7 Killer Landing Page Hacks For Affiliate Marketers – Make More Money J

Hey guys, Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com

In today’s discussion, I’ll be showing you some landing pages that will definitely bring in some traffic and make you profit big time!

What matters the most is what your market says!

Here are some tips on making really killer landing pages that will have your customers persuaded in no time!

  1. Have a natural look– Go native and show others that you have a welcoming and inviting look. This means that you have to catch their attention as soon as they get to your site.
    1. Use dropdowns
    2. Use image advertisements and teasers
    3. Enumerate with checkboxes, quizzes, etc.
  2. Give your Visitors choices– The best way to entice your customers into staying in your page is to give them as much options as possible. Some customers are usually looking for a remedy to their problems, by giving them options AND solutions, you’ll make them more interested!
    1. Giving customers options is one of the best ways to entice them
    2. Have an option grid – this gets more people to click on your offers.
    3. Create customizable sales pages with different options built it.
  3. Use Video Instructions – In most cases, customers and business owners are too busy and are in a hurry, by explaining to your demographic everything in audio and video form, you’re getting their attention pretty quickly.
    1. Be simple and concise with your instructions and information
    2. Hold their hand through the learning process
    3. Show them what’s going to work and what to expect
  4. Replicate Offer Page Layouts – You need to have a page that’s aesthetically pleasing while also removing all the clutter around the page so that the customer can focus on what’s important – which are your offers.
    1. Harmonize colors on your offer page
    2. How do each of the buttons look?
    3. What are you asking the customer to do for you to profit?

Everything’s pretty simple and straightforward!

  1. Use Eye Mapping Tracking – In terms of marketing, you have to know where your visitors are looking at when they come to your site. In this instance, they might be looking at certain areas of your site while some areas are overlooked. You have to keep this in mind when you’re setting up your website since your customers might overlook some offers that you are offering.

There are certain programs and plugins that will help you know what your visitors are clicking on.

  1. Test the famous F pattern when reading
  2. Test your site out by noticing the first 3 things that you see when you open your page
  3. Observe what your visitors are clicking on, learn and improve from this data

  1. Re-affirm why they came to your page in the first place – Know what is the intent of your customers and why they are in your page. Are they trying to find solutions to their problems? Are they trying to buy something? Are they trying look for a service? Re-affirm them that you can definitely deliver on your promise.
    1. Look at the data on how they got to your site
    2. Where were they when they clicked?
    3. What is the current situation that your customers are in?
    4. What is their ultimate goal?
  1. Have a One Track Focus
    1. Have them opt in
    2. Let them click your links
    3. Have them download your toolbar
    4. Let them buy something

When you use these 7 hacks, you will improve your conversion rate! We have lots of tools, themes, tips, and advice for your landing pages in just mere seconds! Be sure to visit www.Landingpagedude.com

That’s it! That’s all there is to it!

If you want to look at more landing pages while I give you some tips and advice






Entrepreneur Classroom Part One – Entrepreneur Mindset Hacks

What it Really Takes to be an Entrepreneur

Marcus Campbell

Affiliate Marketing Dude




Part 1: Thinking Differently


Part 2: Entrepreneurship Skill Sets



Part One: Thinking Differently


How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

So You can See Outside the BS

And Use What Really Works


(Once you see this, you can’t unsee it.)


Sometimes it’s good to just get out of your comfort zone and do something.


I remember the first time I did a webinar. I had never done them before. I once did a tele-seminar. After that, one guy said to me, “Hey dude, just hop on this webinar.” I was all nervous and shaky (which is funny, because I was really just sitting in my office talking to the wall, and there just happened to be people that could see through the wall.)


And in the end, it really wasn’t that big a deal.


And I think that’s what we can learn here. You’re going to learn that being an entrepreneur is not that big a deal. What takes someone from $1,000 a year to $1 million per year, is not that big a deal.


I remember the first time I met a guy who was making a million dollars a year with web marketing. He said, “I’ll call you back later. My wide needs to go to Target.”


I was sitting there amazed. I thought, people making a million dollars a year still go to Target? That was so weird in my mind. I thought, how does that work? Do these people have a different life?


I think in society, we’re programmed to think that successful people have a different life. It’s something big, and different, and crazy, and weird. When in actuality, it’s really not.


There’s no difference between me and you. (Except that I’m probably about a foot shorter than everyone here. And I probably smoke too many pipes. That’s really it.)


You go to work eight hours a day, I go to work eight hours a day. The only difference is what we’re doing, and who we’re doing it for.


I’ll bet some of you guys work harder than me. Some of you guys work manual labor, some of you guys are drivers. And if you’ve ever seen me drive, you don’t want me to be a driver.


But there’s really no difference here. We’re going to go over that, and we’ll talk about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. How to focus on it, and how to really get into the mindset.


And I’m going to tell you, it’s probably not what you think it’s going to be.


I have a different view on life, and on entrepreneurship, from a lot of my peers in the industry. And I think it comes from my years of experiences.


For one thing, I love to study people. I love to learn about what people do, what makes people tick, and I like to really learn about what it is that makes someone successful. What is it that makes someone sad? What is it that makes someone happy? And different things like that.


We’re going to talk about those things, too.


So, what does it really take to be an entrepreneur? Here are some tips that you must understand in order to master the entrepreneurial mindset.





Tip #1: Everything is made-up preprogramming.


No matter where you’re at, no matter what you’re doing. Even if you’re not in a cult, or you don’t follow mainstream media. You are a product of programming. You’re programmed by your upbringing, by your TV, by social interaction.


We all have the BS that has been programmed in our mind.

It says:


Be a worker.

Work for someone else.

Have the security.


That’s what life’s about. And we’re taught that from the time we’re a kid. We’re taught to really, really value the input of others. Really, really listen to what other people say.


If someone says something that hurts, you, you’re supposed to be hurt. If someone says something that praises you, you’re allowed to feel praised.


The funny thing is, you have those feelings inside you, right?


So, think about that. Ask yourself, “What is my current programming telling me? What is my current mindset telling me?”


Let’s look at this in terms of money. If you’re not getting the results you want, it might be as simple as going and following a few instructions. There may just be a lot more going on in your mind. Why is that?


I remember, I struggled for years. I used to always tell myself, “Why don’t I know what I should do? I know I could get to two, three million dollars a year. I know I could break this barrier. Why is it that I’m not doing what I know I need to do? It’s not like it’s that hard. It’s not like it’s strenuous. It’s not like I can’t afford it.”

In the end, it didn’t even take that much money. I started this business with a hundred dollars.


You might be asking yourself, “Why am I not doing that? Why am I not doing what I know I need to do?”


How many of you feel that way? You now you could go out there and do it, but for some reason, you just can’t get yourself to do it. You might not believe it’s actually going to work.


Or you might be afraid that it actually will work, and when you actually make money, you’ll lose the ability to have excuses.


I have students who watch thousands of hours of my webinars, and they still don’t take action. That’s fine. I mean, I’m glad they get value, or entertainment or whatever. But still, I have to ask, “Why are you not taking action? Why are you not doing something?”


Because you’ve been programmed not to do anything.

But the cool thing about a programmed mind is that it can always be unprogrammed.


You can always reverse what was done. You can always look through it. But the only way you’re going to look through it is by rising about it.


You might ask yourself, “How do I rise above this?

How do I look from the outside in?”


You have to realize that the confidence, or the belief in yourself, is not in the other people who say it to you. It’s in you because you believe it. You just choose to believe it from other people.


It’s the same kind of thing if someone puts you down, or says things won’t work, or says you’re not good enough, or smart enough, or whatever it may be. That’s in you. You have those feelings in you, you’re just choosing to say, “Yes, I agree with this person.”


So, realize that everything is made up from programming. You’re programmed to believe, and be, and think what you are right now.


I have this saying in my own life that has helped me immensely.


It goes, “If I were in your shoes, I’d be exactly where you are.”


If I had your upbringing, if I had the programming you had, if I had the parents you had, if I had the social area that you grew up in, if I had all those things, I would be exactly where you’re at right now.


That’s the way that it works. If you take someone and put them through circumstances, they’re going to be the product of those circumstances.


Now, you have a way to see out of it, but sometimes you need some help. That’s what this is about.


Now that you know that you’re a product of all of this…

Now that you know that society has put these things in your mind…

Now that you know that lots of people have paid a lot of money for you to have the mindset that you have…


What are you going to do about it? It’s time to understand it, and to change it.


Everything is made up of pre-programming. Your mind, what you think, is not as good as you think it is. Often, we respond to ideas before really trying them out. We make this preplanned idea of what is going to work, what isn’t going to work, and what one person will think, and what another person won’t think.


We’re always filtering. Now, filtering is good because it makes life faster. But it can also be bad, because it means you’re not really listening to something, right?


In the core of your mind, you’re never actually learning new things.

Your brain is looking to fit new information into old categories. That’s the way the mind works. It’s called categorical reference.


This can be a good thing, but it can also be bad, in that you can’t really learn new stuff unless you think outside the box.


Realize that you are in charge of the information you put in your brain. You’re in charge. Right now, you decide.






Tip #2: Money is not an emotional thing.


This is a big one. Money is not an emotional thing. Money doesn’t give a shit about you. It doesn’t care when you don’t have enough of it. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel. It’s just a unit of measurement.


A lot of times in life we’ve been programmed to think that money is this big thing.


Think about the United States and the national debt.

What would happen in the United States if the national debt was completely paid off? If the national debt was paid off, would we all have a bunch of money? Would the government give us a bunch of free stuff?


It’s not what you think—it’s actually worse than you think. It would probably be closer to economic collapse.


That’s because the nature of money is debt. That’s how it’s created.

The government puts a certain amount of money in circulation, and that’s a negative called the national debt. Contrary to what most people think, it’s not all owed to China and other countries. It’s pretty much owed to ourselves.


But TV and programming all say that the national debt is terrible. We’re pre-programmed to think that way. We think it’s terrible to have all this debt, but all the while, it’s actually kind of meaningless.


Now, does that mean we should go out of control and spend a lot? No, that causes inflation. We have to balance it, which is why you need regulations and things like that. Basically, money works a lot differently than we think it does.


A lot of people get emotional about money. They feel funny about it. They think, “oh man, I don’t have enough.”


How many of you right now are sad that you don’t have enough money? You feel bad for yourself?


A lot of people are sad, happy, or depressed about money. People say, “I wish I had more money.” Some people even hate money.


But money’s not really anything to hate. It’s just a number. It’s weird. In life we look at people who have a lot of money, and we think about them differently. We idolize celebrities.


But money itself is not an emotional thing. It doesn’t care.


Never did a dollar build anything.

Never did a dollar jump out of my wallet and say, I love you.

Never did a dollar jump out of my wallet and say, I want you to be happy.


Money is just a unit of measurement. It’s like a ruler. Money is a manmade invention. We believe that the money is going to run out. We think there’s not enough, that it’s a limited supply. But it’s not a limited supply. There’s plenty to go around.


You have to look at it and realize that money is not emotional, and therefore, you’re not going to be emotionally attached to money.







Tip #3: It’s not your birthright to be rich.


People think that the universe owes you a living. It doesn’t. The world, the universe, your family, the government does not owe you a living. No one owes you shit.


That can be depressing, or it can be liberating. What do you choose? Do you want it to be depressing or liberating?


For me, it’s completely liberating. If no one owes me anything, I can just go get what I want. Isn’t that pretty cool?


And how can you get what you want? You can get it by learning skills. You can get it by making decisions. You can earn it by selling things. Money is literally everywhere, once you open your eyes to it.


But so many people can’t get more money, because they’re focused on the money they don’t have.

The hand you give through is the hand that you received through. And if your hand is clenched, you think, “I can’t invest in anything. I can’t do anything. I have to keep every little penny I have.” You’re never going to get anything new.


Understand that it’s not your birthright to be rich. Even billionaires and all those people who inherit money, it’s not their birthright. It just happened to be where they’re at.

I can’t think it’s my birthright to be rich when other people have nothing. That’s how I look at it. Whatever the least person on the earth has, that’s what I deserve. I didn’t choose to be born here in affluent America, in a pretty well-to-do family. I didn’t choose that.


Now, since I have more money, it’s my responsibility to try to make more and try to help them.


No one owes you anything. You have to learn to get what you want. Once you focus on this, then it becomes easy. You can do it.


If I want to make $5000 a month, I need to focus on making about $168 a day, somewhere around there. What am I going to do to get my $168 a day?


If there are 24 hours in a day, then I need to make around $5 or $6 an hour, or something like that. What am I going to do to make a website that makes $5 to $6 an hour? If I want to do that, then I could probably get a toolbar download in about ten visitors. So if I got 15 visitors, I could get two toolbar downloads, and that would leave me money to pay for traffic, and that could make me $5,000 a month.


The problem is that people’s egos get in the way, and they don’t want to start from square one. But sometimes you have to. You have to learn to get what you desire.


Tip #4: Desire is not a universal pull to get what you want.


The next tip is that desire is not a universal pull to get what you want. This is a big thing they talk about in The Secret, in the Law of Attraction, in Think and Grow Rich. They all have some good stuff, right? But you have to take things with a grain of salt.


Desire is nothing more than a sort of lust for things. That’s all it is. If you want something, you desire it.


And just because you desire it, doesn’t mean that it’s owed to you. It also doesn’t mean that you’re going to get it. You have to understand in your head that desire on its own is not enough.


There’s an important lesson here. What did the people who made The Secret and the Law of Attraction sell? If you desire something enough, you’ll get it. What’s the essence of marketing? Creating desire. Anyone see a parallel there?


Desire is an emotion. No one owes you a living.


That’s what this is about – promoting thinking freely, thinking differently. This is very important. Challenge what you believe. That’s how you grow, right?


Our culture has been trained not to listen to others’ opinions. You argue why you’re right. Thank about the message being sent to society. Don’t listen to the other opinions of other people. Don’t open your mind. Prove why you’re right.


And that, my friends, is what keeps you stuck. That is what keeps you from making money. That is what’s going to stop you from living a good, fulfilling life.


Also understand that there’s a difference between desire and attachment to desire. Desire is good, okay? For one thing, we all desire money. And money does good things, right? We could buy things, we could help people, we could do all kinds of stuff with money.


But when we’re attached to that desire, it’s a different story.


I used to be attached to the desire of money. Years ago, I would be sitting in my office, even on days I didn’t have to work. I made $5,000 a day automatically, but I still worked every day because I felt like I needed to work. If I made less money one day than I did the next, I’d freak out. I was completely attached to this idea.


Marketing, at its base course element, is producing desire. That’s what it is. Right now, you might desire money. You might desire different things. Marketing, at its essence, is about producing desire.  And if we can reverse engineer the way our desire works, then we can figure this out.



Tip #5: Get your ego out of the way.


Our culture is very ego-based. A lot of people don’t know as much as they think they do. Or, they think they know something, but they’re not doing anything with it.


I want you to start from a place of humility and realize that you don’t know everything.


Here’s the deal. In our culture, in our society, the critics are esteemed. People with opinions are esteemed. They’re on TV, they’re everywhere. Everyone’s got an opinion.


But the truth is that no one really cares about your opinion. In the grand scheme of things, no one really cares about what you think.


The minute I learned in my life that my opinion didn’t mean jack shit was the minute I got free. Then I was able to become a better marketer, and really live life where it doesn’t really matter.

I can share my opinions, and that’s cool, and if you don’t accept it, that’s cool, but I’m not attached to it.


This attachment to your own ideas is pre-programmed. Your opinion doesn’t really mean anything. Your critique doesn’t mean anything.


Once you realize that that your opinions don’t matter, it will free you, too.


If I want to make $5000 a month, I need to focus on making about $168 a day, somewhere around there. What am I going to do to get my $168 a day?


If there are 24 hours in a day, then I need to make around $5 or $6 an hour, or something like that. What am I going to do to make a website that makes $5 to $6 an hour?


If I want to do that, then I could probably get a toolbar download in about ten visitors. So if I got 15 visitors, I could get two toolbar downloads, and that would leave me money to pay for traffic, and that could make me $5,000 a month.


The problem is that people’s egos get in the way, and they don’t want to start from square one. But sometimes you have to. You have to learn to get what you desire.


You can change your life right now, right this second. But people will say, “Change takes time.” It doesn’t. Change starts now. It starts right now. It begins the second you say, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to sell this. I’m going to set this up.”


You just keep going through it and going through it and going through it and going through it, and you will get the results you want if you keep going through it.


Part One Review


Tip #1: Everything is made-up preprogramming.


Tip #2: Money is not an emotional thing.


Tip #3: It’s not your birthright to be rich.


Tip #4: Desire is not a universal pull to get what you want.


Tip #5: Get your ego out of the way.









Part Two: Entrepreneur Skill Sets


Learn the Seven Major Entrepreneur

Skill Sets That, When Applied,

You Can Always Find Work or Create

Your Own Business at the Drop of a Hat



Now, we’re going to talk about learning new skills.


Right now, you can choose to go learn a skill. You might say, “Marcus, I need to make $5,000 a month starting next month.” Everyone here can figure out a way to do it.


I have to be following the disclaimers of the government and say, “results not typical, implied, or guaranteed, and most people make nothing.” And it’s true, most people do make nothing, because most people don’t do anything.


However, there are lots of people making lots of money doing things. You can go out there, and you can learn a skill, and you can make $5,000 a month starting next month if you really wanted to.


You have to be a fast action-taker. Because sometimes on the internet, there is a sliver of time for an opportunity that you can get in, that you can capitalize on for years to come.


It might be a small thing, and then, boom. It can change the course of your career forever. You can tackle a fad, get on the bandwagon, build an audience, and before you know it, you can make money from it.


You could literally go do something today. You could put up a YouTube video today, and it will be out today. If it doesn’t get traffic, you learn to make it get traffic, or you buy an ad. You can put a post on Facebook today. You can get traffic today.


Within five minutes, you can be at the top of Google for any search term you want, if you’re willing to pay. The only reason you wouldn’t be willing to pay is you don’t know what you’re doing, which means you need to learn a skill.


It’s pretty basic stuff. You could think that you’re dumb, you don’t know how to do it. But you’re not dumb. I’m no smarter than you. I just went and learned different skills. It’s really just all about learning stuff that is in demand. That’s it.


Some of you are experts on raising kids. Some of you are experts on driving. There’s some of you that are experts on all kinds of things. And even if you’re not, you can learn to be.


I wasn’t born with this knowledge. I wasn’t born with a computer in my hand. (I actually struggled through computer class, because I wanted to do my own thing.)

But I wanted to use the computer to make money. I was curious, and thought, “How do I do it?”


And I went out there, and I failed sometimes. And sometimes I did really good, and sometimes I did just okay. But over time, in my business, I’ve made quite a bit of money, and I’ve done a lot of stuff.


How do we learn different skills that are going to work? I’m not talking about skills like web design or coding. I’m talking about the skill of being in charge of stuff.


What is the core of business? What is an entrepreneur paid for?

The number one thing I do that I’m paid for is making decisions. It’s what I do all day. I make a decision.

And that’s what you got to get in the habit of doing.

You might say, “Well, you know, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that.” But the number one thing that hinders people is making a decision.

That’s it. Why am I paid good money for what I do? Because I make decisions.

You have the ability to make a decision. You can tackle a niche. If it fails, cool. Who gives a rip? No one cares. You might have a critic or two who says, “Well, I told you the internet thing doesn’t work.” But lots of people make money on the internet. You’ll find a different way.

When I started, I probably had 10 times as many people than you do telling me it wasn’t going to work. I still have people who tell me to get a real job.

Making decisions is the number one thing. My job is to make decisions, and your job is to make good decisions. Decisions to enter a market, decisions to make a website, decisions to send an email, decisions to do a webinar, decisions to do all these things. That’s what puts people ahead.

Look at people who are bosses and people who are under bosses. Why does the boss get paid a lot, and everyone else gets paid a little?

Because the boss makes decisions that put everything on the line. Not because he wears a fancy suit, or because he went to Harvard. He’s paid to make decisions.

This is the hardest thing for so many people, because no one is telling you what to do.

But you need to learn to make decisions, because that’s where the money is.

Once you understand this, you can understand the seven skills sets you need to become an entrepreneur and build the business you want.

Skill #1: Ambition


You’ve got to have the ambition. You’ve got to have the drive. You have to want it. You have to say, “This is what I want to do,” and you’ve got to be willing to go do it.


Desire is not enough. You’ve got to take action. If you don’t have the ambition, you’re not going to do anything.


You have to want it. You have to say that you want a different life.


I saw that I wanted a different life. I said, “I’m going to be home when my kids get home from school every day, and they’re going to say hi to me.” And that’s how it happens. That’s why I do it. Because they want to see me when they get home from school, and I get to be here. I don’t miss anything.


I said, “This is the life that I want,” and I went and made it. I said, “This is how I’m going to make it,” and I did it.

This is extremely important, because you get what you make. Your life right now is a product of what you made of it so far. You might’ve listened to a bunch of other people, but this is what you made.


I’m not a victim of circumstance. I’m not a victim of everything life puts on me. I’m just a person, and I make decisions, and I do what I want. But I have to have the ambition.


In life, everyone can do whatever the hell they want, if they’re willing to pay the consequences.


I could go and I can do bad things. I could go rob a bank and get rich, if I’m willing to go to prison. (I’m not, so I don’t do that.) I’m willing to do my business so that I can get my money. I’m willing to do the stuff I need to do, so that I can get to where I want. That’s the ambition I have.


Figure out what your ambition is—because it’s not money.


Nobody wants $2 million in the bank. They want security and feeling. Nobody wants to quit their job. They want to not have a job and be their own boss.


So, get to the deeper meaning. What do you want? Do you want to be home when your kids get home from school? Good. Make your life that way and start today.


Nothing is more motivating then someone who paid you to do something because it’s actually harder to not do that. I don’t know why, but it just works that way.


People will work way harder to save $10,000 from being taken from them than they will to earn $10,000.

Think about that for a minute.


The average person on the planet would do more to keep the money they have than to get more money.


I’m the opposite. When it comes to my business, I’m going to spend whatever I have to in order to make it happen. But I know it’s going to work. (Make sure it’s going to work. Don’t take silly stupid risks.)


In a way, investing doesn’t have to cost anything. People ask me all the time, “How much should I budget for paid traffic?” Nothing. Don’t budget anything for paid traffic. Because if it doesn’t make you money, you’re not going to buy it anymore.


I’m not going to sit there and $10,000, and then at the end see what happens. That’s silly. Spend $5, and if nothing happens at the end of $5, figure out why. On the other hand, if you made $10, then spend $20 tomorrow, and see if you can make $40.


That’s what I did with my site, one of my big famous sites with the cursors and the layouts. When we started out, I said, let’s spend $20. I made $50. So, I spent $50 the next day, and I made $100. Pretty soon, within weeks, I was spending $1,700 a day on ads, and I was making like $5,000 a day.


Now did I come out and say, I’m going to test $5,000 today and see what happens? No, I started with $20.


Start small, and ramp it up. Get it up there, make it work, test, be curious, be interested, be ambitious. Go after what you want.





Skill #2: Curiosity


Curiosity is the ability to say, “What will happen if…?”


That’s how I live my life. I’m curious as hell. I’m curious all day. I’m one of those people who love social experiments. I love trying new things. I love figuring out what people are going to do. The minute I lose my curiosity is the minute I’m not going to try things.


Are you curious about making money online, or do you just want money? A lot of you say that you just want money. Well, you have to be curious to be able to get it. You have to go out there and try something, and keep that curiosity along the way.


Don’t live in the fear of loss. The fear of loss kills creativity, and it kills curiosity.


Instead, think,

“What if people respond to that?

What if that actually works?

I wonder if people will opt in.

I wonder if people will click “download”.

I wonder if they’ll do this.

I wonder if they’ll do that.


Tell yourself that you’re no longer going to live your life by the fear of loss. Instead, you’re going to live by the hope of gain. You’re going to live by being curious, and saying, “What’s going to happen?”


Be curious and test things. Get people’s attention. Get their interest, get their desire, get them to take action. It’s pretty simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.


You could do this on Facebook. You could do this on Instagram. You could do this with videos. You could do this with a sheet of paper. What matters is learning how to communicate to an audience to get their attention, get them interested, get them desiring, and get them to take action.




Skill #3: Perseverance


This is a big one. You have to be able to persevere. You have to be able to stick with it.


Don’t have what I call marketing ADD, where your brain is going everywhere and you can’t focus on one thing.


Focus on one thing. Do the one thing good. Even if it’s not what I’m teaching. If you’re doing Shopify, then go all in on Shopify. You’ll eventually make money if you do it right (hopefully sooner rather than later). See it through and make it work.


And as you go along, if it’s not working the way you planned, keep at it. (Really, it probably won’t. Nothing really goes the way you ultimately plan it.) Sometimes it will be even better. I didn’t expect people to like the Affiliate Marketing Dude stuff as much as they do, but they do.


Some things will work great, and some won’t work as well. But you’ve got to be able to persevere. You’ve got to be able to do it, and go for what works, and you’ve got to keep at it.


Now, if you want some extra help, can you pay for a hack? Sure, you could pay for me to find your niche, get your site, and get everything set up so that you can see it. But am I going to just give you the thing? No, it’s not going to work that way. Life doesn’t work that way.


You could buy one of my courses. But a course is only as good as your ability to extract the info. I don’t teach anything – you learn. Learning is an active process.


Or maybe you need to go to a different person. Find someone you like. But no matter what, you’ve got to persevere.




Skill #4: Taking Responsibility


Take responsibility.


I am where I am because I decided to be where I’m at.


You might say to me, “Marcus, you don’t understand. We had a baby. I have to work two jobs to make ends meet.” And that’s fine. That’s the life you chose. If you had to, then good. You did what you had to do, and your family will eat, and that’s great.


But if you want something different, don’t say that you’re a product of where life put you. Say that you’re going to be a product where you’re going to put your life.


Now, sometimes there are things that happen that you can’t foresee. But I believe we can also find our way out of those. Sometimes people have hardships and people get depressed. But you have to look at it and ask yourself, “Can I still take responsibility?”


Even if you have depression. A lot of people struggle with that. I used to struggle with it until I learned depression was about getting out of your mindset.


Emotion is just energy and motion. They’re just things in your mind. Emotion is just a feeling, and people live their lives by emotions. They don’t do something if they don’t feel like it. Their egos get hurt. Their pride gets hurt. They get upset that people were mean. Stuff happens.


You want to change your emotions? Change your energy. Change what you do.


Next time you’re sad, go for a jog. I guarantee that most people with depression probably exercise. But there are marketers out there who say, “No, you need this. You’ve got to have this. If you don’t have this, you’re going to be sad.” There’s a pill for almost everything.


I’m not saying these are bad things, and you should obviously listen to your doctor and do what they say. But sometimes there’s stuff out there that just doesn’t make sense. Marketers will try to tell you that there’s something wrong with you. And people believe it all the time.


I thought for years that something was wrong with me. Now I’ve realized that there’s nothing wrong with me. I might be a little bit different, maybe a little bit out there. But I’m me and I’m okay. And if I’ve learned to live with it, there we go.


A lot of people want to blame others instead of taking responsibility. That’s like saying you can’t go to the gym because the weights are too heavy.


You’ve got to look at this and say, “I’m in charge.” This is my responsibility. My happiness is my responsibility. My putting food on the table for my kids is my responsibility. My making more money is my responsibility. My spending money stupidly is my responsibility.” You’ve got to be a responsibility taker.





Skill #5: Ability to Sell


Another skill you need is the ability to sell. You might not like sales. You might even hate sales. But you have to get over it and start liking sales.


You sell all the time.


(You sell me on the fact that you don’t like sales. Congratulations. But you didn’t make anything.)


I love sales because it’s just curiosity. People look at it as success or failure. I look at it as, what didn’t work that time that I could do different next time? What worked this time that didn’t work that other time?


When I do webinars, even to this day, sometimes I find that the sales aren’t good. I’ve learned that when I actually teach stuff, sales are low. When I tell stories, sales are through the roof. People don’t want to learn stuff. They want to be entertained.


You need the ability to sell. A lot of you guys can be good marketers, and you already are good marketers. You sell your ideas all the time. You sell them to yourself. You sell them to your spouse. You sell them to your friends, your parents. You sell them. You are selling your ideas.


You’re selling already, it’s just a matter of what you’re selling. The reason people don’t like sales is because they don’t believe in what they’re selling. You are not selling ideas that get you paid.


If you have something that’s going to help people and you don’t sell it, you’re actually doing the world a disservice. You might say, “I have this, and this will help people do this, but I don’t like sales.” In reality, that’s pretty selfish, and also not making you money (which is what selling is).


This is about selling your ideas, selling your point of view. That is the essence of marketing. You’re getting a response. This is direct response marketing.



Skill #6: Laser-Targeted Focus


You need laser-targeted focus. You’ve got to be able to target right on one thing.


Some people get focused on the rejection. I don’t think about rejects—I just look at the orders. On a really good webinar, I will get 40% of the people to buy. That means 60% rejected me. If there are 200 people on the webinar, then 140 people rejected me.


Now, think about that. Only 60 bought. But even if people didn’t buy, it’s still my gain. I still made money. Some people didn’t buy, but I still have people who did. I don’t waste time thinking about the people who didn’t.


And there are always people who will buy. There are always people who will benefit. You just have to get the right crowd, get the right offer, and say it enough times. That’s it.


You’ve got to laser target focus on what works. Get your market, figure out what works. Go with it. Keep at it. Do not give up. Focus, focus, focus.


Don’t get distracted. Do go messing around on Facebook. Don’t go doing the wrong thing. Do what you have to do to make what you want to make. You can do it starting right now.





Skill #7: Productivity


You have to have productivity. If you’re not productive, you’re not going to make any money. The best way to be productive is to set small, little attainable goals each day.


Maybe today you’re going to run an ad. Tomorrow you’re going to set up a new site. The next day you’re going to test some traffic.


On my website, we actually have a list of 15 productivity tips that you can do in 15 minutes a day to start getting results. There’s some really good stuff there.














Part Two Review


Skill #1: Ambition


Skill #2: Curiosity


Skill #3: Perseverance


Skill #4: Taking Responsibility


Skill #5: Ability to Sell


Skill #6: Laser-Targeted Focus


Skill #7: Productivity

Best AdSense Placement Tips – Size Matters


Hey guys! It’s Marcus here from blogprofitnetwork.com.

Today in this special video,

I’ll show you the difference between certain ads, some sizes, colors and settings to get you the most profit.

For people who have known me for a while and been to blogprofitnetwork.com, you guys know that I’ve made millions of dollars online and hundreds of thousands of that from AdSense.

I want to show you guys how this works because you’re gonna notice on this sample template site here, you’re gonna see that I have content.

You can see the content here in form of text. You can see the sidebar here.  This is our main portions. Up here is our header, our sidebar and our content area. As we scroll down, you can kind of see what it looks like there. Notice how I have these ads placed strategically throughout the content so that it looks like actual links. That’s the same thing that we want to replicate with AdSense.

Let’s go ahead and dive in and talk about where the different placements would go, where they look best and where you’re going to get the best click-through rate, because the more clicks you get, the more money you’re going to make.

So let’s say we have this site here.

Now there’s several major Adsense sizes.

One of them the most popular is 160 by 600.  It looks like this. Here we could probably have two of these in the sidebar if we wanted to. You’ll notice in the sidebar here, what I do have instead of this big guy, is I have a 336 by 280 which fills up that spot right there.

Now what we want to do is we want to look at this 336 by 280 and this is in fact the highest converting AdSense size that I have found. It’s very versatile. 

  • You could put it in the sidebar here which obviously looks better than this because it’s taking up more space and it looks good.
  • You could also put this over here in your content if I was to replace this and put the content around it.
  • You can center it in your content like this or you could put it you know basically wherever you want to make it look like part of the site.

It’s very important that your ads look like part of the site. So the 336 by 280 is, in my opinion, the highest converting one and that’s what I’ve seen over time as well.

Next up, again we talked about the 160 by 600 which is the skyscraper looking ad. That’s another one and these are actual size so you can see how they look on a page.

Another one is very similar to the 336 which is the 300 by 250.

What you’re gonna notice is a little bit smaller. So if you’re crunched for space or you have a smaller sidebar, you could go with this one as well or you could put this in the content here as well if you have images or something it works nicely because you could put it side-by-side. Very very cool. Very easy to use. It’s definitely also one of the better sizes.

Another one that you’re going to notice is one of the banner type sizes.

The banner sizes, this one converts pretty decent. It is a 728 by 90. The best place for 728 by 90 is usually if you have space in your heading here or if you have something on the bottom. As you’ll see it’s pretty big for in content. So if we go down to the bottom we could place it somewhere like here and just kind of try to scrape some money off of the people who scroll all the way down. So that’s where you could use that. I don’t use this one too much unless I’m using a static site. Now we’re doing this demo in WordPress so I probably wouldn’t use it too much. Let’s go ahead and put it back up the top so you guys could see it as well.

Another size which I don’t believe I have a pink box for but I do have this one which is a 468 by 60.

You can see that this one’s very good as well. You could put it like right dead center in the content so it looks like actual part of the site and that’s the goal that we’re going for is making this look like part of the site. This is also a very good one for your ads as well because it blends in, it’s a good size, everything like that. That is a 468 by 60.

Now these are your major sizes. You could see here which is 728 by 90, 336 by 280, 300 by 250, or 160 by 600. Of course in your account, you can play around with the different sizes as well.

Now let’s talk about placement.

Placement is very important because you’re going to notice that people search the web in a F-type pattern. That means that when they look, that’s your site they’re basically looking at it in this area. So the pink areas that you see here is where most of their eyes go. You could look at this by different charting tools and things like that but basically this is how they look. They’re reading left to right, starting here and coming down. This kind of stuff doesn’t stand out as much so you might want to put other things in your sidebar to try to get them because the sidebar is one of the places unless you’re highlighting it that gets the least amount of clicks. So let’s go ahead and take a look at now that we know the placement. Let’s take a look at colors and different things like that.

Now you’ll notice that a lot of regular AdSense stuff is going to look like this.

Basically has a blue border around it, blue text, green link or green URL and a black text.  So the blue is the highlighted area that you want them to click on which is good because people are accustomed to clicking on blue which is very important.

Now what you’re going to notice, by default, Adsense is going to have a border around it. We don’t want this border because the border actually makes it look like ads. It looks like okay here’s your content and bam here’s some ads here. It doesn’t look like actually part of the site. So what we want to do and I want to show you the difference here. The difference here would be, if I had these in my content with the box around them versus if I had this here.  You can see here how this looks like part of the site and this one looks like something else.  We want to get rid of that border and we want to keep those links blue and everything. This again is the 336 by 280 AdSense block which is a very very high converting one.

Another one, we talked about is the smaller one here like this, where we could put this here in your content if we were to put it like right here. Again, look at how the border makes a difference. The border makes a huge difference in saying, “hey this is an ad; this is an ad” rather than having it look like part of the site, like my links do here.

So again, you definitely want to get rid of that border and look at how nicely that looks! It basically looks like part of the content. So obviously since Google’s going to target this, they’ll put ads about temper tantrums and BAM now it looks like part of the content. Same kind of thing with links up top. You can play around with different links and things like that. It may be up here right below this so it looks like kind of like a like a menu where they’re seeing different content and stuff like that. Very very important.

Again, play around with the different ad sizes. We have a really killer video on AdSense and placement and how to make money with AdSense on blogprofitnetwork.com.


You can click the link in the description of this video and get that very very good stuff.

Again, remember, make it look like part of the content.

Don’t point at it.
Don’t tell people to click at it.

Don’t put big images by it that say click here or anything like that.

Don’t do any bait-and-switch.

If you use these tactics which are well within the guidelines of the Adsense TOS or Terms of Service or whatever, you’re gonna do really really well because that’s basically what they want. They want people to click on things they’re interested in and you can see here just by looking at how good this looks right. 

If I had a black site I’d probably make the background of the ads black and then different colors and things like that but normally I like to stick to white background, blue link, black text, green URL. Play around with different sizes, different places like this and watch your Adsense income go through the roof.

I’ve seen mine as much as quadruple or more just by adding these simple tactics so have fun with it.

Go to blogprofitnetwork.com. Play around with it and I will see you in the next video. Thanks again for watching!


Make Money with Your Web Traffic



Hey guys! It’s Marcus here.

Today what we’re going to do is talk about what internal linking is, 

how it works, and how it can help you make money online.

But first I’d like to start up with a story.

This is a story my grandfather told me several years ago about when he used to work as a gas station attendant.

You see, there was this gas station off the highway. Let’s put this gas station up here and what he did is he said, “You know I’m gonna work here and get a certain amount per gallon that I pump.” That’s how he was paid. Now along the way, he said, “Hey you know what, these people traveling on the highway would probably be interested in getting soda. I think they’d be interested in chips and stuff and candy.” And this is back in the 40s or 50s I think it was the 50s something like that.

He said, I think people would be interested in soda chips and candy. So he asked the gas station guy. He said, “You know since I’m paid just on the amount I pump, can I sell some stuff to your customers and have the profit?” He said, “Sure it’ll be my guest.” So he went and purchased cokes at wholesale chips at wholesale and candy at wholesale and offered it to the gas station people. He found that he could make a good living. Actually got the down payment for his first house using this method by just offering something else to people who already existed.  

Now I want you to take a look at what was happening here. Because the highway was there with the traffic already, he was simply diverting people and utilizing the traffic that was already there.

Very important! That’s going to have a big big part to do with this INTERNAL LINKING STRATEGY. So remember this story where Grandpa wit and offer different things to people who are already there. Great story, learned a lot from him. Good man.

Now let’s take a look at what internal linking is and what it has to do with you.

The art of internal linking has to do with the ability to be able to direct traffic. You are going to do traffic and basically what’s going to happen is, you are going to take the traffic. The traffic’s here and you’re going to direct them where they should go. The highway is the traffic. These are the people coming to you, saying we want this certain thing. By knowing that they’re on the certain highway, they are on by way of keywords, by way of sight you advertise on, by way of whatever you’re using to get them to your site.

That’s what you know, that they’re interested in.

And your goal is to either make money by selling ads. You could sell ads or you could sell space on your site much in the same way that the gas station guy purchased or rented the place on the highway, because he knew those people were going to need gas. Obviously, if you’re driving on the highway, you need gas of course until hybrids come out in a bigger way.

So the idea is you could either rent banner space. So the highway here is your website. This is where all the traffic goes. If you don’t know how to get traffic, don’t worry. We’re going to talk about I in another video. So the traffic is on your site. Now what you could do is could put advertise here things and have people purchase banner ads. That would be an example of external linking. Because what happens is, you’re renting the space and once they click on that, they are out of your control. So you’re basically directing them somewhere else.

That would be the example of banner ad. So keep that advertise here, up here as our example.

Now what I like to do is I like to control the traffic the way that I want because if I was to offer banners on my site, I might get a couple hundred bucks a month. Maybe a couple thousand a month, depending on the site.

But I know that. I know my customers better than any advertiser out there and you can do the same because you have the data.

So our goal is to direct them to things that they would want much in the same way that my grandpa

We can anticipate what they would want also. So by driving on the highway, we know that some people are going to get hungry. So what we could do is we could build a website about food places. We could build a website about food places. What we’re doing is we’re taking the traffic here and directing them to another one of our properties that is about an expensive type thing. So they’re here and they’re just looking up driving. And we’re diverting them into something like the hamburger place or the food place or whatever. Hopefully, this is making sense to you.

Another thing that they could want is auto repair. Let’s say, they hear a weird sound driving along the highway and they need auto repair. That’s another thing we can direct them to. That would be a sight that we own about you know, hey if your car is doing these things here’s what you need to do. And of course, directing them to different auto places.

Another thing we can do is direct them to buying a new car. Say, “Hey man, you got an old junky car or whatever. Get a new one. Here’s how you can get new one with no money down and you know bucks a month or whatever it is.”  Another thing, obviously the most obvious one here would be gas. Obviously, these cars are going to need gas so we could divert them there.

So here are four things that we are anticipating that the market is going to want, based on where they’re at. They’re on the highway. Now in your market, the highway is your website and the traffic is how they got there. So you own this piece of the highway that they’re traveling along the internet, which is your website and you know why they got there much in the same way that you would know, hey these people came from a certain part of the city to get to this part of the highway.

Very much the same way but in your instance, it’s keywords. It’s keywords. So it’s like, these people got here because they were looking up how to reduce acid reflux or how to cook beef stroganoff or whatever it is. They’re looking up these certain terms. So your job is to take these people that are on the highway and say, “Hey guys, you know what, why don’t you check out auto repair?” And you direct this guy to auto repair because he’s interested in it. He’s a man. Here’s what you need to do if your cars thumping around or whatever. Another guy comes up and say, “Okay great! What do you need?” Well your car looks kind of old, why don’t you go over here and get a new car? or Hey man, you look like you’re running on empty there. Why don’t you go get some gas? And you direct him to gas. Or Hey man, you guys look pretty hungry. Want to get some food? And on and on you go, taking each person and directing them to another property that you own, that is about something expensive. 

So your job is basically just sorting this traffic into the right spots. Just like the story with my grandpa. Not everyone bought chips and coke. Some people were just there for gas and the cool thing is, he made money on that. But in the process, he offered other things that he thought they would want. So our job as the owner of this little tiny portion of the information superhighway that is the internet, this little portion which is our website, is to direct people to what they need based on why they’re there.

So if we look at acid reflux, our job is to say, well what are the solutions for the acid reflux? Or I think take some kind of prescription. They could maybe buy a home remedy book or whatever, or maybe they need better health insurance or whatnot. And our job is to direct them to where they need to be. So this is our website. Let’s say, someone is searching for how to stop drinking. We can say, hey here’s a way to do it yourself if you think you can do that and we have a site about how to do it yourself.

Then we say, okay well another way is to go to a rehab. If you need help with rehab now, we have a website about rehab triggering the expensive ads about rehab and of course having affiliate offers. Another thing we could say, “Hey! Get some health insurance. It allows you to go to rehab or whatever it is. And we’re branching them out to all these things that they want, which are sites that we own, which are based on the anticipation of what they are going to need.

So our job first and foremost, is to direct the traffic where they need to be and get paid in the process. And I want you to think about all those times that you got distracted online and you clicked on different things that were related somehow to what you originally wanted. That’s the same thing we’re doing is getting people interested, providing options, and making money in the process.

Now the art of direct linking is very very very simple to do, but there is an art form to it. So in much the same way that you see on my five-figure niches site, how I have my video, which is our content and then we have these little boxes over here that are showing us different options, here’s what the search history reveals. Here’s the webinar. Different things like this that are leading to sites that I own.

Very important because this is where you are going to put the stuff that they want, like the food. Let’s see like the food, the gas, the new car and the car repair. That’s where you are going to put all this stuff, and you’re going to divert their attention and say, hey you know what, if you’re interested in this, go over here to one of my sites that describes the best way to do it, much in the same way if you’re to say, “Hey, here’s a site about how to make a blog.”

Okay number one, get your domain. You would have a little box over there that says here’s how to choose a domain name. Then you take them to a site that’s something like howtochooseadomainname.com. Then you have another box that says, “Oh we already have a domain name. Here’s how to get hosting.”  You have, how to get hosting.com and you’re leading them to things that they want already from your little portion of the highway. The part you own, which is your site to other places that you own, which are taking them to the expensive markets.

This is the art of internal linking.

We’re going to talk about this and show you a real world example in the next video and throughout the five figure niches training course. So if you haven’t joined yet, go ahead and click the link below. Get started guys! We’re going to go through everything. There’s nothing held back from you and you’re going to finally understand exactly how to make money online by doing it. So this course isn’t just about understanding how to make money online. It’s about getting you to make money online.

So go ahead, click that link below, sign up. If you’re on the fence about it, I want to make sure that this is absolutely right for you. Go ahead and hit me up on live chat or give me a call. I’ll put the number below the video that you can give me a call and I’ll turn that photon today on my desk. That way, I can answer your questions and everything. But watch for the next video. Sign up. Get started and I will show you exactly how this works. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Put your comments below and start directing traffic to what makes you money.

Thanks again. I’ll see you in the next video!




New Internet Marketing Forum


Hey guys! It’s Marcus here.

You know while I was away at rehab, for the month that I was gone, in addition to starting back my old habit, I learned a few things and I got to thinking about you and how I could best serve you without having to deal with the struggles of creating new programs, and doing new things, and having things all over the internet where you have to go find them.

My goal was to give you the information that you needed and the tools that you needed so that you could profit online and actually get support from me, my team, and your fellow students. Because what I learned is that we’re all going through this together. We all have similar goal. We all have similar ideas and we can all help each other out.

So what I’ve decided to do is put together this internet marketing forum. Now unlike other internet marketing forums where they’re polluted with a bunch of junk, fake offers, and a bunch of garbage, this one is all based on one thing. And that is based around the way that I teach affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, and internet marketing as a whole.

So this forum, unlike the others, is going to be powered by the videos and tools that I put out for you. So if you’re one of my simple site students, you’re going to have a special area in the forum to talk to other simple sites students. If you’re a blog profit member, you’re going to have a spot in the forum to talk to other blog profit members, and each group is going to get their own special set of tools, videos and everything that they need.

Now there’s a couple things that are going to change with this forum. You see because I want to get away from being the guru that everyone goes to for answers and relies upon for every little thing. I want to be more of a friend. I want to be like that friend who hangs out at parties and you ask him questions about internet marketing. And you get the answers that you need in a really cool way where it’s not like someone’s selling you the solution for something because we’re all in this together as I stated before, and we’re all here to help each other.

So what I’ve decided to do, is make three groups to the forum.

One is the blog profit network members area, will have a link below where you can sign up and you can get involved in that.

You also get the blog profit network software and tools and everything that is our basic tier.

Beginning internet marketers our next tier, is the simple sites big profits forum.

If you are an owner of simple sites and you are a continued coaching member, this is for you. If you want to reactivate or if you want to start with simple sites, you get the software, you get the tools, you get everything. You can do that below as well.

Then we have our special founding members area. This is for elite marketers who want to share their experience, learn more, ask questions of me, get their simple sites reviewed, get their blogs reviewed, everything like that.

And my goal is to make this perfect for you.

So what I decided to do is allow some of my members who have had success in the past to be part of this and be able to moderate it. Now what I’d like to do to make this worthwhile for you as a founding member, is I’d like to allow you the ability to be able to pay your way into the founding member program virtually free.

Now the price is going to be $297.00 a month. A lot of you guys might be thinking, hey that’s a great deal but I really don’t have that or that’s a big commitment. Now if you’re in that group of people, what I’ve decided to do is make this virtually free for you by allowing you to post special offers in our forum. These offers are going to go out to all my other students and everything like that. You can post a site with tips and tricks and things like that. You can post maybe an affiliate offer that you found that works well and you could use your affiliate link and make money.

This is unlike the other forms that charge like fifty dollars or four dollars or whatever it is for one single post. This is allowing you access all month. 

I know being a student of mine, you’re not going to abuse this and post one every second of every day or every day for that matter. You are going to reserve this for special things that you see needed. The goal is that you learn marketing as well as provide valuable services, valuable tips, and tricks to other marketers as well. And this is going to help you pay your way through the program. This is the absolute best value and this is something that you’re going to want to stay in forever, because not only are you going to get simple sites, not only are you going to get private coaching for them and skype access, not only are you going to get access to your other students, other members and my successful students, as well as myself, but you’re also going to get the ability to advertise on the forum.

Now all advertising must be approved by me and later on as the forum grows, you are going to be grandfathered in at just $297 a month. That means as we go on and we charge a thousand dollars for one post, you’re still going to be paying $297 a month for as many as you want to post.

As you can see, just one little post with an affiliate link can make you even more money than it costs to be in this. So this is an investment rather than another coaching program or junk because what I want you to do is, I want you to get used to making offers to people. I want you to get used to using this forum as a way to help people.

So guys what I’d like you to do is choose below based on where you’re at.

If you’re a beginner, start at the blog profit area.

If you’re intermediate, start at simple sites.

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How To Make High Converting Instagram Images And Youtube Thumbnails SUPER EASY

Hey guys, Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com.

Today, we’re going to learn on how to make a thumbnail that’s going to reel in views and clicks for your videos, blogs, and Instagram posts!

Advertisements are very important in being profitable!  

If you want people to notce your banners, thumbnails, ads, and posts , you need to start knowing what catches the eye of your market and what makes it stand out from the rest!

So how do you make it stand out from everything else on social media or on any site?

No worries! I’ll walk you through some really important steps!

When it comes to creating good thumbnails, there’s two major softwares that I use that’s very simple and inexpensive to use:

  1. Creator – you can get this program, you can get this program at affiliatedude.com/creator
  2. Snaggit– this is a snipping tool that you can get for 50$ that comes with a landing page course.  

My advice for you is that having one of these programs is well and good, but having both will make your life a whole lot easier!

This is what the  UI (user interface) of Snagit looks like! It’s actually very simple to use and self-explanatory. You won’t have any problem navigating since it’s got the same model as MS paint and Photoshop.

So what we’re going to do now is that we’re going to make a thumbnail for one of our videos

It’s super simple!

  1. First, you have to know what the theme of your thumbnail is. So if you’re making a thumbnail for a video on youtube or for a post on Instagram, you need to do your research on what fits!
  2. Once you now have a plan on your thumbnail and what theme you want it to be, you can choose from a list of pre-created thumbnails from Creatorandx choose which thumbnail fits your niche well!

You don’t have to worry about sizing since it’s perfectly sized for you!

  1. What we’re going to be using is one of the Instagram templates since we’re making an Instagram post. So we will be using snagitto edit the image to our own liking!
  2. We’ll be deleting some of the unnecessary parts of the image and we’ll be placing a screenshot of one of our videos on it.
  • One of the key ways to make your thumbnail stand out is by using large yellow texts since it has been proven for years in advertising!
  • You can use a black or a white background – this depends on how it contrasts to the colors that are on the image.

This is the final product. It should actually be very simple since the product is very self-explanatory. Deleting and moving images or textboxes around is as simple as dragging and dropping in the same way that you do in MS paint.

If you’re also looking for a thumbnail that works well with Youtube videos, Creator has those pre-created templates that has the perfect resolution for your Youtube videos!

NOTE – Having a good title that will make your customers more curious (like “#3 is my biggest earner)


A Youtube Video thumbnail should look like this:

And there you have it! Use these tools and your own thumbnails, posts, and even ad banners in just a few minutes!

If you want more thumbnails and images


We have lots of sample banners that you can work on!

Got a lot of cool videos and everything else for you! 

Check it out and I’ll see you on the inside



How To Search The Web – Google Tricks

Hey guys it’s Marcus here and today what I’d like to do, since over the past few years all we’ve talked about is how other people search the web and how to monetize it – what I’d like to do is – I’d like to take a few steps back and ask YOU if you really know how to search the web to find the things that you want because chances are no one really sat down and told you – you just kind of fiddled around with Google.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna teach you several different ways to search the internet for content for your site for calculators, for different research topics, and all kinds of different things that will help you get the information you need so that you can help others as well and make profit in the process.

  1. Now what we want to do first and foremost is decide why we want to search the web and what we’re looking for are we looking for a research topic. Video and audio or what is it we’re looking for recently what I do is I take little walks and listen to audios that I record from the internet or listen to from the internet or whatever you want to call it and what I’ll do is I’ll type something like the person’s name and mp3 searching for an mp3 file. So if I was to do something like let’s say we used a pastor’s name like Joel Osteen mp3or something like that okay you’re going to find that what’s going to happen is it’s going to show you all the different podcasts and things like that where you can listen to these people’s stuff.

Or you can even do something like King James Version Bible mp3 right and you can find different things like that another thing you can do is King James Bible PDF if you want to find a document or a PDF or something like that right and here we have the full PDF version of the of the Bible we have all kinds of different things so when searching the web you want to use lots of different things to actually find what you’re looking for and also find things for your visitors as well.

  1. One of the pages that I use is the Google search features page. I’m going to put a link to this below the video with different examples and things like that so that you guys can use it. Now, what this shows us is that there’s different ways to search the web so like I’ll search ‘Weather San Francisco’ – and voila! Now we have the weather in San Francisco!

  1. Not what’s the big secret here? Well what we want to show you is that the way that Google works is all based on search query okay that basically means that you have this big long string of info now when you look at this long string of info which looks really confusing to a lot of people you’ll notice several different thing:
  • One, you’ll see Q =  weather + San + Francisco + CA which basically is this here.
  • So if I was to change this to let’s say Los Angeles what’s gonna happen is  we’ll have the weather for Los Angeles all by just changing this.
  • You can also change the query if you want to search for Chinese food – simply replace the same keywords with ‘Chinese food’ and Chinese food will pop up from California.

Now what does this mean for you? how does this help? ”Marcus you’re kind of confusing me.” Right? Well that’s okay we’re gonna get into the nitty-gritty here:

  1. First and foremost, what I want you to realize is you can find information on any topic – very very good informationby using the string PDF so if I was to go in and say let’s say critical thinking PDF and we hit Search look at all these PDFs that I could read about critical thinking right so I can read some of this stuff and find out exactly what’s going on summarize it link to it or use it in my site to actually give information.
  2. Let’s say that we have a site about hospital medical scam. We have this site and we say “Man, we haven’t written content on this site. I’d like to find some content for this site.” We can go in and search something like ‘how to read hospital bill PDF’, and what we’re going to find so we have like understanding your hospital bill why medical bills are killing us how to read your hospital no to negotiating right so we have all this information here and we could go in and read all of these PDFs and kind of gather information about how to read the hospital bill.

  1. Now another thing we can do is we can send this to outsourcers or we could simply put links on our site let’s say we have a site about perhaps romantic ideas right we could do something like romantic ideas dot PDF. We have here’s a free bonus version of romantic ideas we have let’s see here 10 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day romantic ideas for the month right in anything with the PDF in front of it is actually a PDF that we could use right here’s some red hot romance ideas and of course we don’t want to like plagiarize this stuff if you do want to share it with your visitors you could put it on your blog and say ‘Hey I found this really cool thing for you right just make sure you end them to your blog.’very simple.
  2. Or you could go through and gather information from all these sources and kind of summarize it on your own and use these as references right that’s basically how the internet works. If we’re going to look at scientific papers – let’s say “Emotion in psychology PDF”. What you can see down below this PDF is references. The internet works just like these references. One of the sources talks about Cognitive Neurosciences and uses this as the top of the search engine.

  1. Now another thing to do is to utilize some of the things that I’ve put on this page now obviously I’m making the video so it’s not right here but it will be right here right one of the things that I did is I actually made it easy for you and showed you or have have put here for you the different things that I use right here’s the PDF one you just put your content like if you put ten ways to play golf or whatever write it find content BAMit’s gonna search for it automatically using Google.
  2. Now another thing you can do is resell rights let’s say you want to find a book that you could sell or give away on your site right all you do is you go save your marriage resell rights now what we have is all these different things like ‘save your marriage’book nine dollars for the book and you get to sell it and keep everything right lots of good stuff for you to use
  3. Another thing that I use all the time is calculators right if I do calculators let’s say I have a site about ‘pay off mortgage’find calculators what’s gonna happen is it’s now going to show you the spreadsheets for the calculators right and you can edit these like this one here I can edit right in Microsoft Excel and you can edit these like this one here I can edit right in Microsoft Excel right all I got to do is save it edit it make it cool put it on my site. Really easy.

  1. Again, don’t plagiarize. Use this stuff to learn from and use it to kind of make your own way because as you make your own way you could lead to cool affiliate programs that are gonna help your visitor get the result that they want very very important which brings us to our next one which is affiliate programs a lot of people say Marcus I don’t know how to find affiliate programs for my market ok well let’s take a look let’s say we are in the tattoo market all we do is type in tattoo and it searches for us automatically using Google here’s a tattoo affiliate program here’s a Clickbank tattoo affiliate program.

 I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and put the search features link below this video so you can see all those and use them to learn how to search and I’m also going to have these little boxes on the side of this video so that you can play around with them and learn how to make the search engine give you what you want!

 What I’m gonna do in the next video is I’m going to show you how to utilize these in a

different way to where you can actually have people search and make money in the

process but for right now what I want you to do is I want you to spend some

time getting to know Google in a new way!



Better than Whiteboard Videos and Easier to Make


Hey guys! It’s Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com where you can get all your tools and tricks about how to make money based on the way that I teach.

One of the questions that I’ve been asked a lot recently is, “Marcus, how do I make those videos where you make all those images that slide around and things like that.”

People also seem to like them quite a bit and they are extremely easy to make! 

Today, we’re going to show you,
              how to make them using the custom script that I had developed.

Now you’re gonna notice that you have your title here, your domain name here, and everything like that. Before we get in to all these, what we need to do is we need to download the file. There will be a download link on the form that I have on the link below this video.

Once it’s downloaded, you’re gonna notice a movingslides.zip folder. Extract this from the zipfile on to your desktop. Once extracted, we’ll see the files here.  You’re gonna notice that we have a couple of preliminary clip arts here just so you could see how it works.

The way that it works is this. You have a Java code that’s being accessed by this htm file here. Never touch the folder but you can touch the other images and direct file.

Next, we’re gonna open the htm file in our Firefox. We have this file here that is identical to the file we just had.  You can actually edit the file using notepad. There’s the video title here, and watch what happens if I were to edit this to “How to Find the Value of Your Home.” Then here we have these spaces. That creates the space between this video title here and your domain name.

We’re gonna edit this “YOUR DOMAIN NAME” part. Let’s type, “Valuemyhouse.org” Notice that the images I’ve put in the file for you which is running on your computer, this whole thing runs on your computer, there’s no need to upload for anything except for the video you make.

First and foremost, we have “How to Value Your Home.” Watch what happens when we save it. Because it’s saving over top of the other file, we can now reload the page and we will see our changes.

How to value my home? Valuemyhouse.org. Very simple, right?

Now you need some images that have to do with your topic. It’s very important to get the right images. So we’re gonna go over to clipart.com or your favorite image editor which I will put the links below.

Now we need to find images related to our topic. Type in “house”. Next, make sure that they are transparent and that they are GIFs. Let’s try “house sale”. Here is a little home value book. What we want is non-interlaced GIF. Download the image then save it to the same folder. Go to desktop, go to the movingvideos folder, then save it as house1.GIF. Do the same steps if you have to download other images. We basically load up all the files.

You’re gonna notice in your folder, if we were to go here, we’re going to go to direct then open it to our text editor.

In our text editor, in the quotes <img src=1.gif alt=””/>, we’re gonna insert “house1”. So it becomes <img src=house1.gif alt=””/>. If you need more, just copy paste it. Once you’re done, you could save it as houses.htm then choose “all files”. We should have a file called houses.htm. When we open this file, we are going to see our changes.

What you’re gonna notice is that the images are big. So we want to shrink them.

To shrink them, we go back to our folder where the images are. Edit the picture, resize it to 30%, then save. By editing that image, you’ve also automatically edited the size of that image in the video.

This can be time-consuming so I downloaded a program called Fotosizer.

It’s free and I’ll put the link below. Now I can take all the files and put it all in Fotosizer. In Fotosizer, put 30% width, 30% height then click start. Now all the sizes of the images are changed and we can get ready for our video.

I just put all the images that I’m gonna use below the link. That way, I can just go through one portion of my site and record one area so they don’t see all the slides at once. Then I can just drag each picture correspondingly within the visible slide.

It’s very easy to use. They can see your domain name all the time and you basically just explain things in a really easy way and record it. As you’ve seen on my YouTube channel, I use this all the time to explain different topics and show people how things fit together. Now the cool thing about using this is that it is internet-based.

I’m gonna put the script on my forum and charge a little bit to offset the cost and you guys can use it over and over again as many times as you want.

Hop on to affiliatedudemarketing.com, use the link in this video if you’re not watching this on the forum and I will have all the tools there for you.

I hope you enjoyed this! I hope you learned how to make a really cool video. You can make this all day long for your market. Be sure to check out my video marketing tool kit for ideas on how to make more money with videos, YouTube, selling stuff, and everything like that.

Click the link below and I’ll see you on the inside.

Free High Converting WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing- Customize in 3 Minutes

Could your blog theme be costing you money each and every day?

After getting hundreds and millions of visitors to my websites and blogs, I’ve found out that most people’s themes are actually causing them to lose money!


THE BIG IMAGE THEME. The one that has that giant image up top and then you have to scroll down to get to the rest of the content. This does not work because as a marketer, you’re gonna notice that your most valuable real estate is above the fold. This big image takes up all the screen space at the top that leaves no room left for you to make money, unless they scroll down which very few people do. This adds to your bounce rate and stops your ability to make profit.

THREE-COLUMN THEME. This where you have a blog that set up where the content goes down the middle with columns on the sides. This is where people put some ads on the right column, links on the left column and ads on the bottom part. This makes it very difficult for your visitor to read and locate something very easily. As a marketer, you want to locate something at the drop of the hat so they can click it and get you paid. This three-column theme is out. That does not work.

THE FUTURISTIC BLOG THEME. This is a theme where people go through and they have all the kinds of fancy buttons and things that pop up and scroll and images slide in from anywhere. This doesn’t work either because it takes the user a lot of work to get to the things that they really need.

What I found that works good is a simple theme that looks like this.

It works on mobile and it works on computers as well. This can either be a one or two-column layout. A one column layout looks like this with all the text everything in the middle and a header image at the top. A two-column layout is a column down the right side. I like to keep the column kind of hidden so it looks like part of the theme so we don’t usually have an actual border. So we put the video content and then the text content. This makes it easy for people to read.

Remember, most of the people are going to read right to left. That’s why the other don’t work because it’s all jumbled up, makes them scroll down to find what they’re looking for, and the other is way too complicated.

We want to keep everything really nice and easy. Image on the top, content on the left hand side, sidebar on the right. You can have in your sidebar like a little opt in box, some ads, other links and stuff as well.

This has been proven as the most money possible per visitor.

If you are interested in making the most money possible per visitor, I’m gonna show you how to customize this theme for your site in less than 3 minutes!

Let me show you how easy this is to do.

  1. Go to SimpleBlogTheme.com  
  2. Put your name and email address in the box.This is gonna take you to the download of the theme.
  3. You can watch the instruction video here and simply download this theme by clicking and hitting save target ads.
  4. Download this to the desktop.
  5. Once it is downloaded, you can notice the downloaded blog theme in a zip file.
  6. Go ahead and right click then hit extract all. This is gonna prompt you to extract the blog theme. Once it is extracted, you’re gonna have a bunch of files. Just ignore all the others and click on the images folder.
  7. Now you are going to edit two things. First, the header image. Second, the background image. The first image is named header, while the second is named page.
  8. It is important that you overwrite these with your images.
  9. Next, I’m gonna use my editor program to make an image or logo. Make sure it is 1000 x 100.
  10. Once you have the image the way you like it, you’re gonna go file save as, save it in your desktop, to your simple blog theme images folder.
  11. Overwrite the header, replace it, you’re done!
  12. After that, locate a nice background image.
  13. You can get it from clipart.com. Download the one with the highest resolution. Save it and replace the page file.
  14. Then go back to the beginning. Highlight everything.
  15. Click send to compressed folder and name this after your blog. For example, I would name it income for my “Income Inequality Statistics” website.
  16. Upon going to the website, you can notice that you still have to scroll down far to actually get the content.
  17. With this, we’re gonna go to manage themes on our blog. Click on upload theme then browse the theme we just created in the folder. Install the theme then activate it.

Now you can see we have a beautiful two-column and one-column theme based on what I’ve been using for years to get results that make money.

Go ahead and try this out!

Hop on to SimpleBlogTheme.com. Download your free theme. Customize it in minutes. Upload it. Then start converting your visitors. I’m Marcus and I hope you enjoyed this video. 
Subscribe and click the notification bell to check out the next video!