Better Than Stock Market Investing?

Early this morning, the stock market blew a fuse and tripped a circuit breaker after falling nearly 12 percentage points in minutes.

And in the last few weeks we’ve seen the stock’s freefall from a previous high of over twenty nine thousand down, teetering around twenty thousand meeting.

Lots of people are losing lots of money.

And if you were to take a look at my personal stock portfolio.

Oh, wait, it’s empty.

That’s right. I don’t have any stocks.

And if you remember from my last video, I talked about how we should focus on the things we can control and avoid the things we can’t control.

And one of the things I can’t control is how high or low my stocks go, but I can control investing in the right thing. And in this video, I’m going to break it down for you and show you how my little investments make lots of money. Each and every day.

Now, if I was to take a thousand dollars and invest it in the stock market, assuming an average rate of return of 8 to 10 percent, I’m going to average myself about 80 dollars per year. That means if I took that thousand dollars and left it alone for 10 years at the end of 10 years, I would have a whopping twenty one hundred and fifty nine dollars.

That’s not a big payoff for tying up my money Ten years.

Now, if I did the same thing, I invested one hundred thousand dollars in the stock markets at an average rate of return of 8 to 10 percent.

I would have two hundred and fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars at the end of ten years. Again, not a huge payoff for tying up one hundred grand for ten years. And that’s assuming the average rate of return. In the last few weeks, we have seen people lose up to 30 percent or more of their entire portfolio in just a few days.

Now, this is all fine and good for people who can afford to wait and tie their money up, but for the rest of the people who can’t afford to tie their money up. What is there to do? Well, about 20 years ago, when I was a broke kid, I started my first magic business where I perform magic shows and I had less than one hundred dollars in the bank. And I was doing magic shows and making some money on the side and doing OK. And one day I decided to save up one hundred and seventy dollars so that I could run an ad in the local parenting magazine. I ran that ad and found out that I could get lots of sales and lots more bookings and lots more money from a simple little ad. Now, at the time, that seemed like a huge investment.

And I did wait two to three months for the ad to come out. Fast forward a few years later, after I cut the marketing bug, I actually started doing paid ads online. Now he’s still making money as a magician, but we decided since we had a baby on the way and we weren’t married or established or anything like that, we needed to make money fast and we needed to learn how to do this. So I decided to start learning Internet advertising and I started running little ads on the Internet.

This was a lot different than the magazine ads. I ran for my magic business because online I could put an ad and get traffic instantly. That’s right. I could actually put up an ad and get visitors within minutes. And this is where I learned the moneymaking power of paid advertisements and learning.

The secret took me from a broke 19 year old kid to a 21 year old with a baby on the way and no money to making millions of dollars. Just a few short years later, all I had to do was find a group of people who were interested in something. By looking at what they searched for online, I then took that traffic, paid for it on Google and many other search engines for about two to 10 cents per visitor. I then took those visitors to a simple little web site that I set up in about forty five minutes that had various different affiliate offers on it.

Now those affiliate offers were companies that paid me based on what the visitors did. So they clicked an ad, filled out a form or bought a product. I would get paid. And the cool thing about paid ads is I didn’t need to have millions of dollars in capital before I started. That’s right. I could actually start these ads with as little as $5 a day, and I’d know if they were making money by the end of the day. And when I found an ad that worked and actually made money, which most of them did, I would then ramp that up, get more visitors and make more money. And I can actually watch it daily and doing this. I was able to take $50 and turn it into one hundred a thousand and turn it into two thousand.

And sometimes I was able to take three thousand and turn it into six thousand. All in the same day. And then I’d wake up tomorrow and do the exact same thing. And that’s exactly how I’ve been making money online for the last 20 years, sometimes making as much as a million dollars or more each year. And instead of having to tie up thousands of dollars in the stock market to see a tiny return, I could just invest five dollars and see what happens. And most of time, I was able to either break even or make a little bit of money.

Then I tweak the site, figure out what people responded to, dialing the profits and then ramp up the traffic. And once I figured this secret out, I could now build sites for all kinds of groups of people online that are looking for certain topics. And you can see here where I was actually buying the traffic. This account alone, one of many, I spent over $1 million on traffic. And again, remember, I didn’t just loaf out a million dollars. I went day by day, starting with $5 to see what would happen. So I spent a lot of money. Now, let’s take a look at some of the sites that I ran. Here’s one of the sites about tattoo designs. This site was very simple. I spent about 30 to 50 dollars a day and average about one hundred and thirty dollars a day or more. In revenue that’s like $70 a day profit.

Here’s another one I did where I got paid for car trading leads. Another one about credit cards that I made over one hundred thousand dollars with one about how to take care of your goldfish, of all things. Another side I made about cheap gas prices that raked it in big time. One about how to quit smoking. And lastly, my sight about fun little downloads where I got paid up to three dollars when people downloaded funnel cursors and images for their profile. So as you could see, this could be extremely profitable, but there is a little bit of a learning curve.



Recession Proof Business Plan

The stock market plunges into a bear market.

Fears of the virus are shutting down industries.

Concerns about the health care industry are growing because people can’t even afford to see a doctor.

And of course, toilet paper is scarce because people are shitting themselves out of fear.

But one of the things that I learned when I got sober from alcohol about six years ago was to accept the things I can’t change and have the courage to change the things I can.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

And I want you to realize that in our economy, fear and greed are the biggest driving market forces out there.

But money is not emotional.

So relax and stay tuned, because in this video, I’m going to show you my recession proof business plan. Plus, five killer online businesses that actually thrive in a recession.

It’s important to remember that whenever we have a recession, despite the news, trying to freak everyone out, the fact of the matter is, is that money never really disappears.

It just changes hands. And while everyone out there is following the herd and running away from the money, you can actually get rich by running towards the money.

Let me show you what I mean.

Now, it’s important when you’re looking at a recession or depression to look at everything as a whole. For example, if we look at this 100 year chart of the stock market, we can look at when there’s recessions and depressions and we could see that we come out of them fairly quickly and that the average rate of return on the stock market is usually around 8 to 10 percent before inflation.

And the thing to remember is that the stock market is a long term game. If you keep your money in there long enough over time, you’ll average 8 to 10 percent.

But the problem with the recessions and depressions that you see on the chart is that people panic and pull their money out.

And whenever there’s a recession or depression, people are taking their money and they’re stockpiling it. And they tend to not spend on things they usually spend on and they tend to shy away from things that could actually improve their financial situation because they’re afraid.

And if you look at the numbers from the last recession in 2008, we could see that the majority of the gains went to the top 1 percent wealthiest Americans. But what about me, Marcus? I’m an average guy living paycheck to paycheck and I don’t have a bunch of money to invest. Well, there’s something that you can learn, too. And it’s called following the money trail, because as I mentioned earlier, money never disappears. It simply changes hands.

So what are the things that people actually do spend on during a recession? Well, judging from the numbers on the last recession, we could see that a lot of the money went to startups.

New startups came and boomed.

We could also see a lot of money going to discount services and discount stores, quite simply because people want to save money.

We also saw an increase in buying of alcohol and tobacco collection businesses. Were there either helping someone get out of debt or helping a business recover their debt.

And of course, loans and refinances always thrive in a recession. And then we have stock market speculation services where they have a service, where they tell you what stock to buy because they’re the all knowing guru that knows everything. Those always do well in a recession.

And then we have freelancers who thrive during a recession from companies looking to outsource work either to the U.S. or abroad.

And lastly, we have education during these times of economic downturn.

People turn to education so they can get higher paying jobs or a job at all if they’re unemployed. But how does this relate to making money on the Internet? Well, quite simply, when people get worried, they turn to the Internet for help.

And during a recession, you’re going to see searches spike for terms like save money, buy gold, avoid foreclosure, refinance passive income, bear market and bull market, along with many other stock market terms, recession. And of course, the Dow Jones. And in addition to these, you have a slew of millions of other search terms that people are going to Google to look for answers on.

This is where you can get in and get rich. You could simply invest in starting up a Web site, which will cost you about 90 dollars a year. And you can make a website about these various topics and do the research for these people and point to things that make you money.

For example, if this guy here is worried about debt or credit card debt or anything related to that, I could make a simple Web page talking about ways to get out of debt. And I could lead to things that pay me money like the foreclosure help form that pays over $10 a lead for the credit scores where they get a free credit score and I get paid $30 a lead or even a refinance application where if someone fills it out through my Web site, I get over one hundred dollars and there’s tons of ways to make money with this.

And this is my recession proof business plan, because these sites thrive when people are looking for answers.

And imagine what it’d be like to set up a simple little Web site and make 50 hundred, 300 or even a thousand dollars a day or more. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last 20 years. Even during the Great Recession. And while everyone was out there running scared or looking for a job or figuring out something to do, I invested my time in learning a skill that would help other people.

And I simply created a little Web sites on these topics and raked it in big time. And some of the markets that you can get into that thrive during a recession are the foreclosure help niche. A lot of people are looking for ways to save their home. And you can help them out. And many of them will fill out a refinance form or buy a book or get a loan or even just click ads on your site. Another niche that does really well. During times of economic downturn is help with bills and financial services. Now, this might seem complicated to you, but you could spend a few hours and learn a lot more than the average majority of the people out there. And then put that into a simple Web site and help people make informed decisions about their finances.

Because we all know there’s a lot of bad information out there. So you could provide something simple that people can actually use and cash in big time. Another market that does really well is news and updates. People are constantly watching the news and looking for updates on finances, on health, on all kinds of things, including the election. And there are simple little Web sites out there that link to where you can watch the news online and they’re making money hand over fist.

We also have credit card bills and loans where people are struggling to pay their credit cards and get loans and things of that nature. And you could lead them to credit consolidation services, how to get out of debt, books, programs, all kinds of things to help them with their financial situation. And of course, elder care is always a big market during these times because we have to take care of the elder people and make sure it’s financially affordable. Take, for example, this magazine that’s directed at that market. First of all, we see a big scare that lots of people are going to die. But even still, you need to buy a walker.

So helping people find information on how to take care of their elder family members is a very good market. And these affiliate offers pay really, really well. I’ve even seen sites dedicated to Walker reviews that are raking it in big time. And then lastly, bonus market number six is recession proof jobs. Millions of Americans are going to be looking for jobs during times of economic downturn. And we’ve already seen the layoffs start happening. Theme parks are closing.

The air industry is suffering and people are out of work. And again, remember, when people panic, they turn to the Internet for answers. So it’s very important to keep a level head, try not to freak out and do what you can do. Remember to accept the things you can’t change.

There are certain things in life I can’t change. I can’t control the stock market, but I can control where I spend my money. I can’t control if my job decides to fire me. But I can control learning a new skill where I can make money online. I can’t control where the virus hits next, but I can’t control my personal hygiene. That’ll help me not catch it. And of course, if you want to learn more about how to create a recession proof online business, check out recession class dot com and sign up for my training. We’re going to teach you all the things that I’ve learned over the last 20 years about how to make money online, even in an economic downturn. So hop over there. Join the class. Give us a thumbs up for the YouTube algorithm and make sure that you subscribe for more videos.

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Wix vs Squarespace For Website Hosting

Wix Vs. Squarespace Breakdown


Ease of use

One of the critical differences between this software is the ease of use. Before looking to other features as a beginner or even those people with experience for that matter, you have to look at the ease of use. You don’t have to choose something that will make it hard for you to use it. Of what use would be an outstanding feature if you can’t even utilize it to its potential best?  It is for these reasons that you don’t have to opt for a website builder if you have no idea how to use it.

Wix and Squarespace both share a lot of features; this means you have to be careful here so that you don’t be indifferent at the end of your assessment. One of the standard features between them is that they both have a drag and drop editors. The other common element is that they are easy to use. Using both this software is not a challenge; you simply go to the component that you want to be added to your website and select and drag it to your preferred position. This can be anything you want to edit, and it can be images, textbooks, social widgets, and many more.
If you are looking for the perfect drag and drop builder for your website, then Wix is the ideal choice for you because it enables you to pick and drop elements as per your preference. Squarespace, on the other hand, is just a semi drop and drag website builder. This simply means you won’t have that ability to drag and drop elements as per your preference. It will take you some time before you get used to using the site.


Squarespace is an excellent option for beginners, but it is more technical compared to Wix. Here the learning curve is a bit more involving; you will have to put on more energy and dedicate more time before you get used to navigating through this platform. However, when you get used to it, you find out to your surprise that it is actually what you wanted, and it is simple to use. Everything will start to be easy for you. One outstanding feature of Squarespace is it enables the user to use multiple templates for one website. You won’t have any problems adding content to your website; you just have to click anywhere on that website and start typing.

Wix ease of use

Using Wix to create a website is extremely easy and straightforward.  It is even far from boring as the whole elements associated with it are fun and full of agility. An exciting part of it is that Wix does all these activities without dumbing down its primary functions. It is best for beginners as well as professionals.
It does not limit to using drag and drop features. If you find out this option is not comfortable for you, then you can use its other unique feature called artificial design intelligence.

Design flexibility

Another thing you have to consider if the flexibility of the design. It is the wish of every one of us to build a super attractive website that it can bring in many audiences. It becomes more comfortable to come up with a beautiful website if you have some design flexibility. This will allow you to include more features of your preference to come up with something unique and attractive as you will be having a variety of templates at your disposal. When creating a website, we have a lot of factors you need to put into considerations; some if you things you have to look into include the ease of switching from one theme to a different one. You also need to ask yourself if the design is appealing to the eyes. Let us have a close look at how website builders benefit from creativity control and design flexibility.

Wix templates 

Going through the long list of Wix templates, you will see a lot of features and quality designs. This means you are not limited to a few templates in a specific domain. You will have over 500 super attractive templates to choose from, listed in different industries like blogs, videos, photographs, etc. Below are some of the things you have to look into;
Models should have a professional outlook and with a lot of whitespaces
Templates at not always responsive, this means you need to make some adjustments
It is not possible to make some significant changes to your website without revamping its content. Editing minor elements like fonts and colors are allowed, but considerable changes require you to rebuild your site again.

Squarespace templates

Here you will not have a lot of templates options to consider as for the case of Wix. Moving around the elements is not even accessible. However, switching your website templates is more flexible with Squarespace.
Below are some of the factors to look for  in Squarespace templates;
It has over sixty beautiful template designs to choose from.
You can easily use the templates for tablets and the mobile ad they are fully responsive.
You can also switch your website without at any given time without worrying about content loss.

Templates designs

Wix has a lot of templates to choose from compared to Squarespace. Apart from the wide variety, Wix has also had an attractive and responsive template designated. However, When it comes to the template design part, Squarespace wins it without a doubt. It comes with some stunning models with modern design and minimal colors that exclude sophistication. In terms of template quality, Squarespace emerges as the winner without any doubt.

Theme customization

As we have seen earlier, both Squarespace and Wix have an amazing and colorful template. But you should not be carried away with the good looking of the models, consider making changes depending on your one likes or preferences.
Customizing your templates is more comfortable with Wix. They are mainly meant for beginners. With just one click, you will be in a position to replace almost everything, including texts, logos, images, etc. However, you must be extra careful when choosing your template because Wix makes it extremely difficult to move from one model to another, you will be required to rebuild your whole website.
On the other side, Squarespace has a drag and drop option and allows you to switch from one template to another without any difficulties. It is possible to make additional changes like background, fonts, and color.

Features and tools

You might have probably created your website layout, and you are ready to welcome your visitors, it is essential to note that coming up with a beautiful website is a great way to bring om many visitors to your site, but for them to stay longer and even explore your site further, you have to provide them with attractive options and features. It is for these reasons you have to opt for a website builder with the best tools and features. If you are aiming at building your website without writing any form of code, then Wix is an excellent option for you if has a variety of tools to create websites for different industries like corporate website, e-commerce and many more.
You don’t have to add more tools and features, as most of them are provided at the control panel. The only let down is that these apps come with limited features in their freemium packages.
Squarespace does not have an extra market as for the case of Wix; that is why it is built with a lot of tools and features.

Wix eCommerce

Wix comes with a variety of eCommerce templates, all of its options come with built-in tools.

Squarespace eCommerce

This builder offers the best and attractive e-commerce features. The first option is meant for product merchandising, while highly experienced users use the second one.

Blogging tools
Creating your blog is a very tedious process; it involves note than just publishing your texts. It is for these reasons incorporating blogging tools is very important if you want to scale up your blog.
Wix allows you to choose the creative and beautiful layout and come up with your blog immediately. It has attractive features like galleries, feeds, built-in templates, and email campaigns to help your establish your blog and promote it to higher levels.
Squarespace, on the other hand, also has essential blogging tools. With its visually appealing templates, it is beneficial to high-quality graphic blog designs and photographs. It comes with other crucial features like social sharing, contributions, category support, and many more.

Marketing tools
Your blog is not going to establish its presence on its own. To increase your outreach and grow, it is essential to employ some useful marketing tools. Both Wix and Squarespace don’t limit their users when it comes to marketing tools.
Wix’s marketing tools allow one to launch a successful email marketing campaign by allowing them to send out beautiful newsletters.
Squarespace also assists in running a successful marketing campaign by sending customized and stunning emails.

SEO features
If your website receives more traffic, then it means that you are likely to be successful. In order to get high traffic to your website, you have to work with your SEO strategy to get a high rank of search engines.

Both Squarespace and Wix are the best option here.  If you want to optimize your website highly, then you have to include metadata and highly ranked keywords.
Another common factor is free SSL certificate, optimization for headings, alt text for images, etc.

Wix has an extended SEO guide. It is meant for beginners who don’t know much about the SEO world. It also offers some other built-in features like;
•    Default meta tags
•    XML sitemap
•    Rapid page load
•    Instant Google indexing and
•    Automated mobile optimization

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace uses various strategies to boat your rank on search engine results.   It also provides an in-depth guide on what needs to be done at each stage. It also offers some other benefits like;
•    Google search analysis
•    Clean up URL
•    Free SSL certificate
•    Automated image tagging
•    Creation of a lightweight version of your webpage

Customers support

Both Wix and Squarespace offer the best customer service to its clients with a number of ways to solve your issue. Both of them have support forums, knowledge bases, and video guides.
Wix support system
When you experience any difficulties, Wix provides a variety of ways to help you out. Wix will offer yo you their support via informative blogs, forums, over the phone, email, support center, and social media channels as well as step by step guides.

Squarespace customer support

Just like Wix, Squarespace often incredible customer support. It reaches out to their clients via ;
•    Live chat
•    Webinars
•    Community forums
•    Step by step guides
•    Emails
•    Informative articles and blogs

Website packages and pricing

Both of them offer beautiful packages and pricing. Squarespace has four pricing premium plans. The first two plans are suitable for beginners, and the latter tie is best for e-commerce websites.
Wix offers more pricing options and packages; it has a total of 7 premium plans, which are further divided into various business, website, and eCommerce plans.

Final verdict
Both of them are the best website building tools. However, Wix has emerged the best with a very small margin.

My Favorite Hosting Is Bluehost… They Even Hook You Up With A Free Domain… Search For Your Domain Here

$10,000 A Month With Affiliate Marketing 2020

$10,000 A Month With Affiliate Marketing 2020

You Are Not Going To Get Rich By Buying Some
Automated Push Button Program… There Is Some Work

STOP Messing Around And
Going From Idea To Idea
Get One Thing… Focus On That!

Looking For The Golden Opportunity
Wasting Time On Facebook, Countless Webinars, Youtube Videos, Training Courses, Books, Ect…

Now: Lets Talk Numbers
$10,000 A Month: What It Takes
$328 Per Day

Average Online Earnings Per 1,000 = CPM

Website CPM Averages $10 – $30 CPM / Per 1,000

300,000 – 1,000,000 Pageviews Per Month
(Run Of The Mill Amazon, Ad Networks, Affiliate Offers)

Youtube Averages $2-10 CPM / Per 1,000 Views

2,000,000 – 5,000,000 Video Views Per Month

Clickbank (product sales) 1% Conversion

9 Sales Per Day OR 900 Clicks To Offer Per Day
How Many Of Your Visitors Click The Ad For The Offer?

1,000,000 Page Views – That’s A Lot Of Work
1,500+/- Blog Posts (articles)
One Or Two Years Of Solid Work

Give Up Or Get Aggressive

There Is A Better Way

STOP Hoping For The Free Traffic Gravy Train To Come Knocking

You Need To Learn To AGGRESSIVELY Convert Your Traffic Into Leads Or Sales
And Get Them To Do What You Need Them To Do So You Can Get Paid

I Have Generated Hundreds Of Millions
Of Visitors To My Websites And Blogs

If I Relied On $0.01 Per View… I Would Be BROKE
I Have Tackled Over 100 Different Niche Markets

What Does it Mean To Get Aggressive
And Move Towards $10,000 A Month?

1. Directly Going After The Right Group Of People

Who Will Respond To Your Offer And How
Are You Going To Get In Front Of Them
PPC – What Are You Gonna Put In Front Of Them
SEO – How Will You MAXIMIZE Your Earnings By Choosing The Right Words And Offers (SEO hacking)
Youtube – How Will You Bust Your Ass To Make Direct Targeted Content
Social Media – How Will You Get Involved With People Who Want What You Have
Email Marketing – How Will You Structure Your Offer
Banners, Media Buys, Ect – How Will You Make Your Offer Direct

There Are People Right Now Banking $10K A Month Or More With SEO, PPC, Youtube,
And You Probably Never Even Heard Of The Niches They Are Using

2. AGGRESSIVELY (But Ethically) Push Your Offer
Look At Your Traffic, Focus On What They Want / Respond To, Then Put It In Front Of Them


how to make your youtube channel grow


What the hell does Bernie Sanders?

Joe Biden

and the Corona virus have to do with getting more views on YouTube?

Well, in this video we’re going to answer that question and we’re going to show you two major things that you need to pay attention to if you want to get more views, more subscribers and make more money.

I understand that the YouTube algorithm can seem kind of daunting and overwhelming at times.

I myself have been doing YouTube since about 2012 and I’ve grown several channels. Some of them slower than others. And I’ve kind of gone in and dissected everything to figure out what makes a channel grow and makes you get more views and more subscribers really, really fast.

And it boils down to two things. One is the Y.S.I. and the other is the why Y.D.I.

Now we’re gonna get into what these are.

But first, I want to talk to you about the stuff I mentioned in the beginning.

Right now, we are in 2020 in an election year, and there’s lots of videos about different election things. And if you were to go out there and look at how many people on YouTube are searching for Joe Biden gaffes, there’s not that many of them yet…

There are tons of videos out there getting hundreds of thousands of views overnight using the term Joe Biden gaffes.

So how does this work and what’s a Joe Biden gaffe, anyway?

A Joe Biden gaffe is quite simply, every time Joe Biden messes up what he’s trying to say, which happens quite a bit, which is why there’s lots of videos.

Now, you’ll notice over here under YSI I have written Joe Biden gaffe. Twenty two hundred.

That means there’s an average of about twenty two hundred people a month searching for Joe Biden gaffes or something similar to that.

That is what we call the Y S I.

That’s the YouTube search inventory.

That is the amount of people every month that go to YouTube and search for that term.

Now, most YouTubers, when they get started, they focus on search inventory. How much traffic is there for a specific search term? And they make their video and they get excited when they rank for a search term and then they wonder why they’re not getting any views. And the reason they’re not getting any views is because for any search term, there’s a lot of videos that show up on the first page for that search term. Those videos are splitting the amount of searches amongst them. If you’re the top number one result, you’re getting a big percentage of the people searching for that term.

And if you’re down here on the bottom, you’re not getting very many views at all.

If that’s true, then why did one video that came out just 20 hours ago rack up forty six thousand views with the exact same search term?

Well, my friends, that has to do with the YDI is quite simply your ticket to fast growth on YouTube. The Y D.I. Is the YouTube dynamic inventory. We have the inventory over here of about twenty two hundred searches a month, which are split between all the top videos, which means if you rank you’re only gonna get probably twenty two hundred views per month from that search term.

However, YouTube has a little thing called suggested videos, and essentially what that means is the inventory grows dynamically as more videos are being watched about a particular topic.

This is known as the basics of supply and demand. As more and more people get interested in a product or service, that product or service gets more popular.

For example, right now people are interested in the Corona virus and they’re worried about catching it. Therefore, hand sanitizer, facemasks and for some reason toilet paper still don’t get that one are really popular right now. This works the exact same way with YouTube. As you can see, this video right here is from a channel with only 1000 subscribers.

Yet it got over 19,000 views in just four days because it’s about a topic people are interested in. And as people get interested in that topic and watch that video, the other related videos get more views as well.

Thus increasing the demand for new videos on a particular topic. As the other videos get more views, more people then tend to make more videos trying to capitalize on the success of the other videos. Market saturation tends to happen and only the best videos survive. That’s not to say that you can’t ride these waves and grow really, really fast. Stay tuned and we’ll jump inside my computer and I’ll show you exactly how I title my videos to ride these waves and get millions of views.

So right now in the election season, we have lots of videos being done about Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and all the other political candidates. And it gets really, really huge and the views start to pile up really, really fast. And as a video gets more and more popular. The related views or the YouTube dynamic inventory is going to go through the roof.

Take, for example, the Corona virus. Months ago, nobody cared what the Corona virus was. Once it started getting popular, more and more videos started showing up and the YouTube dynamic inventory rose exponentially, which means that all the videos about the Corona virus are now getting lots and lots of views.

One of the things to keep in mind is that YouTube is constantly looking for your audience.

They want to find the people who are gonna be most interested in your video and actually enjoy it. So when you publish a new video, you need to keep that in mind because YouTube will not automatically recommend you to all the big videos and all the big YouTubers that are on your specific topic.

They’re first going to find a small group of people that they think are really interested in. They’re going to show that video to the small group of people.

If that video does well and people watch it, they’re going to start to show it alongside other videos as you show up on more and more related videos.

Your views are going to go up and eventually you could start to hit some of those big videos that are getting millions of views literally overnight. But if you title your video wrong at the start, you’re never going to get anywhere. We’re going to talk more about this in just a few minutes.

For example, let’s take a look at one of the videos on my YouTube Alcohol Recovery Channel.

If you were to take a look at the title of this video and look at how many people search for it, you’re not going to find very many.

However, I found there were several videos that got lots of views for this specific term, about 10 things that happened when I quit drinking.

Knowing that these videos got a lot of views and drove the YouTube dynamic inventory, I carefully made a video, did a good job of making content and put that video up under the title 10 Things that happened when I quit drinking.

And you’ll notice that on that video, most of the traffic is coming from suggested views and we’re getting views each and every day and growing our channel from that one video.

The same thing happened with my video on alcohol and anxiety.

A video here on this channel about how to make three hundred dollars a day or more.

And another video about how to copy and paste ads and make money online.

Now, let’s not forget that these videos did well because I got a good watch time.

That means the average person stayed and watched the video for a good amount of time. If that doesn’t happen, you’re never going to grow.

But with that in mind, if you can focus mostly on the YouTube dynamic inventory, that is how much traffic they’re getting for certain videos and certain topics, then boom, you’re gonna grow.

Take, for example, a politics YouTuber that I watch. This guy has a channel. He started out and he started out very small, but he tackled all the topics that were getting a lot of views in the election year about Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and any other topic like that.

And he put them together in a way that made him grow really, really fast, gaining as many as 11000 subscribers a month or more.

Now, he never could have done this had he just focused on search inventory because search traffic is limited. That’s why the dynamic inventory is much more powerful, because if you could piggyback on topics that get a lot of views and have a lot of dynamic inventory, create a good video, then you’re going to start to grow. And one of the keys to making this work is combining various topics.

For example, when I went for the topic of 10 things that happened when I quit drinking, I didn’t just go for one direct title, actually went for several different topics within that niche. So then I get a lot of views from suggested inventory. Had I just relied on how to stop drinking, then I would have been with everyone else fighting for a tiny little slice of the pie.

Now when I go about titling my videos, what I want to do is I want to make a grouping of five videos in each category that my video could fall under.

So this video is about basically getting more views on YouTube. So we have several different categories, basic YouTube growth, getting more views, more subscribers. The viral video algorithm and basic YouTube growth. Now in these categories, what I’ve done is I listed how old the video is.

This is important because obviously if a video is 20 years old and it only has 10000 views, that’s not very many views it’s getting each year. Most of these are under twelve months old. I listed them as months. So this one’s two years old. So when we go through, we want to look at this.

We want to look at how old the video is, how many views the video got and how many subscribers the channel has. Now, if you want a copy of this spreadsheet and notes from this video to help grow your YouTube channel, hop over to video x-com first. What I want to do is I want to find some common trends in all of these different categories. I could see here 1000 subscribers, 1000 subscribers, 1000 subscribers. More views, more subscribers. 3 easy and free ways. One hundred subscribers. 1000 subscribers. YouTube genius.

Understanding the algorithm algorithm. So we could see several different trends emerging from the top videos in these categories. One of the biggest trends I see is one K or 1000 subscribers. This is going to be very important when I title my video. Let’s take a look at a couple of others. Another one. We see the word algorithm quite a bit. We also see more views. The word hack’s and also how to say now that we see some of the common trends that show up in many of the videos we looked at. I want to go through and find the ones like this that actually stand out because this guy doesn’t have that many subscribers yet. He has quite a few views. Here’s another one with a small subscriber count. Another one here.

Here’s one with a really small subscriber count. And another one here. Now, the reason I like to do this is because it’s gonna be easier to show up when someone has less subscribers. Obviously, it’s going to be easier if you show up on that news example I showed you earlier than it is going to be to show up on like Fox News or CNBC News. Under the related videos.

So now I’m going to take a look at these titles and see which one best matches what my is about zero to a thousand subscribers on YouTube. How to get more views on YouTube. Beating the YouTube algorithm in 2019 0 to 50000 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Twenty. What really happened with the growth of my YouTube channel? All right. So now what I’m going to do is I’m definitely going to utilize the 1000 subscribers and I’m gonna come up with a title that works for me. Something like YouTube algorithm simplified 1000 0 to 1000 subscribers fast. Now I can even just because I know that it’s going to get more clicks if I have a number in the front.

I could even switch this up and put zero to 1000 subscribers fast. YouTube algorithm simplified. Boom.

Now this title that I came up with is going to match a lot of different videos within the ones we looked at and hopefully start to trigger some of the views from these related videos, thus triggering the YouTube dynamic inventory in getting me lots of suggested views. A side note to pay attention to is to look at do I really want these people? Do I want people that are going from one hundred thousand subscribers to a million? Or do I want the people going from zero to a thousand?

Well, usually on my channel I do best with beginners, someone to stick with zero to a thousand subscribers fast. This title is going to work really well. The next thing I want to do is create a simple thumbnail that’s going to capture the attention and create some curiosity and get lots of people to click on it. Now, hopefully this video does a good job of keeping you watching and boost the watch time, which is also going to trigger more and more views and make this video eventually do pretty well.

So if you can understand how YouTube dynamic inventory works and you could start to spot trends and make videos that people want to watch about topics that they’re already watching, then you can grow an audience very, very fast. Now, one of the problems that I see is that people go too broad with their topic when first starting out when you have a new channel. The chances of getting suggested traffic for the word Joe Biden or Corona virus or make money is very, very slim. So what you want to do is you want to narrow down to a topic that you know, you can get that doesn’t have a lot of competition on it. You want to take a look at what other videos out there are doing, where they’re getting their traffic and how you can get YouTube to suggest your video alongside those. Now, the reason this doesn’t work for new channels on big topics like Joe Biden or the election or whatever it is, is because a lot of those terms are already taken by big news outlets. So what we need to do is we need to drill down into those topics while keeping in mind the YouTube dynamic inventory. How much inventory is there for the topic and is it worth going after?

Guru Money Secret EXPOSED

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Guru Money Secret

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It’s Not Even About Super Sales Skills

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It’s Not Getting Everyone Else To Promote Them

It’s Not That They Are Better At The Tech Stuff

It Has Nothing To Do With What You Think

Lets Have A Look At A Few Obvious Gurus… And Some Others…

John Crestani

Dan Lock

Gary Vee

Grant Cardone

Oprah Winfrey

Tony Robbins

Russell Brunson

Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump

Anti Guru Channels

What Do All These “Guru’s” Have In Common?

They Have The Ability To Direct An Audience

How To Create An Audience

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    Voice, Or Need..
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  • Speak To What They Need And Find Ways To Help Them (hint this can be super simple because most people do not like to do research)
  • Build A “List” (list can be any group of people where you can command attention on demand)
  • Find Other Helpful Stuff To Send Them And Promote Relevant Offers (here is a cool form i found to negotiate your medical bill, here are three free keyword tools you can use, here is a good bible verse for dealing with ______
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Free WordPress Affiliate Theme

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wordpress funnel setup + affiliate theme

How To Setup Your WordPress Profit Funnel

What if I told you you could set up your entire business with free software?

That’s right. No more spending thousands of dollars on funnel builders and page builders and shopping carts and all this other crazy stuff!

I’m going to show you a way that I run a seven figure business on a free software known as WordPress.

I run this on WordPress using the free version. I have a paid hosting account, obviously, because I want to have my own hosting.

I don’t want to use the super rundown version of WordPress or using a hosted version.

And what I’m gonna do is going to show you exactly how I set this up so that I could generate leads, I could capture sales, I could get traffic and run everything.

Now, first and foremost, what you’re going to notice is WordPress is set up and a lot of people think of WordPress as a blogging platform. And when they think blogging, they think, well, you know, it’s kind of cute and everything you can blog about your travel or you can blog about what you eat that day or you could talk about your life. And that’s really what people think.

WordPress is all about and blogging is all about, but it’s actually not. You see, WordPress is not just a blog platform. It’s what’s known as a C M S or content management system. It’s a system of managing your content. Now, there’s two ways that WordPress manages your content.

The first way is through what is known as a page. OK. We’ve got page here.

The second way is what is known as a post.

Now, this might seem basic. It might seem easy. You might say work, Marcus. I know what a page in a post is, but how do I make this work right?.

So a page is a static page where you keep something on that you want to live on there forever.

If I’m setting up an opt in page, that would be a page that I set up. If I’m setting up a squeeze page or a landing page or anything that I want to have static. That’s what I use my pages for. Now, I can also use it for like sales pages and stuff like that.

So we’re gonna use these pages for that stuff.

Now, a post is what we’re gonna use to try to get search engine traffic and and maybe we could use it to send people from our mailing list and things like that.

I’m going to go ahead and go through this and show you how it works. And before I do, I want to let you know that if you’ve never set up a WordPress blog, it’s very simple to do. You can go over to gohubsite.com. There’s a video with instructions on how to setup your first blog.

Now, what I’d like to do is I’d like to take you inside one of my blogs here.

This is the affiliate marketing dude blog. It’s the one that I use to run my teaching business off of. I have hundreds of blogs and many different niches. We’re starting new blogs all the time.

We’ve got a lot of stuff going on and we use the same platform for everything. So this is a blog that is running on the WordPress platform.

Now, a lot of people would look at this and say, well, Marcus doesn’t really look like a blog.

I’ve never seen a blog look like that. That’s right. That’s because we’re using it as a content management system. Now, what you’re going to notice is that on the first page of my blog, there’s pretty much nothing to do except opt in. Right. They want to download the toolbar. They go here, they get my free affiliate marketing toolbar and boom, there we go.

And I could even have the opt in box here like on my on my other blog,

This is also using WordPress and you see I have the opt in box right on it.

Now notice you really can’t do anything other than opt in.

Now, this is very important because up until now, using WordPress kind of just was like, hey, here’s all my content. Here it is. Check it all out. Go read everything. And when you leave and don’t leave your email. Thanks for visiting. I’m glad I helped you out with free info.

All right. We don’t want to do that. We want to control the flow of how everything works, which is why we’re using this stuff. Now you’ll see also on the affiliate marketing dude page. I use links to link to some of my top post or my top pages and everything like that. Right. So it’s extremely simple to do. I also have my live chat on here because hey, that’s a great way to make sales, right?

So we have all this stuff on here. Now, you’ll notice that if somewhat if I was to send someone to this page, this would be like my landing page so I could actually send paid traffic to this.

And I do. And it actually converts really, really well.

Now, if I sent paid traffic to a regular standard old WordPress blog, the way that most people use them with the common themes and all this other stuff, you’re not going to get a good conversion rate.

So what we have to do is we have to take back control and we need to understand how this works.

Now, one of the other cool things I like about WordPress is the fact that Google loves WordPress. Right. Search engines absolutely love WordPress. So if you’re going for free traffic, it’s very important that you use this the right way. Now, what you’re gonna notice here, if you were to go to Google and search for how does Honey make money, which is our latest video about how the honey app makes money. You’ll see that we’re ranking Page 2 and we just got picked up a couple of days ago, so it’ll start to grow. And this term gets like 9000 searches a month, which is pretty cool. But what you’re going to notice is that if you go to this page. Right, you’re going to see. Now I have a link to my video. It’s got the headline up here. So notice how the content structure is not like a blog. It’s more like a landing page or sales page. Right. This is done on purpose.

It’s very important that you do it this way. Now, you’ll notice, one, it ranks in the search engines. Right. So there it is in the search engines. We’ve got tons of rankings using this method. And then we have our our link that goes to the video. And then down here, I have my content that talks about the honey stuff. I also have images and things like that. And over here, I have links to other articles and I have my sales messages. Right. So it’s very, very important now. I want you to notice that this is done on the same exact blog.

So this page here is a page and it’s a a landing page. I get them here and boom, they opt in.

This is a post.

Very, very important because your posts are what I’m going to get traffic with and follow up with my list.

Now, let’s say you got, I don’t know, five, 10, 50 pages or whatever, how many pages you have.

These pages, the idea on these pages is for conversion.

The idea on everything’s for conversion, but the pages are more specific because what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna drive deliberate traffic to your pages.

The cool thing is, is you can have as many pages as you want. Right. You you’d have as many as you want. And they don’t all have to show up on the main page. You can actually hide them and we’ll show you how to do that as well. So the pages here are all about conversions. Right. So I can make a page that is like. This here or not, this one I can make a page, it’s like this, so this page is always there. It always says, download the toolbar, whatever. Right now I could go and I can run paid traffic to it. I could send people from YouTube videos to it. I could send social media traffic to it. I could send traffic from anywhere to this page. I could buy ads, solo ads, whatever. Right. I can get lots of people to this page. It’s going to convert. It’s going to get a lot of people into my funnel, into my options, and I can send them other stuff. Very important. Now, when we have these right, we’re gonna say these are the things we’re using. So we’re gonna take our traffic. OK. So here’s our traffic. Traffic. Boom. And we’re gonna have our traffic here and we’re gonna send it to the pages. OK. This is our deliberate traffic. Now, on the back end, what you’re gonna have is lots of posts. So if you have like 50 pages or 10 pages or whatever, you’re going to have like one hundred and fifty posts. OK. So here’s all your posts and now your posts are designed for a different method. OK. The post is Darvon designed twofold. One, it’s designed to get SEO traffic.

So right now I’m getting visitors. We just logged in before this training and people are on the honey page looking for how does he make money? So I’m getting traffic for it. OK. Number two, we’re gonna use this for interacting with our audience. Interact. OK. Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have all these posts and everything and we’re gonna have our content and we’ll try to make the content two fold. So like when I do the post for the honey video I made, I didn’t just make it like, oh, hey, let’s just put this up. Actually went for some keywords that I knew would rank and you could see the ranking. So I did it too full. Now I also use that to send my mailing list traffic too. So what’s gonna happen here is your pages are gonna be here to pick up the stuff, right? So this is gonna be your page and it’s going to pick up and get the leads. So gather leads. So like, let’s say you have four different pages. And you have one page. And this page is about the free toolbar.

So we’re like, hey, this about free toolbar or giveaway, whatever your giveaway is. OK. Give away one. OK. And then let’s say, like you go out there and you’re like, OK, well, now I got traffic for like the honey thing. You know, it’s not exactly like affiliate marketing traffic, but it is people looking for how to make money. Maybe I could say, well, let’s make another page. That’s gonna be a giveaway for maybe like a free little guide about, you know, how to do affiliate marketing or whatever. And it’s the same thing.

Like if you’re in the market for Bible verses or spiritual stuff. Right. You can go out and you can have a page that’s like get my top 100 Bible verses for depression. And then you have another page. It’s like get my top 100 Bible verses for happiness or whatever. Right. So you have these two and you can actually link from the posts and the pages or the posts here that get the traffic right. So I can take this here post. Maybe this is the honey post, right. And I’m like, okay, cool. Now I can link this over here.

I can be like, hey, you wanna get my free guide on on honey or whatever or free guide on how things make money online.

Go to the page and put the opt in. Right. Does this make sense to everyone? Everyone getting this. OK. So it’s very easy to do. Now, also, you can use pages for several different things. Let’s say, you know, you’re just in like affiliate marketing or whatever and maybe you just want to make a splash page.

I get all these posts and all these posts are ranking for Bible verses about this Bible verses about that Bible verses about this. Bible verses about that. Great. Wonderful. Now what? Right. I got a big list of Bible verses now. Up until now, I’d just live on the search engine and you to hope that some people click your ads and, you know, maybe they’ll click or whatever.

Now, what I can do is I can actually make a splash page and I could say, well, you know, this this article right here or this whatever is getting a lot of traffic for Bible verses about depression. So maybe I could make a little link that says if you’re struggling with depression, click here.

And then I can have an opt in that says, hey, if you’re if you need help with depression, maybe check out this affiliate offer, this affiliate offer, this affiliate offer, or if I’m in the Bible niche, maybe I can make that page I mentioned on my other video where we have little boxes and it’s like download the new King James, download the King James, download the and i.v. Download this, download that. Download this. Right. And then boom, they’re gonna click and I am going to get paid when they download the thing. This is going to increase your conversion. A lot. Right. I’ve seen this increase my conversion like crazy. So now when we do this, we need to understand how it works and we need to understand how to set all this up.

So we have all these reviews and all these products and all this stuff here. These are all pages. OK. So when we’re going into the outline, these are all under this category. Now, when I go into my WordPress, we’re going to go here to the WordPress dashboard. You’re going to see it’s light out the same way. Now you need to understand it the way that I use it.

Because if you don’t understand it that way, you’re gonna get stuck in like blogging, which that’s not what we want to do. Now, we are using a blog platform, but we’re not exactly using it as it’s intended. Right. What you’re going to notice about how I do things, I always tweak things to make them work the way I want them to work, because the way I want them to work is to make me money, not just to look cute or provide information for free or whatever. OK. So what we’re gonna do here is you’re gonna see on the WordPress dashboard. And again, if you haven’t started your first WordPress site, gohubsite.com

A static page. This is your page. This is like the Holy Grail page that people go to when they go to your main site. Like if I say go to affiliate marketing dude, I don’t want him just to go to a blog post junk. I want him to go to a specific page. I want which is the page that is to get them to download my toolbars. If they go to affiliatemarketingdude.com boom, I want you to download the toolbar. That’s what I want you to do. So I set that up as my main page.

Now, what this is going to do is it’s going to hide all your other content from everyone who comes to your page. This is important. We want to hide that because I don’t want someone that comes and says what’s an affiliate marketing do to just come here and look at all the content and look at all the links and eventually be like, great info. I’m out of here. I don’t want that. I want them to go through the path, the way that I want them to go through the path, because you need to control how people consume your content. Is your content. You worked at making it. You need to control how people consume it. When they get in, what they do, when they get there, how they ask for more content, when they join your list, you need to control that.

So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna use this different method. and send your deliberate traffic to your pages.

Now For COLD Traffic And Mailing List Traffic I Will Be Using My POSTS… this is where i put a lot of my SEO content and follow up content for my list.