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What is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work For Beginners EASY Guide


What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Works For Beginners

In order to make money online, you need to be paying attention. Are you paying attention? Because clearly, not a lot of people are paying attention. If you’re paying attention, you’ll know that these Insta-pot that I bought, I had told you about it several months ago on my YouTube channel how it’s a great niche.

And you’ll also know that on Amazon prime day, this Insta-pot sold 300,000 units in one or two days.  So imagine if you’re paying attention to affiliate marketing, you’ll actually be able to make money with this stuff. For example, you can get a commission of 10% per unit which is a $100 each.

I also got a grill from the internet. It costs about $300 and there was a commission paid to an affiliate that sells that. Also is a little stove that I use. That one is also online which sells and gets a lot of commission. Imagine how many of this is being sold online? All of these are online and you can make a commission selling them. Not just that, you can get paid on all the things people are doing all the time on the internet. It’s really crazy to me how people don’t pay attention to affiliate marketing. People are just not paying attention. They are not focusing on where the money is.

I’m going to show you how affiliate marketing works so that you can start paying attention. So let’s get started.

Here is an article we made that talk about how much we made in sales.

A lot of things were sold. Imagine if you made a fraction of the amount of money that was made with this sale.

So let’s take a lot at some other things. Are you paying attention to the fact that Amazon pays a commission of a lot of the product that they sell? This means if you link a product to Amazon and people buy them, you get a commission. And guys, people are buying a lot of stuff every single day. I’m even going to show you how to get paid even If people are not buying stuff from your website.

Imagine if you just set up a little cooking website and you talked about the insta-pot, grill, and all other things. And you were just raking in money. So we’ve got to focus on that.

Now, I’ve got to tell you: I’ve been doing these stuffs for 18 years. I’ve made millions of dollars online and I don’t expect your result to be typical. I don’t know what you’re going to make. The average person makes nothing, but if you follow what I tell you, I think you’ll get result.

I also want you to realize that when I show you these things and say you should be paying attention, you haven’t had the 18 years experience; somebody is trying to give you a shortcut. So when you use the internet, you’ll see what’s going on behind the scene and you’ll see how people get paid.

If you like these stuff, make sure that you subscribe and hit the little bell icon. That way, when I go live and I do live training to show you how these works, you can be there. And when I come out with new videos, you can be there too.

So here is the table of commission.

I don’t really make a lot with Amazon; I don’t do a lot with them. I do CPA marketing and sell to other stuffs because I find the offer much better commission than other places. And sometimes you can get a discount and things for your customers.  Let’s go over to the Amazon homepage.

This is where millions of people every day start their internet journey. You can see the top selling items on prime day so let’s take a look.

First of all, the thing that I notice in this industry for 18 years is the fact that it says, “New content available, c

Click here to refresh”. Let’s click on it and see what they say.

They say, “Get to MSN faster; add the MSN new tab for chrome”. That tells me that Amazon has a toolbar for chrome and they want you to use it so much that they are willing to put it on their homepage which means they are probably willing to pay affiliates like you and me to get people to download me.

Much like the stuffs I did with recipe toolbars, bible toolbars and all that. All I did was give away a toolbar and I get paid a lot of money, 7 figures in some market (which is really crazy). All just to get people to download things, just like Amazon is doing right there.

Now, let’s take a look at the other things: here we have sponsored ads.

These sponsored ads are paying to be there, which means whether they are insane or they are making money.

“Pay 0 interests until 2019”. They are showing you just various different credit cards. Why in the world will they do that? They are doing that because the credit card companies are paying for you to apply for credit cards. I know because I have done this on one of my websites.

We got tons of applications for credit cards. I was one of their biggest affiliates and we’re making thousands of dollars a month just referring people that were looking for gas prices to credit cards that save money on gas. So, it’s the same kind of thing here. If you’re paying attention, this stuff is going to make sense to you.

Let’s see another one. There are tons of them on this page and you can check out whatever you want. We can see here, “trending now”. So they are actually showing you the things that are getting a lot of searches right now. If I went to create an ad on Amazon and I went for one of these searches, I’d probably get traffic now.

We can also see what’s really popular. Here is also another one with, “the highest paid affiliates”.

These have different things you can do, like “Continue’.  Look at this: this is from the “highest paid affiliate marketers”.

They are making money with these banners up there. You can also see the related topics on every one of these pages. Why would this be there? So, let’s click on them: I’m going to show you what actually happens.

Now, look at this: what they are doing is they are taking you to more search results. These people/offers here are paying for traffic. So all he does is to make an article that is interesting, link to some stuff and he’s got the search engine and he’s getting paid when people click it. He’s not even selling anything. All he did was lure you in with some kind of article like, “top 25 highest paid affiliates”.

Let’s take a look at more here: “Tips for cleaning your grills”

He has an article. And then check it out, he’s got some listings. When you click them, you’ll go to a page that again shows top search results for the top grills. So they are getting paid when people click on these stuffs. So you’ve got to be paying attention, otherwise, you’ll not be able to make money online. And if you pay attention to what I’m telling you (like the example of the insta-pot I told you), you’re going to make money.

Let’s see other examples. This is something about the credit card offers.

And again, this is a credit card offer and the affiliate network pays a ton for these. They pay $100 or more per applicant. And I don’t even need they need to be approved; they only need to be an applicant.

You can do this with mortgages, toolbars. Imagine if you took those sports people looking at the athlete a sports toolbar. You can now see that a lot of this stuff works and they are happening right now, but a lot of people are not paying attention which is why they are not making money.

You’re going to get paid as an affiliate marketer if you pay attention. You’ve got to be tuning in to what’s going on. You’ve got to see how people are making money.

In addition to places like Amazon, Google Adsense and other places paying you, you can also check out affiliate networks. One of my favorites is going to offervault. Offervault is a search engine for affiliate offers.

So I can go to the search for “credit card”. Then I can see what they pay for various credit cards.

We’re going to scroll past the sponsored stuffs. Most times, they are credit card offers where you sign up for a credit card. I know one of them which is credit.com. Here you can sign up as an affiliate and you can get paid when people sign up for various different credit cards. They even give you tools for your site so that you can use them. It works extremely well and they pay a crazy amount. The internet is a big place. People are buying things. People are doing things and you can get paid.

For example, let’s say we go over to offervault and we want to promote a toolbar. Let’s say we want to promote a flight search toolbar. We have $2:30 cents, 2:43cents and lots more when they download this toolbar. This is for people looking for a way to save money on travel.

We can also do for video download converter. This is a great one and I have made a lot of money from this. You’ll get people to download a video download converter (which they actually want to download) and you can make money on that.

Again, results are not typical. Most people don’t make anything. I don’t know what you’re going to make.

If we go over to the Google Adword tool and we look up to something like, “download video and we hit search. Watch how many people are searching for this stuff.  It’s literarily mind bugling. Now, 7 million people are searching and I get paid $0.75 every time they download. If I get traffic for $0.03 a click: that would be 25. That means if I convert 1 out of every 25, I’m breaking even. And with more than that, I’m making money.

Now there are a lot of other stuffs you can promote. The key is you’ve got to be paying attention. So if you like this training, subscribe to my channel, click the bell and start paying attention and stay around for my live streams where I teach new stuffs every Wednesday 10 am on how to make money with Affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in doing this stuff and like the way that I teach, hop over to simplesitebonus.com and pick up a copy of the simplesite big profit course and I’ll teach you how to make money, give you support and help you make this work. Thank you for reading, I’m Marcus.

Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts

Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts For Beginners

Today, what we’re going to be doing is talking about the affiliate marketing shortcuts. A lot of people in affiliate marketing, they say, “You know Marcus, it takes a long time to make money, it takes a long time to set things up, it takes a long time to see result”. Anybody watching video after video of a lot of trainers in our industry will see that most say it’s going to take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to see results on your investments from a new website that you build.

Now, let’s disclaimer this: Obviously, get rich quick doesn’t exist. However, you don’t need to wait a long time to get results. And that’s what this training is going to talk about. Watching my videos or reading my note does not guarantee that you are going to make anything. There are a lot of variables to this business: you can lose money, you can make money, and you can make nothing.

We don’t know what’s going to happen. All we know is these are the things that I’ve been using over the last 18 years to take a site from nothing to Profit. My record time is 13 minutes. I mean, after 13 minutes that I’ve registered a brand new domain name and put a site up, I actually had profit in my affiliate account.

Those profits were about $3 and the domain cost me $9. So I was down about $6. And by the time the day was over, that one little website, often times have made $100. Some of them have gone to make $1600 the first day online. So we’ve got to look at them and be objective.

Today, what we’re going to do is talk about the affiliate marketing shortcuts. What are the things that you can do to get started? Technically, what people tell you to do with affiliate marketing is to find a niche. And they say a niche could be anything, it could be something you’re interested with. A niche could be something that you like. A niche could be something that you know about. This is what most affiliate marketing training teaches you to do. They say, “Hey, you know what? If you’re good at carpentry, build a woodworking site. If you’re good at typing, make a site about typing. If you know French, maybe you should make a website about teaching the French language.” That’s how they tell you to start.

And then you go through and say,” Now that I found this niche, what I’m going to do is that I’m going to set up a blog”. And they tell you to set up this blog, build it about keywords and try to get it to rank in Google. Now, if you have been around more than a half hour, you know that sometimes if you don’t refine your niche, it could be quite difficult to rank your site in Google. So if you’ve heard people say, find a niche you’re good at, and eventually, if you keep doing it, you’re going to rank. Now, “eventually” is not a word that I like to use in business.

Imagine if Google, or Facebook or any big company comes to you and say, “We want you to invest in our company and eventually you’ll get your money back”. Maybe/eventually? You’ll be like, “I’m not going to invest nothing”.

So, they say, “find a niche and eventually you’ll get listed in the search engine. Eventually, you’ll start to rank and you’re going to make money.” They’ll say, “Anywhere from 24 months or more”. In other words, you build a site and you don’t see a dime for like 2 years. That’s okay, but that’s not what I’m in to. I’m a very impatient person and I like to read the game in my favor. Obviously, in ethical and legal ways, we want to read the game in our favors. How do we do that?

In this training what I’m going to do is go over 13 little shortcuts that you can use to take a site from zero to profit fat.

Three Variables Of Affiliate Marketing

There are three variables, they are: Finding a niche, getting traffic and making money. What I want to do is I want to get results now. The reason why I want to get results now is because it is motivation. If you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while, I want you to imagine what it’d be like tomorrow if you wake up to a sale of like $30 in your Clickbank account.

That’s motivation. So you’ll want to do a lot more of what you were doing that get that sale so you can get a lot more sale. How many of you feel like money will motivate you? That’s because you are seeing the fruit of effort.

Finding a niche

There are lots of videos on my Youtube Channel. If you’re not yet subscribed, subscribe to my channel, click the little bell, and go watch those videos on niche finding. With that, you can find niches all the time.

Getting traffic

This is where we are going to focus. Because here is the deal: if you had traffic right now that was targeted for your offer you’ll probably be making money. If your traffic was targeted, and you had the right offer in front of them, you will make money. This is the block that is holding you back. If you can get the traffic in the right way and put the right message in front of them, then you are off to the races.

13 Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts For Beginners?

If I said, “I got like half a million visitors a month that is interested in refinancing their mortgage”. Sure, that’s a lot of money. If you have 500 thousand visitors a month in the mortgage market, you’re making money.

So, finding a niche doesn’t really matter because a niche is traffic.  The niche is where you’re going to get your traffic.  It’s the same thing.  The traffic is just a method to get in front of the niche. When we get this ironed out, you’re going to see how it works. .

Getting the traffic is where most people are hung up.

Like in my live training, couple of hundred people are watching the live training. If you went through and said, “Marcus, I have a thousand people who want to watch your live training” and you sent a thousand people to watch me live, I’d make a lot of sales. The same thing as your website, if you have a lot more people, you’ll make a lot more sales. That’s not rocket science, just basic common sense business knowledge.  But the problem with business knowledge is,  a lot of people that want to make money online don’t really have the business knowledge.  Secondly, the people who have the business knowledge, for some reasons when it comes to online stuffs, it just goes out the window and it’s like some weird territory.

It’s like if I want to run a marathon, there is no difference in running the marathon now versus running it in the Olympics.  The only difference is the stigma in my mind around the Olympics. I’m running the same,  I’m on the same shoes, I’ve got the same track,  I’m going the same distance.  The only difference is mindset.

And that’s why so many people struggle with things when they get in front of people. So a lot of this stuff is mindset.  So we’ve got to really focus on the business stuffs that work.

For example, let’s say you want to open a lawn care business.  You’re like,  “I want to be a Gardner, I want to do lawn care and get out there”, what would you do? What you’d do is to ask for the business.

Let’s say, for some reasons,  I need to make an x amount of dollars per month. What would I do?

I’d probably go door to door and tell enough people about the stuff and maybe even offer them a free service for the first stuff.

So that’s what I’d do.  That’s basic business practice. I can do Google, ads and all other things but the most effective way is to go door to door.

Now I want you to look at what we did.  What we did is we circumvented everything and we just walked to the customer’s house and said, “hey, you need lawn care”. That what happens.



Does this also apply to creating a website?

It’s the same thing. When you create a website don’t wait around for people to come to you.  Actively go to them.  That’s what marketing is about.  Marketing is about going to somebody who has the means, the desire, and the need for whatever you have to offer.

What I want to go over today is the difference between direct response and branding.  Because a lot of people talks about branding. My facebook feed is full of people that are like “you’ve got to brand yourself”. And it’s like, what are you branding? Who are you and what are you doing?

Branding is for apple.  Branding is for Nike.  Branding is for huge companies that have big ad budgets. Here is the sad fact: I can do YouTube videos, I can put sites up there, I can do all kind of things, most of the people who see my stuff may not remember my meme in a month. So branding is not going to work if it’s your dollars on the line. If it’s Nike, Coca-Cola or any other big company, they can afford to brand because they can afford to put messages in front of you every single day.

You can’t afford to do that.  So what do you do instead?

What you’d do is called direct response marketing.

Notice that in the example, we talked about the lawn care.  You didn’t go to them and say,  “I have 500,000 of these customers that are really happy, or I have this and that”. No, you didn’t do that.  Those are all good, but when you’re just starting out, those aren’t going to get you anywhere. Instead what you’d do is say, “hey,  I believe in my lawn care so much,  I’m going to mown your lawn for free. And then you’re going to sign up”.

What you did was you went in there, find the customer and you went direct and find their response right then and right there.

Direct response marketing is what makes a lot of people online a lot of Money.


You get companies like clickfunnels.  Why does clickfunnels works?  Because it’s based on direct response marketing.

A lot of people make a lot of money with clickfunnels because it is set up to get a direct response. Notice how their pages work. They are like; okay you make a page that’s like “put your name and email to get this”. That’s a direct response. You either respond or you leave.

And if you respond, I’ll put you in my database and you’ll have to get my marketing messages. If you leave, that’s fine. Direct response is asking for a response right now. Whether it’s a response like “fill out a form”, or “buy a product”, “click my affiliate ad”, whatever it is, direct response is getting a response right now. Compare that with <find your niche that you like- work for 24 months and hope that people buy because now you’re getting a traffic. That’s not what we want to do. We want to do direct response right in the face marketing.

There are shortcuts you can take to make this happen. And all of the shortcuts focus on direct response. I’d rather go out there, focus on getting 10 visitors a day and focus on getting a sale. Focus on something that’s direct, focused and targeted.

  1. Pay per click test

My favorite way to jumpstart or shortcut affiliate marketing profit is with a paid traffic test. Now, you can literarily go to any search engine that offers paid search marketing. You can set up an ad and within 30 minutes, you’ll be showing on the search engine. Isn’t that fast? Instead of waiting for 24 months to get traffic, you can go right now and buy traffic. Like the one we bought last week: in 30 minutes we were up. So pay per click test is very good. You can go there.

A lot of people are afraid of paid traffic because they are thinking “what if it doesn’t work?” Now, the key to remember about paid traffic is you must do things right.

Again like I said, a lot of people when it comes to internet marketing forget all the business skills. I look at half of the websites that get sent to me, and I’m like “why do you think this stuff will work?” People are searching for this term and your site is not focused on the term. So why would you expect it to work? When you’re doing a pay per click test (And I do this in the simple-site-big-profit course which you can get at simplesitebonus.com), you must focus on what people are looking for.

For example, let’s say I’m getting traffic from the word “cooking videos”. Well, my site better says, “cooking videos”, it better have some links to cooking videos and it better has something that I can make money on that these people are going to want. Because I doubt most of these people are going to want to sign up for a cooking class.

However, I might be able to get them to download a recipe toolbar or maybe something of that nature. I might probably get them to opt-in to a mailing list so I can have a mailing list of people that are interested in cooking.

Even if you’re doing the free traffic method that takes a while, you still want to have direct response copy on your site.

So the first way is to go buy some traffic.  You can go to a search engine and buy traffic right now for any keyword you want.  A lot of it is extremely inexpensive. For instance, you can say you want to spend $5 in a day. When it gets to $5, it’d shut off. If you didn’t make any money, you pause it.  I like to do a test with at least 300 people.  So if you’re in a market where the traffic is 30 cents, it’s going to cost you 90 bucks for the test. If you’re in a traffic market where it is 10 cents, it’d cost you 30 bucks.

Again, you only want to test when you know something has the potential of working. I don’t want to send them to my blog that is not even set up. I want to send them to my page that is going to work. A direct response page that says “here you are, fill this up, do this thing, download this, order this product, e.t.c”, because you want to get results now.

  1. Traffic borrower (ads, comments, banners, jv, solos)

The second way that I like to shortcut these things is what I call the traffic borrower method. This is a method I’ve been using for years and it works extremely well. And if you’re taking notes, this is going to be value packed. You’re going to get a lot of tips. And if you like this tips, check out simpelsitebonus.com and go learn them in details.

Now, what is a traffic borrower?

Here is the deal: right now, on any search engine that you go to, if you type in your niche, how many sites show up? If you go to Google or Yahoo, and you’re like, “I’m in the niche of elderly care”. If you go to Google and type elderly care, how many sites show up for your niche or keyword? They are usually 10. So right now, in your niche, ten people are getting your traffic.

You can now look at those ten sites and see if there is a way to buy, broker, trade traffic with those people. Or you can even see if there is a way to get involve free, like, forums and stuffs. Now, this works really well if you’re doing ads. You can go buy an ad on a site. I’ll tell you what: 9 out of 10 websites don’t know how to monetize their traffic.

What I’m teaching you how to do in our videos and at the simple site course is I’m teaching you how to monetize traffic. If you can monetize traffic, the sky is the limit. All you’ve got to do is find people who don’t know how to monetize traffic, get their traffic and make a ton of money.

So you can go out there and do the traffic borrowers when you’re looking at ads. You can do comments on a blog. If you have a helpful comment on a blog that already ranked on Google and you say, “Hey if you want to learn more about this, check out my site”. You’re getting traffic instantly. Another example is with a solo ad. That would be a great way to get traffic right now. A lot of people do solo ads wrong, we’re going to teach you how to do it right.

  1. Social media direct targeting (free or paid)

The third shortcut to internet marketing and affiliate marketing prosperity is to use social media direct targeting. You can do this free or you can do this paid. Here is the deal: right now there are Facebook groups. In fact, there is a Facebook group for my city. Here in Florida, there is a Facebook group and I heard that someone offered a lot of money for that group. And there is a lot of people talking. If you had a restaurant and you went on Facebook and you’re like, “I had a restaurant that is right down the street. Everyone in this group gets 10% off “.

And we go to that and we’re like, “hey check it out”. This would work; it would get you, instant customers. The same thing happens in groups that are interested in a stay at home moms, work at home, or how to exercise. There are groups for everything.  Now, you’ve got to do this with direct response. We are not doing social media branding. We are doing direct response.

You need results now, not 2 years from now. You can do free traffic, you can go on and buy ad on social media. And you can be in front of your people right now. So you can do that and target exactly who you want. The theme of this training for shortcuts of affiliate marketing is that you are not helpless. We are not doing helpless marketing. We are not setting something up, hoping and praying that some money people come to our site.

That’s not what we are doing. You’ve got to know what works. You’ve got to be a student of what people click on. You should be researching what kind of banner gets the best response? What kind of ads gets the most clicks? What kind of email gets the most open rates? These are the things that make money. These are the things you need to look at and they are the things I teach people about my training.

  1. Banner Ad in your market

The 4th hack or shortcut to affiliate marketing success is Banner ad. I guarantee if you use this, you will start to get results. It might not be a huge bank account in 24 hours, but you will see what people do. And seeing what people do is half the battle. I’m a student of what people do. That’s your job. You watch what people do.

Again like I said there are 10 sites for every keyword. You want traffic now? Go to theb10 sites.  I have literally gone through and I bought a banner ad on a site that was ranked in my market.  And I bought a banner ad that cost $600 every 2 weeks.  That ad made me $16,000 a month. That’s a 10x. I made ten times my money.

And all it was,  was a simple little note asking people to download things. They didn’t have to out their email or buy anything, it was a simple button that got them to do that.  There are banner ads in every market that are cheap. Why?  Because people are not students of what people do.

They are sitting there just trying to get traffic. You can be good at traffic, I’m good at selling.  You can go to sites like banneradnetworks.com, bysellads.com and lots of places where you can go get banner ads.  There is a banner video in the simple site course. You can learn about that. All of these tools and tips are going to be updated.

  1. Fast SEO Using Direct Words and Video

You’ve looked at SEO and you’re like “SEO takes a while”. You’re not going to get the number one rank with a new site if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you know what you’re doing, it’s still very difficult. So what do we do instead? What we’ll do is to use fast SEO using direct words and videos. You can also use WordPress. Here is the deal: SEO is 100% about the keyword you choose. If you’re not getting results fast, you’re not choosing the right keyword.

In the simple site course and all of my training programs, we show you how to find the right keyword. How do you find the right keyword that’s going to work for you? Instead of going for the word mortgage, why don’t you try the word, “qualifications for the FHA loan”. These are things people type in. And the difference is, you’re getting deep in the buying funnels which mean it’s easier to convert them.

I can do better setting up a 100 keyword pages and getting ranked for keywords I know I can rank for than you’re going to do spend all the time on the word mortgage.

  1. Simple landing page and Direct Traffic

Create a simple landing page and don’t get hung up in the tech stuff. Literarily, if you go through my stuff, download my themes and use the tools that we provide in the simple site course, you can make a landing page in 30 minutes. If it takes more than 30 minutes, you’re spending too much time and you’re doing it wrong. You need to spend your time on getting people to fill out your form not making the form look pretty. So many people try to make stuffs look pretty. Pretty doesn’t sell, I have tried it. You test a pretty site versus ugly site; the ugly site wins hands down. I’ve actually tested things. I’ve worked hard making the affiliatemarketingdude.com logo. You know what? Most people don’t like logos.

When I removed the header from a page, instant sales jump. You may have been making your site pretty for years, but that’s not what’s going to sell. What’s going to sell is your message. So I want you to go out there and create a simple landing page. You can drive some traffic to it. This is why clickfunnels works because of the simple landing pages.

  1. Press releases targeted at your easy keywords

The 7th way to shortcut your way is through press releases. Press releases are cool because you can get a lot of attention. And they are not like the media. You’re not trying to get in the news; you’re just trying to use the press releases to boost site up in the search engine to get people to view it.

Why do press releases work? Because they are on a big press release website and that big press release website gets looked up by big search engines all the time. Again, you have to target it at your easy keywords to make it work.

  1. Get involved in your market talk sites

Did you know that right now, there are forums and sites in just about every industry? I actually built up a brand new site and I got traffic, ranking and backlinks by literally going to an anxiety forum.

I just posted some contents and I said, “Well, I was an alcoholic and I had anxiety and here is how it worked. If you like this, I’ve got some videos on my site”.

People start coming in right away.  I even built up a YouTube channel on it.  You can do this in any market.  That’s why a lot of subcategory marketers worship the warrior forum.

The problem with internet marketing and affiliate marketing is that you worry about what you think and what you like.  What matters is, what are people doing? So you can get involved in the talk sites. Just do a search for your keyword and forums.

  1. Make big buck with phone lead and calls

There are people out there who need to make money right now.  I have been in that situation multiple times. I was like,  “I need money now,  not tomorrow”. If you need to make money now, put yourself up and do this.  Here’s what you do: you’ll find a market, and you drive phone leads. I hate calling people on the phone.  I just don’t like doing it.  But sometimes, if I want to make some extra sales, If I hop on the phone, I can make thousands of dollars.

Again, results not typical. You have to call the right people and have an ethical thing to sell.

So no one should ever complain that they are too broke to afford my stuffs. Because you can go out there and literally hop on the phone, talk to people right now and you can sell stuffs. Think about this.  That is the ultimate direct response marketing. But the problem is most people would rather complain than make a 30 seconds call.

  1. Use a Pay per click content network

Again, back to the idea of the 10 sites for every keyword term.  You can go to the content network and buy an ad on their site.  I’ve been in a market where it is one dollar a click. I’ve gotten traffic for 7 cents. Why?  Because it’s not on the search engine,  it’s on the sites that are on the search engine.  It’s still the same thing and person and it’s very inexpensive.

We talked about the pay per click network in the simple site course.  So it works really well and you can learn about it.  That is how I have made most of the money that I have made when it comes to pay per click content network.  This work insanely well.  A lot of people don’t talk about them.


  1. Create a contest and sell through social media groups.

This is one I did a couple of weeks ago. You could sell through a contest on social media.  This is something I did and I didn’t realize it’s going to go well as it did.  I got people in a Facebook group and I said,  “hey guys if you’re interested in this, I’m going to have a live training where we are all going to compete.

Whoever gets the most lead will receive a thousand bucks and whoever gets a second will receive 500 bucks”. It took me a day to come up with the idea.  The next day it was up and running and within a week we had a bunch of sales.

  1. Find avenues to help people instantly

Here is the deal: this is what people Miss. The internet is all about help. You go to Google, you search for something. What you’re doing is you’re asking Google for help.  So they want help and you can help them.

  1. Put live chat and talk to visitors

This is an extremely effective strategy. Especially for the fact that you can watch exactly what your visitors are doing and where they are coming from.

So that’s the deal.  These are the 13 things you can do to shortcut your affiliate marketing success.  A lot of people say ” I Want to make money now”. Obviously, there are no guarantees in life. Most people make nothing.  But you go in there and you do direct response, you’re going to see results.

Now if you want a true shortcut to making this work, our most successful students start with a high ticket niche. This takes out all the guesswork because what we finished find the niche for you.

We find your niche, get your domain name and you get that.

You own it, you can sell it or do what you want with it. On top of that we’re going to put up your site, and get some contents on it.


I’m going to build the site in a direct response way and I’m going to walk you through everything. I’ll suggest you go to highticketniches.com, sign up, fill out the form and we’ll help you make it work. If you’re on a budget, there is Marcusmentor. me where you can go as well.  There is also where you can go if you’re a previous customer and want to update your support, get more plugins and all that.

The three options are really good.  High ticket niches are the best.

So let’s go ahead and take questions.


You said Katra was great as an autoresponder but you still use a Weber,  what should I use?

Either one!  Go to my site and you’ll see a comparison of them.

Katra is great if you want to sell stuffs on your own but not as an affiliate.

What do you do if you don’t understand the mechanics but you do understand the idea?

Get a high ticket niche. Bypass all the tech stuff; let me help you find your niche. You do what you understand.

Do I have to use my real address in autoresponder?

No, you can get a P. O. Box.  That’s what I do.

Should I start affiliate marketing in the IM niche or do CPA?

If you’re just starting and you want to get into the internet marketing niche, compete with people who don’t know what they are doing and do CPA marketing.




For a newbie in click bank, do you recommend free or paid traffic?

I recommend you go for what your market demands. Let your market determine your traffic method.  Don’t ever force a traffic method on a market.

How do you get indexed on Google?

I actually did a video on that. So go watch that.

My high ticket niche is not doing well, how can I fix it?

The best thing you can do is contact us.

When you set up a niche, can you use the videos from the offer?

It depends on the offer. To have to check the offer.

Is there a difference between the mentor program and the simple site?

The mentor program is like a basic ask questions with videos.  The simple site is like the course. So if you want the course, get simple site.

Also if you have simple site or high ticket niche and you bought them a while ago, get the mentor to update your support. For any questions you have, you can get us on live chat and see how it works. So go get signed up.  Let’s make some money, let’s have fun. Thanks again for reading.



Affiliate Marketing Talk At Traveling Beasts Seminar With Jermaine Steele

I Found Jermaine And Connected Thru His Facebook Post:

Jermaine Steele: 00:00 Quick introduction, real quick, if you guys don’t mind. Again, 20, 30 minutes, let’s give Marcus the same respect that we’ve given all the other speakers, por favor. And about 2010, I was still working a job and I bought a course called Simple Sites, Big Profits.

Marcus Campbell: 00:19 That’s the one.

Jermaine Steele: 00:20 Right? This course was a, I remember it was a software and an e-book, was 95 pages, I printed the whole thing out and I thought that I had to read the whole thing, which it helped me, so it was good I did. But I learned about branding, I learned about affiliate marketing, and I learned about how to really get to where what started me, which was affiliate marketing. I created a site called The Halloween Super Center. I went to Commission Junction, I started connecting it, next thing you know, I was selling Chuckie Bride Halloween costumes, which that tells you how old it was.

Jermaine Steele: 00:52 Point being, guys, that I created a site, and that was kind of like the beginning of this, if you will. So, yeah, hit me up. He’s like, “Hey, you’re in town, we’d love to connect.” I was like, “Dude, come on out.” He’s still doing his thing, right? He’s got a new brand, and I’m excited to bring up Mr. Marcus Campbell.

Marcus Campbell: 01:14 Thank you, man.

Jermaine Steele: 01:17 You need a computer?

Marcus Campbell: 01:17 I could use it, yeah.

Jermaine Steele: 01:17 Okay, cool,let’s-

Marcus Campbell: 01:17 Where are you guys, where are you guys at in marketing?

Jermaine Steele: 01:25 So [inaudible 00:01:26], like Alfredo was up here and he asked the same questions, ’cause he does a lot of consultants, printing, stuff like that. Everybody is on different pages, so we got e-commerce, we got, I’ll say this, everybody is winning, making money with e-commerce or affiliate marketing. Who here does affiliate marketing?

Speaker 1: 01:43 Me.

Jermaine Steele: 01:45 Victor, Andy, Rosie, so there’s quite a few in here. It still runs in my blood, so I still do it, but again, I’d say for the most part e-commerce, [inaudible 00:01:54], stuff like that.

Marcus Campbell: 01:57 Alright so, can you guys hear me?

Speaker 2: 01:58 Yeah.

Marcus Campbell: 02:01 We’ll talk about search marketing, you guys like search marketing? Pretty cool. Alright, so what I do is I’d like to go through and [inaudible 00:02:09] what’s going on. So for me what I wanna do, does anyone have a timer on their phone? Alright give me one minute. We’re gonna sit quiet for one minute and I’m going to show you guys something pretty cool. I’m gonna write it [inaudible 00:02:22] so let me know when that starts.

Speaker 2: 02:25 Alright ready, go.

Marcus Campbell: 02:31 Let me know when that stops, this is the fun part. This is a lot more fun [inaudible 00:02:57]. We’ll just kinda play it by ear. 20 seconds to go. 15…and 10, 9, I think we’re about there yeah? Alright cool. So the number I wrote down was 4 million. That uncomfortable minute means that 4 million people just searched on Google, 4 million people.

Marcus Campbell: 03:32 So what I like to do, is I like to look at that and say to myself, with 4 million people searching Google every minute, there has to be someone that’s looking for what I have to offer. Now we look at that and we can be searching anything from directions to get here…like I searched for on my way here. They could be looking for things like ways to stop drinking like I searched for about 4 years ago. They could be looking for things like recipes, they could be looking for anything.

Marcus Campbell: 03:56 And what happens is when you deal with this, you have a bunch of people and you can predict where they’re gonna be. So I’m gonna ask you this: if you go through and you take a look at your market and you’re like, okay, here’s where my people arrive. Not on the toilet, they’re not on the toilet, we don’t want them to arrive there. Okay. What we look at is okay, where do our people arrive? Well while people arrive, let’s say I’m doing affiliate marketing and I want to sell leads to local rehabs for alcoholics.

Marcus Campbell: 04:23 Okay those companies are willing to pay $700 for a 90 second phone call. So someone gets on the phone for 90 seconds, you get a check for 700 bucks. Pretty cool, right?

Marcus Campbell: 04:32 Now the question is, how do we get this traffic? Cause if we go to Google right now and we were to search for something like, rehab, okay what you’re gonna see is, let’s see alcohol rehab. Okay what you’re gonna see is a whole bunch of advertisements, right? You got these guys up here that are local, and you should have some ads down on the bottom as well.

Marcus Campbell: 04:58 So what you have is you have a lot of people trying to get this traffic. Now if you were to look in the Google ad words tool, you’re gonna find that this traffic is anywhere from $50 a click to $300 for one click. That means I click on an ad, right? If I click that, if he was bidding on an ad, that would cost him $50 to $300 bucks. And a cool side about that is that someone’s getting paid on that right? Not just Google, but other people as well.

Marcus Campbell: 05:26 Now the question is how do I find someone that needs a rehab or needs the product I’m selling, but doesn’t know they need it yet? Cause that’s the golden part. It’s kind of like when they tell you the best time to sell home insurance or home security systems is when? After a home break in. Your neighbor gets broken into, you’re like I’d better go get a home security system.

Marcus Campbell: 05:48 So we look at that and that would be a good example. Now when we do this with search marketing, my job is is to say well what would people be looking up if they were gonna end up needing alcohol recovery or if they were gonna need a refinance or if they were gonna need to foreclose on their home. So we look at this and if we can find them somewhere in the buying process where they don’t know they’re going to be, then boom, you can create customers for pennies on the dollar.

Marcus Campbell: 06:13 So we look at this and what I like to do is I like to go through and find things that people search for. For example, if I know that someone can refinance to save their house, we know that 9 out of 10 houses that foreclose, if you got a simple re-fi, boom, you could probably save your house right? So we look at that and we’re like okay if that would save their house how can I get people that are in the process and I know they’re gonna foreclose. If I could have a magic ball and look into the world and say, look, this guy’s 6 months behind on his payment. It’d be good data, right? And that’s what our whole business is driven on, is data.

Marcus Campbell: 06:48 So if we have the data on that and I say to myself, well, what about someone that’s looking something up like ‘hardship letter for mortgage.’ So here’s someone, they Google this and they Google it like 9,000 times a month, not one person, 9,000 people. And they Google this and I look at it and I say here’s someone that’s looking for ‘hardship letter for mortgage.’ So they wanna write a letter to their mortgage company so that they can get a better loan, get a loan reduction or something like that.

Marcus Campbell: 07:17 So I could go through and I could be like, hey check this out. Did you know the rates are like 4% right now? If you do a re-fi, you can get cash, you can do that, whatever. Now this type of keyword, the keyword where you’re dealing with something like ‘hardship letter for mortgage’ there’s literally no advertisers on there. None. They haven’t figured it out yet. Even though I tell people every week in my webinars.

Marcus Campbell: 07:37 So we look at that and that’s predictive search marketing. You can also look at things like this right? Everyone in here knows that there’s a market on line for ‘make money on line.’ Right? How many of you you guys have heard of that niche? Or maybe you’ve searched for it yourself. Now, when someone searches for ‘make money on line’ I want you to think about their mindset. They’re sitting here with their arms crossed like this, and they’re like what’s this little short dude gonna tell me about making money on line? He’s probably a scammer. I mean look he’s got his logo, he’s got cigars, he’s gotta be a scammer. Every scammer has cigars.

Marcus Campbell: 08:12 So that’s what they’re thinking. Is that a good customer or a good prospect for me? Because I sell stuff that helps people make money on line. Well I actually found better keywords. For example, I could use a keyword like Ad-Sense. The Ad-Sense program allows you to put ads on your website and make money. Okay so technically a guy typing in Ad-Sense wants to make money on line. Right? So now I get this traffic. The traffic is like 3 cents to 30 cents a click. Or I can get it free with YouTube and whatever. And boom, now I get a customer that’s in a different part of the buying process. Does that make sense to everyone?

Marcus Campbell: 08:50 Cool, do you have a water?

Jermaine Steele: 08:52 Yes.

Marcus Campbell: 08:53 Alright, cool. Been sitting in the car too long. Now any questions on that so far? You guys all use search marketing? Or have you heard of this stuff before? Part of it.

Jermaine Steele: 09:05 It’s not cold brother but there you go.

Marcus Campbell: 09:08 Oh that’s cool. So you guys have heard of it before? Now how many of you guys have used paid search marketing? Okay, cool, ad words, stuff like that? Alright cool. That’s primarily what I’ve done and for me, as a marketer, my goal is to find what people search for and focus on that. Because for me as a marketer I’m like okay I wanna make money, this is my inventory. So every keyword that people search for on Google is my inventory.

Marcus Campbell: 09:34 Hardship letter for mortgage, it’s got 9900 people, if it’s worth a dollar a click to me, that’s 10 grand a month. If I go through and I look up something like ways to stop drinking, boom, I know the guys gonna have a problem, I know he’s probably gonna end up in a rehab. I can bring him through a funnel. Words like Ad-Sense, this is all inventory to me. And when we look at this, it’s different than any other kind of marketing because you’re actually going through and you’re tackling the person at the exact moment that they want something. So now what I do is instead of going to the ad-words tool and typing something in like mortgage or weight loss or something like that, what I do is I use what I call trigger words.

Marcus Campbell: 10:13 A trigger word is a word that I can go in and reverse engineer and say what are people searching for? Because as a marketer I don’t care about whatever product I’m using, I mean I obviously have to have a good product right? But I don’t care so much about what the end result is as long as it’s ethical, as long as it’s within something that I wanna do. What I care about is what are people searching for and what can I link them to?

Marcus Campbell: 10:37 And one of the markets that I found back in, I think it was 2004. I was doing my trigger word research and I found out that people were looking for backgrounds and layouts for websites. Right and at that time everyone was obsessed with My Space. They were out there and they were like, My Space is cool, My Space is great. Backgrounds and layouts and they wanted to have a cool picture of their favorite artist on their page. Or they wanted to make their mouse…

Marcus Campbell: 11:00 Picture of their favorite artist on their page or they wanted to make their mouse cursor a baseball instead of the arrow that is so boring, right? So we went there and so many marketers told me at the time, they’re like, “You can’t make money with that.” How many of you guys here, you’re like, “Myspace is free, it’s mostly like older teens, younger adults and there’s nothing to sell.” And you’d be like, “Marcus, that is not a buyer’s market, What are you talking about?” Right? How many of you guys, if you’re honest, you’d say, “It’s not a buyer’s market, how do you make money in it?” What I did is I went there and my theory is always if there’s traffic, there has to be a way to make money on it. There has to be, right? Because they’re spending money anyway.

Marcus Campbell: 11:40 I went through and I looked at it and I found some programs and I was like, “Okay.” These programs aren’t exactly what they want but I can actually get paid when people download things. And so, this company was like, “You’re gonna get $0.70 when people download a happy face.” And I was like, “$0.70? Cool. Happy face? Cool. Does it cost anything? No.” Okay, so how many happy faces could I give away in a day? I went to it and I’m like, “Well, these Myspace people aren’t looking up happy faces but I think they’d probably like them.” So what I did is I put it in front of them and boom, we had a site, we were getting about 4,500 downloads a day of the smiley face program where I was getting $0.75 or $0.70.

Marcus Campbell: 12:24 Now fast forward a couple years later, they made me a custom program. I went through … we were doing like three to four dollars per download, thousands of times a day. When you look at this, this is how the internet works and a lot of people don’t reverse engineer it because they’re so focused on linear thinking. How do I find a customer that wants this, right? So I’m selling mortgages, I better type in mortgage, I better type in mortgage Florida, I better type in mortgage refinance, mortgage rates. All of these are gonna be competitive because they’re completely obvious. What I say is when everything is obvious, it goes to breakeven. So like the rehab one, you can get $700 for a 90 second phone call. Problem: you’ll probably get a phone call every maybe 10 clicks, alright? Traffic’s $0.70 a click; breakeven. Car loans, right? You could get $10 for a car loan for them, alright? They amount per click … probably gonna pay $3.00 for that click; breakeven.

Marcus Campbell: 13:21 So what you gotta do is you gotta think outside the box and you have to think differently and you have to go to your keyword tool and say what are people typing in to end up where I’m at, right? If someone’s out there, so let’s say one of the programs that’s really big … how many you guys back up your computer using a cloud? Cool, thank you if you went through my link. So here’s the deal, right? Cloud back up, very expensive keyword. You got companies like McAfee, you got companies that have huge, huge budgets. Here in this room, even the guy making the most money is not gonna be able to compete with McAfee or those big companies, so what do we do?

Marcus Campbell: 14:01 What we do is we go for something like hard drive error, right? Someone looking up a hard drive error, they’re like, “Holy crap, I got hard drive error 90648 and I don’t know what it means so I Google, right?” And I go there and I go, “Well, hard drive error 90468 happens to be a bad hard drive.” How many of you guys could have figured that out? It’s a bad hard drive, what should you do? Well, why don’t you go to the cloud and back it up? Boom, now I get paid on the sale for them even though they’re not looking for it, right? Because they want hard drive error and I can go through and I can look at this and I can remedy it in a linear fashion where I’m not going out there and say, “Well, I sell make money online therefore, I want make money online. I sell mortgages, therefore, I want people looking for mortgages.” Instead, I’m backing up a step and saying, “Can I predict what people are gonna do?”

Marcus Campbell: 14:49 About, I think it was two years ago, I was about … yeah, two years ago … three years ago, I had just gotten out of rehab. I had an alcohol problem, four years sober today. Not today, but awhile ago. Thank you. And about 90 days out of rehab, I was like, “I wonder, if you look at my search history, if you could have predicted this?” And that question right there, if you answer it, you will be rich, just answer that … If you could predict, based on my search history, that I was going to need rehab, how many of you guys would be like, “Yeah, I’d like a piece of that.” I mean, rehab’s like 50 grand, 100 grand and the companies pay a lot, right?

Marcus Campbell: 15:33 If you could predict it and so what I did is I went through and I looked at my search history. Some of it was depressing, some of it was not good, some of it was like … not that not good, get your mind out of the gutter, right? I do that on other computers, you know? But we look at that and we’re like, “Okay, here we have this and we break it down.” I had things like am I going insane, alcohol and mental illness, alcohol and depression, alcohol and Zoloft. They had me on Zoloft at the time, which … don’t mix the two, not good. I looked up all these things and you could have clearly taken that search history and you could have predicted where I’d be. Now think about that for a minute.

Marcus Campbell: 16:14 What if you could take whatever you’re marketing, I don’t care what it is whether it’s a software, whether it’s make money online, whether you’re a personal coach, whether you’re a consultant. Whatever you’re doing, if you can take that and say, “What could I predict based on what these people are searching for? What could I predict?” If someone’s out there and they’re like, “How do I build a lead capture page for my website?” That’s a cheap click, that’s dirt cheap. I know because I’m buying it right now and I get traffic for $0.30 or $0.10. These people want hosting, they want my products, they want products that are done for you, website building things, right? We look at this and we say, “How can I go through and back up in the buying process?” And say, “What is it that they would inevitably use to end up where I’m at?” Does that make sense? Does that helpful for you guys?

Audience: 16:14 Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Marcus Campbell: 17:04 Okay, cool. Any questions on that so far? No? Okay, cool.

Marcus Campbell: 17:09 So yeah, that’s basically what I do for a living is I go and I find people that don’t know they want something because if I know you want something before you know you want it, I’m extremely wealthy, right? Because I through, I’m like, “There we go, that’s what you guys want and you didn’t know it yet.” How much time we’ve got?

Jermaine Steele: 17:27 Oh we’re good, you’re good.

Marcus Campbell: 17:28 Cool.

Jermaine Steele: 17:29 Yeah, I was just … take all pictures.

Speaker 3: 17:31 Unless, I missed, do you use any specific tools or keyword searches to …

Marcus Campbell: 17:36 Yeah, I use the AdWords tool. When I used the AdWords tool, I’ll go in and what I’ll do is I’ll use a list of trigger words because again … I’ll go through … As a marketer, I don’t care what I use so I’m not going in there saying, “I’m gonna sell rehab leads.” I go in there saying, “What the hell do people search for, right?” Four million, four million a minute, what are they searching for? I’ll go through and that’s how I found the Myspace one. Seven figure business off of a simple little term. That’s how I found my web hosting one that makes money every month. We look at it and it’s … I’ll go into that tool and instead of typing something mortgage or whatever, I’ll go in and I’ll type in tips, download, pdf, learn, ways to, calories.

Marcus Campbell: 18:17 Like calories … you guys want to get in the weight loss market? People looking up calories in a banana. I don’t look it up because I don’t care how many calories are in a banana but someone who does care wants to lose weight. That traffic right now, you could get it for $. 02 a click or free. A lot of these words you could get free if you’re not into paid traffic.

Jermaine Steele: 18:34 [inaudible 00:18:35] that’s kind of what you said. Like I was looking the other day, can you drink coffee while you’re fasting?

Marcus Campbell: 18:41 That’s probably a good one.

Jermaine Steele: 18:42 I didn’t type it. [crosstalk 00:18:43] then that will lead into …

Marcus Campbell: 18:46 Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah that would lead into like intermittent fasting.

Jermaine Steele: 18:49 [crosstalk 00:18:49] fasting, you know? So that’s way off of diet terms but they’ll lead into a good diet [inaudible 00:18:54].

Marcus Campbell: 18:54 What happens too is it’s problem solution oriented. Like the guy who’s like, “I wanna make money online.” You gotta sell him. I want a guy who’s like how do I put AdSense up?” Well, here’s how you do it. By the way, if you do it like everyone else, you’re only gonna make 10% and I’ll show you how to make 90. If they’re like, “I wanna make 90.” Boom, then they sell themselves. Guy looking up the fasting one, right? Can I have coffee while fasting? You go through and you’re like, “That’s his question,” you say, “Well, here are the reasons yes, here are the reasons no. By the way, what kind of diet are you on?” You get him to click something.

Marcus Campbell: 19:27 One of the things that I utilize, which is very important is getting people to click things, right? Sounds basic. You’re like, “Well, everyone clicks everything online. What the hell are you talking about, dude? I didn’t pay for this?” But what happens is you can actually put your site up so you have your site and you’re like, “Okay, should I drink coffee while fasting?” And then you go through and you say, “Well, why are you fasting?” You’re like, “Okay, are you fasting because of religious reasons? Okay, click here. Are you fasting because you want to lose weight? Good, click here. Are you fasting because, you know, you’re on a detox or you’re going the doctor or whatever?” Which I’ll bet the coffee one has to do with a doctor, I’ll bet that’s where that’s from because they’re probably looking like fasting before surgery, can I have coffee? So we’re looking at that, right?

Marcus Campbell: 20:10 Then if you’re looking at surgery or something like that; one, you can take each of these solutions and put it to a different thing that makes money, right? So to kind of make it simplified, it’d be like you want to lose weight? You want 50 pounds, 100 pounds, 200 pounds, right? You take them to the program that’s gonna fit. Now two things happen here. One, you’re making more money because the product is more suited to what they want and two, you’re getting data. Data is what rules this game and we look at it and we’re like, “Okay.” I set up a simple Bible site. I found out people wanted to download the Bible, Bible Online. Okay, they wanted to read the Bible online. So I went through and I did this site, it was a one page site. It took me about 15 minutes to make and it had little Bibles and it was like, “Here’s the NIV, here’s the King James, here’s this, here’s that, here’s that.” And so, I went through and I looked at what they were clicking on. I was like, “Okay, they’re all clicking on this one down here. I’m gonna move that to the top.” Instant 50% more revenue.

Marcus Campbell: 21:06 Same kind of thing I did with a sports site. I had a site about watching sports online, people want to watch sports while they’re at work because who doesn’t want to watch sports while they’re at work? And so, I went through and I was like, “Okay, the 49’ers are getting most of the clicks because they used to be a really good team.” But you know, they’re getting all the clicks and so, here we go. We’ll move it to the top and I’m learning about where these people are at, which is important. If you can learn about where your market’s at in a simple little test, that’s what’s gonna be key.

Marcus Campbell: 21:36 The second tactic that I use that’s really good is utilizing what people naturally do, right? What do they naturally do online? Like if I go to a site and I’m looking for cheap gas prices in my area, what’s natural? What would be natural for that? You go to the site, if I say, “Put your email in.” Would you guys be like, “What the hell does he want my email for? I mean, he’s gonna email me gas? You know? I don’t know.” What if I said, “Put your zip code in?”

Audience: 22:01 Yup.

Jermaine Steele: 22:03 You know, I was gonna say-

Marcus Campbell: 22:00 What if I said put your zip code in?

Jermaine Steele: 22:01 Yep. Yeah, I was going to say …

Marcus Campbell: 22:03 It would be like, “Of course I will.” 99.5% of the people who come to my site put the zip code in the box. Now, that doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t make me any money but it allows me to pre populate the second offer and now all they have to do is click submit and I get two bucks. Right?

Marcus Campbell: 22:17 Another example was on my lottery website which was a site designed for like, looking at the latest numbers, right? You go there, you got your ticket. You’re like, “Okay.” I built this site and I was like, “Okay. Download the lottery toolbar so that I can get paid. I mean so you can find out the numbers.” Right? That’s why. Not so I can get paid. Right? And people didn’t download it.

Jermaine Steele: 22:17 [crosstalk 00:22:40].

Marcus Campbell: 22:40 What’s that?

Jermaine Steele: 22:41 It’s a better way to win.

Marcus Campbell: 22:44 There you go. And so I went through and I’m like well nobody cares about the bible toolbar. Or the lottery toolbar. Right? No one cared about it and I was like, “Well, why not? I get four bucks when they download it, they should care about it.” So I went through and I was like, “Well, what if I put a little dropdown box in the corner of my site that said, ‘May 6th, 2018’?” Actually more than 99% of the people clicked on that. Some of it clicked it twice. So what happened was now, instead of saying, “Hey come to my site. Please download the toolbar. Please, please, please I need my four dollars.” I went and I said, “Which date are you checking?” Boom. Took them to the page, it said download the toolbar. End of story. I think that one did, the day that the lottery was big like three years ago, is when I set it up, and it’s best day was like 16 hundred bucks. I didn’t even sell anything, it’s just a little toolbar. It literally took me 13 minutes to make the site. Boom, there you go.

Marcus Campbell: 23:39 But again, predictive searching, looking at what their looking for, and taking them to what your page is, getting the data and then figuring out what to make money on, which is cool. So never start with your money method. Like a lot of people try to force their product on what people want. Like if I was gonna create a product, which I have a couple of products, but if I was gonna create a new one I would create it based on why people search. What are they searching for? If people are looking for ad sense, if people weren’t looking for ad sense, I’d be doing something completely different. Right? Does that make sense?

Jermaine Steele: 24:10 Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Marcus Campbell: 24:12 Alright cool. So we can take some questions if you guys have questions.

Jermaine Steele: 24:15 Are you paying for traffic or [inaudible 00:24:18]?

Marcus Campbell: 24:18 Both. Yeah, I pay for traffic and I get it organically. The trigger word method is wonderful for free traffic. Like if you guys want free traffic, use this, you’ll get tons. And then you just go through and you say okay, well how can I find people? What can I lead them to? And I mean there’re tons of free traffic out there.

Speaker 4: 24:36 Can you do it in Ad Words?

Marcus Campbell: 24:36 Ad Words?

Speaker 4: 24:39 Can you do it in Ad Words?

Marcus Campbell: 24:40 Yeah, you could actually go into Ad Words and when you create your account, you could see … So you’ll go in Ad Words-

Speaker 4: 24:46 Right.

Marcus Campbell: 24:47 And you’ll type in, like for me I’ll type in ways to and it’ll come up and it’ll be like ways to lose weight, ways to make money, ways to whatever. Right? And then it’ll say next to it, 900 thousand searches a month, 500 thousand searches a month. And it’ll say that, and then when you create your ad, you’ll just bid on it and then as long as your site is about that, you’ll be able to get traffic cheap. And you get traffic within five minutes.

Speaker 5: 25:10 So if you sold [inaudible 00:25:10] a day and the daily budget you?

Marcus Campbell: 25:12 Yeah, so a lot of people look at paid traffic. Now how many of you guys are like, “I’m a little afraid of paid traffic.” If you’re honest, a lot of people come to me and they’re like, “I’m afraid of paid traffic man, what if Google just like zaps my house away?” Right? And that’s what we think. We’re like, “Googles gonna be like I’m just going to take your house man, you got nine clicks, you know? Got to pay for it.”

Marcus Campbell: 25:32 But the cool thing about Google is you set the terms. I’m like, “I wanna pay 50 cents a click. I wanna spend no more than five dollars a day. And I want it to shut off at five o’clock or when it hits five bucks.” Right? So we go through and we look at it, and it’s completely under your control. And the cool thing is, your results are instant. So I log into Google and I’m like, “What did I spend?” And I log into my affiliate account or whatever I’m selling, and I’m like, “What did I make?” And as long as what I made is more than I spent, I’m good. And it’s instant, like you could see right away. So, that’s pretty cool. All right, other questions?

Jermaine Steele: 26:08 How do you give them those tools that you set up? You do it on the same website?

Marcus Campbell: 26:14 Yeah, so, on the website, what I do is I actually, I used to do these in static websites back in the old days of the internet before the Facebooks. I would do a static page and I just have different lengths for different buttons. What I’d do is behind the scenes, I’d run a program like Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg it kind of like makes a movie of your people on your site. I’d go through and my site would look like this, and it’d have the little lottery drop down thing here. And then in Crazy Egg it’d look like this because all the people clicked here. Right?

Marcus Campbell: 26:46 I’d cover over it and it’d be like, this guy clicked and he came from Google Edwards and he used this keyword. You can do that if you have a lot of time on your hands. So it will show you. Now, what I do now, is I actually have plugins built because I do all of this with WordPress and the plugin will actually give me data on what they use in the dropdown, not just that they clicked it. So, I’ll get it and they’ll be like, “Hey, most people want 100 pounds, 50 pounds, whatever.” Does that make sense?

Jermaine Steele: 27:12 Yes.

Marcus Campbell: 27:12 Yeah. So, utilize tools. I mean, there’s tons out there. You can use free tools. There’s tons of free tools. But, use a tool that’s going to get you the result you want. Like, I look at it, and a lot of people come to me and they talk about making money online in affiliate marketing. And they’re like, “What should I buy?” And I’m like, “Well, what are you doing?” They’re like, “Well, I just want to make money online.” Okay, well start at square one.

Marcus Campbell: 27:34 But, only get something that you know you need. Right? Don’t go buying a whole bunch of stuff. Just get … Be like, “Okay. I want a tracker.” Then go buy the tracker that’s going to fit your needs because there’s a lot of stuff out there and it could be like a rabbit hole, you know? You go and you buy things, and buy things, buy things, try things. If you’re not focused, right? That’s why I love search marketing because it’s measurable. I can measure exactly 19 people today came from ways to lose 100 pounds in a week. Those 19 people clicked on this. Out of that, five people bought. Right? Boom. Totally easy to track.

Marcus Campbell: 28:09 If you can track that, the world’s your oyster. You go through it, you find all the keywords you want, you build sites, lead them to things that pay you and get paid. So, yeah.

Jermaine Steele: 28:18 Are you using like volume tracking or-

Marcus Campbell: 28:20 What’s that?

Jermaine Steele: 28:21 CPP Labs or volume?

Marcus Campbell: 28:23 I have custom tracking software that I use. It’s not as detailed as the stuff you’ll pay for, but what I find is sometimes you don’t need that much detail. For me, I just want to know one, where’s the money coming from? And two, what are they clicking on? Because if I can look at a site … That’s what people, they really go wrong on. They set up a site and then they test it on paid traffic and it doesn’t work and they’re like, “It just didn’t work.” I’m like, “You quit right in the middle when you got the data because the data is everything.” If I know that a site broke even or lost money or whatever, and I know what they clicked on, then boom, there you go. Right?

Marcus Campbell: 29:04 Then I can go through and isolate what they’re using, so yeah. All right. Any other questions? No? Okay. Think we’re good.

Jermaine Steele: 29:14 Sorry, one more.

Marcus Campbell: 29:16 Sure.

Jermaine Steele: 29:17 Do you do YouTube ads as well?

Marcus Campbell: 29:19 I did YouTube ads in 2009 and I did extremely well with them. Back then, it got kicked off the ad for a community thing and so I was kind of scared to run them again. So, I haven’t run them since just because I’m a total chicken shit, pardon my language, but I should run them again.

Jermaine Steele: 29:37 Might zap your house.

Marcus Campbell: 29:39 Yeah, might zap my house. It has been zapped. Here in Florida, every house is zapped. I learned that the hard way, man. More lightening here than anywhere. Are you guys all from Florida? No-

Jermaine Steele: 29:51 All across the states.

Marcus Campbell: 29:53 Cool. He’s from Florida. Or did you have a question? Florida? Yeah. We moved here two years ago and there’s a lot of lightening. But, I love it here. It’s cool.

Jermaine Steele: 30:04 Real quick, everybody, Bobby’s taking off. Later Bobby. [crosstalk 00:30:08].

Jermaine Steele: 30:08 All right. Quick question.

Marcus Campbell: 30:08 Sure.

Jermaine Steele: 30:08 Do you have a business card or-

Marcus Campbell: 30:08 Affiliatemarketingdude.com. Just remember it. [crosstalk 00:30:28].

Jermaine Steele: 30:37 All right, Bobby. So anymore questions for Affiliate Marketing Dude?

Marcus Campbell: 30:41 No?

Jermaine Steele: 30:41 We good?

Marcus Campbell: 30:45 Cool.

Jermaine Steele: 30:46 Going once. Going twice. Going three times. Give it up for Marcus Campbell.

Speaker 4: 30:52 Dude, thank you man.

Marcus Campbell: 30:53 Sure, no problem.

Speaker 4: 30:55 I’m going to bring all the speakers up in just a minute-

lead generation landing page templates

Here is an example of a high converting lead generation landing page template –














This Landing Page Lead Template Is Part Of Your Clickfunnels Dashboard…


Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts – Make Money Faster?

Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts
Direct Response VS Branding

1. Pay Per Click Test

2. Traffic Borrower (ads, comments, banners, jv, solos)

3. Social Media Direct Targeting (free or paid)

4. Banner Ads In Your Market

5. Fast SEO Using Direct Words And Video

6. Simple Landing Page And Direct Traffic (cf)

7. Press Releases Targeted At Your Easy Keywords

8. Get Involved In Your Markets “Talk Sites”

9. Make Big Bucks With Phone Leads + Calls

10. Use A PPC Content Network

11. Create A Contest And Sell Thru Social Media Groups

12. Find Avenues To Help People INSTANTLY

13. Put Live Chat On Your Site And Talk To Your Visitors

How to Spot an Internet Scam

How To Spot A Make Money Online Internet Scam In Reference To Mobe FTC Shutdown — affiliatemarketingdude at YouTube.com. 

Today, we’re talking about pyramid schemes, multi-level scams, internet marketing fraud, and what you can do to protect yourself. This is a public service announcement designed to educate you on what’s really going on, and to arm you with the tools you need to not get taken for a ride.

Recently we’ve seen a lot of activity with the FTC and various companies that are using deceptive (if not downright ridiculous) tactics to get people into their companies and provide no real goods, no real services. And you, the consumer, are left footing the bill.

Think of those companies out there that say, “Sign up and we’ll teach you how to do internet marketing. Great. Now that you’re signed up, go get other people to sign up, and we’ll teach them how to do internet marketing. Great. Now that they’re signed up…” And it goes on and on with no real products, no real value. The money is made by getting more people to sign up, which is absolute BS.

A lot of people are misconceived about this, which means a lot of people get taken for granted. If you have companies out here that are making millions and millions of dollars, but they’re not providing products and services that are good for people, then it’s going to be a scam.


What to Look For

Here are some things you want to look out for when joining a company or investing in anything, be it Bitcoin, be it multi-level marketing, be it any of my products. I’m not a lawyer, I’m not an expert in any of this, but I do know what I’ve seen. I know how you can protect yourself mentally and financially by not getting involved in things that are not up to par.


Find Out Where the Money is Coming From

First and foremost, you need to find out where the money’s coming from. Where are you going to get paid? You’ll notice in my content, I always talk about transparency. If you ever want to spot a scam, a pyramid scheme, or something that just doesn’t smell right, what you have to do is follow the money trail. If the money trail isn’t coming from actual goods and products coming from the marketplace, then it’s usually not good. It’s usually a scam. You have to be careful.


See if it’s Something a Lot of People Can Do

Is it something that a lot of people can do? When these pyramid things come out, you have to look at the numbers. Can 100,000 people make money with one method? Can 100,000 people promote a business opportunity online and all make the income that’s claimed? Probably not. But the fact of the matter is that they’re signing up millions of people.


Pay Attention to How it’s Promoted

Watch out for is the way things are promoted. If you spend any time on Facebook, you’ll notice that it’s littered with tons of scams. People promise that you’ll make $100,000 in 90 days, but that is a bunch of crap. They don’t know what you’re going to make. They have no idea what their stuff will do for you. They don’t know what you’re going to do with it. They should tell you what the average user gets.

This is why, on my webinars, I say that our average user doesn’t usually do anything, therefore they don’t really make anything. And even with some of those that do the right stuff, there are different variables in internet marketing. We don’t know what you’re going to get. They don’t even know what they’re going to get. If they knew, they’d invest it and keep the money for themselves. But they’re trying to get you to invest because they’re getting a piece of the pie.


Look for Disclaimers

[smart-affiliate-ads group=”5″ position=”random” limit=”3″]

What happens is this: all these people go on Facebook and they try to advertise things. They have no disclaimers, they don’t tell you they’re an affiliate, they don’t tell you what you have to do, and it’s just a bunch of hogwash. It’s a bunch of junk that can get everyone in a bunch of hot water.

So you want to make sure that you have good disclaimers. Make sure every claim you make is backed up by some kind of proof, whether it’s your own proof, or someone else’s proof. And you should state what the typical user is going to expect. Be fifthly honest and upfront about how hard is.

Say, “Hey, you know what? This is what worked for me. I don’t know if it’s going to work for you. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, let’s do it.” Now, that’s going to hinder your sales a little bit, not much, as opposed to saying, “You’re going to make all this money right away.” But in the long run, it’s going to do you a lot better, and you’ll be providing good value to the marketplace.


Make Sure it’s Helping People

You want to make sure that it’s something good. It’s something that everyone can do, where everyone is benefiting, and not just one person is being left with the bill.

If I go out and help people buy pool equipment through my affiliate link, then yeah, at the end of the day, people are being helped. If I help people learn affiliate marketing in a trustworthy way that can actually work, then I’m providing a service. If I’m out there teaching people how to fix their lawn, and I get leads from various lawn companies and pest control companies, then that’s a good thing.


Never Pay to Sell Someone’s Stuff

Never pay to sell someone else’s stuff, unless you actually get something you know you can sell. Ask yourself: should I be paying for an opportunity? Am I paying for something of value? Am I paying for some kind of good education that I want? Or is it overinflated crap to teach me how to get other people into the company? Or is it getting me to buy a bunch of products that I probably can’t sell? Or is it giving me a signup fee? (There should never be a signup fee.)


Final Thoughts

Find someone that makes sense. Make sure you know where the money is coming from. Make sure that their disclaimers are up to par. Make sure they have your best interest at heart. Then, if you decide you want to do it, go for it. But sleep on it. Nothing needs to happen right now. Tomorrow you’re not going to lose out on some huge opportunity. Opportunities are everywhere. They are abundant.

Over at affiliatedude.com/scam, I put together a little guide that you can print out. Put it on your desk, and the next time something looks too good to be true, go ahead and follow the steps.

So whether you’re elderly and you’re trying to supplement your income, whether you’re young and you’re trying to make money with Shopify, or affiliate marketing, or whatever it may be, protect yourself by understanding this.

For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

Old Domains For Sale With High Ticket Niches

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Getting Your Website Indexed in the Search Engines

Submit Your Website To Google Getting Indexed In Search, Backlinks, Pagerank etc. – affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com. 

With over 2 million new blog posts every single day, and thousands of domain names put on the internet every day, how are you going to get found by the search engines?

Today we’re going to talk about how to get indexed and picked up by the major search engines super fast, and we’ll show you how to get your website to the top, no matter how new it is.

Back in the year 2002 – 2003, I was doing search engine marketing for local companies. I started a little search engine company and I was making good money, ranking people at the top of the search engines.

One day I decided to get more customers by advertising on the Clickbank login page. Back then, you could advertise on the page, and it was anywhere from $600 to $1,200 a month to advertise on the page. And so I’d been toying with the idea, because back then that was kind of a lot of money. I asked myself, “Will I get enough customers to make this work?”

So I put a brand new site on there to advertise my search engine services. I noticed that a brand new site back in 2002 got picked up by Google the instant it went on the Clickbank login page.

Up until now, it was taking six to nine months to rank a new site to get it indexed. We had some tactics to get that down a lower number, but on average it was somewhere like three to nine months, depending on what we did, and hopefully we’d get picked up. You submitted your site, and that was about it.

So for me, putting an ad on the Clickbank login page and getting picked up in Google in less than 24 hours was insanely mind-blowing. But it got even better than that. I noticed that all the links on the bottom of the brand new site also got picked up. That means whatever this site was connected to got picked up in Google in 24 hours. Which is crazy!

So I decided to start this little website called Google Fast. And the idea was to help people get indexed in Google fast. I actually paid for the ad on Clickbank. I put my site up, which looked like this:

Then down at the bottom, I listed the new sites that had paid for listings, and naturally, because they were a link to my site (which was linked to Clickbank), boom, they got picked up and they got ranked in the search engines, and everyone was happy. I was making a lot more than the $1,200 it cost to be on the Clickbank login page.

So what does this have to do with you getting indexed in Google? Well, if you weren’t paying attention, that’s a little lesson in backlinking.

Let’s say you have a brand new blog, a brand new website. You want your blog to get found by the search engines.

You can submit your website to the search engines using a box like this.

If you go to Google and you search for “submit your website”, the box will come up. You type in your web address and hit the button. It will take a little while, but Google will eventually know you exist.

Here is the natural way that search engines work. There are web crawlers, like spiders, that crawl web pages they already know exist. They look for new stuff that the pages are linking to.

Each page indexed in Google has a page rank. This is a term that Google gives to sites based on their popularity and how many people link to them. Each page is assigned a number between 0 and 10. The higher the number, the more power the site is going to have, and the more it will be ranked for its keywords. The lower ranked pages will not be very strong. Higher ranked pages will usually be on big powerhouse sites, such as Fox and CNN.

Here is an example of using PageRank with Fox.com:

These numbers, even if they’re low, can be very powerful depending on the niche that you’re in. Because some niches, if you have the right keyword, you don’t need a lot of power.

Now, some of the ways that you can go through and get this page rank is by getting other sites to link to you.

You can go to various web sites and check page rankings.

Let’s say you have a new blog. Google doesn’t know it exists yet, but much like the story in the beginning, Google knows that the Clickbank login page exists. They know that it’s there. They know it’s big, and they know it’s about affiliate marketing.

So what happens here is this: Let’s say you are listed on the Clickbank page, or whatever page is popular (it could be a news site, it could be a blog, it could be anything that’s popular. Specifically if it’s in your niche, it’s going to help you out).

If you’re listed on the Clickbank Marketplace, and the Clickbank Marketplace has a page rank of 6, and this site (like the old Clickbank Marketplace) had millions of links on it (these are 13 outbound links), that would mean that the page rank would then get divided and sent to the next pages. And it takes a while for all this to happen. This is why people think backlinks are good. However, not all backlinks are created equal. If I have three major news sites linking to me, that’s better than having like a hundred thousand junky sites that are not relevant, linking to me.

The reason is because you’re going to be the only link, or with a couple other links on the page, which gives you a lot more power. And they’re relevant pages that are big, pages that Google knows about. So it’s very cool.

The example I used for Clickbank was an easy one, because all I had to do was purchase a link on Clickbank. You can pay for links all over, everywhere you want, but you have to be careful, because you don’t want to do or get involved in what’s known as a link farm. These are just big old sites that link to everything, and it’s a bunch of junk. You want to do very targeted things. You can do this by going to web directories and listing your site in the directory. You can do this by going to the top sites in your niche. See if you can comment, see if you can get involved in what’s going on, and provide a link back to your site.

You can do this on forums, you can do this on sites like Quora, you can even do this on sites like YouTube, where you include your link to your website in the description of the video. It’s a very simple, easy thing to do. You can also use different indexing companies.

You want to keep your strategy very tight-knit, and you want to look at what’s powerful out there. If you have to buy a link, that’s fine, just make sure it makes sense with your budget and the amount of traffic you’re going to get. And that will work for you.

Another great way of getting ranked in the search engines and getting indexed is by utilizing a little-known tactic of press releases. They can be extremely powerful, and very inexpensive, sometimes even free. If they’re done right, you can get a lot of really good, quality backlinks, and get your site listed very, very fast (sometimes within a few hours).

Remember, Google already knows the sites that you’re going to be on in the press release, and so all they have to do is start to pick up your stuff. Just make sure you use a link to whatever site or whatever page you’re trying to promote. And again, remember page rank is not site-specific. So you could have a subpage on a site that is ranked higher than the actual domain. It’s pretty interesting.

And you want to focus on the pages that you want to promote. Again, one of the biggest tactics you can use is going for the right keyword. Most of us, when starting out, we’re not going to rank for a word like “mortgage calculator”. But when we can rank for something like “qualifications for FHA loan”, or perhaps “mortgage calculator with PMI and interest” or something like that. We can go for longer words, words that are more refined, words with a lot less competition. The more competition, the higher page rank you need, and the more link juice and the more people you need linking back to you.

If you get an easier keyword, it’s going to be a lot easier to rank for. Sometimes, just getting indexed is enough.

For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.