Twitch Affiliate Program – Make Money

Do you, at times, realize that you can earn a good amount of money from the internet? Joining an affiliate program is indeed a great way to earn commissions by inviting more people into the affiliate program or even promoting a company’s products. Twitch affiliate is one of the popular affiliate programs that can earn you higher commission by marketing the company’s products and services. If you are thinking of joining the twitch affiliate program and you probably have an idea on how to go about, then this article is worth reading. It gives you a complete guide on everything you need to know about the twitch affiliate program and how to become a twitch affiliate.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is an online gaming platform that allows you to stream through video games and watch as other players playing similar games. It is not only fun but also helps to improve your gaming skills as well. Becoming a twitch affiliate, therefore, enables you to make money by streaming through these video games.

Requirements to becoming a twitch affiliate

The company stipulates a few requirements upon which you can become a twitch affiliate. Some affiliates consider it a full-time job, while others will only stream during their free time as they engage in other activities in the better part of the day. These requirements should thus guide you into knowing whether you are fit the laid standards to become a twitch affiliate.

You should have at least 50 followers before signing up to become a twitch affiliate.

You need to stream for about 500 minutes in the last 30 days in 7 different broadcast periods. This means that streaming for a single day for eight the 500 minutes does not guarantee you to be a twitch affiliate. You need to play in at least seven days per month.

Being a twitch affiliate requires more effort, and you will not just win a chance by streaming for longer periods in the platform. The number of people who watch you as you stream through the platform also plays a significant part in determining your influence on other players and how you can successfully promote the company services. You should, therefore, have at least three or more viewers in a month watching you as you stream through the twitch platform.

It may seem difficult, but it is easy to attain these requirements if you are determined to earn more money from the twitch affiliate program. If you are committed and becoming a twitch affiliate, you can achieve these requirements within a month or 2.

How to become a Twitch affiliate

If you have attained all the requirements of becoming a Twitch affiliate, it is time to devote your whole time to successfully becoming an affiliate in the Twitch Company and begin making more money by marketing the company’s products and services. The entire process requires dedication and a great plan on how to go through all through the procedures.

steps to becoming a twitch affiliate

1.    Stream on Twitch
Streaming on the Twitch is the first step you need to undergo to become an affiliate in the Twitch platform. This may take quite some time, and you will need some commitment and be dedicated to complete all the steps.
•    Time
You need to get enough time to attain the laid requirements of becoming a Twitch Affiliate. Spare seven days in a month to stream through the Twitch platform to ensure that you attain the 500 minutes in a month requirement. If you are a fun of blogging, it should not be a great challenge to you since you will be determined to achieve the given target to earn more money from the website. Besides getting enough time to stream, you need to ensure that you get at least three or more viewers as you stream through the Twitch platform.
•    Timing
You should also be careful at the time of the day in which you are going to stream through the platform. You should not waste your time and resources streaming when you have no viewers watching at your videos. Get a proper timing when you can meet more audience to attain the three viewers requirement successfully. Streaming during the day is not an excellent strategy to reach more audiences since more people will be on the daily schedules and may not get time to view your video games as well. Therefore you need to consider probably streaming at night when more people are available to watch.
•    Schedule
If you need to attract more audience to your video games, then you should stream consistently. You will get more followers if you maintain consistency in your video streaming. Your audience will keep checking on you to watch your videos for entertainment. Streaming after every four days will not only discourage your followers from following you, but it will make it hard to get more viewers for your videos. People want to watch videos consistency from your account, and this can only be achieved if you stick to a regular schedule. It may be challenging, but once you get used to it, it becomes fun and a routine as well. Streaming in an aim to entertain your audience is a better strategy to get the required number of followers and viewers other than being determined to achieve your targets. The more your audience gets entertained, the more you are likely to attain the given standards of becoming a Twitch Affiliate.
•    Invite more people to stop by your stream
After outlining a proper schedule on when you need to be streaming your games, you need to invite more people to watch your videos. You need to advertise your stream to as many people as possible to get more followers. Below are some of the top ways to promote your stream.
•    Social media
People will always spend more time in social media platforms trying to get updates on the recent trends. Advertising your stream schedules through these platforms is thus a great way to reach many audiences and as well invite more followers to your stream.  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are ideal platforms to inform people about your time schedules when you will be streaming. Different followers will also be free to engage with you through; lively conversations on how your video games are exciting, which will also attract more followers to your video games. You may consider posting your video games as you include your Twitch link on your posts to make it easy for your audience to follow you on your Twitch account. Be interactive with your audience and make friends with them you can even send personalized messages through their email addresses and as well provide your Twitch account link.
•    Game choice
You need to choose the right game to attract your audience’s attention. Do not go for games that are too popular or games that none of your viewers are aware about. No one will be interested in games that they have no idea about. You should consider both extremes and therefore opt for a game that neither new to most followers nor too popular. It should be an exciting game that will be fun to all your audience. If you consistently play the exciting game, you will increase and maintain more followers on your website.
•    Get to know other streamers
The Twitch platforms consist of two parties, namely the viewers and the streamers. Building stronger relationships with your viewers is a great strategy to increase your followers and also maintain the number of subscribers into your channel for more earnings. However, getting to know other streamers is a good move to increase your audiences. You can get better tips on how they increase their followers and viewers and also get the chance to be hosted in their site. This may help you introduce a new audience to your channel as well. Creating a stronger network is indeed a great way to grow your Twitch account, and therefore creating stronger bonds with other streamers can help you increase your followers as well.
•    Keep improving
You need to ensure that your Twitch affiliate account is running each day effectively, and you can reach new audiences each time you promote the Twitch services. Deploy effective means to keep improving your account and advancing it to the Twitch partner’s level.

Becoming a Twitch affiliate

Once you have attained the Twitch affiliate status, you need to consistently post more content on your account to increase your subscribers. If you are likely to convince more subscribers, then this reflects more earning that you are likely to make within that given period. You can also track down your affiliate progress in the Path to Affiliate icon on your affiliate dashboard. This tab will clearly signify you when you are too close to being an affiliate or when you are too far from being one in the Twitch platform.
You need to understand that for you to become a Twitch affiliate, you must be invited to the affiliate program and, therefore, no chance of applying for being a Twitch affiliate. In case you do not maintain a regular posting on your account, your followers may stop following your streams, and thus your account could be rendered inactive in a period more than one year, which could as well compel you to lose your affiliate status in the Twitch affiliate program.

What you gain by being a Twitch affiliate 

Getting more subscribers to the Twitch platform helps you earn more money in terms of commission for every subscriber that you referred to the site. You can also make money by selling the Twitch games and in-game purchases. Through the use of Bits and premium emoticons, Twitch affiliates can also make more money from the platform. If a subscriber or your follower uses a Bit on your channel, you are guaranteed to earn a 1 cent commission for making a referral. The number of Bits, therefore, reflects the number of followers watching your streams.

The amount of income thus earned from the platform is therefore related to the amount of content posted on a day to day or weekly basis. If you have attained the Twitch status after meeting the affiliate requirements, you should also be encouraged to becoming a Twitch partner.

Difference between Twitch partner and Twitch affiliate

Getting an invitation to become a Twitch partner is not easy at all. You will need to work hard and be determined to get such a rank and enjoy the opportunities of being a Twitch partner.
•    Twitch partners have unlimited storage for their videos, and they are allowed to even store the video games for two months on the platform, unlike the Twitch affiliates whose storage is limited to only 14 days.
•    Twitch partners are also privileged to delay their streams to about 15 minutes while such features are restricted in Twitch affiliate accounts.
•    During payments, Twitch affiliates must cover their payment fees and also the stated payout frame in about 60 days, unlike in the Twitch partner accounts where the account covers all fees, and the partners can wait for about45 days to receive their payments.
You may be discouraged due to the lengthy procedures of becoming a Twitch partner and eventually just strive to earn more income from the Twitch affiliate account. This is not a good idea and you should instead be encouraged to working harder by producing quality content consistently and doing all you can to promote more sells and invite more subscribers to the platform. This will not only allow you to enjoy the privileges of a Twitch partner but also increase your earnings as well.

Becoming a Twitch affiliate and later advancing to a Twitch partner can be a significant challenge. However, with determination and devoting much of your time on improving your content on the platform, you can easily succeed in the Twitch affiliate community. Live streaming through the Twitch affiliate platform can provide a steady income if effective means are employed to refer more people to the Twitch platform.

$100 A Day Freelance Writing Jobs And Websites List

Can you make $100 a day or more freelance writing?

Top Freelance Training Courses

  1. My Freelance Paycheck
  2. Freelance Profit Academy

Can you just sit in your home and type some things on the old keyboard and put money in your pocket?

Well, today that’s what we’re gonna talk about.

And also, my secret big payday examples. These are big paydays.

These are not like little paydays.

These are huge paydays where you can get a lot of money.

Now let’s go ahead and dive right into the content and show you how this stuff works.

First of all, in order to be a freelance writer you need to do several different things.

First and foremost, you can go out there and you can go on these different sites that I’m going to show you and you can write content for various different people and companies, and that’s all fine and good. You can get a couple of bucks, maybe a couple 100 bucks for a big article or a big piece of content.

But the key to making this work and the key to making a lot of money from the comfort of your own home are going to be to pick your genre, which is kind of like a niche.

You’re gonna make a lot more money if you specialize in something specific.

If you specialize in something specific and you go out there and say, OK, well, I am the expert on tech writing or I’m the expert on writing for sports or medicine or health or finance. When you pick that genre, you are instantly going to be more valuable in your market.

For example, when I first started my search engine optimization company about 20 years ago, instead of going out and saying, hey, I’m just the FCO guy, I’ll get your ranked on the search engines. What I did is I broke it up into different categories. And then I said, well, I’m the expert in getting limousine companies ranked on the search engines or I’m the expert in getting magic stores ranked on the search engines or cigar places or whatever it is. And because of that, I was able to charge a lot more. I was able to get a lot more people interested because instead of just I’m a writer or I’m an SEO guy. I was now something specific to that group.

So that’s a very important to look at as well.

So what we need to do first and foremost is we need to pick our genre. What are we gonna go for? How are we going to talk to these people? How are we gonna understand this and say, this is what I’m doing? And when you do that, when you isolate and become a specialist, you get specialist pay, much like you can have a general practitioner doctor versus a brain surgeon. Obviously, brain surgeon is going to make more money. Again, he’s specializing on one specific thing, not the whole gamut.

Number two, we want to practice and put together a portfolio or do test paid gigs.

Okay. Now, this is important because me at heart, I like to make money as I go along. I don’t want to set something up and wait 10 years for my first dollar to come in. So one of the things that you can do is you can go on sites that are generic and you could start bidding on jobs in a certain category and you could say, I’m going to write for finance or I’m going to write for mortgage or finance, write for weight loss or a write for this or that. Start to write that type of content, put some money in your pocket by doing them, and then use those as your portfolio and you can actually link to the sites that they post the content on or whatever it is, or you can share the content.

Just make sure people don’t copy it because you’re paid to do that content, but you can use that as part of your portfolio while you get paid.

And obviously me, I’ve hired lots of writers over the years, probably hundreds of writers, some of them in-house, many of them outsource. And I’ve gone through, and when they have a good portfolio, I tend to stick with them. If they have stuff that’s not that good. I’m like, okay, yeah. I don’t really want you to be writing for my stuff.

So number two is to practice and put together a portfolio and we’re going to get into a bunch of sites that you can use to start making money right away. And we’re going to get into my big payday secret, which is really cool.

So number three, we want to get good at research and compiling.

That’s what writing is about. You’re not going to write anything, blockbuster New Under the Sun, as Solomon said in the Bible. There’s pretty much nothing new under the sun. Everything goes around, comes around.

But we can go out there and we can focus on things that are going to help.

We can focus on doing the research, figuring out what people are looking at, figuring out what gets response. Look at top news articles. Look at top sites that are showing different content. Look at the things that you read every day and look at how they’re structured and then go from that and get really good at compiling and researching for your topic.

Number four, you want to find some good places that pay for your writing.

So very important. We’re going to give you I think we have like 15, 13 or 15 or something like that, sites that will actually pay you that you could go on right now, start bidding on jobs right now right this minute and probably get paid within 24 hours or less so to recap this little list.

1. Pick your genre, your niche practice and 2. put together a portfolio, 3. get good at research and compiling,and 4. find good places that will pay.

Now, bonus tip number five is to learn to sell in print.

This is the art of persuasive writing. If you could do persuasive writing or copywriting, you’re going to be able to get paid a lot more. For example, if I write a 30 page article, I might get paid $100 or so. If I write a 30 page sales letter. I might get paid several thousand dollars or more. Very important to look at. And if we can learn this skill, which isn’t that hard to learn, even if you hate sales, even if you don’t like sales.

Right, you’ve got to get in there and make this work and say, OK, well, I could learn to sell and print. Now, if you want to learn to sell and print again, we’re going to have some resources for you over it. You can look at Gary Halbert. Very good stuff. He passed away several years ago. You can look at Clayton, Makepeace, he has a lot of good info on copywriting. Unfortunately, he passed away, I believe it was yesterday. Older gentleman. And then Dan Kennedy, who also passed away. But unfortunately, we lost these guys. But we still have a lot of good resources that they put out and their legacy still lives on. And we can learn copywriting and marketing from them.

And it’s not that hard to do. It really comes down to writing something that says, here’s the problem, here’s what I got. Here’s what it’s going to do for you and here’s where to get it right. Problem, agitation, solution, very simple to do.

Tip number 6 is learn to make content for a specific purpose.

Making content for a specific purpose is going to stand you away from the crowd. If you’re writing news articles, that’s different than just a generic writer. If you’re writing newsletter content or auto responder messages, that’s different than just regular writing. If you’re writing something like a technical manual, that’s going to be different than something else. And we look at this and it works really, really well.

For example, one of the things I did recently in our Facebook group, since a lot of people are struggling financially and they’re staying home, is I offered a bunch of people that are following my stuff the ability to write for me based on the things I’m doing. And we obviously pay well for those. And we’ve got a lot of response, which is why I’m doing this video, because I think a lot of people staying home right now are struggling with with finances and they want a way to be able to supplement their income or make a couple extra bucks while they might be laid off or furloughed or staying home or whatever it is.

And you can do this. And if you learn to make that content for a specific purpose, I think you’re going to do a lot better than just being the generic writer.

So now let’s get into some sites that you can use that you could start making money right away.

We have 15 sites.

Now, the first one is my favorite one. This is upwork.

Upwork is good because you could go over to Upworthy and you can start a profile and you could start bidding on jobs right away and. UpWork is actually one of the higher paid ones where other people are paying like five to ten dollars for an article up. Work could pay you forty five dollars, one hundred dollars or more for your you’re writing jobs.

Another one we have is flexjobs.

You can go to flexjobs. These are, as it says, flexible jobs. You can go on there and you can bid on jobs, writing jobs, site building jobs, whatever it is you want.

You can also use solidgigs, which is really good, right? Solidgigs. You can go there and you can bid on various gigs, a lot like fiverr, but more robust and less five dollars.

Next, you can do FreelanceWritersDen or Probloggerboard. They have tons of jobs there that you could bid on for writing and blog posting and guest posting. And in these times, a lot of people are looking for content for their site and we can provide it.

Forum sites are always looking for content. The news is always looking for content. Everyone’s always looking for content. And we can get in there and we can fill the void working from home, making as much as 100 dollars a day or more.

I’m going to show you how to get those big paydays and how to build your income and compound on what you did the day before, because obviously all these fifteen sites are great. You can go and you can get paid. But at the end of the day, when you’re done with the job, you get your check and that’s it. That company goes on and makes money with what you wrote. But for you, that’s it, which is fine. I mean, obviously, we need that kind of thing in this economy. But for those that want to learn even more, we’re going to show you even more.

So we’ve got pro blogger job board. We have WhoPaysWriters. We have a writer bloggingpro, freelancer.com peopleperhour. This is where you pay people per hour. Again, a lot like fiverr.

You can use Craigslist, a lot of companies out there on Craigslist looking for people to be full time writers, part time writers or. Just do a job. You don’t have to be an expert. You just need to know how to compile perfect content. It’s really not that hard. You just write like you speak. Very simple, right?

Don’t try to sit down and make some grand Shakespearean work. Just go and try to solve the problem that people have when they’re looking up, whatever it is you’re writing about.

Next, we have fiverr, fiverr is always a good place to go and find people from $5 up to several hundred dollars for writing blog content. Found a guy yesterday that was eighty dollars for eight hundred words, which that’s not bad. It’s like 10 cents a word. And if you think about that, that adds up. And if you do one or two of those a day or something like that, one point three to be exact. I think it is. You can then make hundred dollars a day and it’s not that hard to do.

Writing eight hundred words is. I mean I think I usually write about twenty one hundred words in like an hour and a half. Obviously some things you need to research, but as you go along you’re gonna get better at it. You’re going to understand it and you’ll be able to write in a way that pleases the person buying it.

Next, you could do hirewriters. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on hirewriters over the years and we bid on it. We get different jobs, right? I’ll do a job where I want 100 articles written and 100 different people or 50 different people or whatever. We’ll bid on the various different jobs and I’ll have content within 24 hours, which is really cool.

Now, a lot of people that are writers on hirewriters are making money. Downside. You’re not making that much. I think for a 300 word article, you get like $2 and twenty five cents if you’re a beginner and $10 if you’re an expert. So it’s not a huge payout. But again, do 10 of them a day and you can start making money. And it’s not that hard to make a 300 to 500 word article. You just got to do a little bit of research. Figure out what it is. Put it together. Send it over and cash your check, which is very easy now.

Hirewriters is one of the lower paid ones, but it’s good for beginners. You don’t need any credentials. You don’t need anything crazy. You just go on there and you do it.

Number 14, we have better paid blog gigs where you could get paid better for blog gigs. Right. And this is like guest writing and making content for blogs.

And then lastly, number fifteen, we have LinkedIn jobs. So you could go out there and you could start doing this today and you could literally go out there today and go to hirewriters or up work or whatever and start writing content. It’s not that hard to do. And oftentimes you don’t even need a portfolio. You just go on there and you write.

And if you do a good job, obviously you’re gonna get paid if you do a bad job. They’ll probably be like, hey, fix this up and then I’ll pay you. Right. But it’s actually really, really easy to do. And this is something anyone can do. Make sure you keep track of your your payments because you will be taxed depending on where you live. But for the most part, this is a very, very good way to make money. There’s a lot of writers out there that make forty thousand dollars a year, some that make one hundred thousand dollars a year and some that make even more. And we’re going to show you how that works and just a little bit. But I wanted to put this together for you so you understand how freelance writing works. Where to go to be a freelance writer. If you’re in a crunch and you need to make money, you can start doing this stuff right now.

Here Is A List Recap:

1. Upwork***
2. flexjobs
3. solidgigs
4. freelance writers den
5. ProBlogger Job Board
6. who pays writers
7. iWriter
8. BloggingPro
9. Freelancer.com
10. People-Per-Hour
11. Craigslist
12. Fiverr
13. hirewriters
14. better paid blog gigs
15. linkedin jobs

Now let’s get into the bad news. The bad news is you’re gonna get like one penny to 10 cents a word, right?

So if I write an 800 word article, I’m probably gonna get around eight to ten bucks, maybe 20 bucks, maybe eighty dollars on the higher end. So it’s not a huge paid gig. But again, they don’t take that long to write these. Now, let me tell you one of the secrets.

One of the big secrets, if you are going to be a freelance writer, is to specialize instead of just writing, maybe write for explainer videos, maybe write ad copy, maybe write content for specific niches, resume, raise and profile. Copy is huge, especially right now where a lot of people are out of work. The Fed is estimating you’re going to have 30 percent unemployment soon, which is worse than the Great Depression. If you follow the numbers, which is pretty difficult, don’t know how long that lasts, but hopefully it short. But you have a lot of people out of work that are going to be fixing up their resumé soon.

And you could do resume writing for them. Profile copy, like believe it or not, people actually pay you to write profile stuff for like Facebook profiles or LinkedIn profiles or job profiles or whatever it is. And it’s very, very easy to do. You can also do slideshows, right? Right now, I’m using a slide show. I write my own slide shows, but I actually considered outsourcing this one so that I didn’t have to do all the research.

But by the time I had the research done, it was quicker to do it myself. Anyway you could do slideshows and notes, you could do eBook editing, landing pages and sales pages. These are going to ramp up your earnings exponentially. You’re gonna go through and instead of just doing like a five hour gig for five bucks for five hundred words, you can actually do five hundred words of ad. Copy and make a hell of a lot more like a hell of a lot like a hundred dollars, 500 bucks. Crazy when you do it the right way. So these are the ways you can do it.

Make sure you specialize. Make sure you focus on stuff and then go out there, pick some of these sites and start bidding on jobs. And you could literally get paid by the end of the day or tomorrow or whatever it is. A lot of places pay by PayPal or wire or all kinds of different ways. Check. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you can write good content in the language that people want to buy it in which majority is English? So if you understand me, you’re qualified. Congratulations.

Now let’s get into the big payday stuff, right?

(check out this video to learn to build simple sites for big profits)

What’s the big payday plan? Because here’s the deal. At the end of the day, you can do this. You can write content. You can go out there and you can get paid for your content. At the end of the day, I go to work. Right. And then I have to go to work tomorrow to get paid again.

All right. That’s not my favorite way to make money. That’s what’s called a job. Even if you’re freelance, it’s still a job. You’ve got to work to get paid. Now, if you stop looking for the quick buck. Right. I could do what’s called I think it was John Rese who came up with this in the old days. Might’ve been Corey Rudle, but I don’t remember any said “sacrifice early profits”.

And I want you to pay attention, because this is exciting, because if I could write content for someone else, I can write content for myself. And if I understand how to write content for myself and position it right, I can make far more money. L

We could build something. So instead of like getting a brick and selling that brick today, what if I got that brick and I started building something out of it? And every day, one brick on top of the other brick. And pretty soon I have a big wall. Pretty cool right?

The bricks are like your content. So if I’m a content piece here, that’s like three hundred words in here. Three thousand and a thousand and whatever. And I have all this content. The goal is to get a bunch of people reading my content every day.

If I can get bunch of people reading my content every day. That’s the name of the game. Why do you think the news companies make billions of dollars? Lots of people watch their content every day. Those people create the content. People watch it. Boom. There you go. Now, the news is kind of short lived, right?

We watch the news today and then tomorrow we watch it the next day. We don’t really go back and watch yesterday’s news unless you’re a weirdo like me. Sometimes you do that.

But we go through and we can get people to watch it over and over and online stuff lives in cyberspace forever. There are things that I did 20 years ago that are still out there getting me traffic and making me money today. Plain and simple. That’s how it worked.

So if we can get a bunch of people reading our content every day, then we can run ads and lead them to stuff that pays. Let me show you how this works, because if you understand this, it’s you’re gonna be mind blown. Now, some people are gonna be like, Marcus, I just need the quick buck. And that’s fine. But do both. Right?

Do both of them do the quick buck so that you can live today and then do the other stuff on your part time, maybe an hour, two hours, three hours a day and start building over time and you can have something that’s huge and get a big payday and wait till you see the paydays that we’re looking at.

And again, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. I don’t know if you’ll make one hundred dollars a day, $1 a day or a million dollars a day or nothing a day. I have no idea because I don’t know what you’re going to do.

You’re probably if you’re like most people, you’ll just watch this video and be like, thanks for the info. Marcus is rather entertaining, but I’m not going to do anything. Just like the guy  yesterday who’s been following me since 2001. Like this dude has been watching my stuff since 2001. I didn’t even teach in 2001. But he followed my stuff and learned Internet marketing and he’s like, I’m still not making money. And I’m like, well, what are you doing? Well, I don’t know. I I’ve been looking for a way to make money. And I’m like, you’ve been looking for a way to make money for 20 years and have made everything okay. It’s time to change things.

So we’ve got to look at this and we’ve got to build and we got to focus because here’s the deal. I can write an article today. I could go on one of those sites. I can write a big old article and I could give 50 bucks. I could write two of them and get $100 today.

That’s great. I can do that. And if I’m in a crunch and I need some money, sometimes that’s what you have to do. I know the business culture like talks down to people who have normal jobs. And I’m not like that. I don’t think we should talk down to people doing normal jobs because sometimes we’ve got to do what we have to do. Sometimes people were not born with what I was born with. Some people were not born with the skill set that big entrepreneurs were born with. So what we got to do is we’ve got to focus on what we need to do today and then we’ve got to focus on how to build tomorrow. Got to start small and Bill, so I can write an article today and I can get $50 in my bank. Wonder. I’ll go get a couple of groceries or make dinner or whatever. OK. Pay my cell phone bill. I don’t. Our cell phone bills like way more than that. I don’t know why, but at any rate. Right. You could pay some things, would you? Fifty bucks.

Now, if you do that and I sit here and I say I’m going to write a piece of content and all I want to do, my sole focus on this piece of content is to make one dollar a day every day. Right. I mean, anyone can do that. It’s not that hard.

All I got to do is say, I’m going to focus on the people who are reading and to focus on making one dollar a day.

That’s all. I’m gonna do this one piece of content. I wanted to make a dollar a day every day. All right. If I do that. Watch what happens.

You’re going to sit there and you’re going to be like Marcus. You don’t understand. Oh, I’ve got my $50 in my pocket watch in my cigar and I’ve got $50 and you have one dollar. I’m so much better off than you. And that’s how a lot of people think.

That’s not thinking wealthy. That’s thinking poor.

So we want to change your mindset, because if you’re there and you’re like, I got my 50 bucks, you got your one buck, I win.

Watch what happens at the end of the year. The tables are gonna turn and you’re gonna sit there and you’ll be like, well, I made my 50 bucks each and every day.

And that’s really good. Really great. I made myself. Fifteen hundred dollars a month or eighteen thousand a year.

But here’s me. All I did is the same amount of work. I wrote one article a day, one piece of content, a day focused on what people search for.

All I want is a dollar a day each on average. So we’ll make 50 a day. So we’ll make 50 cents a day. So we’ll make nothing a day. Right. If you do it right, you should make something a day. But it’s average law of averages. I don’t think it’s difficult for anyone watching this to set out to learn the stuff that I teach and make one article that makes a dollar a day.

And again, you’re going to be sitting there, say, Marcus, I got 50 bucks. You got one buck. I’m winning.

But at the end of the day, right at the end of the year, I have now built myself an income source of three hundred and sixty five dollars a day.

Think about that. Right. And I also got paid to do it. I was trying to do a calculator that would make this work. But I’m not a math brain even asked my kids. It’s like, is there an algebra equation for this? But at any rate, we just listed it out at the end of the year. I make way more than you. And then guess what? Next year, you got to go to work. You got to go to work.

I don’t.

My sites and blogs on average are going to average the money, they’re going to keep going and I’m going to sit back and I’m going to be making myself eleven thousand three hundred and fifteen dollars a month or more because oftentimes these grow and grow and grow and there we go.

And all I did was instead of saying “I’m going to write an article for 50 bucks” I said, I gotta focus on making a dollar a day per article.

That’s it. That’s what I’m going to do. And when you focus on that, you can get it done and you can do this. Like you could even go and make more. Some of my articles have made like a thousand dollars a day. We just got to look at it.

You can go and you can make more. You could turn your article into a video. What you think I’m doing right now? This is basically an article I wrote which is in the form of notes. Turning it into a video I can make p.d.’s to give away to people. People love p.d.f’s. I could do lists. Here’s a list of the top 50, whatever. Here’s a list of the top 10. Whatever. And we go through. I can turn it into audio even if I don’t want to read it. I can have someone else read it or use an auto generated voice. I can make a little calculators. I can make a little tools. I can do whatever I want. And now here’s the deal. A lot of you guys are like Marcus, but I really need the 50 bucks. Fine. Go get it. I showed you how to do it. But you can actually go through and use the fast profit method, which is deliberately driving traffic to your article. Right. You’re going to learn to do this and you write an article based on what the people want, getting them into what you want.

Look at what I did in this training. I came on and I said, I’m going to teach you how to do freelance writing. OK. Yay! Wonderful.

What am I doing now? I’m showing you something better than freelance writing. Right. See how that works. I just flipped the market from freelance writing over to buy my shit. Right. Very simple to do. This is exactly what I do all day, every day.

Next, we could deliberately drive traffic. We could do Facebook ads or Facebook posts. Almost said Facebook, which would probably be the real name for it. Facebook ads or Facebook posts. I could do paper click. I could post guest posts on other sites to get traffic negative press releases.

I could do anything to boost these up and start making money right away. And guess what? The minute you rank on the search engine is the minute you start getting traffic and making money.

That’s how it works. If I did do that quicker, usually with a new site. If you do nothing, you don’t get picked up in a month. But if I use these, I could get picked up a lot faster. Now, here is the big payday. I want you to realize this because what did you do? This guy over here wrote some stuff and he’s like, I got my dollars and that’s cool. And it’s probably gone because you need to live on it.

This guy over here is like, I’m going to build something of value when you build something of value. People will pay for it.

The average Web site that makes money sells for like an 18 to 36 X monthly profit.

So if you have a site making a thousand dollars per month or month, that means it’s going to sell for thirty six thousand dollars.

Imagine having a site. You’re making a thousand bucks a month, putting a thousand in your pocket, and then one day you’re like, I’m gonna sell this and like buy a new car. Cash. You can do that!

If your site’s making 5000 a month, which again, remember, all I did is one article, $1 a day. So all I focused on 11 grand a month. Right. If I’m making five thousand a month, that would sell for like one hundred and eighty grand. Or if it’s ten thousand dollars or 5000 a month, if it’s doing ten thousand a month or more like three hundred and sixty thousand to upwards of a million dollars depending on how it’s doing and who the buyer is. Guys, this is happening right now. People are buying these things. But the problem is, is people are stuck on the quick buck.

That’s it. They say, I want money right now and that’s fine. Do that. Do both.

Like you go here and you get these $50 jobs or hundred dollar jobs or whatever. It’s going to teach you to write because you’re gonna be forced to write. Sometimes I gotta be like, okay, I’m going to sell a webinar because I know I’m not going to record a video unless there’s people that are waiting for me. So there we go. I’m going to create it.

But then I re-purpose it and everything like that. You can do that. You can make money, but also build something. You can build something.

And here’s how it works. And if you look at it, three hundred sixty thousand dollars for a website that’s like a frickin house or a Lamborghini if you want to be like the other gurus. Personally, I like my cherokee. Right? There you go. And my regular jeep. But apparently my daughter has inherited that now.

So you look at that, it’s like, man, you get a lot of stuff. You could build a new life by focusing on a dollar a day. It’s not that hard. And it’s all by making simple content based on easy to rank search terms. And all you gotta do is find them. Look at this.

This is the reason I’m doing this video, by the way. Right. Because I found people are looking for creative writing jobs, freelance writing jobs. Look at the competition. It’s like literally nothing. This is on a scale of zero to one hundred. Most of them are zero.

That means I could write about them and probably rank really easy.

Now, Marcus, what am I gonna sell?

Well, you can run some ads or you could sell this. A freelance profit guide. On Clickbbank and get twenty bseven ucks. All I need to do is get twenty seven articles to sell accumulation of one a day. Write off my twenty seven articles. Make one sale a day total. You know I’m going to get twenty seven dollars a day. There’s my dollar a day. That’s not that hard to do. Not that hard at all. Especially when you focus.

And you look at all the traffic that’s out here. Here’s another one you could do a freelance copywriting. That one pays $11 freelance paycheck that pays one hundred and fifteen dollars. So you guys see how this can add up. Really, really cool. Now, we’re gonna get into some really cool stuff in just a minute. Hold on to your seat because we’re diving in. And these are the big secrets. Here’s freelance writing. You can see that this has a lot of traffic here, tons of traffic. Great. Some of them are a little bit more competitive. But we can make this work now to show you that this works. I did a test back in December and I didn’t even do it fully.

I have a habit of starting something and like getting halfway. But the cool thing about this is even half way. It still works. And you guys could see I rank for freeadforum. We rank number two. Go search for freea forum like that. We’re number two. I get traffic every single day. How does honey make money? I teach people how the honey app makes money. That search term gets eighty seven hundred searches a month. And we’re Raking like anywhere from number 12 to number 10 depending on the day. And it’s rising. So it’s going to go up even more. Offer vault. We ranked number seven for that. Gets me traffic all the time. Leads all the time, sales all the time. Wix affiliate program review. Now notice I’m not just going for words about make money online. I’m going for the real stuff that real people search for that they want help with. This video is going for people that are looking for freelance jobs. They need help with it. I’m taking them in. I’m giving them the help and I’m flipping them into what I want. Wix affiliate program review. That’s one that gets traffic every day. Lyft and Uber affiliate program. We rank for both of those, I think number three and we go and they’re not competitive. My site’s not like a powerhouse of SEO. This is the first time I’ve actually done SEO on it.

So here’s what you do.

We find a good topic and we get some noncompetitive, deliberate keyword.

Here’s an example anyone on this call can do.

Best pillow, best cooling pillow, best memory foam pillow, best pillow for back sleepers, best pillow for stomach sleep. You guys can. All right. Content on this. It’s not that hard. You do. Forty five minutes an hour, maybe three hours of research. You write an article and you sell some pillows. Right. And we’re like. Here we go. Here’s all the traffic. Thirty six hundred searches a month. Thirty two hundred thirty. One hundred. And on and on we go. Right. Tons and tons of traffic. If you made a pillow review Web site, you could build these numbers. It’s not hard to do. Well, Marcus, how am I going to build these numbers? What am I gonna sell? Am I gonna go to Amazon and sell a pillow? No. Cause that pays you pennies. I’m going to go over to the affiliate networks and I’m gonna have forty four dollars for selling a cold sleep pillow. And I think there was a key word about cold, best cooling pillow. There you go. The first keyword fits that one. I get $44 a sale sell to two of those a day and make it thirty six grand a year. You know, not that hard to do. Sleep now. Luxury pillow, sleep gram, pillow, forty and on and on we go. So there’s a lot of stuff where you can make a lot of money.

Here’s another example. What to put for desired salary. Who the hell would search for this? Like think about it. Who’s gonna go out there and search for. What to put for desired salary?


Someone looking for a job. They got their job application. It says desired salary and they’re like, what do I put? Put a million dollars a year because that’s what I want. But I know I’m worth twenty thousand a year. So what do I put? Three thousand people a month are searching for that. And the competition is nothing. Nothing. And so what do we do? Well, you could do one or two things. One, you could put the train track over here, put some normal ads on it and get two cents per click on the ads. Which means if you get a hundred clicks and ten, click on the ad, you made 20 cents. Congratulations. You now suck at marketing.

Or you could do what I call flip the market and look deeper into what they want. For example, these pillow guys. Nobody wants to buy a pillow. Nobody does. What do they want? They want better sleep. There you go.

You look at it and you’re like, boom! I can use these words to sell a two thousand dollar sleep number bed if I want to. If I do it right. But what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna flip the market. So what to put on a desired salary? I could go out there and I could put ads for job interview tips. Dollar Thirty per click. So now it’s that two cents. Now I’m getting like a percentage of a dollar. 41 thirty a click resume. A builder three to four dollars a click job. Web sites. Six dollars a click. Would you rather have a percentage of six dollars a click or a percentage of two cents a click. Let me think about that a minute. I think I’m going to go with six bucks. Here’s some other things you can offer. The ultimate guide to job interview answers $20 a sale resumé. Now it’s an email. They put their email on the site and I get a dollar twenty and I want to buy anything. Unemployment help her dollar 48. An email linked in learning. Thirty two dollars a sale. Right? These are the things I can use, but the average person out there is gonna go and do normal ads and they’re gonna make normal money and they’re gonna wonder why internet marketing sucks.

It sucks because you’re not paying attention because if I can get the traffic I need to maximize it and I could build these and I could easily go out there and make this work again. If you want the notes from this, go to downloadmynotes.com, there is a link after you put your name and email in. That’ll show you how to start your first Web site. Very simple. You can go in there, find your niche, start your first Web site. Cost about ninety dollars a year for a Web site and you can have as many as you want on the same account. So I can run like 20, 50, 100 Web sites on the same $70 a year. It does say a month. Yeah. Seventy to ninety dollars a year. So it’s like six bucks a month or something like that. And I can run that site and that’s all I need. So you could go out there and you could do freelance writing or you could go out there and you could build a huge business.

The writing is the same. The time is the same. This is actually going to be easier because you’re gonna be all on the same topic and you get to write about what you want to write about. And it makes it super, super easy. You could be a freelance writer or you could build your own blog or you could do both. Which is my recommendation, because if you need money now, you might as well do both and you might as well start building something big. And at first it might start out a little slow, might only make a couple of dollars, $5, but it’s going to start to grow. And as you build and grow and build and grow, you’re going to start to build something big. And you guys can see the paydays out there for these sites are big and people are buying them all the time.

Working From Home Productivity Tips

      (this is the same offer from saturdays live training – we have 7 spots left)

Working from home can seem like the ultimate dream at first… sitting around, relaxing by the pool and making money.

You’ve all seen the commercials…

But what are the things you need to know to stay productive?

Because if you don’t do it right, things can turn to a disaster quickly.

Hi there. My name is Marcus and I’ve been working from home for the better part of 20 years now.

And in that time I’ve learned that the work at home person wears a lot of hats.

I have to be a part time chef, a therapist to my kids, work on that endless to do list for my wife. Make sure the dog gets enough attention. Become a part time tutor for my kids when they need help.

All on top of trying to work from home and oftentimes wearing these different hats can kill your productivity.

So today, I’m going to show you fifteen things that I’ve learned over the last 20 years that are going to help you stay focused without losing your mind.

So let’s dove in to number one.

1. shower and get dressed before you start

The first thing you need to realize when working from home is that everything is about your mindset.

If you don’t protect your mindset and you’re not in the right frame of mind, you’re not going to get anything done.

Which is why the first thing I do when I get up is take a shower and get dressed in something other than sweats in a t shirt, which is kind of tempting to do at first. But getting dressed in something a little bit more upscale is going to change my mind and focus me on the work that I need to do.

Remember, if you dress lazy, you’re going to feel lazy, and if you feel lazy, you’re not going to get anything done.

So I find that one of the most important things to do is change my morning routine.

This changes everything because it puts me in the frame of mind and it also tells my family, hey, dude is going to work. Leave him alone. That’s an important one.

Now let’s go on to number two, which is to close all distractions.

2.close all distractions during work time (fb, insta, skype, news, ect)

Again, remember, mindset is everything in the mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on. And if you try to focus on work, but you have Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the news running in the background, you’re never really going to give time to the task at hand.

And I want you to realize that it’s been proven that multitasking doesn’t actually exist.

What actually happens is you’re splitting your time between each individual thing. And if you start something and pause, start something and pause. You’re never really giving all your attention to one thing. You’re just stretching it over time and making yourself more stressed out. So it’s very important to guard your mind and close off the distractions when it’s time to get something done.

Which brings us into number three

3. focus on what you want to get done (action)

Focus on the task you want to get done, have a clear outcome and say, I’m going to do this for the next hour, two hours, three hours or however long it takes.

I’m going to do this until I get it done. I’m not going to get distracted. I’m not going to get up. I’m not going to focus on whatever gossip my family calls to tell me about what’s going on. I’m going to focus on what I need to do, focusing your mind in this way. It’s going to help you get a lot done in a shorter amount of time and then you can go on and see what else everyone’s doing.

Now, number four is a really important one.

4. locate your work “safe space”

This is to locate a safe space where you’re going to get your work done. It could be tempting to lay on the couch and hang out with everyone.

You need to find a place where you can sit upright or stand if that’s your thing, and focus on what you need to get done, whether that’s in a spare bedroom, your own bedroom, somewhere you can close the door, somewhere you can get isolated and do your own thing.

That’s the best way to get work done for me. I had a little office built my backyard, and I understand not everyone can do that. I’ve worked out of my garage, a spare bedroom. I’ve even worked out of spaces in the back yard. As long as I have Wi-Fi that reaches out there and I’ve been able to get things done really, really fast by isolating myself for the time I need.

Remember, we don’t need to isolate for eight hours a day, just for the time that you need to get things done.

And if you start to separate time, actually working from time, going from thing to thing and being distracted, I think you’re going to find that you have a lot more time than you realize.

Which brings us to number five.

5. find your peak time and use that for “creation”

Find your peak time and use that for creation. What I like to do is I like to find the time that I might my best. Usually it’s in the morning from about 10 to 12 a.m. That time I use for important things like recording this video, putting up a blog post, doing a livestream or writing an article.

And I find that utilizing this peak time for the most important tasks is best because you’re at your best.

And later on during the day when you have that 3 o’clock crash after lunch, that’s when you take all your phone calls and deal with all the people you’ve got to deal with. But I make sure to focus my peak time on the tasks that I know take the most mental energy and work. And by doing those in my peak time, it makes a day a lot less stressful.

Which brings us to number six.

6. find your BLAH time and use that for busywork

You’re going to find out that during your day, there’s a lot of downtime tasks and busy work that you need to do, whether you’re an entrepreneur or whether you just have to work from home right now. You’re going to find there’s a lot of tasks throughout your day that are just kind of blah and you want to do those blah tasks when you feel blah.

So it’s best to schedule all the busy work and the blah tasks for times when your kids might need you. Or times when you’re cooking. Or times that you are busy with other things. That way it’s really easy. Work that you can get done and you can focus on it kind of while you’re doing other stuff. And of course, you’ve already focused your peak time for the work that takes the most and the rest of the day becomes a lot easier for you.

Number seven is a killer.

7. limit time on useless or extended conversations

You’re going to find that when you work from home. Everyone wants to talk to you all day, every day about nothing. And what we need to do as people working from home or entrepreneurs is limit access to us during our most important times of the day and make sure that we limit wasteful or useless conversations with other people, which can be quite tempting.

Which brings us to number eight.

8. let your family know when your peak time is so they don’t bug you

And that is to let your family know when you’re at your peak time so that they can not bother you. I like to let my family know, hey, I’m going to make a video and I’m not going to back for two hours or I’m going to go and I’m going to do a webinar. I’m not going to be back for a couple hours.

That way it blocks out this time unless there’s an absolute emergency that I need to take care of and make sure you outline those emergencies in the beginning, because every family member has a different idea of what an emergency is.

For example, one of my kids used to think it was an emergency to come ask me when I was making for dinner. And sometimes those little interruptions can ruin your whole day. And now for number nine.

9. set a specific “GO” time

Set a specific go time. This is time that you’re going to a lot for those tasks that you need to get done that you might be behind on or backed up on, that you need to do set that time and say, I am going to do this in three hours.

Give yourself that time. BLOCK it out and don’t do anything else in that time until you get that task done.

This is very important because the more you get distracted, the more your mind’s going to be everywhere. And again, protecting your mind is key.

Number 10 is very important for entrepreneurs and salespeople,

10. focus on the HIGH PAID WORK first

and that is to focus a specific time for the highest paid work.

Making these videos is good for my business long term. But sometimes I need to focus on immediate sales and bringing in immediate income.

When I get in those times, I like to spend one or two hours a day just solely focusing on things that will produce a result that day, whether it’s something your boss needs right away or making a sale or getting something done that you know is going to produce immediate results.

Make sure that you block out time for these things because those are your most important tasks that are going to put money in your pocket. And the idea of work, whether it’s working at a job or working from home, is always to put money in your pocket. So we need to focus on those tasks every. First and foremost.

And that brings us into number eleven.

11. safeguard your mind (its easy to get all messed up with whats going on) live gets in the way

You’re going to notice that in these difficult times, it’s easy to get distracted with everything that’s going on.

But watching the news all day, everyday, which is tempting, isn’t really going to change your situation.

You could simply watch it a couple of minutes a day and get the headlines and figure out what you need to do. But overwhelming your mind with this stuff is not going to help you be productive. And I want you to realize that when working from home, life always gets in the way. There’s always some crisis or thing that demands your attention or something that kids need or someone’s flipping out.

And we want to make sure to take care of the important things that need to be taken care of, the real emergencies and train everyone. Hey, guys, if it’s not a real emergency, I need to guard my mind and I need to focus on what’s going on. So resist the urge to check every breaking news report and every text your family sends you and anything else that can take your mind off what you need to do unless it’s a real emergency.

And that brings us to number twelve,

12. DO NOT PANIC WORK – take it slow one step one thing at a time

which is don’t panic work when you work from a place of panic or stress. It’s very difficult to get things done. And even when you do, you’re not going to be at your best because your mind is focusing on the panic and the things that you’re worried about. So you want to make sure that you start from a cool, calm place so that you can actually focus on the things that you need to get done.

Resist the urge to be in panic mode. Resist the urge to be anxious and say to yourself, right now, I need to do this.

And stressing about something for the next hour isn’t going to help, but doing something is going to help. And if I can do something instead of stress about it, I’m going to be way ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Which brings us to number 13.

13. Resist the urge to save the planet in 8 hours

Remember, you are just one person. You can’t do everything. You can’t solve all the problems in your business or your job in one day.

So take it in stride and realize I can only do what I can do today. And I’m not going to break my neck over this. I’m going to start slow and I’m going to do what I can do. And at the end of the day, I can say I did what I can do. And tomorrow I’ll start again.

But oftentimes when working from home, we like to think that we’re Superman or Superwoman, as it were.

We’re we’re gonna go out there and save the world in one flying leap. That’s not going to happen. But you can take. Small steps. Remember the way you eat an elephant? I don’t know who eats elephants, but if you are gonna eat elephant, you would eat them one bite at a time. Not all at once. So take your work. One bite at a time. One day at a time and one hour at a time. This will make you a lot more calm and free you from panic and worry and getting overwhelmed.

Which brings us to number 14.

14. take breaks and get outside (don’t work thru lunch)

And that is to take care of your mind and your body. It’s easy when working from home to be cooped up and at work and work and work and stay inside under fluorescent lights or regular lights or led lights or whatever lighting you have in your house and not go outside.

We need to go outside and get fresh air and get vitamin D from the sun and get out of our environment. Getting out of your environment is huge. So schedule a walk. Schedule a time to sit outside. Schedule a time to be with the kids outdoors and focus on that. And when you’re there.

Focus 100 percent on being there. Not the stuff at work. Taking breaks is key.

And going outside is key. If you coop up, you’re gonna get stressed and it’s going to affect your mind and you’re not going to be able to get anything done. And one thing I learned is that it’s good to break for lunch where you take lunch away from your work. If you give in to the urge to work while eating, it’s going to change your mindset and you’re not going to be able to separate work from normal time. So take 30 minutes or an hour and go have lunch. Spend time with your family.

Break up the day and realize that if I don’t take care of my mind and my body, I don’t have anything. This includes what you drink. A lot of people drink pots of coffee in the morning and wonder why they’re anxious. A lot of people don’t eat and let themselves get low on blood sugar. This one gets me a lot. Some people drink a lot of alcohol at work. I did this for a couple of years and became an alcoholic and it damn near ruined my business. And I’m glad to say I’m almost six years sober now. So I learned my lesson and it’s very important to make sure that you take care of your body and your mind, because if your mind starts to go or your body starts to go, all bets are off.

And this includes if you get sick, if you get sick, allow yourself some time to be sick, relax and recuperate. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re never going to be able to take care of your job.

And lastly, number fifteen,

15. relax its gonna be ok… do what you can do and you will find that 2-3 focused hours is better than 8 unfocused hours

We’re going to make it through. You can work from home. You can set your schedule. And remember, schedules change and adapt. Nothing’s written in stone.

I’ve had schedules throughout the years that I’ve crossed out and I’ve changed many times. And that doesn’t mean I failed or didn’t do something right. That means I’m adapting to my environment and you need to allow yourself time to adapt to your environment. Figure out what works for you. Figure out when your peak time is. Figure out when you’re Blore. Time is. And focus on the things that you need to get done and put them into categories. When you play. Play hard when you work. Work hard when you rest. Rest hard.

Take care of yourself. Forgive yourself and say I’m going to be okay in this time where I need to change what I’m doing and whether you’re working at home for a job or working at home and your own business. It’s very important to look at these things because I see so many people get scattered all over the place by not closing off distractions and not being flexible in their schedule and not focusing on the things that they need to do to get where they need to go.

So have fun and focus and relax. Have a good time with your family and focus on work when you need to work. Focus on play when you need to play and focus on getting the things done that you need to get done.


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PERSONAL: finding peace in times of economic uncertainty…

Dear Friend,

this message is kinda personal because i used to get
all flipped out when things did not go the way
i wanted them too…

i would watch the news all day… go crazy about the
possible scenarios that COULD happen…

replaying my decisions and mistakes over and over
as if that would help anything…

ending up with me being a drunken mess by the
end of the day (almost 6 years sober now) wondering
what would happen next… it took a toll on me bigtime.

i would worry about money day and night, i would worry
about everything and i lived in a constant state of “impending
doom” where i thought the worst would happen at any moment.

it was truly HELL in the mind… i would not wish anyone the
fate of the worried alcoholic brain i had on anyone (if you struggle with this
check out talksober on youtube – that’s my recovery channel)

it felt like the “BAD” would never end… and as long as i kept
the same mindset… it never would… because 99% of it was all
in my head… made up by me…

sure… the economy was bad at times…
sure… my life skills sucked…
sure… i had many struggles…

But My Worst Enemy Was My Mind

as i got sober i learned to focus on the things i can control
and do what i can each day to improve to the best of
the ability i could for that day…

NOTE: i said the best for that day… not hustle till your eyes
fall out and stress yourself silly… just do what you can.

because we all have the same 24 hours in the same day
and its up to us to choose what to do with those hours

you could sit and worry and get distracted with all the
people on the news, and facebook, and watch countless
videos about what could happen…

OR You Could Create Something To Change Your Situation

right now… i could be isolated, i could worry, and i can waste the
time i have living in fear…

Instead We Are Focusing On Helping You (and people on the sober channel)

which is why tomorrow at 10am eastern time we are having a special
live training about the stuff you can do right now to start making a change
in your life financially… starting now…

Fast Profit Methods + Work At Home Tutorial (register here)

because once i learned that i could control some things and others i couldn’t
i began to switch my focus from trying to solve problems i couldn’t to focusing
on those that i could…

And While All This Uncertainty Is Going Around – You Can Learn This Stuff

and if you learn a skill that will help you be able to make your own
money and not rely on what going on “out there” you can actually
use these times to benefit… and also help others.

so focus on what you can control… focus on the good… and even
when things are bad… count the blessings you DO have.

see ya tomorrow at 10am,


ps: make sure you register so i know how many to expect on the
live training so i can do my best to help each and every one of you…

pps: one of the best ways to get out of your headspace is to help others
with what you can… one of my gifts is being able to cook good food
so i get out of my rut by cooking for family and friends during this time.

another guy i saw was livestreaming reading books to kids, and some others
are having helpful talks with people… you have more value than you think…
you have just been trained that value = money… and money is not everything.


Better Than Stock Market Investing?

Early this morning, the stock market blew a fuse and tripped a circuit breaker after falling nearly 12 percentage points in minutes.

And in the last few weeks we’ve seen the stock’s freefall from a previous high of over twenty nine thousand down, teetering around twenty thousand meeting.

Lots of people are losing lots of money.

And if you were to take a look at my personal stock portfolio.

Oh, wait, it’s empty.

That’s right. I don’t have any stocks.

And if you remember from my last video, I talked about how we should focus on the things we can control and avoid the things we can’t control.

And one of the things I can’t control is how high or low my stocks go, but I can control investing in the right thing. And in this video, I’m going to break it down for you and show you how my little investments make lots of money. Each and every day.

Now, if I was to take a thousand dollars and invest it in the stock market, assuming an average rate of return of 8 to 10 percent, I’m going to average myself about 80 dollars per year. That means if I took that thousand dollars and left it alone for 10 years at the end of 10 years, I would have a whopping twenty one hundred and fifty nine dollars.

That’s not a big payoff for tying up my money Ten years.

Now, if I did the same thing, I invested one hundred thousand dollars in the stock markets at an average rate of return of 8 to 10 percent.

I would have two hundred and fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars at the end of ten years. Again, not a huge payoff for tying up one hundred grand for ten years. And that’s assuming the average rate of return. In the last few weeks, we have seen people lose up to 30 percent or more of their entire portfolio in just a few days.

Now, this is all fine and good for people who can afford to wait and tie their money up, but for the rest of the people who can’t afford to tie their money up. What is there to do? Well, about 20 years ago, when I was a broke kid, I started my first magic business where I perform magic shows and I had less than one hundred dollars in the bank. And I was doing magic shows and making some money on the side and doing OK. And one day I decided to save up one hundred and seventy dollars so that I could run an ad in the local parenting magazine. I ran that ad and found out that I could get lots of sales and lots more bookings and lots more money from a simple little ad. Now, at the time, that seemed like a huge investment.

And I did wait two to three months for the ad to come out. Fast forward a few years later, after I cut the marketing bug, I actually started doing paid ads online. Now he’s still making money as a magician, but we decided since we had a baby on the way and we weren’t married or established or anything like that, we needed to make money fast and we needed to learn how to do this. So I decided to start learning Internet advertising and I started running little ads on the Internet.

This was a lot different than the magazine ads. I ran for my magic business because online I could put an ad and get traffic instantly. That’s right. I could actually put up an ad and get visitors within minutes. And this is where I learned the moneymaking power of paid advertisements and learning.

The secret took me from a broke 19 year old kid to a 21 year old with a baby on the way and no money to making millions of dollars. Just a few short years later, all I had to do was find a group of people who were interested in something. By looking at what they searched for online, I then took that traffic, paid for it on Google and many other search engines for about two to 10 cents per visitor. I then took those visitors to a simple little web site that I set up in about forty five minutes that had various different affiliate offers on it.

Now those affiliate offers were companies that paid me based on what the visitors did. So they clicked an ad, filled out a form or bought a product. I would get paid. And the cool thing about paid ads is I didn’t need to have millions of dollars in capital before I started. That’s right. I could actually start these ads with as little as $5 a day, and I’d know if they were making money by the end of the day. And when I found an ad that worked and actually made money, which most of them did, I would then ramp that up, get more visitors and make more money. And I can actually watch it daily and doing this. I was able to take $50 and turn it into one hundred a thousand and turn it into two thousand.

And sometimes I was able to take three thousand and turn it into six thousand. All in the same day. And then I’d wake up tomorrow and do the exact same thing. And that’s exactly how I’ve been making money online for the last 20 years, sometimes making as much as a million dollars or more each year. And instead of having to tie up thousands of dollars in the stock market to see a tiny return, I could just invest five dollars and see what happens. And most of time, I was able to either break even or make a little bit of money.

Then I tweak the site, figure out what people responded to, dialing the profits and then ramp up the traffic. And once I figured this secret out, I could now build sites for all kinds of groups of people online that are looking for certain topics. And you can see here where I was actually buying the traffic. This account alone, one of many, I spent over $1 million on traffic. And again, remember, I didn’t just loaf out a million dollars. I went day by day, starting with $5 to see what would happen. So I spent a lot of money. Now, let’s take a look at some of the sites that I ran. Here’s one of the sites about tattoo designs. This site was very simple. I spent about 30 to 50 dollars a day and average about one hundred and thirty dollars a day or more. In revenue that’s like $70 a day profit.

Here’s another one I did where I got paid for car trading leads. Another one about credit cards that I made over one hundred thousand dollars with one about how to take care of your goldfish, of all things. Another side I made about cheap gas prices that raked it in big time. One about how to quit smoking. And lastly, my sight about fun little downloads where I got paid up to three dollars when people downloaded funnel cursors and images for their profile. So as you could see, this could be extremely profitable, but there is a little bit of a learning curve.



Recession Proof Business Plan

The stock market plunges into a bear market.

Fears of the virus are shutting down industries.

Concerns about the health care industry are growing because people can’t even afford to see a doctor.

And of course, toilet paper is scarce because people are shitting themselves out of fear.

But one of the things that I learned when I got sober from alcohol about six years ago was to accept the things I can’t change and have the courage to change the things I can.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

And I want you to realize that in our economy, fear and greed are the biggest driving market forces out there.

But money is not emotional.

So relax and stay tuned, because in this video, I’m going to show you my recession proof business plan. Plus, five killer online businesses that actually thrive in a recession.

It’s important to remember that whenever we have a recession, despite the news, trying to freak everyone out, the fact of the matter is, is that money never really disappears.

It just changes hands. And while everyone out there is following the herd and running away from the money, you can actually get rich by running towards the money.

Let me show you what I mean.

Now, it’s important when you’re looking at a recession or depression to look at everything as a whole. For example, if we look at this 100 year chart of the stock market, we can look at when there’s recessions and depressions and we could see that we come out of them fairly quickly and that the average rate of return on the stock market is usually around 8 to 10 percent before inflation.

And the thing to remember is that the stock market is a long term game. If you keep your money in there long enough over time, you’ll average 8 to 10 percent.

But the problem with the recessions and depressions that you see on the chart is that people panic and pull their money out.

And whenever there’s a recession or depression, people are taking their money and they’re stockpiling it. And they tend to not spend on things they usually spend on and they tend to shy away from things that could actually improve their financial situation because they’re afraid.

And if you look at the numbers from the last recession in 2008, we could see that the majority of the gains went to the top 1 percent wealthiest Americans. But what about me, Marcus? I’m an average guy living paycheck to paycheck and I don’t have a bunch of money to invest. Well, there’s something that you can learn, too. And it’s called following the money trail, because as I mentioned earlier, money never disappears. It simply changes hands.

So what are the things that people actually do spend on during a recession? Well, judging from the numbers on the last recession, we could see that a lot of the money went to startups.

New startups came and boomed.

We could also see a lot of money going to discount services and discount stores, quite simply because people want to save money.

We also saw an increase in buying of alcohol and tobacco collection businesses. Were there either helping someone get out of debt or helping a business recover their debt.

And of course, loans and refinances always thrive in a recession. And then we have stock market speculation services where they have a service, where they tell you what stock to buy because they’re the all knowing guru that knows everything. Those always do well in a recession.

And then we have freelancers who thrive during a recession from companies looking to outsource work either to the U.S. or abroad.

And lastly, we have education during these times of economic downturn.

People turn to education so they can get higher paying jobs or a job at all if they’re unemployed. But how does this relate to making money on the Internet? Well, quite simply, when people get worried, they turn to the Internet for help.

And during a recession, you’re going to see searches spike for terms like save money, buy gold, avoid foreclosure, refinance passive income, bear market and bull market, along with many other stock market terms, recession. And of course, the Dow Jones. And in addition to these, you have a slew of millions of other search terms that people are going to Google to look for answers on.

This is where you can get in and get rich. You could simply invest in starting up a Web site, which will cost you about 90 dollars a year. And you can make a website about these various topics and do the research for these people and point to things that make you money.

For example, if this guy here is worried about debt or credit card debt or anything related to that, I could make a simple Web page talking about ways to get out of debt. And I could lead to things that pay me money like the foreclosure help form that pays over $10 a lead for the credit scores where they get a free credit score and I get paid $30 a lead or even a refinance application where if someone fills it out through my Web site, I get over one hundred dollars and there’s tons of ways to make money with this.

And this is my recession proof business plan, because these sites thrive when people are looking for answers.

And imagine what it’d be like to set up a simple little Web site and make 50 hundred, 300 or even a thousand dollars a day or more. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last 20 years. Even during the Great Recession. And while everyone was out there running scared or looking for a job or figuring out something to do, I invested my time in learning a skill that would help other people.

And I simply created a little Web sites on these topics and raked it in big time. And some of the markets that you can get into that thrive during a recession are the foreclosure help niche. A lot of people are looking for ways to save their home. And you can help them out. And many of them will fill out a refinance form or buy a book or get a loan or even just click ads on your site. Another niche that does really well. During times of economic downturn is help with bills and financial services. Now, this might seem complicated to you, but you could spend a few hours and learn a lot more than the average majority of the people out there. And then put that into a simple Web site and help people make informed decisions about their finances.

Because we all know there’s a lot of bad information out there. So you could provide something simple that people can actually use and cash in big time. Another market that does really well is news and updates. People are constantly watching the news and looking for updates on finances, on health, on all kinds of things, including the election. And there are simple little Web sites out there that link to where you can watch the news online and they’re making money hand over fist.

We also have credit card bills and loans where people are struggling to pay their credit cards and get loans and things of that nature. And you could lead them to credit consolidation services, how to get out of debt, books, programs, all kinds of things to help them with their financial situation. And of course, elder care is always a big market during these times because we have to take care of the elder people and make sure it’s financially affordable. Take, for example, this magazine that’s directed at that market. First of all, we see a big scare that lots of people are going to die. But even still, you need to buy a walker.

So helping people find information on how to take care of their elder family members is a very good market. And these affiliate offers pay really, really well. I’ve even seen sites dedicated to Walker reviews that are raking it in big time. And then lastly, bonus market number six is recession proof jobs. Millions of Americans are going to be looking for jobs during times of economic downturn. And we’ve already seen the layoffs start happening. Theme parks are closing.

The air industry is suffering and people are out of work. And again, remember, when people panic, they turn to the Internet for answers. So it’s very important to keep a level head, try not to freak out and do what you can do. Remember to accept the things you can’t change.

There are certain things in life I can’t change. I can’t control the stock market, but I can control where I spend my money. I can’t control if my job decides to fire me. But I can control learning a new skill where I can make money online. I can’t control where the virus hits next, but I can’t control my personal hygiene. That’ll help me not catch it. And of course, if you want to learn more about how to create a recession proof online business, check out recession class dot com and sign up for my training. We’re going to teach you all the things that I’ve learned over the last 20 years about how to make money online, even in an economic downturn. So hop over there. Join the class. Give us a thumbs up for the YouTube algorithm and make sure that you subscribe for more videos.

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Wix vs Squarespace For Website Hosting

Wix Vs. Squarespace Breakdown


Ease of use

One of the critical differences between this software is the ease of use. Before looking to other features as a beginner or even those people with experience for that matter, you have to look at the ease of use. You don’t have to choose something that will make it hard for you to use it. Of what use would be an outstanding feature if you can’t even utilize it to its potential best?  It is for these reasons that you don’t have to opt for a website builder if you have no idea how to use it.

Wix and Squarespace both share a lot of features; this means you have to be careful here so that you don’t be indifferent at the end of your assessment. One of the standard features between them is that they both have a drag and drop editors. The other common element is that they are easy to use. Using both this software is not a challenge; you simply go to the component that you want to be added to your website and select and drag it to your preferred position. This can be anything you want to edit, and it can be images, textbooks, social widgets, and many more.
If you are looking for the perfect drag and drop builder for your website, then Wix is the ideal choice for you because it enables you to pick and drop elements as per your preference. Squarespace, on the other hand, is just a semi drop and drag website builder. This simply means you won’t have that ability to drag and drop elements as per your preference. It will take you some time before you get used to using the site.


Squarespace is an excellent option for beginners, but it is more technical compared to Wix. Here the learning curve is a bit more involving; you will have to put on more energy and dedicate more time before you get used to navigating through this platform. However, when you get used to it, you find out to your surprise that it is actually what you wanted, and it is simple to use. Everything will start to be easy for you. One outstanding feature of Squarespace is it enables the user to use multiple templates for one website. You won’t have any problems adding content to your website; you just have to click anywhere on that website and start typing.

Wix ease of use

Using Wix to create a website is extremely easy and straightforward.  It is even far from boring as the whole elements associated with it are fun and full of agility. An exciting part of it is that Wix does all these activities without dumbing down its primary functions. It is best for beginners as well as professionals.
It does not limit to using drag and drop features. If you find out this option is not comfortable for you, then you can use its other unique feature called artificial design intelligence.

Design flexibility

Another thing you have to consider if the flexibility of the design. It is the wish of every one of us to build a super attractive website that it can bring in many audiences. It becomes more comfortable to come up with a beautiful website if you have some design flexibility. This will allow you to include more features of your preference to come up with something unique and attractive as you will be having a variety of templates at your disposal. When creating a website, we have a lot of factors you need to put into considerations; some if you things you have to look into include the ease of switching from one theme to a different one. You also need to ask yourself if the design is appealing to the eyes. Let us have a close look at how website builders benefit from creativity control and design flexibility.

Wix templates 

Going through the long list of Wix templates, you will see a lot of features and quality designs. This means you are not limited to a few templates in a specific domain. You will have over 500 super attractive templates to choose from, listed in different industries like blogs, videos, photographs, etc. Below are some of the things you have to look into;
Models should have a professional outlook and with a lot of whitespaces
Templates at not always responsive, this means you need to make some adjustments
It is not possible to make some significant changes to your website without revamping its content. Editing minor elements like fonts and colors are allowed, but considerable changes require you to rebuild your site again.

Squarespace templates

Here you will not have a lot of templates options to consider as for the case of Wix. Moving around the elements is not even accessible. However, switching your website templates is more flexible with Squarespace.
Below are some of the factors to look for  in Squarespace templates;
It has over sixty beautiful template designs to choose from.
You can easily use the templates for tablets and the mobile ad they are fully responsive.
You can also switch your website without at any given time without worrying about content loss.

Templates designs

Wix has a lot of templates to choose from compared to Squarespace. Apart from the wide variety, Wix has also had an attractive and responsive template designated. However, When it comes to the template design part, Squarespace wins it without a doubt. It comes with some stunning models with modern design and minimal colors that exclude sophistication. In terms of template quality, Squarespace emerges as the winner without any doubt.

Theme customization

As we have seen earlier, both Squarespace and Wix have an amazing and colorful template. But you should not be carried away with the good looking of the models, consider making changes depending on your one likes or preferences.
Customizing your templates is more comfortable with Wix. They are mainly meant for beginners. With just one click, you will be in a position to replace almost everything, including texts, logos, images, etc. However, you must be extra careful when choosing your template because Wix makes it extremely difficult to move from one model to another, you will be required to rebuild your whole website.
On the other side, Squarespace has a drag and drop option and allows you to switch from one template to another without any difficulties. It is possible to make additional changes like background, fonts, and color.

Features and tools

You might have probably created your website layout, and you are ready to welcome your visitors, it is essential to note that coming up with a beautiful website is a great way to bring om many visitors to your site, but for them to stay longer and even explore your site further, you have to provide them with attractive options and features. It is for these reasons you have to opt for a website builder with the best tools and features. If you are aiming at building your website without writing any form of code, then Wix is an excellent option for you if has a variety of tools to create websites for different industries like corporate website, e-commerce and many more.
You don’t have to add more tools and features, as most of them are provided at the control panel. The only let down is that these apps come with limited features in their freemium packages.
Squarespace does not have an extra market as for the case of Wix; that is why it is built with a lot of tools and features.

Wix eCommerce

Wix comes with a variety of eCommerce templates, all of its options come with built-in tools.

Squarespace eCommerce

This builder offers the best and attractive e-commerce features. The first option is meant for product merchandising, while highly experienced users use the second one.

Blogging tools
Creating your blog is a very tedious process; it involves note than just publishing your texts. It is for these reasons incorporating blogging tools is very important if you want to scale up your blog.
Wix allows you to choose the creative and beautiful layout and come up with your blog immediately. It has attractive features like galleries, feeds, built-in templates, and email campaigns to help your establish your blog and promote it to higher levels.
Squarespace, on the other hand, also has essential blogging tools. With its visually appealing templates, it is beneficial to high-quality graphic blog designs and photographs. It comes with other crucial features like social sharing, contributions, category support, and many more.

Marketing tools
Your blog is not going to establish its presence on its own. To increase your outreach and grow, it is essential to employ some useful marketing tools. Both Wix and Squarespace don’t limit their users when it comes to marketing tools.
Wix’s marketing tools allow one to launch a successful email marketing campaign by allowing them to send out beautiful newsletters.
Squarespace also assists in running a successful marketing campaign by sending customized and stunning emails.

SEO features
If your website receives more traffic, then it means that you are likely to be successful. In order to get high traffic to your website, you have to work with your SEO strategy to get a high rank of search engines.

Both Squarespace and Wix are the best option here.  If you want to optimize your website highly, then you have to include metadata and highly ranked keywords.
Another common factor is free SSL certificate, optimization for headings, alt text for images, etc.

Wix has an extended SEO guide. It is meant for beginners who don’t know much about the SEO world. It also offers some other built-in features like;
•    Default meta tags
•    XML sitemap
•    Rapid page load
•    Instant Google indexing and
•    Automated mobile optimization

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace uses various strategies to boat your rank on search engine results.   It also provides an in-depth guide on what needs to be done at each stage. It also offers some other benefits like;
•    Google search analysis
•    Clean up URL
•    Free SSL certificate
•    Automated image tagging
•    Creation of a lightweight version of your webpage

Customers support

Both Wix and Squarespace offer the best customer service to its clients with a number of ways to solve your issue. Both of them have support forums, knowledge bases, and video guides.
Wix support system
When you experience any difficulties, Wix provides a variety of ways to help you out. Wix will offer yo you their support via informative blogs, forums, over the phone, email, support center, and social media channels as well as step by step guides.

Squarespace customer support

Just like Wix, Squarespace often incredible customer support. It reaches out to their clients via ;
•    Live chat
•    Webinars
•    Community forums
•    Step by step guides
•    Emails
•    Informative articles and blogs

Website packages and pricing

Both of them offer beautiful packages and pricing. Squarespace has four pricing premium plans. The first two plans are suitable for beginners, and the latter tie is best for e-commerce websites.
Wix offers more pricing options and packages; it has a total of 7 premium plans, which are further divided into various business, website, and eCommerce plans.

Final verdict
Both of them are the best website building tools. However, Wix has emerged the best with a very small margin.

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