INSTANT Sales Strategies To Increase Your Sales

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Instant Profit Strategies.

To Get Instant Profit Starting From ZERO…

You Need Two Things

Instant Traffic

And A Good Converting Direct Offer or Service


how to get instant traffic

– facebook groups (drum up interest… dont spam – help people)
– seo piggy back method
– press release targeted at news type seo keywords
– youtube videos and livestreams
– helpful social media live streams
– paid traffic (ppc – banners – solo ads – ect)
– forum posting (again… focus on helping people)
– guest post on blogs
– create something that will get passed around (viral)
– get affiliates to promote your products

how to get instant sales – find a direct offer

– hard hitting direct response sales page
– email list building and marketing
– direct contact with visitors email and live chat
– Q and A Pages
– live webinars about topics your market wants to know
– news style update videos

10 High Paying Online Jobs – No Experience Needed

1 closer (phone, chat, email)

2 software trainer

3 specific site setup support

4 product reviewer / tester

5 freelance skill set

6 social media manager

7 content agregator for specific businesss

8 infographic designer

9 video creator / editor

10 affiliate marketer

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate Pay Cuts

Dude, Amazon.

What The F$%K?


If you’re an Amazon affiliate.

Today was not a good day.

Amazon has slashed their commission rates, which means you get paid less.

That’s right. If you were to sell a piece of furniture for 100 bucks, you would get eight.

But now you only get three.

Take that affiliate’s.

Some people are calling this the biggest slap in the face to affiliate marketers ever.

But the fact is, most Amazon affiliates have been slapping themselves in the face by leaving money on the table.

And we’re going to show you the new pay rates as per Amazon.

And I’m going to show you exactly how to make even more money than you ever thought possible with your measly little Amazon paycheck.

First up, here is the email that the Amazon affiliates got just recently says, I hope you are staying well during this time. We are writing to inform you of upcoming changes to the Amazon Associates program. These are going to take effect on April 21st. And the changes are pretty drastic.

These are the categories that got changed.

If you’re in furniture, home improvement, garden, pet’s pantry and lawn, the commission rate got slashed from 8 percent down to 3 percent.

Headphones, beauty, music, instrument, business and industrial from 6 percent down to 3 percent.

Outdoor and tools used to be 5.5 percent. Now 3 percent.

Grocery store items was 5 percent. Now a measly 1 percent.

Sports 4.5 percent down to three. Baby items 4.5 down to 3.

Health and personal care 4.5 percent. Down to 1 percent.

And lastly, amazon fresh used to be 3 percent. Now it’s 1 percent.

Some of the categories didn’t get affected like luxury, beauty and coins. That’s still 10 percent. Digital music. Physical music. Handmaid and digital videos. Physical books, kitchen and automotive. Lots of Amazon products. Jewelry, luggage, watches. Handbags. Things of that nature. No changes. Toys and computers. No changes there. Televisions and digital video games. No change. And on physical video games and game consoles, you still gets your 1 percent.

Now, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 20 years and I listen and pay attention to numbers when people speak. I have several friends making over $100,000 with the Amazon affiliate program and I’ve found that through my research…

the average Amazon affiliate averages about 5 cents per click on their link.

which means if I get 100 hundred visitors to my web site and only twenty click on the Amazon link, I’m making less than a penny per visitor and that blows.

So what’s the secret to making this work?

Well, first of all, if you’re making money with Amazon, that means you have traffic. And if all these people are going to your Web site, you need to find out why they’re going there. So the first thing you want to do is run a traffic report, find out where your visitors are coming from and what they’re interested in. Second, this is very important. You want to run an Amazon report. This Amazon report will show you what people are buying.

And if you take your traffic report and your Amazon report and you figure out what people are buying, you have a recipe for making lots of money. Let me show you how it works. Say, for example, I run a health and personal care Web site. I used to make 4.5 percent per sale from Amazon. Now Amazon is only paying me 1 percent. So that means if my site averaged forty five hundred dollars a month, now I’m only making a thousand. But if I’m only averaging five cents per click, that would mean I got over 20,000 visitors to click on my Amazon affiliate link. But now with the new changes, I need to either get one hundred thousand visitors to click on my link or I need to make more than five cents. And making more than five cents a click is actually pretty easy when you focus on your traffic and the right offers.

You see there’s lots of affiliate offers out there that you can use from big stores to different CPA affiliate offers which are cost per action, where you get paid for an action, not necessarily a sale. You don’t get paid for a download, a free trial, someone to subscribe to something an email submit or a zip submit or like a mortgage application. And there’s lots of things that you can use.

For example, if you’re in that beauty market, you can see here there’s this bay box, which they get like a free trial of all kinds of makeup and stuff like that. You get seven dollars and fifty cents when they get the free trial. There’s another one for Allure where you get five dollars on a free trial is another one for makeup samples. This one pays two dollars and 40 cents when they put their email in a box and hit submit.

They don’t even have to buy anything. They just sign up for free samples. You also have radiant teeth whitening, which these beauty people would be all over that. You’ve got to have a good smile if you want to look your best. And this one is eighty dollars. And I think it’s a free trial or like maybe like one hundred dollar product or something. So instead of getting one percent, you’re actually getting like 80 percent, which is insane.

You also have stuff like dermo correct. For skin correction and stuff like that. Again this looks like a free trial or a discounted product. The sixty five dollars you get per sale on that is actually more than it costs to get the product, which is pretty cool. You also have stuff like this aqua radiant skin, $42 a sale, Another one at $40 a trial, beauty by design, some kind of product there as well. And then you can even go direct if there’s products that you want to pitch direct, like on L’Oreal on their home page. They actually have an affiliate program that pays eight to 15 percent, which right off the bat you’re already doing better than Amazon.

Now, the difference is, is Amazon’s an easy converter because I don’t have to go find my credit card. I just click the button and order.

However, if you could pitch these good enough, you can make quite a bit of sales. And since they’re direct, it’s going to get a lot more conversion because these people are like, OK, I want to get it from the source. I want to get what you recommend.

And remember, people are coming to you for the content on your Web site. They just happen to be ordering at Amazon because that’s where you’re linking them. You can link them to Best Buy or to Bass Pro Shops or any of these other companies that pay a lot more affiliate commission. You can also do the various things on offer vault. You can use the affiliate toolbars that I provide for you over at affiliate marketing dude dot com and lots of stuff. Here’s estee lauder, they have a 10 percent commission. Here’s Bass Pro Shops. They have 5 percent across the board and they give you lots of creatives and stuff.

Now, this is something Amazon doesn’t give you. They just give you a little link. These shops actually give you an affiliate program manager if you start doing volume and they’re going to help you make sales. They’re going to make custom links, custom banners, all kinds of things. And you can make a lot more money or let’s say maybe you’re doing like pet stuff, right?

Here’s one where it’s a pet insurance program. One hundred and twenty bucks when they sign up for a pet insurance thing. And that’s not a hard sell. If I have a pet site where I’m selling pet food and stuff. You can say, hey, you know what? You know, if your dog gets sick, the average vet bills are about $5000. Do you have that? No. Well, then why don’t you pay 70 dollars a year for a pet plan? And boom. I get one hundred and twenty bucks when they sign up for the seventy dollars a year or whatever it is. And it’s actually good product. They had it on my dog in the past and worked out pretty well.

Lots of different things that you can use. You can find all kinds of offers in offervault. Or you could go over to affiliatemarketingdude.com and you can actually use my power search tool to find offers that work for you. So if you’re in the fishing niche, it’s actually going to go through and it’s going to find you offers for the fishing niche, whether it’s bass, pro shops or whatever.

All kinds of things you can promote and make lots of money. And again, we don’t even have to sell stuff. Some of this is for a free subscription, someone to put their name and email in, someone to download a tool. And don’t underestimate this. I have made thousands of dollars daily using little downloads, using little offers like the teeth whitener and different things like that.

All you’ve got to do is make sure that it fits your market. Put the banners front and center where you want people to click them, put some text, maybe review the product and then you’re off to the races. You can also use various other affiliate networks. I’ll have a list for you over at downloadmynotes.com. Put a big list of the affiliate networks you can use. You have Commission Junction Link Share which is also Rakuten or CJ.

One of those and many, many other places that you can find affiliate links.

So don’t be discouraged by Amazon cutting their affiliate rates. Go out there and do what you got to do.

Back in the day when I had a bunch of traffic for gas powered scooters and the people would only pay me 2 percent.

What did I do? I went and I found a dropped shipping company. And instead of making one hundred and thirty dollars a month, I was now making sixteen thousand dollars a month. Why? Because this is my traffic and I need to focus on it. And I did. And I need to make the most possible with every visitor that comes to my site.

If I rely on a big company to do all the work for me. I get paid peanuts and Im going to be subject to their commission changes and all that stuff. Because guess what?

Amazon makes plenty of money without you.

What you’ve got to do is find people that need your traffic and want your traffic.

And there is lots of people out there. So I hope you enjoyed this video. And I hope you really look into your traffic and understand what the reports say. What are people ordering? How can I go direct dropship? How can I go out there and find an affiliate offer form? What can I do to make this better for my visitor and make more money for myself? If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, make sure you subscribe and click the bell. Check out my other videos on CPA affiliate marketing and find out how I’ve made lots of money over the last 20 years doing exactly what I’m teaching you here.

Persuasion Techniques And Methods Of Influence

Welcome to this special training about persuasion and sales tips.

Today, we are going to teach you lots of ways to use persuasion and sales tips on your Web site. We’re gonna be diving deep into the science of persuasion and understanding how all this works so that you can get the conversion because it’s not enough just to set up a Web site or write a headline.

You need to actually do things to get people to take action.

First we’re going to do a little test.

So what I’m gonna do first and foremost is I am going to write a number on the board.


That is the number of people in america with credit card debt.

Now what I want to do for this test is I want you to guess how much debt you think the average American has total.

That includes houses, cars, student loan, medical. How much debt do you think the average American has total?

All right. So a lot of people are saying three hundred thousand five hundred thousand. A million.

So the average person and again, this includes everything. Five hundred thousand nine hundred and twenty thousand two hundred and twenty five thousand five hundred thousand five hundred thousand.

So the average guess was about five hundred thousand dollars. Give or take, some people were above. Some people are below.


This is the average American mortgage payment. OK. Average American mortgage payment. What I want you to do is I want you to guess how much the average American has in a car loan. OK. How much do you think the average American has in a car loan type?

All right. And this test will open your eyes and I’ll show you something which we’re going to get into with a really cool quote in a minute.

So how much do you think the average American has in car loans? Now, keep in mind, the average mortgage is eleven hundred and four dollars. OK, so we got thirty thousand. OK. Twenty five twenty thousand. Three thousand twenty five thousand twenty five. OK. A lot of people are saying twenty five. Three hundred bucks. Fifteen twenty three. Fifty twelve. OK, so most people are below are saying less than twenty thousand. OK. A lot of people were saying less than twenty thousand. Some people had like 2000 stuff like that. OK.

Now this test, what I want to reveal to you is the actual numbers.

The average amount of debt the average American has is 136,643

The average outstanding car loans. The average American has is 29,058

Now what I did is I just framed you and conditioned you to respond in a certain way.

Notice how presenting this big random fact number made the average guesses almost triple the actual amount.

Notice on the second one giving you this random number, low number of mortgage payments made people guess nine thousand less on the car loan.

Do you think this was by accident?

I actually preconditioned you by putting the big number first thing notice the big number has nothing to do with anything.

It doesn’t matter how many people have debt. We’re looking at the total debt. Doesn’t matter what the mortgage payment is. We’re talking about car loans. So a completely off topic, off subject number has changed how you to think this should be more expensive and this should be cheaper.

Now, I want you to notice that because no one is susceptible. No one is not susceptible to this. Everyone is condition. And I want to start out with a quote. We’re gonna be talking about a lot of stuff from Robert Chiladini whose book called Influence. Very good book. He also has a second book called Pre Influence or something pretty fluid, something like that.

Chialdini says ”

what we present first changes the way people experience what we present to them next”

Random numbers or actual real numbers are going to change the way that you see things. Very important because when you’re on webinars and people say, well, you know, an hour of my time is worth an average of fifty thousand dollars and we’re gonna give you this one page pdf, that should be ten thousand dollars. And I’m going to give you this other thing that’s not worth Jack shit. But I usually charge thirty thousand for it. They’re going to put all those numbers and you’re gonna go, wow, this should be one hundred thousand dollars. I’m getting it for seven dollars. That’s insane, what a deal!

So what happens is you’re pre framing their ideas to show them what’s going on.

Again, what we present first changes the way people experience what we want to present to the next.

This is important. And I thought that this training would be so important in these times right now, because a lot of people are watching the news. A lot of people are paying attention to what’s going on. A lot of people have a lot of time on their hands. And we’re seeing this stuff in real time. We’re seeing it happen right in front of our faces. So we’ve got to look at that. We’ve got to focus. We’ve got to understand that our marketing needs to hold people’s attention by making it about them. So let’s go ahead and let’s dove into this.

And we’re going to look at Robert Chilaldini’s 6 persuasion topics here.

1. Reciprocity

What does this mean? This means that if I give you something free, like a free training on YouTube, you are more likely to buy something from me.

They do studies all the time. And I learned this back when I was doing magic, where I do magic for free and I get a tip at restaurants. They actually learn this with restaurants where they would do tests and they would have a waiter go to the table and leave the bill and you get an average tip. Then they did a test where the waiter would leave the bill and put one mint.

Interesting tips, rose 3%

What’s going to happen if we give two mints?

I mean, mints are free, you could get him in the box on the way out.

What happens if she gives you two minutes?

Well, if she gives you two after dinner mints, the tips rise 14 percent.

That’s almost quadrupling the amount that first came with the one minute. So we got to look at that. We’re like, wow. Seriously, just giving a mint makes their income go up. Are you kidding me? And these are the things you need to know, because if you know this stuff, you’re gonna be given mints away so you can quadruple the amount of tips you get.

So reciprocity is very important. If I give you something, you feel more inclined to give me something back. Very important conditioning. Understanding how it works. Understanding what’s happening. And Ben says the latter part of that test. She turns around, so she gives you the check and then turns around and says, oh, I forgot to give you mints. They went up to like 30 percent or something crazy like that. Right. And understanding this is insane because you just saw in the example before how the numbers precondition you.

So if all these little things are happening in your mind, basically all humans are running around like Pavlov’s dog salivating at the bell ring, saying, how do I get this?

Because you’ve been conditioned. You’ve been trained. You were taught how to think. Now, some of the stuff you’re gonna learn in this training is going to be stealth, crazy, awesome stuff that gets good conversion. I want you to understand this is meant to be used for good. Don’t do like other people out there and use it for bad. It will backfire on you because these things have a way of backfiring if you don’t use them the right way. Again, our goal is to provide value. So reciprocity. If I give you a webinar, if I give you a plug in or a theme very important. If I give you something you feel more inclined to give back. Just like if I invite you to my party, next time your birthday party comes around, you’re gonna be like, well, you know, has had me at his party. I should invite him to mine even though I don’t like that guy. He’s kind of funny looking and he talks about persuasion like a weirdo. Right. You’re gonna go through and you’re gonna you’re gonna automatically want to reciprocate. The next thing we’re gonna look at is scarcity. We see this big happening right now.

This is a roll of toilet paper.

How many of you guys went out and bought extra toilet paper just because everyone else was. You’re like, OK. I mean, toilet paper. You know, I can’t live without toilet paper. And everyone else is buying it. So I better get it while I can.

This is the law of scarcity.

What happens is when people see something as scarce or high demand and low amounts available, they’re going to look at that and they’re going to start to buy it. Scarcity. This is a rare webinar. You hear it all the time. People on YouTube, they say this is a rare video. This is very rare. It’s like it’s not rare. It’s on YouTube. Everyone can watch it.

We actually bought extra toilet paper.

I didn’t hoard it, but I bought an extra one. So I’m like, yeah, if I can’t get it, like I wasn’t able to get it the last four times I went to the store. So we got some right. Herd mentality. Scarcity. You worry. Hey, you know what? This isn’t going to be available, right. That’s why America used to be on the gold standard because it was tied to something people thought was scarce. All right. Now, we’re not on the gold standard, but as things happen.

Same thing with inflation and everything like that. Scarcity is very, very important in marketing. That’s why people say this is the last one. These are the last five. I’m only offering 10 of these. I’m only doing this for a limited time.

So we’ve got to look at that. Scarcity is extremely important.

The next one is authority.


People need to know that you’re an authority. Right. You could literally like they’ve been caught on the news or they have a guy in a doctor suit who’s not actually a doctor. And he says stuff. Right, the doctors to provide authority. Now, again, that’s a shady as hell way of doing it. But the fact of the matter is, is a story needs to be built. People need to know, hey, why should I listen to you? Why should I trust you? Why should I read your blog article? Why should I read your content? Why do I give a shit about you? Well, one of the best ways to get authority is to have other people say it. Studies have been shown that it doesn’t even matter. The other person saying it right, you could be like, Hey, Tom down the street has known Marcus for years. He knows that he’s been doing affiliate marketing for 20 years and he’s made $10 million on the Internet. Right. Just hey, Tom says that I better think it, too. So what it does is it gives an authority saying, hey, other people are talking about this and I want you to understand something in life, in life, in business, in marketing, everything you encounter is about agreements. That’s it. Agreements. I was talking to my brother the other day. We’re talking about the price of gold and gold investing in gold versus fiat currency. And we were looking at and I’m like, OK, the only reason gold has value is because everyone says gold has value. Think about it. The only real good thing gold is used for is like maybe dental work or, you know, some other applications. But it’s not this crazy, ridiculous thing or. Take, for example, diamonds. Diamonds are literally everywhere. In other countries, literally everywhere. They’re not scarce. They’re not rare. But everyone agrees that they are valuable and they’re linked to romance and love and care. And so now these diamonds have the authority of everyone saying these are worth something very important. But the fact of the matter is, is it really not worth jack shit? Right. The only thing is, is everyone agrees with it. So authority is very, very important.

The next one we’re going to look at is


People like to be consistent. I voted for this candidate in 2006 at 16. I need to be consistent and I need to do it again. Or what we can look at in the world of marketing is micro commitment. Right? Do you ever wonder why people have a course that’s like $7 or a free trial? Why do they do that? Why don’t they just charge for it or give it away? Why would you charge them? Obviously, if I charge $7 for something, I’m not getting rich. It doesn’t even matter. Right? Like seven bucks and probably not even breaking even. Maybe even breaking even. OK. So what it is, is it gives you a micro commitment. You say, I’m willing to get my card out and buy something from Marcus. And then your mind is programed to say, well, I already bought that. Maybe I’ll buy something else. I already bought this. Maybe I’ll do this. Or getting people to nod their head in agreement. How many of you guys agree that this stuff is important? Right. Nod your head, type it in the box. Yeah, I agree with that. The likelihood of you agreeing with my next statement goes up. Financially, because I got you to agree with the first one. People like to be consistent even if they’re wrong. This is important. You see it all the time if you’re on Facebook. People are always trying to be, oh, I’m backing up my idea, even though I didn’t really think about it. I just watched a video or my Aunt Mary, who I think is an expert in economics, even though she’s not said this. Right. And they stick to it and they back it up and they say, I’m consistent on this issue, even if I’m wrong. OK. Very important. Now, using this in marketing, we have to look at micro commitments. How can we get someone to commit to one thing and then the next thing, whether it’s an opt in put to name and e-mail in the box, whether it’s this or whether it’s out. Did you know that one of the highest converting pages on any Web site is the page after someone puts their name and e-mail in? Think about that. I got you to put your name and e-mail into subscribe for a free thing. And that now increases sales.

Yes, consistency. Well, I opted in. I did what he said first. Better do the next thing next.

Better do this. And a lot of people are focusing and they’re looking at it. Roger says, Democrats, Democrats, Republicans, everyone does this. No one is susceptible. They’re not susceptible to this. This is everything. If you look at your life, if I’m honest with myself, I have to admit I fall for the shit. That’s that’s how we’re wired. Doesn’t matter what party you belong to, doesn’t matter. What matters is these things can be used. And if we understand how humans operate. Game over. You win because again, life’s all about agreements. That’s it. It’s agreements. People agree that toilet paper is needed right now. The issue right now has nothing to do with toilet paper. Right. It’s not like causing an issue that you would need that. But because everyone says it is. Everyone does that. Now, some people might not you might say, well, Marcus, I’m not stupid like them. Well, you might look at it and say, well, I’m like the other people. And you are doing this in certain areas of your life. The fact that you’re on this training proves that a person like you wouldn’t be on this training if you didn’t be susceptible to this stuff. So consistency is a big one.

The next one is liking.


You have to like the content or the person. You have two people buy from those that they know like and trust. OK. Now, if someone likes you, whether it’s just because you helped them out, whether it’s because you know your stuff and you’re talking about it, whether it’s because you gave them free content, whatever it is, we’ve got to get people to like us.

I’m not talking about like like you go on a date, go out to dinner. I’m talking about like you and say, I trust this guy, this guy. He’s got books. He’s talking about this book here. He reads this stuff. He’s been doing this 20 years. The average Internet marketer you see on YouTube has been doing it like two years. Right. And we look at it, we’re like, well, markets doesn’t look like he’s been doing 20 years. But I do have some gray hair. Do we like him?

There’s some people that, you know, can get around this. You don’t have to be liked. There’s lots of people who make lots of sales who are not likable. But if you get people to like it, then you’re going to have a better chance of sales. The last one is social proof or a consensus. Now, there are all kinds of tests. Now, we got to understand this because, guys, we are in the Internet age, which means one thing. Does anyone know what that means? Word in the Internet age, what does that mean? It means we’ve got Internet. We’ve got access to news. We have this, we have that. But we have something more important than all that other stuff. And what we have is data.

Data does not lie.

Now you can manipulate data to get it to do what you want. I manipulated this data here. And I said to everyone, you know, here’s the number of people in debt in the US. I use that number. Here’s this number. So you can manipulate data. But data doesn’t lie. That little study where they took the waitress and gave away the mints and got more tips. That’s data. OK. Now online you have data up the ying yang. So much data. You probably need this, right? We got a lot of data. We know everything. We understand what’s going on. I could go in and I could Google and I could see which color button works best for conversion. I could see that. And then you put that on your site and say, holy crap. Now, I just doubled my sales because my button was blue. And now it’s red. Pretty simple. And we’re gonna go into those. We’re gonna talk about those. We’ve got a long way to go.

Hopefully the air conditioner keeps going here because it’s hot out here in the Florida. But we got to look at this because the data doesn’t lie and the data tells us that social proof or a consensus win. Nine times out of ten, actually 10 times out of ten.

Social Proof

Social proof is what makes people buy toilet paper. Well, I saw a guy with three baskets of toilet paper. I better get at least one because, you know, there we go in a lot of these can be combined social proof, consistency, authority, scarcity. They can all be combined dry like the toilet paper. One is social proof and scarcity. Very important. So we look at that and we’re like, OK, what is social proof? Social proof is the whole. Everyone else is doing it. Pretty simple. I noticed years ago on my order form, if I put under the higher priced items, I have a product that’s two ninety seven and I’m a product that’s twelve seventy seven. And I was like I want to increase the people who buy the twelve seventy seven obviously because that’s like a thousand dollars more. So I like more money. So what do I do.

Well I put a little line underneath that. And I said my most successful students choose the high ticket niche. Pretty simple before sales were all right. It’s doing OK. After sales were wonderful because people were like, well, if it’s most successful, students of the people that are doing this actually choose this, then I should, too. I should too. Very important. So we’re like, OK, cool. Social proof is important. You see those little boxes at the bottom of Web sites and it says Bob joined five hours ago or whatever. Sally joined ten hours ago. Whoever joined this five minutes ago. Right. What that’s doing is social proof.

Social proof. If I come to you and I say ten thousand people have bought the simple sites, big profits course, you say, well, you know, I mean, if 10000 people bought it, it must be good, has no bearing on whether the product is good or not. Now, personally, I think it’s the best product out there if you want to learn affiliate marketing. But you know, it doesn’t matter. What matters is they’re looking at the number that says, ten thousand people did this. Well, 10000 people did it. I mean, it can’t be all that bad. Can’t be this. Can’t be that. And we’ve got to look at that and we’ve got to focus, OK?

So having that little thing that says my most successful students in this or most people choose this, or if you like this, customers who liked this also liked this, or after they order, the average person who buys this usually gets this very important to see it happen on Amazon Best Buy. All the companies are doing this because why they’re looking at the data. And I want you to start looking at the data and stop thinking that, you know, marketing without, I don’t know, marketing without it. I got to rely on the data. I’m not a genius. I’m not a, you know, super smart guy. I don’t know this without testing. And any marketer who says that marketing is not a test, you don’t listen to him because all of marketing is a test. We need to test now. The good thing is, is I’ve gone through and I’ve tested this.

We’ve had billions and billions of impressions on our ads, hundreds of millions of visitors to our site. We watch what they do. We test them. We track them. And a lot of the plugins and software that we develop are based around the tests we did to show you how this works. Very, very important. So we have reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking social proof and consensus. Right. Very important. If you look at these and you ask yourself, how can I use them on my Web site? That’s going to change everything. Let’s go ahead and keep going here. We’re gonna have a big pile of these papers by the end. There we go. Use them to start the barbecue. OK.

So next up, we have framing.

Framing is a lot like the test I did in the beginning. In the beginning. I framed the argument saying here’s a random number. Now tell me what this should be. That’s a frame. The news does it all the time. They say this is how things are and they package it in a frame. Now, we got to be careful because a lot of people use this and they gotta understand what’s going on. But a lot of people use this for the bad.

Right. You could frame whatever you want. Very important. You got to look at it like there was recently with Bernie Sanders and the Joe Biden Democrat thing. They were recently talking about, you know, him bowing out and and letting Biden have the thing, which I think is a terrible idea. But at any rate, I’m not a politician, so I can’t control that.

But what they did in the news is they frame the argument and they actually had information that was negative about Biden and they waited to share that until after Bernie was already out. Right. That’s framing. When you show information is important. The way you show information is important, the way your website gets people into it is important. How are you going to frame your argument? If I frame my argument and I say. The average affiliate marketing product is two thousand dollars.

But you can come to Marcus and you can get a done for you niche plus training plus software plus everything for only twelve seventy seven. We’re like, OK, that’s interesting. What if I framed it differently? What if instead of this because what I’m doing here is I’m automatically saying everyone else’s course is too grand, mine is better and it’s twelve seventy seven. What I did is I framed it by saying I’m competing, I’m competing. So if you want price, you want this. That’s it. I just framed the argument and said two thousand versus twelve seventy seven. Everyone who doesn’t care about price is not going to care about this. What if instead I say the average affiliate marketer has been doing this for five years. They have a course.

They teach this stuff. But I’ve been doing this for 20 years and here’s what I found. OK, that’s a little bit different. What if I completely took the competition out of the equation? But if I didn’t even do that. What if I wasn’t like product X is cheaper than product Y? Because then you’re thinking, OK. Do I want X or Y? What if instead I only framed it as I have the solution you want? Do you want to learn how to build simple little web sites to average twenty seven dollars a day or more? Click here to find out how I do it or order this thing or here’s what I’m going to teach you. What I did is I just xed out the competition much like the news did. They were like, let’s wait till the competition’s out till we show them how bad of a choice. Biden could be. That’s my personal opinion. I’m not a Biden fan. I like Bernie, but to each his own.

So what’s happening is we’re reframing it. Now there’s some other things that you can look at with reframing as well. And I wrote them down here. OK. Here’s another thing. Did you know that right now 70 percent of Americans support Medicare for all 70 percent? Now, again, this is not about politics. This is about understanding how things are framed. Very important. Seventy percent of Americans support Medicare for all. So 70 percent of Americans say, I want Medicare for all. Now think about the arguments for and against Medicare for all. They’re actually really bad arguments. Some people say they frame it in separate ways. So let’s look at how they frame it. One way to negatively in for a negatively frame, Medicare for all would be take away private.

Insurance. When you say I’m going to take something away, people go. No, I don’t want that. Don’t take it away. Now, personally, for me, I hate my private insurance. Cost me about $3000 a month because I’m self-employed and it’s insane. How you want it. It’s not that great.

Like every time I turn around, I got to pay for an inhaler. I gotta pay for this. Got to pay for that. If a doctor looks at me from across the street, I somehow get a bill. Right. So I don’t care about it. Now they frame it by saying who? You’re gonna get this taken away. Most Americans don’t really care about their private insurance. Is anyone here just love their private insurance or like there is nothing comparable to my private insurance? It’s great. Most people aren’t even people who hate the idea of Medicare for all. Actually, like I think in California called Medi-Cal or something like that. Or Medicare or something like that. Right. They actually like it. So when we frame this as take away private insurance or save money or never have to pay for prescription drugs again, never have to pay for major medical issues, never have to pay a doctor bill again. When we frame it, it changes everything and it changes it from, hey, we’re gonna take away your private insurance, too. We’re gonna save you money. Right. And these arguments change the frame. And I want you to watch this. Next time you’re watching the news. Next time you’re watching the TV, watch how the argument changes the whole perspective. It changes it all. Like I remember one time they were asking Bernie. And they’re like, hey, Bernie, you know, if you are so for millionaires paying extra tax, why don’t you just pay extra tax right now?

And it goes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Make it pay. It’s like, OK, well, wait a minute.

That just framed it as if you’re the bad guy if you don’t give money to something free. Okay. Now, what he should have said is, well, I don’t think I need to write a check to billionaires and trillionaires because that’s where our taxes go. Right. So if you reframe it differently, it changes the whole argument. We’re going to get a little political on some of this stuff, because I think there’s some good examples here. Whether you agree with me politically or not, I really don’t care. You know, that’s that’s beside the point. The point is, how does this stuff change the way people look at things, other things we look at. Another one is we’re going to use a lot of paper here. Right. You guys better buy some stuff so we can do some more. Right. So we’re going to look at this. All right. So we look at it. We’re like, okay, pricing. Pricing.

Very important price points.

Now, I mentioned earlier how the twelve seventy seven versus the two ninety seven. If I said the majority of people get this. More people will get that. Very important. There’s also some other things where people have options. They have an option. They’re like hey, here’s the full shebang. You’re gonna get all this stuff in a bag of chips if you guys are old enough to remember that saying all this in a bag of chips and it’s only ninety seven dollars. There’s your full shebang. Or we could say, well, you know, if you can’t afford the full shebang, maybe we’ll just give you audio and p.d.’s and audio and p_d_f_ is twenty seven dollars. Okay. Very important. Okay. full shebang or the audio and pdf version.

Or when you add a third option. This shows that the amount of people who take the third option increases dramatically. And it’s important because I’m going to show you how this works. Okay, so two options. Most people are going to choose the cheaper one. Great. But if you add a third option, which is audio pdf plus full shebang.

Audio pdf plus full shebang and you price it at the same ninety seven dollars. You’re gonna get way more people to take this option even though it’s the exact same thing as this.

This is what we call a dummy price. Very, very important. So we look at it, we’re like okay there we go. Stephen says you’re losing a bunch of people. You need different, less inflammatory analogies. No, no. I want to use these because I want you to get emotional about this. I want you to understand it in a way where you’re like, yeah. Marcus, I don’t agree with your politics, you little whatever you call me. I want you to feel that because if you don’t evoke emotion in your market, you’re not going to make a sale.

And while it might be like, oh, well, you know, some people are turned off by it, the people who aren’t are going to buy in droves. And we look at it, as Gary Halbert used to say, sell the foxes, weed the dogs, sell the foxes, weed the dogs, create emotion. If you don’t create emotion. People are not going to get out of their seat. They’re not going to order. They’re not going to call the number. They’re not going to buy.

You need to look at their pain points, you need to understand how it works. Some other examples that we will look for, some other examples, right. We looked at taking away private insurance versus providing affordable health care to all. Another one. This is important. You want to read about this? There’s a guy named Frank Luntz. I don’t like Frank Luntz. He’s a not good guy, a politician. Politically, I’m not a big fan, but I do like his stuff. And another thing you need to learn is don’t be picky about where you get your truth. Right. I don’t care for Frank Luntz, but he has a lot of good things and what he came up with. Right. You look at the talking points because everything in politics in the economy is talking points.

It’s talking points. Why? Because people respond to short little things. They don’t want to do the hard work of thinking. So what do they do? They frame things right. Notice death tax. How many you guys want to pay a death tax?

And you think about like the guy here and it’s the death tax. Oh, man. Who would want to tax a dead guy? Very important. This is the argument that Republicans used to pass.

No tax on big inheritance.

OK. So what’s the deal like? How many of you guys here? If I was like, hey, do you agree a guy with like 100 million dollars should have a tax on his inheritance that passes down so that we don’t get oligarchs, do you think the people who created Walmart should just freely give five hundred bazillion dollars to thier heirs? Right.

Probably not. You’re probably like whatever. No, I don’t think it’s going to hurt them if they pay 10 percent. I don’t think that’s going to hurt him. But when you frame it as death tax, people say, hell no, I don’t want that crap. Even though its the same exact thing.

Again, we’ve got to look at this. We’ve got to look at the words that sell because words make a difference. They make a huge difference. OK. Words that make a difference because notice how in the e-mail before I put open this e-mail, because the word because changes things dramatically that actually did a test and they took people out of college at a library. And I think this is from this book. And they took the people at college in a library and they had a guy go up and there was a line for people did use the copier and the guy would go ahead and say, hey, cannot. Can I go in front of you? I’m in a hurry. I need to make copies. And, you know, a couple of people would let him in front, but most did not.

But when they added the word because. Can I go in front of you? Because I need to make copies. Wasn’t even I need to make it hurt. I’m in a hurry. It was. Can I just go in front? Because I need to make because I need to make copies. Well, obviously, you need to make copies. Wouldn’t want to get in front of me and a copy machine if you didn’t want to make copies. But using the word because change the response. One simple little word and we’ve got to pay attention to the power of words. We see this all the time in politics. Weapons of mass destruction. Invisible enemy. Economy. Bloodbath. And they use these words because they evoke emotion. Very important. Is there actually a blood bath on the floor of Wall Street? No. It’s a bunch of guys in suits and ties that are looking at charts like it’s not the civil war is not happening on the on the stock market. Right. But they use those words because they produce something in your brain. And the word because changes. It says, hey, I need to do this because he gave me a reason, having a reason. This is a big one reason why marketing is why you see people like we’re having a tax day sale. My accountant said I need more money for taxes. We’re having a tax day sale. There’s a reason. Very important. The word you you use. Hey, you could make a little sites and get paid big money. You don’t have to pay the death tax. You will get this. You will get that very important new, new and improved simple sites, big profits. Right.

We’re coming out with the simple sites 2020, which if you don’t have it, go to simple sites, bonus dot com and sign up for it. It’s new and it’s improved. Right. Really cool. Using those words makes a difference. Announcing exciting special secret. The secret. You’re gonna learn the secret that other people don’t want you to know about inheritance tax. You’re going to learn the secret about health care. You see this everywhere, like there’s all kinds of conspiracy videos and crazy stuff going out there and watch how they frame things.

If you want to be smarter than the average person out there, understand framing, understand how people change the way things look by the words they use. Did you know that your brain uses words to make mental images of what’s going on? That’s what it is. That’s right. Like you look at it. And before we had language, when we were babies, a lot of people can’t remember things before language. I think that’s really interesting. So is it that they can’t remember stuff like they had no memory or is it that they didn’t have language to put those memories in little boxes? Very important. So if we’re using language, we can use that to frame things however we want. We can use that to use these words like special secret hidden truth. Now discover quick now proven easy guarantees, simple afraid stress, stupid failure. These words evoke emotion. If I say failure, people have fear and a lot of things are driven by fear. You look at our economy.

They say that the biggest drivers of the economy are fear and greed. Fear and greed. Fear. I would like to argue is a bigger one because there are studies that have shown that the average person would spend more time and energy to save ten thousand dollars they already have from being gone than they would to get a new ten thousand. Now, I was born different and I’m like, I yeah, I’d rather go make more money because we can always make more money saving the money. I mean, you know, you could do that another day, but I’d rather make more and I’d rather take a risk.

And we look at it and understand we understand it. Right. Another one, Gray says I hate socialism because I hate socialism because. So you’re using the word hate and you’re using because. But what if you reframe it? Because a lot of people scream the word socialism.

Because it’s a trigger word. We have been trained to think that’s bad. You know, some some instances are bad. Some things are.

But did you know that FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was one of the greatest presidents, in my opinion.. A lot of his ideas are socialism, socialist ideas. Very important. Medicare for all. I guarantee you in America probably like a small percentage, will say I like socialism. But if you say Medicare for all, 70 percent of Americans support Medicare for all. That’s kind of like a socialism program. Now, again, we look at it like Roger says, it’s bad. No, it’s not. Socialism is one thing and one thing only. It’s an idea. That’s it. Ideas can’t be bad. You can have a not bad idea that doesn’t pan out bad or good.

But you can look at it and say, well, this isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Maybe there’s some good things to it. But what happens is people throw the baby out with the bathwater. And this is happening in your marketing. It’s happening. You use the word socialism. Oh, shit. I’m not gonna buy from this guy. And you’re like, why aren’t people buying? Because you used the word that they didn’t want. Very important. Worst thing Bernie Sanders could have ever done is call himself a democratic socialist. So we’re saying why? Because people like democracy, but they don’t like socialism. So figure out a different word. Right now, most people support a lot of his plans, but they don’t support this word. And that was the worst thing. Again, look at what happened. He says the word and now he’s not here anymore for the race. And so we look at it and it’s very, very important. Very important. Here’s another one and we’re going to look at it. OK. Roger says, For socialism, give your money to a guy who doesn’t do anything. Excellent. Good example. He says, here’s this guy who sits on his butt and eat chips and he’s on welfare and he doesn’t do anything, OK?

He’s on welfare and he doesn’t do anything. And they’re going to take my money that I worked my ass off for. And they’re gonna give it to this guy. OK. You have been framed. They framed it. And we look at it. We’re like, OK. We frame it as this is where it’s all going. That’s not where it’s all going. It’s actually a very tiny percentage. If you look at the numbers, the amount of people on welfare, which I don’t mind it. I mean, if they’re on welfare and they collect money, that’s another job for another person. Big deal. Right. But they frame it as you work hard and you’re gonna give it to this lazy bum. That’s all framing. That’s not the truth. The truth is, is most of the money is is going to tax breaks for billionaires who got one point five trillion tax breaks for billionaires. We don’t spend 1.5 trillion on welfare. We don’t look at the numbers. But this is OK. You’ve been framed. And I want you to look at this

I don’t care if you agree with my politics. Your vote is just import as important as my vote. I want you to look at the framing. I want you to look at something that you are so angry about and ask yourself, is it truth or was I framed then when you understand that? Forget about the politics stuff and say, holy shit. I was framed this way. They framed me to think this way. If I could understand this, why do you think the news is rich? Why do you think the people that are doing this is rich? Why do you think there’s so many lobbies? Why do you think there’s so much going on? Because they understand this. They understand it.

Another one, Roger says billionaires make jobs. OK, let’s take a billionaire. OK. Let’s look at the framing again. Don’t listen to my politics. I don’t care if you agree with my politics. Listen to the framing, because these things are very important. Billionaires make jobs. OK. Right now. Forty eight, I think it is.

Forty eight point seven million jobs in the USA are created by small business. That’s like half the workforce. Billionaires. You have Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world. He created five hundred thousand jobs. World wide worldwide. Now, these guys aren’t billionaires. Some of them might be, but most are not. Most are average guys like me that, you know, make a good living. But, you know, they just get by and they employ most of the workforce.

Yet this guy is reaping most of the tax rewards. Think about that framing. They framed it. They said these big companies provide all the jobs.

Actually, the majority are provided by small companies, the big companies just a bit can afford to pay lobbyist and TV commercials. So think about that. It’s framing. You got to look at that. You got to understand, you got to know exactly what’s going on. OK. Very important. Yeah. Mackenzie says, well, the 1.5 trillion is really where the welfare is going. Exactly.

Exactly. They voted on tax breaks for people who could afford it or they could afford to pay taxes. Right. I don’t agree with that. I think, you know, it should be a fair, progressive, actual, real way. And we’ve got to look at it. OK. I frame billionaires as despicable. No, I don’t. I don’t. I’m just saying he doesn’t provide as many jobs as you think he does. So I said. Right. So you’ve got to look at that. And again, notice how the internal dialog happens. A lot of you guys, while watching this, you’ve had an internal dialog. You say Marcus doesnt like billionaires. Never said that you made that up.

That’s your internal dialog. That’s your programming. Very important. Small businesses are where it’s at. Very, very, very important. And no one asks, how many people did this guy put out of business? How many local mom and pop stores don’t exist because of Amazon? Right. How many tax breaks do these guys get? And we look at it, we’re like, wow, I have been framed in a different way. I have been framed to think this certain way. Very, very, very important. And when you look at it, everything’s going to start to make sense. And I want you guys to get this again.

I don’t care what you believe politically. Look at the framing. Look at the framing, because a lot of you guys get really worked up about these things. Why? Why? My vote’s just as important as yours. Why you worked up. Because the words you use around it, the ideas you have around it and the way it’s been framed. People will fight you tooth and nail on the death tax. Oh, man, that’s unconstitutional. That’s unripe. That’s not good. That’s terrible.

But if you say, well, you know, should the states that are valued at more than a billion dollars pay a little bit more in taxes? Well, yes, they should. But they’re fighting you on the same idea because of the way it’s framed. If you want to get people to your order form, if you want people to do some stuff, make it right, make it to where it evokes an emotion. And that’s why this is so important. Right. Very, very important. Let’s take a look at some other stuff going on here. We’ve got a big pile of paper over here. Let’s take a look at some of the stuff. Michael Christian says Amazon’s a monopoly. Yeah, absolutely. And there was never a monopoly created without the help of the government. Never. Right. You look at that. OK, so let’s take a look at something else here.

OK, so let’s talk about colors. Colors on Web site. OK. Do you ever wonder why at the bottom of the news they use a red bar that says breaking news.

OK. And they use it for everything. It’s like breaking news. Guy took the guy farted too loud. It’s like, how’s that breaking news? Right. But they do. They use red on purpose. Right? On purpose. OK. Very, very, very important. OK. And if you guys want a lot of people are talking about tax plans. If you want to learn about Marcus Campbell’s. I’m not running for president. Tax plan. I will tell you my tax plan. Right. So breaking news is in red. Very important. So red. We want to use red for order forms.

Order. Order buttons. OK.

Red order buttons. Outpoll any other color? It’s been tested. It works. Use a red order button. Red headlines when you have your site. Make your headline read. Make it stand out. Make it good. Blue underlined.

Links blue links. Underlined. Blue underlined links. Get more clicks. Very simple. Another one. I don’t know if I have purple around here.

I don’t have purple. We’ll just pretend it’s purple. Right. So purple. Purple is good for religion, wealth and power, power, wealth, religion.

OK, we’re programed to this. Why do you think the monks in the priest wear purple are interesting? Right. It’s attached to that.

We also have orange for standing out with orange for standing out. We have a black background with yellow text. You want something to stand out? Black background, yellow text. Boom works, works in advertising on print, works in Web sites, works on everything. We’ve got orange. We got. OK. So we’ve got all the colors there. If you want a copy of the notes, subscribe, click the bell. Go to downloadmynotes.com

We’ll get you a copy of the notes and you guys can get that as well. Now, they’ve also found other things. They found that images affect how people feel. Think about that. Images affect how people feel. Very interesting. OK, so we look at images and some examples like if you want to sell to moms, you will sell the demographic of people that are moms. Right. Have a kid with a puppy. I don’t even care what you’re selling. It’ll increase conversion. Just having a picture of a pig kid with a puppy. Right. Frame it. There you go. Here’s a picture of a kid with a puppy. I don’t know. I’m not even going to try to draw a puppy. There’s a puppy. There we go. And the kid with a puppy, right? And that will increase conversions. Just having it doesn’t even have anything to do with the content. Just has that on there. You want to tell the dads you got sex appeal, you got power, you got money. There you go. Right. These little things, knowing these is what’s going to separate you from the other marketers that don’t know these.

Because if you don’t know this stuff, it’s not going to work for you. If you know this stuff, you’re going to be in a world of your own getting crazy ass conversions. Right. Very important. OK. So we talked about that. Some other things. Use simplicity when writing. You want to write to like a fifth grade level. OK. Don’t go beyond that. Don’t try to be smart. Just speak to your market like you speak to a lot of people. Look at my mark, my writing. My writing is atrocious. I can’t spell. I have terrible grammar. My sentence structure sucks, but I write in a way that I talk which makes people able to read it and consume it.

Useful words, short sentences. Credibility is important if you can have credibility. Hey, nine out of ten Americans choose this. This is this. This is that. OK. Very important. Donate buttons would probably be good in orange or red as well. Consistency matters. Novelty offers something new. Sound and texture matters. If you’re doing a video, sound matters. Tonality matters. Texture what the look of the site works. Visualize the word. Imagine. Get people to visualize things. Ask a question. This is a big one. Ask people a question and get them to reach the point on their own. Right. If I come at you and I say, hey, you know what? Here’s my political view. This is what it is. People now, I don’t agree with that. But what if I ask him a question instead? Do you think it’s right that these people get lots of money and people that are starving don’t? Well, no, I don’t think that’s right. OK, now we have something common we can talk about. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think what’s going on now works? And what it does is it positions it to where you start to think differently. And this is all about controlling the way people think. And if you can get in there and understand that you could literally interrupt people’s thought process and understand what’s going on and say, hey, look, you know what, we’re going to change it. Instead of framing it based on what you think it’s going to be framed on, we’re going to frame it on something else. This is called a pattern interrupt. People have a pattern.

They’re going out there daily life and and something interrupts your pattern and it gets their attention and they engage in it. They say, wow, I’m going to think about this. So we’ve got to use that and we’ve got to use and paint word pictures in people’s brains. Asking a question is a great way to do that. Provide context, context and explain relevance is another good one. Tie in your landing page with your ad or the user’s search. OK. So like if someone’s here and you have an ad that says lose 100 pounds or they clicked on a search link that they search for lose 100 pounds, first thing they see on your Web site should relate to that. Here’s how to lose 100 pounds. A lot of people don’t do this and they don’t get conversion because they’re not focusing on the flow. Tell your landing page with your ad or the search. Put the most important information above the fold. What does that mean? Web sites like this. Most people see this part on their screen. This is above the fold. This is below the fold. OK. You want to put the most important stuff before they have to scroll. OK. Very important. You got three seconds to get their attention. If you don’t get it in three seconds, you’re out. You’re gone. See you later. Very important site navigation. A lot of people have crazy site navigation.

And do you really want people to do this? Like, think about this for a minute when you go to the grocery store. The most common things people go to the grocery store are milk, eggs and sandwich bread and things like that.

OK. These are the most common things. So I go to the store because my wife says we’re out of milk.

Do you notice that in every grocery store that follows the rule, that knows the stuff, you go in the doors. Right.

Here’s the door and you go and over here, you got some stuff over here, you got some stuff. And this is what the store looks like.

And way back in the back of a store, it says milk.

And it says eggs, milk. There we go. It says eggs.

And it says bread. Why would they put that in the back of the store? Well, they do that because they know you’re going to get your cart.

You’re gonna get your cart and you’re gonna fill it up with stuff going down, aisle one aisle to aisle three aisle for. You’re gonna go through these and you gotta go. You say, Marcus, you know. I don’t fall for that. I just go down the aisle and here and then I go up here to check out. Yeah. They know that there are tests that they do that test where people shop, how long they sit and look at a product. They test eye level when you’re looking at the shelf.

You ever notice how the most popular, most expensive shit is in the middle? They go, it’s like, there we go. Boom. There it is. Why? Because they know that’s what you’re gonna choose. Now, for me, it’s a little bit different. I’m 5 foot 1, so I look at the shelf below. It’s probably why I buy weird stuff. This is done by science. They look at it. They say this guy’s gonna do that stuff at the checkout aisle. Do you think it’s by random? They have magazines and gum and coke and different things like that?

No. They tested it. They know exactly what’s going on and on your website. Do you expect it to be different? Most people have their Web site and they’re like, why don’t you have aisles? I don’t have this stuff. I just you know, they should just go where they want. No, they shouldn’t. You need to direct people or they’re gonna leave. They’re gonna leave. Right. Imagine if they had the milk in the back and I had to go ask for it. I’m gonna start going to a different store. And this is important. And when you think about it, this is how everything works. They do the tests. They understand things. Amazon, when you check out it says, do you want this also? What about this other people? But these things, people who like this book. Like this book.

Everything is planned.

Why should your Web site be any different? Why? Well, Marcus, you don’t understand, I’m just a blogger. I just put posts out for blogging plan. When someone comes from a keyword that I went for and they come to my site, what do I want him to do? Paul can understand what people are doing, understand how people respond, understand the colors that work, the words that work, the phrases, the framing. Everything, everything in your marketing message has to be planned. Now, this might seem difficult, but it’s actually not. You watch what people do. You look at tests that have gone before. You look at images people use. You look at questions people use. You look at order forms. Did you know that order forms can make the difference between lots of sales and no sales?

Same product. Right. Do tests. There I go. Hey, what if I have a Visa, MasterCard and Amex logo at the top of my order form? Well, I can’t do that much. I mean, obviously, they know we take the credit cards. Is that why it’s there? No, it’s there because now you’ve aligned yourself with these companies and it gives you a little bit of legitimacy. Obviously, you should be legit. Don’t be a bad marketer. But having those things help or trust, seal or secure, the site is secured with two hundred and fifty six bit security. OK. These things make a difference if you’re doing affiliate marketing. What can you do? And we’re gonna run out of paper here in a minute. There we go. I don’t have to get anymore toilet paper as a terrible joke. Don’t laugh at that. Right. But we got to look at this. Right. The colors, the order forms. When you’re doing affiliate marketing. Right. Let’s say the site that you’re promoting. OK.

It’s blue. It’s got a blue background and it’s got red text in their logo. Looks like this logo, whatever. Right.

And they have a big button. And the big button is orange. And it looks like this and it says by now. OK. So what? But looks like it’s got a little Bordeleau shadow around it like that. Can you get them to your site? What are you going to do? Well, Mike, if this is my top offer, my conversion will go up. If I have a blue background, my conversion will go up.

If my button to click on matches their button. My conversion will go up if I use the same words. Now, it’s not to say plagiarize or copy it, say, hey, look at this stuff, because this is what gets people to convert. This is what works. And you could do this. There were tests done where a guy went through and he was doing a click bank offer and he’s like, well, what if I just put a picture of the click bank order form? And he had the little click bank order form, I think was Jeff Mills with the ticket product. And he’s like, what if I just put a little screenshot of the click bank order forms so that they know what they’re gonna get? Conversion.

Skyrocketed. It’s a low image. Anyone can do that. Takes literally two seconds to make a little screen capture of a click make order form. And these are the things that make money. These are the things that work. If you’re promoting Amazon, maybe you should make it, you know, look a little bit like that. Maybe your buttons should be the same color. Maybe you should say go buy this at Amazon instead of go buy this. Right. If you’re doing Best Buy, go buy this at Best Buy here. Here’s what the form is gonna look like. Here’s what it’s gonna cost, right? Very, very, very important. And these are the things that get you conversion. These are the things that work. And in this day and age, you need conversion. If you don’t have conversion, it’s not going to work.

So to recap those six things, I think we have them here somewhere. There we go. To recap the six things that have to do with influence and persuasion.

Number one, reciprocity. Can I give you something? Therefore, you feel entitled to get something from me. Scarcity. How can I make this seem rare? Right. There’s only one hundred e-books left. No, that would be a lie. An e-book has a million copies because it’s EA electronic book. Can I do a. I’m only letting a hundred people in and be honest about it. Right. Scarcity. You know this won’t last long.

This is not gonna be around forever. Very important authority. How can I position myself as a thought? Why should I listen to you? Why should I listen to you? Why should I read your site? Consistency. Get micro commitment. Take. Click this button. Hey, do you like blue or red? I like blue. Little commitment. Do you like money or credit cards? Do you like this or this? Would you like to buy this or this? Very important choices. Choices are important, right? When we give people choices. Their brain has to choose. Right?

Do you want to get my simple cites course? Or the high ticket niche? Now that I did get Niches is more expensive, but it does a lot better for people because it’s done for you thing. But the simple like course is good if you want to do it yourself. So which would you like? I didn’t say. Do you want to buy my product or not? No, I said. Which one do you want? Car sales tactic. Hey, do you want this Lexus in blue or green? Blue. Okay, let’s go, Sonia. Would you like to buy this Lexus today? I’ll think about it. Worst words in sales. You never want people to think about it. You want to buy the damn thing right now.

That’s how it works, right? The way you do that is by following these steps. Authority, consistency, liking. Get people to like you. Right. A lot of people are sticking around, even though they don’t like my political views, even though I didn’t really share that many of them. But they still are like, you know what? I still like what he has to teach. I’ll still listen to him. Right. He provoked an emotion in me. Therefore, they’re more likely to buy social proof. If I had 10000 people by the simple sites course, why people like it. Lot of people get results, but thousands of people get the high ticket niches. What people like it works really well. Very, very important. And we’ve got to focus on that. If you want to learn to make money. Focus on persuasion. I don’t care if you could get traffic cheap. I don’t care if you can get traffic cheap. I don’t care if you get the most views on YouTube. I don’t care without persuasion. You got nothing.

CBD Affiliate Programs That PAY + A Warning!

CBD Affiliate Programs That PAY + A Warning!

First Of All… Pay Attention To The Fact That CBD And CBD Oil Are HIGHLY Regulated… so getting paid traffic to these offers can be very difficult and you could run into some problems… i have found the best way to market these is to go after things that CBD helps with rather than just marketing under the banner of CBD.

The Best CBD Offers Will Be Found On Offervault

These offers pay on a free trial, free bottle, and even just email leads… this will make a lot more than just running a sale offer and getting 10%!

Before we get to know the best affiliate programs, we need to understand what the CBD affiliate program is. An affiliate program is the same as the refer a friend program, in that you get to earn a commission for every person you refer to a business site. This is the only opportunity you get to earn with no investment. Several products are dealt with in CBD affiliate programs like drinks, oils, liquids, and skincare products. Cbd affiliate program has been in the market for a while, and it is an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn extra cash.  With more businesses online giving us CBD affiliate programs to join, it is a unique opportunity for any of us who want to join and earn. You have to be clear in what you want to do in this marketing and go for the best Cbd affiliate products.

To become an affiliate in any of the programs, it doesn’t matter whether you have an Instagram, Twitter, or running a blog account, any of that can do wonder for you.  You just need to sign up in an affiliate program for free, get the affiliate links which you will have to share in your social media handles, and earn a commission from any sale you make and also when consumers come back for more of your products. By now, you should have known that affiliate programs are booming all over the world, and being a part of the program is a great achievement for you. With numerous stores and market places around, nowadays, people prefer purchasing their products or groceries while at home, and how does that happen? Through online platforms. You don’t have to be a famous person to sign up for the programs and do a promotion. As long as you know how you can engage people in your social media platforms, then this is an excellent opportunity for you. To promote any product, you need to be conversant with the brands well before starting.

Many people join the program to understand their benefits while using it. On the other hand, you can start earning handsomely from the CBD affiliate program by spreading the news about it. It’s not a hard thing to do, and it depends on how you figure it out. There are several CBD affiliate programs in which you can choose to earn your extra cash;

1.    CBD Biocare

It is the biggest company out there dealing with products like; CBD skin oil and CBD pet oils. With their website having all the necessary information, a customer will need and ease your work. The company pays out frequently over 40% commission and cookies lasting for six months to anyone who is doing their product promotion and sales.

2.    Joy organics

The other remarkable company is known in the CBD affiliate market. They have excellent supporting tools that will help you out in doing your promotion. From the start, they give a payout of 25% commission on sales every twice a month and cookies lasting for sixty days. The company makes sure you also get to earn through discounted purchases and retargeted traffic. Their CBD promotional products are; CBD skincare packages, CBD soft gels, and even CBD energy drink mix.

3.    CBD Essence

Much like CBD Biocare, CBD Essence is another must-try affiliate company. It has a fantastic supporting system for its consumers with an offer of one hundred and eighty days’ cookies duration. Not only does it offer excellent services to customers but also to affiliates. Their payout is done monthly with $200 being the minimal amount and with a 20% commission. The products available in this affiliate are; CBD hemp edibles, CBD pet care not forgetting CBD topical.
4.    CBDPure

It is one of the many praised affiliate companies because of their quality products and incredible customer services. Being their affiliate will be one of your most significant achievements, if not experience. The company gives its affiliates a privilege of earning from the promotional products you place in your social media site instantly and at a commission of 40%. They deal with products like; CBD hemp soft gels and CBD hemp oil.

5.    Hemp Bombs

This Cbd affiliate program is another must check because of its excellent customer services and having incredible quality products. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie. All you have to do is sign up and earn with a 20% commission from the start. It doesn’t have a fixed payout time as you can choose on when to get you to pay, whether weekly or monthly. It has a cookie duration of ninety days and deals with products like; CBD capsules, gummies, vape juices, and tinctures.
Having known the best CBD affiliate programs to choose out there, you can now strategize your market plan; you don’t have to make the CBD affiliate marketing be and hard task for you. Get to promote the products you choose through generated traffics or support them online in your sites.

How to promote a CBD affiliate program
No investment is required, no stock or mutual funds. Just startup!  The main reason why you should invest in a CBD affiliate program is that the CBD market is increasing, making everyone engage in online marketing rather than retail. It is not a walk in the park to set up the CBD affiliate program online. You will face challenges on the way to get there, and at the end of it all, you will have a smile for making it a success. You don’t have to engage in the affiliate program just to earn some cash, but creating the company, you are doing their promotion and sales growth to variable height in the coming years and seasons. As an affiliate, don’t just go to the market with a money-minded intention to have some right approach to improving the Cbd affiliate company. Here are ways in which you can promote your CBD affiliate program despite several limitations you will get on the way;

I.    Native advertising
A typically digital publication advertisement in which similar contents of different sizes get placements in the site, and you have to make your content unique to attract the audience in that platform and help nurture your brand awareness.
II.    Affiliate marketing
Getting an affiliate network for your website is an added advantage. Considering affiliate fees are affordable, and here you get to attract more traffic to your website. Choosing it to promote your program is a sure thing since your program strategies are in a proper place, considering customers from affiliate marketing do guarantee you with lasting potential customers.
III.    Influencer marketing
With it, your brand can approach a broader range of customers. You have to promote your brand naturally to the customers in a relevant manner. This way, you can build the customer’s trust in purchasing your brand depending on how their followers react to it. Always have a strategy when picking the right market influencer. You may think you need an influencer with a broader audience for your brand who will be of no use, whereas you only need an influencer with a smaller audience who are active and help you in reaching your expectation.
IV.    Podcast advertisements
Another excellent way for you to market your brand and to boost your brand awareness. Marketing with committed podcast ads might be expensive, but it is worth a try.
V.    Out of home
It is an old school way of marketing and creating awareness of your brand. You are also able to retail your products in other locations, and hey, this can be costly.
VI.    Content syndication
Being the same as native advertising, you also get a chance to publish your content to a site with similar brand content as yours. This is a privilege to influence your brand awareness.

As CBD affiliate industry continues to grow each passing day, using the above ways in promoting your affiliate program to boost your brand awareness. Despite the majority of the online sources being expensive to use and having restrictions, always be ahead of any data changes to be able to lessen your ROL budget. A good CBD affiliate program does promote your business to the advanced digital world. As many people are considering doing everything online, including purchases and search for whatever they want. If they come across an affiliate marketer’s blog, they get to learn about your business and maybe get interested in trying out your brands. Affiliate programs do include the use of technologically advanced tools to manage and maintain a business. You can follow up on the customer trends, your marketing plan, and even your brand performance. You will also have the opportunity of knowing the areas that you need to improve for your right excel and gain more customers.

how people can make money with affiliate programs

We have already talked about what the CBD affiliate program is. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways in which you can earn or market your brand products. An affiliate does create a link between the buyers and the seller. And in between earn commission on any sale made. We would have called you a broker if it was in physical buying and selling. Advanced online companies do have these affiliate programs, and all you have to do is signing up for the program. Get a unique link that you will be using it anywhere in your sites when you are talking about the company’s product.

There are different payment terms used in every affiliate program. There is the pay per click; you get paid according to the number of visitors who used your affiliate site to get to the seller’s website. Pay per sale; your payments come in the percentage of the sale when a purchase has been made through your affiliate link. Pay per lead; you get to earn online when a visitor leaves his contact details on your advertiser’s website.

Earning through CBD affiliate programs is an easy way to make cash but quite competitive. You need to learn on the dos and don’ts while doing your product promotion to be successful. Want to learn more? Keep reading. Here are simple tips to help you earn with affiliate programs.

i.    Be patientYou need to be patient as there is numerous work to do in the affiliate market. Make sure you try and have quality content for your website to enable you to improve the content awareness and have a higher rank. Join online discussion forums or attend affiliate marketing seminars; all these are to boost your affiliate marketing knowledge. They will also contribute to your online earnings as you will be willing to do the affiliate programs passionately. Being patient will make you earn online through these affiliate programs

ii.    Choose attractive brand productsAs an affiliate, don’t think of promoting all the products offered in an affiliate company. Choose a few that you feel are unique and the best. How do you know the unique ones? Do more in-depth research on all of them, check what the market desires and needs are, and from there, you will be able to determine the ones to go with. They should also be profitable to make you earn at the end of the sale.

iii.    Research on product demand
Who will buy your affiliate product next time if they had a bad experience with the first one? Always try to understand what are the market needs and desires. You can do this by studying your daily, weekly, and annual sales and traffic chart. This will help you in knowing what the customers’ choices and preferences are. Remember no sales, no earning, so focus on understanding what the customers’ demands and behaviors in the products you are promoting are.
We have several other steps to follow to earn online from the affiliate program, and it needs your full consent to know what you need to go for. CBD affiliate program is the way to go to earn extra cash at the comfort of your home. Sign up for the affiliate program, be patient to get what you want from the affiliate program, and don’t forget to work smart.

Posting Ads on Facebook For Money – Arbitrage

Posting Ads on Facebook For Money

When browsing on Facebook, if you’ve ever seen an ad like this

Posting Ads on Facebook For Money

Or this

Facebook Ads Business

Then you have witness someone making money with Facebook ad arbitrage.

But how does this even work and can you make as much as thirteen hundred and seventy seven dollars a day with Facebook ad arbitrage?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be talking about.

Now, first, I think it’s very important that you understand how this concept of arbitrage works.

Arbitrage is simply the art of buying low and selling high.

Let’s take a real world example.

With gas prices right now, gas prices are an astounding dollar and ninety one cents per gallon. This is the lowest we’ve seen in years.

Now, if I was to go out there and purchase 20, 50 gallon barrels of gasoline at a dollar ninety one per gallon, that would be 1000 gallons of gas.

That cost me $1,910

And if I buy this gas low at a dollar ninety one a gallon and sell it when it goes up to three dollars and 50 cents a gallon, that would equal fifteen hundred and ninety dollars in profit for me.

But the downside is that I have to have all these barrels of gas and I need to wait around and hope for the prices to go up soon so that I can make a profit. Or I could go into the gas and oil’s future market and simply bet on the rise of the price of gas.

And I’ll make money when gas goes back up again and I get to pocket the difference.

This is known as arbitrage, the art of buying low and selling high.

It’s very easy to do, but in examples like this, he got to have a big investment to make it worth your time.

We see this happen all the time with forex trading and day trading and all kinds of stock trading where people are buying low and selling high and making fortunes every single day using the stock market.

This is the goal of every day trader to buy something low in the morning and sell it at a high price before the day ends. But what about people who don’t have a bunch of money to risk? Enter Facebook ad arbitrage.

Follow with me here.

A guy just browsing on Facebook isn’t worth much of anything, quite simply because we don’t know who he is or what he’s interested in. This is why right now Facebook ads are dirt cheap.

You can advertise to thousands of people for pennies on the dollar. But what if I took that same Facebook guys and put an ad in front of him about refinance rates or perhaps garaged organizer or vacation rentals or stock market by tips by getting that same guy on Facebook?

That wasn’t worth much to click one of these ads I have instantly and for zero cost increase the value of that Facebook user.

This is Facebook arbitrage.

We buy generic views super cheap and lead them to things that pay more money.

For example, did you know that right now people are paying as much as $5.70 cents a click over on Google AdWords for the word Garage storage systems

and up to $31.00 for refinance rates or $4.76 for vacation rentals and up to $7.94 for buying stocks.

And I can inflate the price of the clicks simply by finding people interested in these topics. I simply create a Facebook ad and run it to people browsing Facebook. I then take the visitors who click on that ad and send them to a simple three to five page web site describing whatever the topic was they clicked on.

And because my simple site is based on words that have a high value, it will then trigger ads from whatever ad platform I’m using and when they’re clicked on, I get paid. That’s right. I don’t even have to sell anything. I just get clicks on ads and I could do this all day long. One of my big sites about refinance average over 13 hundred and seventy seven dollars a day using this exact method.

Now you want to be careful and follow all the terms and conditions of the paid search engine you’re using so that you don’t step on any toes. But for the most part, this can be done very easy. You can also do this with CPA, affiliate offers, click bank and anything else that fits your topic that pays you money. And the key to making this work is instantly inflating the value of your click by figuring out a little bit more about your visitor. Each and every time if you’ve got a guy on Facebook, they don’t really know a lot about him. But if he clicks an ad, then we know a little bit more about him and we know what he’s interested in. And we can serve ads to him based on that.


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