you can literally make files that are basically linking from these icons.

So what I want you to do is to take your niche and take your icons and just choose which of them that actually fits your niche. So if you feel like some of the icons don’t really fit the headings, you can just simply delete the icon. Simple!

In addition, what I want you to do also is I want you to take one of these and save the file as “index.htm”. Next, I want you to take the headlines and let’s say “Check the current mortgage rates” and you can also put some “ADSENSE CODES” there in the heading as well. Alright, now save the file was ‘1.htm’ and you just to do the same process again for the different pages! Pretty easy and simple!

Then once you’re done, you’re going to go back to your Cpanel and you’re going to upload those files. So upload, browse, and we’re going to upload the numerically labelled files and the index. As you can see, our icons folder is overridden by our desktop.

Because of the linking structure work, all our links should be working! Really cool and really simple! Use this stuff and practice with it. Trust me, if you’re following with these stuff – I’ll have you making money in no time.

Go ahead and test it out! Go to and show me your site!

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Changing Contact Info Tutorial

Hey Guys! It’s Marcus here and what we’re going to do today is we’re going to change the contact info on your domain name in namecheap.

So what happens when you get a transferred domain? Sometimes the contact info still points to the person that transferred it to you – or sometimes when you move or for any reason if you need to change the contact info we’re going to show you how to do that! It’s very simple!

  • So the first thing that we’ll have to do is we’re going to back to namecheap and we’re gonna log in and obviously click on our domain just like we did last time on the last video.

  • Choose the domain name that you want and you’re going to go ahead and put your contact info on this boxes below:

NOTE – Make sure you fill-out the registrant, tech, admin, and billing

  • If you fill up the top one, you can just go ahead and click and copy the information all the way down or you can just set up a profile – very very simple!

  • Now, I use a PO Box business address for mine. Now if you don’t want to use a PO box or if you use a home address or something, what you might want to do and click on your contact information is currently accessible you can go ahead and use a subscription to actually hide the details okay so if you use the subscription to actually hide the details.

This is IF you have your home address – if you don’t care if you have it out there, that’s fine too just not that people can find it.

  • If you were to go to google and type in and if you were to type ‘com’and hit Go, you’re going to notice that you can actually see the registration info.

  • So it’s gonna have my address, my name, my phone number and everything like that. So if you DO NOTwant any of this to show up, then I would highly recommend that you would use that service that where it is like a WHOis guard and basically they have to go through an avenue and it uses their information but the E-mail forwards to YOU. So that’s a good thing to use if you do want domain privacy.

  • Go ahead and change those contact info. You would want to change on ALL of them. So everything on this page back here should be changed to you.

Again, Marcus Campbell here with! This won’t take you an hour to do and if you haven’t gotten your blog yet, go get it!

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Building Simple HTML Ebook Desktops

Hey guys, it’s Marcus here from 

What I’m going to do today is I’m going to answer one of the main questions that I’m asked on my forum at and that is “Marcus, how do you build these cool little software desktops where people could download them and go through them in their own little software package and get all the content that you want?”

For those of you that know me I’ve been doing this for many years, building these little softwares and making it millions of dollars and it works in any niche and in five minutes, I’ll show you how to make these softwares in Microsoft Word!

First and foremost, you’ll notice that on the bottom of my videos, there’s a link that will take you to my website. In the link, I’ll be giving you all the necessary tools that you’ll need in order to make money online!

Once you get the tool you are going to unzip the file and you’re going to see all these files like this it’s going to create a new folder.  I want you to take the main page which is day.HTM and I want you to open that in Microsoft Word and you’re going to get something that looks a little like this:

One thing about making an HTML page is that you’ll need to have links. So how do we do that? You’ll need to right click on the any of the blue underlined text and click on ‘edit hyperlink’

So if I edit this hyperlink you’re going to notice that it goes to one of my sites and it points to one of my pages. We’re going to go ahead and change the location of the file.

Then right after that, you can edit the title of each of the links – pretty simple!

Now, for the images (or icons) that are missing on the page, all you have to do is drag each of the icons from the location folder towards the missing images.

It’s pretty simple and straight-forward!

It’s a pretty simple process. You can definitely place any image that you want on your page AS LONG as that image is within the same folder location!

IMPORANT REMINDER – Make sure that all your links are linking to your SITE and the FILE name that you want!

In the next couple videos what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to compress them into special little software files again remember the sky is the limit and you can do whatever you want with this just make sure it links to a file that actually exists on a domain that you own we’re going to get into more of this later for now go over to post your questions and comments and I look forward to working with you!

Adding a New Domain to cPanel Hosting Account

Hey guys! Marcus again from!

What we’re going to do in this video, for those of you who got a custom niche idea blog setup and domain name with all the bells and whistles, we’re going to show you how to add your domain name to your hosting account.

This is already after you did all the other steps with adding it to namecheap, transferring it over, putting the name servers.

Now we’re ready to add the domain name to our hosting account.

If we were to take something like, let’s say this is our name and we did all the other steps, what we want to do is go to our host gator link. 

On our host gator welcome email, you’re going to notice a billing login. You can either login with the billing login or you can do the control panel. Either way takes you to the control panel.

So i’m just going to go into the billing log in like this.

Then i’m going to go ahead and scroll down to view hosting packages.

Then we’re going to go ahead and log in here. See how that’s the same.

Once we log in, we go ahead and log in like this and we are taken to our control panel.

On our control panel, you’re going to go ahead and see.

You get yourself familiar with the control panel. You got all your offers, your links, your preferences, password stuff.

  • Scroll down to add-on domains

and we’re going to do add-on domains.

  • Go ahead and add on a domain name.
  • We’ll use
  • Then it’ll generate all this stuff.
  • We add our password.
  • Hit add domain.

It’s going to go ahead and add the domain name, right like this. There we go. has been created.

We can go ahead and type it in the box and see what comes up.  It looks like we’re still parked here. So after you change everything around, you’ll be able to see that transfer over. Then you’ll be able to see the host gator welcome page.

On the host gator welcome page, we are going to change it to have WordPress on it.

What we did just now is showed you how to add the domain to your account so that your host knows that domain exist and can create a special folder for it. It’s very important because it needs to know where to send everything.

For those of you who got a domain name, follow on below to the next video, installing WordPress and we will talk to you about how to get your site set up running super super fast!

For the rest of you go to and get your niche!

10 Websites For Making Money Online + Best CPA Affiliate Networks

Hey guys, Marcus here from

I’m going to show you the top 10 websites that you need to know about if you want to make money with affiliate marketing! This is a list that I’ve been using for the last 19 years which I’ve been using to make as close as 8 Figures!

  1. AdSense Platform – Google AdSense has a program that you can embed a code on your site. This code will generate ads on your site on what is relevant to what the user searches. It’s really straightforward since you just have to copy and paste the code and place it on your site. If anyone clicks on those ads, you get paid for it!
  2. Clickbank – Clickbank is an online retrailer for digital products. For the past decade, Clickbank was one of the main platforms that was created for people who created digital products like E-books, videos, documents. This is tied this to an affiliate program, so if you’re an affiliate from the clickbank platform, all you have to do is to let people follow the link and you’ll get paid for it!
  3. Offer Vault – It’s not necessarily an affiliate network. But it is an affiliate offer search engine. You can type in whatever niche that you’re looking up, or maybe you have a traffic that wants a specific kind of product. They got it! It’s going to tell you the network that has the offer, the amount you’re paid and what it takes to get paid.
  4. Commission Junction – I have made a lot of money with Commission Junction (sometimes as much as 600$ worth of fonts).I got 200$ worth of commissions from the different products that I sold. This Commission Junction is great for a one-size-fits-all affiliate network! It might be a little tough at first, but once you get a hang of it, it gets easier!
  5. Link Share/ Rakuten – This has the same function has Commission Junction.This is a bit smaller than Commission Junction. You can definitely sell a plethora of different products through the Link Share program!
  6. Amazon Affiliate Program / Big Box – People see the Amazon affiliate program as the be-all-end-all Holy grail of affiliate programs. Well, there are a few reasons for this:
    1. The barrier of entry is low. Everyone knows amazon!
    2. Whatever they add to their cart and they buy it, you will instantly get your commission and all of it.

Pretty simple and easy!

  1. Maxbounty – This is an affiliate network that has downloads, ZIP submits, E-mail submits and all kinds of offers from mortgage leads to anything. They’re on a CPA (Cost Per Action) basis. So instead of going out there to convince people to buy stuff, you can just let people download a form, or even call a number and you get paid for it!
  2. Globalwide – This is a more advanced form of Maxbounty. There are a lot more download offers and a lot more exclusive offers with better pay-outs.

NOTE – What I suggest is that you start with Maxbounty. Get some numbers on your repertoire, and go to Globalwide. They’re exclusive so you’ll have to apply.

  1. com – You can get links for different credit cards.

If you remember on one of my lessons and videos, you’ll remember that I was discussing about a gas prices website. I grabbed a link from for a gas rewards credit card. All they had to do was apply for the card and you’ll definitely make lots of money from that!  

  1. Shareasale – This is a lot like LinkShare and Commission Junction, these three would be the trinity of everything. This is where a merchant would sign up and you’d promote them.

It’s a win-win situation!

That’s all there is to it!

Don’t forget! Be sure to visit to check out the list of links to my top 10 websites!

If you want more lessons on what you can do to set up your website,


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10 Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make That Will Kill Your Profits

In this video, I’m gonna talk to you about THE 10 BIGGEST MISTAKES THAT BLOGGERS MAKE THAT STOP THEM FROM EARNING INCOME. These are the things that if you do them, they’re gonna crush your income, but if you pay attention to what I’m about to teach you, it could skyrocket your income fast!

We’re gonna teach you those 10 mistakes, how to avoid them and how to make more money!

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For those of you don’t know me, I’m Marcus. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years now. I got into blogging in 2006 passively and then I’ve made millions of dollars with blogs since then. Before that, I made money with static HTML website.

I’ve got to tell you, what I learned from the static HTML website days is what makes me able to make money today. Those are the same skills, same everything, even the site designs are very very similar. So what you’re gonna see is these 10 tips that I’m going to show you. These 10 things that people do wrong are from years of experience in getting people to come to the site, getting people to stay on the site, getting people to do the affiliateoffers, buy the products, opt-in to the list.

All of this is based on what I learned in the early part of my career which was all about direct response advertising. DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING is all about being able to directly respond to an ad. You need to get someone to your site that can respond right then and thereThey might not have to buy right away but they will need to opt-in, click a link, do something otherwise they’re going to leave.

Lots of blogs out there, lots of people that are teaching a how to do SEO and get blogs and make money that a majority of these people are getting a lot of traffic and making very little money. A lot of them are making like two dollars per thousand views or something ridiculous like that which if I made $2 per thousand views, I’d be put out on the street so we got to make sure we’re making more than that.

You could see here, this is 16,000 clicks I got to an affiliate offer which generated over $126, 000 for me just since I set up this little blog in 2015. This is just one of my blogs, I’ve gotten many of them and a lot of them make a lot more than that. But I wanted to show you this because it’s one affiliate offer, one blog, very very simple.

The reason this works is because it’s direct. Again it’s focused on direct response. We want people to respond directly to an ad.

So let’s dive right in and talk about those 10 blogging mistakes that are going to kill your profit if you don’t pay attention to them. We got a big fist of money. What’s better than a fist of money?

This is the number one thing that is going to crush you if you don’t do it right!

  1. They don’t focus on one niche per blog when starting out.

The thing that I see a lot of people do when they get into blogging is they don’t focus on one niche per blog and they don’t focus on something attainable.

You got a look at that and you got to say we need to refine something that we can actually do. This is a system that I call majoring in the minors. You want to start with something small that you can get that’ll get you results.

Again, here there’s not a lot of traffic. A lot of people are telling you need lots and lots of traffic to make money.

You don’t need lots and lots of traffic to make money. You need the right traffic to the right offer.

That’s it! You can make money with a couple hundred visitors a month in some markets. You can make money with a couple thousand and others. It just depends on your market and it depends on how creative you are.

So first and foremost, the biggest mistake is they don’t focus on one niche per blog when starting out. They try to be all things to all people. They try to have this blog that talks about everything from their network marketing company to how to go on rollercoasters, to what they fed their kids for breakfast, and it doesn’t make any sense and no one cares because no one’s looking for that.

People search for very selective things and until you build a massive following, they’re not going to come back to your site by their own choice so you got to get them there.

The way you’re gonna get them there is by content, directed at specific things that they can respond to, specific things that they want, specific questions that they ask the search engines. 

How many calories do I need to lose 10 pounds?

How many calories does it take to gain weight?

How many sit-ups do I need to do for this?

How do I do this on my blog?

How do I put a support ticket system on my blog?

How do I integrate my blog with cut funnels?

These are all different types of search terms that you can get in and you could start to nail and chip away at and get a few visitors, get some sales, do another get some more and pretty soon before you know it you’re gonna start to skyrocket your results. You can also drive this with paid traffic but the main thing is so many people are not focusing on one selective targeted niche per blog. If you focus on one niche, that is going to be the difference between success and failure.

  1. They don’t make the purpose of the content to lead people to what makes them money.

Content is just content that leads people to your site. The more content you have doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna get more traffic.


I’m gonna take it a step further and instead of using just content or just targeted content, we’re gonna make targeted content with a purpose.

We’re gonna make targeted content that is designed with a specific thing in mind. So if I go out there and I’m like okay, I want to make content and I want to sell web hosting, which by the way this is from selling web hosting, and I’m like, I know the word web hosting is too competitive and I don’t know what to do so I can write some content about web hosting, but instead what I do is let’s find something that I know people will eventually need web hosting. Maybe something like “How do I buy my own domain name for my blog?” or maybe something like “How do I install WordPress? How do I get a WordPress site? How do I make a site for my gym?

Something very simple that we can use or even how to make a secure socket layer thing for your website. If you don’t know how to do this stuff, don’t worry, you don’t need to be in a technical niche but we can go through and I can say, “I’m gonna make content based on this. How do you change a domain name from one WordPress to another? Well here’s how you do it.”

By the way, the best way to do it is clicking here to get web hosting which actually does it for you. So we could do that. You’ll notice how I take them and I’m like the purpose of my content is to get people to do something that makes them money. So the purpose of this, the purpose of me coming on today and showing you the ten major blogging mistakes that’ll kill your profit is to say, hey look, I know about blogging, I’m going to teach you about blogging because if you join my, you’re gonna learn about blog and get my plugins and all these tools, and everything like that.

That’s the purpose of the content.

Same thing with your blog. Every article you write, every video you put up, everything you do on your blog must have a purpose. When you sit down to write content, you’re just not talking to a guy about too many dry sodas will make you have headaches or whatever it is you’re going through.

You’re like, okay I want to write this thing about diet soda so that I can get people into this other product. Does that make sense to everyone? Does everyone get that? If you do, type something in the box. Give us some hearts and some thumbs up. Share this on your timelines and in your groups and everything like that.

But that’s the deal! A lot of people don’t make the purpose so they don’t sit down and say, this is what this content is for and there’s several main ways or main reasons you would create content.

  • Number one, you would want to sell something.

So if I’m making content, I’m like how to get rid of error message. Then I write that and the purpose of that would be to sell whatever program solves that error.  The next way is to provide user experience and to make goodwill in the marketplace. I could provide a video like this. You might buy right away. You might buy tomorrow. You might buy in 10 minutes, who knows?

But what I’m doing is saying, hey look I’m here, I’m sharing this stuff with you and the more I share stuff with you, the more you’re gonna say, hey guys pretty cool, I should probably buy some stuff from him because if it’s free stuff is that good, imagine what the paid stuff’s like.

That’s kind of the idea. That would be under bonding with your market and everything like that.

  • You can also use all these in conjunction like I can take the one I made for bonding and I can sell it in two or I could send it out to my mailing list.
  • The third way to create content is to get people to opt-in.  

You could make content solely for the purpose of getting people to put their name and email into your mailing list so that you can get them into your marketing funnel, send them more stuff, get them more content and get them back to you. That’s because let’s face it, the majority of the people who come to your blog for the first time are not going to come back unless you give them a reason. They’re not just gonna be like, I remember that guy who told me how to put the bolt on my Toyota, I’m gonna go see him again. They’re not gonna do that. They don’t care.  Your market doesn’t care about your site as much as you do until you make them.

No one wants to listen until you tell them why to listen. That’s what our content needs to do.

In addition, we need to focus on it and say we need to make the content so that they either buy something, so that they either like me and click further and check out another video and binge watch something, or maybe get them to opt-in, or join a subscriber list or something like that. We have to have a selective reason for them to be looking at the content.

You have to ask yourself, “Why am I sitting to make this content?”  every single time you make content.

  1. They focus too much on a fancy design.

How many times a week do people come to me and tell me that my websites are ugly? 

They’re like, “Your websites are ugly,” “You know you should probably have some flashy thing, you should have those things sliding in and big images” and everything like that. Then I’m like, well you know I’ve been doing this 20 years, and I know what converts. What converts is a simple design. Far too many designs get complicated.

Notice my designs. These designs are all using themes that you can get in your Marcus mentor members area. You can go to We can give you these themes if I can talk right today and we give you everything to make this work. It’s very simple. The themes look like this.

I have a little header there which leads into the content and then they opt-in. Very simple. We have some other pages where they can learn about us, watch videos and opt-in. We have other pages where they could go through, look at some of the profitable sites I’ve done. Again, the entire idea is to get them to opt-in. Now notice how my designs are designed at getting the reaction I want. What do I want someone to do? Here, I want them to opt-in. Here, I want them to sign up for a product. I lead them into that product. Very simple. Now I also have blog posts which we have various other content on which I’ll show you here.

They’re also gonna see the ads and everything but the eyes focus where we want them to go. So when you see people touting, hey you got to have a fancy design or this fancy theme or whatever, that’s not true. You need to have something that leads the customer to what is going to make you money. If you don’t, it’s very simple you’re not going to make money!

You got to do that. You got to focus on that. You got to make it work. So number three is they focus too much on a fancy design.

Guys you can use some of the themes that we give away for free. There’s a theme out there called simple blog theme that you get at You literally change two images. You have a custom theme and these are themes that convert. These are ones that are bare-bones that are fast and they convert. They get visitors back to you which is cool.

  1. Forget that it’s all about answering the question of why your visitor is there in the first place.

Why did the visitor come to your site?

This is the biggest question that you always need to ask yourself.

Did they come to your site looking for entertainment?

Did they come to your site looking for an answer to a question?

Did they come to your site looking for something to download?

Did they look for a calculator, a report?

What are they looking for?

Now with the reason they came there, you need to have it up front. Within three seconds, they need to be able to find it or they’re not going to stay there.

A lot of people forget about this and the bounce rates of the majority of large blogs are making pennies compared to what they could make because they’re not focusing on this. They’re not looking at it and saying why would the person be there? What is it they want? What can I take them from and get them to based on what they want? How can I flip the market? How can I take someone that’s looking for an excel mortgage calculator and flip them into like a refinance lead so I get $100? How can I do that?

Well you got to do that in a very specific way and you got to focus on why they’re there. Why are they there? What they’re there for the excel? Why in the world would anyone want an excel file that’s gonna help them calculate their mortgage? Probably cuz they’re gonna refi. So if you frame it, in the terms of hey use this calculator but also get this refi so you could plug in the new rate that you get and see how much you can save.

You gotta get them in there. You gotta remember why they’re there. You’ve got to give them the answer to what they’re looking for. You can give it to them in a roundabout way. You could say, hey join my mailing list and I’ll give you the full answer or you could say download this thing and get the full answer or whatever it is to get them in there but you cannot forget that it’s all about answering the question of why your visitors are there in the first place.

Did they come from a Facebook video?

If I get people that are on a Facebook video or a Facebook ad and they come to my site, why are they there?

What did they click on?

If a guy clicks on an image that says learn to make $100 a day or a guy clicks on an image that says get free blog plugins, if I send them to the same blog post, it’s gonna confuse them. They’ll be like, oh wait a minute which one do I want?

So we got to send them exactly where they need to go and we got to structure it and focus the right way. Very very important.

  1. Waffle when it comes time to sell.

The fifth biggest issue we see when it comes to blogging and people who blog and make mistakes and make no money is they waffle when it comes time to sell.

A lot of people hate sales. Type in the box, do you hate sales? Like a lot of people think sales is bad and they picture like this slimy car salesman guy who’s like gonna slap you in the face and make you buy something you don’t want. But that’s not actually what sales is at all. That’s a bad segment. That’s like a bad apple in the sales industry but actually sales IS the ability to help people. My job as a salesman is to help you. If I’m a realtor I want to help you find the house that you want or I want to help you sell your house for the best price. If I’m selling cars, I want to get you something that if you want something for your family to be safe, I want to give you the best one. Not just the one that gets me the best commission but the best one for you. Your job as an affiliate marketer and a blogger is to give the right tips to people and selling will come naturally.

When you share and you help people, selling comes naturally. It’s very simple. If I give someone a good meal and afterward they’re like, wow you know what’s the recipe for that, I just sold them without selling them. Why? It’s because I gave them the good meal. I gave them the information first and I said here is what this is about and you could do the same thing with selling.

Now kevin says, luck in sales is described at a collision between opportunity and preparedness. It’s very much like the opportunity is everywhere because people are searching for things and there’s so many people who don’t understand that you can circumvent. You can get involved where other people aren’t at. There’s people out there that are promoting programs that everyone’s promoting the same way and it seems competitive but there’s also subtle backdoors to it. There’s subtle backdoors like if you want to go into the refinance market, I don’t go for the word refinance. I’m not gonna make my blog about refinance but I can make my blog about FHA Refinance limits, FHA Refinance credit score requirements. Those words are completely uncompetitive and it’s easier to sell.

Very simple and so many people waffle it and they sell from their heels. I think it really stems from they don’t believe in what they’re selling or they don’t have confidence in their information. It’s time to have confidence in your information and have confidence in what you’re selling and say, hey look you know what I can help these people save money. I can help these people live a better life. I can help these people make more or feel better or exercise better. If you have that and you’re not selling it, that’s a disservice to all the people who want that, or you’re doing a disservice by not pushing it hard.

  1. Swim against stream rather than naturally letting the profits in.

Did you know that most people are so focused on making money that they forget the actual way to make money is very simple?

All you got to do is make your blog natural.

Make it natural. If you’re having a lottery tool bar, put a drop-down box. Hey you want to find the latest lottery numbers? Choose the date of your lottery ticket. You want a mortgage quote? Put your zip code in the box. You want to search for tattoos? Search in this box.

Do something that’s natural for the visitor that makes sense.  Like when I go to Google and I was like okay I’m gonna go to Google tomorrow and tomorrow there was like banner ads up here and then there was like a drop-down box that was like do you want to search the web, do you want to search YouTube, do you want to search this. Then over here there was like a big slider image thing that has the top news, I probably wouldn’t search Google. I’d be like wow this is way confusing. I’m not interested in this. This doesn’t matter. But because Google has just a search box, that’s why they’re the biggest search engine in the world, it’s because they just have a search box, that’s it! It’s simple.

One of the most successful websites on the Internet is this simple. I hope that sinks in.

If this sinks in, give me some thumbs up and some hearts and say, yeah I get it I’ve been making this way too Complicated. If I want people to like search for mortgage, maybe I could put a search box on my site that says put your zip code here You could literally guide people to what you want them to do if you focus the right way. So they’re swimming against stream like Yahoo right now.

A lot of people are swimming against the grain and they’re like I want to just make this site, have all the things on it in case they want everything. They don’t want everything. They want what they looked for and they tell you.  Internet marketing is so simple because they tell you what they want.  I’ve actually done campaigns where we ask people stuff. Then we make that a sales letter with the questions and answers and they buy it.

It’s not that hard to do but so many people forget about it because they think blogging is this like creative art form.  I mean maybe writing is an art form but really it’s about communicating.

  1. Ask people to join their newsletter.

This might sound counterintuitive but here’s the deal. Again, remember what I talked about with streaming upstream. No one cares about your newsletter.  You got to give them a reason to join your newsletter or your mailing list.

Far too often, you see that little box on the blog header and it says join my mailing, let’s subscribe here but it doesn’t tell them why should I join your Facebook group. You should join my Facebook group because we have videos and we give you value, cool downloads and stuff like that. What if you put something like, download a free affiliate marketing toolbar, put your name and email in the box or maybe something like how to become a super affiliate, check out all these sites that made me money.

These are the things that are going to get people on your newsletter. It’s got to be juicy. It’s got to be good. It’s got to be something they want and guess what it’s got to be based on why they’re there in the first place. So adding a thing that says, join my newsletter is not going to cut it you got to have something. You got to have a reason.

What are you gonna give them? Why should they join your newsletter? Why should they be watching this? Why should they be following you?

The seventh biggest mistake that bloggers make is they just ask people to join their newsletter and they don’t tell them why or for what reason or anything. It’s just like join my newsletter because I know I’m supposed to have a newsletter and that’s pretty much it.

  1. Neglect stats.

I got to tell you one of the most important things as a blogger is the stats that you get. I pay a lot of money for some of my stats. You can get some of my stats for free but a lot of the stats I pay a lot of money for because of fact that the devil is in the details.

If I find out there’s a blog post that’s getting a lot of traffic and I found out that traffic comes from a keyword that I inadvertently got and it’s driving traffic then what I want to do, is I want to revamp that content, for something to sell for the keyword that they are coming in from, not the one I originally went for. Or if I have a blog post that’s doing okay and I notice that it’s ranking on the search engine but a lot of people are coming from top ten ways instead of top ways then I put the number 10 in there and boom I skyrocket to the top. I get a lot more traffic.

These are the kind of things that we teach you over at We even have some stats plugins that you can use as part of your subscription and everything like that which is really cool but don’t neglect your stats. Watch what people do. I have a live tracker on my site and I always watch it.

The cool thing about the tracker is you can see where they come from.  I could see like this guy here came from Google. This guy here came from MSN. This guy’s comes from YouTube. So you could see all kinds of things that’s going on, on your site and knowing that is what’s gonna separate the people who make the money from the people who don’t make the money. It’s very important that you focus on it because if you don’t, you’re just gonna be like wasting money.

I started making like a thousand dollars a day on it and I didn’t really change all that much. I didn’t get any new traffic. I just looked at the stats and changed something.

  1. Not focusing on one traffic source for each piece of content.

Far too many people try to do too many things.

They say I’m gonna make this video and it’s gonna be for my subscribers. It’s gonna be for YouTube. I’m gonna put it on Facebook. I’m gonna put it everywhere and I hope it ranks in the search engines and I hope that the nightly news picks it up and puts me on the news. If your aim is to get on the nightly news, you need to film something that would be on the nightly news. If your aim is to rank on YouTube, you need to make something that’s going to rank on YouTube. If your aim is to get search engine traffic from Google or Yahoo or MSN you need to make your content for that purpose.

I actually take this a step further and I make a blog for each purpose and I’m like okay this blog is designed to get search engine traffic, that’s what I want to do, that’s all I’m gonna do on that one. This one is for my social media and all the social media people go there. This one is for my YouTube and I segment it.

Refine, focus, go for what you know you can get. Major in the minors first and you’re gonna grow and grow and grow as you build. Go for a keyword.

This is how I’ve taken YouTube channels same thing major in the minors. Don’t go out there if you want to do funny videos. You don’t try to rank for the word funny video right? You go for something simple like horse ticks apple off of a tree and guy laughs or whatever. Go for something you know you can get go for something specific.  It’ll work. Trust me.

It doesn’t even take that long if you focus. You can get traffic today for free. You could get traffic today by paying for it. Traffic is not the hard part of internet marketing. The hard part is learning to convert the traffic.  You could get traffic all day. There’s traffic out there. You could buy it all day long and if you know how to convert it, that’s the game. That’s your struggle.

You want traffic, I’ll sell it to you all day long. You go buy it all day long It’s everywhere. People don’t know how to make money. There’s youtubers that are like making videos and they don’t make anything. There’s bloggers that are starving and they get tons of traffic. They get times the traffic I get and they’re not making anything. Why? Because they don’t know the secret of conversion.

If you know the secret of conversion you can go buy their traffic for pennies on the dollar. You can make a bunch of money that’s the key that’s what you got to focus on.

  1. They settle for low numbers.

This is a big one so many bloggers settle for low numbers. They try to get new traffic and they don’t get that much and I’m sitting here and I’m like you’re only making few bucks because you’re not focusing on the traffic. The average person makes so little on their traffic.  Why? Because they’re not focusing on these 10 things and if you focus on these 10 things, you can start turning things around, start getting a lot of traffic, and start making a lot more money!