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Recent Earnings (Results Not Typical, Implied, Or Guaranteed)

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew something would work, and knew where you wanted to be, but you felt there was some kind of block stopping you from making that dream a reality?

That is exactly where I found myself 19 years ago.  I was extremely broke, with less than $100 in my bank to start and run my internet business, which I had been working at for over a year.  Not only that but I was going to be a dad (at 21) in less than 4 months.

To top it off my car was broke, I had no stable place to live... MY LIFE WAS A MESS!

There were so many different sites and 'scams' telling me many different things that I had no idea who to trust or what to do.... it was so incredibly overwhelming.

I felt lost and completely unprepared... many times I just sat there depressed wishing someone would just take me by the hand and show me how the heck to make this internet business thing work.  But no one would... they all just wanted the money I didn't have.

Despite my painful circumstances, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the internet was a powerful money making tool, probably the greatest in all of history.

I also knew that there had to be some way to make a comfortable living online... oh sure I read all the ebooks, got the dvd's, bought the software, and racked up a cool $7,800 in credit card debt trying to learn this stuff.

It Seemed Like Everything Out There That Was "Supposed" To Teach Me "How To Make Money Online" was full of Hype, Lies, and Garbage, you know... nothing that "REALLY WORKED" for "REAL PEOPLE"... I Felt Completely Stuck... And I Wasn't Making A Dime...

Believe me, I understand if you are skeptical, and how frustrated you may be.  We are only at the beginning of this letter and you've already seen some big claims. And if I were you id be wondering...

Is This All A Bunch Of Hype Designed To
Get My Hard Earned Money?

You are smart to be skeptical.

If I wasn't able to personally build these sites, and see the checks with my own eyes... I would be skeptical too. 

In other words... I know how you feel...

For me it was pretty much impossible to find an easy step-by-step system I could follow to actually make a decent living online. 

You might feel the same way.  You might feel like everyone teaching this stuff is just trying to get you to fork over your hard earned money for a bunch of crap you'll never use.

So let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now to show you exactly how this business works, how you can get involved, and more importantly how you can use the 'Simple Sites Big Profits' system to put money in your pockets.

Listen to the rest of this story to learn the truth about how internet marketing works and how you can build simple little websites to profit online with affiliate marketing...

Back when I was first starting to learn internet marketing I was working as a magician performing magic shows for kids birthday parties at about $150 per show.  It was fun, but hardly paid the bills. 

Here Is The Picture I Used In My Magic Ads For Birthday Parties

Since the magic shows barely paid my bills... I decided to build websites on the side for local companies.

So there i was building little sites for limo companies and local business, and during summer of 2000 I had built a website for a local cigar company that my brother worked for.

The site was really basic and simple, because at that time I didn't really know how to build a site, i'm still not a great web designer, but I knew if I could make it easy to understand and easy for people to order I would be able to get new customers for this company and charge them a higher price for the site... a much, much higher price.

About a month after building this cigar website I noticed that it was getting ranked on the search engines for the word "cheap cigars" and people were pouring in daily to order cigars from all over the country.

The site was nothing elaborate - it just gave the users what they wanted, good cigars at a great price.

At that time I didn't even have an expensive web design software... I built that site with the free version of front page express that came with windows 98. 

Even though it was a simple website built with a free program... IT SOLD CIGARS EVERY DAY!

So I started to think... Hey... I'm on to something here!

So I began testing my method on many other websites.

Starting with limousine companies and other local companies, I built simple, easy to understand, websites that gave users exactly what they wanted based on what they were searching for.

It worked like a charm... they ranked on the search engines, made sales, and the companies were very happy and hired me back often to get them even more business.

After a while I started to wonder... what would happen if I made these "Simple Sites" for myself and took the visitors to affiliate programs, adsense, and other things that would put money in MY pocket with less work, no phone calls, and no one to answer to.

I started building many different sites in many different markets. Even markets I knew nothing about, It didn't matter, My job was to find markets and build sites.

This new venture of mine took off like wildfire almost immediately... my first full year as an affiliate marketer I was pulling in over $500-600 a day in profit.

People Thought I Was Crazy... But I Was Able To Make Money:

  • Without My Own Product

  • Without My Own 'List'

  • Without An Elaborate Website

  • And Without Having A Bunch Of Money To Start

The best part about it was that there were no hard advertising so...

I was running a 90% killer profit
margin on my simple sites...

This proved to be very lucrative, I was able to get out of my rut, buy my first house in northern California, live comfortably, and feed my family well all while having fun, taking vacations whenever we wanted and hanging out with the family all day.


I have been at this for many years.... building simple little sites, focusing on what people want, and cashing my checks like clockwork.

It wasn't always smooth sailing though.

In 2004 my business almost completely crashed due to a major change in search engine algorithms. Taking me from an average of $1000 a day in profit down to about $150 a day in profit... THAT HURT... BAD!

That crash was only a few months after I had purchased my first house at age 24... and now had 3 mouths to feed... plus my own.  So I had to do something fast. 

Knowing what I knew about direct marketing and website building (which I am going to teach you) allowed me to bounce back in just a few months at get back to about $10-15,000 a month in profit.

When You Learn How To Become A Good Marketer... You Will Never Be Out Of Work - No Matter How Bad The Economy Gets, How Competitive 
The Market Gets,  Or How Much The Internet Changes

After that first little 'speed bump' came my new Simple Sites Big Profits method that has been working well for the past nine-ten years... the principals are the same and the format is the same, but now it is much easier to get traffic to your simple sites.  We still use a lot of the old methods... just up to date with blogging and all the new easy fun stuff.

Now you can actually get traffic to your website in as little as 30-40 minutes and be making money by the end of the day, and...

Search engines love my sites because they help people find 
what they are looking for in a fun and easy to use way

One morning after the "big crash", I woke up rather early and the kids were still in bed, grabbed a cup of coffee, and decided to make a simple little website for people who search for tattoos online. Over 100,000 people a day search for tattoos so I thought it would be a good market to tackle.

The site was finished before my 2nd cup of coffee got cold... it only took me 45 minutes to build start to finish.  And by the time I went to bed that night it was already making money.

Here Are Some Pictures Of That Site


This Site Has Generated Me As Much As $150 - $300 A Day In Profit

After building this site I had called a buddy of mine who was also an internet marketer said...


Going on to explain to him how if I could just make 10-12 of these sites... I could be pulling in an extra $1,500 a day in PROFIT!

As you may have guessed, his reaction was something like this...

"Marcus, It Cant Be That Easy... You Just Got
Lucky... It Doesn't Work Like That!"

So I got kind of upset... WHO WAS HE TO BURST MY BUBBLE!!!

You know what I did then?

Yep... You guessed it...

I set out to prove him wrong

Starting with a simple little website about mortgages... that one made me $300 a day most of the time... sometimes as much as $1700 a day in revenue... over 60% profit!

Then I set up a simple little website about beta fish... that one made an average $57 a day in profit and it was a simple little one page website I made in about 20 minutes.


It was easier than I ever thought it would be...

 I made sites for over thirty different subject matters... and like clockwork... they brought in money... some made just $5 - 10 a day, some made $100 and some made over $1,000 a day in profit...

I gotta be upfront here, it did take some work managing all these sites.

And Obviously The Results Are Not Typical Implied Or Guaranteed... The Average Would Be Affiliate Marketer Never Earns Anything... But Some Do Really Well And I Am Going To Show You What THOSE Ones Do!

But I cant think of anywhere else you can make a great living from the comfort of your own home setting up little websites about anything you want and spending just 3-5 hours a week managing them. 

This Is A Fun And Exciting Industry -
If You Are Willing To Work It

Now here I am 23 years later in 2022 still running my simple sites, still making big profit. Still working from the comfort of my own home and still enjoying staying home with my family.

We have had some setbacks... but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

In 2014, I suffered from a serious mental breakdown alcoholism and spent a month in rehab and almost a year (behind the scenes in my business) we still averaged about $25K per month from my simple sites...

We Even Started A Youtube Channel To Help People Struggling With Alcohol Addiction... Right Now We Have Thousands Of People Each And Every Week Watching And Learning How To Live A Sober Life.



So what's the catch?

If this information is so profitable why in the world wouldn't I lock myself in my office and build sites for the rest of my life...

Why would I even bother showing you how to do this business?

First, it takes nothing away from me to let you in on everything I have discovered over the past 19 years about how to work from home as an affiliate marketer. 

Each person has their own unique outlook and their own unique way of running this business. 

Not to mention the fact that I could work all day every day and still not tackle all the niche markets that are available online.

Secondly... I believe in giving back.  I have been blessed by being able to work from home and enjoy my life and I only feel its fair to help others.  That is why you will find my program to be far less expensive than other programs offering less than half of what you are going to learn in Simple Sites Big Profits.

Thirdly... I am a business man and I have worked out a deal with my advertisers to give me a bonus based on what my students make... it doesn't come out of your check... its a little perk I get for teaching you and working with you to help you make money online.

My Incentive Is To Help You Make A Ton Of Money, So I Get A Bigger Bonus Check

Just to show you how this works, I taught a few friends of mine how to do this business and so far they have earned me over $103,471 in bonus checks.  Not to bad for spending a few hours showing some people how this business works... Just Imagine What They Made!

So now my goal for 2021 is to get more students and teach them thru my simple sites program and hopefully they will use my advertisers (since they are the best and pay the most) and Ill get a nice little kickback.  This is how I can afford to offer you personal support.

As you can see my goal here is to be real and transparent with you and help you learn exactly how you can make money online from the comfort of your own home.

If You Are Ready To Partner With Me And Make Money Together

Recently some people have been asking me if this method still works with the how the economy is, and the way the internet is always "changing" so I decided to post the results from a simple site I put up on FEB 19, 2015 Just About A Year Ago...

As you can see it took about two days for the site to start gaining momentum... but then it took off like crazy.  Not bad for a little that only took an hour and a half to build.  The cool thing is that these sites keep making money month after month with very little up keep or maintenance.

Check Out How That Site Did Its First Year Online... And I Only Spent About 3 Or 4 Hours TOTAL Work Time On This Site....

Imagine Having 5, 6, Or Even 10 Sites Like This Brining You In $1,000 Profit Each Month Or More

Here are some actual screenshots from some of my sites these have been verified.

New Results In: Simple Bible Verses Blog Does $101.88 In Less Than 24 Hours

Here Is A Simple Blog Earning Me Over $1,000 Per Month Passively.

Some Of My Bigger Sites / Blogs Earn As Much As $21,347 Per Month Or More

So, What Is The Big Secret To Making These Simple Sites Work?

Simple Sites Work Because They Are Based On 
What People Are Searching For Online...

Think about this for a minute... every single day 100's of millions of people are searching for something online... they could be looking for anything from recipes, to new car prices, to how to tie a necktie. (which is actually looked up quite a bit)

So you have hundreds of millions of people searching... and you have thousands of advertisers willing to pay TOP DOLLAR for new customers.

Does This Idea Make Sense To You?

Lets have a little example... Did you know that a simple little 1 minute advertising spot during the super bowl cost millions of dollars... for one tiny little minute.

So... companies like Coke, Pepsi, and others are using this minute to try to get as many people interested in their product as possible.  AND THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHO IS BEHIND THE TV SCREEN.  All they know is that the people like football.

So lets take this to the online world... the chances of me getting as many people to my site as watch the superbowl are pretty slim... BUT I can get a much more targeted audience.

Lets have a (hypothetical) example...  I'm sure you have all seen ads on tv for the "Sleep Number Bed." 

Again... millions of dollars going out to an untargeted crowd... oh sure they can advertise at night when the people who cant sleep are up... but its still a shot in the dark.... no pun intended :o)

So here you have a company with a huge advertising budget... what do you do?

Well for one... lots of people every day search for words like "cant sleep" "sleep apnea" "sleep remedies" and things of that nature... heck you can even go for words like back pain and eye strain.

Now with these keywords you have a targeted crowd who would probably be interested in this sleep bed product.... lets say the maker of the bed is willing to give you $50 just for getting someone from your website to get a free sleep DVD about the sleep number bed. (they probably pay a lot more using T.V. ads... so this deal would be very reasonable.. and you don't even have to make the deal... just use the companies you will find in your kit... they manage hundreds of programs and do all the dealing for you!)

With A Deal Like That... Do You Think You Could Make Money?

OF COURSE YOU COULD... and this is exactly what I have been doing for the past 19 years

And My Interactive Tools Show You All The Ins 
And Outs Of How This Works So YOU Can Get Paid Fast...

You could even make a site about sleep tips, run ads for sleep number bed and get paid for each click... as of writing this the cost per click on those terms is about $12-19 a click.

That means you could buy the clicks for "cant sleep" for 10-15 cents... and get them to click ads for "Sleep Number Beds" paying you up to $12 a click or more!

Of course not everyone will click... but imagine getting $3,4,5 or even $10 a click on just half the people who come to your site.

Starting to get the picture of how this whole "Make Money Online Thing" really works?

This isn't your run of the mill training program that leaves out the "major" details, and leaves you fending for yourself while the 'guru' gets rich...

These Are The Real Secrets Of How Thousands Of Every Day People Just Like You Are Silently Making Fortunes Online Using Direct Marketing And Search Engine Advertising.  You Won't Find This Info Anywhere Else...

Have A Look Inside Your Brand New In Depth Training Program...

As You Can See This Is A Sure Fire Paint By Numbers System That Will Have You Building Simple Sites For Big Profits In No Time...

Here are the basics of how the 'Simple Sites' system works...

1. Find What People Search For (I Give You The Tools With Your Kit)

2. Set up simple sites that give users what they want.

3. While giving users what they want... run ads that pay you for your visitors

Its the same thing Oprah and doctor Phil do all the time.

They get peoples interest, make a show, and the advertisers pay them HUGE...

Why... because advertisers want people to see their ads.

You Can be the middleman and get paid big for having ads on your sites.

Allow me to illuminate:

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone clicks on sponsored links?

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone downloads certain programs?

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone fills out forms online?

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone buys something online?

  • Did you also know... right now as you read this... huge companies like google, yahoo, amazon, clickbank, ebay, and countless of others arepaying billions of dollar each year to people just like me and you?

  • Did you know that right now as you read this... my personal "Simple Sites" are making me money... I could be sleeping, playing with the kids, or on vacation and my "Simple Sites" are making me money 24 hours a day!

As you can see there is a lot of money at steak here.  The affiliate marketing industry pays out billions and billions of dollars to people just like me and you.  Normal everyday people who run simple websites.

But... Until now it has been pretty much impossible for someone to learn everything in one program.  Sure there are programs out there that teach some good tips and tricks but...

Most Training Programs Do Not Teach You The Whole Story...

After watching this industry for over fifteen years I have found that most other programs don't teach you the whole story.  They may teach you some good tips and tricks but never get into the whole truth about how to be an internet marketer, how to get traffic, how to get paid, and how to set up your sites fast.

The main thing people dislike about 'training programs' is the fact that if you ever need help you're pretty much stuck... Most 'Gurus' leave you to fend for yourself.

Some of the 'nicer' guys will let you purchase coaching for an additional $1,000 or $2,000 or more.

My personal coaching fees alone are well into the $1000's of dollars...

Which Is Exactly

Why Simple Sites Big Profits Is Different 
From Anything You Have Ever Seen

This is not just another Ebook or video set: Obviously there is stuff to read and videos to watch but that is not all.

Simple Sites Big Profits will not only show you what to do... but also HOW TO DO IT so you can effortlessly put this to work for you and build sites fast.

You will no longer have to struggle trying to get the help and support you deserve, Simple Sites Big Profits has a BUILT IN support system that allows you to contact me and my support team via phone, email, and instant messenger.

All I ask is that you go thru the course first (most of your questions will be answered in there)

After you go thru the full program if you have questions, need help, or want me to look at your sites and review them feel free to contact me and I will help you.

This Is Like Having A 'Friend' In The Business To Help You Get Started Fast And Kick Info Overload Out Of Your Life Today

Take advantage of this offer Now

I have solved your biggest problem... You Are Not Alone Anymore You Are About To Get Personal Help From Me Personally...

No More Being 'In The Dark'

My Life Mission Is To Help The Little Guy Get Ahead

You Will Receive An Instant Download So You Can Start Right Away, Even If It's 3 Am... 

Here is what you'll find in your "Simple Sites Training Program"

Introduction And "My Story" - You Get To See Behind The Scenes Of My Business!

Chapter 1: Find out exactly how this whole 'Make Money Online' thing works and how you can start making money online fast with little or even no experience

Chapter 2: Learn exactly how a search engine marketer Makes Money and gets Paid.  You'll discover the best companies that pay the most, and how you can even get paid weekly

Chapter 3: Discover exactly how YOU can become a good marketer so that whatever you do will prosper and is almost guaranteed to succeed

Chapter 4: Get the true story on how to find profitable keywords and markets... this isn't revealed anywhere else - I show you inside the secret methods I have used to locate thousands of profitable niches online

Bonus Chapter 1: How to set up your 'traffic generation' methods and PPC campaigns so your hard earned money isn't at risk... This could save you from loosing money on advertising.  I even show you some cool ways to get free traffic

Bonus Chapter 2: Find out exactly how to read your web stats and find out which ads are making you the most money... so you can make even more profit while cutting your costs

Chapter 5: Learn exactly how to find and evaluate affiliate programs and offers so you can immediately spot which ones will make you the most money fast

Chapter 6: Get my secret tips and tools on where to find the best offers, best payouts, and find out exactly how to tell if an offer is worth running. (this will save you time and money... not to mention getting rid of the frustrations or finding good programs.)

Bonus Chapter: OK - I wasn't gonna share this... but I really want you to do well so... This bonus chapter will teach my secret 'Flipping The Market' this is good stuff never before revealed - this is the secret is responsible for making me over $3,000,000 online!

Chapter 7: As if all that isn't enough... I'm even going to show you my super simple method so you can start building websites today without any coding knowledge or special skills.... plus I'll show you how to make your site do what its supposed to - Make Money!

Chapter 8: Learn how to write ads that will generate tons of traffic, how to increase the amount of clicks to your site, and how to make sure when you do pay per click... you only pay for the clicks that will make you money

Chapter 9: Learn how to deal with each search engines quality score so you can get visitors waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than your competitors. (I've used this to get clicks for less than $0.05 in markets where people are paying $0.60 - $0.75)

Chapter 10: Find out my top secret weapon that almost every "GURU" tells you to stay away from... this little trick helps me get tons of traffic for pennies on the dollar... and most of the time this traffic produces more "profit" than the traditional methods

Chapter 11: Discover my step by step methods to milking the "FREE TRAFFIC" from the search engines. (one of my students used this to make over $300 this week... and it only took him a few days to set up - its not enough to retire on... but this little site will make him money day in and day out without any more work.) Great for those on a budget! 

Bonus Chapter: Get the truth about how to make money with adsense and content networks, learn how to supplement your affiliate revenue with highly targeted content pages... I've used this to make as much as $9 per click on some sites where I was only paying $0.30 per click to get them on my site.

Bonus Chapter: Don't get stuck in the same trap that so many other marketers are stuck in... "having a site that doesn't convert."  Use this 15 step guide to judge each site you build and make sure you are on the right path to turning a profit.

Bonus Chapter: Tired of all the programs that make you work and work and pay and pay without seeing one single dime? - I am actually going to show you how to "Earn While You Learn" so you can turn a profit without becoming an "Expert." My philosophy is to start doing something and perfect it later so you can see results right away.

Bonus Chapter: How To Avoid Information Overload And Lack Of Motivation - Is information overload stopping you from making money? This chapter and video will help you deal with this problem so you can take a deep breath and finally say "I GET HOW THIS WHOLE THING WORKS" then take action and generate some revenue.

Think of this as the last "internet marketing course" you will ever need to buy, not only am I going to teach you everything you need to know right now today, but as the internet changes and evolves I will be updating the videos in the program and you will get all this information FOR FREE!

I Update This Program All The Time As I Receive More Questions And Have Newer Updates For You.

Simple Sites BONUS Content:

  • You'll learn how to build simple sites really easily... even if you have no computer experience at all

  • You'll see live examples of my profitable websites so you can get a head start and see what REALLY works online... so you can profit even faster

  • You'll get simple little tips and tricks that are responsible for making me thousands and thousands of dollars... you can put these to work for you in seconds to increase your profits

  • You'll watch as I evaluate markets right in front of your eyes 

  • You Will Get To See how I find the cheap 3-5c clicks 

  • You'll get to witness as I show you how to turn those cheap clicks into fat dollar bills 

  • You will see live screenshots of my simple sites 

  • You will see the tools I use to build my sites 

  • You will get the same web templates that I use to make my own simple sites

  • Find out exactly how to get paid and what to sell or offer on your websites

  • and much much more...


Simple Sites Easy To Follow Step By Step Video Tutorials

Niche Market Secrets Video:  You will find out how easy it is to locate profitable niches online, this is information you wont find on other websites, and is responsible for generating me millions of dollars in revenue! (most people fail because they don't get this one right... this video will show you the right way to find a profitable market so you will be successful right from the start)

Keyword Secrets Video:  Discover 6 unique ways to find out what people are searching for, how to use my secret 'trigger words' to locate super profitable markets, 3 ways to find out who really wants your offer, how to use long term words, trends, and high profit converter words so you can profit from your campaigns right from the get go. (this is an eye opening video for most struggling marketers and is responsible for helping my friends and students generate some hefty paychecks)

Profitable Conversion Secrets Video:  Find out exactly how to find top converting affiliate offers for your niche markets so you can focus only on the campaigns that will make you profit.  The right offer can make all the difference, and I am going to show you exactly how to choose a profitable campaign, where to get the offers, how to get pay raises, how to get paid weekly, and much more.

How To Find And Pick The Right Affiliate Offers Video:  Your success online all boils down to pairing the right offers with the right market and delivering the right message.  This video is going to teach you EXACTLY how to calculate whether or not an offer will be profitable based on your cost to get visitors, the payouts on the offer, and your estimated conversion rates. (this will make it super easy to pick a winning campaign and test your offers fast.)

Flipping The Market Video: OK.... I didn't really want to give this little secret away.  This is the one responsible for helping me find a $2,000,000 niche!  You are going to learn how to secretly look inside these 'junk keywords' that most marketers laugh at... and see the profit potential. (I'll leave it at that for now... you can learn the rest in the video... this stuff is super powerful)

How To Build A Site Video: Get ready to learn my super simple method to building simple websites in minutes without having to learn some fancy code language, HTML, or anything like that.  If you can use Microsoft word, write an email, or browse the web... I GUARANTEE you can learn to build sites.  This is the super easy website building shortcut I have used to build websites for over 15 years now.  This video has tips for super beginners and even advanced web designers.

Ad Writing Tips And Tricks Video: Learn how to write ads that will get tons and tons of targeted traffic to your website.  Learn to write ads that will get you cheaper clicks and a better quality score.

Search Engine Ghost Video: Discover the 5 things you can do to get cheaper clicks.  This one method alone has allowed my to generate millions and millions of website visitors for just a few pennies each.  Just imagine how much you can make getting your traffic for less than the competition.

Quality Score Video: Here is a cool video teaching you how you can give the search engines exactly what they want so you can get your advertising really really cheap.

Content Traffic Video: Get ready to learn one of my biggest secrets... this will take a small little niche and turn it into a HUGE money maker for you.  (other programs don't teach this method... but I lay it out for you as plain as day so you can learn how to profit online with very little risk)

Arbitrage Secrets Video: Learn how you can start playing with the big dogs.  I'm sure you've heard the reports of people making $5, $10, $20 or even $50,000 a day with this method.  Now I cant promise you will make THAT much... but i can pull back the curtain on this secret industry that is making many people really really wealthy... not to mention the fact that I was able to have a few $5,000 days with it.

Make Money While You Learn... Even If You Are Broke Video: Are you tired of having to put more and more money into your business without seeing any type of return?  Well you are in luck because I am going to show you the secrets that will help you make money while you learn.  If it wasn't for these tips... I would never be where I am today because I would have never learned how to leverage myself and my time profitably.  Find out how you can start this business with little or even NO money!

List Building Video: Learn how you can easily build a mailing list so you can make profits all year round without having to pay for traffic.  I have used this technique to make over $200,000 last year alone.  You don't want to miss this one.  (the fortune is in the follow up... and I'm gonna show you how to follow up automatically so you can make money 24/7)

Profit Centers Video: Get ready for the ride of your life.  Not only am i going to show you my private list of affiliate offers that have made me tons of money, but i am also going to show you what they want so you can get accepted and start making money with them in just a few hours.  This has been the key to my success.  Ill show you how to get paid when people click ads, fill out forms, download free programs, get free samples, order products, and more... with this information and these offers its almost impossible to fail.

Traffic Secrets Video: You are going to learn the secrets to getting traffic to your website.  I'll show you the best ways to get free traffic, paid traffic, traffic from social networking sites like youtube, myspace, craigslist, google, yahoo, msn, aol, and more.  There are millions and millions of sites getting free traffic every day... once you learn these secrets... you will be one of them.

Action Video: While other programs are static and never give you a "game plan" I am here to help you.  You are about to learn the simple steps to getting your site online and turning a profit fast...  Get started now and get a free personalized action plan so you can get started fast and actually know exactly what you need to do to start making money online.  This will help you deal with Information Overload so you can get a crystal clear view of what steps you need to take to start making money online fast.

Simple Sites Case Studies - Yes You Actually Get To See The Sites, The Keywords, How Much I Bid, How Much I Made, And More!

  • Case Study #1 - go inside the "Tattoo site" mentioned above as it went from losing $8 a day to making $50-60 a day to eventually making over $300-500 per day with just a few minor adjustments

  • Case Study #2 - Check out my beta fish site, how it works, how I even thought to do a site on beta fish anyway.  this is powerful take to the bank information you are going to have at your fingertips.

  • Case Study #3 - you get to be a fly on the wall as I dissect my mortgage site that was responsible for making over $1700 in revenue in one day and averaged over $500 per day the rest of the year

  • Case Study #4 - you get to peek inside a site where I actually get paid to generate a mailing list for... myself... that means I can keep making money off them without having to get any more traffic :)

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Marcus, What Do I Need To Know Before I Get Started?

1. What Kind Of Budget Do I Need To Start With?

After getting simple sites we recommend that you have at least $80-100 to start with web hosting and other items you may need along the way... you can use your current hosting if you wish.

2. Can I Host Multiple Sites On One Hosting Or Do I Need A Bunch?

As long as you have a host that supports multiple domains per account (usually a shared account you can get for a few bucks a month will do) this will allow you to host 20-30 simple sites :-) on one account.

3. What About Domain Names... Do I Need A New Name For Each Site?

You will want to get a new domain name for each category site ie: fitness, mortgages, ect... you can however have multiple fitness type sites on one domain.

4. Do I Need A HUGE Pay Per Click Budget?

Nope not at all... actually we start very small and increase our budget only after seeing some results.  You can usually test a new site with less than $30 and many times if you follow our directions you will at least break even or even make something on the test... and on top of that we show you how to get over $200 in free PPC ad coupons with your new site set up... so you can test your new ads "on the house" :)

5. How Much Time Per Day Should I Dedicate To Simple Sites To Be Successful?

We recommend 15 - 30 minutes per day actively working on specific tasks (found in your daily task guide) to start seeing results.  Keep in mind your work will add up over time to big numbers so you can start making even more daily even when you are not working.  However you can work as much as you like :-)

6. How Fast Can I Start Seeing Results?

This is a lot like the "how much can I earn" question... it really depends on you as a person, the work you put into it, and how focused you are.  With that said there are ways to start earning starting today if you really want to... you just need to focus and work at the things that get results.

Remember 90% of this business is mindset... you must focus on the fact that people are always online, they are always searching, and someone is gonna make money today.. might as well be you :-)

7. Is The Whole Idea To Run 1,000 Sites That Make $1 A Day Each?

While this can work... it simply gets to be a bit much to handle for anyone ;) I would focus more on starting with 3-5 sites... watch which ones have potential and build them up.  Some of your simple sites may do a few bucks a day, some $27 a day, some may do 100s or 1000s per day... the key is to let the little ones make their money while you work at making the big ones even bigger.  Its much easier to take a site from $10 to $100  a day than it is to build new ones.  So focus more on building the ones you have rather than just making as many as possible.  My simple sites software will show you how to nurture a site to massive profits pretty fast...

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Ez Tracker Drop Box Plugin Included With Blog Profit Network Membership

We even made a little plugin that helps you build a mailing list.

Squeeze Blogs Prof Plugin Included With Blog Profit Network Membership

It was important that these plugins be made by me.  Not some auto generated, get you banned from google crap.  Not some lame untested plugin by a marketer who only sells crap to other marketers.  This needed to be based on real world stuff in niches that have nothing to do with clickbanks, adwords, or anything.


Check Out The Killer Click Thru Rates We Are Getting With This Plugin�

Here Is One I Tested On BlogProfitNetwork.com�

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Bottom Line� You Need To Convert Your Clicks And Figure Out What Your Market Wants� FAST!

Here Are Some More Stats For Ya�

This Is A Screenshot From Paid Traffic For The Generic Term �football� And We Got A WHOPPING 43% CTR


Here Is One I Run On The Footer Of My site (normally you would be lucky to get like 0.3% CTR) I�m Getting Over 7%

And this is stuck way down at the bottom of one of my plugins� (Smart Affiliate Ads $47 Value)

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 Marcus Campbell - Making Money Online Since July, 2000

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