Free WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketers

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Did you know that this page was actually made using the Simple Blog Theme… yep thats right… this is something i have been working on since about 2011 when i first got into blogging.

You see… i got into blogging 11 years after i made my first affiliate comission online.

I Hated WordPress… And I Hated Blogging… At First…

Then… since the search engines loved these wordpress blogs and i wanted free traffic and an easy way to build sites (back then i had to use front page 2003, fancy codes that i screwed up all the time, and some clunky ftp software… then when i uploaded everything i had to do the rain dance and cross my fingers that it would actually work) so wordpress and blogging seemed cool… but all the themes were a pain in the ass and did way to many complicated things.

I mean… can’t there just be a simple theme that is designed with CONVERSIONS and SALES in mind.

So… i set out to have my own theme created for my websites that i used in my business’ that get hundreds of millions of visitors… and i am in a business where just a little bit of difference in conversions can mean the difference between making like $100 a day and like $16K a day!

And this was super important.

So i got to work building a simple theme that would make this whole process super easy.

And now… i want you to have the same theme… For FREE!

Yes… this is a fancy sales letter designed to get you to download my Simple Blog Theme For Free…

WHY… because i am so convinced you will love this theme that you will come back and buy my other training programs to help make even more money with affiliate marketing… sound fair enough?

I mean… if i can actually make this theme super simple and save you countless hours of jacking around with different tools… well then i have made your life better and you will probably think… hey that marcus guy is pretty cool and he knows his stuff… i think ill buy one of his courses or join a webinar or something.

And if that sounds fair enough to you… go ahead and fill out the little opt in form below and i will not only send you this theme completely free of charge… but i will also give you a killer video tutorial on how to use it and tons of other cool stuff to help you make money online with affiliate marketing.

Download Your Customizable High Converting Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme Here…

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