How to Find Affiliate Programs on OfferVault


In today’s webinar with Marcus, learn step by step how to get started, how to find the best low competition profitable niches, and how to find the best affiliate offers to send traffic to. Topics discussed in today’s lesson include:


The Four Main Problems People Face when Starting with Affiliate Marketing:

  • Don’t know where to start – start with finding a niche FIRST, not finding an affiliate offer first.
  • Can’t find profitable niche – many people can’t find profitable niches with little competition, Marcus shows you how in today’s lesson using the Trigger Word method.
  • Have trouble “seeing” the money – learn the ways you get paid to better understand how your site earns you money
  • Don’t have a profitable mailing list – by setting up a mailing list you can draw in more leads and sales


Goals that you should Write Down when Getting Started:

Be realistic. What would you like to earn yearly from one blog? Monthly? Daily?


Thinking in Terms of “What Do I Need to Do to Meet My Goals”:

When getting started, think “What product am I going to sell? How much of this product do I need to sell daily to meet my daily goal?”



Different Ways You Can Make Money on Your Blog:

Marcus discusses how to use a combination of  AdSense, affiliate offers, and CPA to make profit from your blog.




Marcus’s Guide to Setting Up a Profitable Blog Step-by-Step


Step One: Find your Niche Market

       Watch live as Marcus uses his Trigger Word method to find low-competition profitable niches. When finding a niche be sure to check for competition, cost per click, and monthly searches for your keywords.



Step Two: Get your Domain Name

       Find a domain that closely matches your main keyword for your niche.



Step Three: Design Your Site

     Using WordPress, set up a blog with direct, targeted content about your chosen niche.



Step Four: Get Paid

     Add in your affiliate offer(s) and AdSense to start making money on your site.



Step Five: Get Traffic

     Using your main set of keywords, find the best traffic method for your targeted niche.




Marcus’s Blog Conversion Checklist

  1. Who are you trying to reach?
  2. What do you want them to do most on your site?
  3. What does your ad/site promise?



How to Make Your Blog Convert – in 3 Seconds or Less

  1. Does your site cater to the type of visitor you are trying to reach?


  1. Can your visitor find the promise in less than 3 seconds?


  1. Is your site focused on what you want your visitor to do most?


  1. Do your colors and themes compliment or distract from your message?

How to Find $1000 – $10,000 Niches for Affiliate Marketing/Niche Marketing Explained

In this week’s webinar, learn live with Marcus the best way to find an $1000 – $10,000 niche and valuable tips on how to get started and make money. Topics in this week’s webinar include:




How to Battle the #1 Reason Most Don’t Succeed:

One of the top reasons that people do not succeed in affiliate marketing is an inability to get started and find the right niche. Live with Marcus, discuss the best ways to find a profitable niche.



The Benefits of Paid Traffic and Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Use it:

Paid traffic is a great way to generate leads and sales on your blog. With methods discussed in today’s webinar like monitoring competition, testing, and adjusting, it’s simple to drive traffic and profit while using paid methods.


Understanding How a Niche Market Works:

Optimize your blog profit by learning the best techniques to set up your site with a specific group of people in mind.

Set a Goal and Purpose for Your Site Before You Create it:

Before you create your blog or website, there are several questions to ask yourself. What is my niche? What kind of people will be searching for this? What kind of offers could I pair with this niche? What do I want people to do on my site?




Ten Commandments of Blog Making:


  1. Thou Shall Not Beat Around the Bush

Be direct. When a visitor comes to your site, it should be simple to navigate and understand the purpose for your site.


  1. Thou Shall Not Confuse Thy Visitor with Useless Information

Your visitors time is valuable to them. Keep it short and relevant. Avoid including unnecessary information.


  1. Thou Shall Not Bore Thy Visitor with Boring Information

Keep it interesting. Boring content will cause your visitors to leave your site.


  1. Thou Shall Not Go Too Broad with Your Topic – Stay Focused

Create content and optimize your blog to keep your niche and your target audience in mind.  


  1. Thou Shall Not Sacrifice Your Message for Design

You want the visitor to complete the action(s) you had in mind when creating your site. Keep your blog design simple in order to keep the visitors’ eyes and attention on the important information.


  1. Thou Shall Help Your Visitors in a Direct Way by Using their Favorite Medium

Be personal. If your visitor prefers videos, send them valuable videos. If your visitor prefers PDF files, use PDF’s. Keep the experience personal and provide value.


  1. Thou Shall Always Direct Visitors Where You Want Them to Go

Walk your visitors through the steps you want them to accomplish on your site. Keep the process simple and easily understandable.


  1. Thou Shall Always Find Ways To Interact with Your Visitors

A good way to interact with visitors is to set up a mailing list and sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter.


  1. Thou Shall Always Use Your Content to Lead People to What Makes You Money

Be deliberate. Create content with a specific goal in mind and lead visitors to what makes you money.


  1. Thou Shall Always Use Your Design to Guide Your Visitors Eyes Where You Want Them

Learn to design your site to make important areas more visually appealing.